Week 6 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - We've Passed the Halfway Point!

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BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 07:51:51

Morning campers!

Lovely weather at last.

Here's the spreadsheet of fabulousness

Come and confess all.

The last couple of weeks have seen quite a lot of slippage and falling off the wagon - a euphemism for cheating! - so I'm not expecting that we're going to see many fabulous losses this week. Indeed, I think many of us are going to feel a bit downhearted when we step on the scales today.


There are still 5 weeks left, which is plenty of time to get properly back on the wagon and shift a few more of those pesky pounds.

Good luck everyone!

prettybird Mon 03-Jun-13 08:25:40

Marking place. smile

Studiously refuses to admit to the cheating yesterday when I was standing next to a home baking cake stall all day blush

I seem to have fallen off the spreadsheet - could someone put me back, please? Am marking myself as STS every week until I can get back to the Land Where the Scales Live on June 21st. Thanks!

thanks for the new thread!

i have been very good this past week but i have stepped up the exercise which i'm sure is why i have stayed the same. this isn't a problem as i can already see improvements in muscle tone (thanks jillian) and i'm feeling really good while running at the moment

BlackAffronted Mon 03-Jun-13 08:33:35

Up & daown, up & down grin thats all Ive done since the last Bootcamp! I gain a few pounds, lose them, gain, lose etc, so that I am always hovering around the 2 stone lost makr instead of losing more. This week I am determined to lose proper weight!! <stern>

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 08:33:56

Yep, I'm starting my running again this week - will go some time today.

i've added you back in furry

lovely day for it biwi!

Esker Mon 03-Jun-13 08:39:29

Morning all, so happy to be returning to LC after a week of sugar mania at my PILs house. My skin looks so dull and horrid for it.
B= Greek yogurt, coffee
L=m&s Greek salad
D= need to go shopping an get some food in but probably roast chicken with some approved veg

AngieAir Mon 03-Jun-13 08:39:52

Away from the scales this week and probably for the best as I am in a 10 day period where low carb options are severely restricted. Staying at relatives, then a conference in the middle of nowhere with no transport then staying with carby foodie friends.

I am limiting my portions, filling up on veg and trying to drink as much water as possible.

Next week I will be doing übercamp. This week I feel pretty grim and a bit down. It was so easy last year when I was on maternity leave and had so much more control over my food every day.

Yoghurty Mon 03-Jun-13 08:45:52

BIWI, you're absolutely right. I've updated the spreadsheet but STS again this week.

I'm so disappointed- I was tracking my weight last week and thought I'd be on for a 2lb loss, but no.

I had a cheat week a few weeks ago for my birthday and I knew I would gain, but I genuinely thought it'd be gone by now.

I've bought a notebook to track my carbs as I wanted to check I wasn't going over 40-60g and last week was all well under that, and I was gulping water as well! I even was adding coconut oil to my morning coffee (bleugh!) to make sure I was getting enough fat.

sad face this morning. Hoping next Monday will be a different story.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 08:47:42

Never mind, Yoghurty. If you're on track like that, the scales will move for you. If you cheated in the early weeks, you've probably just delayed things a little - instead of the difficult week 3/4 you've probably just pushed it into week 5. Stick with it, and you will see a loss next week.

Yoghurty Mon 03-Jun-13 08:55:27

Thanks BIWI.

Question- I've been tracking carbs and on some days I've eaten between 20-30g a day- Is that too low? I know some induction phases say to aim for this but will not eating enough carbs stall me, iyswim?
You know, like when i've previously been at a 'diet club' and been told i'm not eating enough to lose weight?

I'm sure this is a wild stab in the dark wink

MaryBeardfanclub Mon 03-Jun-13 09:20:34

Hi all

I have sts this week. Quite pleased as I am happy at this weight just vanity is making me wish I was 2.75lb lower. Plus I would like to have a few lbs in hand when I go on holiday as I will not be able to have control over every meal - and I may have some wine.

hope all have a good day.

B: 2 hb eggs with 1 oz butter yum! still love this breakfast
L: will be left over ribs, bacon, cabbage, sausage
D: not sure yet

rubybricks Mon 03-Jun-13 09:22:02

morning all!
am determined to be more positive this week smile

thanks for answering me on the last thread BIWI, and i'm sorry again for moaning - i haven't gained this week (phew) but i haven't lost either - keep reminding myself that i'm still in the 10s <shakes head in amazement> and you're right, if i can just galvanise myself like in the first couple of weeks of bootcamp then i could potentially be going off on holidays like a new person! thanks for the new thread and for the pep talk, you are so right.

