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On JSA and been sanctioned or threatened with sanctions?

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MEDIA: user2879 Thu 27-Mar-14 13:31:24

Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) have evidence of single parents being sanctioned for picking up their children from school and for looking after their child when they are off school sick.

Our Parliamentary Officer is interviewing single parents about their experiences, our overall findings will go to a Government Review of women and welfare and endeavour to make Sanctions fair and appropriate.

If you are on Jobseekers Allowance, have a child 16 years or under and have been sanctioned or threatened with a sanction, please email with your name and telephone number.

In return for a 30 minute phone call, you will receive a £20 High Street voucher.

The more single parents we can interview the more comprehensive the report, we need to get our voices heard to make changes happen.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not share any personal details. The deadline for interviews is mid April.

For further info see We need your story

Thanks in advance for your support thanks

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