Week 8 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - How Many Of Us Are Left?

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BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 06:58:23

Last week's thread was very quiet. Hopefully that's just because you were on half term and were on holiday/doing other things!

Here is the Spreadsheet of --Doom-- Fabulousness

Hope you are all safe from the storm this morning, and here's to a good week for all of us.

bigkidsdidit Mon 28-Oct-13 07:14:12


Quite a change to be in Scotland and avoid all the terrible weather!

I'm 2lb down this week smile which I'm very relieved about as my water intake has really slid. Yesterday I didn't drink any blush. Today I've already measured out 2.5l and I AM going to drink it all!

sybilfaulty Mon 28-Oct-13 07:18:30

Morning! Thanks for the thread. Still here. Still keeping on keeping on. Had a leetle bit if carb creep this weekend. A hula hoop here, mouthful of pasta there. Nothing major but must nip it in the bud. It's half term though and we are cooped up because of wind and bad weather so it will be a battle.

Good luck to everyone weighing in today.

sybilfaulty Mon 28-Oct-13 07:18:56

Well done, big kids , great loss

sybilfaulty Mon 28-Oct-13 07:20:48

Forgot to weigh myself but will do so tomorrow. Am not on spreadsheet but am trying to keep track. Lost 4 lb so far this bootcamp but shape has changed enormously. I have taken pics of my fat tummy which is much less fat now. I will unveil it at the end of bootcamp.

BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 07:31:18

Following on from a question on last week's thread from thenightsky, here is an explanation of the impact of eating pasta

StuntedFrankenNun Mon 28-Oct-13 07:31:26

I am at my mum's house for a few days so I have optimistically put STS on the spreadsheet. I'm back on Wednesday so at least I'll have a few days to hide the carby twat evidence get back on tracks.

DH had a clothes crisis yesterday when he went to buy new work trousers to replace his Coco the Clown trousers (his words not mine) and was annoyed that the smallest size he could get - a 29" waist - was still too big! He's worried that he'll have to start buying children's clothes. I was wondering whether he could start doing sit ups or something to build up the muscles in his abdomen.

BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 07:33:03

.... although interestingly, if you look up 'spaghetti', at a Glycaemic Index of 49 +/- 2, it qualifies (just) as low GI

BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 07:38:21

... but its Glycemic Load is 22, which makes it high!

Wiki on GL/GI:

"The glycemic load (GL) of food is a number that estimates how much the food will raise a person's blood glucose level after eating it. One unit of glycemic load approximates the effect of consuming one gram of glucose.[1] Glycemic load accounts for how much carbohydrate is in the food and how much each gram of carbohydrate in the food raises blood glucose levels. Glycemic load is based on the glycemic index (GI), and is defined as the grams of available carbohydrate in the food times the food's GI and divided by 100.

Glycemic load estimates the impact of carbohydrate consumption using the glycemic index while taking into account the amount of carbohydrate that is consumed. GL is a GI-weighted measure of carbohydrate content. For instance, watermelon has a high GI, but a typical serving of watermelon does not contain much carbohydrate, so the glycemic load of eating it is low. Whereas glycemic index is defined for each type of food, glycemic load can be calculated for any size serving of a food, an entire meal, or an entire day's meals.

For one serving of a food, a GL greater than 20 is considered high, a GL of 11-19 is considered medium, and a GL of 10 or less is considered low. Foods that have a low GL in a typical serving size almost always have a low GI. Foods with an intermediate or high GL in a typical serving size range from a very low to very high GI."

StuntedFrankenNun Mon 28-Oct-13 07:50:41

IMHO then GI is a waste of time because it takes no account of portion size, and GL is also a waste of time because it cannot predict how combined foods will affect you. For example bread and butter will raise your blood sugar much more gradually than bread on its own. Plain pasta will send your blood sugar sky rocketing but combine it with a creamy sauce and it's a lot less damaging. But really the only way to know would be to eat a meal then test your blood sugar every hour to see how quickly it rises, how high it goes and how quickly it drops back. Which is actually really helpful for diabetics to work out which foods are best for them, but in practice a bit too much faff for non-diabetics.

Marking place

Can barely type as my toothache is now so crippling. I can speak and can only open my mouth enough to take painkillers and wince as I drink water. My 'emergency' appointment is this afternoon, the buggers better sort it out. I haven't been this miserable for ages.

To console myself this weekend, I've eaten my not insignificant body weight a goat cheese to myself.

Last week was totm too, so I was up 2.5 lbs. when I can muster the enthusiasm I'll weigh.

daisychicken Mon 28-Oct-13 08:40:43

ohfuck hope dentist can sort the toothache out.

I'm still here & plodding on.... am quiet as I'm going through a "not got much to say" phase.....

NigellasGhost Mon 28-Oct-13 08:43:23

Poor you ohfuck - I suffered dreadful toothache in the past and I can honestly say it was the worst pain ever! Good luck for this afternoon - get a needle in that gum pronto!

Cherrypi Mon 28-Oct-13 08:45:46

Oh dear. Had a terrible week and put on a couple of pounds. Giving up the wine this week (and the pasta and the white bread).

marking place, will catch up later

HumphreyCobbler Mon 28-Oct-13 08:59:03


I started! I had scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast. I am HANGING though, ds3 chose last night to stay up all night. Am still on painkillers for my section so hope they don't impede weight loss for me.

Dh is a trifle worried about the impact sugar withdrawal will have on my mood as I have been a grumpy hosebeast anyway so I am going to try really hard not to be too snappy.

Do hope your toothache is sorted soon ohfuck, toothache is grim.

AuntieMaggie Mon 28-Oct-13 09:21:05

I tried the GI thing but found it too complicated and it didn't help my weight or insulin resistance.

12lb loss so far - yipee!

thenightsky Mon 28-Oct-13 09:40:50

1lb on. I'm suprised its only one pound given the amount of wine I've had over the weekend. And some shortbread.

QueenQueenie Mon 28-Oct-13 11:28:21

Hi all.
I've been very quiet but for good rather than being a carby twat reasons... I've managed to just stick with it and am still seeing a slow but steady decline on the scales. Am very pleased with that but even more pleased with how much better I feel generally. Am on week 3 of the C25K programme which I'm finding bloody hard... but before I started this would have been an impossibility.
Commiserations to all those who require them and congrats to all those who are sticking with it... oh and on the babies!!

butterflyexperience Mon 28-Oct-13 12:48:44

Can I join?

I've been a previous bootcamper last summer and did very well. Looking back at my photos of that time I looked slim and I was wearing size 10 clothes. Was very happy.


I became pregnant with my twins!!

Anyway fast forward to them now being 4 months old and me 3 st heavier then last summer I'm ready to rejoin bootcamp

So I'm 12st 1lb and am bfing my twins

This is day 1 for me smile
B: 3 egg omelette with cheese, bacon and tomato
L: tuna mayo cheese mixed salad stuff
D: salmon cooked in butter with courgette and veg

3 cups of tea with splendour

Think my biggest hardship will be the no sugarconfused

HumphreyCobbler Mon 28-Oct-13 13:26:20

congratulations on your twins, how lovely

am struggling a bit as the sleepless night takes its toll but hanging in there..

BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 13:39:53

Congratulations, butterfly!

wow it seems amazing that bootcamp has been going long enough for previous bootcampers to have had babies in that time!

BIWI Mon 28-Oct-13 14:28:03
bigkidsdidit Mon 28-Oct-13 14:44:18

All these articles are interesting. I meant to post on the last thread, but forgot: if dietary cholesterol doesn't affect blood cholesterol that much, what does? Is it genetic, or intake of something else, or stress?

butterflyexperience Mon 28-Oct-13 14:47:17

Thanks for the welcome smile

NCISaddict Mon 28-Oct-13 14:51:54

I'm still here but have namechanged, was lifeisontheup. Have hit a bit of a plateau but clothes getting looser so am happy, forgot to weight this am but will do so tomorrow.

that's an interesting article BIWI - i have to admit i turned the TV off in frustration the other day when i heard on the news about the idea to mandate sat fat reductions. apparently the kitkat people have pledged to do so. thanks kitkat, but the fat isn't the problem there!

toomuchicecream Mon 28-Oct-13 15:42:55

Afternoon all. Managed to lose all of last week's gain plus another 0.2. I've been stuck at pretty much the same weight for about 4 weeks now, but I'm not giving up. I think that's the difference between what I'm doing now and previous attempts to lose weight - in the past I've deviated from the plan (normally for a very valid reason) and have then thought "oh fuck it". This time, I've gone off piste but always started again from fresh the next morning.

No awkward social events this week (well - lunch with my parents tomorrow...) so with a bit of luck I'll be a pound or two more down next week. Would really love to lose 1 1/2 stone by the end of Bootcamp, but as I've been stuck at 1 stone off for so long, I don't know how achievable that is.

Valdeeves Mon 28-Oct-13 16:34:18

Hi guys might tag on your end if that's ok - was a boot camper last Jan and lost my stone of pregnancy weight. Now just boot camping on and off to maintain - have got a spa weekend coming up and could do with losing a few pounds so the old jelly belly looks less horrendous!
Really tired at the mo with two little ones at home and a part time job. Had eggs for brekkie but usually skip lunch as not hungry.

Valdeeves Mon 28-Oct-13 16:36:56

*waves hello

- by the way have some fast chicken recipes -
Mix cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper and salt to create a fast, spicey rub for chicken.

Have a look a South American recipes online - they do lots of very tasty low carb options as they love meat!

ceedub Mon 28-Oct-13 19:19:46


clambers onto wagon

hope it's okay to join so late! I've been bc'ing and lurking for a week and have lost 3lb woohoo! off glamping for the rest of the week so shall be living on scrambled eggs and tuna (not together, ugh) so hopefully I can keep up the good work of last week smile

timidviper Mon 28-Oct-13 20:49:12

Valdeeves If you live nearer any nice cities than us there are south american restaurants springing up. Visited Liverpool recently and they have Bem Brazil and Fazenda, beilliant for low carbing!

I have lost last weeks gain and a pound more. Am just hoping next week is successful too despite me falling face first into a tub of HaagenDazs

Snatchoo Mon 28-Oct-13 22:04:31

I'm still here!

Total loss of 15.8lbs, despite having some really bad cheat days over the past 2-3 weeks.

2lbs off (all of which came off in 2 days of stressy house-move preparation). That broke me through the 170lb barrier. I'm now 12 stone 1lb so nearly at the 12 stone barrier too!

Wossname, from last thread, yes I've lost weight on this WOE but without eating meat. I have lost at least 2 stone since May; my back-fat is gone, I've had to throw out all my trousers and a lot of my tops (down 1-2 clothes sizes) and buy new bras (down one back size and 2 cup sizes.) I think its been slow and steadyish (some fluctuations) loss. But definitely I've found myself eating way more fish than before. Eggs are great so I could just as easily have 2 egg-based meals a day, and have done sometimes. But today was:

B - scrambled egg, leftover salad and roast veg
L - tuna mayo salad
D - salmon & roast veg, broccoli with butter
S - total yogurt + cream

whodunnit Mon 28-Oct-13 23:52:07

Blimey - you lot are amazing! well done to you, Auntiemaggeie - you have lost 12% of your body weight. Amazing! and timid viper - 13%. Fanbloomintastic....

I have lost a kilo which includes my double chin and some leg fat as I can now cross my legs and have the top leg hanging down, rather than horizontal and having to hold it in place. Oh, the unexpected benefits of this! I can cross my arms easily without having to strain over my midriff, thereby splodging my arms out.

Good luck if you haven't weighed in yet....

whodunnit Mon 28-Oct-13 23:53:25

And hello to our new recruits - you are vey welcome to this lovely supportive group of fab people.

Well done losers - I have to admit the carb consuming is gettin very tiring here, quite literally. Have been finding after a carbymeal I just want to crash and sleep about 2/3 hours later, I don't think it is pregnancy tiredness either just carb crash. Am starting to tweak my meals back
To a healthier way and have managed to sts after my initial gain as soon as I reintroduced carbs. Last time I reckon I was nearly a stone heavier by this point!!!

BerylStreep Tue 29-Oct-13 10:13:46

Morning all from sunny Tenerife. Welcome to new BCers. Mrs HP I somehow missed that you were expecting, congratulations!

Nightsky - why on earth does anyone feel they have the right to comment on what you put in your body? BIWI is right, block and move on.

bigkidsdidit Tue 29-Oct-13 10:29:07

Could someone add my weight to the ss? I'm 168 now. Only have iPad this week

HumphreyCobbler Tue 29-Oct-13 10:46:04

Well done for that MrsHP, I WAS a stone heavier at that point because of the carbs. Quite a neat trick considering how sick I was grin

I am really pleased I made it through the first day. Up all night to go to the loo though thanks to all the water.

bigkidsdidit Tue 29-Oct-13 10:51:36

I just made this lovely courgette, Parmesan and cream soup for lunch. It is delicious smile

FuckyNellItsHalloween Tue 29-Oct-13 12:00:26

Ok so I'm going to give this a go. Started hrt last week and terrified of putting on weight. Want to lose a stone. Pepsi max and biscuits/chocolate are my foe thlsad

Can't quite believe I've got to forgo milk in my tea! That really takes the piss thlgrin

CrabbySmallerBottom Tue 29-Oct-13 12:46:30

I still have milk in my tea, just a tiny bit. Now when someone else makes me a cup and puts too much in despite me telling them that I only want a tiny bit it tastes all wrong!

flowers flowers Big CONGRATULATIONS to all those up-duffed, post-duffed etc. And to all losers too. flowers flowers

I've been a bit AWOL this last week or so. Last week I was psychotically pre-menstrual and broke my no-drinking-mon-thurs-habit by having a couple of glasses on Wed and Thurs. hmm My period is now refusing to start properly which just prolongs the hormonal hell. I'm absurdly anxious which always makes me want to self-medicate by rewarding myself for getting through the day by having a couple of glasses half a bottle of wine in the evening. I know this is counter-productive so I'm resisting the temptation, but god it's fucking tedious feeling like this. hmm

I've not weighed this week and put that I've sts as I was a CT at the weekend (staying with friends) and I don't fancy feeling even worse about myself than I already do. My friend (who I haven't seen since before the first bootcamp) did keep telling me how amazing I looked though, even when I was makeup-free on the Sunday, having forgotten to pack my makeup bag (must be the first time I've been in public makeup free - even though I don't wear a lot - since I was about 13!).