1. i will actually try and read the IPD book this week instead of carrying it round everywhere with me and hoping i will absorb the contents by osmosis

2. i will not drink alcohol at all. it's just not worth it - it undoes all the good work/fizzy water guzzled/time spent at the gym and makes me eat rubbish and look like crap

3. i will try and cook at least 2 new things from the recipe thread. it does seem a bit indulgent sometimes, this WOE (like it takes a lot of headspace, if that makes sense?) but learning to cook is something i should have achieved by my age smile

onward and downward (on the scales)! thanks again for the support ladiesflowers

Protein pancakes for breakfast - they were nice but could have done with a banana chopped over the top! I made them with a scoop of vanilla whey, teaspoon of cinnamon, one egg and a slosh of double cream and mixed it all to pancake batter consistency and then fried in butter, this made 2 small thickish pancakes, served with double cream.
obviously failing quite badly at the 'no dairy' part of hardcore bootcamp

couch25cakes Mon 03-Jun-13 09:30:19

2.5 lbs off for me, which I'm happy with. I can't seem to manage to work the spreadsheet so if someone can add it for me that would be great.

Had salt beef and eggs for breakfast and have halloumi salad for lunch, leftover from yesterdays BBQ. I'm doing roast chicken and chorizo for dinner and think I'll do mashed swede and cauli for veg.
I'm also going to have a go at mousakka to do me for lunches this week, if I can find the recipe in the thread.

Have a good day everyone.

kohl Mon 03-Jun-13 09:51:50

Could I join? I've been lurking for a while and have been LCing for 2 1/2 weeks, have been doing bootcamp light with berries and almonds as am still breastfeeding, am in the middle of essay deadlines and house/city move.

I've lost 9lbs already, and though it would be nice to lose 3-5lbs more I think I'm going to have to wait until we've moved for that to be a reality. Just wanted to join for some moral support, something to keep me on the straight and narrow and recipe ideas.

I've never dieted before, but realised when I was a stone over my normal weight, eating loads of carbs and sugar through stress, and none of my clothes fitted that I really needed to do something...

Can I just add myself to the spreadsheet?

B=masala omelette with butter.
L=some kind of salad with an oily dressing
D= no idea yet...soup?

QueenofDreams Mon 03-Jun-13 09:56:17

Morning all. 2 lb off this week smile

Dinner last night was courgette strips with a creamy mushroom and chorizo sauce.

today's breakfast: 2 black farmer sausages with creamy mushrooms and courgettes.

I need to vary my veg a bit. I love veg but currently only seem to be eating mushrooms, courgettes, spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. Any suggestions for good veg to use? Oh and I've been using avocado, but this week they didn't turn up in the shop so haven't had any in.

I've been shopping for new trousers as all my current ones were getting a bit saggy (good sign!) but I "feel" as if I'm in a stall now, nothing feels like its changed in the last few days. (have no evidence as I'm not weighing). That might make sense as I'm a week behind, this is the start of my week 5. I shall just try to follow the rules as closely as possibly. I don't feel able to give up dairy as I already don't eat meat so I would be limited to eggs and fish only. (I know that is theoretically possible)

B - scrambled egg & asparagus
L - cheese salad
D - salmon, mashed swede, broccoli, fried courgette
S - greek yog

We all went to a "coronation" afternoon tea party, where I just had the cup of tea!

kiwigirl42 Mon 03-Jun-13 10:02:43

not a happy bunny this morning.
Have put on 4lb this week despite having 2 days where I ate only about 700 cals and sticking to low carb (haven't had over 40 carbs any day).

I think I need to not make almond crumble again - thats been my only non-bootcamp cheat (almonds, butter, tbsp honey over blueberries/ raspberries). But, oh god, it was nirvana!
and I might have made chocolate mousse with thick part of coconut milk and 2 squares of 85% chocolate.

I am a week behind so knew this could happen but grrrrr.

BeattieBow Mon 03-Jun-13 10:03:12

Hi for some reason I can't input my progress. I'm now at 151lb, last week I was 152 (I didn't input it last week either), so 1lb a week which is fine for me.

Now starting exercising too, to tone up a little bit.

Please will someone put my new weight onto the spreadsheet?

c25c i've added your loss of 2.5!

kohl you're on the spreadsheet now - just fill in your start weight in column c and your current weight in column w - i'll do the rest. what was your start date?

decaffwithcream Mon 03-Jun-13 10:03:50

STS. I have a question. Is it a stall when the scales stay the same but you can see visible fat loss? Is it important to actually make the scales move even if you are losing fat?

uyou are all sorted beattie

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 10:06:53

<<slinks in and stands behind Ruby>>

I really had a major wobble last night and had almost decided to defect to a low GI diet instead, especially if I hadn't lost any weight this morning. shock blush

BUT... Today is a new day (and a beautiful one), and I'm not hungover (had a couple of glasses of red only). A good night's sleep and I have renewed determination today.

This week I shall be mainly concentrating on:
- making really gorgeous food and trying new recipes. I need to get excited about the food again.
- getting a bit more exercise than usual (might try that 7 minute workout).

