Week 7 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - Hurtling to the Finish Line!

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BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 08:32:28

Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend and that there wasn't too much cheating! grin

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

So we have four weeks left. Time to shed a good few more pounds if you stick to the rules

I go on holiday in less than three weeks, so it's nose to the grindstone for me from now on.

sybilfaulty Mon 10-Jun-13 08:44:20

Thanks for the thread BIWI.

I have stuck fairly rigidly to the plan (apart from 2 hula hoops and some booze at the weekend) but didn't weigh before I drank my first pint. I'll do so tomorrow.

I even made 2 pavlovas, brownies and a victoria sponge for various events this weekend and didn't touch any of them. They don't really hold any appeal for me any more. Pork scratchings, on the other hand.....

Hope everyone has a good week.

thanks for the new thread biwi!

i'm on a countdown to the wedding of the century (for my family) at the end of this month. it's in a fancy schmancy hotel and will be a total boozefest and the food will be fabulous. i reckon i can shed a few more lbs before then, or at least feel nice and lean and non-bloated which is much more important

snowballinashoebox Mon 10-Jun-13 08:56:52

STS this week but everything is feeling more slinky!

tigerchair Mon 10-Jun-13 08:57:52

Hi, I'd like to join in please. I've weighed this morning and I'm 10st 8.5lbs, would like to be closer to 9.5 stone. Have been eating higher protein/reduced carbs meals recently and it definitely works however think I need to be even stricter to see those lbs and inches melt off properly!!

Would someone be able to add me to the spreadsheet or tell me how to do it? Thanks smile

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 09:04:01

Morning. 2lb off for me this week. Slowly and surely it's dropping off smile

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 09:05:18

Yay! Slow and sure is the best way, couch25cakes - more likely to stay off apparently.

you should be in there tiger

tigerchair Mon 10-Jun-13 09:24:31

Thanks Willie, have added my weight in smile

Have just started off day one with coffee and coconut oil, then bacon and eggs... Yum smile

kiwigirl42 Mon 10-Jun-13 09:34:21

I'm down to what I was the week before last (last week I managed to put on 5lbs which was gone 3 days later) so I've sts but really feel lighter and slimmer this week.

I'm sticking to bootcamp (not the relaxed one) so happy to just eat healthily on this WOE and be patient.

Plus I'm going completly off plan this Saturday night for first time - have something called a salted caramel chocolate nemesis waiting for me! yumbo!

decaffwithcream Mon 10-Jun-13 09:34:44

Morning. have added in a pound loss. A pound is still another pound down.

Have a horrible suspicion that yoghurt makes me stall - I start most days with lidl yoghurt. Going to test out the theory and hope if it's true maybe i can reintroduce cheese and cream as yoghurt may be the culprit

Am definitely not speaking to my scales today.

Wavering between 14 6 and 14 8! Am taking 14 6!

And can anyone explain this please - 14 stone is 196lbs. So 14 6 should be 202lbs. But if I switch my scales to lbs I am 206. Which is 14 10! Bloody thing.

Anyway - am very bloated today too so am assuming it will all disappear at some stage. I drank 11 glasses of water yesterday too!

Food yesterday was
B - clotted cream with blueberries and flaxseeds
L - courgette,feta and asparagus salad with a cold sausage and a chicken kebab
D - fried chicken with lovely crispy buttery skin and salad
S - cheese
11 glasses of water (I am going to start posting my water intake to keep focussed on it)

Have been for my run and am about to have breakfast which will be smoked salmon roulades things which need using up.

Sybilfaulty - I admire your restraint - no way could I make all that and not have some!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 09:50:28

Thanks to BIWI for new thread and Willie for spreadsheet fabulousness. wink

2lbs off this week. Would like it to be more, but have been less strict with my food - berries, nuts etc - and have been drinking wine at the weekends so can't complain too much. That's a total of 12lbs off since I started bootcamp (I joined on 7th May, so 5 weeks tomorrow).

Actually when I look at it like that, that's pretty bloody good really, isn't it?
<<kicks self firmly up arse>>
12lbs in 5 weeks with my birthday weekend totally off the wagon (gained 3lbs) and one other evening early on when went to dinner with someone and had a carby meal.

Right, onwards and upwards. Going to devise lots of interesting things to do with gammon this week, as we've got a ton of leftovers. Went to our local pick your own farm at the weekend and got a huge bag of asparagus (enough to generously feed five adults and still have enough for two generous portions left over) plus a round two large punnet's worth of strawberries, all for £8. It would have cost twice that in the supermarket, and they tasted so fresh and vibrant. If you've got one near you, get out there people! It's rather good fun cropping it yourself, too - stalking the best asparagus spears and rifling through the leaves looking for the ripest strawberries. It made me feel all hunter-gathery. grin

Still away from the scales, so have put myself down as STS this week. This'll be my 3rd week of ding 5:2 as well as low carbing - am really hoping to see a bit of a drop in weight once I manage to weigh myself!

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 10:03:55

grin at self-kicking! (My job here is done ...)

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 10:04:36

Buda - could it be that you have a dairy problem? Lots of cheese I notice ...

(And I'd junk those scales if I were you - they don't seem to be your friend grin)

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 10:06:45

Well done everyone.
I'm getting my head round losing slowly, it's such a shift in thinking on this WOE, isn't it?
Possibly a funny question -does anyone else feeling the cold more since dropping carbs? The weather's been so nice here last week but I've been feeling chilly? I was wondering if there is any correlation to fewer sugars/energy burning?

I have today at work to get over my massive strop that I developed last night grin and which is still going strong (not helped by PMT). Our garden when we bought our house was a jungle with unruly trees and huge hedges. We have been working really hard to tame it and this year we've got to the point where I've been able to plant shrubs and try to develop the beds (lots of soil improving, pulling endless weeds etc). Filling the beds has been quite expensive and very time consuming. I bought a half dead budleia and have been nurturing it over the last 6 weeks, and was delighted to see that its started to shoot- only for dh to get trigger happy on the strimmer and totally cut it down on Saturday. Then, he managed to completely trample over another young shrub that had started to grow in the hardest part of the garden and snapped half of it! I'm so bloody cross with him! And breathe.

QueenofDreams Mon 10-Jun-13 10:12:13

Breakfast:2 bacon, sliced courgette in cream cheese, egg fried in butter
Lunch: leftover roast lamb with something veg wise
Dinner: no idea yet.

well done to everyone losing weight and staying the same! I could have had a much bigger loss this week, but I undid some of it by having sweet wine on Saturday night. I think I'm going to avoid wine next weekend.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 10:13:59

Millie you asked about eggs in clouds
I made them for all of us yesterday morning; DP, fussy DD and DD's friend who eats like an anorexic bird, and they all loved them!

One other thing, can someone give me a little pat on the back please. I know that this doesn't sound like much, but I'm really proud of myself... it has now been a week since I last took any codeine-based painkillers for my back. I don't think I've had a week without taking any since I started taking them at about 14. shock

It started with someone saying that they might cause water retention and slow weight loss (they're co-dydramol so paracetamol and codeine) and I thought I'd try to get through a couple of days without (always take one or two doses per day). Then as the week went on I started using my tens machine more and more and found that my back was actually feeling better. Then Friday walked the dog with friend (a longer walk so usually take them prophylactically) without anything and had no pain or discomfort. shock Buoyed up by this, I picked a hilly walk yesterday (fucking hate hills, they really make it hurt) to see if I could do it with just the tens machine, and I did! Back is stiff and sore in evenings, but this is a huge step forward for me. I've been feeling so much more positive and clear-headed that I've had the confidence to try and cope without them, for which I thank this WOE and this lovely, supportive thread. smile

Next step, try to wean off the ADs. wink

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 10-Jun-13 10:14:39

I've put on 2lb this week sad

Total, blueberries and flaxseed for breakfast. I'm going to try and go easy on the cheese this week.

c25c - yes to feeling the cold more. i think it's because (for me) i'm more stable hormonally, so i have fewer changes in body temp that aren't related to the external environment. in my totally unscientific opinion.

QueenofDreams Mon 10-Jun-13 10:17:27

Couch, the sky has been blue but the winds have been bloody cold! DP was feeling it and commenting about how cold it is for June, even when the sun is out so I personally don't think it's anything to do with dropping carbs. Besides which people in very cold climes tend to eat very fat rich diets to keep warm. In Russia one of the traditional dishes is lard fried in butter and served with cream. I kid you not, one of my uni lecturers told us this - she specialises in Russian history and spent a lot of time there in the 80s

maybe go easy on the berries and flaxseed too, Ray?

I was wondering about dairy BIWI. Was planning on sort of ubercamping from today but then remembered I had those smoked salmon roulades to use. But I haven't bought any yoghurt or cream this week and will cut out cheese too.

I can't junk yet another set of scales. Will stick to the stones/pounds setting and go for an average reading. I know I'm losing and it's not all about the scales is it? I noticed over the weekend that I look a lot less bulky around my shoulders and neck. And other than being bloated today generally my stomach doesn't stick out more than my boobs anymore! And the jeans I had on yesterday kept falling down and are really baggy in the bum.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 10:26:12

Couch god I feel your pain - I'd be raging! Our garden is quite wild, but that's exactly how we like it. We have three big comfrey plants (I know a lot of people consider them weeds, but I don't!) which I planted a couple of years ago and are just coming into flower (the bees really love them). Went out the other evening and DP had cut down about two thirds of one. shock he said he was letting some sunlight in to the cherry tree they're in front on. The sun shines from the other side of the fence you fucking numpty and trees don't need light at their base, they need it on their leaves. I was absolutely raging and had to go away so that I didn't really have a go at him. We very rarely row but it was bloody close on that occasion. angry angry I told him to go to his allotment and cut down whatever he likes, but not to cut down anything that flowers in the garden without clearing it with me first!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 10:29:00

I agree that the winds have been bloody cold - north easterly and really cutting, even with lovely blue skies.

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 10-Jun-13 10:37:41

Yes willie I will. It's all I have in for breakfast today though. (Supermarketing later)
I think the 2lbs are from my weekend away - so I am not too surprised.

Negroni Mon 10-Jun-13 10:39:33

Hello, my first week on the spreadsheet and I am 154lbs/ 11 stone - please can I be added to the spreadsheet? Thank you!

Thanks BIWI for the encouragement. Just wish - like everyone, I am sure - that weight would drop off faster! When I got on the scales this morning, they wobbled around the 10 stone 13 mark before settling at 11 stone and was a bit gutted as haven't been under 11 stone for over 2 years so fingers crossed for next week.

This week on a strictish bootcamp - no berries, no dairy (except butter), no booze, in last ditch attempt to drop pounds before buying outfit for an event. Is anyone else having a strictish week too?

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 10:41:15

Willie, can you enter my 2lb loss when you're next on the s/s please? It's too hi tech for my work software.

Negroni - I am! Avoiding dairy too and no booze or berries. Lots of water too.

Will also be taking magnesium and vit c to ward of constipation which I am prone to on this way of eating.

daisychicken Mon 10-Jun-13 10:48:42

Could someone add me to the SS please - I can't seem to do it on the iPad. Last week was 9st6, I haven't weighed this week yet.

Had a blip last night.. went to a friends and had chocolate.... I would have had peanuts as a snack but DH bought nut m&m's for some unknown reason - he knows I'm low carb'ing.......

B/L: bacon and egg
D: turmeric chicken with green beans
S: handful peanuts, yog & berries & drasted m&m's

B: yog & berries, small piece cheese
L: asparagus quiche & salad
D: L/O turmeric chicken with green beans
S: handful peanuts

Negroni Mon 10-Jun-13 11:03:49

Cider - excellent. We must encourage each other! This morning did not start so well as had half a cup of coffee DP had made me before realising that it had milk in so I am going to have to be extra vigilant. I think I have just got used to eating slices of cheese here and there... and having a small glass of red wine/ mini whisky of an evening.

So far 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast and a lunch of mackerel and brocolli - which is not yet filling me with excitment. Peanut M&Ms on the other hand....

timidviper Mon 10-Jun-13 11:10:06

Couch Your DH sounds like mine, he has a scorched earth approach to gardening, I have lost more plants to him weeding (i.e. pulling out anything green) and trimming (i.e. hacking) than I care to remember.

I have been away this weekend and eaten disgustingly (I should be posting BIWI forgive me for I have sinned!) but weighed before I went so now have a week to repair the damage grin

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Mon 10-Jun-13 11:14:54

Morning all. Struggling today as I only got about 3 hours sleep due to horrible period pain and insomnia. I had drunk 3 glasses of water when I first got up without realising, so will weigh tomorrow. Child delivered to school with correct kit and books, dog walked and home for a big breakfast and maybe a power nap in a wee while
B 2 sausages, egg, mushrooms and a couple of baby tomatoes, all fried in butter with a splash of oil (to stop the butter burning)

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow, O forgot to weigh before gym so I didn't bother this morning.

thebestpossibletaste Mon 10-Jun-13 11:47:06

Thanks for adding me to the spreadsheet. I've added my weight in as starting today (although have been eating strict low carb for the past five days and lost 2 and 1/2 lbs when I weighed myself this morning so pleased with that, as I've had had horrendous period cramps and cravings all weekend, but didn't give in).

Yesterday I had bacon, an egg and fried tomato for breakfast, just some parma ham for lunch and fried chicken with salad for dinner. Drank lots of black decaff coffee and water. Had a small snack later of 2 rashers bacon and one fried egg later as I was craving something sweet!

middleagedspread Mon 10-Jun-13 11:58:46

Morning All
4lbs down for me this week, although due to my carb party at half term I think it's the equivalent of week one for my body.
Have been strict with the 80% & Salted Almonds.
Onwards & downwards.

Negroni Mon 10-Jun-13 12:03:05

Willie - thank you for adding me to the spreadsheet smile

TrixyPixie Mon 10-Jun-13 12:42:34

Hello - can I join you? I have been lurking and feeling inspired. Now is time to go for it myself! Lots and lots and lots to lose.

I have LC'd relatively successfully before but I tend to fall off the wagon when I hit week 3/4 and STS. Finding BIWI's comments on this very reassuring and will see any plateaus out this time.

Have added myself to spreadsheet.

Breakfast of 2 pieces of bacon, 2 fried eggs and creamy mushrooms was so lovely I almost licked the plate!

Good luck to everyone weighing today.

maidofmuss Mon 10-Jun-13 12:45:36

Hi all!
middle - that's a great weekly loss. Well done you!
Crabby - huge pat on back for going without painkillers – really impressive. Would be great if you can reduce the dose
Cider and Negroni - am going to try to strict bootcamp too for next three days as do want to lose more and get in that skirt!
My scales were wayward again this morning. Fluctuated between 11st13 and 12st 2, so am going to put myself down as 12st 1 - which is a llb up for me. A bit dispiriting but then I did drink/eat bit too much over the weekend so I've only myself to blame. New day today.
B/L (had to rush out) scrambled eggs and mushroooms in butter
D tbc May see if the Sainsbury deal on lamb steaks still on and have with buttered greens

prettybird Mon 10-Jun-13 12:52:38

Adding myself to this thread but not going to weigh in until tomorrow nothing to do with the amount of wine I drank over the sunny weekend, oh no, not me winkhmm]blushgrin

EwanHoozami Mon 10-Jun-13 12:53:14

Just popping in to say hello - I've been off-plan for a while due to RL stuff but am getting back on track today.

B - total yog
L - smoked salmon scraps and basil omelette
D - spinach and paneer curry

Welcome, trixy

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 13:10:11

Thank you Maid! smile smile I thought nobody was going to give me the validation I was craving! grin

Just worked out that I've been on them (co-proxamol for first five years or so, then co-dydramol) for over 25 years. shock shock I'm pretty vigilant about how many I take, but it's terrifying to think of how I was when I was a teenager - I took them like smarties and was drinking a lot too. My poor adolescent liver. sad

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 13:19:44

Crabby - be aware that weaning yourself off them after you have been on them so long might result in withdrawal headaches in the short term. Codine is highly addictive. That said i am currently back taking it as i really do feel like i have been hit by a bus today. I am planning on not doing too much now. Just paperwork. Although sleep is highly tempting.

