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Board games: a thing of the past or good family fun?

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MEDIA: Shona Fri 09-May-14 15:18:32

Hello MN

Do you play board games as a family?

I work with a startup business and we're looking for a few MN stars to tell us how you, and your kids, play board games. There's no survey, we'd just like to know your general thoughts. You can answer one, some, all (or none) of the following questions. It's up to you and thanks for giving us your time.

Do you have board games in the house? Do you play them often, infrequently or never?
Are they the classics or specific to your kids age group?
Do they get old quickly?
Do you play for fun or education, or both?
Would you like to play the more or has the traditional board game had it's day?
What would lead you to play more often?

Thank you for sharing,

Secretsquirrel13 Fri 09-May-14 15:22:03

Yes we have plenty and make a point of playing a game after Sunday lunch, mostly classics but a few the dc enjoy such as what a performance and tell me. They don't get old quickly as we play a different one each week and it has become part of our weekly routine if famy members or extra friends are present they are roped in too.

Yes, still played here, we have phases of it, then not so much for a while, mostly in the evenings before bed, when we stick to short games, or on rainy days, however when the weather's good we would always rather be outdoors. DCs are 8 and 10.

Both fun and educational ones here. The ones we like best are those without overly complicated rules - we don't mind tasks or questions being hard, but numerous different types of pieces and rules make it more of a chore, although we do like Monopoly. We tend to prefer ones without a big board as we don't really have anywhere to put one except the kitchen table and we prefer to play elsewhere in the house. Favourites have been lots of the Orchard Toys ones (even though they are aimed younger, the DCs still like them), snakes and ladders, Brainbox games, Pass the Bomb, Junior Articulate, Monopoly, Coppit, Snails Pace Race, Connect 4.

We've also found over the years that anything that's a tie in with a book, film or TV programme is invariably crap, unless it's just a variant on an established game such as Sbakes and Ladders.

Bonsoir Sat 10-May-14 09:32:40

We have board games - I tend to think of them as a good way to get small DCs to practice counting, mental maths and strategising.

Goblinchild Sat 10-May-14 09:41:00

We have board games, and we still play them even though the children are now adult. Usually every month or so at random.
Having two able children on the spectrum meant that games of chance were the best ones for us, rather than information-based where one child remembers everything on first encounter and the other has a visual memory that means chess or majong are foregone conclusions.
Likewise scrabble is a bloodsport and I banned it when DD was 12.
Risk, Sorry, The London Underground game, an antique one called Tyrannosaurus that has little plastic dinosaurs.
This is the latest one that DD is enjoying [[] with the various additional packs.
DS likes THUD from the Discworld, and the Viking Game

MinesaMess Sat 10-May-14 09:52:14

We regularly play board games, Dc have enjoyed them from a young age.
We play for fun but obviously there's an educational aspect. They're very good for young children's numeracy and literacy as well as teaching them to take turns.
Mainly classics but often find random unheard of games in charity shops.
Definitely not had their day. It's a great way to spend some time together especially on rainy days. I'm not one for imaginative play but i do enjoy board games so it's a win win.

Spirael Tue 13-May-14 11:05:04

Do you have board games in the house? Do you play them often, infrequently or never?
We have lots of board games, from very quick simple games through to 8 hour epic strategy games. We play them regularly, usually inviting over adult friends and making an evening of it. However DD is just starting to get old enough to participate in and enjoy shorter, simple games now so we try to play at least one each weekend with her.

Are they the classics or specific to your kids age group?
Both. We have some of the classic games but we also have more obscure games. Some are age appropriate for DD (nearly 4 YO) to play for herself, others require her to team up with either DH or I to assist and some are far too complicated and purely for adult groups.

Do they get old quickly?
Given that one of the games that we still play is the 1970s edition of Careers, which is older than both DH and I, I'd say no.

Do you play for fun or education, or both?
Mostly fun, but education is a bonus! Not just counting and similar for DD, but also learning to wait her turn and developing the concept of simple strategies and tactics. Like teaming up with me, sabotaging my game and then jumping ship to DH just before he wins...

Would you like to play the more or has the traditional board game had it's day?
I think we play plenty, though hopefully as DD gets older we can play more often and more complicated games.

What would lead you to play more often?
DD being older. But that will happen, in time. wink

ImStickingWithYou Tue 13-May-14 11:16:45

Yes, we play board games. Struggle to find shops that sell a wide range though. We have at least 30 different ones in the house and play at least once a week. The kids love them.
We did get in more age specific games when the children were younger but our youngest is now 7 and we are trying to broaden their horizons.
Only the age specific games date. Others last, in our case, over generations.
We play to promote our family strength and bond, but mainly because it is fun.
Prefer games without electronics as they have enough electronics in their lives. Love games like Game of Life,Ticket to Ride or a very old one from the Jungle Book.

As an aside, to all you board game lovers, I hope you have discovered the wonderful Wil Wheaton and the Geek & Sundry channel on Youtube. There is a brilliant show called Tabletop which is a group of different geeky people playing different board games each week. We watch it (not with kids as can be a bit sweary) and get ideas for more games to buy. Lots we had never heard of yet are massive in the USA.

orangepudding Tue 13-May-14 11:21:26

We play board games. Probably weekly. At the weekend we played draughts. We play for fun.
Most we play are classic games. Some new such as Blokus and Monopoly Empire.

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