I usually struggle a bit with what to have for lunch that's quick and easy (whereas I love cooking in the evening) and have a new favourite lunch... bubble and squeak with crispy bacon. Boil swede and brussel sprouts (could use cabbage if you prefer but I love sprouts) until tender then blend them with a stick blender, adding plenty of butter and black pepper. I do loads at a time then keep it in the fridge. Get a big frying pan and snip a couple of rashers of streaky bacon into thin strips and lay them on the bottom of the frying pan. I put all the bacon bits on one side of the pan and then fry a big pattie of bubble and squeak on the other side. The bacon leaves all its brown deliciousness on the bottom of the frying pan so when I turn everything over I swap the sides so that the B&S can mop up all the bacon juices (scrape it off the bottom with a spatula if necessary). It's done when there's are lovely crispy brown bits on the bottom of the B&S. If you're veggie you could just fry the B&S in plenty of butter until it's nicely browned on each side.

Also, for any other brussel sprouts fans (there must be some, surely... grin), I do a lovely brussel sprout stir fry to use up leftover roast chicken. Tail and remove the outer leaves of loads of sprouts (they reduce in volume so use plenty) and thinly slice each sprout (about 3-4mm thick). Slice and fry some (plenty) shallots over a moderate to high heat until they're browning, then add the sprouts and maybe a couple of finely sliced carrots. If you've got any chorizo hanging around, add that just before the sprouts, and a generous sprinkle of pimenton (smoked paprika). Stir fry over a moderate to high heat until the sprout slices are tender and starting to brown on some of the edges. Add a splash of tamari/soy sauce/worcester sauce and the shredded chicken. Give it another minute or two and then serve with toasted pine nuts sprinkled over the top.

BIWI Tue 29-Oct-13 13:12:38

Feeling cautiously optimistic that things are back on track for me, although I won't be gracing the scales until Monday.

Back running from Sunday (it was very slow and painful though - that's what happens when you drop something for even just a couple of weeks), and personal training sessions now back up to twice a week.

Managed a 4 minute 46 second plank this morning, which I am still amazed by grin (Even my trainer was amazed - last personal best was 4 minutes 19 seconds, so it was a big increase in the space of only 5 days!)

Glad to hear everyone sounding much more positive.

And a big welcome to all those who are new! Good luck with it and don't forget to ask us anything you're not sure about.

FuckyNellItsHalloween Tue 29-Oct-13 13:20:04

Am amazed at the plank. You must have abs of steel.

First lunch of lettuce cucumber tuna mayo and avocado. So not feeling too hard done by ATM.

I love sprouts!

Collywibbles Tue 29-Oct-13 13:49:33

Crabby I LOVE sprouts - yum! Stir fried with a bit of streaky bacon. Might have to buy a stalk from the market! STS this week which is ok. My mil told me I looked too thin at the weekend which is mad - I am not! BIWI that is an awesome plank!

CrabbySmallerBottom Tue 29-Oct-13 14:13:24

Glad I'm not the only sprout lover. wink

AuntieMaggie Tue 29-Oct-13 17:16:58

whodunnit sorry to mislead you but i put 100lbs on the s/s cos i was too embarrassed to put my real weight blush

Bad day here - had some bad news that i'm still trying to digest so only managed some ice cream (I was in Reading... If you've had ice cream in Reading this needs no explanation) and a couple of pieces of fruit.

Its cold tonight - what low carb winter warmers would you lovely ladies recommend?

sybilfaulty Tue 29-Oct-13 17:26:04

Sorry you've had a bad day, Maggie. Lots of water for you. I am loving a warm hash at the moment , with fried egg and whatever meat and veg are lying around. Very comforting as well as being non carny twat. I also love sprouts but have been using kale as the green bit as that's all I had. Toast chicken, salad and avocado always cheer me up. Oh, and cheese.

BIWI your plank is awesome. Well done.

thenightsky Tue 29-Oct-13 18:05:27

FuckyNellItsHalloween I found my appetite increased on HRT to so I had to be mega careful. This low carbing seems to have kept the sugar cravings at bay.

On the plus side, since starting HRT I found I have kept my hour-glass waist shape - it seems to stop that middle age spread thickening look round your middle. Also, despite losing 26lbs on last New Year's bootcamp, my boobs haven't gone all empty and saggy... they have stayed full and quite pert!

FuckyNellItsHalloween Tue 29-Oct-13 18:54:59

That's good thenightsky. I'm an hourglass size 14 so wouldn't want to lose my shape, just shave the edges. Massive breasticles already so am a bit worried about them getting bigger!! Am only 41 too so starting hrt makes me feel ancient (no offence to older ladies meant of course thlwink

It's only my first day but you know I think I feel thinner!

Yama Tue 29-Oct-13 19:04:09

Hello again everyone. I'm still low carbing (maintaining) but I haven't dropped in in a while.

I started in January. I manage to maintain 9 stone 8 or 9lbs (at 5ft6) and am never hungry. It's great just to eat real food all the time.

Skin is still clear, bloating gone for good and period pain greatly reduced.

So, thanks for these threads and the wealth of information which has been linked to. thanks

whodunnit Tue 29-Oct-13 22:28:56

aw Maggie you have stillost alot, though even if your starting weight was , erm, slightly inaccurate smile

Joy of joys... whenI started this bootcamp I carved myself a little corner of a shelf to put my low carb food in so I wouldn't have to wade through the temptations of pasta etc to find what I could eat. My little square foot of acceptable food has now become a whole shelf, gradually over the last couple of months, but more especially after a big shop today. And I quietly was a bit precious about "my corner", and didn't want the rest of em to eat what I had carefully extracted and put there. I am not manic, though I may sound it. But now I have a WHOLE SHELF, anyone can dig in and eat any of it. I am so happy. I can choose whatever I want from a wide range of food. This is definately getting easier. And I do have small secret supply of teensy little treats that has kept me from being a major carbon twat. And, funnily enough, my 85 per cent chocolate can sit out for days and noone touches it. Whereas I have my two squares dunked in tea to melt it and it is a real treat.
Aah... simple pleasures...

mags 12 lbs is bloody brilliant well done!

AuntieMaggie Wed 30-Oct-13 09:15:24

Thank you. Am really close to falling head first into carb-land just because its easier and I'm feeling emotionally fragile.

I'm interested to know what treats you have in the cuoboard whodunnit

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 30-Oct-13 09:36:50

I feel awful. Cramp. Terrible headache. Yuck.

BIWI Wed 30-Oct-13 10:03:37

FuckyNell <sniggers at name> don't worry - it will pass. Drink plenty of water, keep your fat intake high and make sure you're eating salt on your food/cooking with salt.

Also make sure you're eating potassium and magnesium-rich foods - spinach, salmon, avocado and natural yoghurt are all great.

