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Who cares in hospital?

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Rhema247 Fri 02-May-14 17:03:43

Have you ever been forced to do nursing duties for your friend or family in hospital because the ward is understaffed? Good Morning Britain has an exclusive survey on nursing and we want to hear from you! We're focusing on the ratio of nurses to patients; nurses that are overstretched and wards that under staffed or using agency staff. If you have a story,
you need to be available for a live studio interview Wednesday between 6-8:30. We are available to speak over Bank Holiday Monday.

You can get in touch on 0207 827 7284

Thanks, Michelle

Sparklingbrook Fri 02-May-14 17:06:11


plus3 Fri 02-May-14 17:12:54

I trust this is in order to make a positive outcome on nursing staff ratios - to help petition the Government that such ratios are absolutely required in order to allow nurses to do the job they wish to do?

Amybabygypsyqueen Fri 02-May-14 17:52:28

I worked on a busy ward my grandad was admitted to the one next door, I went in a washed and dressed him before work and undressed him at night. I didn't feel the other nurses had time to actually care for him...

Rhema247 Mon 05-May-14 09:53:59

This will be a balanced piece about having to help out nurses in overstretched or understaffed wards

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