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Homeopathy - please share your opinion and experience

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Anap2807 Fri 13-Sep-13 10:47:41

Hi mums,

please share your views and experiences re. Homeopathy/Homeopathic practitioners in the UK. Is it something which is popular or most of the people don't know about? I am thinking of taking a training course but not sure whether I will be able to apply it later. I come from a country where people would normally go to a homeopath with many of their health issues and would take their children as well. I know that in the UK about 400 GPs would use homeopathy and about a quarter of GPs would refer to a homeopath.
Please help me get a real picture. All opinions greatly appreciated!

Anap2807 Fri 13-Sep-13 23:29:28

NotCitrus, excuse me, but please read my original post. It has nothing to do with advertising of homeopathy or of anything else. I am interested in holistic medicine in general, It had helped me, so I am investigating the market and wanted to know if and what is popular.

exexpat Fri 13-Sep-13 23:31:09

"you know what about drug trials and tests? Every single one of them is sponsored and influenced by a pharma company."

So who runs trials and tests of homeopathy? Let me guess...

Homeopathy is also a big earner for the people who sell it (millions of pounds a year).

But of course, most of the time homeopaths don't bother with anything remotely resembling scientific methods or trials - anecdote is enough. This is what passes for 'evidence' or 'research' in homeopathy: Homeopathic proving of latex condom remedy - someone made a very dilute solution of ground-up condoms hmm and gave it to lots of gullible and suggestible people, then recorded their 'symptoms', including dreams, moods, feelings etc.

Eg, the researcher says "The provers felt suspicious and paranoid", and backs it up with anecdotes like: "At work I felt a bit of an outsider. The girls were being really bitchy and it was really affecting me I can usually ignore it. I felt as if I was being laughed at."

At the end of all this guff, the 'researcher' requests reports of 'cured cases': Cured Cases
"In order to fully understand this remedy and to make it fully useful in practice it is vital that cured cases are reported and published. If you have any cured cases please let the homoeopathic community know
about them."

This is something they seem to think might be useful to cure Aids.

Homeopathy is dangerous nonsense.

Ok well if any homeopaths are in the Glasgow area and want to offer me a free consultation and drugs then I will happily take part and if you cure my serious health condition and stop my frequent hospital admissions then I will happily come on here and appologise and share with all of MN.

Alternatively link me to some peer approved studies and evidence and I shall consider borrowing some money to pay for treatment.

I am serious.

Until then I shall stick to my life being saved and made as stable as possible by the wonderful NHS medical Drs.

Anap2807 Fri 13-Sep-13 23:37:04

Giraffe, I am not advocating homeopathy. However, if you want to try it for free or discounted - in licenced homeopathic colleges they should do student clinics. Students assess you under supervision of their tutors.

exexpat Fri 13-Sep-13 23:37:31

By the way, that proving report was taken from this website, offering online courses in homeopathy - is that the kind of thing you were thinking of doing, OP?

Anap2807 Fri 13-Sep-13 23:42:13

exexpat, there seem to be many unscrupulous people in this world. Unless the industry is properly regulated (like it is where I am from) this is always possible. Like I said, I personally and my friends successfully had treatments of hormonal imbalances and infections. As for Aids, everyone is just trying their best to help people, but the official medicine comes up with loads of rubbish as well.

Anap2807 Fri 13-Sep-13 23:44:30

I was going to a medical school for 5 years. They start with anatomy and physiology, and have clinics going on for all 5 years.

timidviper Fri 13-Sep-13 23:48:17

Whenever anyone mentions homeopathy on Mumsnet it is always pounced on, shouted down and ridiculed.

I would not dream of using it for anything major or as an alternative to allopathic medicine but have used it on minor ailments with some success (a friend is a homeopath and has recommended remedies so I know I am getting the right ones)

Setting aside the arguments about whether it works or not, I don't think it is worth training in at the moment. Many people are short of money and, when we have an efficient, free at the point of delivery health service complementary treatment is a luxury that cannot be afforded. I know one person who has trained in it but never picked up enough work so moved into a different field and another who works as a homeopath but has taken another part-time job to make ends meet.

Anap2807 Sat 14-Sep-13 00:00:07

Thank you, Timidviper. Do you think the same about Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition field?

timidviper Sat 14-Sep-13 00:44:29

I'm afraid I do. In countries where healthcare is paid for on delivery, I think people give more thought to all the alternatives. You will see the posters on here are well informed and have strong opinions but most people in the UK do not even consider alternatives to the NHS and would never want to pay.

I have quite a few friends in complementary health and only one of them makes a good living out of it. He is extremely gifted in what he does but is also very charismatic and would probably do well at most things.

I think in wealthy areas like in some big cities you might have a chance but I don't think so elsewhere. Sorry!

plummyjam Sat 14-Sep-13 08:10:31

As for Aids, everyone is just trying their best to help people, but the official medicine comes up with loads of rubbish as well.

Well about 25 years ago AIDS was a terminal illness. Now HIV is a chronic disease and patients on the correct treatment can expect a near normal life expectancy. So I wouldn't call it rubbish really.

