early 20s married mums to talk pls - fee available

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MEDIA: firstfroggy Fri 06-Dec-13 17:24:21

Hi there, I'm looking for married mums in their early twenties to talk about why they snubbed a career to have a family. Maybe they went to uni, but decided they wanted to focus on family instead of career. This could be a temporary decision, maybe they intend to focus on their career in their thirties. But perhaps they are taking a more traditional route than their own mothers, maybe their saw her struggle trying to juggle everything, and instead of trying to have it all, they're accepting that they'll raise children first and then have their own career. Would love to hear from any married mums out there in their early twenties about why and how they took a more traditional route... Please email: annawharton77@yahoo.co.uk and I can explain a little more. Fee available to case studies. Many thanks.

TinyDiamond Sat 07-Dec-13 17:42:50

why on earth would getting married in your 20s be snubbing your career? what an absurd thing to say

TinyDiamond Sat 07-Dec-13 17:45:56

and another thing. You don't have to be married to have children just like you can be married and not have children yet, or ever. Your post has really annoyed me to be honest.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 07-Dec-13 17:47:46

I'm in my late 30s now but was married with a baby by 23. Didnt sacrifice my career at all. I carried on working. Had 4 months maternity leave and went back to work. Dh actually stayed at home to look after dd as he'd been made redundant. But if he hadn't then I'd still have gone back to work and dd would have gone to a childminder.

annieorangutan Sat 07-Dec-13 17:53:13

I married at 20 but why on earth would that stop your career confused Every young married woman I know who married in last 10 years has kept going with work/promotions/qualifications.

Its easy to do kids and full time work when you marry so young as you have so much energy to do all that and a social life on top. I will be happy if all our children marry as teens/early 20s.

Nerfmother Wed 18-Dec-13 18:08:29

But the op is asking about those who opted out of a career, not suggesting you can't do both! I know people who chose not to work, got married early and the husband's wage supports them plus kids. I also know people who went to uni, got married, had kids and a career, and any variation on this. It's not unreasonable to be interested in why x% of people don't want a career.

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