Take some paracetamol for the headache - don't suffer! - but try and avoid ibuprofen as there is some suggestion that this kind of painkiller (NSAID - non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) can impede weight loss.

Sorry you've had some bad news, AuntieMaggie - hope you're feeling better soon, and you manage to tame your inner gobbler!

bigkidsdidit Wed 30-Oct-13 10:09:00

Sorry for your bad news Maggie. I find cauliflower rice very comforting - grate / magi mix a whole head then microwave one minute and melt butter on top. Lots of salt and pepper. It is lovely smile

Also green and blacks do a 70% cocoa choc bar if you really can't resist.

toomuchicecream Wed 30-Oct-13 13:17:30

Maggie - I want to know more about the ice cream in Reading! I grew up there and was in Reading yesterday visiting my parents but I've never picked up on anywhere for ice cream eating. Please tell me more...

Finally the whoosh fairy arrived! 2 1/2 lb off this morning. After waiting nearly a month it's a really good feeling. Especially because last night I soooo nearly fell into a box of chocolate truffles a guest brought round a couple of weeks ago. I'd put them on top of the kitchen cupboards and forgotten about them, but DH helpfully got them down last night. Thanks DH! Fortunately the lure of the sofa was greater than the need for chocolate so I stayed put and went to bed early.

I've been to the butchers in the village today and bought all sorts of yummy looking meat I wouldn't normally get in the supermarket. So - calling all your best belly pork recipes please? What shall I do with it?

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 30-Oct-13 15:50:13

Omg I ate a banana

whodunnit Wed 30-Oct-13 18:35:58

auntie Maggie
my guilty little secrets in the cupboard are one or two SULA no sugar sweets (99p a box from a health food shop), atkins strawberry daybreak bar (3.5g carb per bar) from Boots , 2 squares of 85 percent choc dipped in tea, 1 slice protein bread toasted with lots of butter (5g per slice), licking crisps (bit disgusting but highly satisfying), peanut butter, odd bit of diabetic jam (go easy cos of the chemicals and laxative effect), and Lizi's granola 40g packs (third of a pack sprinkled on spray cream. and max three cups of normal tea in a day usually two. It has to stay as a treat to work, ie no more than one or 2 per day but it has stopped me from being completely daft and resorting to cream cakes and bisuits. I can honestly say I have not cheated at all apart from the above in the last two months. My carb count per day is about 45g and I write down all I eat and drink to keep an eye on things. And I write down any walking I have done. Not saying this will work for everyone, but it has worked for me.

Just do me a favour and don't tell BIWI........ I will feel the sharp end of her stick....;)

BIWI Wed 30-Oct-13 18:56:43

What did you say, whodunnit?! I'm always here you know, watching, listening ...


Fucky noooooooooooooooo! That is the worst thing that you could have done, honestly. You'll have to start all over now. Please don't do that to yourself. sad

TheAwfulDaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 19:59:06

BIWI- when is the next bootcamp starting?

...or can I hop in now? grin

BIWI Wed 30-Oct-13 20:12:04

Hop in now! We'll carry on chatting when this one finishes, so always someone here to give you support/help. The next one won't be until the New Year now.

HumphreyCobbler Wed 30-Oct-13 20:24:49

I ate
eggs for breakfast
Bubble and Squeak mentioned above for lunch
pigs cheek with celeriac for dinner
nuts and cheese for snacks. I had a fair few nuts but am really not too worried about ketosis yet, just want to make it through the week.

I am really proud to make it to day 3 with no sugar, given the fact that I am 3 weeks postnatal and breastfeeding smile

TheAwfulDaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 20:56:17

Thank you BIWI, I anticipate I will be back in the New Year after Christmas! When does this one finish?

Weighed in at 12.2 stone on 29/10. Despite being only 5"2, I want to get down to 11 stone, which is still 1 stone and 3 pounds off a 'desirable' weight for my height. My reason for this is that, I look nice, carry weight well and still get to keep my nice jiggly bits at this weight.

Once I reach 11, I will reassess and maybe consider aiming for 10- but at the moment my goal is to shift this pesky stone and develop a healthier WOE and lifestyle. Baby steps.

How long did it take some of you of a similar weight to me to shift your first stone?

FuckyNell I don't know if this is going to earn me BIWI's big stick, but I never gave up milk in tea. Frankly some things are a step too far! This WOE has worked for me nonetheless. Good luck with carrying on.

whodunnit Wed 30-Oct-13 23:05:00

Lily - you are so right about tea n milk. That is a deal breaker for me, too!

timidviper Wed 30-Oct-13 23:42:04

whodunnit What on earth is protein bread?
I tried the Waitrose low carb bread last week, it was passable

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 30-Oct-13 23:45:58

Praise the lord for tea and milk. I've been ready to slit my metaphorical wrists today. I now regret the banana too.

toomuchicecream Thu 31-Oct-13 09:15:08

I changed my morning latte to a straight coffee with milk, but if I'd tried to give up caffeinated coffee first thing in the morning it would definitely have been a step too far. I've never been able to drink black coffee either, so I went with the least-worst option I could actually sustain. Interestingly I had a latte with a visitor yesterday and was shocked by how sweet and milky it tasted - how did I drink that for so many years?!?

In other news, a very confused ex-ice-cream-eater has seen the scales go down again - that's 3 1/2 lb in 2 days, having STS for a month! And it's the wrong time of the month as well. So on my scales I've dropped below the next stone barrier. It's amazing what a difference it makes, changing the starting number!!

And I bought sprouts at the market yesterday because the bubble and squeak described above sounded so yummy smile

FuckyNellItsHalloween Thu 31-Oct-13 09:19:23

Starting again today, eggs and a nice normal cuppa. Feeling optimistic and spooooooky thlgrin

sybilfaulty Thu 31-Oct-13 09:26:44

Glad to hear that people are feeling a bit better. Well done on the losses too.

Am about to take the kids to breakfast at Starbucks so I can have the car cleaned. DS was sick all over it earlier in the week so it needs shampooing etc. Yuck. Might get some spouts myself at Sainsburys and have a sprouty B and S tonight. DH out so I can fart to my heart's content if needs be. I made lovely cauliflower cheese last night which really hit the spot. The wine consumption is slightly over the odds as it's been a lot of going out this week but will rein myself back in shortly.

Have a lovely day everyone.

CrabbySmallerBottom Thu 31-Oct-13 11:21:56

Yay I'm spreading the bubble and squeak happiness throughout bootcamp! grin

timidviper Thu 31-Oct-13 11:24:31

Good Lord, what is wrong with you people??!! SPROUTS??!!
Sprouts are vile things, they are the devil's farts! grin

Can you all please keep reminding me that I need to knuckle down now as I have no major social events coming up to derail me for a week or two.

HumphreyCobbler Thu 31-Oct-13 11:36:32

<whispers> I used cabbage as I don't like sprouts either.

Thanks for that Crabby, I sent your recipe to my sister who is also low carbing and she had it for lunch too smile

Making celeraic, cauliflower and curry soup for lunch.

AuntieMaggie Thu 31-Oct-13 12:12:14

toomuchicecream its in the train station opposite Burger King called Tutti Frutti - they make their own ice cream and its the best! (They also do cake and homemade chocs but not so appealing to me...)

whodunit thanks for sharing. I often think about licking crisps too grin Where do you get protein bread?

