Looking for an ex-couple who are now friends - glossy mag feature

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MEDIA: Busola Evans Mon 11-Nov-13 14:43:04

Hello! I'm writing a piece for a glossy mag on how break-ups not just affect the couple involved but also their mutual friends. So I am looking for a couple who had an acrimonious split but are now friends PLUS three of their mutual friends to talk about the impact which the break-up had on them all. I am putting a message on here because I feel (and I may be mistaken!) that ex-couples who are now pals are perhaps more likely to be so because they have kids together. The friends of the couple need to be honest about split loyalties, awkwardness etc at the time of the break-up. This will be a sensitively handled piece and everyone will get a readback of their words before the feature goes to press. Couple and friends need to be available for a photo shoot and will be paid. Case studies need to be between aged 20-45. Please email me asap on busolaevans@hotmail.co.uk. THANK YOU.

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