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Combining care with career? Working mums working flexibly needed for university research

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MEDIA: Zoe Wed 14-May-14 22:20:46

My name is Zoe Young and I'm a working mum doing a PhD at the University of Sussex. I am researching the work-life balance experiences of working mothers who go part-time or work flexibly in another way, like job-sharing or compressing hours, or term-time working.

I am looking for a small number of UK-based working mothers who will be changing their pattern of work between May 2014 and October 2014. I am particularly interested to hear from women who have reached managerial positions or work in professional jobs (e.g. doctors, teachers, police officers, accountants, lawyers).

Taking part in my PhD project will involve talking to me three times in a year (in 90 minute interviews over the phone or I will come to you) about why you are making the change that you are to your working pattern, and what changes it brings in your home and family life, and your work life and career.

You might be on maternity leave now and plan to return soon, or planning to change your working pattern for another reason. If you would like to be involved in my study, you can find out more here:

Thank you for taking the time to read my request!

justjuanmorebeer Sun 08-Jun-14 19:04:07

Hi Zoe. I am interested in talking to you if you still need participants. Feel free to pm me with more information about your study.

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