I have the odd cuppa with milk in it, but tbh I drink it so strong there's barely any milk in it! That and sugar free squash (which I drink really weak) are two things I haven't given up.

I really fancy porridge this morning...

BIWI Thu 31-Oct-13 15:08:34

Oh goodness. I have had to endure enforced carby twatness over the last couple of days - working in Wakefield in Asda and very little to choose from. Tipped me over the edge and I have eaten some seriously shit stuff. And served me right that my blood sugar dropped through the floor yesterday and I felt absolutely terrible.

Anyway, on the way home now and hopefully to better things.

a little earlier than usual, but i have a day off work tomorrow so hopefully probably won't switch on the computer...

Biggest Loser of the Week: Timidviper
Biggest Overall Loser: whodunnit
Biggest %age Loser Overall: Maryz

well done on making it to week 8!

AuntieMaggie Thu 31-Oct-13 18:22:35

Awww BIWI it's shit that it's so hard to not eat carby crap isn't it?

Stew for tea - yummy!

BIWI Thu 31-Oct-13 18:32:22

I find it quite frightening, to be honest, just what an effect eating carby stuff has on me. I often used to suffer from low blood sugar - generally shaky and feeling really weird - but never had any clue what caused it.

StuntedFrankenNun Thu 31-Oct-13 19:18:34

I had a mocha a couple of days ago while out with my mum and it tasted horribly sweet, I couldn't taste chocolate or coffee, just sugar. Stupidly I drank it anyway to be polite but I got very dizzy shortly afterwards. It makes me wonder just what it did to my blood sugar.

whodunnit Thu 31-Oct-13 21:01:23


Auntie maggie don't know if the link above will work but you will be able to find it from here. I got a pack of slices for £2.50 which is dear but notif you only eat two slices a week. You can get it bul on amazon, but I found it in a health food shop somewhere near te muscleman section if I remember rightly ( there is whole different world out there, you now..... lucky I don't get out much!)

Hope we all survived halloween I was drooling over my DD3's haul especially the twirl. I love twirls. I really do. But not three days backpedalling worth of love. Twas tricky not to dig in , but my DD would have had something to say if I had. Ho hum..... back to my broccoli.....

whodunnit Thu 31-Oct-13 21:26:24

God my typing is getting worse! You get 5 slices of bread for £2.50

AuntieMaggie Thu 31-Oct-13 22:15:57

I'm gonna have to order some from Amazon... cheese on toast!!!

thenightsky Thu 31-Oct-13 23:07:36

One one left in stock on Amazon shock

It doesn't list the actual number of carbs though.

whodunnit Thu 31-Oct-13 23:12:34

Profusion bread from the profusion website.
The pack is 250g and you get 5 pieces (each being 50g)

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 1065kJ/256kcal
Protein 20.5g
Carbohydrate 10.5g
of which Sugars 2.3g
Fat 12.1g
of which Saturates 1.5g
Dietary fibre 11.2g
Salt 0.95g

whodunnit Thu 31-Oct-13 23:14:40

The profusion website gives you four links to buy the bread. I am not a salesman for them, honest.....

timidviper Thu 31-Oct-13 23:29:13

This is the low carb bread I bought at Waitrose last week http://www.livlifefoods.co.uk/

The trouble is that I don't want just one slice, I want lots so it is dangerous for me

whodunnit Thu 31-Oct-13 23:35:44

Yes, you are right, timidviper. It is too easy too just keep popping another piece in the toaster.

I have also just ordered some very low carb swedish crispbread that half the amazon revieweres say taste like cardboard. Hopefully it does and so I will need to pile on the toppings and not want more than one piece. I'd be better with a bit of crunchy celery as a base, really, wouldn't I?

CrabbySmallerBottom Fri 01-Nov-13 09:18:30

Um... I don't want to piss on your parade, but 5g carbs for one slice of bread is a lot of carbs considering we are supposed to be sticking to veg that is around 3g of carb per 100g.

I can't talk as I'm eating vast amounts of almonds at the moment (and hence have lost very little weight this bootcamp). I don't really mind though as am near my target weight and just love my food and the fact that I'm eating well and maintaining. If you're serious about losing weight though, you need to ditch the bread, sorry.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Fri 01-Nov-13 09:24:19

Just checking in. Been very poorly (Bell's palsy) and been on steroids which have made me eat anything and everything.

Today I'm starting to feel much more in control (have finished the meds) so will 'restart' on Monday, to co-incide with going back to work after half term.

I know I've put on weight, and id guess its a lot by how tight my trousers are, but I'm not going to weigh as it'll upset me. Will just get myself back on track, and have a re-read of Briffa. smile

CrabbySmallerBottom Fri 01-Nov-13 09:29:22

And while we are on the subject... <<prepares to be the big-stick-wielding-monster seeing as BIWI seems to have gone all soft and kind this bootcamp>> wink

Whodunnit if you are still managing to eat your 'treats' and lose weight, then great, but the point about bootcamp is to break our addiction to sugar and sweet stuff, and that includes artificial sweeteners as they can provoke an insulin response, are artificial and processed, and take us away from the real food ethos that bootcamp is about. Stuff like atkins bars, diabetic jam, no sugar sweets etc really aren't helping you or anyone else.

As I said, I'm not throwing stones from a glass house - I've been eating fruit crumble every day and made yet another shallot tart yesterday - I must be single handedly creating a boom in the almond industry at the moment. hmm

CrabbySmallerBottom Fri 01-Nov-13 09:31:14

Oh JeSuis sorry to hear that. Are the palsy symptoms resolving now? Don't worry, all that steroid weight will drop off once you're back on bootcamp.

bigkidsdidit Fri 01-Nov-13 09:35:57

I agree crabby, also for me it reinforces the idea that treat = food, and even more that treat = sweet food. I've found it easier just to stop all that completely, and my cravings have entirely gone smile

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Fri 01-Nov-13 09:36:50

Crabby Yes , thank you. I had some horrid problems with my hearing on that side, which was worse than the droopy face. Also totally lost the ability to taste anything which I think contributed to my carby steroid twatness.

I have to have a brain scan tomorrow though, to see if anything there caused it, and I'm very scared!

toomuchicecream Fri 01-Nov-13 10:10:40

Thanks for the ice cream tip Maggie - next time I catch the train into town...

BIWI Fri 01-Nov-13 13:13:02

Soft and kind shock!

timidviper Fri 01-Nov-13 13:25:08

Hahahahaha at BIWI going soft! I'm sure the big stick is twitching as we speak! grin

You are absolutely right Crabby and not pissing on my parade at all, I agree with you. I tried the Waitrose bread just out of curiosity but decided that it is fairly pointless and not a good move. I agree we need to break our addiction to sweet and stodgy and am amazed at how much my tastes have changed since doing this.

ImATot I do wish I could read your name without singing the Tots TV song! Sorry to hear that you've been ill, hope you are better soon x

TheAwfulDaughter Fri 01-Nov-13 13:56:13

An inch has come off of my waist in three days of low carb (and two days before of smaller portions) shock it's insane how much water I must have been retaining and how easy it is to flush it out!