B: 2 eggs scrambled
L: 2 sausages and a fried egg.

anchovies Mon 10-Jun-13 13:27:41

Hey all, STS this week but have been on holiday so am pleased overall. Stuck to the rules but did drink a fair bit of wine. Still very pleased to be a full stone down though!

ZimboMum Mon 10-Jun-13 13:37:31

Hi all, signing in. Sts this week which is more than I deserve. Onwards and downwards losers. grin

captainmummy Mon 10-Jun-13 13:42:07

Couch25- only wanted to say, it's very hard to kill a buddleia! Even a hard prune will only see it bounce back next year (that's why you see them everywhere along railway sidings - they are unstoppable!)

Crabby - that's great about your back! Any thoughts on why?

Week 7 - not long now

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 13:55:08

captain - thanks for that. It was strimmed to the ground though but I'll not completely give up on it.

I'm calming down now, think I'll go to the garden centre after work and buy a couple of new shubs. And a pot for my trampled/snapped plant. And I'll present DH with the bill and a set of instructoins for replanting them - if he's paid for and planted them he may at least remember them. As for the trampled plant, I'm wondering whether if I 'bandage' the half snapped stems with something like paper tape and stake them up, if they could recover. It's half upright and half on the ground so not toally dead.

There's someone back from holiday at work and a strawberry and rhubarb crumble cake at the end of the row of desks which I'm doing a good job of ignoring so far.....

muffinheaven Mon 10-Jun-13 14:51:20

Hi, I've been following this for past 2 weeks and have lost 5 lb so far. Can anyone tell me if I just carry on eating as I have been or do I add more carby food in now I'm on week 3 ? I can't find a link to read about week 3 but I seem to have it in my head that I need to do something different this week !! Thanks!!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 14:58:55

Thanks New, I do try to have days free of them as often as possible, (or only take a dose at night), so I don't get tolerant to the point where I get really bad headaches when I don't take them. I usually do get headaches quite often (I expect linked with the codeine and probably dehydration too) which I then took codeine for, of course. hmm I've had fewer headaches overall since I started this WOE, presumably because I'm drinking loads of water, and none at all this week without the codeine! shock

captain thank you. I think it's a combination of things. Firstly my state of mind makes a big difference in both how much discomfort/pain I can tolerate before I reach for the painkillers, and also in my posture (which then exacerbates my back pain if it's bad). When I'm tense and low I've realised how much I hunch and slouch, and I think my pain threshold is lower. When I'm feeling good mentally I will put up with more before I pop the pills. Also, when I'm feeling better my posture is more naturally open, and I make more of an effort to stand and walk well, correct my posture (I have a curved spine so I'm a bit wonky) and do my stretches/exercises. I wish I had as much oomph and dedication to exercise as New has, but I'm a lazy cow. grin

I used to take them most nights, too, as I don't usually sleep well and then the pain would niggle at me. But since I started this WOE I've been sleeping ever so much better, so have cut that out too. smile

All hail low carbing and Bootcamp!
<<bows down >>

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 15:00:53

muffin if you're losing weight and happy with what you're eating, then I'd stick with it. Some people do bootcamp light at weekends (or all the time after the first few weeks) - it's up to you really. Rules are on the spreadsheet.

Crabby - meant to say well done on reducing the painkillers. Tell me to sod off or that you have already tried everything but have you tried a chiropractor? I find it really good if I have any issues with my back.

Although years ago when we lived in Vietnam I was in absolute agony with my upper spine with pain radiating all down my arm and was popping codeine like they were smarties. I had an MRI and surgery was recommended. Gp said to avoid as long as possible. Flew home to Dublin and my dad found me a 'healer'. As I was sitting in a chair with a yellow hard hat on with a red light shining out of it, I did question his sanity! Anyway red light was just to help the guy figure out how much movement I had in my neck. So he proceeded to poke me really hard (it hurt!) in various places and flick the bad energy away. hmm He said he was also turning on the body's natural pain killers. I was naturally a wee bit sceptical. But my god it worked! Went from being able to turn my head about 36 degrees on one side and 40 on the other to 85 after one treatment. Had a few more treatments and the issue went away. I was totally amazed.

The issue recurred last year (about 15 years later) and I went to a chiropractor and he sorted it again.

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 15:52:23

grin crabby It is easy to be motivated if you are in less pain if you do the stupid exercises. I hate physio exercises they are soooo tedious. Have been doing them daily for most my life and probably will have to for the rest of my life. I have to admit I am skipping them today. Did a bit of sport specific stuff as was being graded but otherwise would have skipped that today. My biggest problem is knowing when to stop. I always push myself to the point of burnout before i realise i need to slow down. I need to find the middle ground where I do enough to be happy but rest enough to avoid burnout.

I have eaten a small salad (bit of lettice, some celery and some fish mayo stuff) The mayo stuff is probably a little on the high side carb wise but I have long training tomo which is going to be heavy on the cardiac side due to more grading type stuff at the weekend so figured as long as it was only a smidgen high it shouldn't be a big issue, especially as i am trying to avoid dairy today.

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 15:55:49

cider the image of some one sat wearing a yellow hat with a red light made me grin. I luffs my physio. he tells me off when it is needed but understands my need to do stupid things and then puts me back together with exercises and tape. lots and lots of tape He is magik.

berryfreeze Mon 10-Jun-13 16:32:24

Hi all, firstly want to say this bootcamp has been great, even though I don't post much it has given me great motivation and support.

2lb loss this week will update tomorrow on laptop, can't do it on phone.

Also want to check carb content of celeriac, when I check on internet it says 9g but on spreadsheet it is under 3g ( thinking I am looking at American sites?)

I had a visit from my lovely Grandad today, we went out for lunch and I had a chicken ceasar salad - so all good there. But he brought malteasers, white choc chip cookies, 2 huge custard fruit tarts and a meringuey creamy thing with him <sweats> they are all calling to to me! I've had to tell dp ( who is maintaining v well by LCing mon-fri and eating what he likes at the weekend) he has to break his LCing and eat it all so I don't. blush
We just don't have sugary stuff in the house usually because I want it if its there, I never even really think about it otherwise sad
I don't like DS eating too much sugar so I won't give it to him. he's already eaten a big strawberry ice cream with choc buttons and half of Grandads brownie DP is gonna have to take one for the team! grin

Berry, the 9g probably includes fibre and is american. Celeriac is definitely A-OK on this WOE smile

MollyMollyMolly Mon 10-Jun-13 17:23:08

Hi ladies....think I have added my name correctly to the spreadsheet of fabwhatsits!.
Biwi thanks for the help. I don't eat too many carbs....not a lot of bread or potatoes or rice or pasta.....my tummy doesn't like them.
But will drop them out completely and see what happens.

berryfreeze Mon 10-Jun-13 18:04:07

bullet thank you, just going to cut a few more for chips smile

decaffwithcream Mon 10-Jun-13 18:30:41

If dairy makes you stall, what do you do after ubercamp? Do you return to dairy but keep overall dairy reduced each day?

Have been ubercamping (apart from yoghurt 3 times in total) for a week and can't really do it much more!

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 18:34:12

It's up to you really, decaff - I'd probably return to dairy, but not every day and certainly in reduced quantities. What is it that you miss the most on ubercamp? Also, remember that ubercamp is not just about dairy, it's about very low carb - so I'd look to increase the carbs (via more veg/salad), which should also help make it more bearable! There is a reason why I made it only 3 days grin

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 18:34:56

I think the other thing I'd do is to add one form of dairy first - e.g. cheese - and see if that makes any difference before adding another form.

daisychicken Mon 10-Jun-13 18:47:47

Just weighed myself..... 3lbs down! 9st3 now so I'm a happy bunny! smile though I'm sure a lot of that was water wink

Thank you for adding me to the spreadsheet.... I'll see if I can update my details....

AngieAir Mon 10-Jun-13 18:49:20

Survived the week of no low carb options but have a horribly upset tummy. Positively looking forward to übercamp style eating for the next few days. no cheese is a big thing for me.

Have put myself as sts as no access to scales and have stocked up on cauliflower.

Did I mention that I feel hideous?

Marking place

middleagedspread Mon 10-Jun-13 18:59:08

dasiy I hope you are teeny tiny in stature or, at 9st 3 we shall have to tie you down & force-feed you bread, cereal & cake. BIWI will beat you with her stick.
Unless we all miraculously become 9st3 tomorrow morning smile

thebestpossibletaste Mon 10-Jun-13 19:22:45

Have at last had a chance to have a good read through the spreadsheet. Wow, it's a work of art! Such a lot of information! Thanks for putting it all together.

B - scrambled eggs and salad leaves
L - sardines (trying something new!) and salad incl mayo
D - salmon, celeriac mash & asparagus

All yum. I am also still really appreciating how I don't get hungry between meals, I don't start to think desperately about food between meals (the end of many another attempt to lose weight.) And it is really motivating to have these threads to share it all and keep us on track!

Bullet you know you could put all those sugary treats.... deep breath... in the bin! Your grandpa will never know

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 19:28:32

middleagedspread grin

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 19:28:44

Thank you Buda. smile
I am also grin at the image of the yellow hard hat with the red light on! I'm glad it helped you, back pain is so incapacitating.

I have indeed tried a chiropractor - in fact I started training to be one, around 15 years ago. grin The course failed to get accredited by the General Chiropractic Council (because it was crap!) so I transferred to herbal medicine instead (it was a health sciences degree with various different complementary medicine 'pathways').

Chiropractic and osteopathy are both helpful, but only in the very short term - I'd need to have fortnightly treatments forever and a day for it to be long term effective, and there's no way on earth I can afford that. My wonky spine does not want to stay aligned.

New I've been to a couple of physios and the last one was good - they had me assessed by a scoliosis specialist physio. They gave me some exercises to do but I'm much too lax about doing them. Must shape up!! blush I am full of envy admiration for your determination and application!

daisychicken Mon 10-Jun-13 19:29:16

Lol middleaged! I'm 5'2 and petite all over, pre-kids I was 8 stone... I'd like to be about 8st 4-6ish... just a comfortable level, low carb'ing all the time but able to have the odd treat smile

decaffwithcream Mon 10-Jun-13 19:30:16

Yes I now really understand why it's 3 days!!

I miss the ease of dairy - yoghurt needing no prep, cheese as a snack and stirring cream cheese into frying veg as a sauce, or having decaff coffee with cream as a snack. And creme fraiche as a dip.

I have a severely autistic child and preparing meals is sometimes just not possible - it's more a matter of assembling quickly when there's a chance to eat. This WOE has been very handy for reducing hunger and freeing me up more but removing the dairy has just made things that much harder.

I suppose i could add nuts instead of dairy, I haven't moved to nuts/berries yet but maybe I'd tolerate them better than dairy.

maidofmuss Mon 10-Jun-13 19:36:32

Just logging in meals (to keep me focussed)
B/L Scrambled eggs/mushrooms
D leftover chicken, veg rolled in cabbage leaves with cream/bit of parmesan (forgot I was supposed to be ubercamping!)
Not enough water. Going to drink at least 3 glasses now.

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 19:53:18

Forgive me for I have sinned blush
I succumbed to a cupcake when we were out for coffee. BUT it tasted horrible- so sweet and artificial and nasty shock is that what cupcake icing tastes like to normal people?? I had about a quarter and binned it. Not doing that again!

decaffwithcream Mon 10-Jun-13 20:03:17

I did like sweet enough stuff including normal icing but cupcakes are something else entirely. Revoltingly sweet. I only crave dark chocolate now though.

thebestpossibletaste Mon 10-Jun-13 20:12:03

I had bacon, egg and fried tomato for breakfast, Parma ham for lunch (was in a hurry) and pork steak with spinach, green beans and sugar snap peas for dinner. Lots of black Decaff coffee (does it count towards my 2.5 l of water?) and water.

Just given in to a bit of 80% dark chocolate and whipped cream - damage limitation!

VikingLady Mon 10-Jun-13 20:37:56

I've lost nothing sad

Had a bad weekend, nothing on Sunday I could eat for lunch so ended up with toast (visiting sick PIL), then too depressed to be bothered cooking and had chinese as DP had ordered for himself already. Plus the wine.......

Back on course today though. Next week I'll take a packed lunch and get dinner ready in advance!

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 21:13:56

crabby your kind words have helped tonight. I have had a hideous pain level kinda day and I popped on line to distract myself from the point of tears cheating. There is all sorts of stuff in the house for being a sugary twat. I was considering just saying fuck it and falling into a bowl of ice cream and syrup yes i know blush I know i don't want them I know exactly what the problem is and it is not that i actually need sugar or food. So seeing the words have helped to steal my determination to stick to this woe tonight. thanks.

TreeLuLa Mon 10-Jun-13 21:38:22

Lost a lb.

Have committed with a friend to exercise twice a week - don't do any at the moment so will be an improvement!

Well done all you losers grin

I had wine. Almost a bottle. And it's Monday. DH is going away tomorrow until late Friday and we were cooking and chatting and he opened the wine and I took out two glasses. It was nice though. And when I did WW weigh in day was treat day so am doing the same! Have a week to recover! Bad I know but it was so nice to sit and chat over a few glasses of wine.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 22:04:06

New you are so welcome! I'm glad that I could be of any help, and so sorry to hear you're in such pain. Step away from the syrup... you know it makes sense... grin Does a night of rest help the pain? You'll certainly feel mentally better today if you avoid falling face-first into sugary twatdom, and hopefully you'll feel physically better too. flowers

grin at middle forcefeeding daisy.

Decaff nuts would be a good grab-when-you've-got-a-minute snack. I read somewhere that they aren't well absorbed and therefore don't elevate blood sugar as much as the carb content would suggest. I need to look into that more though.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 10-Jun-13 22:06:16

Buda that sounds like a fine reason to me, and you'll have the memory of a pleasant evening together to last you the week he's away.

thebestpossibletaste Mon 10-Jun-13 22:14:04

Well done New, I know that feeling too, but the ice cream and syrup won't help. It's all in our minds, isn't it? Hope posting here will help ou.

newlark Mon 10-Jun-13 22:14:45

signing in - up 1lb this week but have had visitors and lots of trips to coffee shops blush. Going to try to be stricter this week...

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 22:37:04

It did help thebestpossible Drank some water, made a hot water bottle ate some babybel cheese and then starting sorting a few bits out. Crabby in theory a good night's sleep helps but tbh i have pushed myself far to far into burnout and i know that it will be a least a week if not two before i start to feel a bit better. Need to sort a plan for the week that takes into account as much rest as possible. Whilst allowing me to get essential stuff done.

I need someone who can act like BIWI and the rest of the thread to sort the rest of my life out. This thread is brilliant for advice, straight talking, kicks in ass as needed as well as kinda words and support. The food and eating aspect is starting to get controlled. Just the rest of it needs a magic wand blush

couch25cakes Mon 10-Jun-13 22:59:25

I agree this is a wonderful thread
<whispers in a wobbly voice> what happens at the end of boot camp? Are we thrown out to fend for ourselves?

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 23:05:22


No, don't worry - we will carry on chatting! What's happened with all the other ones is that we keep a general chat thread going until it's time for the next Bootcamp. (Which I haven't thought about at all yet - but I guess will probably be starting in around October, as a run up to Christmas)

NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 23:12:22

Bloody hell BIWI could we at least get summer out the way before you start throwing around the word christmas? shock Like the trauma of swim wear isn't enough you have to remind me there is the whole issue of christmas parties sad I will need some counselling or something at this rate. Oh the trauma....


BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 23:15:18

Sorry. <hangs head>

BIWI Mon 10-Jun-13 23:15:26


NewStartNewStory Mon 10-Jun-13 23:20:53


milliemoomay Tue 11-Jun-13 00:07:45

Hello <wave> - Week 7 already. !! It'll be chrimbo soon.

Biwi I'm in awe of your organisational skills and I like the idea of a general chat thread. This whole thing has been so brilliant, and it's really helping to transform me, physically and emotionally. Thank you - you're a star.

Well done on the walk sans painkillers Crabby. I love the eggs in clouds recipe but it's beyond my culinary, erm..'exepertise'. Separate an egg.. the mind boggles.

I'm weighing in tomorrow as I started on a Tuesday. How weird that I feel nervous?! hmm

muffinheaven Tue 11-Jun-13 00:15:49

Thanks crabby - I'll have another read of the rules but think I'll take your advice and stick to what I'm doing, got another 20lb to shift yet!!

