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JoePerry Sat 02-Nov-13 13:17:38

My name is Joe Perry and I am a Product Designer currently completing my final year of study at the University of the West of England, Bristol. i'm currently working on a project that spans over the next 9 months and I'm writing this post to help understand the problems faced by parents when travelling.
I really appreciate your time reading my my post, your insights and opinions are invaluable to creating a successful product.

I have always been fascinated by travel and would like to hear your thought on any stresses or issue you find whilst traveling with children, and if relevant how your able to cope with these challenges.
for example a recent trip I took travelling from heathrow to orlando with my family highlighted amongst other issues that the change in time zones was difficult for my family including myself to adjust to. The younger members of the family found it specifically hard to adjust too after being on a string bedtime routine at home in the uk. Does this story sound familiar with anyone else?

Please share your stories as it will be greatly appreciated, i hope your insights will steer the project into a valuable outcome.

Kind regards,
Joe Perry

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