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Hermione75 Fri 25-Oct-13 13:14:36

I am a PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde researching food health in the UK. Specifically, I am looking at issues around packaging and perceptions of health in supermarket products. My aim is to provide guidelines that may encourage corporations and government to provide healthier options, and lead to consumers making healthier food choices.
I would be most grateful if anyone would complete a short survey (around 10 minutes), available via this link…

You will be entered in a prize draw for participation. Please help. Thank you.

CwtchesAndCuddles Mon 18-Nov-13 20:26:11

Sorry but I found it impossible to quantify risk without understanding the context.

ShoeJunkie Mon 04-Nov-13 17:26:31


Hermione75 Mon 04-Nov-13 17:11:15

Any more willing?

Hermione75 Fri 01-Nov-13 11:52:05

I am not sure why this happened. I have checked and it seems to work OK. If anyone else has had similar issues, I would be grateful if you could let me know. Also, I wasn't suggesting you could not work the sliders. I thought you were saying you did not like using them. Thanks for your feedback and doing the survey. smile

CosmicDespot Wed 30-Oct-13 22:19:18

What I meant was that the slider could only move to about 67. The number that appeared to the right of the scale was different to the number the slider was under. So if I moved the slider as far along as I could, it would be under (approx) 67, but the counter to the right would say 100. There was actually something wrong with it. I am able to work sliders hmm.

Hermione75 Wed 30-Oct-13 12:32:21

I understand the confusion around what risk means here. This is however part of the point of the study. It was necessary to leave this aspect quite vague. As for the sliders or finding it somewhat dull, unfortunately these are aspects I could not avoid if I am to capture the data I need. Thanks for giving it a go anyway.

CosmicDespot Tue 29-Oct-13 22:54:31

Yes, sorry, I abandoned it at just past halfway. Too long, far too repetitive, and the sliding scale didn't work properly for me. 100% (unspecified) high risk was at about 67 on the scale.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Tue 29-Oct-13 22:52:40

I guess you mean "healthy or not healthy".

For me, that would have to go with quantity as well. One fruit juice lolly is fine, a box of 4 every day is a problem grin

One burger with loads of salad? Fine. Several of the burgers, less so.

I started the survey too and agree with the above comments regarding risk. Are we talking about obesity risk? Food poisoning risk? Not at all clear what you are asking the participant to judge it on.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Tue 29-Oct-13 22:38:20

Sorry, I confess I got bored, it was too repetitive. I got as far as the carbonara and had enough.

Also, high risk or low risk of what exactly?

Hermione75 Tue 29-Oct-13 19:04:40


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