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Cravings: photography project

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Hello all, this is a thread to ask if anybody would be interested in participating in a photography project on pregnancy cravings. DP is a photographer and is putting together a series showing pregnant women with the food that they are fancying. Any stage of pregnancy fine as it's intended as a series. In return for your time you get a framed print to take home as a memento of your pregnancy - and something a bit different to the usual bump pics!

I am the first conscript volunteer. If you are interested send me a direct message and I will send you a link to her site with the details.

Eddiekins Sun 18-May-14 23:17:28

Sounds like a fun idea! What area would people need to be in?

Thisisimpossible Mon 19-May-14 11:00:26

Posy sounds great [s,ile] but I can't work out how to send you a message. What area are you in?

We're in London and people can either come here or she can come to you. I've sent you both a message with the details!

BeatrixKidding Wed 04-Jun-14 08:58:48

Just a little bump to say that I'm Posy's partner and I'm still looking for more women who'd like to get involved with this project. If you're interested, please message me for details and I'll send you a link to my site with some more information!


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