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SaviourofSchoolUniform Wed 23-Oct-13 14:35:20

Hi I'm new. Well I actually just joined to ask for everyone's help. I have done a short survey it's 6 questions. it is about school uniform and would like to gauge people's ideas about it. I wish to tackle the school on the subject but there is no point unless people feel similar to me.
I know I am an unknown but need enough results to demonstrate my point or not if that may be the case. I was hoping that some people might be able to help me out. If not no bother
It isn't a link to "lose belly fat with this one weird trick" everyone knows this comes from diet and exercise unfortunately.



calamitygin Thu 24-Oct-13 22:15:33


I was going to fill in the survey but don't think it applies to me as although our school does sell branded jumpers/sweatshirts etc we don't have to buy them. So long as the kids wear the right colours (all available in the big supermarkets/M&S/BHS etc) then it's fine.

I'm presuming that the wearing of "logo'd" uniform is compulsory in your school?

calamitygin Thu 24-Oct-13 22:16:08


calamitygin Thu 24-Oct-13 22:16:42

blush so chirpy I said hi twice!

tallulah Fri 25-Oct-13 22:22:27

You didn't specify if this was primary or secondary, which makes a difference to the question of cost. I would expect to pay more for uniform to fit a 14 yo than a 4 yo.

ADishBestEatenCold Sat 26-Oct-13 18:37:19

Was going to complete the survey, but I felt the questions were too selective. I felt I was almost being 'guided' towards taking a particular stand.

Sorry and good luck with your survey.

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