Are you afraid of driving every time you get behind the wheel?

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MEDIA: Shiver, ITV Fri 09-May-14 16:08:45

We're making a not-for-broadcast documentary pilot about the fears, phobias and anxieties associated with driving cars.

Do you feel the panic set in when you get behind the wheel? Does your pulse race and palms sweat? We want to hear from you, particularly if there are specific things you can't do or have to do when you're in the car...

-Do you have to set all the knobs and displays to even numbers?
-Are right turns a complete no no (and your routes are calculated to only turn left?)
-Would you rather abandon the car than ever drive over or under a bridge?
-Do you have to do ten laps of a roundabout before you can get off?
-Are you afraid you've hit someone or have damaged other cars everytime you go out?
-Anything else...

If any of this sounds all too familiar, we would like to have an informal, no obligation chat with you.

Please get in touch by emailing me at

(Your contact will be treated sensitively and with confidence.)



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