I need help from women in the second trimester..

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KellyDC Wed 18-Sep-13 10:58:13

Hi ladies,
I am conducting a study of relationship satisfaction during pregnancy. Maybe you have noticed that your pregnancy has brought new feelings to your relationship (for better or for worse), or maybe you have noticed no changes at all, in any event: I want to hear from you!

As you can imagine, finding large groups of pregnant women for scientific research can be a challenge. It's such a shame too, since knowledge of the psychological changes during pregnancy may help to inform coping.

If you have a few minutes (and are in your second trimester) please use the link below to find out more and to take part in my research:


Thanks in advanced!


Dr. Kelly Cobey
Early Career Fellow
Department of Psychology
University of Stirling

LittlePeaPod Wed 18-Sep-13 11:07:48

Hi Kelly,

Could I ask is the survey for an academic study or is it to support your thesis /dissertation etc.?

YoniMitchell Wed 18-Sep-13 11:09:30

Or is it for a brand-supported project/story?

KellyDC Wed 18-Sep-13 11:36:53

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for your messages. I am really happy to hear from you!

The research is academic. I am an Early Career Fellow based at the University of Stirling in Scotland.

(see link : rms.stir.ac.uk/converis-stirling/person/22790;jsessionid=bc81352bbdf0c7487652ebe58f0b)

The research is not linked to any sort of industrial partnership nor is it brand-supported. It's based on my own ideas about what might predict satisfaction during pregnancy. Obviously this is an important topic to understand since pregnancy is life event that so many women experience.

Previously I have published research on how changes in female hormones across the menstrual cycle impact relationship satisfaction and female mood. I have also looked at how use of hormonal contraception might impact female psychology. Now I am interested in extending this research to examine the same topics among pregnant women.

Happiness, of course, is a wonderful feeling commonly associated with pregnancy. In reality however, there is much anxiety associated with pregnancy even when it has been carefully planned: Will my partner and I make good parents? Will we be financially capable of raising a child? What adjustments do I need to make to ensure a successful pregnancy? What if the child has health issues?

It is no surprise, given the range of concerns pregnancy introduces, that it has previously been found to be a period of particular stress within a romantic relationship. While all expecting couples may have emotional ups and downs, my research will look to find predictors of individual differences in satisfaction during pregnancy.

Hope that helps to provide a bit more context to the research!

Please do ask any questions you might still have, I am happy to respond.

All the best,

Dr. Kelly Cobey
Early Career Fellow
Department of Psychology
University of Stirling

LittlePeaPod Wed 18-Sep-13 12:39:02

On that basis as a new mum to be in the second trimester I am happy to support your research.

TwickyWoo Wed 18-Sep-13 14:21:41

All done for you smile

KellyDC Wed 18-Sep-13 14:53:17

Thanks LittlePeaPod and TrickyWoo, I appreciate that you took the time to help me out.

I hope you found the questionnaire interesting, I will be in touch with more information in due course.


marzipanned Wed 18-Sep-13 15:57:38

All done smile

KellyDC Wed 18-Sep-13 16:07:56

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KellyDC Wed 18-Sep-13 18:56:46

Thanks Marzipanned!

KellyDC Thu 19-Sep-13 07:57:36

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to say thanks for your participation in my research. As of this morning I have already recruited half the number of women I need.

Thanks to all those who have taken part!

KellyDC Thu 19-Sep-13 15:51:17

I only need 50 more ladies to take part in the research!

Thanks to all those who have volunteered so far, I really appreciate it!

Once I have these last participants I will be sure to post some initial results.


KellyDC Thu 19-Sep-13 20:36:10

I'm nearly there ladies! Thanks for your help!

KellyDC Sat 21-Sep-13 13:54:02

I just need a few more moms to be in the second trimester to help me out with my research. Please see the link and info above if you have time to take part. smile

Have a nice weekend!


intouch2 Mon 23-Sep-13 15:56:32

Hi again.. was wondering if we would get the results from the study?

I just did it today and I found it really interesting. =)

dizhin79 Sun 06-Oct-13 10:46:56

just added my responses grin

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