Are you living with a violent child?

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MEDIA: andiepopkorn Tue 10-Dec-13 11:15:07

Are you living in fear of your violent child? Are you frustrated with the lack of support on offer? We’re a film company with a reputation for tackling difficult subjects with sensitivity and we are making a documentary about the serious, troubling issue of child-against-parent abuse. Statistics from Oxford University show that 2000 parents in London alone say they were violently abused by their child last year. The numbers are rising but many parents just don’t know where to turn. By sharing your story with us we hope to help others in this situation as well as reveal the true extent of this nationwide problem in order to get more Local Authorities to support parents like you. We will also be following a ground-breaking support group who can offer help for parents. All calls treated in strictest confidence. Please email or Telephone Andrea on 0208 964 6777

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