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Yogi Shmonkey and Guru - teach yoga and yoga sutras

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MEDIA: NathanDanielCurry Mon 19-Aug-13 11:13:33

I need your help. My goal is to create two highly entertaining and hilarious puppets that teach yoga and the yoga sutras (the manual to yoga philosophy written by Patanjali - see bottom of this posting). One of the puppets will be ready by August 25 - the second by Sept 20th.
Shmonkey and Guru - the puppets...
Guru is the Yoga Master - a Tibetan Mastiff - and Yogi - Shmonkey to his friend - a monkey - is his dedicated, amusing and adorable student.
- For Guru: think Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda (a "yoga" version of him) meets-Yoda-meets-a--patient-witty-wise-dog.
- For Shmonkey: think Elmo - affectionate, naughty, sweet-natured, but also think Kung Fu Panda - asking powerful and funny questions. Someone the kids will be able to relate to - read: giggle lots but also see questions they themselves ponder expressed through him.
There will be a female character later on - but the core team will be two male characters (similar to Wallace and Gromit I suppose).
Where I need your help please:
Mum’s and Dad’s regularly get surprised, stumped and often uplifted by kid’s questions. Their “Why, Why?, Why?” questions. Children also make very insightful statements.
- I need - from you - as many of those actual questions/statements as possible - profound, hilarious, silly, mind-blowing, precocious, kind, playful, etc. (and possibly some thoughts on the revelations they spawned in you).
- I also want to get a list of topics that you think these characters could discuss – topics that might be difficult or that you feel the “cutesy” stories on TV and Laptop screens and Ipads somehow fail to cover properly with sensitivity and insight. Feel free to give examples and share what important nuances you feel are lost please. Maybe you have grappled with an issue with your child that you think mainstream media is blind to dealing with well. Stuff like that.
I don't want this to be just about yoga per se. My challenge is to marry the teachings of yoga and yoga philosophy with the questions of real children living today and bring these puppet characters to life in a way that is humorous, educational and inspiring. Please be aware that anything you share here or with my privately might be used in actual storylines I create so please only share if you are willing to give material/insights away freely because you get the value of what I am attempting to do and you are fine with supporting that through experiences you have had.
The kind of questions I have listed so far are (actual questions kids have asked) to give some examples:
- Why do men have nipples?
- Why don’t I have slime on my feet like a snail?
- Do flowers kiss?
- What happens when we die?
- How do superheroes develop powers?
- A friend of mine has a little boy. His mother is a Christian and his father is a scientist. The 4 year old boy once asked in the shower: “Dad, did God invent the Big Bang or did the Big Bang invent God?”.
You can post here or email me at (I will most likely be based in Central London area for the next 6 months) if you prefer to email me your input privately or if you wish to collaborate in some way. I will be grateful for any and all input.
A little background about yoga and yoga sutras:
Yoga is a disciplined approach to self-knowledge and it has 8 limbs or sections - one of those is asanas or stretching...but there is much more to yoga than that. In the sutras there is an examination of the powers within a human being - both psychological and physical and there is a breakdown of the different states of mind and their possibilities. The yoga sutras are a wonderful map to the psyche and anyone (with the right guide) can gain a lot from them. In recent times, yoga has gotten split into different trends and factions but the source of the teaching lies with Patanjali. If truth be known there are no types of yoga - there is only Patanjali's yoga - but there are contemporary styles of how to approach asanas etc and that is what we see in the market place today.

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