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KingstonPharmacy2013 Mon 09-Dec-13 00:44:10

Hiya Mums,

I am a 4th year Pharmacy student at Kingston University, currently undertaking a research project on ‘Parents approach to treating head lice in children in a higher socioeconomic community’.

In order to carry out this research, I am looking for a private primary school in Kensington and Chelsea borough, who would be willing to help me in this research project. Through the school, I hope to approach more parents to participate in my work, through questionnaires and focus groups.

If you are a parent with a child/children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, and possibly could help me in getting your child's school involved, I would really appreciate your help.

Head lice are a common problem affecting primary school children throughout the UK and are still a growing concern for parents and schools. This research project will allow me to recognise the key gaps for further work and possibly identify more successful ways of treating from parents first-hand experiences.

The outcome of this research could lead to newer and more effective strategies for the control of head lice. In addition, the school will also receive feedback after the completion of the research, thus will be able to help parents in the future and play a more active role.
Please be reassured that participation in this research is not compulsory, however, it would be very much appreciated if the school and parents are able to participate in order to complete this project.

Confidentiality will be maintained in this study as all participants will be anonymous and data collected will be stored safely. More importantly, the school or the children will not be affiliated with the results in any way and the results will be mainly used to demonstrate treatment approaches from parents from an affluent background.

If you think, you may be able to help me recruit a school, then please do get in touch.

I am happy to meet any interested mum and discuss this further. Please email me for my full contact details, as well confirmation of this study from my project supervisor.

Kind Regards,

4th Year Pharmacy Student

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