Tigglette Tue 11-Jun-13 07:00:47

He folks, well done everyone on keeping going - I've STS for the past couple of weeks and didn't get a chance to weight yesterday. This morning I find I'm 5lbs lower! I've been definitely losing inches so the weight needed to catch up at some point, and it has! That makes 12lb this boot camp and 35lb since January. Happy days!

Tigglette Tue 11-Jun-13 07:02:30

Sorry, I've just completed the most fabulous spreadsheet and its actually 13lb this Bootcamp. Can we make it a stone - yes we can!

TheChocolateTeapot Tue 11-Jun-13 07:19:21

Tiglette - fantastic. Do you have any words of wisdom to share? For me it's a long, slow, two steps forward, one step back approach. I guess I'm about 6kg down since January but it is soooooo slow. Trying to console myself with the fact that I am now in my BMI range so that may explain it but I still want to shift another 4 kg in the next 5 weeks.

Well I STS again! I know it is because I stick to it well during the week and then go off plan completely at the weekend because there is always something going on. I am getting slightly better in these situations but need to work on it!!! At least I am maintaining and not putting on... In the long run I could live like this forever and be quite happy!

captainmummy Tue 11-Jun-13 08:13:01

I've lost a lb! Oh the joy! I've STS for sooo long (maintaining, I say!) and haven't lost the 3lb I put on at Easter. Well 1 have gone !!

TCT - it is slow, but that's a good thing! And 6kg is fantastic - that's over a stone.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 11-Jun-13 08:16:15

<<adopts very stern voice>>
MillieMoomay separating an egg is easy!
Have two bowls ready.
Carefully crack one side of the egg shell, just as if you were going to fry an egg.
From that split, pull the shell open slowly while holding it over one bowl.
The white will start to slide out. Let it, but keep the yolk in the shell.
When your egg shell is in two halves, you can pour the yolk back and forth between the halves until all the white is in the bowl.
Carefully tip the intact yolk into the other bowl.

Repeat with as many eggs as you like, using a separate little bowl for each yolk, but adding the whites all into the same bowl. Then you whisk the whites with a hand- held blender or whisk. It takes a few minutes with the electric whisk but ages by hand.

I bet you can video tutorials on youtube for separating an egg and for whisking whites too. wink

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 11-Jun-13 08:28:13

Yay Captain Well Done! smile

New well done on not being a sugary twat! grin Why do you think you push yourself to the point of burnout? In what way will it take you a week to recover? In terms of pain? Or exhaustion? Or both?

Well I weighed myself this morning as I ate loads of nuts yesterday and felt that I had overall a quite carby day. I'm about half a lb down so still showing as 11st 11lbs, but I am now in the wii's 'ideal' range rather than the 'overweight' range. It's a little victory (hell, got to cling to those!) but my mii now looks happy and it plays celebratory music when it shows my weight. I'm determined never to upset my mii again! grin

Yesterday's food
B - spicy nuts
L - boursin, tomatoes, pesto, slice parma ham
S - nuts again blush
D - gammon slices with buttered leeks, griddled asparagus and a creamy sage and mushroom sauce.
P - strawberries and clotted cream. Oh my!

I've always had a really sweet tooth and would have added sugar to that, but last night it tasted incredibly sweet just as it was.

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 08:35:04

How lovely having celebratory music!

But what does it play when you've put weight back on?!

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 08:36:14

I have had a long run of badness I'm afraid, so I haven't weighed this week. But as I now only have 2.5 weeks before I go on holiday, and there is a swimming pool involved in this holiday, Things Will Have To Start Getting Stricter chez BIWI.

Tigglette Tue 11-Jun-13 08:56:36

TCT no real words if wisdom, I just keep following the plan as best I can. In saying that there's been the odd slip or three among the way but by and large I keep a tight rein on the carbs. I do have a lot to loose though which does make it easier - I know I'll slow down at some point. I did loose just 1lb in three weeks though, the trick is not to loose focus because of the number on the scales.

Just keep going, that's all :-)

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 09:03:28

Hi everyone smile

I didn't have a very good first day sad
Had an upset stomach, felt really ill later on yesterday. Ate two meals according to the rules but got a real need for something starchy/sugary when my tummy ache eased and ended up having crisps/biscuits!!! Annoyed with myself because I have resisted these for the last few weeks but it found it impossible last night to cope with the craving. Dosed up with loperamide yesterday and feel a bit better. Hoping to make it to gym still today but don't think my tum could handle anything like bacon or eggs today. Anyone got a suggestion what might be more gentle on my stomach but still be ok for the rules?

decaffwithcream Tue 11-Jun-13 09:09:43

I find the lidl yoghurt good for an upset stomach - quite thick and creamy so sits in your stomach the way that starches do.

Or something like cream cheese or peanut butter on cucumber or on cheese slices?

decaffwithcream Tue 11-Jun-13 09:10:43

The lidl yoghurt is the one in a big bucket with a greek name and 10% fat btw. Some people use Total full fat either.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 11-Jun-13 09:11:39

BIWI it plays sad, reproachful music, to make you feel bad and fat! grin

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 09:13:21

Thanks decaff, I have some full fat greek yog in the fridge, think that might be a good idea smile

BerylStreep Tue 11-Jun-13 09:17:15

Yeeeesss!! Fist pumps all round!

I was 89.8kg on the scales this morning. I have finally broken through the 90kg mark after what seems like weeks of hovering. I didn't even need to remove my watch or rings!

TorrieLou Tue 11-Jun-13 09:33:31

HI All, I've been lurking on here for the last 6 weeks, following what you are all eating etc, I feel the time has come for me to reveal myself, as I weighed in this morning at 8st 3lb a loss of 9 lbs. My target is 7st 11lb which is what I should be according to scales in boots + I have holiday in 6 weeks I hate exercise so am relying on this WOE. Thanks all for your inspiration.

prettybird Tue 11-Jun-13 09:49:07

Übercamp due methinks BIWI grin

Negroni Tue 11-Jun-13 10:12:27

Wow Tigglette and congratulations to all the other losers. I think that is the key though, Tigglette, you just have to keep going.

This thread is really helping me on my strict bootcamp few days. Yesterday was fine but makes me realise how much I had got used to nibbling on cheese and using half a glass of wine as a treat - it was a dull day chez Negroni yesterday, but I did try celeriac for the very first time. Mashed it with some tuna and made celeriac and tuna fish cakes which I fried in butter - a success!

Beryl can't believe you weighed with rings and watch on. I even take my hair band off if I am wearing one to lose those extra grammes - ridiculous, I know hmm

thebestpossibletaste Tue 11-Jun-13 10:40:45

I've never tried celeriac Negroni because our local supermarkets don't stock it, but might try and get it with my online shopping. I keep seeing it mentioned for mashing, chips etc. Celeriac and tuna fish cakes sounds nice!

Well done everyone.

kiwigirl42 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:54:46

yay, I've lost a pound since yesterday, after sts past 2 wks. so have hit the 90kg/ 200lb mark! chuffed.

couch25cakes Tue 11-Jun-13 11:13:27

I'm up a little today but its early in the week so I'm not too worried. I tried the yoghurt with cream for breakfast, and mashed two strawberries into it, it was delicious. I just couldn't face another egg and this made a nice change.

Prawn and mayo salad for lunch smile

MrsCoyote Tue 11-Jun-13 11:24:00

STS this week (week 3 for me). Maybe too much cheese, yoghurt and cream. And processed meat like ham, bacon and sausage, probably.

I am going to avoid dairy except double cream in my morning coffee.

rubybricks Tue 11-Jun-13 11:52:39

morning losers!

another backsliding, wine-quaffing, crisp-eating, sorry excuse for a low carbing week here - scales show 10s10 this morning (think that's where i was 3 weeks ago blush but as others have said, i really notice the difference in how my clothes fit!

have been sticking to the plan during the daytime, mostly eating the same things but the problem has been the wine that goes along with the fab barbeque/entertaining weather and once i have a glass of wine, all my good intentions seem to go out the window.

haven't posted much as life has been hectic but am trying to keep up with the thread - well done crabby on the painkillers btw - and like a few other posters, considering cutting out dairy as i think i have too much of it.

B: lidl yog, double cream, 10 blueberries stirred in for excitement
L: 2 fried eggs & mushrooms - looking forward already though not at all hungry
D: pan fried salmon, wilted spinach (not sure i'm doing this right - the texture is really very sludgy!)

can i just ask - if i'm in ketosis, then on every occasion when i slip up, say by having a chocolate biscuit/bar/pack of crisps - does that then put me out of ketosis? and for how long, until that is burnt off, or does it take another few days?? (sorry, you can tell i don't really understand the science bit!)

and even though i am struggling at times (usually just evenings) i really am convinced this WOE works and works well - i am never hungry between meals (and when i have slipped, it hasn't been due to hunger either - more bloodymindedness). i look better, my clothes fit better and i can't believe that i have come even this far on this journey with you all. big thanks again to BIWI and Willie and everyone else for posting with encouragement and your stories.flowers

Negroni - sounds like you did better than me yesterday. You mentioning your coffee reminded me that I had had 4 cups of tea with milk. And than I had wine as per late night confession up thread. Celeriac and tuna fishcakes sound interesting.

Well my wine drinking ended up in me waking up at 1.40am and not being able to get back to sleep. Dozed at around 6 and alarm went off at 6.30. So I took DH to station at 7, came back and got DS to school and then went back to bed. Read for a while and then slept till around 11.30.

B was a slice of ham
L - not sure yet. About to forage in fridge. Probably chicken and salad.
D - roast pork with crackling and mashed turnip and some roast veg

Well done and welcome TorrieLou. Well done so many losers! Crabby well done on your celebratory music. I am sure I would not be getting celebratory music yet. BUT I am visibly changed already, which is so great for the confidence. My hated back-fat is less than half what it was and I noticed yesterday my thighs don't bulge in the ways they used to. (I will know I've succeeded on this WOE when ALL the back-fat is gone!)

B was total yoghurt, avocado and cucumber, (not mixed together obvs!), just trying an egg free breakfast.

rubybricks though I'm not solid on the science either, I think eating the choc biscuits would fill up the glycogen stores which means no ketosis til they are empty again. I think it means the glycogen would then be the fuel for the body, not the fat (which might get stored!). So I think that is what BIWI means when she says its not a forgiving way of eating.

nappyaddict Tue 11-Jun-13 12:33:05

maidofmuss How was the grass fed lamb? Where do you get your grass fed meat from?

captainmummy Tue 11-Jun-13 12:34:44

Torrie - your target is 7st11? What height are you? This WOE will not let you go too low, as it burns fat, not carbs. Unlike other diets which leach from bones,muscles, fat stores, indiscriminately .

Talk of changing shape reminds me - after years, nay decades of low-fat high carb eating, my 'love handles' have now gone, and they went within about 2 months of starting low-carbing.

Thighs are thinner, bum is smaller, back fat is gone - all the female fat stores are being used up. Only a bit of stomach flab to go now!

<disclaimer - I only had about 4kg to lose!>

prettybird Tue 11-Jun-13 12:53:12

I'm going to have to log another week of STS sad all the wine over the sunny weekend had nothing whatsoever to do with it blush

I did get the scales to lie briefly show 10stone 9lb, but the two subsequent 2 attempts were both 10stone 10lb and one at 10stone 11lb so I'll accept the STS wink

Lots of sugary gremlins in my head today - they all look like Bertie Bassett. Man alive I want some licorice allsorts....

QueenofDreams Tue 11-Jun-13 13:43:04

Just a quick pop in, got loads of cleaning to do then pick up ds from nursery.

My back fat is nearly all gone. But I'm still about half way between the top of my healthy range and the bottom of obese, according to the nhs bmi calculator. But I'm 5'3 so I shouldn't be over 10 stone at all. Thighs, bum, lovehandles and arms are all still pretty fat, but less than they were, and my belly is now smaller than my boobs grin

Had 2 bacon, 1 fried egg, courgette in cream cheese for breakfast.

Need to find something for lunch - we're low on food but have some coming this afternoon.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Tue 11-Jun-13 14:01:41

hi, just checking in... and running

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 11-Jun-13 14:10:22

I'm feeling pretty happy today smile

I went away for the weekend and had a few planned 'off road' moments. Yet my blood levels remained 'good' (concerns about diabetes) and I'm down a lb on Friday's weight (which was down a lb or two from the previous week).

I had a rum & diet coke, a vodka & diet pepsi (wanted the coke not tonic/soda - first since New Year), a small teaspoon of someone else's pudding, a small slice of freshly baked rye bread and about 3 bites of a piece of ciabatta over the course of 3 days.

The ciabatta was under some amazingly lovely mushrooms, followed by the most amazing Haloumi salad known to mankind!

The rye bread was under some spinach homous/aubergine/courgette/mushroom/pesto ensemble - amazing.

So - it was lovely to eat out, have the odd nibble of 'off piste' food and a couple of drinks without my blood sugars shooting up OR gaining weight. It is starting to feel like there might be life after this weight loss/diabetes scare smile

I have also dropped the very naughty latte's totally and am having black coffee & cream and I have cut back on the cheese - which as a non egg eating vegetarian is quite hard - but the weight seems to be moving, which is good. I just wish it was easier to determine which food affects me and which doesn't. Sigh.

Back to 100% today - avocado and seeds for brunch smile

Ooh chipping I love halloumi. Is it a salad one might be able to recreate (in an amateur fashion?)

halloumi (like avocado, butter, and the fat on meat) is something I alway thought I didn't like until this WOE. I am even coming round to almost liking olives (they are now just 'ok' rather than 'vile'). I am educating my palate!

NewStartNewStory Tue 11-Jun-13 14:22:28

crabby I am struggling to adjust from the constant localised pain of bad back to the entire all over pain of the fibro. The quality of sleep has been greatly affected since the fibro appeared and I find i need more and am greatly limited in the amount i can do before I hit burn out. I know it is going to take me over a week to recover in energy and pain wise because I know that this weekend is going to be another busy one. All my social events have fallen consecutive weekends and whilst they are lovely and a lot of fun they have been fairly late nights and required more energy then i have. But because they are one offs I have pushed my self past the ideal into burnout to enjoy them. I am still trying to find the balance between doing and resting. I suspect I will get better as I adjust to the fibro but it is new to me and i don't know my limits yet. Suffering from a hideous migraine today. Couple hours sleep has helped but not much.

b: scrambled eggs
couple of cups of coffee (sweetner and milk)
about 1 1/2 ltrs water
L:migraine tablet and some chocolate to stave off shakes and raise bloody sugar sufficiently to drive home safely. Not ideal but safety over woe. Ideally i wouldn't have been driving at all but would have been stranded if i hadn't, and needed my bed.

BerylStreep Tue 11-Jun-13 16:43:48

I have updated my weightloss chart on my photos.

I find it really useful to show me the overall downwards trend, and to ignore the daily fluctuations.

I reckon if I follow the trend I will be down to 89kg by end of June.

couch25cakes Tue 11-Jun-13 16:56:00

I'm so excited about my dinner creation! It was spag Bol on the menu and I took my portion and put it in a baking dish, then a layer of spinach, and a layer of fried aubergine. Then I've topped with a cream/egg custard and topped with fried leeks and courgettes (in case BIWI is veg watching) and grated mozzarella. I can't wait for it to cook- who needs pasta?

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 17:59:08

I'm always on #vegwatch, couch25cakes wink That sounds lovely!

rubybricks - I reckon Lily has it exactly right. And yes, you will be knocking yourself out of ketosis, because you will have to switch to carb-burning every time you over-indulge like that.

chippingin - that sounds very encouraging

kiwigirl42 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:00:46

newstartnewstory fibro is a pig for making you pay for days in pain and fatigue for any exertion you 've made. I spent 4 hrs chatting with friends on Saturday and don' t think I'm over it yet. Muscles still sore and not firing properly.

I've just had a lovely curry with chicken, musselman paste, coconut milk, small amt frozen shallots/ garlic and added tin of spinach. Was delicious - as good as what I used to get from Indian and took me less than 15 min.

Really need to get some more greens in tomorrow. Everyone will be thinking we've got a rabbit colony amount I've been eating last few weeks. Yay for asparagus season, I say.

