BBC Science Show Seeks London Based 6 - 12 Year Old With Flu!

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MEDIA: Imogen Ogilvie Thu 28-Nov-13 17:53:26

We are investigating influenza. What happens inside the human body to fight the virus? What’s the science behind the physical symptoms? Why does it spread through the population?

We are looking to feature a London based 6-12 year old in December with the flu. We would film them in their home as their body tackles the virus – from initial infection to recovery. This would mean a small crew would visit your house several times throughout the course of the infection. We would also hope to film in your child’s school to show the effect of dwindling pupil/staff numbers. We will work very hard to film sensitively, and we legally require that a parent/guardian is present at all times during filming at home. All our crew have had flu jabs, have received BBC training in working with children, and have signed a personal disclosure form.

If you were interested in your child taking part drop me a line with any questions you might have and keep me updated if they get the flu! GP confirmation that they really have flu would be ideal but we can also keep in touch if/when they develop symptoms.

Imogen Ogilvie
BBC Researcher

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