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People required for a BBC One documentary on home swapping

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MEDIA: HouseSwap Fri 09-May-14 09:25:13

Are you involved in a mutual house exchange or are you looking to move soon?

We’re making a BBC One documentary about mutual house exchanges/social housing home swaps and we’re looking for people to share their stories.

We want to talk to tenants who are looking for a new home - whether it’s on the same street, somewhere closer to family or at the opposite end of the country!

Are you up-sizing or down-sizing?

Have you been involved in multiple swaps in the past?

Are you looking to move out of a bustling city to a more peaceful home in the countryside?

Are you in a chain with multiple people?

If so please contact us on:

0161 817 6674 / 0790 830 6728

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