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 18:04:16

For halloumi lovers, I have a fabulous recipe for it which works beautifully on the barbecue. You can griddle it instead of barbecuing it, but the charcoal adds that bit more flavour:

Grilled Halloumi with lemon and garlic vinaigrette

1-2 packs Halloumi (this amount of dressing actually works with up to 2 packs of Halloumi)

1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 garlic clove, chopped very finely
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 rounded teaspoon mustard powder
1 tablespoon chopped fresh coriander
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Whisk all dressing ingredients together

Cut each cheese into 8 slices

Barbecue/griddle until nicely charred on the outside, pour over the dressing and serve immediately, whilst it's still lovely and soft (and before it goes tough and squeaky!)

From "Barbecues" by Jim Marks (pub. Sainsbury's)

couch25cakes Tue 11-Jun-13 18:06:32

Well my creation was amazing!! Enough for a couple of lunches too smile I had it with cabbage-which I love now. I'm also out of veg now so need to stock up.

maidofmuss Tue 11-Jun-13 18:21:11

Big well done to all those amazing losses! grin at crabby's celebratory music on the Wii.
negroni and cider and anyone else on ultra-camp - sorry, failed again today. Had a busy day at work and wanted something tasty tonight so I did mayo/parmesan topping on chicken fillet to go with my buttery courgettes...
nappy - wasn't me on the grass-fed lamb (though did buy some from Sainsbury's yesterday). Someone who posts on here has bought it though and am sure will come on and report
Like the sound of your dinner creation couch may have to try that – and BIWI's halloumi dressing...
B 2 scrambled eggs
L cafe in between meetings – chicken skewer with salad
D parmesan/mayo topped chicken with courgettes
NOT ENOUGH WATER! A LOT of black coffee

QueenofDreams Tue 11-Jun-13 18:22:57

I'm freshly stocked up on veg now. DP ordered a veg box from ocado and then was very hmm when I added some extras. he wanted to take the box off the order. managed to convince him not to. I don't think he quite gets just how much veg I'm eating these days. It's fab - I love veg, so I'm not complaining at replacing my starches with more lovely veg. I actually think it's quite hard to get your five a day when you're trying to have starches making up 60% of your diet.

sybilfaulty Tue 11-Jun-13 18:28:06

I made Nigellas meatzza today and it was yummy. I can thoroughly recommend. Tastes like a proper pizza.

Kids fighting. Back in a minute.

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 18:29:04

5 a day is a marketing construct ...

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 18:29:35
daisychicken Tue 11-Jun-13 18:33:14

Another suffering Fibro sufferer..... my parents are down from thurs to fri and I'm dreading it.... I'm shattered & sore now and when they are here I get no break, I love them lots but having them here from 9/10am till 7/8pm is just too long... I'm dreading next week trying to recover.....

Today's meals:
B: Greek yog with berries and piece cheese
L: asparagus quiche with salad and mayo
D: tomato & basil soup with 2 slices instant bread
S: plain yog & nuts

daisychicken Tue 11-Jun-13 18:34:39

Sounds yum Couch!

Biwi - what does halloumi taste like? Is it a cheese??

BerylStreep Tue 11-Jun-13 18:48:56

Halloumi is like tasty salty rubbery polystyrene. Seriously, it squeaks on your teeth.

It is heavenly. I fry mine in olive oil and chopped red chilli.

QueenofDreams Tue 11-Jun-13 19:16:28

It was me with the grass fed meat.

this is the place we ordered from. We got one of the 'monthly boxes'. The only thing is that they don't always put in the box exactly what's on the list, which we weren't aware of. however their customer service when we queried this was really top notch.

The meat is lovely, but I do think the chicken is overpriced and when we order again we'll specify not to put any chicken in the box I think. The meat is lovely though. Very tender and loads of flavour. I've noticed the biggest difference in the steak I think.

Yama Tue 11-Jun-13 19:21:57

Evening all. I have had two very stressful days and it feels like it should be Friday.

Anyway, I'm going to shower and then curl up in front of an episode or two of House.

You all seem to be doing well which helps. Keep up the good work guys. smile

couch25cakes Tue 11-Jun-13 19:32:31

Delias summer collection halloumi dressing is lovely too. It's quite similar to BIWIs but is lime zest and juice, oil, capers, whole grain mustard, chopped coriander. I love halloumi.

QueenofDreams Tue 11-Jun-13 19:38:41

I was just thinking I'd love a bit of halloumi with roasted peppers, garlic, onion and olives. Mmmmmm.

middleagedspread Tue 11-Jun-13 19:44:07

Another halloumi fan here. I fry it in chilli oil.

daisychicken Tue 11-Jun-13 20:13:05

I'll have to investigate halloumi but I cannot imagine eating rubbery polystyrene!!!!

BerylStreep Tue 11-Jun-13 20:19:41

Daisy, honestly, you should try it - it's in the cheese section at the supermarket.

I have taken the liberty of adding some of the gorgeous recipes here to the low carb recipe section.

BIWI's tartiflette
Middleagespread's Hollandaise
QueenofDream's Eggs in clouds
and my own stuffed baby peppers

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 20:22:44

Thank you, BerylStreep

daisy - it's only like rubbery polystyrene if you let it cool too much. It has to be eaten as soon as it's cooked, and not cooked for too long!

thebestpossibletaste Tue 11-Jun-13 21:02:17

I've never had halloumi. I'll have a look for it next time I shop.

Today I had bacon, egg, fried tomato and fried mushroom for breakfast, prawns in home made mayonnaise with avocado and lettuce for lunch and roast pork with small roast parsnip, green beans and a few peas. Lots of black Decaff coffee and water.

middleagedspread Tue 11-Jun-13 21:26:27

I'm feeling all cheery & proud that BerylStreep has added my recipe.
when I'm best friends with Nigella I will advise her all about low carbing. Thank you

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 21:29:41

Hi all, I had a slightly better day today but still not being strict enough, help!!!
B - greek yoghurt, just a few tbsp.
L- smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber
D - chicken and avocado salad
Snack - 2 squares 85% dark choc

I did an hour at the gym, half cardio and half strengthening.

I am sitting here almost fighting with myself because I would love a glass of red now kids are in bed, but have resisted so far. My willpower is not good this week sad

well done everyone on your losses smile

JaxTellerIsAllMine Tue 11-Jun-13 21:38:07

I love cheese - but hate halloumi. bleurgh there is nothing good about it, speaky, salty and gross. But I know plenty of people who love it.


Im still a sugary twat, but I am trying, honest.

StuntNun Tue 11-Jun-13 21:50:54

Oh no, I'm just starting and you're all nearly finished! I am clearing out the cupboards and fridge/freezer of all carby stuff and processed shizz (gave three packets of fruit pastilles to the kids playing out in the street so I'm v. popular right now) then I'm starting bootcamp in earnest on Monday once I'm all stocked up on low-carb goodness and I have thoroughly perused the recipes thread. I'm two stone above fighting weight so I'm hoping I'll lose a few pounds quickly to be able to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes then I'll be happy with any kind of progressive weight loss after that.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Tue 11-Jun-13 21:54:54

dont be fooled - a LOT of us have a long way to go, and some have fallen off the wagon for now, but will return v soon.

i quite like it squeaky. i used to hate it though. i added a recipe to the thread a few weeks ago which was roasted veg with halloumi and lemon juice (didn't really even need a recipe!). i will definitely try barbecuing it

in canada don't they have a cheese that is called 'squeaky cheese'??

yes they do! it looks weird

BIWI Tue 11-Jun-13 22:04:31

Welcome, StuntNun! Don't worry - even after we get to the end of the 10 weeks there will still be an ongoing chat thread.

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 22:07:19

Hi Stuntnun, I'm just starting too and want to lose at least a stone. Struggling a bit because I was ill yesterday, but will try to re-focus!!

Another halloumi fan here! Some se suggested this and it is great, but cut it up into smallish cubes, fry until crispy and they make a lovely crouton alternative on a caeser salad!

I have also had it BBQ on a kebab with lamb....

thebestpossibletaste Tue 11-Jun-13 22:09:20

Tigerchair, I'm struggling tonight too - but I'm fancying something sweet! sad I won't give in though. Hope you manage to resist the red smile

Back to work tomorrow. I've got my packed lunch ready in the fridge smile Tuna crunch on lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes and a small chunk of Red Leicester cheese.

QueenofDreams Tue 11-Jun-13 22:20:39

I really shouldn't be feeling pleased at Beryl's recipe recommendation. I didn't invent it after all, but hey ho takes bow grin

Finally had dinner - sirloin steak, mushroom/spinach/courgette in butter and half avocado.

Welcome to StuntNun. Honestly, I am nowhere NEAR finished smile I've still got about 2 stone to go, and there's no way I'll lose that by week 10!

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 22:21:40

Thanks thebest, I need a peptalk!!! Will do my best to resist, well done on your willpower smile

Keep reminding myself I am on hols in 2.5 weeks and I need to shift these lbs to venture out in public in beachwear waaahhhh!!

thebestpossibletaste Tue 11-Jun-13 22:25:53

The thing is, I've realised that having chocolate doesn't stop the cravings. I would just want more. I'm not hungry, just craving it.

tigerchair Tue 11-Jun-13 22:30:56

Yeah I agree, the more I have of choccy..the more I want it!! Need to be stricter tomorrow, I was much better last few weeks and wasn't even missing wine and choc, felt much more in control and better for it,

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 11-Jun-13 22:38:13

StuntNun (love the name!! - what's it from/about??). I will be doing this for a Very Long Time - as will many others! Inbetween official Bootcamps we all keep chatting - it's just that BIWI and her Big Stick aren't around quite as much (but actually, really, not much less! LOL) and Willie isn't doing her 'thing' with the spreadsheet (but you can still add to it). So don't give it another thought!

Willie - It was soooooooooooo good. I only ordered it because it was the least carby vegetarian thing on the menu, I wasn't looking forward to it. Salad - AGAIN.

Grilled halloumi salad - Char-grilled aubergine, courgette and red peppers, rocket leaves, mint and black olives, drizzled with lemon oil

It also had sun dried tomatoes in it and was a million times nicer that it sounds. It was warm as well which I wasn't expecting.

BIWI - yes, very encouraging!! I know it wasn't Bootcamp with the diet coke/pepsi, tiny taste of pud & a little bread - but as this is a 'for life' thing for me, I need to be able to work out how to 'live' as well as keep the levels 'OK' and lose weight/maintain successfully (both when I reach goal weight, but also for the odd weekend away/holiday/wedding etc). This is the first time since the end of January that I have 'tried' other things. I'm in it for the very long haul so have to be somewhat realistic and I have been 100% on track today - even when my coffee came with a really cute little bowl of smarties!!

Do you need one of us to wave a Big Stick at you or are you OK?

Hi all.

Stuntnun - I have a way to go too. More than two stone I can promise you!

Had scrambled eggs and Parma ham for lunch. Dinner was roast pork, mashed turnip (which wasn't great - too dry) and some fried leeks, red pepper and mushroom. I added a little crime France to make a bit of a sauce. Not too much though.

Had a PTA meeting tonight and when I came back I treated myself to the last glass of red wine in a bottle from last night. Well it was half a glass really. Am now peckish so am off to bed with a big glass of water.

StuntNun Tue 11-Jun-13 22:49:02

Thanks for the warm welcome. I can't explain the name Chipping, it's a weird thing from my childhood, this idea that you would need a specialist stunt nun for any nun action scenes in movies.

I'm in a terrible state here, my mum has been staying with me for ten days and the house is full of rice, chocolate, sausage rolls and other no nos. But she's going home tomorrow so once we get rid of i.e. eat all the bad stuff it's on to this new WOE for me and DH. Neither of us have ever been on a diet before but we both have a certain amount of middle-aged spread to shed. I actually cottoned on to the low-carb idea through looking into prevention of hypoglycaemia but a little weight loss would be nice too.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 11-Jun-13 22:55:02

StuntNun grin The things kids think about!

Can you send most of it home with your Mum?? If not do you have any neighbours with kids?? I'd say throw it away but that seems such a waste - even though it's only empty carbs?!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Tue 11-Jun-13 23:12:20

Better in the bin than on your hips/in your bloodstream, making you crave more and more of the same ..... It's a waste on your waist wink

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 00:48:37

Knackered so just checking in. Will read back in the morning.
Spent all day setting up a food blog.

B - yoghurt 'ice cream'
L - mozzarella, little tomatoes, pesto, parma ham
D - leftover BBQ chicken in a mushroom sauce with thyme and blue cheese creamy sauce. Roasted broccoli
S - rest of the spicy nuts, nibbled throughout day
Loads of water.

Night folks x

AngieAir Wed 12-Jun-13 08:38:20

Firmly back on bootcamp yesterday and feeling better already:

B: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil
L: 2.6g carb burger with salad and oil & vinegar
D: courgette lasagne, salad, oil, vinegar
S: 2 coffees, 1 small chunk of butter, 2 spoons of Greek yogurt and 2 cups of Bovril. 5 pints of water.

Long may it continue. Haven't dared step on the scales yet. Will wait til Monday.

maidofmuss Wed 12-Jun-13 08:45:00

Ooh, just clicked on yr link crabby - lovely pic of your lunch yesterday. Have to dash off to work now (LATE!) so can't read more.
B yoghurt, 5 small strawberries, spoonful of flax seeds (worried will be awakening carb cravings with the strawbs but is so delicious!)
L cafe somewhere between calls/meetings
D lamb chops with something tbc!

Discovered amazing 100% raw chocolate bar in health food shop in town yesterday made by lovechock. Ridiculously expensive but I had to try it. Really rich and grainy, and one chunk (quite large – just 4 chunks in a bar) was enough – even for me! Comes in different flavours – I had vanilla with mulberry.

Have a good day all!

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 08:46:50

ChippingIn - thanks for the offer of the stick! All going well here. Back on the wagon now. Yesterday was:

B - none
L - two poached eggs
D - Tarragon, almond and pecorino tart (recipe on recipe thread - one from the Rose Elliot book, and it's absolutely gorgeous) with fennel braised in butter and lemon, and broccoli pan-fried with red pepper, onion and chilli

Today will probably be something egg-related for lunch (will be missing breakfast again) and then tonight is marinated, stir-fried pork fillet, with baby sweetcorn and asparagus.

Tomorrow is more challenging, as I'm at a drinks/reunion with some old colleagues - we're meeting in a pub, and I have no idea what their food offer is, or if they do food in the evening, or where we'll end up eating!

However, this is - as you quite rightly say - about how life is. I shall 'go with the flow' and do my best to make low carb choices apart from the wine and it will all be fine. Then I have the rest of the week/weekend until I have to weigh in again!

your blog looks like it's going to be fab, crabby. (and that recipe would be fantastic with burrata wink)

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 09:10:55

Hi all, feeling much better today and now ready to start properly (kicks self on bum for not resisting two glasses of wine last night in the end) blush

I don't want to feel bloated and unhealthy, much prefer the 'light' feeling of low carb days so back to the rules now.

Breakfast - 2x 'good little company' sausages (hope these are ok, they're 85% pork and gluten free), egg, half tomato

Lunch - egg mayonnaise and salad

Dinner - fish and steamed veg with herb butter

Exercise - gym for an hour of cardio/strengthening

Lots of water and green tea

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 09:13:30

maidofmuss - sounds lovely, but how many carbs?

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 09:14:47

Crabby - fab, fab, photo! I'm following you now.

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 09:19:25

Like the blog, crabby smile

10st12.8lb! I have to take that as 10.13 don't I?

no no bullet. that is definitely 10st 12lb in my book wink

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 09:43:32

Thanks Maid, really glad you like it! I haven't done much food photography before (I do nature stuff on my other blog) so this is a new challenge. I did have fun trying to create some arty pictures of the ingredients though - usually I just sling them on the plate. Last night I was rushing to arrange mine photogenically whilst serving DP's and DD's too. I created a perfectly proportioned plate with all the best bits on mine, and sort of aimed the remainder in the general direction of their plates. blush grin

New god that sounds hard to deal with. sad I was going to suggest some Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus to raise your energy a bit, but you have to be really careful taking even mild stimulants (Eleuthero is very gentle and restorative) when you are depleted, as that energy has to come from somewhere, and you'll often get a rebound exhaustion later. It kind of sounds as though that's what you're experiencing anyway - you've robbed peter to pay paul, energy wise, and now you know you'll be paying that debt off into next week.

