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Product Design survey. Applies to parents/guardians with children aged 2-5

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Jamesstenhouse Thu 09-May-13 09:34:46

Could you please spare a couple of minutes of your time to aid me in my graded unit by giving very important primary reseach. the project is to design a solution that will make travelling with/for a child easier. I will take each participant out for a cup of coffee for their cooperation.

1.When travelling with a child what mode of transport causes the most hassle? (why?)

2.How long would you say your average journey time lasts? be it walking, car, etc.

3.What in your opinion is the main problem with your child when travelling? Please give an explanation where possible.
Boredom. Misbehaving. Hyperactivity. Hunger. Travel sickness. Comfort.

4.What do you find the biggest problem for yourself is with travelling with a child?

5.What are the most common journeys you make with a child? (i.e. to the shop, school, etc)

6.What do your children find interesting? Something that amuses them? (may not be to do with travelling)

7.As a parent/guardian what do you find most important? Scale of 1 being the best. (1-5) Please give an explanation where possible.
Safety Function Maintenance Aesthetics Cost

8.Is there anything that you can think of that would make travelling easier?

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