Week 1 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp

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BIWI Sun 08-Sep-13 23:17:14

So here we are! Over 160 of us signed up!

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for you to enter your first weight

If you aren't on the list for any reason, just go to the bottom of the list and add your name - the lovely Willie will sort out the alphabetisation later.

From experience of previous Bootcamps, the chat thread can move very quickly! So, if you have a specific or particular question, please post it on the questions thread I will do my best to check it as often as I can, as will other seasoned Bootcampers.

If you have a really burning issue, please feel free to PM me and I will do my very best to help you as soon as possible.

And if you're looking for inspiration for things to cook, here's the recipe thread

Here is a brief reminder of the rules:

We do not eat any of the following during Bootcamp:


And here are the ten rules of Bootcamp:

1. You must eat breakfast.
2. Avoid processed food
3. Eat lots of fat
4. Make sure you are eating vegetables and salads with your food
5. Be careful about dairy (apart from butter, which is unlimited)
6. You must drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day
7. No alcohol
8. No fruit
9. No nuts/seeds
10. No sugar or artificial sweeteners

More detail/explanation of these rules is on the spreadsheet – look at the tabs at the bottom.

One final word from me – the disclaimer! I am not a doctor, a scientist, a dietician nor a nutritionist. The advice that is given here is based on my own experience of low carbing, as well as the reading I have been doing over the last few years.

If you have a medical condition, or you are taking long term medication, please take advice from your GP/consultant before starting to low carb.

Good luck everyone!

CrabbyBigBottom Sun 08-Sep-13 23:29:06

Ooh do I get to be first on the thread after guru-BIWI?? grin

I confess... i have spent the last week being a massively carby twat. I need bootcamp, man, and I need it bad... grin

ZingWantsCake Sun 08-Sep-13 23:32:07

marking place with a ♣ (broccoli)

ZingWantsCake Sun 08-Sep-13 23:39:06

I said ♣

much bettergrin

BIWI Sun 08-Sep-13 23:58:26

I've just finished the last of my rum, in preparation for an alcohol-free week!

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 00:22:51

Crabby - you got in there quickly!

For some terrible reason this evening - after 4 days of perfect low carbing- I had a very very large slice of chocolate cake and a beer! I don't even drink beer normally and they don't even go together. I think my brain/body must have planned one last carby hurrah before the discipline of bootcamp that is so needed.

So glad it has come around even though very sad that I will not get to try BIWI's recommended rum for weeks

Zing Brilliant broccoli sign!

CheeseAndFriedMushrooms Mon 09-Sep-13 00:27:33

Actually looking forward to it, have been a right carby and fatty piggy the last couple of days so ready to get slim again!

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Mon 09-Sep-13 01:06:28

160 - fecking hell. That's without us 'spreadsheet refusniks'!!

I think you are going to need a secret rum supply BIWI!! & whatever the hell Willie drinks!

We might need a new thread every day, let alone every week!

CarefullyDoesIt Mon 09-Sep-13 05:15:14

Good morning! Ready to go and looking forward to getting back on track smile long, indulgent summer and time to reign it in. Please can someone record my weight 177 as my iPad is sulking this morning - thanks.

First weigh-in goes into column C chaps

Good luck for this week!

Carefullydoesit I will add when I get into the office later

aftermay Mon 09-Sep-13 05:56:36

I'm going to get weighed and have my first glass of water. Good luck everyone. Here we go!

hazchem Mon 09-Sep-13 06:03:46

Thanks for the amazing spreadsheet Willie

And thanks BIWI for getting this started

I've weighed in. I'm pretty gutted at my starting weight as over the last 12 months I've managed gain about 20 kilos but I got dressed put on make up and did my hair and feel a bit better.

Are we listing our food here ?
B: 2 Frattinnis (mini frattatas)
L: 3 1/2 Frattinnis, 3 roast beef rolls with cream cheese, lettuce boats with cream cheese (and butter)
S: Feta cheese and 3 roast beef rolls with cream cheese.

Dsadwill be) baked chicken legs with salad.

Looking at that now I don't think I've realised how much cheese I eat! Which might go some way to explaining the 20 kilos I've put on.

I also realised I snack to avoid doing things so will need to work on this in the next few weeks

hazchem Mon 09-Sep-13 06:04:19

Opps not sure where the sad face came from!

doradoo Mon 09-Sep-13 06:08:31

Good morning all - raring to go I hope grin - anyway 160 of us - here's to a tonne of lost weight........

Checking in
Long time boot camper here but put on 2lbs this weekend after complete binge weekend.
After a summer of holidaying here there and everywhere where I managed to maintain I'm a bit disappointed in myself so this has come at the right time before heading on the slippery slope

Welcome all!!

Cocoaone Mon 09-Sep-13 06:19:58

Eurgh - it was still dark when I woke up. Hello Autumn!

Have weighed and logged - and was pleasantly surprised to see a number a couple of pounds lower than I though especially as I ate ALL the carbs this weekend

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Mon 09-Sep-13 06:26:17

Im in - even got up a little earlier today so i'd have time to weigh, and add it to the spreadsheet before work. Hoping bootcamp will push me past a plateau.

Good luck everyone!

sybilfaulty Mon 09-Sep-13 06:50:35

Morning campers.

Hope you are all well. Here's to a good week. Off to shower and weigh now (ouch!)

Thanks for the leadership, BIWI, and to Willie for the spreadsheet.

toomuchicecream Mon 09-Sep-13 06:53:03

Tuna mayo and lettuce for breakfast anyone? I'm off the starting line now, despite my failure to get to Sainsburys before it shut yesterday. Large but slightly random carrier bag of low carb foods from back of fridge/freezer next to me ready for the day.

CorrieDale Mon 09-Sep-13 07:01:28

I wondered if the spreadsheet would magically appear today and lo! There it is! Thanks BIWI and Willie. You are saints with sticks!

neveronsunday Mon 09-Sep-13 07:07:13

I did the Wolf Run on Saturday. Every part of my body hurts.

This means this weekend I have eaten with impunity but ready for some bootcamp now.

Eggs for breakfast.

sybilfaulty Mon 09-Sep-13 07:10:19

Done. And OMG. I need this bootcamp really badly!

cathyandclaire Mon 09-Sep-13 07:11:50

Long term low-carber and short term sinner signing in. 5 lb up from last bootcamp, so hoping to lose that and maybe a couple more.
Already had a litre of water to wash away the carby bloat <sea salt chocolate and curry takeaway I'm looking sternly at you>
B: bacon and mushrooms
L: leek frittata
S: Spag bog, with cabbage instead of spag
Thanks BIWI and Willie
Good luck all smile

bigkidsdidit Mon 09-Sep-13 07:16:19

Morning. Will add myself to ss later when I can go on ten laptop rather than my phone. Weighing myself was a big shock!

cathyandclaire Mon 09-Sep-13 07:20:30

Ahhhh...have just seen my name got lost off list somewhere around page 5 and I didn't even notice because I've been avoiding all the low-carb threads and eating carby crap
Can I add myself willie, or will I cause damage to spreadsheet <hopeless emoticon>

charlie7 Mon 09-Sep-13 07:28:07

I've done mine on the spreadsheet! Thank you for organising. I will try and keep up with the thread but it's hard on my phone as I have to scroll through whole thread each time confused and I rarely get on the laptop. However, I'm up for this and ready to start! I've discovered that Creme fraiche is very low in carbs and I can actually eat it on it's own (can't usually stomach much for breakfast) so i will having that and maybe an avocado.

Lidlmoose Mon 09-Sep-13 07:31:44

Just weighed myself and I cant believe it sad first day of TOM today as well. Looking forward to getting started and all of the lovely support here.

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 07:32:06

Good morning one and all!! smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Hugecupcake Mon 09-Sep-13 07:35:49

Here goes then!

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 07:42:59

It's like the first day back at school, isn't it?! grin

SteppingOnLego Mon 09-Sep-13 07:48:15

OK I'm on the spreadsheet and ready to go! Had 2 glasses of water already (always find it hard to drink enough).

B: scrambled eggs
L: homemade veg soup (LC veg) and tuna mayo
D: chicken casserole and mashed swede
Maybe a bit of cheese as a snack

Worst part is going to be avoiding milk, normally drink lots of coffee at work - any ideas for a substitute?

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 07:54:09

Weighed myself shock shock blush

Off to shamefully add myself to the spreadsheet....

sorry i missed you cathy - you're in there now

neveronsunday - how did your wolf run go? i am very tempted, but also terrified at the idea!

BlackAffronted Mon 09-Sep-13 08:07:19

Just had my eggs & bacon smile

Lost 2 stone in the Jan bootcamp.

Have gone up & down teh same 10lbs ever since sad not doing it properly.

I am 100% committed to this Bootcamp!

Morning all, weighed this morning, entered onto spreadsheet. I've been trying to low carb for 2 weeks already and have lost 9lb so far. Very happy bunny smile

Roobot Mon 09-Sep-13 08:22:12

Oh. My. Christ.
This could not come at a better time. I will enter my start weight when i get in this PM. Don't be confused... it isn't my phone number

Jelly15 Mon 09-Sep-13 08:23:48

Good morning. I have been low carbing for a few months and have lost over two stone. Really excited to join my first Bootcamp. Thank you BIWI for organizing it and your helpful advice on my posts about this WOE.

StuntNun Mon 09-Sep-13 08:25:11

I have gained a pound since my last weigh in so I have 10 lb to go to reach my pre-first-pregnancy weight. DH wants to lose around 18 lb but he doesn't like weighing himself so he's going on the way his clothes fit instead. I shed 20 lb on the last Bootcamp but from what I hear it gets a lot harder the closer you get to your ideal weight.

Yesterday (last day of Bootcamp Light for a while)
B: Greek yoghurt, double cream and strawberries
L: bacon and mushrooms fried in butter
D: roast chicken, one potato, roasted broccoli and more mushrooms and a glass of wine
So I have to say goodbye to the strawbs, spud and wine for a while.

bettybigballs Mon 09-Sep-13 08:37:10

Checking in for day one, will pop weight in when I get to work.

B: chicken and mayo (random but tasty)
L: stuffed marrow leftovers with buttered cabbage
D: cod in butter with Parma ham.

Off we go!

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 08:44:18

MsIngaFewmarbles - brilliant start! flowers

Just prepare yourself for the fact that it's very common to see little or no weight loss in weeks 3 and 4 or 4 and 5. Don't panic! Just keep going, and the weight will start to shift again.

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 08:47:10

Think I will be blush shame-faced on the Spreadsheet too. Having been really good all year with only a little bit of carb creep for short periods, over the weekend I fell face first in to grotty carbs like Whispa that was bought for me yesterday blush. I also had already any water to drink.

Still, at least it means that the results of this Boot Camp should be good as it starts from a higher base grin

tigerchair Mon 09-Sep-13 08:54:02

Hi everyone smile

Feels great to start low carbing properly again at bootcamp , thanks BIWI.

Have weighed and taken measurements. Sometimes I lose inches on this WOE before the scales budge.

Breakfast - eggs and butter, ham
Lunch - chicken and mayo salad
Dinner - salmon and buttered veg
Lots of water and green tea

Good luck everyone, hope you all have a great LC day smile

MonstersDontCry Mon 09-Sep-13 08:59:54

I haven't put my name on the spreadsheet because I'm not really wanting to lose weight. I just want to be healthier and stop the constant snacking! I hope that's okay.

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 09-Sep-13 09:00:18

Thank you BIWI and Willie for this great thread! I followed the previous bootcamp with a newborn in arms, and I am now ready to shift the last baby weight to get to my pre-two babies (one after another) weight.

Have been doing bootcamp light for a couple of weeks, lost about 5 lbs (am doing weight training too, so body shrinking quickly in size!), and have about 10-12 lbs to go. I am REALLY excited to officially take part in the boot camp!

Breakfast: boiled egg and smoked salmon with super shoots (lovely), and a coffee with coconut oil (great tip that came from somebody on these threads -really keeps me full till lunch!)

Ouch at early morning weigh in result. Big ouch.

But am here ready to go for it.

Willie - you are a star with that spreadsheet. 160! I wonder what the total amount of weight lost will be?

Currently sitting eating breakfast - pot of M&S cheese and mayo sandwich filler. Without the sandwich obviously! I find little pots of that or egg mayo etc quite handy for a quick breakfast. It's also nice spread on slices of ham and rolled up.

Off to trawl through my posts on the summer bootcamp thread to remind myself of what I was eating and the recipe thread. Very autumn-like here so comfort food wanted. Might make cauliflower soup for lunch and beef stroganoff for dinner.

Drinking my second proper cuppa of the morning but will start on the water soon and switch to decaf tea later.

Oh - I also have an embarrassing confession to make which will give you all a giggle. Went to the loo in the night and while wiping afterwards somehow managed to scratch myself quite badly. It bled. And now stings like buggery and bleeds again whenever I pee! The water intake will mean I go more often today too so not looking forward to that! I have no idea how I did it. blush

Mouseface Mon 09-Sep-13 09:13:19

Morning Campers! smile

I was on the original list but I wasn't on this new liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssttttttttttt, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!sad

<sobs and whales like a toddler> grin

I've lost 10lbs and feel fantastic.

Just off to physio and then popping into town.

B - hard boiled egg and cold low carb sausage with a blob of ff mayo smile

L - roasted ham salad and dressing, will choose one from the list from the fabulous SS.

D - something with chicken and veg fried in butter and black pepper...

S - not sure yet.

Good luck everyone smile xxx

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 09-Sep-13 09:16:19

Well after my last bootcamping I got down to 11st 3lb by 23/07/13 before relaxing the rules a bit, put on 3lbs in the following week (replenishing glycogen stores probably) and then didn't weigh again for over a month, having decided to relax a bit during August. I wasn't being silly about it at this point and was still eating mainly low carb but with some low GI and the odd treat thrown in. I expected to have put on loads but when I weighed on 26/08/13 I'd only gained 1lb!! I must admit that did send me into a completely carby demented fortnight, especially having been down to Cornwall for a few days as well; there have been cream teas, ice cream, dumplings, shock bread, pasta, cake, the works. blush blush I don't know why I felt the need to go quite so over the bloody top, I'm sure, but there you go. hmm

Anyway, I'm astonished to discover on the scales this morning that my excesses have only resulted in another 2lbs on! shock I feel sooooooo bloated and sluggish though and I look really thick waisted again.