Kiwi and daisy sorry to hear you have this debilitating condition too. Have any of you tried seeing a herbalist, out of interest?

Thanks Ruby, I still haven't taken any painkillers, although back bad yesterday - it's become a challenge in my head to see how long I can go, I think.

Well done Beryl and all the other losers. smile

Buda when I was drinking wine most nights my sleep pattern and quality were much worse - if I'd had enough to drop off easily then I'd wake in the early hours and not be able to get back to sleep for ages. If I'd just had a couple of glasses early evening then I'd have trouble getting to sleep in the first place. Now I'm drinking much less it doesn't seem to affect me like that when I do drink. It's the every most nights drinking that really affects my sleep, I think.

Lily YY to back fat - my back is weak and therefore doesn't have very good muscle tone and therefore it just looks...flabby. [boak] That and upper arms that resemble raw sausages! I don't look too bad with clothes on (big tits, smallish waist in comparison) but I'm really conscious of my arms. I've always disguised my legs with long skirts, but there's no hiding the arms and the chins! grin

Lots of sugary gremlins in my head today - they all look like Bertie Bassett. Man alive I want some licorice allsorts....
Bullet this made me grin! Did you resist the Bertie gremlins?

Couch i love what you did with the spag bol. I love making a proper ragu, but for me that goes with pasta. blush You've given me the inspiration to devise a pasta-less lasagne. smile

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 09:50:24

Ooh cross posted with several of you, thank you BIWI, tiger and Willie! smile I looked for Burrata in Waitrose Willie but couldn't see any yesterday.

I'm going to do a little victory dance now...
<<lumbers around thread in my nightie>>
Although the wii is saying 1lb off today, it's listing my weight at 11st 9lbs (which is actually 2lbs off)... That's a whole stone since I started! Whoo hoo!!

Crabby - blog looks lovely. And well done on that stone! Yay!

I've known drinking too much wine affects my sleep that way for a few years now. I never seem to remember as I'm pouring it though!

I did my c25k run this morning and have just had a yummy breakfast of two hard boiled eggs mashed with some of the Delouis mayo which I have just discovered. It's lovely.

Lunch - no idea. Maybe chicken and salad.
Dinner - have promised DS pasta carbonara. I think I will have sausages with turnip bubble and squeak.

BIWI - your dinner last night sounded delicious. When you say red pepper with broccoli, do you mean a chopped red pepper or red pepper flakes?

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Wed 12-Jun-13 10:16:38

BIWI - OK then! But if you ever need it, the stick is here smile

Crabby - well done you!! The 'stone' markers are FAB aren't they!!

Bullet I'd take it as 10.13 - knowing that next time I'll be down a lb - it's like a double smile

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 12-Jun-13 10:28:06

Woo hoo crabby well done! <Pom Pom shake> love it when some one hits a milestone, so fab.

Well, I am joining Jax on the naughty step after yesterday and Monday and Sunday but I have given myself a stern talking to, gone back over the benefits I feel on this woe and am starting afresh today. Period nearly finished thank god. My PMS is much reduced on this WOE, (I used to be a screaming banshee for a week at least) and usually my periods are better too but a couple of times, I think the last one was around New Year, I just get an absolute doozy with severe pain, cramps, exhaustion, cravings, bloated yadda yadda you name it. This was one of those and I gave into carby cuntishness. However I feel much better today so back on it.

B just made a 2 egg omelette with bacon bits and mushrooms. I had water first thing, then got Ds to school, took dog for a quick walk then home to make breakfast. I quite like this, I feel I have the energy to do the school/dog walk in a fasted state, then I get to sit in peace and quiet to enjoy my breakfast on my own, rather than cramming it down while flinging stuff in Ds lunchbox and hollering about cleaning teeth. Much calmer! Won't always be this way on the days I work/volunteer, but it's nice to sit properly at the table and really enjoy my food. Mindful eating.

biwi when you talk about exercising in a fasted state, I was assuming you do drink water or something? Just no food? I really need a couple of cups of water first thing but not food.

daisychicken Wed 12-Jun-13 10:29:46

Hi Crabby - no not seen a herbalist... can they help? I'm on a FB group where someone evangelises various vitamins and minerals and she is now pain free (apparently) but she's spending £50+ a month! DH is self employed and very little work atm, we just don't have the spare cash to try these things....

Weight is going on the spreadsheet as 10.13, I like your thinking Chipping grin
Crabby I did not give in! I did have a couple of square of 80% cocoa choc dipped in whipped cream which was totally indulgent and delish smile

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 12:02:50

Toomuch - I might have a cup of coffee, but that is all.

Buda - it was half a red pepper, a small onion and a whole head of broccoli, with some crushed chilli flakes. (Parboiled the broccoli, and then fried the onion/pepper till softened, then added the broccoli and fried again till browned.)

milliemoomay Wed 12-Jun-13 12:16:41

Weighed myself yesterday.. I'm up a lb! First time since I started WOE. I think it must be the cheese - I've been munching more than I probably need to.

Oh well, still a few weeks to go. Will/must try harder!

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 12:19:27

Are you sure it's not the dreaded 'carb creep'? And are you still eating the fat/drinking the water?

If all is well, then yes, check how much dairy you're eating. Otherwise, it's only 1lb, and our bodies do naturally fluctuate, especially around your period.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 12:50:57

Daisy a herbalist might be able to help, but yes they are expensive. I was curious as to whether anyone had seen one for fibromyalgia and whether it was effective. I think western herbal medicine (which is what I trained in, so I don't know much about chinese herbs) can be very effective for some things, and not very effective at all for others! It isn't consistent enough in its effects for me to wholeheartedly endorse it, iyswim, but I certainly use if myself and prescribe it for family and friends. Where I think it can make a difference is in chronic conditions which don't respond well to conventional medicine, and tend to need lifestyle changes too. Fibro would fall in to that category, and although HM hasn't got much in its armoury to compare to conventional painkillers (not that are legal, anyhow grin), it is fairly good for boosting immunity, energy, overally vitality and better sleep quality.

If you're near London then you could go to a university teaching clinic, where the treatment would be cheaper.

Negroni Wed 12-Jun-13 13:09:12

So many messages since I last checked in!

Ultra bootcamp still going ok - though having to do things like chomp on pork scratchings to make up for lack of booze and cheese. And I have had to make one concession and that is to have cream in first coffee of the morning - I just can't have it black, it doesn't do it for me. Are you still also ultra camping Cider and Maid?

On the up, not being able to eat dairy has meant I've had to be a bit more adventurous and managed to make the celeriac crisps from the recipe thread - they were delicious - so thank you v much for that. Had to improvise as had run out of butter but brushed them with oil and dried thyme, with a little rocksalt.

Crabby - could you please link your blog again - can't see the link but would love to take a look. And big congratulations on moving down a stone! I hope that is me next week too.

StuntNun and other newbies - welcome - and don't worry about being late to the party. I only just joined and am really benefitting from being on the thread and not just lurking. I also have over 2 stone to lose so will no doubt still be plugging away well after some of you are maintaining!

Breakfast today: half avocado with small amount olive oil, vinegar, salt
Lunch: Courgette ribbons with fried egg
Dinner: Not sure yet!

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 13:14:26

Thank you Buda, Chipping and Toomuch! smile

Well done Bullet!

Could I ask a favour of you wonderful women please. I'd never written a recipe before (apart from on MN), and I'm not sure yet how to pitch it - too much detail and I'll bore people who are confident cooks, not enough detail and I'll put off non-confident cooks who'll think 'I don't know how to do that' and give up. Millie I'm thinking of you with separating the eggs.

If anyone can be arsed, I'd really appreciate it if you'd read this recipe and tell me whether you think I've pitched it right or whether there's too much/not enough detail. Should I have given quantities? I'm don't weigh things if I'm just making stuff up. Also, should I try to figure out the carb counts, would people expect that?

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 13:15:58

Negroni there's a link in my last post. smile

middleagedspread Wed 12-Jun-13 13:55:13

Crabby, just read & I think it's just right. I'm a keen cook but understand the need for explanations.
The only comment I'd make is that absolute beginners might be put off by lack of quantities/weights.
I really like the photos & would happily read a blog like yours.

Like your blog and photos crabby well done.

I didn't really read every word of the recipe but looked at the pictures of the stages - I think that's quite cool, to be able to see the stages.

I went to zumba last night, first proper exercise in ...erm... months. But oddly I felt more up for it BECAUSE I've already lost some weight. Its easier to jump around if you're carrying less flab.

On Friday I have to go to London, including going to a cafe with a couple of people for a work-related lunch conversation. Does anyone know of a not-expensive cafe in the soho/shaftesbury avenue area which would serve appropriately low carb food please?

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 14:08:49

Thank you Middle I'll try putting amounts in. I'm a bit of a 'dollop of this, splash of that' sort of cook, unless I'm following a recipe.

Thanks Lily. I'll keep photographing the stages then!

TheChocolateTeapot Wed 12-Jun-13 14:48:42

Crabby beautiful blog - am now following!

Negroni Wed 12-Jun-13 15:32:13

Crabby - the blog is great and the meal looks delicious!

I am an ok cook and would be fine with no quantities but I probably would probably find them comforting - I am a bit of rule follower at heart smile

I also really like the photos of the different stages.

NewStartNewStory Wed 12-Jun-13 16:24:14

Last night my 8yo took initiative and cooked tea for us all. Not woe friendly but I am very impressed by his kindness and forethought. Just need to teach him how to cook some veg based dinners now. Not as easy as just throwing something sausages and chips into the oven from the freezer though.

I was thinking are there ideas for stuff that can be prepped, thrown in the freezer as a complete meal that can just be grabbed for tea? I don't always have time to prep and having stuff ready made freezer is good for days like this when there is zero energy reserves.

Crabby it is exactly that atm. I spent energy i didn't have and am completely wiped. My normal stimulant to push more then i should is coffee. In an ideal world i would have non at all. But atm need some just to get up in the morning. Slept through the morning and on reduced coffee amounts. Migraine has gone and there is a bit less pain but drained today. There will be no exercise this week other then walking the school run.

BerylStreep Wed 12-Jun-13 16:27:50

Crabby, your blog is lovely, and photos look great.

I suppose the techniques are something you could build on, so for example for the next recipe with leeks you wouldn't need to give as detailed an explanation on how to prepare leeks, you could link to your previous blog; same for how to bash garlic.

I'm fairly ok without quantities, but some people might prefer them.

NewStartNewStory Wed 12-Jun-13 16:29:55

Another one very impressed with your blog crabby that food looks amazing.

crabby, Your recipe is good, easy to follow and the photos of the different stages are very helpful. It would be better with quantities for a more universal appeal. If you are going to add carb counts - which would be useful for people tracking their carbs - then you need to show exact quantities. smile

Does anyone have any experience of fat burning supplements? CLA in particular. I am wondering of there are any that would complement this WOE.

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 16:59:54

Crabby, your photos are great, they really make the food look tempting smile

I'm happy enough to cook without quantities so the recipe was fine for me and I liked the way in which you talked through each step. My favourite cookery books are the ones that are a bit 'chatty' ie talk about how dishes have come about or where favourite ingredients are sourced. I felt your style was quite like that and would look forward to more of your recipes and photos.

Quick question...is Splenda ok occasionally on this WOE?

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 17:03:40

Only if it's occasional, tigerchair - remember we are trying to avoid artificial sweeteners. You might also want to consider Stevia instead, as it's supposed to be more 'natural'.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 17:07:47

Thank you all very very much for your comments - I really appreciate them and will take them all on board. Thank you for the praise too - I'm glowing with pride now! grin

I will add amounts from now on, and I'll calculate the carb count too I think, as I imagine quite a few low-carbers do so.

One more question... I intend to reference the source of every recipe that I haven't made up or been using for years. For the ones devised by people on here, I'm not sure how to do that. Normally when I blog I link to the source info by adding the link to the text, but I can't really do that with the recipe thread/this thread (and wouldn't want to link to this thread as it feels like a sort of private space - loony I know when anyone can read it!). Any ideas?

Who's idea was the shredded cabbage fried in butter? I'm going to make that tonight with gammon. I don't want to be nicking people's recipes and not crediting them.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 17:08:18

Whose not who's! blush

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 17:11:16

I suppose the thing to do, Crabby, is to ask the person who has posted the recipe on here first if they mind you posting it on your blog. And then you simply credit them with their posting name (or their real name if they share that with you.)

I don't know if you can copyright a recipe - I suspect you can't! - but I think if I came across something I'd created for here, and you hadn't asked me, I'd be a bit cheesed off! I wouldn't mind you replicating it, and I absolutely get that you wouldn't necessarily want to link to this thread - but nothing to stop you linking to the recipe thread.

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 17:15:13
tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 17:17:44

Thanks BIWI, I'm asking because if I get a craving for something bit sweet then would it be ok to have a sweetener in coffee to instead of falling headfirst into the biscuit tin. I tend to crave sweet/starchy stuff just before my totm and I want to be prepared!!

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 17:19:15

Good plan!
You may find, though, that those pre-period cravings are reduced on this WOE.

maidofmuss Wed 12-Jun-13 17:25:17

Hi Negroni (and Buda) - no, sorry, not been on track with ultra bootcamp last couple of days as had parmesan on my leftovers/cabbage rolls dish Monday eve, then had poor choice for lunch (in cafe with work colleagues) so ended up with halloumi salad. AND did you see my post re 100% raw chocolate find - indulged last night?! Sounds like you are doing well, though. Still, tomorrow is another day and I shall start again!
Jealous of Crabby slipping now well below 12st marker. Well done! Am still hovering, hoping to get into the 11st somethings, even if it's 11st 13, next week.
BIWI (hides from big stick) - the 100% raw chocolate is 17g per bar, so around 4g per chunk, – presumably just about okay if rest of carbs are low that day but note what you say about carb creep in your recent post...
Well done to all you exercisers, too, regular or returning. v. inspiring.

couch25cakes Wed 12-Jun-13 17:43:10

Well done crabby on your milestone. In off for a look at the blog now.
Tonight's experiment is chicken stuffed with pâté wrapped in pancetta....

Crabby - love the blog and recipe. Love the photos of the stages but would appreciate quantities as I'm not an instinctive cook.

Maid/Negroni - I haven't über camped. Had wine for starters! However I have cut way back on cheese/dairy. No feta on my salad which I was tending to just throw on even if I had another protein. No snacking on slices of cheese. No cream in the fridge to have sneaky spoonfuls of. I had creme fraiche last night but not too much and no other dairy. No plate of cheese in front of the tv. But I am really missing yoghurt for breakfast and I have just been to Lidl and bought some of their Greek yoghurt. I won't have it tomorrow and will try to have as little dairy as possible tomorrow but I think I will have it every second day for breakfast.

Picked DS up from school and he had made French apple tart! It smells fab. I suggested I freeze it as I can't have it and he sulked! It's very tempting. Aaaargh!

captainmummy Wed 12-Jun-13 18:45:33

Oh couch - let us know how that goes! I do chicken stuffed with creamcheese wrapped in pancetta, but not done pate!

Tesco have a new pate - chicken-and-chorizo and it's lovely! It's like the chorizo pate you can get in Spain (that i haven't seen here) I eat it with lettuce/celery/cucumber slices

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 18:48:37

Here is a really interesting link written in 1958, advocating low carb eating!

(Willie could you add this to the spreadsheet, please? Thx)

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 19:18:46

Very interesting BIWI, I think this WOE totally makes sense after reading articles such as the one you have linked to and also eg Briffa.

Any ideas...I have developed a taste for peanut butter (used to hate it!) but would like some ideas how to use it seeing as spreading it on toast is off limits.

