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Do you have a child benefit problem?

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MEDIA: user8254 Tue 13-May-14 12:43:40

Award-winning programme-maker, Tiger Aspect, is producing a documentary series on HMRC for Channel 4.

Some people find themselves in dispute over child benefit, in particular divorced parents, who cannot decide who should receive the payment.

If you are having difficulties with child benefit, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact Ruth Newton on or 0208 222 4891 for more information.

All conversations are off the record and confidential and don't oblige you to take part in the series

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 13-May-14 13:33:03

The only problem we have with child benefit is that we have repeatedly told them that my husbands earnings have tipped into the higher tax bracket, meaning we are no longer entitled to it, and they continue to pay it to us. At some point they are going to demand it all back again and we are going to have to make sure we have put thousands hundreds of pounds aside just to repay it.

user8254 Mon 02-Jun-14 12:39:26

Thanks for your reply, would it be ok to speak further about this?

Kind Regards,


Lioninthesun Mon 02-Jun-14 12:44:09

There are plenty of threads about this due to the change to CMS.

Please do investigate all of the loopholes Non Resident Parents can use, especially becoming self employed and diverting earnings to a new partner. CSA can manage parents who want to pay using PAYE but not the arseholes who think it is fun to cheat their kids out of maintenance as an act of vengeance on their mum. The ones who don't want to pay use every trick in the book from going self employed to getting their bosses to collude and pay cash in hand to taking Open University courses (apparently they then don't have to pay either!). It is not a system for the children at all.
Most of us agree that there is little or no social pressure on NRP's to pay, and it is actually actively encouraged NOT to pay for your kids. There is no social stigma at all sad

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