I've also been drinking too much, so I'm rather looking forward to getting healthy again. We're visiting friends next weekend though so I'm going to have to have a planned cheat for that (they're veggie and I don't feel right asking her to invent something low carb).

So my starting weight is 11st 9lb and I want to lose a bit over a stone - 10st 5lb would be a BMI of 22 for me but I'm not sure I want to go quite that low as my large breasts may bear a resemblance to my spaniel's ears! grin

Poppy162428 Mon 09-Sep-13 09:17:24

Hi I'm a newbie, weighed and added. Totally up for this as baptism for baby #3 is in November!

Finbar Mon 09-Sep-13 09:17:59

HI everyone - just checking in and off to add my first weigh in to the sheet.
Had a BAD weekend but this is where it all gets back on track!
Good luck to everyone!

ohforfoxsake Mon 09-Sep-13 09:23:00

Just marking a place to come back to later.

I started last Monday and have seen a 5.5 pound loss, plus I feel so much better already. It's really helping that DH is doing it too, although its much harder for him because of work.

I'm relying on my Pig to Twig recipe book - made a batch of muffins and they were great.

Looking forward to catching up and adding myself to the list. smile

CJCregg Mon 09-Sep-13 09:27:19

Checking in - I have also been a Massive Carby Twat™ since DD's birthday in mid-August, when I started eating cake and set off a hideous binge.

I'm too scared and ashamed to weigh myself blush

janmoomoo Mon 09-Sep-13 09:41:51

CJ Loving Massive Carby Twat - but don't think you can trademark it as I also lay claim to that title!! wink

However I have started bootcamp a bit early and not lost too much weight yet but I feel loads better, and the main thing is I really have stopped thinking about carbs all the time. Appetite is under control. Just need to keep going......

Pagwatch Mon 09-Sep-13 09:43:04

I am a newbie here at boot camp.
I have been eating like a fool for all sorts of reaons and I need to get a handle on it - i feel sluggish and dull.So this thread is a blessing for me.

Walked DD to school. Just out picking up some supplies.


I've bought some scales! So I can do this properly. I was really REALLY happy to find I weigh 12 stone 8lb. (Thanks to the bootcamp way of eating since last May)

I can't remember being under 13 stone for years. Not that I've dared look for years... So any newbies amongst the 160 bootcampers - stick with it, you will really lose weight!

Onwards and downwards! I do have a tricky few days ahead... family birthday today and then 2 days away for work, including a 6.25am train journey. A packed breakfast will be required I think!! But no idea what I will find to eat for the rest of the 2-day trip.

thenightsky Mon 09-Sep-13 09:45:35

My starting weight is 146. I want to be 135.

I've been falling into vats of carbs for the last six weeks. Desserts, biscuits, wine, wine, wine.

I'm here, but I'm not spreadsheeting this time round, 'cos I've found that a weekly weigh-in is counterproductive for me - I start to obsess about weight loss and food. I had a month off after my first year of low carbing ended in August, but re-committed 8 days ago and am back in the groove. Yesterday it was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, some cold roast pork and camembert for lunch, and lamb medallions with green beans and bacon for dinner, followed by home made low carb strawberry cheesecake smile

Just about to have 2 fried duck eggs and some bacon for (a late) breakfast - planning a chicken curry for dinner, lunch will be cheese and meat nibbles again. Am off the alcohol for the foreseeable future!

googoogoggles Mon 09-Sep-13 09:55:07

Hi everyone!
I'm similar weight to you Lily, 12 st 6 or 12st 7 this am (petulant scales) and would love to shift at least a stone this bootcamp. Recently back from holiday feel clogged up/bloaty after far too much wine/carby breakfasts etc so Glad glad glad to have support/motivation from BIWI and everyone posting on here! We can do this!

PrimalLass Mon 09-Sep-13 10:04:30

I'm in and have recorded my weight. I'd like to lose 1-1.5 stones by Christmas.
B: 2 x coffee, scrambled eggs
L: peppered mackerel and salad leaves
D: roast pork, griddled courgettes and salad.

couch25cakes Mon 09-Sep-13 10:11:08

I'm back grin, and looking forward to getting started. I've done a major cook-up and so have heaps of food ready in the freezer. Work has blocked the spreadsheet so I'll look tonight and add my starting point.

Today: 2 glasses of water so far,
B:scrambled eggs with butter and a splash of cream
L: salad with ham and philly rolls
D: beef stew with cauliflower and brocolli

I'll need to add some fat somewhere, but forgot to bring in my salad dressing to work.

Hoping everyone has a good day.

loopyloou Mon 09-Sep-13 10:14:41

I've entered my weight on the spreadsheet, slightly up from last week due to totm. I'm hoping to lose 15 lbs.

Egg mayo with mushrooms fried in butter for breakfast, lunch will be cold left over roast chicken with salad with home made dressing and home made mayo and possible a couple of small slices of Brie, dinner will probably be chicken curry with cauliflower or something. Maybe a snack of "Posh" pork scratchings!

Thanks BIWI and Willie for spreadsheet/advice/encouragement smile

Twit Mon 09-Sep-13 10:15:37

Morning all, hope everyone is ok?
Could some one put me on the spreadsheet please as my iPad doesn't want to sad? (152)
For breakfast I have had a hard boiled egg with mayo, a black farmer sausage and water. I am now having a decaf coffee with cream.
Lunch will be a couple of pork belly things with buttery spinach
Tea will be bolognese with fried courgette wedges and big mushroom filled with soft cheese. (Pasta for the family)

obrigada Mon 09-Sep-13 10:15:41

Morning, I won't be weighing till tomorrow evening but at last weigh in (2 weeks ago), I weighed in at 13st so I expect it to be in or around that weight. Am going to take my measurements this evening so hoping to see some movement there over the next couple of weeks.
Good luck everyonesmile

QueenQueenie Mon 09-Sep-13 10:16:16

marking my place.... onwards and downwards bootcampers!

Cherrypi Mon 09-Sep-13 10:26:43

Morning everyone. Happy to be on my first official bootcamp. Had scrambled egg, salmon and avocado for breakfast fried in butter. I was going to use coconut oil but couldn't get the lid off. Off to Asda for a big low carb shop. 2 glasses of water drunk only 10 to go.

DwightFry Mon 09-Sep-13 10:30:00

Morning all! Onwards and downwards indeed. I started being serious about low carbing on Thursday at 145.5 and this morning I'm 141.25! Delighted with this progress, as it means several days of herbal teas (yuk) and water to drink and trying really hard to ignore the chocolate biscuits have payed off.

B: scrambled egg with 1oz mozarella, mushrooms and butter, coffee with cream.
L: left over cauliflower cheese and green salad
D: pan fried chicken in butter with courgettes & broccoli.

A little bit dairy heavy, but need to get it all out of the way!
Off for some water now.

Silly qu'n: I know real coffee can't count for hydration, but what about decaff?

BeattieBow Mon 09-Sep-13 10:31:04

have added myself to the spreadsheet. I'm around the same as I was at the end of the last bootcamp, but have put on a few pounds over the summer (mostly in the last 2 weeks on holiday in Italy). I hope to lose a stone by christmas, but would be happy with half a stone as that would take me to my lightest as an adult.

I also need to exercise really too. (or at least sort my stomach out).

Like several of ou I made the mistake od weighing a week ago and as I'd been relatively good all summer (with the odd bit of carb creep) and weighed way less than expected I also had a carb binge this weekend.

Still I'm not that much heavier but my clothes feel tighter and more bloated.

Food today will be B- Lidl yogurt, L Broccoli cauliflower and Stilton soup (with cream) and D- Leek and mushrooms with smoked salmon in a creamy sauce.

I'm going to make my lunch early and reheat as If i leave it too late I start snacking.

Oh and this thread has just reminded me I need to up my water intake (first glass of the day blush oops)

Good Luck everyone I can't wait to get going.

Beattie have you tried shreding (really good for core muscles) I think I'm going to start that next week.

Hey everyone! I have been a carb monster since the last boot camp shock blush it's 8 weeks until my wedding so I want to lose about half a stone - I'd better not lose much more than that or my dress won't fit! Shouldn't be a problem as I do seem to lose weight quite slowly on this woe.
I've had a bulletproof coffee this morning, I must eat something soon I guess - I don't really feel like it as DS started school today so I've been sobbing all morning sad
Good luck everyone - don't be a sugary twat!

Ilisten2theradio Mon 09-Sep-13 10:57:30

Ok, so having started last week, I am really disgusted at the lack of weight loss this morning. I know what it is and am cross with myself.
I went go-karting on Saturday night and had a really bad crash blush and have either badly bruised or cracked my rib, so having had a couple of nurofen, I ended up in the pub with everyone and had a couple of drinks to further try and help numb the pain. Well I put back on 2 of those 3lb I had lost up until then. Gutted! sad and sore!
So let this be a lesson to you all, don't indulge in alcohol for the first few weeks learnt at my expense

silverangel Mon 09-Sep-13 11:02:45

Morning all

Will update my weight later when I can open the spreadsheet. Have been doing it by myself for the last couple of weeks and was 10lb down but had a blow out at the weekend which put on 3lb...

Posting my meals as i think it helps me keep on track:

Bfast - frittata type thing with 2 eggs, grated cheddar, chorizo and chilli
Lunch - left over keema (spicy mince) with a bit of buttered cabbage
Snack - babybel
Dinner - mozarella and bacon salad

Gallons of water

HighJinx Mon 09-Sep-13 11:22:45

I'm another bootcamp newbie.
I have been half heartedly low carbing for a while with Paleo/Primal but I wasn't getting on brilliantly with it but I started BIWI's bootcamp on Saturday and am finding it much better. I feel less bloated already.

timidviper Mon 09-Sep-13 11:35:12

Morning all! Just to give a bit of a boost to those of you just starting out and as apprehensive as I was.

I began this exactly a year ago and am now almost 3 stone lighter grin I still have more than that much still to go blush but, after years of yoyo dieting and failure with the likes of WW,SW, etc, I feel positive that I am learning to eat healthily and address the issues that all those years have left me with.

Just one piece of advice READ THE INFO ON THE SPREADSHEET AND TABS CAREFULLY. A lot of the times I have struggled, and seen others struggle, it has been easily understood and solved using that info.

Good luck everyone!

Twit Mon 09-Sep-13 11:37:05

Thank you whoever added my weight grin

timidviper Mon 09-Sep-13 11:41:56

By the way, I don't know if anyone has pointed this out for any newbies or lurkers who may be worried by the spreadsheet.

Some of us (ahem) larger ladies are not comfortable putting our actual weight on the sheet, especially if you think anyone may know you in real life. We put our starting weight on as 100 and count down from there. Just let Willie know you are doing that so she doesn't think you are a teeny-tiny person losing large percentages of your body weight!

dementedma Mon 09-Sep-13 12:12:52

checking in as newbie here.
Have already committed cardinal sin of missing breakfast sad
However, had two big glasses of water so far and am just having a prawn saled with lettuce, spinach and grated carrot.
Going to take a bit of getting used to but I'm up for it

milliemoomay Mon 09-Sep-13 12:27:55

Brilliant - so pleased to be starting. Had a tricky weekend - not really carby but knowing that I was starting Bootcamp, I did gorge on fruit and wine.. berries, peaches and oranges.

This WOE really does suit my lifestyle, except for not eating fruit, which I love.

Good luck to us all. Have entered my weight in the spreadsheet. Hope to lose 7lbs at the very least.

milliemoomay Mon 09-Sep-13 12:35:20

oops.. *on the spreadsheet

jammietart Mon 09-Sep-13 12:36:50

hi I've added myself to the spreadsheet (which is a work of art!). I actually started last monday and lost 4lbs and feel so much better for it. Would like to loose a further 10lbs so we shall see.

Hi all, just added myself to the list. Feeling motivated now! smile

Googoogoggles - finger crossed you lose that stone on bootcamp! I'm feeling less ambitious... if I was under 12 stone by Christmas I'd feel it was a miracle! (I surely haven't been under 12 stone since... erm... ever?)

AuntieMaggie Mon 09-Sep-13 12:49:48

Hello ladies smile I'm back

I forgot to weigh this morning (and eat breakfast) but will be putting 100lbs on the ss.

I'm also doing bootcamp light due to medical reasons.

Good luck everyone

rubybricks Mon 09-Sep-13 12:52:02

i was dreading finding out my starting weight this morning but was pleased to discover it was still in the 10s!! (albeit the very top end!)

have actively sought out and gorged on everything i've avoided since april this past weekend, so really was expecting to be back where i started. that said, i really haven't missed bread/pasta/rice/sweets at all - though have missed fruit and tortilla wraps. but it's so worth it! am hoping to be back in the swing of things after a few days - thanks to BIWI and Willie for doing this - and good luck to everyone smile

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 09-Sep-13 13:09:52

A big thankyou to BIWI and Willie. This must take hours of your time and it is much appreciated. I found the last bootcamp and tried to follow it. My eating habits have totally changed. I never feel hungry but do miss fruit. Unless you go to an Italian it is also easy to eat out - apart from the wine! I feel great.

Another newbie here <waves>. Thanks so much to BIWI and Willie for organising it all! I've been reducing the carbs for a week in preparation and am excited to be starting properly now!
So far today:
B - 2 egg omelette with a bit of smoked mackerel
L - massive salad with avocado, bit more mackerel, bit of blue cheese and tons of olive oil dressing
D will be turkey and chorizo stew with buttered cabbage and spinach

Oh and I've also Shredded today. Must drink more water though...

ofcoursethisisanamechange Mon 09-Sep-13 13:37:57

ok-- day one and I am starving- just had lovely chicken wrapped in bacon and salad... just am so used to having something sweet.. help! such a strong craving....