I really like the sound of the chicken and pate, couch. Might change my dinner plan and do a variation as I have pate in fridge...stuffed chicken breast with cheese and pate wrapped in bacon with buttered veg (diet, what diet???!!) grin

maidofmuss Wed 12-Jun-13 19:38:35

tigerchair There's a recipe for low-carb peanut butter fudge on the recipe thread! (Near the end) Haven't dared try it in case I scoff the lot – sounds amazing.
Buda sounds like you're doing pretty well cutting down so much! I am addicted to Total full fat yoghurt and would find it hard to do without it...
Glad there's going to be a chat thread when this has finished to keep (reasonably) motivated as think I'm in for the long haul!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 12-Jun-13 19:54:54

Lovely pic, crabby

B 2 egg omelette with bacon bits and mushrooms
L bowl of salad with feta, walnuts, oil and a slice of ham with Philly
D aubergine, pesto and halloumi bake (from the recipe thread)

I was actually looking for the aubergine melts recipe, I think it was blackaffronted s recipe that was highlighted on someone's blog?? black if you are reading this, can you help, it looked delicious and I remember thinking ooh must try that!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 12-Jun-13 19:58:16

Ps tiger not much to suggest re peanut butter here, I just spoon it straight from the jar blush

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 20:11:38

That's what I've been doing Toomuch grin

Oh my word...peanut butter fudge, sounds mouthwatering maidofmuss smile

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 12-Jun-13 20:20:42

I've just looked up that recipe. I could make it right now (except I don't have sweetener) mmmmmmmmmm

maidofmuss Wed 12-Jun-13 20:23:07

crabby – do admire your beautifully dished up, delicate plates of food. I would be embarrassed if anyone saw my messy mound of cauli mash, buttered cabbage (falling off plate) and lamb chops tonight. (Hence my name which was supposed to be maidofmess but I keyed it in wrong and have never got around to changing it!
Anyway loads left over and am working at home tomorrow so will try to do cauli, shallot and bacon not-potato-cakes for B/L

maidofmuss Wed 12-Jun-13 20:26:27

I don't have sweetener either toomuch but I do have peanut butter...
just getting my spoon grin

couch25cakes Wed 12-Jun-13 20:32:12

Well the chicken in pâté was good, very rich (I probably didn't need to eat it all). I had it with buttered cauliflower and spinach. Yummy. And for breakfast I had little gems with cheese and onion deli mix and ham, and leftover bolognese creation and salad for lunch. It's been a good day, loads of great food.

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 20:50:23

I came up with a fabulous creation <head swells> back on one of the other Bootcamp threads, which involved mixing yoghurt, peanut butter and vanilla extract. It was glorious!

Can't remember which thread it was though ...

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 20:52:03

Here you are:

1 dessert spoon peanut butter
2 dessert spoons Total full fat yoghurt
1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean extract

Mix the lot together then shove in your gob!

It doesn't sound like much, but it's incredibly rich and the texture means it's incredibly satisfying.

Then I did some counting/calculating:

2 level teaspoons peanut butter (mine is Whole Earth smooth, 9.9g carbs per 100g)
4 level teaspoons yoghurt (full fat Total, 3.8g carbs per 100g)

If you just mix this together, this will be 3.5g carbs. It makes a small but very rich treaty snack.

You may like to add vanilla - I used vanilla bean extract. This contains sugar (I've run out of the Waitrose one which is sugar-free). There is no nutritional info on the pack, so I have assumed the worst, and that it's the equivalent of adding sugar. You only need 1/4 teaspoon, though, which will add another 1g of carbs.

You could freeze it, I suppose, and I was also wondering if, rolled into balls, you could make some lovely after dinner 'chocolates' - either rolling them in cocoa or coating in melted dark chocolate.

You can also buy a chocolate extract from Waitrose/Lakeland which might be lovely in this too!

Has anyone got the chocolate extract? I got some for some cupcakes I have to make next week, I tried putting some in cream or coffee as a treat and it just tastes of alcohol to me sad

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 21:00:41

Yum...I have all those ingredients, think I might try that out BIWI smile

Dinner was v good here too, Couch! Borrowed your idea for chicken and pate. I stuffed a chicken breast with couple thin slices of cheese, then a big spoonful of Ardennes pate before wrapping it in bacon slices and baking. Very filling and tasty.

Sitting here now with a cup of green tea, no wine tonight!

i make a 'fat bomb' with almond butter which you could substitute peanut butter:

2 tsp almond/peanut butter
2 tsp butter
2 tsp coconut oil

melt together in a saucepan on a very low heat (doesn't take much heat)

pour into a small container - i use a silicone bun case because it's easy to get them out again

put in the freezer for a couple of hours, eat straight out of the freezer

i think the flavour and texture is delicious, but it might not be for everyone

AngieAir Wed 12-Jun-13 21:24:25

Another goodish day though a bit coffee heavy as I was out. Resisted the cake though.
B: fried eggs in coconut oil, 2 coffees
L: M&S chicken satay bites and prawns with sauce, roughly 8 carbs total and very tasty
D: pork chop, half a cauliflower, loads of butter
S: cappuccino

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 21:26:51

Just mixed up some peanut butter, greek yog, vanilla extract and a (v small!!!) sprinkle of splenda. Tastes absolutely scrummy, like the middle of a starbar grin

Will try that recipe soon too, Willie smile

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 22:07:41

Thanks again everyone. smile Your lovely comments made my day!

BIWI I was thinking it would be difficult to link to the recipe thread as there are so many posts, but I was thinking of it being how threads appear on my 'threads I'm on' ie one long page with hundreds of posts. I could link to the shorter page of the thread though, couldn't I. I wouldn't dream of not crediting someone for their recipe - not my style at all, whatever the law is. Interesting article btw.

Maid my dinners do not usually look like that! Usually it's all just slopped in the bowl. I took loads of photos tonight but the light was really crap and they aren't that good. I'm disappointed with the 'end result' pics from last night and tonight so I'm debating whether to put them up. The ingredients shots were a load of arty goat wank quite pretty though. grin I must say it's great fun arranging all the vegetables. [easily pleased] it's a lot trickier to get the finished food to look good though. Need to work on that.

Feeling really weary and sore tonight so have finally succumbed to the lure of the codeine.

B/L mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, and parma
S - yoghurt 'icecream'
D - gammon in its juices, roasted mashed celeriac and crispy fried shredded cabbage. Had a glass of red tonight, was just in the mood!

Did I miss peanut butter being allowed??? I sort of assumed it would be a no-no. I do have a Waitrose one that has no added sugar. Am liking all these peanut butter ideas. I suspect with me if I start I won't stop though!

thebestpossibletaste Wed 12-Jun-13 22:49:11

Crabby, your blog looks great and I loved the recipe and photos. I have some leeks for tomorrow and will sweat them in butter - I've never cooked them like that before, usually I boil them and put butter on.

BIWI the peanut butter and yoghurt mix sounds lovely, will try that at the weekend.

Today I had fried egg, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast, tuna mayo with chopped cucumber and red pepper, lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes and a piece of cheese for lunch, some blueberries for a snack and then for dinner bolognese sauce with asparagus dripping in butter.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 22:58:52

Glad you like it Best. smile I think it's the nicest way of cooking leeks, I can find them a tad squeaky otherwise. grin There's a great Jamie Oliver recipe for leftover turkey and leek pie that starts with gently sweating the leeks for half an hour. Might see if I can adapt that to do without the pastry (and chestnuts, sob!); it's bloody lovely.
Tell me if you like them.

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 23:04:28

Hi all, another question!!! I understand that calorie counting is not required on this WOE,but just wanted to check what guide for carb count is? Sorry if this is on the spreadsheet rules and I've missed it, thanks

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 23:05:54

There is no guide for carb count, tiger - if you follow the rules, stick to the allowed veg list, make sure that your carbs come mainly from veg/salad, and focus on eating veg that is 3g carbs per 100g, you will be fine.

milliemoomay Wed 12-Jun-13 23:12:24

Crabby your instructions for separating eggs is brill for a novice cook (or even a seasoned [no pun intended] cook). It completely demystified the process and I even tried separating an egg tonight as an experiment. I'm pleased to report that it was successful, so thank youthanks I'm now able to cross 'separating eggs' off my list of things I've never done (including watching Star Wars!)

I loved your recipe for Gammon. No one ever tells you how much of the leek to cut - i.e. whether you're meant to use the green bits too! I really liked that aspect of your recipe. Great photos too.

BIWI - I'm probably not drinking enough water.. think I'm doing okay on the fat portions though.

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 23:12:27

Thanks BIWI, I'm recording what I eat to keep a tight rein on sticking to allowed foods but wasn't sure if I was meant to count carbs.

BIWI Wed 12-Jun-13 23:16:26

You can count them if you want to, tiger - but the whole point of Bootcamp was to make it easy for people! grin

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 12-Jun-13 23:18:26

Whoo hoo Millie, well done! smile You can now cook delicious eggs in clouds!

tigerchair Wed 12-Jun-13 23:19:24

No counting suits me, BIWI. What I like about this approach is that food is food, not a sum on a plate made up of points or syns etc smile

Morning everyone! Have been reading but not managing to post. Jut had lovely big breakfast as no work for me today and deciding what to eat later as DH away tonight...

BIWI Thu 13-Jun-13 09:28:28

Exactly, tigerchair! Bootcamp is about a better way of eating overall, with weight loss a particularly welcome bonus.

Morning all. Miserable windy rainy morning here in Somerset. Yuck.

Have a long list of things to do today. Trying to summon up enthusiasm.

Food yesterday -
B - 2 hard boils eggs with mayo
L - chicken, avocado and bacon salad
D - sausages, mashed turnip, one of those large flat mushrooms and a few cherry toms fried in butter.
S - cold sausage

I resisted the apple tart. Very hard though.

I need some new recipes as am a bit bored with what I am eating. Need to find some time to go through the recipes and do some menu planning. Planning on trying the eggs in clouds at the weekend.

Millie - I had a huge thing about separating eggs for years. Then I bought an egg separator which works ok. Finally tried the way Crabby described and couldn't believe how easy it was.

Oh - scales settled at 14 5 this morning after teasing me with 14 6 when I got on first! Hoping to be 14 4 by Monday which is 200 lbs so a bit of a milestone.

Have a good day everyone.

couch25cakes Thu 13-Jun-13 10:01:25

I'm 2lbs down now so it looks like things are moving after the weekend.
I had scrambled aggs and a bit of ham for breakfast, and have salad with pate and a bit of the deli cheese sandwich filling for my lunch.

I don't know what to have for dinner though. It's dds favourite tea night for her (beans on toast) and dh will have leftovers. I have salami, eggs, mozarella, philadelphia and am not feeling too inspired. I don't really want to go and buy something so dinner might be a strange mish mash of this and that.

Hope everyone has a good day, the weather is horrible here (London suburbs).

NewStartNewStory Thu 13-Jun-13 10:08:08

Crabby could you not state as the citation of the recipe a good friend found from a support network for this woe gave me this recipe thus accrediting the fact that this recipe is not your creation and allowing anonymity unless the person who created the recipe wants accreditation linked to a rl name in which case they could then it could be altered to "my friend, Kate/fred/Joe etc gave me this recipe..." Just a thought.

I am still suck in an eating eggs phase, but I have noticed that it is hard to want to eat when pain levels high, and anything that takes any effort to cook is too much effort to eat. Hoping as the pain levels are slowly starting to fall and i am finding a little more energy to diversify my eating into more veg. On a plus note I am not skipping meals even if i might start to look like an egg hmmgrin I have lost the scales and forgetting to find them so will just log a sts on the spread sheet. Tbh there has been a little bit of cheating so i suspect that i have either put on or sts any way.

middleagedspread Thu 13-Jun-13 10:09:00

Please could someone link me to Crabbys egg separating?
I do sometime struggle when making meringues for my family obviously

Middle - it's on this thread. Post by Crabby on Tuesday morning at 08.16.

daisychicken Thu 13-Jun-13 10:31:04

Adding my meals:

B: yog with berries and piece cheese
L: last of the asparagus quiche with salad
D: tomato and basil soup with a slice of instant bread
S: handful of nuts

B: yog with berries and a piece of cheese
L: not sure - bacon and egg I think
D: chilli with green beans - will be too carby as having visitors so added onion & carrots (they'd complain otherwise) so I'll only have a small portion but I'm not that hungry anyway
S: handful nuts

Newstart - what about when you are feeling ok, bulk cooking a couple of meals and freezing in portions to make a lowcarb "ready meal" or I get something quick & easy for everyone else and just do bacon and egg for me - I find I can cope better that way. I struggle when really tired as I find myself eating to keep myself awake - I need to get out of that habit......!

middleagedspread Thu 13-Jun-13 10:31:51

Got it, thanks. I do the 'swapping to each half' but not the 'let the white seep out of the crack'.
Off to experiment.

Does anyone know how carby broad beans are? I may have to eat some this evening as we have had our first harvest! It was a bit accidental - the plant fell over and broke shock bloody wind! So we are trying togey DS eating new veggies so me not eating them might be an excuse for him not to try iyswim? I really don't want to mess up though. Ugh.

hmm they look quite carby bullet as they're a legume - this suggests 11.7g per 100g. if i had grown them though i would want to try them, so maybe weigh them out and stick to less than 50g if you can?

i have written so many emails at work this morning that i nearly signed "best wishes, reallifename" at the end of that post!

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 10:57:36

Fingers crossed for your milestone Buda and I'm glad to have assisted your egg separation skills! grin

Miserable morning here in Surrey too. Usually I'd be sitting in a damp wood/my car in deepest darkest Hampshire, as DD has forest school on a Thurs morning (my role in life is mainly as her chauffeur). She had a sleepover with a friend last night and went with her this morning, so I've had a relaxed morning and can take my time getting over there to pick her up, timing my arrival for when they start toasting the halloumi over the fire on lethal weapons whittled sticks. wink

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 10:58:43

Ooh lots of posts that I hadn't seen!

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 11:07:16

Thanks New, yes I think that's what I'll do, according to whether the person wants to be namechecked on the blog or not. I second the idea for making larger quantities of food when you're feeling well and freezing some, or just knowing you've got leftovers the next day. I very often cook at least two days' worth of stews/curries/hunters' chicken etc. in the slow cooker. The flavours really develop overnight too, so things often taste better the next day.

I'm sure I got the idea for crispy shredded cabbage from here. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

I love tender young broad beans. I could give you a wonderful bastardised recipe of habas con jamon - broad beans with ham, but made with shallots and chorizo. It's sooooo good. wink Or just google habas con jamon!

tigerchair Thu 13-Jun-13 11:09:57

Hi everyone smile

Food today will be :

Breakfast : 2 boiled eggs, mashed with butter

Lunch : tuna with mayo and spring onion, cheese and salad

Dinner : salmon and buttered veg

Lots of water, coffee and herbal tea

I'll do some weight reps and sit ups for exercise later. Hope you all have a good day smile

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 11:12:54

Oh, and it has loads of oil in, which would slow your absorption of the carbs. wink

Thanks Willie, I don't even like them very much, but its more about encouraging DS to be more adventurous with food. He's finally starting to try things and its making life soooo much easier, and healthier for him.
I made a beef stew in the slow cooker with some LC dumplings and he ate a good portion of that with some peas and sweetcorn - although he did pick the celery out of the stew! grin

Ooh that sounds lovely Crabby they are very young broad beans! I don't we should be harvesting for another couple of weeks really, these are about 2/3 as big as they should be so I'm hoping they are a bit nicer than fully grown ones! I think DP want a risotto for him and DS so I could make the habas con jamon, take my portion out and use the rest as a base for their risotto... What do you reckon?

captainmummy Thu 13-Jun-13 13:31:11

Bullet - am a bit envy at your harvest! I love broad beans but my plants are about 12" high, with no signs of flowers or beans yet.
DO you peel them? Very young ones might not need it, but older ones - i pod, boil then slip off the grey skin to reveal a lovely bright green bean. Lovely tossed in garlic butter.
V v young beans you can boil/steam the pods too.

Lunch today was apsaragus soup - bunch of asparagus chopped, 1" leek, chopped and 1pint stock. Liquidised with a dash of cream!

Dinner will be smoked haddock with cream/chive sauce and mashed cauli.

I've never cooked them myself, I've only had them at restaurants or other people houses - they do generally seem to be peeled though. I will report back after dinner! smile

thebestpossibletaste Thu 13-Jun-13 14:09:04

I wish I was more adventurous with my cooking, you all have some great ideas.

My food today:

Breakfast: bacon egg fried mushroom and tomato
Lunch: tuna crunch, lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes and a piece of cheese
Dinner will be plaice fried in butter with wilted spinach and roasted veg.

