Would you send your child to a Technical Academy if it opened in your area? There are plans for one in Bedford... tell us your views

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MEDIA: EnglandMarktg Wed 18-Sep-13 15:55:48

Bedford College is planning to open a Technical Academy in September 2015, taking students in Years 9 & 12. There is a parent consultation currently running to assess support for the scheme amongst parents.

What do you think? Would you send your child? Let us know your views here https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=137950185188

We are really keen to understand the views of parents that currently have children in Years 6 & 7 in Bedford and the surrounding areas.

Thank you

overthemill Wed 18-Sep-13 15:59:06

no, my child is very happy at her academic subject school which also has technical subjects for those students who would like them at GCSE and A level. why on earth would anyone want to go to a technical academy? what can they offer that a normal state run school cannot? weird waste of money

HeySoulSister Wed 18-Sep-13 16:11:11

Bedford college? Seriously? My dd is on a course there and level 1 has been combined with level 2 as they can't afford the extra teaching staff!

Money should be spent on improving what exists

EnglandMarktg Tue 01-Oct-13 14:43:15

Thanks for feedback. For any parents going onto the survey link and completing the survey there is the option to enter a draw to win £50 of high street vouchers.

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