TheAwfulDaughter Fri 01-Nov-13 14:04:35

My disgusting acetone breath is kicking in now though. Better buy some sugar free him! Is that allowed?!

BIWI Fri 01-Nov-13 15:34:41

sugar free him?! grin

BIWI Fri 01-Nov-13 15:35:05

Drink plenty of water. Sugar-free gum is OK if only a temporary thing.

BIWI Fri 01-Nov-13 15:35:27
PinkPeanuts Fri 01-Nov-13 17:01:59

Am I allowed to sneak onto this thread? I had proclaimed that I was going to join in bootcamp in September but failed miserably at the first hurdle. Today is the first day that I've really been able to get myself on track, I'm feeling determined and motivated for the first time in forever! I'm just about to head to Tescos to stock up on some veggies and some seasonings for the abundance of meat/fish I've stocked up in the freezer. Any support would be graciously received!

TheAwfulDaughter Fri 01-Nov-13 18:35:21

Thanks BIWI- I kept my sugar free him to a minimum. On my last litre of water for the day now!

Hi pinkpeanuts! I have just snuck on too. Good luck!

whodunnit Fri 01-Nov-13 20:22:34

Sorry it was me and auntie maggie that started all this carby twattyness about bread and I know that it is not good and this sweet free junk is terrible and and not breaking any habits.

....but I did have a serious chocolate habit prior to this bootcamp (family pack of kit kat chunky hidden in the back of the cupboard, need to eat it all quick before anyone finds out, bag of crisps and chocolate bar on the seven minute commute home), so licking crisps and two sugar free sweets is amazingly strict for me. For me, that is. And has stopped me cheating at all. Not saying it will work for anyone else, but was trying to help autie maggie who was trying not to fall into major carby twattyness. God, I sound really bolshy, I am not, dear crabby, and your advice is completely right. Cheers, big ears;)

HumphreyCobbler Fri 01-Nov-13 20:31:18

I am on day five of no sugar. I realise I should be on the paleo eating thread really as that is what I am doing, but I love bootcamp because it changed my life - so I am shamelessly hanging out here with all you hardliners.

I have noticed that my hormonal/pregnancy related mood swings have disappeared today. Five days in and I feel like myself. For me that is the real benefit of this WOE, that it regulates my terrible and intrusive PMS. It is obviously working on my post natal hormones too.

I am all chilled and relaxed grin

daisychicken Fri 01-Nov-13 20:35:12

Crabby - does swede mash well? I tried celeriac for b&s as it's a fave family meal but it just wasn't 'right'!

I had chips this week - celeriac chips! Just has an urge for sausage and chips and you know what.... celeriac does a passable chip!

I haven't given up milk in tea either - I can't live without my tea! I only have a tiny splash though and hate it when other people make it too milky.

I hope the brain scan went ok Jesuis.

I've never really believed in the whoosh fairy but I think she's visited me - 2 lbs off this week so far and 2lbs off last week. I think its due to running around like a blue-arsed fly (I've been too busy to even MN for days!). But its satisfying to think that I've been burning off fat as I rushed around.

So hello to Awful and Pinkpeanuts : my sage advice is to really really stick to it. (and there are many delicious and satisfying foods and meals to enjoy while you stick to it). The reward is, I went clothes shopping yesterday (as I've shrunk out of so very many of my clothes) and it WASN'T horrifying to look in the changing room mirror! Imagine that!

Daisy yes - mash swede and chip celeriac, I think that's best too. To mash swede use plenty of butter, its harder work to mash than potato. No extra liquid required I find.

captainmummy Fri 01-Nov-13 22:32:20

welcome pinkpeanuts! Any questions, just ask.
Daisy - swede mashes really well;- lots of butter, and pepper!

Lily - how can you not believe in the whoosh fairy? If you don't beleive, she doesn't exist! <If you belive, she will come...>

CrabbySmallerBottom Fri 01-Nov-13 23:18:13

<<looks suspiciously at Whodunnit and wonders how she knows that I have huge ears...>> hmm grin

Well you can all laugh at me and kick me roundly up the arse now - I had spaghetti carbonara for dinner! shock My halo of smugness is currently round my ankles. blush It was that or a take away curry which would have involved naan bread and eating the leftovers tomorrow. hmm Various reasons for this, all of which are excuses for laziness, greed and poor planning. Red wine too. Oh well. grin

Lily mashed swede is lush and really did the trick when we got all celeriaced out after eating so much of it. Boil until it's tender and then mash it with loads of butter and even a little creme fraiche. DP does it with the hand masher, I like to do it with the stick blender. Ooh-er missus.

JeSuis I'm glad you're on the mend. Aren't most cases of Bell's Palsy idiopathic (ie without any obvious cause)? I expect yours is too and certainly hope your scan confirms that.

whodunnit Fri 01-Nov-13 23:57:18

Oh crabby... we willnow have to call you carbysmaller bottom!

PinkPeanuts Sat 02-Nov-13 00:31:07

Ah what a lovely welcome! Today I've eaten an unnatural amount of cheese but I figured that for Day 1, it was better to reach for cheese than chocolate as per my usual bad habits hmm

I had boiled Eggs, cheese and Pastrami for Dinner, Tuna Mayo for lunch and Sea Bass on a mountain of cabbage and leeks for dinner with lots of grazing on cheese for snacks. Only manages just over 1ltr of water today so i'll need a massive push on that tomorrow because my water intake generally has been shocking recently.

Onwards and upward!

captainmummy Sat 02-Nov-13 09:38:10

Look ok, Pinkpeanuts. But definitely get that water down you - there is a chart somewhere showing how much you should be drinking per day, according to your weight,, but from memory its not less than 2Ls.

daisychicken Sat 02-Nov-13 11:22:21

Thanks all, I'll get some swede this week to try. I've been making shepherds pie with celeriac 'mash' which was yummy & DH/DS's couldn't tell that it wasn't potato so am curious to know how swede will taste.

Those who are struggling without chocolate... get the highest cocoa content bars ie our lidl does 81% - because it's so rich and strong, you can have. 1-2 squares and feel satisfied.

KellyKapoor Sat 02-Nov-13 12:07:25

Hello! I am sneaking on the thread to ask some advice if that's OK! Maybe someone remembers me, I started bootcamp two weeks before you all and was bitching about Diet Coke being wrenched out of my cold, dead hands.

Welcome newbies! LilyAmaryllis is totally right - just stick to it. It will quickly become second nature, and the rewards are huge. Hope you're getting on OK.

Everyone's doing so incredibly, well done! I have now lost 21lbs since the end of August, in a relatively pain-free way, so thank you all so much for your help, support (I do lurk even if I don't post) and resources so so much. I was hovering around the 11 stone 5 mark for a long time, but I think the whoosh fairy has come - I be so happy if she comes back, I was getting pretty frustrated and would so love to be under 11 stone (started at 12 stone 8)

My real reason for posting is that for maybe the last week or so I have been feeling lightheaded quite often - especially when I stand up, even if I do so slowly, but often when I'm just sitting or standing doing normal activities. The only thing I can possibly think that I'm doing differently is low-carbing. Would this make sense? Could something be missing from my diet? I am eating a lot of fat and vegetables, and recently a possibly unhealthy amount of greek yogurt (oops).

