Undergraduate Dissertation Research - Child Benefit.

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benperrett Mon 07-Oct-13 12:12:21


My name is Benjamin Perrett, an undergraduate at the University Of Reading studying Human Geography. I am in my final year and carrying out my undergraduate dissertation research. The area of which I am studying is that of the latest changes to the Child Benefit system and how this effects mothers in the UK.

Title: The socio-economic impacts of removing universal child benefit from mothers in the UK.

Main aim:
The main aim of my research is to evaluate the socio-economic impacts of the removal of child benefits from mothers in the UK.

Sub aims:
•Has the benefit change effected gender roles in UK households?
•What effect this change has had on the empowerment of women?
•How do benefits change spatially in the UK?
•How do benefit changes have an effect over time?
•What type of woman (socio-economic) group has this change most effected?
•Why has the government implemented such changes to benefits?
•What are the overall effects of changes to welfare?
•How was child benefit spent by women in the UK?

It would therefore be appreciated if anyone would be willing to discuss some points following along with my main and sub aims. These can be focused around your economic or social views of the changes. Please email these to me (benjperrett@gmail.com) by sending me answers to this email address you have agreed to be used in my dissertation research.

The University of Reading will keep any information you supply in a secure place until July 2014, when it will be destroyed. Nothing that you tell us in this research project will be disclosed to anyone other than my dissertation supervisor and marker. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

This project has been subject to ethical review, according to the procedures specified by the University Research Ethics Committee, and has been allowed to proceed.

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