Of course have a low-carb snack: cheese, olives, ham, greek yogurt... Don't go hungry. But STAY AWAY from the sweet things! The cravings will pass, honestly.

Also, have another glass of water. That helps too.

For this way of eating you need enough willpower not to eat the carbs. But at least you don't have to have this willpower while being hungry! If you're hungry, eat.

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 13:47:20

Hi Newbies and Oldies.
After being on and off all summer I am now 3lbs up from last bootcamp final weight. Ruby and Twit am at a similar weight to you but being short have still some way to go.

Now drinking water and determined not to weaken and eat cake and drink beer like last night's madness. Good luck everyone!

tumbletumble Mon 09-Sep-13 13:54:16

Another newbie here! Hello all and thank you BIWI and Willie.

My DC3 started nursery this morning and I treated myself to a piece of cake after dropping him off blush

But I'm really up for trying this WOE and I will start tomorrow, I promise smile

colette Mon 09-Sep-13 13:57:20

Good luck all. Thanks Biwi and WW

MsRinky Mon 09-Sep-13 14:00:04

I have also been a Massive Carby Twat™, and forcing myself to weigh in this morning was hard. I still weigh a shade over 2 stone less than my heaviest weight 18 months ago. However, as I had in fact managed to lose 4 stone by February, that still means that I have undone nearly half my hard work in the last 7 months. Am furious with myself.

However, no point beating myself up about it. Back on the wagon now. Mushroom omelette for breakfast, caponata and ham for lunch. Glugging the water.

muffinheaven Mon 09-Sep-13 14:07:55

Thanks for starting another bootcamp. I managed to lose 10lb on the last one but everything went to pot over the summer and I've

muffinheaven Mon 09-Sep-13 14:09:08

Whoops !! Put 5lb back on and completely fell off the low carb wagon !!! Hopefully I can get back on it and shift a lot more pounds !!

Lifeisontheup Mon 09-Sep-13 14:24:09

I am so disappointed in myself, was doing really well at the end of last year but since then have fallen off the wagon with a huge bump and now weigh 12 stone 10 pounds which is the most I have ever weighed.
Am now determined to stick to low carb as I know it makes me feel better.
Just got back from two weeks in Spain with bread etc every day so really feel bloated and fat!
Today I've had so far a two egg omelette with small amount of grated cheese, handful of watercress and 4 cherry tomatoes.
To drink one cup of coffee, 1 litre of water and just having some fennel tea.
Onwards and downwards hopefully.

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 14:26:43

Waves to all the newbies and oldies, Im from the original bootcamp and subsequently been dipping in and out of the following ones.
Unfortunately I appear to have but some weight back on since last November in the form of 16lbs angry blush shock and yes I have been a total Carby Twat!!! I am still down alot from what my original weight was 4 years ago. I am today 9st 12 and want to be 8st 7 so a way to go.

Collywibbles Mon 09-Sep-13 15:01:22

Huge thanks to BIWI and Willie for this massive undertaking!

I am a long-term low-carber and weigh the same today as I did a year ago BUT I am a totally different shape and have lost a lot of inches (2 dress sizes smaller) - so PLEASE take measurements as well as weighing - the scales may well stay the same some weeks but you find you have lost inches. Having said that I would LOVE to get rid of 7lbs so fingers crossed! Oh I also do a lot of exercise - mostly HIIT and weights with the odd run thrown in for fun (!!) & have no problems exercising on a LC diet ....

obrigada Mon 09-Sep-13 15:21:51

1.5ltr of water drank so far todaysmile am not the worlds best cook but had decided on caesar salad for lunch, however am so used to grilling rashers that I managed to burn the rashers when frying them this lunchtime. Aw well, will keep a better eye on them next time grin

Lavenderhoney Mon 09-Sep-13 15:52:41

I've added my weight to the fabulous spreadsheet. I would like to lose another 8 kg to be back to pre baby weight.

I'm still down 6kg from when I started in jan at the boot camp then - and I have been on hols, indulged quite a bit, but really stuck to lc as much as I could. I'm going to do the uber bootcamp this time too, hopefully!
Today I had

B- leftover courgettes and leeks fried in butter with an egg and 2 slices of bacon
L - the rest of the left over courgettes and leeks with slices of Brie and zapped in the microwave
D- slow roasted lamb, roast celeriac, cauliflower with butter. Dc had mash as wellsmile

I had a tsp of peanut butter too. I've drunk 1.5 litres of water which I feel is sloshing round inside me and I am going to go to bed early and keep off the wine smile

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 16:04:59

Ok you lovely low carbing experts, I love salad but usually slap loads of salad cream all over it blush Any ideas for a lovely creamy low carb salad dressing?

ZingWantsCake Mon 09-Sep-13 16:16:56

I somehow missed the shopping list or whatever it was called. would some one please PM or link it here?

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Mon 09-Sep-13 16:25:13

Wow, it's becoming clear how the threads move so quickly!

So much enthusiasm - it's all so exciting! gringrin

I'm in... I've got 1.5 stone to shift until I'm back to pre baby weight!

i can't seem to add my weight to the spreadsheet from my phone. Is there any chance anyone could pop mine on please? id be very grateful! i weigh 11 stone 8 lb (eek !)

had a good first day... I have had the carbiest couple of weeks ever, so more than ready for this!

BlackAffronted Mon 09-Sep-13 16:31:40

MrsSnuffle - mayonnaise?

b - bacon & eggs
l - crayfishtail salad with mayo
s - chicken drumsticks
d - 2 bowls of chicken & veg soup

BlackAffronted Mon 09-Sep-13 16:33:26

Added your weight for you IBlameThePenguins

NewStartNewStory Mon 09-Sep-13 16:49:17

Hello, confession time. Tomo will be my day 1 as, well, today had too many occasions when food is completely out of my control. So I am not worrying today and just starting tomo.

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 16:55:11

I find mayo a bit gloopy/ claggy on its own which is why I used to opt for salad cream- I need to thin it down with something I think?

Thanks BIWI. I am also measuring as of today so hopefully even if the scales tell me I'm not winning the tape measure will smile

B pancetta and leeks in butter
L tuna mayo salad with vinaigrette
D tarragon chicken with griddled asparagus

Not enough water today, trying to load up now

Thanks so much blackaffronted grin

loopyloou Mon 09-Sep-13 16:57:02

Changed our meal plan for today. I had salad with salami and Brie and HM dressing for lunch and having steak with creamy blue cheese sauce, fried mushrooms and salad for dinner. Drinking lots - about 1 litre so far plus 3 decaff black coffees, and had a snack of a bag of "Posh" pork scratchings.

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 16:58:22

is sour cream ok?

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 16:58:53

MrsSnuffle Mayo with garlic and chilli.

Zing its on a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 17:01:49

MrsSnuffle how about oil with garlic, ginger and chilli?

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 17:02:19

ooh thanks halfthesize I didn't think of that it sounds yum smile

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 17:03:15

Just make sure whatever you use even if on the allowed food list you check the label for carb content as some mayos etc are higher than others.

twistyfeet Mon 09-Sep-13 17:04:08

Joining in. I've been lo-carbing since April but failed to join any threads. I've lost 20 pounds and nary a carb has passed my lips but I've got stuck for 2 weeks on 65 kg when my goal is 62kg. Its been stuck for 3 weeks now! Very fustrating.
I'm never hungry so I'm wondering if I'm not eating eough and maybe my metabolism has slowed?
breakfast today was a boiled egg. Nothing since as I have no appetite.

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 17:04:40

Happy to help MrsSnuffle grin

Cocoaone Mon 09-Sep-13 17:43:33

Successfully managed to avoid the birthday cakes at work, despite practically being forced!

twistyfeet - try to add a bit more fat to up the calories a bit? Maybe some lower carb nuts?

twistyfeet there is some thought that if you are very near goal you may need a carby day to give your metabolism a boost. Maybe not bread but higher carby veg etc might work?

dementedma Mon 09-Sep-13 17:54:12

1.5 litres of water here too and going for a jog. will need to stop to pee behind a bush somewhere.
still got steak and veggies to come for dinner so think Day 1 will be survived.
Just got to stay off the booze.......

MrsSnufle - I use the Delouis mayonnaise which is certainly available in Sainsburys and Waitrose. It's more expensive than Hellmans etc but reminds me a bit of salad cream. I whisk some olive oil through it sometimes and use it more as a dressing than a big dollop on the side. It's yummy.

So day one going ok here so far.

B - cheese deli filler
2 cups of tea
L - egg mayonnaise with some chopped spring onions and cherry toms
2 cups of tea. I tried decaf but it wasn't great - needs to be drunk really hot and I let it cool too much.
D beef stroganoff with cauliflower mash

Not done so well on water but making up for it now.

Lovely to see both oldies and newbies!

catinboots Mon 09-Sep-13 18:00:05

Hello everyone. Surviving remarkably well here. But need to drink more water (just bought some sparkling)

B: courgette omelette
L: turkey and feta salad
S: chicken cooked in butter with cream, garlic and chilli. With broccoli

Roobot Mon 09-Sep-13 18:03:47

Does anyone do bulletproof coffee?? I am really curious to try it, and wondered what people here thought about it?

Waves at twistyfeet smile

You can make your own salad dressing with vinegar and olive oil and mustard if you like it. Just don't use balsamic vinegsr

StuntNun Mon 09-Sep-13 18:22:00

Not so great for day one as I had two lots of processed food (due to salmon not defrosting in time) and the sausages seemed a bit carby. Oh well, try again tomorrow!

B: Greek yoghurt and double cream
S: cold leftover bacon
L: two chicken drumsticks and salad (leaves, cucumber, celery and three cherry tomatoes) with HM vinaigrette
D: sausages with buttered cabbage and mushrooms fried in butter

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 18:24:36

Roo I do a version of bullet proof coffee. Make coffee in cafetiere. Pour a mugful into a flask. Add a tsp each of unsalted butter and coconut oil and shake for 30 secs. Pour out and drink! I really love it but am a bit of a coffee addict.

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 18:26:38

Roo I do a version of bullet proof coffee. Make coffee in cafetiere. Pour a mugful into a flask. Add a tsp each of unsalted butter and coconut oil and shake for 30 secs. Pour out and drink! I really love it but am a bit of a coffee addict.

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 18:27:22

Sorry! Don't know why that posted twice.

twistyfeet Mon 09-Sep-13 18:56:33

k, I've just had a plateful of grated carrot and chopped cabbage in mayo with fried haddock fillet in butter. I think my stomach has shrunk!
Drunk more water too. I've been forgetting that. I'm really pleased I'm so close to my goal but shifting this last 4 pounds is being a pain!

bigkidsdidit Mon 09-Sep-13 19:00:48

I'm doing ok, not hungry and drinking plenty of water and peppermint tea. I do want to snack all the time though out of habit, not hunger. I'm eating low crb snacks but want,to get past this.

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 19:01:23


Ok... I started bootcamp last Sunday at 184lbs but am now (this morning ) at 177 lbs..what shall I put on spreadsheet?

Could you do it for me as am on ipad. Thanks Willie.

B...ff yoghurt

L...salami, cauli cheese, broccoli, boursin and celery

D....my bargain 39p duck legs roasted with creamy leeks and broccoli. Water.

A good day. smilesmilesmile

Roobot Mon 09-Sep-13 19:08:44

Cool! Thanks... am a bit of a coffee addict myself smile i read another recipe that included a dash of double cream. Is that likely to be pushing it wrt the dairy intake?!

Roobot Mon 09-Sep-13 19:17:15

Oh, and:
B: Lettuce and cream cheese wrap (slight desperation but was dead nice)
L: Giant salad
S: handful of lain black olives
D: Fish pie w/ white fish, double cream, leeks, shallots, mushroom loads of butter and topped with creamy celeriac mash.
Found a recipe for primal scotch eggs so going to make some of those later for snacks tmw!

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 19:21:04

Yes, sometimes I have coffee with double cream and that is rich enough for me or if I have a bullet proof coffee, I tend to find it is rich enough without cream. I think that adding cream would be using dairy which I could eat in another form, and never sure if it makes me stall... I have had good results doing a 3 day ubercamp without dairy though do not want to think too much about stalling effects of dairy as hate cutting it out

Negroni Mon 09-Sep-13 19:23:28

Rup wow that is a great loss for week minus 1! Very inspired by all the big losses of those who started early.

Day one has gone OK for me:
Bulletproof coffee about 8am, kippers, poached eggs and fried cherry toms with a cuppa at 11am, pepperami, 2 babybels and a slice of ham between 3.30 and 5pm (snacky!) And I'm about to have roast chicken leg and thigh with a big salad and Mayo. Haven't drunk as much water as I should but the thirst is starting to come in now - O can't be in keto already surely!!!
Well done everyone smile

I agree that adding double cream to bulletproof coffee would probably make it too rich!

Purple2012 Mon 09-Sep-13 19:36:16

Just added my weight to the spreadsheet. 161.4lb. A few months ago it was 186lb so im making progress. Another 21 lb to go but 12lb to go until i get to the top of my healthy weight.

Hoping that next monday i will be under 160lb.

MrsJoyfulPrizeForRafiaWork Mon 09-Sep-13 19:36:23

Hello all - I'm in! I was an avid low-carber (under a different name!) and lost about 20lbs very happily and easily on previous bootcamps. But I fell off the wagon in a BIG way about 6 months ago and half of it's come back. Very, very frustrated because I know how much I love eating low carb and how much better I feel, never mind the weightloss!

Have just eaten a delicious plateful of rare steak and roasted broccoli, and polished off a big glass of water. Feel full and satisfied grin

Am off to read the whole thread now!

Marking place! Will be rubbish at posting due to new crazy job though...

I started last year and am just over two stone down. I even lost weight whilst on holiday in Italy for two weeks this summer. Once you get your head around it, it is the best way of eating ever!