HavantGuard Sat 14-Sep-13 08:54:04

If you want to charge people money for water perhaps you could check if Evian has any vacancies.

Panzee Sat 14-Sep-13 08:54:49

The reason people tend not to consider alternatives when they don't have to pay for the conventional is because they don't have to pay for the one that works.

reptilian Sat 14-Sep-13 09:05:44

i think you should be far more worried about the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs to be honest. homeopathy is usually vilified on here. I am a homeopath - i have many a success story; very effective for asthma, eczema, menstrual issues, immune disorders, depression, travel sickness, ibs, fibromyalgia.... etc, etc. if you don't subscribe then fair enough. if you are limited in your response because of a lack of experience then that's poor. each to their own, but i am a champion for it on a professional and personal level. I would never have become a homeopath if it hadn't worked for me.
I think a lot of those who are anti are limited by the parameters of 'tests' whereas the basic tenet of homeopathy is to treat the individual;a one size does not fit all philosophy. Treat the person, not the disease - we are all different and that is why, in my experience, it works as it celebrates our uniqueness.

CoteDAzur Sat 14-Sep-13 09:40:11

Things that work do so for everyone. It would be ridiculous to say that iodine solution disinfects the wounds of some people and not others.

CoteDAzur Sat 14-Sep-13 09:43:27

If homeopathic "remedied" had any active ingredient at all, they would have side-effects, too.

They don't because they are sugar pills.

This is why they are sold without a prescription - you can't overdose on them and it doesn't matter if you take the "wrong" one. They are all exactly the same.

I think a lot of those who are anti are limited by the parameters of 'tests' whereas the basic tenet of homeopathy is to treat the individual;a one size does not fit all philosophy. Treat the person, not the disease - we are all different and that is why, in my experience, it works as it celebrates our uniqueness.

However you think it works, if it worked, that would show up on tests (not sure why you put quotes around the word) - even if it worked by 'celebrating our uniqueness' confused, tests would show a greater effect than placebo ... but they don't.

I very much hope you don't encourage your patients to use homeopathy instead of conventional medicine, especially for things like asthma which can kill.

nicelyneurotic Sat 14-Sep-13 11:33:02

I hope that everyone who is commenting on this thread has actually tried homeopathy?

When I said in my first post that I thought arnica worked, yes, I did mean homeopathic arnica. It works very well for me. I also think some homeopathic treatments work well for preventing colds.

However, many remedies have not worked for me, but that's not to say they aren't effective for other people or 'types'. I think homeopathy is seen as unreliable because of this.

And while I would try it for minor problems, I wouldn't dare for anything serious. I wouldn't expect it to clear a bacterial infection, for example. Could it even help with this?

And I do think it can have side effects. I tried it from a professional homeopath for one health reason as a teenager, but instead of helping the problem it caused the most agonising period I've ever had. I hadn't had a problem with them before. I literally couldn't move for a day. That did put me off.

There is a good tip above that if you're planning to treat to set up in a wealthy area. An initial consultation here costs £90. I imagine many homeopaths are struggling in the current economic climate.

noblegiraffe Sat 14-Sep-13 12:40:12

Nicely, you might think it is homeopathic arnica doing the work, but it is actually the placebo effect, or simply your own body doing what it should without any help. Clinical trials have consistently shown that homeopathy doesn't work any more effectively than a sugar pill.

If you are applying a homeopathic cream, the cream itself could help, or the action of massaging. What it for sure isn't, is the magic water.

I think people (like me) who haven't tried homeopathy (for good reason) are equally entitled to express their opinion on the thread!

Bamboobambino Sat 14-Sep-13 13:38:28

It's amazing what will work if you pay a hideous amount of money for an hour of one to one treatment.
Any effect if the homeopath is purely that, the fact that people tend to value what they have forked out obscene amounts of money for, and they will kid themselves that the homeopathic 'drug' has had some effect in them. It's quackery of the worst kind.

Placebo works on infants, children, animals, and even rational adults who know they're taking a placebo.

I have no argument with anyone who offers a placebo treatment in the context of a caring, patient-centred consultation. The human body has an incredible capacity for self-healing when the "spirit is willing" and it has often been observed that a patient who wants to get better will do so, more than one who is resigned to pain/illness.

So with all that in mind I don't mind homeopaths treating patients who can't be cured by conventional medicine. I'm quite happy for them to say "nobody knows why it works, but lots of people swear by it".

But the minute they start to pretend that none of the known rules of science are real (atom science) they become charlatans.

Adzcliff Sat 14-Sep-13 15:09:30

Hi Anap2807

I think it's great you're doing a bit of research before embarking on a homeopathic training course. If market potential is one of your concerns, then I can only assume your success will be down to you given that entrepreneurial homeopaths do seem to be able draw a living. However, make no mistake, you will be making a living from a (largely harmless) alternative and superstitious health system with no clinical evidence base. In fact the the clinical evidence base is exactly the sort of evidence base you would expect for a health product that doesn't work, and is indistinguishable from empty medication. Not sure if that helps...

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