Also, just as an aside, has anyone else lost weight but not gone down any sizes? I have definitely lost weight from my face (yay!) and my legs, but nowhere else particularly noticeable. It feels a bit like the opposite to what most people say, they see their body change but not the scales!

fitflopqueen Sat 02-Nov-13 12:47:06

I am still here, have posted weight weekly but not changed for 4 weeks - haven't done any exercise as driving my mum up and down the country to see ill relative (so don't drink enough) and very busy work wise.
Have 5 weeks to get my act together now before I go on holiday., now have a shitty cold and waiting for a gynae appointment too.

captainmummy Sat 02-Nov-13 12:54:16

Wow Kelly - a great weightloss! Well done.
Re lightheadedness; the only thing i can suggest is you up your potassium/electrolytes. If you are drinking lots, you are diluting your elecrtolytes. You need to keep your body-fluids in balance, and potassium is a mineral which can easily be too low. Try eating more spinach, avocado, fish; add lo-salt to meals if you like. You can get electrolytes from sports shops also.

Re the clothes sizes - others have reported that they can lose loads and still not go down a dress-size; mostly it's the larger sizes that seem to cater for a wider weight-span! Agree that in others, it's the measurements that reduce before the scales fall ; it's just one of those annoying things about our bodies.

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 02-Nov-13 13:44:08

Oh fucking hell, I have messed up and I didn't mean to.

In work today and my boss brings me breakfast. Told her I was low carbing and text her the night before saying 'no more croissants for me! But you enjoy yours!'

I get in today and she has made a me a little sausage salad, with the sausages done on the grill bless her. I am hungry so I wolf it down. They look plump and good quality.

By the third sausage I realise it tastes a bit rank. But I finish it. I query her asking what sausages they are, scared off hidden fillers and 2% meat content.


I have consumed 24.9g of carbs, I am scared I have been knocked out of ketosis. Feel worse than if I had made the conscious descision to have some biscuits with my tea.

How can I rectify this? I won't be able to eat again until about 9 tonight

sybilfaulty Sat 02-Nov-13 14:28:55

Daughter - bad luck on the sausages. All you can do is put it behind you and drink lots of water. I know how disappointing it is but it is a mere blip. Keep drinking drinking drinking til you can eat tonight, then go for a good supper with plenty of fat. These things happen and we are here for the long haul not a sprint smile

KellyKapoor Sat 02-Nov-13 14:59:21

Thanks, captainmummy. That's really useful to know about electrolytes - I have always drunk a lot of water but have stepped it up a notch. I also really dislike fish, so my potassium levels may be low - I'll go hard on the spinach!

It is interesting with clothes sizes. No doubt I would still be complaining if I had lost sizes but not pounds! I am 5'8, too, so I think might be comparing myself to those who are shorter so whose loses have a greater effect (well, that's what I'm telling myself).

Hi fitflopqueen - well done for staying the same during what sounds like a stressful period. Sorry you have a cold too, how rubbish - try and use it as an incentive to really step up the water intake, I always feel better when I'm ill if I'm very hyrdated! 5 weeks is a long time, definitely time to make real progress and look fantastic on holiday.

TheAwfulDaughter - that is annoying! Lovely of your boss, but still very annoying. Like sybil says, you can really only put it behind you. I have found it very hard at times when I don't have control over my own food, but again as sybil says we are in it for the long haul and having such slip-ups, which will inevitably happen if you ever leave the house, have helped me adjust to this as a long-term plan and attitude rather than just giving up.

When I was angry at myself for eating some ice cream that someone had the AUDACITY to bring into my house and, um, force-feed me, someone on here mentioned the car metaphor - if your car windscreen got a crack in it, you wouldn't think "oh, fuck it" and smash the rest with a baseball bat. So don't use this as an excuse to eat lots of other stuff. This helped me not throw in the towel whenever I slipped up!

Drink lots of water today, do some exercise if you think it might make you feel better, and then make sure you have a lovely low-carb meal plan for tomorrow. It is only a tiny blip, and learning to deal with it will help you in the long run.

Hope you are having a good day otherwise!

KellyKapoor Sat 02-Nov-13 15:03:49

Woah, sorry for the essay. I do, in fact, have actual essays to write and this seems like a worthwhile distraction!

PinkPeanuts Sat 02-Nov-13 17:47:45

Hello All,

Sorry about your blip AwfulDaughter that must be so frustrating but at least it wasn't an intentional slip based on a craving IYSWIM? I'm sure you'll be able to push past it.

My day has been good so far and I thought I would struggle being day two! I had a monster omelette made with 3 eggs, double cream, cheddar and spring onions for breakfast with a little bit of avocado on the side. Lunch was grilled Lamb chops and salad, not too sure what's on the menu for dinner but I suspect it will be prawns with steamed veg.

I've been trawling through tons of blogs and Instagram pages researching the benefits of HFLC eating and I think I'm finally aware of what my problem is generally, I seem to have some kind of sugar addiction methinks. I feel soooo much better when I cut it out of my diet but unless I cut it out for a minimum of 6 weeks straight, I'm always going to give into the craving. I thought my addiction was chocolate but the more I think about it, I'm certain it's sugar. Has anybody else had a similar revaluation or is it just me?

AuntieMaggie Sat 02-Nov-13 17:59:34

Sorry about the treat talk but for me its better to have things I can turn to instead of DPs homemade bread or other carby stuff he has and I'm not talking about having it everyday. My tastes have changed massively and I never really had a sweet tooth anyway (apart from fruit) but actually with xmas coming (and other shitty stuff) work is going to be filled with loads of carby stuff so i think it will be better for me to have alternatives to hand.

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 02-Nov-13 18:37:45

Thanks all. At least I've resisted the chocolate fingers that have been in front of me all day. Drank my two litres too. Will have a few more hot drinks- I'm still using sweetener and have no intention of stopping it. My sweet craving is draining away even with me using aspateme so I am not to worried about it making me want to eat more crap. Will try and drink a pint before bed too. Going to weigh myself tomorrow after what will only be 4 proper days of low carb, more to just take a recent weight for the 20lbs before Christmas thread that weigh in. Doubt I'll see any weight loss, especially after shitsausagegate

BIWI Sat 02-Nov-13 18:39:34

PinkPeanuts - but chocolate is sugar! You are addicted to carbs. Your body treats all carbs as sugar.

Have you looked at the spreadsheet and all the resources there? There are some brilliant blogs/websites and videos there about low carbing.