HighJinx Mon 09-Sep-13 19:52:56

Is anyone else finding it a big shift to be frying things in butter rather than grilling? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining it's just that I keep thinking someone is going to appear in the kitchen behind me and start tutting grin

I'm glad to hear of so many successful Day 1's. It's been great here too -

B - green pepper frittata (from the recipe thread - was gorgeous)
L - cold roast chicken with salad and dressing.
D - home made meatballs with broccoli

Yama Mon 09-Sep-13 19:54:28

Hi folks, I'm back.

Since starting in January, I very quickly reached my target weight. However, this maintaining lark is quite tricky and I need you guys to keep me on the straight and narrow.

B: Buttery scrambled eggs and parma ham.
L: Mega salad with cheddar, camonbert and pate.
S: Pepperoni and greek yoghurt (long day)
D: Bolognaise with sweetheart cabbage.

I know - too much dairy.

I've still got another litre of water to drink as well.

Snatchoo Mon 09-Sep-13 19:55:14

Just added my weight.

What should I do now? Does it save it all by itself?

Yama Mon 09-Sep-13 20:01:30

Yes, Snatchoo - it saves itself.

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 20:11:18

Well done Ruprekt thats a fab loss grin I have added you to spreadsheet at 177lbs as weigh in date is today, hope thats ok.

Livelongandprosper Mon 09-Sep-13 20:13:09

Well, the first day wasn't too bad.

All you sweetie addicts, repeat after me - "I will not be a sugary twat, I will not be a sugary twat..........."

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 20:13:14

So today is going well, 5 pints of water, 2 coffees, no breakfast as was seeing my youngest off to his 1st day at Primary school.
Lunch - cheese and mushroom omelette
Dinner - home made burgers x 2 with salad and cheese

Lifeisontheup Mon 09-Sep-13 20:18:18

Today has gone well, omelette for breakfast, lunch was half a pack of shredded cabbage and leeks with full fat creme fraiche and grated cheese, supper was pork chops with creamy sauce and green beans,

Have drunk 3 litres of water and had two large cups of fennel tea and one coffee. Will have another large cup of herbal tea before bed,

anchovies Mon 09-Sep-13 20:22:22

Good day here today:
B- 2 hard boiled eggs
L- Sausages and salad
D- Belly pork and homemade coleslaw (so v limited carrot)
Plus 2 coffees made with full fat milk and lots of water
No snacking out of habit so am pleased with myself.

Loving all the enthusiastic posts smile

Cocoaone Mon 09-Sep-13 20:28:17

Anyone watching Jamie O?

Just made cauliflower rice! (although he did call it carb free smile)

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 20:30:03

Thanks halfthesize smilesmilesmile

Evenings are hard as dh is away and I love to snack!

Will have a peppermint tea in a moment.

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 20:30:32

A good day here too!

Breakfast - hard boiled egg mashed with mayo and black pepper
Lunch - fillet steak. Was going to be with salad, but when I got the back out, the leaves had frozen sad
Dinner - two hard boiled eggs, yolks mashed with mayo and lime pickle (much nicer than it sounds!), salad - went out and bought more - and green beans with butter.

Ate a couple of pieces of cheese when I was cooking, instead of the nuts I have got into the habit of eating.

Already 2 litres of water down, so plenty of time to down another one!

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 20:31:15

Back? Bag, obviously!

Oh, and I don't normally treat myself to fillet steak at lunchtime, but remembered that I had some in the freezer that needed to be eaten, so - why not?!

ILivebytheRiver Mon 09-Sep-13 20:32:11

Yes cocoaone, watch those cauliflowers jump off the shelves tomorrow! Has anyone tried it? I did once and it was OKAY - going to try it again and maybe add a few more flavours and make it more of a fried rice. That curry he made was nice - sweet potato is a bit over carby though isn't it?

Cocoaone Mon 09-Sep-13 20:37:12

I tried it ages ago, but pretty sure I didn't cook it anywhere near as long as seven minutes. But I remember it tasting a bit old-cabbagey....

IBO Mon 09-Sep-13 20:39:36

Hello everyone.

B 2 boiled eggs with mayo
L rocket salad with feta
D pan fried beef mince with shallots, chilli, garlic, celery and mushrooms and runner beans and a bit of mayo.

2 or more litres of water smile

Good luck boot campers!!

twistyfeet Mon 09-Sep-13 20:40:16

does everyone else pee a lot?

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 20:41:07


peeing is good - flushes out the ketones/fat

I was watching Jamie too! (bollocks to his prices tho'!)

I had already bought 2 cauliflowers this morning (1 went in my soup) and the other I want to do a nice veggie curry with, but I do need inspiration Jamie's once looked nice but I think the sweet potato and the chickpeas (so basically most of the ingredients) would be too carby!

Any tasty veggie low carb curry receipes for a curry making novice?

I'm really struggling now as I have slipped in my chocolate management of late and accidentally been eating the whole bar, so I have chocolate completely embargoed. But grin the handful of nuts are NOT the same.

starrystarryknut Mon 09-Sep-13 21:18:25

I started strictly low carbing as soon as I found this thread a week ago. Never one for half measures, at the same time I also completely gave up alcohol (have had no wine for a week!), have been religiously drinking water all day, and started exercising again. I've lost 8lb in this first week! I'm really excited and fired up, and feel great.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, coffee
Lunch: chicken caesar salad (without croutons: chicken, parmesan, lettuce, vinaigrette)
Snack: Total full fat yoghurt with tablespoon of milled flax stirred in plus a few drops of vanilla and some cinnamon
Dinner: courgette, broccoli, spinach sautéed with a teaspoon of harissa, then feta crumbled on top.

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 21:18:34

Nuts? No nuts on Bootcamp!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 09-Sep-13 21:19:09

Nice to see lots of familiar names back from the last bootcamp! <<waves>> Good to see lots of new names too of course. smile

B - none, due to series of minor disasters. grin
L - brie, little tomatoes, parma ham
S - same, with pesto
D - black farmer chipolatas with roasted celeriac mash and shredded savoy cabbage fried in butter. Perfect comfort food for a chilly autumnal day.
More water than of late but probably not quite enough.

halfthesize Mon 09-Sep-13 21:28:55

Well done Starry on both counts smile I am cutting alcohol out in the week, but love a G&T or Vodka, lime & soda at the weekend wink

nearlyreadytopop Mon 09-Sep-13 21:34:40

first day and already I need help. its the yoghurtsad I love Greek yog but with lots of honey. I have tried the vanilla essence and it was still boke. I can handle it with some mashed up blueberries. would this be really bad? I really dont have time for cooked breakfast every morning.

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 21:45:22

No blueberries for 2 weeks. Sorry. wink

Have you tried it with a pinch of cinnamon and a wee bit of extra cream? Or chocolate essence (although I've never tried it).

nearlyreadytopop Mon 09-Sep-13 21:46:23

and that was meant to be yogurtgrin

nearlyreadytopop Mon 09-Sep-13 21:48:04

thanks pretty will give the cinnamon a go a pick up some cream tomorrow to try. its just so tart and cold.

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 21:50:14

Why not hard boil some eggs the night before, then you can just grab one or two from the fridge?

Or have some sliced ham and cheese - a continental-type breakfast.

But please don't eat the blueberries yet! Once you've got through the two weeks of Bootcamp you can re-introduce the blueberries then.

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 21:50:41

Also, which brand of yoghurt are you buying? Some are milder/tarter than others!

CorrieDale Mon 09-Sep-13 21:53:47

B scrambled eggs with 5 cherry tomatoes and quorn ham.
L cheese and quorn ham omelette with spinach
D spinach and quorn pieces with tinned tomatoes. Cauliflower mash with cheese

Weak Darjeeling. Lots of water. One coffee with cream.

I know it's a bit tomatoey.

surprisedbyjoy Mon 09-Sep-13 21:54:17

Can I join? I've been low carbing since Feb 12 and have lost more than 5 stone in that time but still have one or (hopefully!) two to go. Maybe fear of BIWI's big stick will be the renewed focus I need ......... Will add myself to the spreadsheet now.

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 21:54:43

Cinnamon is also supposed to have good weight loss/appetite effects! grin

CorrieDale Mon 09-Sep-13 21:54:56

Ooh - chocolate essence? Is that permitted?

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 22:02:25

I believe that chocolate essence is 0g carbs!

I think this is the brand that Lakeland sells

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 22:02:42

I believe so. smile

dementedma Mon 09-Sep-13 22:03:47

Not even a half teaspoon of honey in the Greek yoghurt? <hides sticky teaspoon>
A good day here too -can't believe this is actually going to work as don't feel remotely hungry. Had two litres of water but feel headache coming on now. Time for sleep hopefully.

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 22:05:47

Waitrose Greek yoghurt is lovely. smile

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 22:05:59

<Ducks to avoid BIWI's big stick>

No honey.

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 22:07:20

Definitely no honey! It is just sugar in another format.

Honey is 82g carbs per 100g!

And it's not just about avoiding the carbs. It's about breaking the hold that sweet stuff has over us. The only way to do that is to stop eating it.

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 22:08:30

Am thinking soup season might begin this week. Thought I might do celeriac soup. smilesmileMmmmm

dementedma Mon 09-Sep-13 22:09:55

<sob> but I'm new here. Don't hit me with the big stick.....<looks round for another newbie to hold hands with>

ZingWantsCake Mon 09-Sep-13 22:14:55

<holds dementedma's hand>

dementedma Mon 09-Sep-13 22:18:35

<wipes nose on zings sleeve>

janmoomoo Mon 09-Sep-13 22:19:26

Had some cravings today so I had a herbal tea with a spoon of coconut oil in it and it was deelish and I felt much better after.

tigerchair Mon 09-Sep-13 22:23:08

janmoomoo, what type of herbal tea with the coconut oil? Sounds good smile

BIWI Mon 09-Sep-13 22:24:07

grin at newbies. You haven't seen anything yet ...

prettybird Mon 09-Sep-13 22:26:14

I have the coconut oil with rooibos redbush) tea - caffeine free. smile

tigerchair Mon 09-Sep-13 22:32:27

Thanks prettybird, I'll try that smile

Ruprekt I love soup season!
Did cream of celeriac with 1/2 celeriac, 2 leeks,2 courgettes, Chickenstock, simmer till soft, blitz in blender then add cream

Ruprekt Mon 09-Sep-13 23:05:55

Lovely Gless! Got all that....could make tomorrow. smile

You wait Newbies.......just when you think BIWI has gone out and you can chat about honey and fruit and diet coke.....BAM!!!..... There she is.....with a huuuuuuge stick which she waves at us.....some say she has actually used it!!

Let me know what you think

Best advice I can give is to meal
Plan and be prepared!!
My boiled eggs are done ready for tomorrow, salad prepped, just need to add Tuna mayo in the morning.

Don't be afraid to eat leftovers for breakfast if you want some variety

googoogoggles Mon 09-Sep-13 23:21:57

Hi all!
Good first day here though not enough water (lots of herbal tea tho)
B none - I know, I know...
L tuna Mayo wrapped in lettuce leaves (messy but good)
D grilled salmon and lots of buttery green veg (courgette/broccoli/string bean mix)
S black farmer sausage with bit of Mayo
Two cups black coffee (can't give up at same time as give up sugar -may stab someone)
Good tip having a few hard boiled eggs in fridge for quick breakfast. Must try that!

MrsSnuffleupagus Mon 09-Sep-13 23:40:49

Evening all! Not a bad start to the week considering I haven't managed to shop properly (I'll do a big one tomorrow)
B- eggs scrambled with butter and cream and bacon
L- creamy celeriac soup, a chunk of cucumber and 2 baby tomatoes
D- salmon fillet fried in butter with a veg stir fry
S- pork scratchings
2x tea (I know, the hardest thing I'll find to cut down) and buckets of water.

I know I'm probably a bit light on the veg front today but I had to work with what I had. I'll buy out the grocery aisle of sainsburys tomorrow grin

Well done to everyone else especially us newbies, keep at it grin

Secondsop Tue 10-Sep-13 00:44:08

Hello! Ok first day here too although I did have 2 cups of coffee with a dash of milk in each. Loads of water though - at least 4, which is what is needed for my weight.

B- 2 boiled eggs
L - salad with chicken tikka pieces, sundried tomato and mozzarella balls, avocado and basil tofu.
S - cocktail sausages and 2 pieces of cheese
d - 2 burgers "home made" from our meat box, with mushrooms, Aubergine, yellow pepper and kale, with a bit f goat's cheese.

It took everything I had not to eat a handful of nuts after dinner.

emblosion Tue 10-Sep-13 05:41:58

<pops in late looking sheepish> I'm starting today as it was me birthday yesterday & a cakey, winey carb fest.

I'll do my weigh in& fill in on the spreadsheet when I get up (just up with the baby at the mo). Good luck all!

Cocoaone Tue 10-Sep-13 06:14:27

Have woken up this morning feeling much less bloated and flabby round the tummy area - after just one day.

Day two priority - drink more water.

Will have to have breakfast late as have a fasting blood test this morning. I have hiereditary high cholesterol and my yearly review in a couple of weeks. I don't think my consultant will be particularly supportive of the WOE though.

PrimalLass Tue 10-Sep-13 07:59:56

There are loads of great paleo fried 'rice' recipes out there. I made a lovely one but can't find the recipe. It was like char siu. Try something like this:


PrimalLass Tue 10-Sep-13 08:00:55

For everyone else who started early, do you find you are much less tired during the day but really tired a bit earlier than your usual bedtime?

I'm guessing it's because I'm not on a carb high in the evening but I went to bed at 9.30 last night and slept like a dream until the alarm went off this morning smile

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 08:23:00

BIWI what are your thoughts on erythritol as a sugar substitute in the occasional bit of low carb baking?

