New mums living anywhere on the UK Coast? Take part in a worldwide art project - PAID

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MEDIA: Emilia Telese Sat 21-Dec-13 17:27:00

Dear Mumsnet members,

My name is Emilia and I am a UK based Italian artist. I have worked for many years with the idea of female identity, social and political change and I have been exploring in the past year what it is to give birth and start a new life, also responding to births in my extended family, which included two new babies a set of very early twins, one of which has had to have open heart surgery and has made a miracolous recovery. Moved by this I have been working on motherhood for the whole of 2013.

For example I made a video piece with 13 pregnant women living at Lands' End, which was shown at the Louvre Museum in Paris. You can see it on my website: click here where you can also see the other projects I have been doing since 1997.

For my next piece I am looking for new mothers living anywhere on the UK coast for a photographic project which will be shown at an art gallery in May 2014. I am asking mums to take a picture of themselves with their baby standing near the sea or anywhere you can see the sea, in order to make a new video piece.

I will pay £15 for every picture which I will use in the project. This is a non-profit project and I will not sell the video or do anything commercial with it. All participants will receive a DVD of the video and a credit in it, with their name and surname if they wish to.

To take part, just contact me following the contact link on my website and will send you instructions: click here for contact

Deadline 28 Dec 2013 but I may accept late pics within a few days of that date.

It would be amazing to have your photos!

All best


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