Last night at about 10 pm I had an additional snack of a few spoons of natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

thebestpossibletaste i have become more adventurous on this WOE, particularly with veg - where before i would just have dumped boiled veg on the plate with the carbs and protein, now i often take the time to create a delicious veg side dish. not all the time, i do still boil/steam and dump (with butter!), but often the veg is more interesting than the meat component these days

oh, and more adventurous with meat too, using cheaper, fattier cuts of meat and looking up how to cook them to their best advantage and in a low carb way

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 16:11:20

Low carb dumplings?? What is this miracle of which you speak? shock grin

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 16:22:33

Habas con jamon / Broad beans with serrano ham or chorizo...

Chop a couple of shallots and a clove of garlic (I'd use loads but it's a bit carby isn't it). You could pop the beans out of their skins, but I think the skins add a little texture if they're young and tender.

Add a generous glug of olive oil to a pan and heat (not too hot). Add the shallots and garlic and cook very gently for a couple of minutes, then add the chorizo (sliced or chunked fairly small) or ham, turn the heat up just a little and cook for another couple of minutes. Then add the beans, with a splash of white wine if you've got any handy, otherwise just as is. Turn the heat right down and simmer until the beans are tender, stirring regularly to make sure they don't burn. If they are young then they shouldn't take more than 4 or 5 mins max.

Yum, wish I was having that tonight! envy

Crabby I made these, I made half that recipe and it made 9 small dumplings - I ate 2, DP and DS polished off the rest! I put them in the slow cooker with the beef stew half an hour before the end.
They were a bit dense but they tasted pretty dumpling-y! I might experiment with adding suet next time.
I'm gonna get DP to get some Serrano ham on his way home smile
Oh no, is garlic carby? I eat it by the bucket load blush <stinky>

BlackAffronted Thu 13-Jun-13 19:45:11

I need more than a whack with Biwis stick, I need a good old flogging sad Almost a stone on by eating crap <boo hoo>

Have been shopping, all lovly LC food in the fridge so no excuse. I havent been cooking mush, and thats my downfall.

couch25cakes Thu 13-Jun-13 20:28:19

I popped to M&S and picked up a few lovely things, including the BBQ thin cut steaks with chimichrra(sp?) sauce. One for tea and one for lunch tomorrow. It's on 3 for £10 so I got other BBQ bits. I got belly pork for tomorrow and 97% pork sausages.

And taleggio, judge cause I heard its name here- no idea what to do with it grin

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 20:31:00

Ooh many are the things you can do with taleggio, couch - that's a lovely cheese for cooking. It goes all melty and fantastic.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 13-Jun-13 20:40:21

Willy/crabby (and everyone else who is creative!), you should write a low carb recipe book! I neeeeeeeed one! I have no imagination...

Today for dinner I sweated leeks in butter and they were gorgeous!! Thanks for that.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 13-Jun-13 20:44:01

I know there are lots of recipes here and elsewhere on the web but it takes aaaaaaaages searching for them and I don't like using my phone /iPad for recipes, prefer them on paper/in a book so end up with loads of loose sheets and can never find what I want. All the recipe books I can find are either low carb veggie or American.

Whinge over!

anything i cook comes from someone else's recipes, tbh!

thebestpossibletaste you're right about the american terminologies... one that is good and UK-based is the India Knight and Neris Thomas Idiot Proof Diet recipe book, though it doesn't have pictures <shallow>. i love the moussaka and butter chicken

tonight i had some leftover chilli and was fed up with cauliflower, so i roasted some courgette and aubergine slices, then rolled them up stuffed with a spoonful of chilli and some mozzarella, topped with more mozzarella and baked until golden and bubbling. it was lovely

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 13-Jun-13 21:44:38

Brilliant Bullet thanks - I'll be trying those.

You can 'follow' my blog best and get an email when I publish a post, but that doesn't solve the paper problem. You could always print the recipes, if you've got unlimited money for printer ink! grin

thebestpossibletaste Thu 13-Jun-13 22:04:40

Willie, that sounds lovely.

I'll have a look at India and Nerys's book, I'd forgotten about it.

Crabby, I do print far too many recipes off but can never find them when I want them. Need a folder, me thinks!

The broad beans tasted lovely, thanks Crabby for the recipe. I only had 3 beans though because there wasn't enough. DS and DP enjoyed them though! I had a bowl of beef stew from yesterday and a couple of sneaky slices of Serrano ham.
I did have 2 very small glasses of red wine this evening and about 6 strawberries. I resisted cupcakes, cake pops, doritos, chocolate fountain, marshmallows and cocktails. So I feel OK-ish about the wine and strawbs.

Well done for resisting bullet !

And several pages back... well done Queenofdreams for no longer having back fat. I was thinking about that today.

B - scrambled eggs, asparagus & butter
L - used up all odd ends of salad including avocado; mayo and cheese
D - courgettes, leeks, mushrooms & some tinned tomato all fried up together, served with a fried egg on top. Then strawberries & cream!

Big challenge tomorrow on trip to London. I can't take a packed lunch as the fridge is now practically bare! But I'm sure there will be salads to buy and M&S back at the train station for the way home.

milliemoomay Thu 13-Jun-13 23:30:49

I've lost 2 lbs since I last weighed myself (Tuesday) Yippee! Took Biwi's advice to drink more water and eat more fat. grin

Today's food -
B - nada as had early yogalates
L - Masala Omelette with chillies and buttered shallots plus salad
D - Pork Belly (roasted) with fresh spinach leaves.
s - chunk of cheese.
Lots of water.

I hope the cheese isn't going to be my downfall - only had a bit though.

What dressing do you use on your chicken salad Cider? And well done too on separating your eggs à la Crabby.

Evening boot campers!

I did an M&S shop today and stocked up on some bits and pieces.

B - two cold sausages and a hard boiled egg
L - a couple of slices of ham, some farmhouse pâté with chorizo, dollop of egg mayo, dollop of cheese deli filler and a few cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta. Love them.
D - a burger from M&S with a gruyere cheese melt, mashed turnip and creamed spinach
S - 2 tsps peanut butter. It was yummy. Thankfully jar was almost empty anyway!

Busy day tomorrow. Hopefully up at 6 to go for my c25k run. Then it's summer fair at school so I am helping set up in the morning and running tombola stall in afternoon. I will get home after setting up so will have lunch here. I will have to resist the cake stall though.

Well done on loss Millie!!

I have been using the Delouis mayonnaise and 'watering' it down a bit with olive oil. Otherwise I just have normal mayo. The Delouis is really nice I think.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Thu 13-Jun-13 23:47:03

tigerchair - I love peanut butter on celery grin and yet I dislike celery in any other way?!

Hi all - I'm excited as I was down a little bit again today and the next huge milestone for me is only a couple of KG (about 4lbs) away and it's a BIGGIE.

Also, I have lost a quarter of the weight I need to lose to be at my goal weight (it has taken 20 weeks). I probably shouldn't say this out loud (in case I jinx it!!) but it's actually feeling do-able! grin grin

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 00:02:10

That's brilliant chipping and Millie my scales don't seem to be moving but I do seem more streamlined and the skirt if truth getting a tad looser, so encouraging! Today's food def not one for recipe thread. Had leftovers so I made fishcakes with potato (with breadcrumbs)for tribe and used leftover cauli for mine, no breadcrumbs. Theirs looked fab and stayed together in the pan - mine disintegrated into something resembling hash. Mind you, still tasted fine. Prob the cauli was just too watery.
Just realised hv done an ubercamp today without really planning it as had eggs/mushrooms for B\L and no dairy or wine - not even the last two pieces of chunky raw chocolate in cupboard. Amazed - out tomorrow night so imagine will be a v. different story!

NewStartNewStory Fri 14-Jun-13 03:27:33

I had a bit of a shock today, my hips at 10 inches wider then my waist. Although i kinda love mfp when i put that it, it showed i had lost only 1 off my waist but 3 1/2 off my hips. But still 10 inch difference is depressingly huge! sad

Yeah insomnia, blooming marvellous. Really tired but can't sleep.

thekitchenfairy Fri 14-Jun-13 05:12:51

Just checking in to say thank you Willie and BIWI and everyone on this thread.

Weighed in yesterday, 136, only8lb down from Jan, but i have been triaining hard and several more inches have gone. grin i am also due on, so although I've had a super strict week, not surprised I didn't lose any more. Bikini gate has arrived and for the first time in years I am not filled with horror at the thought of summer clothes.

I've not posted much this BC as the rotters at work have banned MN, but the support is amazing. I love my WOE, and while the carbs will be off the menu, I shall be doing a with-wine version of bootcamp for the next 10 days!

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 06:59:14

Am 11 stone 13, it is literally decades since I have been under 12 stone, so I am very happy with this, even though I am only losing very slowly now.

I was amazed by BIWI's 1950s medical account of low carbing!

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 07:26:03

Have a fab holiday kitchenfairy and well done sun - am hoping to slip under that 12st marker by Monday (know I keep posting that but helps to keep me focussed!)
Today's lunch
COld chicken breast from M&S withhome made coleslaw (shredded ingredients last night ready for dressing) - bemused at how much looking forward to eating it. Like others hv said, food does seem to taste so much better - can really taste the sweetness now in tomatoes, carrot now when I hv a tiny bit!
Hv a good low-carb day all!

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 07:41:34

black - hopefully a lot of that weight will fall off quickly if you get back on track. Post yr food to keep motivated? I find it really helps me - and reporting the first slippage or two to stop a landslide.
new hv same difference maybe 11 inches if I look at tape measure closely am really hoping this WOE will slim down my thighs and arse - always seem to lose that last if at all. Why is that? Stubborn fat deposits/locked in fat stores? (there's a frightening thought)

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 07:46:09

(sorry if posts are a bit disjointed - posting from phone and seem to stray slightly into txt speak!

BlackAffronted Fri 14-Jun-13 07:56:09

Have started the day well, 3 eggs in coconut oil, a mint green tea & 2 pints of water so far.

BlackAffronted Fri 14-Jun-13 07:57:51

Ohhh a fellow food blogger smile I love food blogs! I was featured on Marks Daily Apple a wee while ago, and have had loads of new visitors since then, its mad. Havent posted any recipes while Ive been on the dirt track and the wagon trundled off without me ... need to get that sorted!

good start, blackaffronted. don't think too far ahead when you're trying to get back on track - just concentrate on the next meal, or today.

maidofmuss i agree about wanting to whittle down thighs and arse - i am a proper pear shape, i don't know about you. weight comes off my tummy pretty easily, especially with this WOE which reduces bloating and tummy fat particularly. hips and thighs are more difficult, though jillian michaels and running are helping me.

that said, from reading the robert lustig book 'the bitter truth about sugar' (can't remember exact title), he talks about hip/thigh fat being 'healthy' fat for women, and that does make me feel a little bit better (until i'm trying on jeans and they all gape at the waist and are too tight on the thigh)

by don't think too far ahead, i don't mean don't meal plan or do a proper low carb shop - obviously do those things. but just concentrate on getting through lunch for now.

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 08:20:28

BlackAffronted - I was thinking we hadn't seen you for a while! What prompted your fall off the wagon? And what stopped you getting back on it? It's useful to see if there are any triggers that you could identify for next time. Because as we all know, there will be a next time!

CrabbyBigBottom Fri 14-Jun-13 08:20:39

Aha it was your blog Black! I couldn't remember whose it was but I had a read of it when you posted the link and it's great. I'd been toying with starting one about low carbing and reading yours gave me encouragement so thank you! I've been blogging for a couple of years, but about nature/photography with occasional food posts thrown in. The food posts have always gone down well so I thought it was worth a go. I could really get into food photography, I reckon - I've been having great fun!

CrabbyBigBottom Fri 14-Jun-13 08:25:19

New I thought that a ten inch difference between waist and hips is the ideal? Isn't the hourglass figure a waist measurement 10ins less than hips and bust? I'm very small around the ribcage (but large cup size - 32G) so I've never had the hip and chest the same, but always kept a similar ration of 10 difference between waist and hips, I think. And I go in and out in roughly the right places, still. grin

CrabbyBigBottom Fri 14-Jun-13 08:30:24

Ratio not ration.

Well done all the losers fast and slow. We're all heading in the right direction. Welcome back on the wagon Black - you need to have a read of your own recipes! wink

Another half a pound off today so still 11st 9lbs. I'm pleased considering I had a glass of red on Wednesday and 2 glasses of red last night. hmm

B - smoked salmon in creme fraiche
S - hot spicy nuts
D - cauliflower cheese

Just realised I didn't have lunch at all and spent ages photographing the nuts so didn't eat those until shortly before dinner. No wonder I succumbed to the lure of wine.

black!!!! I'm jumping back in the wagon with you today, I have been STS because I am not following the rules consistently at all some weekends and I need to get on an even keel. I am going to just get through one day at a time (except have planned Sunday so ican stay focused). I reckon drink water like it is going out of fashion as that always gets the scales moving for me...

timidviper Fri 14-Jun-13 08:44:35

Black Chin up! I know weight loss is not easy for anyone but do think it is harder for us larger ladies as the amount to lose and the timescale is daunting. I think we are also so much further from goal that it is harder to motivate yourself as you can't even visualise it, I have been 5st+ overweight for 25 years so can't even picture myself as a normal size.

I honestly think the only way the likes of you and I can do this is to have a "way of eating" rather than a diet so it becomes normal, set small achievable targets that are not just weight based (getting into a smaller size, bmi classification, etc), change our mindset so get into the "treat not cheat" idea and, above all, plan furiously so you have the right foods available and as little as possible to tempt you.

Having said all that I have been rubbish too. I have hovered around the same weight since before Xmas, largely by ignoring my own advice! grin

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 08:45:24

willie - yes, always lose from stomach first and have a bit of a hollow back, so jeans always a problem with my chunky thighs and rear! Must try the shred DVD again. I did it a couple of times a week or two ago but work/life got in the way (again).

prettybird Fri 14-Jun-13 08:47:27

I've just found out I have an interview for a job next Friday smile

Tried on a size 12 Austin Reed blue silk suit that I haven't been able to get in to for years and it fitted! smilesmile Probably still couldn't get into the matching dress but the skirt will do wink

Had to dig it out of my suitcase of "clothes I can't wear": will need to go through it and get out the nice clothes again and also go through my wardrobe and take out all the clothes that are now too big, so that there is room for my "new" clothes.

Might soon be time for my trip in to John Lewis to spend my £250 in vouchers (won £150 from MN just before Christmas and then got £100 from my dad as a Christmas present).

BlackAffronted Fri 14-Jun-13 08:48:42

MrsHP I was managing to sts most of the time during this bootcamp, then in the last week ive shot up by loads sad scared me back into doing this properly. Im on my 3rd pint of water already ...

Biwi - my trigger seems to be a "fuck it" moment because I dont have the right food to hand. and that brings back the cravings like crazy! Then I keep telling myself Ill start tomorrow ...

Timid - you speak so much sense. My first goal is to get rid of that 12lb gain!! I need to get my cooking mojo back . Crabbys blog has inspired ma again though smile

newstart, i agree with crabby. my hips are 12 inches wider than my waist, and i have a waist:hip ratio of 0.7 (for women it should ideally be less than 0.85). i am v pear-shaped, which i don't love, but it is easier than being a natural apple shape

crabby we sound a v similar shape! i am 30F

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 09:01:54

Then, Black you must make sure that you always have the right food to hand. Meal planning and the right kind of shopping are critical!

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 09:06:15

Re hips and waist, I think it is healthier to have a larger hip/ smaller waist but I sympathise about the difficulty finding jeans and trousers that fit.

Since starting low carbing in November, I've gone from something like 44/5:35:47 to 41/2:31:41/2. So I feel like I've gone from being more of a pear to more of an hourglass. I'm still breastfeeding so that probably helps in a way (though I don't know what state my boobs will be in at the end of it!). I am especially pleased that my saddlebags seem to have melted away.

I have just got some white jeans from TK Maxx that were marked down from £120 to about £20 (so it would have been rude not to have tried them out). They are more like leggings really and are surprisingly comfy under short dresses/ long tops, while looking quite summery. It also stops me having to bother about what state of depilation/ tan my legs are in. I think a high level of stretch/ elastane may well be the way to go to accommodate curves, this seems to work well for my top half too.

