Building Children's Creative Confidence

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MEDIA: Susan Schott Wed 11-Dec-13 14:56:22

I am part of a student design team at Kingston University in the MA Sustainable Design program. We are doing a project to promote creative confidence in children. We would like to get some feedback from parents, in the Greenwich area, about your child's favorite activities.

We are envisioning a project that involves the teachers, parents, local volunteers, and children (ages 5-11). If you could contact us - we have 3 questions to ask, in order to help us co-design our project. It is important for us, in our design, to meet the parent's, children's, and community's needs.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide any additional information about our program and the project we are doing.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Susan Schott

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