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 08:28:49

BTW anyone who saw my pancake recipe earlier up-thread, I have now tweaked this, leaving out the sweet flavourings (eg cinnamon), substituting flaxmeal for ground almond, and adding a sprinkle of grated parmesan. This turns it into a savoury pancake which works brilliantly as a pizza base. I made "pizza" for lunch a couple of days ago, adding a smear of tomato puree, mozzarella, olives and capers and mushrooms, and it was incredible. I was so full I couldn't eat a thing until late evening. If made in advance I think it would work cold in a lunch box. If anyone wants the recipe I will post it.

bigkidsdidit Tue 10-Sep-13 08:35:58

I do please!

bettybigballs Tue 10-Sep-13 08:39:20

Morning all,

Happy day two everyone, slept like a log last night so feeling motivated.

B: omelette fried in loads of butter
L: stuffed marrow - the leftovers that never end
D: Thai green curry - this is going to be my sticking point today, going to a friends for dinner. My plan is to pick the chicken and veg out of the curry and avoid the rice. I'm also thinking about talking to her today and dropping the Jamie / cauliflower rice into the convo.

bettybigballs Tue 10-Sep-13 08:39:59

Oh and yes please on pancake recipe!

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 08:58:22

OK here is is:

Starry’s Savoury Pancake Pizza Base – Low carb style

80 ml fresh liquid egg white (I use Two Chicks, which you can get in Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose)
60 ml double cream
small pinch of salt
1 tbsp grated parmesan
50g ground flaxmeal (Linwoods is great – you can get it in supermarkets in the cereal aisle, also in healthfood shops)
¼ tsp baking powder
Unsalted butter for frying

Whisk the egg whites until it forms soft peaks.
Place all the dry ingredients in another bowl then add the cream and stir well. Don’t worry if the flaxmeal goes very sticky and chunky, squish it a bit as you stir to make sure it is all combined with the cream. Fold the whisked egg whites (you will need to stir it quite a lot) into the flaxmeal and cream mix.
Melt some butter in a non-stick frying pan and put half the pancake mix into the pan – aim for a pancake about 6” across. Fry for three minutes on one side at a medium heat – and do not be tempted to touch or move it during this time (otherwise it will fall apart). Turn and cook the other side for another couple of minutes. Repeat with the rest of the batter

Makes 2 “pizza bases”

Let cool a bit (or freeze), then spread with a tsp of tomato puree, some mozzarella, and any suitable toppings that you fancy – mushrooms, olives, capers, etc. Grill for a few minutes until the mozzarella is bubbling.

If you make pizzas out of both the bases and leave one to cool then refrigerate, it works well as a cold lunchbox item.

Carb count: Less than 1g per pancake.

HighJinx Tue 10-Sep-13 09:12:53

Feeling sick this morning sad

Is this the bootcamp flu?

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 10-Sep-13 09:56:26

Starry that sounds great - going to have to try that.

High could be. Make sure you eat something asap and keep up the water.

hazchem Tue 10-Sep-13 09:56:52

Bit better today with food smile

B) Eggy Muggins made with cabbage, 2 black coffees & 1 bullet proof coffee
L) 3/4 of a frattinni and 2 chicken legs salad
S cheese
D eggplant, mice, turnip thingy my partner made. I was worried but was pretty tasty but spicy so I had loads of yoghurt (full fat greek of course)

Oh and walked to and from playgroup so that is probably 35 minutes of walking too!

Had an early night last night and will probably do that again tonight. Help me stop munching in the evening.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 09:59:31

starry - that sounds brilliant! If using fresh eggs, do you have any idea how many whites that quantity would be? I'm going to cook something this weekend that uses egg yolks only, so I'm looking for a use for the whites!

(I get very confused when I read your posts, because my surname is Starr, and I always wonder if it's me!!!)

HighJinx - could be. It won't last long, honestly! Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, and keep your salt intake up. Eat something, if you can - could you manage a boiled egg?

Cocaone - it will be interesting to see how your levels respond to this WOE. If you can, get hold of a book called "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. It's really interesting about the whole cholesterol thing. Also, have a read round Dr Briffa's blog he writes a lot about cholesterol, as does Zoe Harcombe

That said, I am not a medic by any stretch of the imagination, and nor am I under the care of a consultant, so it's not my place, role or right to tell you what to do! But it might help you to have a little bit of reading/ammunition.

BTW - are you on any medication for your cholesterol?

starry can you add your recipe to the thread?

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 10:37:36

Should I reduce calories near the end of the weight loss. Like I said earlier, stick on 65kg, 4 pounds off my goal (mixing weights there). Had a massive salad and fish for tea last night, plenty of water. I never eat any carbs as I have coeliacs and all grains/potatoes make me puke. But whatever I do that weight hasnt changed for 2 weeks, a fast day, a day of eating all day. Even bouncing up and down on the scales.
4 bloody pounds. C'mon!

daisychicken Tue 10-Sep-13 10:59:35

I'm here! Not weighed myself... am struggling with meds and a flare-up so just concentrating on staying low carb.

I was amused to see JO doing cauliflower rice! I don't miss rice so won't bother but I did try to make a mash out of cauli so I could make bubble and squeak or corned beef hash - I just couldn't get it creamy enough so was a bit of a fail (we ate it though!) any thoughts? Or should I just wait for waitrose to finally open and get (when in season.. v soon) celeriac?

Any tips for blitzing soup that doesn't make a mess? I find with the handblender, it sprays everywhere and yesterday's food processor whizzed broccoli, kale and stilton soup is really bitty (and chewy not soup like)....

twisty - are you a healthy weight for your height?

it may be that you're at the weight that is comfortable for your body (though i know very well how it feels when the scales are a bit lower!)

are you eating enough fat?

but yes, you may feel you want to look at portion sizes, but not drastically obviously!

daisy dp's mum has a silicone lid thing from lakeland with a hole in the middle for a stick blender to stop it going everywhere?

daisychicken Tue 10-Sep-13 11:02:46

hazchem whats eggy muggins? Or do you mean eggy muffins? How did you make them?

BIWI what are you doing with egg yolks [nosy face] I always struggle with what to do with either left over whites or yolks esp as I don't make meringues or lemon curd now...!!

daisychicken Tue 10-Sep-13 11:03:22

Ohh off to look at Lakeland - thanks Willie!

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 11:09:56

I'm 5' 10 and now 10 stone 2 or 3. Before kids (obviously still the same height) I was 9' 13 which is what I was aiming for.
There are still wobbly bits which I am not happy about. Like the skin on my tummy.

tbh then it may well be that you're at a weight that your body is happy with, and to get any lower you would have to cut down and keep it cut down iyswim. i know it's not always the best measurement, but your BMI must be around 20

do you do any exercise - resistance training etc - which would help with tone?

do bear in mind that through eating low carb you will likely be trimmer at a given weight than you were when eating carbs, because you won't have the carb bloat any more

Twit Tue 10-Sep-13 11:21:02

Morning all, hope you're all feeling good?
I feel ok, tired as always grin < glares at sleeping babyTwit >
Had decaf with cream and a sausage for breakfast, am now, after a busy morning, having leek,cheese,soft cheese and 4 egg omelette thingy. I haven't had enough water yet, but there's still time...
Was planning on belly pork and buttery spinach for lunch but might not need it.
Tea is left overs from yesterday, a sort of lasagna with cheesy eggy sauce and aubergine as the layer. I'll probably have some courgette wedges with it.
What is a bullet proof coffee, sounds scary.

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 11:31:20

No, I dont exercise as I have mobility and pain issues. I do feel loads better on low carb and the carb bloat has definately gone smile

HighJinx Tue 10-Sep-13 11:37:53

Thanks BIWI and Crabby

I have had loads of water and feel a bit better. I have made myself an oxo cube drink as I have been peeing loads so I think I probably need the salt.

I am also making some hard boiled eggs though I don't fancy them much at the moment.

I will definitely stick with it though as I was feeling so much better before this and I'm scared of BIWI's big stick

ohforfoxsake Tue 10-Sep-13 11:47:27

Daisy chicken - egg whites freeze really well and make a good pavlova (for someone else to eat obv). Extra yolks can go in a (crustless) quiche.

Am making more egg muffins today for DH. And cauliflower rice to go with the beef curry for dinner. I bloody hate cauliflower.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 11:50:48

daisy I'm making this tart from the recipe thread Not strictly Bootcamp because of the almonds, but I'm entertaining other low carb folk and this makes a really good centrepiece.

HighJinx glad you're feeling a bit better. <puts stick away>

twistyfeet I share your pain - so near and yet so far! I keep getting to 9 stone 3 and can't seem to get below it, yet there is still a definite roll of flab around my torso that tells me I need to drop a bit more. For me, I know that it's because I stop being as strict with myself - too much alcohol at the weekend, too much snacking on nuts and cheese, and portion sizes that are too big, I think.

Atkins would definitely counsel you to look at your calories - which I guess is also about looking at your portion sizes. There is also a school of thought that says you should cut down your fat intake. I'm not really sure about that, but the thinking is that if you're taking in less fat from your food, then your body will be forced to burn more of the fat that it has stored. It could be worth playing around with this for a little.

I would also echo Willie though and ask about exercise - I hear that you have some health issues, but does this rule any exercise out at all? It could be that you need a bit of toning up.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 11:51:35

daisy - sorry, that link doesn't take you to the recipe I am using! I'm making shallot, bacon and Gruyere tart.

twit - bulletproof coffee

he's pretty strict about the types of ingredients. because i am lazy money- and time-poor i just have instant black coffee with a couple of tsp of coconut oil in it, which is really nothing like a bulletproof coffee! you have to keep stirring it to mix in the oil, but i do think it's nice despite it sounding horrible!

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 12:02:22

Thanks BIWI. I will check my mayo portion sizes. I havent found any exercise I can safely do. I'm hypermobile with a ruptured disc/spondylothingy and can barely walk. I used to cycle, swim, mountain climb, run etc and went to being sedentary which is why the extra 2 stone crept on. I am pleased it has gone and am realistic to know I wont have the body I used to have (especially after numerous children) but argh at being so near, yet so far.
The only fat left on me now is that wee pudding on my belly.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 12:03:52

Oh that doesn't sound good sad Are you taking regular pain medication? That's another thing, I'm afraid, that interfere with weight loss.

Although, obviously, I wouldn't recommend you stop taking those!

What about dairy? Have you tried cutting that out/down?

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 12:05:13

just tramadol. I will cut back on the cheese. Most of my fat comes from mayo. What do you reckon to mayo?

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 12:17:10

Nothing wrong with mayo - but presumably it's a low carb one?

The other thing I was thinking, if you've been low carbing for a while, would be to check how many carbs you are actually eating daily, just to make sure that you're not a victim of carb creep.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 12:26:06

starry I don't know much about erythritol, but this is interesting

But it's also been refused by the EFSA on the grounds that it's not adequately safe for children

Given that it seems to be easier on the digestion than other polyols, if it's only for occasional baking, then it's probably worth a go.

How about Stevia? Have you used/tried that? We had a weekend in Bruges recently, and some of the chocolatiers there are using it in their top-end chocolates. And I have to say that they were fabulous - you would never know that they hadn't been made with sugar.

But remember that one of the aims of Bootcamp is to reduce our desire for sweet things!

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 12:26:38

I eat fish, salad, eggs, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots with a few almonds thrown in pretty much exclusively. My dd is on the ketogenic diet so I'm carb savvy and can spot one at a 100 paces grin
But cheese in the form of Brie had crept in as a boredom snack. It might be that.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 12:31:18

Are you eating enough fat do you think?

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 12:36:55

I dont know now. 2 eggs a day. Fish fried in butter and a mayo habit that keeps Hellmans in business blush plus a tablespoon of coconut oil off the spoon.
Wouldnt my body burn it off me if I wasnt eating enough. I'm in mid ketosis (I just measured using my dd's kit)
The rest is maybe half a savoy cabbage a day (please stand downwind), 3 carrots, handful of tomatoes, mushrooms, rocket leaves maybe half a bag, 5 almonds, an onion and a fillet of fish or can of tuna with its oil.

It seems about the same as what others are listing.

do you eat any leafy green veg other than salad? cabbage, tomatoes and carrots can be at the carby end of the spectrum if eaten in anything other than small quantities as i'm sure you know, but if you're not keen on other veg then i understand if cutting down on them would limit the variety in your diet

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 12:49:16

Well - I would look to get rid of the carrots and the onion for a start - use shallots instead of onion, and find a green veg to eat instead of carrots. Also, a handful of tomatoes could end up being a lot of carbs.

It might be worth weighing and counting your carbs for the next few days, just to see how many you are eating per day.

Also, have a read of this

Your medical situation (i.e. the pain you suffer) could also be getting in the way, as it puts your body under stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is yet another that impedes weight loss.

There's obviously not much you can do about that, though, so I realise that's probably not too helpful.

Maybe the best advice is to relax about it! If you're enjoying your food, and you're not hungry, just go with it and then see what happens.

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 12:57:05

ok, will give that a whirl. thanks for taking the time.

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 13:01:26

definately stress and not enough sleep in that list. The stress is so bad I have constant headaches and ended up with a retinal bleed and my cortisol levels are high. There's not much I can do about either of those. That might explain the plateau. Bum.
I'm never hungry so thats not an issue.
I need a beach holiday grin

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 13:14:40

Thanks BIWI for the erythritol links. I'm not feeding children or elderly so I think it's worth a go. In actual fact, I'm not really addicted to sweet tastes at all, so I don't see 'breaking the craving' as an issue for me. I just like to bake as a relaxing hobby, and I do like to take the occasional mid-morning treat to work.

I was also thinking about experimenting with making a low carb granola (using the lowest carbing nuts and seeds, eg macadamias, brazils, pecans, flax etc). I want to use a bit of erythitol to sweet it. I think a teaspoon of granola would be nice in yoghurt. I've done the maths and can get the carb count very low, as long as erythritol is ok for boot camp. Now I've got the BIWI green light, I'll report back from the kitchen in due course.

