Fake luxury

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luckylamma Mon 07-Oct-13 09:33:38

Hello, I am a writer and looking for mums who like a bit of luxury but who save money by buying counterfeit luxury handbags, clothes, accessories etc rather than the real thing. If you fit the bill and are prepared to talk then please email me on luck_adamn@hotmail.com

How do we know you're not a Trading Standards sting


luckylamma Mon 07-Oct-13 10:46:12

Dear ChaosTrulyReigns,

Even if I was a Trading Standards officer it would not matter. A private individual is not in breach of the law when they buy a counterfeit item. It is only if you are buying it in order to sell it on, in short to seek commercial profit from trading in counterfeit items that you are in breach of the law.

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