Poor Maternity Care - NHS. Your experience?

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MEDIA: ITV News Wed 11-Dec-13 18:52:30


I work for ITV News. We are looking for somebody who wants to share their experience of maternity care in the NHS.

A report by the Care Quality Commission is expected to show some hospitals are failing new mums with poor care, poor hygiene and compassion.

If you have had a troubling experience and want to share your story then please get in touch by emailing me on chris.gibson@itn.co.uk.

this is for Thursday's ITV News and could potentially involve being filmed.


PurpleJellyDisc Wed 11-Dec-13 18:58:43

Going to be a balanced report then...

My issue with the bloody maternity care given at present is stopping prescribing adequate pain relief post section.

A box of paracetamol and a box of ibuprofen is not sufficient after major abdominal surgery and it's a travesty in this day and age that you are told that you will be able to cope with the pain.

Can you imagine a man being sent home 24 hours post surgery without proper pain relief? They'd probably have a mobile epidural!!

I really think having to cope with the pain takes away some of the joy you should've feeling when you first take your baby home and adds to the hormonal turmoil that you encounter over the first fee weeks at home.

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