Re your question about the egg whites. 40ml liquid egg white = 1 whole egg. If you are using the whites from actual eggs from which you have taken the yolks, then I would guess 80ml might be 3 eggs. Or you could just strain the whites off and measure the quantity in a measuring jug. But it's not science and doesn't need to be exact - I would just guess it with 3 egg whites.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 13:21:19

Thanks, starry.

If, when you're in your lab kitchen you could come up with a really good recipe for low carb crackers, that are properly robust enough for cheese, I would be eternally grateful!

biwi have you tried the i breathe i'm hungry ones?

i find them very cracker-like, though one can't have too many of them as they make me stall and go straight through me

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 13:42:44

Oh yes! I'd forgotten about those. I've never tried them, mainly because I never had any flax seed.

I may have to try those - but will bear in mind your warning!

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 13:49:54

Do you think they would work with ground almonds? Or would the texture still be too soft?

I have just discovered that my pack of flax seed, which I've hardly used, has past its sell-by date, which is very irritating!

i don't think so, no, they would be too crumbly with ground almonds, and you would never get them thin enough. the ground flax seems to bind well, and i've noticed with flax recipes that you usually have to leave the mixture to stand for a while before rolling out - i think it allows the flax to take on the liquid in the mixture and bind to itself better

Cocoaone Tue 10-Sep-13 14:30:51

BIWI - I've read a bit around cholesterol and this WOE, generally good things, but it's all based around normal people with high levels, whereas mine is caused by a defect in my lipid receptors. So I'm not really sure if the research has been done on people like me.

When i was diagnosed My levels (aged 24, 5'5" and weighing 9 stone-something) were 8.4mmol. But last time they were checked it was about 7.3. I'm not on meds - I'm young (ish), only slightly overweight, don't smoke or really drink much, female, and none of my close relatives with the same condition have had major heart conditions yet, so consultant is happy to watch and wait basically. Plus, I don't fully trust statins....

So of they shoot up dramatically I'll have to rethink things, which would be a shame! I'm sure my mum's went down when she briefly followed Atkins though...

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 14:37:48

Ooh BIWI a cooking challenge! I'm on it smile. Low carb crackers it is.

cocoaone - from the reading i've done, the people who need to be concerned about dietary cholesterol are those with familial hypercholesterolaemia - is that the condition you have? you would be right to monitor closely

Cocoaone Tue 10-Sep-13 14:54:50

WWd - yes that's the one. Although my consultant tells me that the food you eat doesn't have much of an effect on your cholesterol levels.... He advises a Mediterranean diet with oily fish etc, so he's not too adverse to fat in the diet!

that's interesting that he says that in the case of FH too!

'the great cholesterol con' is an interesting read too if you haven't looked at it before

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Tue 10-Sep-13 15:56:32

Hello all, just checking in and catching up with the thread, moving fast as always!

B 2 egg omelette made with butter, bacon lardons, eggs and small splish* of cream
L cold roast beef slice filled with Philly soft cheese, small tub FF yoghurt with a little cinnamon
D planning fish with creamy braised cabbage and maybe some runner beans that my friend brought me today from her allotment.

I have a scale for the double cream additions I make:
Splish - tiny
Splash - medium
Splosh - lots

Hope this very technical explanation helps. smile

janmoomoo Tue 10-Sep-13 15:59:23

tigerchair I just put a teaspoon of coconut oil into a lime and ginger tea. I think it would be nice in any sort of herbal tea.

This morning I made a sort of bulletproof coffee - basically put a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of coconut oil in a black coffee and whizzed it a bit with the hand held cappuccino blender. I have been feeling slightly sick all day, but it did keep me going until 3pm (got stuck in big traffic jam and missed lunchtime but I really wasnt hungry!)

giggly Tue 10-Sep-13 16:23:24

Newbie here although did lc 3years ago and lost almost 3stone. Back on the wagon ,
B scrambled egg
L scrambled egg ( had'nt been to the shops)
D stir fry beef in coconut oil with mushrooms, a tiny bit of onion and homemade coleslaw.
S a stick of Gouda , loads of water
Feel ok.

NewStartNewStory Tue 10-Sep-13 16:58:10

So it turns out drinking caffinated coffee makes me crave sugar more. Not sure if it is the caffine or the fact that i tend to turn into taz and whizz around like a crazy person getting stuff done. But i think for the sake of sticking to bootcamp the coffee is going to have to go sad But not today. Today was going really well until I hit coffee tollerance level and passed it. blush lessons learnt moving on. Although I would love for some one to proper explain this all to me cos clearly the caffine is affecting me on a huge scale so can't be good for hormone levels and such. I know it is associated with making pain levels significantly worse.

captainmummy Tue 10-Sep-13 17:01:02

My rooibos tea with coconut oil kept me going from 730 to 330 - tho I did then have sausage, tomato, cheese, yoghurt...anything I could lay my hands on blush
Dinner will be a burger (minced angus beef!) with lettuce wrap and more yog - Waitrose do a thick greek own-brand one now fullfat and only 3.7g/100g - like Total and tottally addicitive!

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 17:04:11

Oh NewStart - that really doesn't sound good. It does sound like you have to consider dropping the caffeine sad

NewStartNewStory Tue 10-Sep-13 17:12:13

Indeed. Although I knew about the association with pain as there has actually been scientific research into it and I came across it a while back. But yeah going to have to go back to pure decaff with the view to head to dropping the coffee in any form altogether. In the meantime will use the crazy energy for the rest of today and tonight to get some stuff done so can have a few crash days. Will probably struggle tomo due to the associated lack of sleep from this but hopefully will be better for it in the long run.

B Total yoghurt with a dribble of cream and vanilla
L Tuna mayo, salad with homemade vinegairette
D Ribeye steak with mushrooms and buttered leeks

I am measuring the yoghurt and today I had 120g, is this too much? TBH I only have yoghurt if I am in a rush as I find I get hungry before lunch.

Itching for a glass of wine sad

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 17:26:05

It's OK, MsIng - you will have around 5g carbs in the yoghurt. But your other carb choices will be pretty low, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

And no wine!

MrsJoyfulPrizeForRafiaWork Tue 10-Sep-13 17:31:38

B: Americano with cream (I can't do breakfast, never have, never will!)
L: Pret tuna Niçoise salad (did have a bit of the dressing but not all of it)
D: low-carb sausages with steamed Savoy cabbage and broccoli with lots of salt and butter. Cooked all 8 sausages so will take a couple of cold ones to work tomorrow.

Have drunk too much caffeine today but have been in meetings all day hmm, and not enough water, but not too bad all in all. Amazing how I feel so much less bloaty and knackered even just on day 2.

Nice to see tv adverts for Total Greek yoghurt - and not the low-fat stuff! I love it - trouble is I can easily eat the whole tub in one go...

But I have been lowcarbing for 2 weeks already <whines>

OK sorry BIWI, no wine smile

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 17:38:42

Oh well, you are allowed then. Just don't tell anyone else ...

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 10-Sep-13 17:47:51

Had my cholesterol measured a Sainsbury's today (sponsored by Flora! hmm ) my total cholesterol 8.01 mmol/L. Oh dear. My HDL (the good one is over 2.59 mmol/L - they can't tell me the exact result just that it's high. I seem to remember having a test at the Dr's years ago and it was 7.something but most of that was HDL.

It's very high though, which is a bit of a shock. sad

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 17:51:48

Why can't they tell you the exact result?

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 17:54:42
NewStartNewStory Tue 10-Sep-13 17:58:35

Were you fasting Crabby there is still a lot of evidence to suggest that fasting cholesterol tests are more accurate then non fasting. Also there is a lot of mistrust with none blood and lab assessed test saying that the accuracy is lower and less helpful. Perhaps a meeting with your doc to get this checked properly?

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 18:01:12

And have a look at this

I'm very hmm that a company that manufactures products which contain plant sterols, designed to lower cholesterol, would be sponsoring cholesterol tests. And the people doing your tests won't tell you the exact results, but just tell you 'it's high'. Perhaps they might want you to buy some of their products?

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 18:02:51
Ruprekt Tue 10-Sep-13 18:09:01

BIWI......((wails)) have you forgotten the parmesan shortbread for cheese?? hmmhmm

It is fabulous!

Cream butter with parmesan, add egg and beat. Add ground almonds and squish to shortbread dough consistency. Put in fridge.

Roll into balls and press down til flat. Bake.

Perfect hot out of oven with cold butter and cheese.

HighJinx Tue 10-Sep-13 18:11:23

Crabby have a look at this which is about the problems with 'supermarket tests'

They say the tests on their own are pretty useless.

HighJinx Tue 10-Sep-13 18:12:54

When you use ground almonds can you actually taste the almonds in the end result? Some of these recipes look lovely but I hate almonds.

Ruprekt, do you have exact measurements please? They sound amazing smile

Bronx Tue 10-Sep-13 18:15:36

Hi everyone smile
Decided to make a proper go of it this time, so hope you don't mind me logging my food here...
B: Slice of omelette/frittata pizza (5 eggs, spring onion, cheese, pepperoni) and brussels pate.
L: Other 4 slices of the omelette pizza!
Snack: Feta stuffed peppers.
D: Chicken tikka masala (or an approximation there of).
Feel quite good about today, haven't been tempted to tuck into the biscuits! grin

Ruprekt Tue 10-Sep-13 18:27:13

((Dodges Biwi's stick))

Whispers....((we are not allowed almonds for 2 weeks and as I always guess the weights it gives me time to weigh and measure exactly))

((Ducks gain))

Phew....think she has gone.......

Purple2012 Tue 10-Sep-13 18:31:28

Well, have been good again today. Despite just starting to eat meat I thought id give pork a try - didn't like it.

Bf Greek yoghurt with a few drops vanilla essence and a flax muffin (mix of full and low fat yoghurt as still getting used to taste but nearly all ff)
Lunch half a chicken and cheese frittata, cucumber sticks with philadelpha to dip
Tea pork in omelette with salad and a dollop of ff mayo. Although I did leave most of the pork (I did try)

I added a few drops of lemon juice to sparkling water and prefer it that way.

I think after so long being a vegetarian that chicken and turkey is probably all I can cope with.

Lavenderhoney Tue 10-Sep-13 18:32:55

Drank lots of water today, not as much as I should as I am am aiming for 2.5 litres, but at least 2. Its very hard - and I want to go to bed early!

B- bacon and eggs. Couldn't stop staring at ds friend bread thoughsmile
L- leftover lamb and celeriac from yesterday
D- lc sausage, cauliflower rice, peas, and salad with mozzarella to start. Dc had some mash and gravy too.

This thread moves very fast, off to read it!

Livelongandprosper Tue 10-Sep-13 18:39:02

Another good day, sugary stuff at work successfully avoided. The big challenge will be tomorrow as it is my birthday and i have to provide cakes for 25 people at the office. BIWI and her stick will be needed. I must not give in as the floodgates will open......

Cocoaone Tue 10-Sep-13 18:41:25

Crabby - second everyone else - they aren't as accurate. I did a home one and result was over 10, 'proper' blood test result was 8.4.

BUT - go to your GP and get them to order a proper one. Do you have risk factors etc? Even though mine is over 7 now,my consultant is happy to manage via diet and exercise as no strong risk factors for heart disease. Plus, as a women your oestrogen gives you protection etc.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Tue 10-Sep-13 18:53:14

lavender peas are a bit high carbs for bootcamp, maybe try some other veg in the 3.0g or less section?

BlackAffronted Tue 10-Sep-13 19:16:10

Too much processed meat for me today, but I was at college all day and I was snacky between lectures sad

b - egg & bacon
s - babybel
l - chicken salad, pepperami
s - babybel
d - chili con carne & cheese
s- red berry tea with coconut oil. Only managed 1 oil pull today as well.

BlackAffronted Tue 10-Sep-13 19:22:13

Just noticed its low on veg too, though I did eat a lot of salad at lunch.

dementedma Tue 10-Sep-13 19:34:45

Struggling to do 3 litres of water. Only managed 2 both days so far and am in the loo every 20 minutes! Can't keep running out of meetings all day. Do we need to drink so much?

BerylStreep Tue 10-Sep-13 19:39:02

Hello all. Just marking place.

As you were.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 10-Sep-13 19:42:16

Thank you all - I will have a read through those links now.

It's a hand-held monitor similar to the ones which do blood glucose measurements (which this also measured), presumably provided by Flora. The test is administered by the pharmacy assistant and it only gives an exact measure for HDL if the level is under 2.5 mmol/L. confused

I know I need to get it done at the doctor's, I'm just reluctant to have them start lecturing me about statins etc (my blood pressure's been creeping up the last few years too). I know I need to suck it up and go for a cardiovascular checkup and do something about my appalling levels of fitness.

whodunnit Tue 10-Sep-13 19:43:18

joining in, too. I am nearly 17 stone and need to lose lots not sure where the end of my journey will be... I hope to reduce to my fully prgnant weight of 100kg soon (4kg to go) and then progress on to my prebaby weight (90kg). I can no longer claim to have just had ababy as she has just gone up into junior school.....
And my doctor has told me to lose weight so I had better listen.

wishing us all good luck!

starrystarryknut Tue 10-Sep-13 19:44:14

B scrambled eggs
L piece of roast chicken
S yoghurt with flaxmeal and vanilla
D Salmon fillet, courgettes sauteed in butter, kohlrabi mash with cream and mustard, spinach watercress and rocket salad.

10 glasses of water
5 mile walk
30 mins stretching and resistance exercise

Can you see my halo? grin

Roobot Tue 10-Sep-13 19:45:10

B: Cup of coffee with dash of double cream; 2 egg omelette with green pepper, ham, spinach, chilli, and a weeny bit of cheese
S: Greek yoghurt (maybe 100ml)
L: Salad with egg mayo and mackerel on the side (sure that delighted everyone sitting near me!)
D: Lamb chilli (shallot, leek, mushroom, chilli, pepper, fried in coconut oil. Lamb mince and about 2 tbsp of sainsbos chopped tomato) served with a tbsp of greek yog/ mint/ cucumber raita, and half an avocado, chopped. Was quite nice, if I do say so myself smile

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 19:48:01

Ruprekt - I did try those, but they didn't work for me for some reason. But I did notice that there are several versions of the recipe, all of which give different quantities, so I think I need to play around with them.