NewStartNewStory Fri 14-Jun-13 09:17:09

Ah ok, right waist:hip ration is 0.76 so within ideal. My chest is half way between hips and waist but i would happily see it shrink some. But I have a hollow back which as Maid said makes it a bit of a pita for trousers. I would like my hips to fit some trousers before my waist is ridiculously smaller then it. Or clothes makers to make a range of styles that fit different shapes. asking the world-

4am - scrambled eggs (2 eggs)
Breakfast - as above.

tigerchair Fri 14-Jun-13 09:18:49

Thnaks chipping, I'll try celery with the peanut butter thanks. The yoghurt/peanut butter combo that BIWI suggested is delicious and well worth trying smile

Food today

Breakfast - eggs and bacon

Lunch - veg soup, plus some form of protein (maybe some ham)

Dinner - Peppers filled with slice of brie and some olive oil/herbs, baked in oven

Snack - yoghurt and peanut butter

Lots of water with lemon juice.

I am pretty much keeping to this plan 90% of time but finding it really difficult to drop my glass or two of red wine most days, help!! Please someone tell me how the lbs melted off once they binned the alcohol, I need some motivation (and BIWI's big stick!!).

Also was going to ask if anyone else is noticing inches lost more than the scales shifting? My weight loss seems quite slow compared to other ways I've lost weight in the past eg slimming world. But this way I'm losing inches off my waist in particular but not seeing it on the scales so much. Is it because fat is lost rather than water weight/muscle mass? Not complaining, it's nice to have a neater waistline smile

Exercise today - going for a 1km swim

Have a good day everyone smile

BlackAffronted Fri 14-Jun-13 09:29:01

tiger, the alcohol from your wine will be burned first, before burning up the fat, so you will definitely be delaying good fat burning! No alcohol means constant fat burning smile

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 09:31:39

I am hardly drinking any alcohol - I would love a glass of red wine some days, but I am finding it hard to shift weight as it is. I did have a tall glass of Pimms at a garden party at the weekend, and was shocked at how tooth-achingly sweet it was. Presumably due to sugary lemonade.

Is it helpful to think of alcohol as containing an energy source that the body will use instead of fat? So that you won't burn fat while your body can use the alcohol instead?

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 09:32:20

cross post grin

tigerchair Fri 14-Jun-13 09:33:04

Thanks, I'll make that my mantra, Black!

Constant fat burning, yeehaa grin

tigerchair Fri 14-Jun-13 09:37:12

Thanks herecomes too smile

couch25cakes Fri 14-Jun-13 09:56:21

Morning everyone. Chipping, that's brilliant. I've a lot to lose, and it defeinitely feels doable, doesn't it. I'm thinking long term, a pound or so each week, and by next summer when we go to Florida I'll be pretty much there.

I was down a lb this morning which takes me over the 10lb mark (18 lbs since I started in January - calorie counting blush) and when I told dh he said 'is that all, it looks like you've lost way more than that' so I think there's definitely inches coming off where weight doesn't always seem to be.

I really enjoyed my breakfast this morning. I made oopsie rolls last night so had a BLT without the T. Roll, lettuce, may and bacon, washed down with a coffee and cream -yum!

prettybird Fri 14-Jun-13 10:31:59

I take it back: I've just tried on the matching dress to my silk skirt and jacket combo and I can get in to it! smilesmile Too dressy for an interview though as it is just above ankle length (shift style).

Just adding to what others have said about their shape changing: I would not have been able to wear it previously at the weight I am now. My backside hips are definitely smaller.

In fact, dh even said to me (after I'd tried the dress on), "You're definitely slimmer now than before even before you got fat " grin. He did go on to say that he meant it as a compliment!

woop woop! Good for you prettybird! Good luck with your interview smile

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 11:51:36

It occurs to me that this approach to food would lend itself wonderfully well to a weight loss spa with wonderful low carb food!

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Jun-13 11:54:35

PS also good wishes for the interview prettybird!

EwanHoozami Fri 14-Jun-13 12:40:51

Hello again Black how exciting to be featured on MDA.

and Crabby I love your blog, the photography is terrific.

B: Lidl yog
L: cream cheese pancake with spinach and nutmeg
D: tuna and artichoke salad

I weighed myself for the first time in weeks today (I've been a bit under the weather and haven't been in control of all my dietary choices) and it turns out I'm quite a bit under my target. Which was a surprise, albeit not an unpleasant one. I might look more seriously into re-introducing a few carbier elements, maintenance-style.

kiwigirl42 Fri 14-Jun-13 12:43:57

morning everyone. hope all is well with you all. been mostly in bed since Sunday with consecutive migraines but luckily they weren't killer ones, just a painful, bloody nuisance keeping me housebound.

Tried my dress on today for friend's wedding tomorrow. Look like a fecking pink sausage in it. Really terrible.
So been out to look for another dress. Could I find one? could I hell. So I'm going to wear a floaty black dress I have. I've bought a hot pink bra to go underneath it as you can sometimes see my bra straps and a nice sparkly necklace.

I've lost a stone now and can honestly say that I've never been hungry or eaten healthier meals than on this WOE. I really can see myself staying on track as I'm really enjoying the meals I'm making.

I made waffles this morning to celebrate making it this far - used 1/3 cup ground almonds, about half that of coconut flour, mixed in an egg, melted butter and bit of milk. They worked great in the waffle machine.

the only cheat I've done is having a teaspoon of honey on greek yogurt once a day. i decided that if I'm going to do this I should get the best honey I could find. I ended up buying a kilo jar from a website called FunkyRaw - its lemon blossom honey, raw, not micro filtered and really delicious with a lemony edge. It cost £16 (£12 + £4 shipping) which I thought was OK and it arrived next day after ordering.

I also discovered you can buy a 3.5kg tub of raw honey from Amazon for £25 but thats a hell of a lot of honey smile

steak and broccoli tonight. Yum!

daisychicken Fri 14-Jun-13 13:05:36

I always have problems with trousers - what fits my thighs (where the weight goes angry ) is way to big round my waist.... always looks sloppy & tatty.......

Been doing so well...... had coffee with DM this am & that piece of gluten free brownie was just calling my name.... have to say it was yummy though rather sweet - this is why I prefer going with the kids - they have the cake & I get a tiny nibble!!!!!!!!!!!!

B: plain yog & cheese
L: salad with mayo, piece salami and piece cheese
D: roast chicken thighs with veg for tea
S: naughty high carb, full of sugar GF brownie....... blush

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 13:12:24

Just stopped for lunch and a quick catch up (eating my chicken/coleslaw!)
Well done to pretty bird for getting in suit – and good luck for interview) kiwi for being a stone down and finding something nice to wear for wedding ewan for getting under target – do so hope that will be me several months down the line and also black for getting back on it! Am totally mystified, too, by visual loss not corresponding to loss on scales mentioned by couch et al. Is there an explanation? Cue spooky SF music...

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 13:14:51

cross-post with daisy – think best just ignore and move on! (Don't do what I have usually done/still will probably do - esp with a glass or two of wine in me – think what the hell, may as well eat that flapjack now, too!
Tastebuds really do change on this WOE don't they?!

snowballinashoebox Fri 14-Jun-13 13:36:26

I am sitting here sniffing a pot of coconut oil, it smells lovely.

How do I use it in coffee? Do I just bung a bit in, it's cold pressed food grade.

I totally agree with the visual loss, find it fascinating.
Good luck with the job prettybird hope you enjoy the wedding kiwi and blimmin lovely photos crabby

Have a good weekend everyone

daisychicken Fri 14-Jun-13 13:40:31

Why would you put coconut oil in coffee???? confused

snowballinashoebox Fri 14-Jun-13 13:50:11

I read it here, I think I did anyway. It smells like bounty bars, maybe I'll just carry on sniffing it!

snowball you can just stir it in, though it can be better if you put it all in a blender as otherwise it's a bit oil-slicky on the top, depends on whether you mind

i will eat a spoonful out of the jar - it is a bit like the inside of a bounty!


biggest loser of the week: Tigglette
biggest loser to date: Anchovies
biggest %age loser to date: letsseeificandothis

bravo all!

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 14:17:50

Brilliant! Well done all flowers

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 14:19:12

herecomesthsun - I found a place online yesterday that was offering just that - a week in either Devon or France somewhere, with lots of exercise and specific diet. It sounded really great, but:

It was almost £2500 per week!
They also didn't say what diet you would be following

But they had loads of trainers, coaches and nutritionists involved, which is probably also why it was so expensive.

Hi everyone.

Well done on losses! The week 3/4/5 stall has been banished!

I am back talking to my scales today. 14 3 this morning!! I am NOT having any wine this weekend. I so want to see that again on Monday (less would be better obv but I won't be greedy!).

I am intrigued that coconut oil tastes like the inside of a bounty! May have to try it.

Summer Fair at school today so i have spent the morning helping to sort out cakes and sweets and booze etc. Resisted the plate of biscuits and just had a couple of cups of tea. Back home for a couple of hours before heading back to help set up and run the Tombola. Will avoide the cakes stall and the Pimms stall. And the sweets. Have just had a big lunch to keep me going as I don't think we will get home till about 7.

Got up at 6 this morning to go out for my run. Very proud of myself. Legs ached late morning. I think because I normally get home and rest for a while but this morning I was busy and then on my feet for a few hours.

B - yoghurt, flaxseeds and blueberries
L - burger and creamed spinach left over from last night's dinner
D - chicken curry and cauliflower rice. Already in freezer from last week. Will be interesting to see how the cauli rice will be after freezing.

Oh - welcome back Black. Fingers crossed your gain disappears quickly.

thebestpossibletaste Fri 14-Jun-13 14:30:00

It's the opposite for me Daisy, trousers baggy on the bum but can barely do up at the waist!

Hoping I can withstand the weekend munches. Feeling a little bloated today, not sure why.

Had usual bacon egg and mushrooms for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, having fried pork shoulder steak for dinner with spinach and some other veg!

Need to drink more but it's so difficult at work.

it's the texture too of coconut oil (at room temperature), there's something a bit bounty-ish

thebestpossibletaste Fri 14-Jun-13 14:49:43

How does home made mayo rate, carbs wise? I use egg yolk, cider vinegar, a mixture of sunflower oil and light olive oil, 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard and salt and pepper and some lemon juice. It's yummy and I have it with lots of things.

it will depend on your serving size, but will be very very low carb - small amounts in egg, vinegar, mustard and lemon juice but as long as you're not eating a bucketload a day i think it would be a maximum of 1-2g carbs, if that

snowballinashoebox Fri 14-Jun-13 15:16:06

thanks willie off to try it.

big well done to the biggest losers.

decaffwithcream Fri 14-Jun-13 15:18:17

Another answer to craving sweet things is peanut butter on a square of dark chocolate. Luscious. Feels like I'm eating a dark chocolate peanut truffle.

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 15:19:18

Woo hoo, Buda! flowers

tigerchair Fri 14-Jun-13 16:10:35

Well done everyone for losses, and good luck for interview prettybird smile

The coffee with coconut oil is actually ok! Trainer at my gym recommended it before workouts. I usually put a cupful of coffee in a pyrex jug, add a good tsp of the coconut oil then whisk it up really well with a mini whisk (this helps prevent some of the oil settling on top of the coffee).

Peanut butter and dark chocolate, yum!

I've been for my swim today, when I got out of the pool I was sooooo hungry as hadn't had much for lunch. Knew that I would be in danger of grabbing the first thing I could eat when I got home so looked for suitable snack while at service station getting diesel on way back. Best thing I could find was a packet of roasted and salted peanuts, are these oK? I've eaten them now anyway....

captainmummy Fri 14-Jun-13 16:14:23

isn't coffee with cream and coconut oil a 'bulletproof' coffeee? I' sure I read that. I use coconut oil in my rooibos tea, i quite like the oil-slick. That is my usual breakfast - i don't eat again til 1230!

(but i do have 2 normal coffees at work)

Negroni Fri 14-Jun-13 16:32:55

Just wanted to post as the thread has run away in the last 2 days! Well done to all the losers, those dropping into another stone category, those fitting into brilliant slim clothes and of course.... v importanly those jumping back on the wagon.

Ended my 4 day ultra-strict-no-dairy-apart-from-double-cream-in-morning-coffee-camp yesterday with v small glass of red (woohoo). Need to keep motivated though and not go crazy with the cheddar slices - sure they were my downfall. Usually avoid weighing self as good results end in euphoria and bad food splurge and bad results end in doom and gloom and bad food splurge but did weigh self this morning and have dropped 3 lbs since monday to 10 stone 11 - so am in the 10 stones for first time since 2010!

Am just really relieved mainly as in the 2 weeks prior to monday had just lost 2.5 lbs in total. I had a v small number of diet fails when visiting family/ friends abroad like rice and fried chicken dinner placed in front of me and small slice of apple tart (that felt rude to refuse as had been bought for visit of me, DP and DDs and DD1 didn't want anyway) and bit more wine than usual. But on the whole I spent 2 weeks of sticking to diet and did not have much loss to show.

So am recommending a 3 or 4 day ultra strictish camp for anyone looking to kick start things a bit. Just keeping fingers crossed there is no evil bounce back on scales!

middleagedspread Fri 14-Jun-13 16:38:18

I have decided that my decidedly lumpy upper arms are a bit less so.
Wish I could say the same about the bulges above my hips. Maybe next week?

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 16:44:24

Wow, 4lb down! Well done negroni – that's great! What did you eat? Do let us know if you've any particularly tips on getting through it. May be a plan for the last week to go out with a bang (not a wimpy) [thanks to John Cooper Clarke]

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 16:46:03

and flowers to this week's biggest losers!

Negroni Fri 14-Jun-13 16:56:01

Yes congrats to the biggest losers!

It's only 3lbs down maid. But I am happy to have a couple of pounds buffer from the 11 stone zone. Think the main thing is not having alcohol, cheese, teaspoons of philadelphia, tea spoons of cream, tablespoons of yoghurt is that there isn't such a big chance of a carb creep. There are only so many spinach leaves/ florets of broccoli that you can snack on, whereas I can always have a bit more wine or cheese.

Though I still have the dreaded back fat (albeit in reduced form). Totally envious of all you pear shaped folk. As an apple shaped person, my legs stay slim but fat goes last from stomach and back and boobs. And it's hard to show off legs when stomach is still there! I will literally have to be down to target weight (well over another stone as short) to totally banish back fat. That must be my mission!

middleagedspread Fri 14-Jun-13 16:59:55

negroni I'm very pear; skinny shoulders, flat chest & then a tyre that goes round my tummy & bum. It is not a good luck, honestly. I bet Claudia Shiffer stands in front of the mirror complaining!

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 17:18:21

Well maybe 4lbs by tomorrow or Monday Negroni! Makes sense what you say about the carb creep. I sometimes find myself going for a tablespoon of Total or a slither or two of parmesan when grating it over DD's pasta and then forget all about it I so don't think of it as a proper snack and forget to log it...
True to wanting what we can't have, I ( pear shape) always gets jealous of those apples with slim legs who can wear skinny jeans or leggings with a floaty top!
Onwards all!
Heading homewards shortly. Weather looks more cheery so may stop off at supermarket and get cold meats, salady bits for this eve!

maidofmuss Fri 14-Jun-13 17:19:20


BlackAffronted Fri 14-Jun-13 17:22:57

Ive no idea what body shape I am, apart from "round" sad

tigerchair Fri 14-Jun-13 17:34:06

I'm an hourglass and I'm not happy with my shape either unless I'm much lighter. If I put weight on it goes straight to my hips, bum and chest. So tunic tops/maxi dresses hang from my boobs and make me look pregnant and skinny jeans make my thighs look massive. See, we're never happy grin

BIWI Fri 14-Jun-13 17:43:26

I think the moral of this story is that the grass is always greener on the other side! grin

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Fri 14-Jun-13 18:45:11

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Tigerchair I'm an hourglass too, which was lovely when I was 20 & sub 8 stone. A few years and stones later... not such a good look & hard to buy clothes for, for sure! But still - we well all be svelte this time next year (some of you a lot sooner for sure!!).

A question re coconut oil

Has anyone tried more than one brand and if so, which do you prefer??

I'm getting tempted to try it, even though the thought makes me a bit gaggy - but if I'm going to try it, I want to buy the nicest one!!

If you've only bought one but think it's really lovely - which one do you have?