PinkPeanuts Sat 02-Nov-13 18:59:07

BIWI what I mean is that I previously thought was that my problem was chocolate in isolation where as now I realise that it's sugar/generally. Giving up bread, rice, potatoes etc is never as difficult for me as giving up the sweet treats is so think the addiction stems from fructose etc.

do you mean the sweet taste pinkpeanuts? it's sort of natural for us to enjoy that particularly, because sweetness is usually an indication that a food isn't poisonous. we also have all sorts of cultural associations with sweet flavours - celebration, comfort, rounding off a meal, avoiding boredom, etc - which make it hard to break habits

PinkPeanuts Sat 02-Nov-13 19:32:09

Well this is it Willie I question whether it's the sweet taste or I assume I would just be happy to get my sweet fix from fruit like a lot of people I know do but I always seem to reach for the artificial fructose filled crap. You're definitely right about the habits, particularly rounding off a meal and comfort. Chocolate has always been my vice in those instances. Having said that, my determination level is definitely engaged at the moment because I haven't had a craving for it in the past two days whereas it's usually an every day craving for me.

whodunnit Sat 02-Nov-13 20:55:25

Hello Kelly. I've also been feeling whoozy standing up for the last couple of days. will follow the advice about solving that. And I have lost weight on mylegs. I noticed today that I could easily bob down on my heels (like an indian tailor) which I had not been able to do for years. This losing weight is so satissfying - regaining things you never even really realised you had lost. Easy leg crossing, arm folding, squatting, stroking my chinbones rather than my triple chin. It is fab.

BIWI - does the body really treat all carbs the same? Is a gram of pure white sugar the same as a gram of white flour or other carb? I somehow thought that sugar would be more harmful than the rest. interesting.

BIWI Sat 02-Nov-13 20:58:43

No the body treats it all as sugar.

BIWI Sat 02-Nov-13 21:01:42
VikingLady Sat 02-Nov-13 21:14:14

Right. A new beginning again this week. I visit the MIL from hell tomorrow, who will create an appalling row if I don't eat the carby, badly cooked crap she dollops onto our plates, but I will try not to drink my body weight in wine when I get home. Damage limitation!

The plan for Monday: Weight myself, then buy loads of fatty meat off the market, pick up some veg, get parmesan for crackers/almond shortbread stuff (snacks are a major downfall for me) and no chocolate at all

I promise.

BIWI Sat 02-Nov-13 21:55:36

Oooh - VikingLady - you've written that down in ink so you have to stick to it! grin

VikingLady Sun 03-Nov-13 00:30:09

I may not stick to the wine part!

keeponkeepinon Sun 03-Nov-13 13:02:59

Hello all, I disappeared for a week away (being a total CT blush). I fully expect to be back up to my start weight tomorrow morning I have been having so much crap. Planning on getting strict now in the run up to Christmas though. I feel I need a bit of inspiration on the food front - got a sickness bug and feeding a family and I don't have much energy for planning - I hate that part of the week - trying to think of stuff that suits the plan but that the children will enjoy too.
I've just lost motivation a bit - perhaps because I am not too well. I even started considering paying for the Tesco diets little black dress for a Christmas kickstart - I may be losing my way a little!

BIWI Sun 03-Nov-13 13:05:48

Yep - last two weeks of Bootcamp coming up.

Shall we all aim to make them strict ones?

Lighthousekeeping Sun 03-Nov-13 13:06:42

Failed miserably after week 2. I'm going on holiday in three weeks. I need a kick start.

toomuchicecream Sun 03-Nov-13 13:36:11

I always aim to make it a strict one....

(It's the reality that doesn't quite match up)

Come on Keepon and Lighthouse you can do it Ra Ra Ra!

You don't have to eat the same as your kids (I usually don't) but if you really want to, here's some ideas:

- cauliflower cheese
- sausages (plus mash for them (swede mash for you))
- fish pie (without the topping for you)
- bolognaise (with spaghetti for them; with veg for you)
- scrambled egg (on toast for them; with fried mushrooms for you)

Pinkpeanuts I am so DEFINITELY a carb addict. That was a revelation for me, I used to miserably think: "I'm addicted to food, I just can't stop stuffing my face. But I can't cut food out of my life, like an alcoholic stops drinking or a drug addict goes cold turkey." So yes, it was a massive revelation for me that this frantic relationship with food was actually an addiction to carbs. And they are really very addictive!! I think now I have quite a normal relationship to the food I eat, as long as I stick to non-carby stuff.

timidviper Sun 03-Nov-13 14:42:17

Pinkpeanuts I had spent years wondering why I ate, was it emotion, boredom, anger, etc or was it just greed? I kept expecting to find an answer which was the missing piece of a jigsaw that would solve all my problems. I never found that miracle cure but changing the way I ate made me realise that it was an addiction to carbs.

I spent years eating what I thought was a healthy diet involving low fat processed chemicals, fruit, pasta, etc and getting fatter and fatter, only to realise that I was doing the exact opposite of being healthy. I'm still not out of the woods, I'm like an alcoholic who still has occasional binges and knows I will always have the potential to relapse but I am more in control now than I have ever been before.

BIWI Sun 03-Nov-13 15:49:55
bigkidsdidit Sun 03-Nov-13 20:17:39

I was doing so well this week, just tried to make oopsie rolls with smoked salmon for dinner and I didn't get the whites stiff enough and it is inedible. Add to post bath and bed tiredness and I've just had a big glass of wine and a very large chunk of montezuma 73% cocoa chocolate blush. At least it wasn't bread - just made a loaf in the bread maker for the DC this week and I'm proud I resisted that!

I'm up for two perfect weeks to finish!

keeponkeepinon Sun 03-Nov-13 20:35:47

Two perfect weeks please!
I'll be carrying on with this woe beyond then I know its healthy, I just need to get a couple of weeks worth of really good meal plans that I can keep using. I need things to be kept simple!

timidviper Sun 03-Nov-13 20:49:10

I have just had roast chicken, celeriac dauphinoise, green beans and broccoli for tea - yummy!
Unfortunately my plan was also to make a rosti of kohlrabi which went wrong in a horrible repeat of the prawn bhaji / oily fishy porridge debacle. Can you all please remind me never to make again anything that calls itself a fritter, rosti or bhaji? smile

whodunnit Sun 03-Nov-13 22:09:38

Yes- let's have a strict last two weeks. Not quite fast fat or uber but f'ing close......


sybilfaulty Sun 03-Nov-13 22:24:39

Fallen off wagon. Mini rolls. Being tired is a killer.

Am up for a proper push for the last two weeks. BIWI, hope your stick is at the ready!

Good luck with the strict fortnight, everyone! My few lapses/cheats of the last 6 months have all been due to work events/ travelling for work/ eating out for work. Weds - Friday next week brings a 2-and-a-half day work trip for me, where I am in the hands of catering by other people etc, so I can't promise anything! But I will do my best. (previous trips have seen me scraping quiche fillings off their bases, etc...)

PinkPeanuts Sun 03-Nov-13 22:52:51

Well done LilyAmaryllis' that's exactly what I'm striving for, a normal relationship with food. I think I'm a lot closer to it than I have been in the past but I'm not there yet.

timidviper me too! It took me a while to reprogram my brain into understanding what a healthy diet is. I stay away from anything that professes to be Low Fat or that is loaded with wheat etc. I always have this voice in the back of my head reminding me that fat is not the enemy, sugar is and most things professing to be low fat have sugar hidden in there somewhere.

BIWI Mon 04-Nov-13 07:43:55

pinkpeanuts - i was actually including fruit among the sweet things in my previous post. it's high sugar, it tastes sweet, and is full of fructose!

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