HighJinx - I make a pastry crust with ground almonds, and it doesn't really taste that strongly of them. That said, I like almonds, so it may be something that you would notice more, IYSWIM?

NigellasGuest Tue 10-Sep-13 19:55:08

I'm checking in with a dose of Carb flu....
at least it means I don't fancy wine!

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 10-Sep-13 19:57:45

Sorry just to clarify more... they want the HDL levels to be above 1 mmol/L (as HDL is the 'good cholesterol') and the test is meant to calculate your ratio of 'good' HDL to 'bad' LDL/VLDL cholesterol. I've no idea why the machine can't measure it if it's over 2.59, but the higher your levels of HDL as a proportion of your total cholesterol, the better. Total cholesterol 'should' be below 5 mmol/L.

In my flora advertisement booklet it tells me all about how I can lower my cholesterol by not eating 'BAD' fats and buying all of their products instead. hmm hmm

New no it wasn't a fasting test, although they tried to book me straight in for one of those. I am going to go to the gp and get it done properly.

Cocoa no I don't think I have risk factors, but I'm slightly overweight, drink too much, am pretty unfit and just turned 40. My father had high blood pressure and I think high cholesterol, and my mum has slightly high bp and cholesterol.

Off to read links now.

StuntNun Tue 10-Sep-13 20:17:34

Crabby it's probably because of the 'hook' effect or prozone which means that very high results can show up as much lower than they are.

B: Greek yoghurt and double cream
S: wasn't some dark chocolate honest
L: four chicken legs and salad with HM vinaigrette
D: salmon baked in butter with buttered leeks and buttered broccoli

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 20:29:23

Nigella - hope you're feeling better soon. You know the drill! Lots of water, keep up the fat, make sure you're keeping your sodium levels up

And no wine!

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 20:31:07

Crabby - if you can, get hold of a copy of Dr Malcolm Kendrick's book "The Great Cholesterol Con". It's really interesting. It will certainly make you think twice about taking statins, which your GP will almost certainly want to prescribe for you ...

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 20:32:36
halfthesize Tue 10-Sep-13 20:40:07

hope everyone is having a good second day?
I've had 6 pints of water, scrambled eggs with butter and chilli for breakfast. Cheese salad for lunch and bacon, egg and mushrooms for dinner.
feeling totally stuffedsmile

halfthesize Tue 10-Sep-13 20:40:49

did someone mention wine wine hmm

IBO Tue 10-Sep-13 20:42:01

Evening to everyone!!

This thread is moving so fast leaving me behind. It seems everybody is doing great so well done to us all!!

B 2 boiled eggs and mayo
L left overs from last night - beef mince with runner beans and mushrooms
D salmonfried in butter with cauliflower rice and broccoli with loads of butter
S 2 table spoons of Greek yogurt. Ff of course smile
A lot of water, a big cup of bullion for breakfast, one black coffee and one ginger tea.

I hope it is ok..

dementedma Tue 10-Sep-13 20:45:54

Day 2 done. Already fed up with eggs....
What can I have for dinner tomorrow to look forward to?

IBO Tue 10-Sep-13 20:50:12

Dementedma - I'm having piri piri chicken tomorrow smile
It is marinating in the fridge already. The marinade is easy to make - garlic, celery stick, chilly, salt, tb of red vinegar and olive oil - mix everything and pour over chicken smile. It's yummy

Lifeisontheup Tue 10-Sep-13 20:57:46

Day 2 done.
B. egg mayonnaise
L. Cabbage and leeks with cheese
D. belly of pork
Snack 2 boiled eggs mashed with butter
4 litres of water drunk plus one cup of coffee with cream and one large cup of fennel tea.
First gym visit for months done too- feels good.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 20:59:50

What do you have in the house, dementedma?!

Have you had a read of the recipe thread? Some fabulous recipes in there for inspiration.

Tonight I made mince and onions (although I used shallots instead) and served it with mashed celeriac. It was fabulous, even if I say so myself.

prettybird Tue 10-Sep-13 21:10:25

I was only ever going to start Boot Camp properly tomorrow as today is ds' 14th birthday smilecake

Started off the day well with creamy scrambled eggs (at ds' request) - but then made a (Nigella's buttermilk) birthday cake and had to have a slice and also had to have two glasses of one of dh's lovely pink bubbly wink.

Was very good when we went out for a meal at our favourite Glaswegian Italian. Instead of pizza or pasta I had rolled slow roasted spicy pork belly and got them to substitute the roast potatoes for a salad. I also only had a sip of dh's large glass of red wine (I chose to drive) and had most of the bottle of fizzy water.

dementedma Tue 10-Sep-13 21:16:18

Yeah, need to go shopping g for some stuff to make more varied meals...think will have meatballs tomorrow. Lunch is looking like a very dull box of chopped ham and cheese and an avocado.....
Thing is, can't really afford things like salmon or lots of meat.

NigellasGuest Tue 10-Sep-13 21:19:22

Thanks BIWI - definitely no wine here!

ohforfoxsake Tue 10-Sep-13 21:26:11

Cauliflower rice is a revelation! Who knew?? Even had seconds with my beef & veg curry. Lush.

Hi everyone.

Good day here.

B - hard boiled egg and a slice of corned beef
L - salad with tuna and mayo and cherry toms and some chopped cucumber and peppers and some cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta
S - slice of cheese and slice if corned beef
D - gammon steak with cabbage fried with chorizo bits and some creme fraiche

Lots of water but not enough. 3 teas. 1 peppermint tea.

Also had a parents welcome thing at DS's school and successfully avoided the wine and just had water.

Also did a C25k week 2 run this morning.

Did an M&S shop and stocked up on lots of nice food - all bootcamp friendly of course!

Tried to convince myself I am feeling bloated but have had to admit its just that I am too fat for these jeans! The fitted perfectly in July.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 21:30:56

They'll soon fit again, Buda.

prettybird Tue 10-Sep-13 21:37:54

Re meatballs/mince, remember that you can - or rather should use the cheaper, fattier mince rather than steak mince.

I buy the cheap 800g pack in Lidl and then make meatballs and/or burgers with variations of egg, olive oil, Parmesan, cumin, coriander or oregano.

Purple2013 I'm v impressed with your efforts to include meat after being vegetarian for so long

There are lots of nice vegetarian low carb recipes in the recipe thread if you don't want to eat chicken/turkey at every meal (not all containing eggs either!)

Well done everyone on day 2
B boiled eggs and mayo
L tuna salad
Baby bel and cup
Of bovril
D chicken and veg soup

twistyfeet Tue 10-Sep-13 21:52:42

what is cauliflower rice?

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 22:08:54

cauliflower rice

There are lots of different recipes for cauliflower rice. I've never made it, so don't know if this one is good or not!

stinkerfromhove Tue 10-Sep-13 22:11:12

why all this talk of ground almonds when we're not supposed to eat nuts????

You are all being so good! Well done. Didn't know whether to confess my transgressions or just keep quiet so as not to distract you all. Well...

B (at 5am before work journey) - scrambled egg
S - a home-made custard tart (I knew this was coming, decided not to cause offence by refusing!)
L - (at work event) quiche (scraped off its pastry base) and salad
D - (at restaurant) smoked salmon, roasted aubergine & tomato thing
1 chocolate truffle

So - definitely not bootcamp. Sorry! Not massively terrible either for a couple of off-pistes given I've been low-carbing since May. And I made sure to really enjoy the treats. However I'd better knuckle down now because the scales won't lie next Monday.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 22:20:39

We will be able to in a couple of weeks' time, stinker!

But yes, you are quite right to remind people who are still in the first two weeks of Bootcamp, that nuts are not allowed.

whodunnit Tue 10-Sep-13 22:21:57

B - pepperoni fried in butter with spinach
L - chicken
D- chicken bites, pepperoni, 5 macademia nuts, 1 small finger peanut butter
snack - 2 boiled eggs, celeriac crisps, 2 pieces sugarfree chewing gum
lots of water n three cups of regular tea ( weaning myself of it)

need more veg, don't I?

sybilfaulty Tue 10-Sep-13 22:31:43

Hello everyone

Nigella's meatzza for lunch and chicken casserole for supper. Plenty water.
Some coffee. Black tea. No wine smile.

Overall a good day. Weeing for Britain of course but that is to be expected.

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 22:37:50

whodunnit - be careful with the amount of processed food as well - Pepperami and chicken bites - and what is a peanut butter snack?!

googoogoggles Tue 10-Sep-13 22:42:55

Hi all!
Reading/posting on phone in bed so I don't consume the contents of my fridge. (Even the celery is calling to me...)
I probably ate my main meal a bit early as I had to go out again.
B none again. I know! I know!
L roast beef slices 'buttered' with horseradish then wrapped round watercress and avocado chunks
D chicken fried in butter with home-made coleslaw
Herbal tea x 3
Water - Not enough again! (criss-crossing London on overland and didn't want to keep having to pee!)

BIWI Tue 10-Sep-13 22:45:30

googoogoggles - apart from the lack of breakfast and the lack of water, it doesn't look like you're eating enough at all.

And if the contents of your fridge are calling you, then you should eat something! This WOE isn't about deprivation.

Go and have a chunk of cheese with that celery - and while you're about it, wash it down with a litre of water!!!

loopyloou Tue 10-Sep-13 22:48:24

Hi everyone,

B: egg mayo with HM mayo and 3 low carb thin sausages
L: crispy skin from one of dh's chicken drumsticks!, salad with 2 sliced of Brie and 3 slices of salami
D: small rump steak with wilted spinach in butter, baked large flat mushroom and cream and Stilton sauce
S: yoghurt with double cream and cinnamon - yum!

Not drinking enough water today, but will try harder tomorrow.

Ruprekt Tue 10-Sep-13 22:54:11

I made myself some 'canapes' tonight.

Slices cucumber topped with cold butter and marmite.

Glass sparkling water. Perfect.

googoogoggles Tue 10-Sep-13 22:56:13

Hi BIWI Well, did have a LOT of chicken/coleslaw but fair point; I could have done with a bit more food today....
Also am going to try to switch to decaff coffee over the few days or so - honest! Do find it hard to drink 2.5-3 litres water a day. When I'm working from home, thought I'd make up a big jug of water with slices of cucumber (and tangerine or grapefruit slice)- as someone recommended last bootcamp. May make it easier!

KellyKapoor Tue 10-Sep-13 23:24:40

Hi everyone! I actually started Bootcamp alone 13 days ago - I last weighed myself a week into it and had lost 8 1/2 pounds, if any of you would like some encouragement! And it feels, generally, pretty good.

However, I had a friend round tonight for dinner. I thought it would be perfect as I could cook, and so had very good chicken drumsticks and roasted broccoli - however he brought round Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and I had two scoops. I just feel like shit, like I've caved and I'm worried I've undone my good habits from the previous few weeks.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting, just that along with some fudge I had at the weekend (again I felt pressured in the presence of a friend!) I feel like a big downfall might be "peer pressure", as I don't want to bang on about or even mention that I'm LC'ing. Does anyone have any tips for eating well around other's when they are treating you/themselves?

Good luck to all you ladies on the new bootcamp! We will all be looking and feeling fabulous in no time.

whodunnit Tue 10-Sep-13 23:37:59

kellykapoor - stay strong. I managed to go on low carb for a week without my immediate family noticing. I even faked it on my daughter's birthday - nobody noticed that I only poked around in the box of chocs then passed it on. Likewise lots of meals that were low carb that nobody really noticed when I went without the beans etc. First day was nearly a disaster when I got back from work and my dd age 7 presented me with a plate of donuts she had made. She was thrilled. I said they were too hot ( they were cold) but she insisted so I bit some off and kept chewing it but kept it in my mouth. Then I spat it out when she wasn't looking. I felt very deceiptful. But it worked and I lost 4kg last week so it is worth the effort.

I didn't want to mention it to my DD as I don't want them to think about diets and slimness etc. It is helping them, as well, because I am not now buying the chocolates and biscuits for us all, and we are all walking and cycling more.

It may all come crashing down soon, so I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Keep going and get deceiptful....smile

whodunnit Tue 10-Sep-13 23:41:23

BIWI - thanks fo the advice - too much processed food as I have been eating on the move today. Peanut butter meant a small bit of peanut butter on the end of my finger - I misread the label and thought it had less carbs than it did - I read the headline sugar content instead of the total carbs in the small print. This LC is making me think I need glasses - I can hardly read the carb content in the small print on the backof packets.....

KellyKapoor Wed 11-Sep-13 00:06:09

Thanks whodunnit - that's exactly what I needed to hear, it is totally worth it! I was good at being deceitful earlier in the evening - I made my friend potatoes to go with the chicken and I don't think he noticed (or probably, to be more honest, cared) I didn't have any. It was just the ice cream - I could have scooped some out and just never eaten it. I need to come round to more your deceitful way of thinking!

You are right - IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT! I must keep repeating this to myself.

Congratulations on your 4kg, that's brilliant!

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 11-Sep-13 00:12:17

BIWI thanks again for those links; very interesting reading. I've ordered the Kendrick book from the library.

Food today:
L - brie, parma ham, tomatoes, pesto
D - stir fried broccoli, pak choi, mushrooms, shallot, cabbage with strips of leftover steak, lovely and rare. Drenched in tamari with ginger, garlic and chilli. It was lovely!
S - total greek yoghurt with clotted cream and grated vanilla
3 cups tea. Lots of water but not quite enough I don't think.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 11-Sep-13 00:12:58

Oh dear I forgot... 4 blueberries. blush

whodunnit Wed 11-Sep-13 00:36:21

It seems that blackberries are 3.5g per half cup - how many do you reckon are in a half cup ? I do like to suck on one or two on my way home, so I am pleased to see it is not a terrible carb crime.

Anyone know about the carb content of sloes? Just looking forward to the next bit of free vitamin C .

Lavenderhoney Wed 11-Sep-13 02:58:23

I didnt think about the carb count for peas, plus I think my habit of a little teaspoon of peanut butter once or twice a day isn't helping. That has to stop, I guess?

I think I will load myfitnesspal purely for carb counting ( I am useless with calories, a mystery to me) and see what's happening.

Drank lots of water in the night as dd kept waking up.

StuntNun Wed 11-Sep-13 05:08:14

Lavender and Whodunnit if you like peanut butter then this almond butter is 6.5g carb per 100g. You can eat a teaspoon of it or have it in celery sticks once you're on Bootcamp Light.

Leftover steak Crabby? What's that?!

Kelly the odd carby food won't affect you too much so long as you don't go mad. For example don't say, Well I had some ice cream so I may as well have some ... as well. The analogy given last Bootcamp was, if you dropped your phone and chipped the screen then you don't jump up and down on it because it was already damaged so you may as well finish the job. Also beware of 'carb creep' where the carby treats sneak back in until the cumulative effect derails your weight loss.

Demented meat doesn't have to be expensive, Lidl do a box of 11 drumsticks for about £2.50 or you could make your own burgers - remember not to use lean mince.

I had 'cheese crisps' for a snack tonight. Slices of cheap Creamfields emmental from Tesco, on an oiled baking tray, sprinkled with dried parsley or chives. Either bake at 180 till crisp or bake until soft, wrap them around the back of a wooden spoon into a curl then continue to bake until crisp (< 5 minutes).

StuntNun Wed 11-Sep-13 05:09:14

Lavender and Whodunnit if you like peanut butter then this almond butter is 6.5g carb per 100g. You can eat a teaspoon of it or have it in celery sticks once you're on Bootcamp Light.

Leftover steak Crabby? What's that?!

Kelly the odd carby food won't affect you too much so long as you don't go mad. For example don't say, Well I had some ice cream so I may as well have some ... as well. The analogy given last Bootcamp was, if you dropped your phone and chipped the screen then you don't jump up and down on it because it was already damaged so you may as well finish the job. Also beware of 'carb creep' where the carby treats sneak back in until the cumulative effect derails your weight loss.

Demented meat doesn't have to be expensive, Lidl do a box of 11 drumsticks for about £2.50 or you could make your own burgers - remember not to use lean mince.

I had 'cheese crisps' for a snack tonight. Slices of cheap Creamfields emmental from Tesco, on an oiled baking tray, sprinkled with dried parsley or chives. Either bake at 180 till crisp or bake until soft, wrap them around the back of a wooden spoon into a curl then continue to bake until crisp (< 5 minutes).

Purple2012 Wed 11-Sep-13 06:43:12

Thank you williewagger
Day 12 today. Still doing ok but having to make sure I eat enough. Only had carb cravings a couple of times but haven't given in.

I am a daily weigher and have lost 2lbs since Monday woo hoo

However I am at book club tonight and someone else is catering. The last time I went to her house she asked what I cold eat which I thought was very considerate so I emailed her what I eat.
There was lasagne and crumble!

Sometimes events are out of your control. I just eat mindfully on such occasions and drink LOADS of water then plan a strict day the next day to counterbalance

sybilfaulty Wed 11-Sep-13 07:01:31

Just nipping on to report that I have dropped 4lb since Monday! Was a bloated balloon then but look far flatter and less barrel shaped now.

Have a great day everyone.

SteppingOnLego Wed 11-Sep-13 07:15:46

Hi-de-hi (boot)campers!

This thread has come up with the answer to my prayers. Having my first bulletproof coffee after reading about it here - never heard of it before. Made proper coffee then blended it in the blender with a big teaspoon each of butter and coconut oil. It's lovely. All creamy and a bit frothy like a latte. Not missing milk now.

I was feeling a bit rubbish yesterday evening, horrible headache. Is that to be expected or did I not drink enough. Had 2L water plus 2 big mugs of fennel tea. More water needed? On the plus side my stomach is already much flatter so that is spurring me on.

Lavenderhoney Wed 11-Sep-13 07:28:52

Thankyou stuntnun- I might have a go at making my own in the blender. Might be nice sprinkled on a salad or over some mozzarella cheese maybe?

I am a daily weigher, although I know weight fluctuates- today I feel and look slimmer ( my dress isn't as tight round the middle for a start- but I am a few pounds heavier. Must be the watersmile

Speaking of which, am heading for more water now...

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 08:07:23

Headaches and generally feeling rubbish are all signs of carb withdrawal - aka 'carb flu'.

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, keeping your fat intake up and also that you're getting enough sodium (salt). Cook with salt, add it to your food and/or try making a hot drink from Oxo or Marmite or Bovril.

But it will soon pass, and by the end of this week you should be feeling fine.

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 08:09:47

Oh, and by the way:


Seriously folks, this is really important. During these first two weeks we are doing two things:

1 - switching our body from burning carbs to burning fat - to achieve this, we need to get our carb levels down really low, which is why the first two weeks are really strict

2 - 'turning off' our sweet tooth, or at least our fondness for sweet things. If you keep eating fruit you are not allowing this to happen - you are just delaying things and you are likely to be raising the level of carbs that you are eating, hence also undoing (1)

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 08:12:46

And something else that is really important, throughout Bootcamp, not just the first two weeks - please don't go hungry. This is not a WOE that is about deprivation or, at this stage, calorie reduction.

If you are hungry it is a sign that you haven't eaten enough, and usually that you haven't eaten enough fat.

Once you are properly ketogenically adapted, i.e. your body is burning fat rather than carbs, you will find that your appetite is much reduced, and that you simply aren't hungry - even at mealtimes this may be the case. But in the build up to this stage, or at any other time during Bootcamp, the mantra is:

If you're hungry, eat!

Obviously make sure you're eating low carb stuff ... grin

Poppy162428 Wed 11-Sep-13 08:23:27

I'm actually not hungry this morning, although I will eat something. Does that mean the diet is working?

catinboots Wed 11-Sep-13 08:25:00

Morning BIWI!

I just had a yummola breakfast.

2 rashers of bacon diced and mixed into buttery scrambled eggs. Small cube of feta crumbled over the top. Black pepper. Half a small tomato (30g) diced and mixed with tobasco as a sort of salsa on the side....

bettybigballs Wed 11-Sep-13 08:30:18

Morning campers, hope everyone's ok? Kelly & whodunit - I'm also a stealth dieter, don't tell a soul what I'm doing and most of the time get away with it. It's strangely only work people who asked - mainly because I don't eat the free toast and cereal at work. DH has never noticed, I just say I don't really feel like eating rice, potatoes etc.

Yesterday was ok but I did have a forbidden glass of wine. Lots of water to make amends today.

B: ham mushroom omelette
L: chicken salad with lots of olive oil
No dInner as I'm out so have salami, a babybel and celery and pâté to snack on

Have a good weds!

Roobot Wed 11-Sep-13 09:05:51

So i know that carb flu makes u feel rubbish, but I have a snotty nose and a scratchy throat. Is this linked or has my petri dish daughter brought a cold home from her new nursery?!

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 09:10:37

Poppy - I would say so! But it's still important to have something to eat, even if it's just something small.

The reason why breakfast is so important in Bootcamp is that we're trying to make sure that our blood sugar levels are kept stable. Once we have stopped them spiking/dropping (caused by the release insulin), then we will not be hungry. Well, obviously you will be hungry when you need food which, usually and hopefully will be at mealtimes.

It's a very common misconception that we are hungry because our stomachs are empty. In actual fact, we are hungry because our hormones tell us that we are hungry. And having low blood sugar, a direct effect of a huge release of insulin to deal with eating lots of carbs in one go, is what will trigger the feeling.

So you may not feel hungry first thing, but chances are that if you don't eat, you will soon start to get hungry, and if you haven't planned to eat anything, you much more likely to end up grabbing whatever is to hand. And it's very likely in our carb-driven world that this will end up being a biscuit or a piece of toast!

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 09:16:00
silverangel Wed 11-Sep-13 09:20:37

Morning all,

I made a chilli last night with shallots, tiny bit of tom puree and stock and then absent mindedly added a tin of kidney beans. Ate a fair few before I realised – I’m guessing they are a massive no no?

On the other hand the THIRST has kicked in big time so does that mean I’m in ketosis already?

B – egg frittata type thing
L – egg frittata type thing with salad and garlic mayo
D – beef stir fry with buttered green veg
S- low carb sausage

Abd about 10l of water to try and deal with the dry mouth!

Hope everyone has a good day.

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 09:24:19

Don't worry, silverangel, things like that will happen until you're completely used to it!

If the thirst has struck, it's a sign that you're not eating enough sodium - make sure you're using salt in and on your food; also make sure you're getting enough potassium and magnesium - salmon, avocado and spinach are good low carb sources of these.

And keep up your fat levels - looks like your day could be a little low in fat. Have an oily dressing on your salad and make sure that you use plenty of fat in your stir-fry. Coconut oil is lovely with a stir-fry!

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 09:29:50
stinkerfromhove Wed 11-Sep-13 09:39:39

Can anyone tell me how to find the "resources tab" at the bottom of the dpreadsheet please? I have looked and looked - must be going senile!

I made a lovely Jamaican oxtail stew last night:

2lb oxtails
4 teaspoons mushed garlic
4 sprigs fresh thyme
1 spring onion sliced thinly
1 scotch bonnet pepper
Tbsp coconut oil (I used virgin for the flavour)
1 echalion shallot chopped
1 medium carrot chopped
2 tomatoes chopped
Handful of chopped green beans

Marinate the Oxtail in the garlic, thyme, spring onion, scotch bonnet, allspice and coconut oil and sit for a couple of hours (overnight would probably be even better)
Brown the oxtails, then add the rest of the marinade to fry off a little.
Add carrot, shallot and tomatoes and fry for a minute or so.
Add enough water to almost cover and simmer for 3 hours.
Add green beans and cook for a further 5 minutes.

I think cauliflower rice would go really well but I just had a big bowlful on its own - this served 2 greedy people with a half portion left which I have just added water and some chili sauce to to make a spicy soup for breakfast.

*tbsp of Allspice should be in the ingredients list, sorry!

And salt and pepper! 1/2 a tsp of each in the marinade.
Gosh I'm rubbish at this!

Cherrypi Wed 11-Sep-13 09:59:27

Morning all. Carb flu has hit me today. I thought I would avoid it as I was low carbing anyway but I think I was kidding myself. Half a block of dark chocolate in one sitting etc. confused Scales say 2lb loss since Monday and my very tight trousers are loose today. Yay. First test today is resisting the fab flapjacks at work.

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 10:08:38

Chocolate? shock

Not till after these first two weeks!

Ooh add to recipe thread bullet!

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 11-Sep-13 10:25:20

grin Stunt the steak was from Saturday night - DP made extra, so a little piece of fillet for DD yesterday and a bigger bit of rump/sirloin left to have in a stir fry. It was lovely and tender and rare. <<drools>>

Interesting articles again BIWI.

That stew looks lovely Bullet!

grin at "my petri dish daughter"!

4lbs off since Monday, which is good. Feeling massively anxious and irritable this morning though, don't know why. sad

BIWI Wed 11-Sep-13 10:26:22

It's carb flu, Crabby. Water, fat, salt - you know the drill!

daisychicken Wed 11-Sep-13 10:38:36

Where do you find Oxtails Bullet? I have a morrisons, tesco and lidl within walking distance (& waitrose from October!) smile

Had cauli cheese last night with a pork steak -yummy!!! I'm having the leftovers tonight while everyone else has boring old pasta wink oh and I also have the last portion of broccoli, kale and Stilton soup for lunch!

I'm in a soup mood now the weather is cooling so am planning to try a different soup each week - cream of mushroom is next!

StuntNun Wed 11-Sep-13 10:56:04

Daisy I have to get my butcher to order it in specially. I feel like I'm doing something illicit when I sidle up the meat counter and ask him to get me some oxtail.

I like the way this Dr Briffa article describes low carbing as 'throwing a big fat log on the fire in the morning' rather than 'carbohydrate kindling throughout the day'.

ofcoursethisisanamechange Wed 11-Sep-13 11:09:58

have a question on double cream- can we have some whipped with a bit of vanilla in it? it's purely psychological but I am searching for a treat to have

How did you do cauli cheese, Daisy? I was thinking of that but not sure how to get around the flour in the white sauce... did you just melt cheese over it?

Morning all.

Sneaky weigh in this morning - 2.5 lbs off. Yay!

Woke up thirsty this morning. Had forgotten that bit. Had full glass of water before I even put the kettle on. Will try and remember to have warm water with a couple of drops of lemon juice tomorrow instead of tea.

B was egg mayonnaise.
L will be salad and some of the nice bits I bought in M&S yesterday
D leftover beef stroganoff with cabbage

PasstheTwiglets there is a recipe for cauliflower cheese on th recipe thread.

Oh - a lot of the recipes from the Bootcamp recipe thread are on the MN food section too under Low-carb recipes.

daisychicken Wed 11-Sep-13 11:23:49

We don't have a good "cheap" butcher any more and the closest 2 are "award winning" but very expensive and the 2 closest farm shops are also expensive (horrible memories of a £12 chicken that I was too embarrassed to say 'no thanks'!!!)... so I am stuck with supermarkets. Morrisons and lidl seem pretty good with cheaper cuts and I used to order from Ocado & so found waitrose did sell cheaper cuts as well...

pass I use cream cheese with some cream to make a creamy sauce on a low heat and then add cheddar or Stilton or feta to make it a bit more cheesy - the stronger the cheese, the less you need - just stir till melted. I then add a tsp of whole grain mustard and black pepper, stir and pour over cauliflower. An a4 sized dish will give us 6 portions with either a portion of meat (1 sausage is enough for me to give an idea of amount) or for the carb eaters a baked potato.

Cherrypi Wed 11-Sep-13 11:24:11

Don't worry BIWI chocolate was last week. I've been good all three days so far promise. (Don't hit me with the big stick)