I've been really good at not cheating at all with the food (apart from the half square of chocolate yesterday), yet I've been drinking too much and somehow convincing myself that it doesn't count! hmm It's really counter-productive because if I'm hungover I really really crave carbs, and therefore I really crave white wine come late afternoon. It's never red that I crave - I can drink that in moderation quite happily. But the chilled white... I want it on an empty stomach for that initial lovely tipsy feeling, and it's much harder to control whether I'm drinking too much - it just slips down so easily.

So NO WHITE WINE FOR ME UNTIL THE END OF BOOTCAMP (except possibly a bottle of bubbly on special occasions). Otherwise I'm sabotaging myself and all the effort is pointless.

4lbs off this week (which unfortunately, due to a 3lb gain last week after birthday celebrations, means that it's only 1lb off in a fortnight), but that's still good, and I'm going to go at it with renewed effort this week.

BerylStreep Mon 03-Jun-13 10:07:32

Have posted yesterday's weight, as I have inexplicably put on a kilo overnight hmm.

Anyway, pleased to report a loss. Am also cycling a lot - did 20 miles on Saturday and going out again tonight.

kohl Mon 03-Jun-13 10:17:18

Thanks Willie 17th June.

Ruprekt Mon 03-Jun-13 10:23:46

Ok.....i am 177lb today which could be a gain but I am going to start doing what some other posters are doing and do a 5:2 diet.

Today is a fast day so just water today until dinner later.

On a countdown to Cornwall in August. smilesmilesmilesmile

middleagedspread Mon 03-Jun-13 10:45:11

Morning All
I'm very ashamed blush. it all went horribly pear shaped for me over half term & I've put on 4 lbs. My clothes are tight & I'm very cross with myself.
I'm really going to try this week & not be so defeatist.
Well done to all you losers, be proud of your self control.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Mon 03-Jun-13 10:48:46

I cant enter my gain onto spreadsheet. Oh well.

Half term now over, thank goodness! And so is my holiday madness.

I tried to be good... I did, but its not easy when I am not in charge of food! On the plus side, didnt drink alcohol at all.

toomuchtoask Mon 03-Jun-13 10:50:20

I've been dreadful for a couple of weeks - I've eaten everything I wanted (including way too many sweets and carbs) and I've lost 0.5lbs. How the heck! I'm back on the plan today though as I've still got a lot to lose.

daisychicken Mon 03-Jun-13 10:55:51

Thanks for the breakfast ideas... I've gone with Lidl's Greek yoghurt and a few berries or have had cold frittata/omelette so far..

Popped into Lidl this morning and they had barbecued spiced chicken wings and drumsticks on offer - cant remember the carb count but v low, there were other meats as well but didn't look at those. Also got a couple of packs of cod mornay (on offer & low carb count) to keep in the freezer - handy for those days when I haven't got leftovers, DH & dc are having pizza and I don't want to start making much for me (I usually end up with bacon & egg so this will be a nice change!).

Yesterday's menu:
B: frittata
L: frittata and salad plus ice-cube portion of yoghurt
D: BBQ - salad, roast tomato with garlic and beefburgers
Snack: ice cube portion yoghurt & berries

(I use those tiny pots that people get for baby food for tiny portions - I sometimes want a treat but don't want or need a huge amount - this worked for me last time so I'm sticking with it!)

B: yoghurt & berries, small cube of cheese
L: leftover roast tomato, salad and BBQ chicken (may add mayo)
D: pasta so veg pasta sauce with 2"chorizo chopped finely (between 4) over courgette strips for me

One treat I used last time when I was in need of a sweet fix was sugar free jelly (makeup to 1/2pint) blended with cream cheese and left to set - makes a fruity mousse type jelly. I used to double up the jelly (2 sachets to make 1pint with 1 carton cream cheese) and split over I think 12 baby pots. This can be eaten on its own, with cream and/or with added berries. Can't remember carb count but by keeping portion v small, cc was small & makes a nice treat when desperate!!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Mon 03-Jun-13 11:31:49

Morning all, hope everyone has a bit of sunshine today. Welcome kohl I am sure you will find lots of support here.

decaf I think a proper "stall" is defined as something like 4-6 weeks without a loss, so don't worry. You will be losing fat, which is why lots of seasoned LC-ers recommend measuring yourself as well as weighing.

I am 2.5 lbs down this week but it's really just getting me back to my week 2 weight (after a hideous couple of weeks when my FIL died and there were lots of bad choices made).

Really happy that the scales now read 10 stones 13, rather than 11 something. May seem shallow but I find the "next stone down" thing really motivating. I did a little happy jig nekkid round the bathroom.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 11:37:05


^not a happy bunny this morning.
Have put on 4lb this week despite having 2 days where I ate only about 700 cals and sticking to low carb (haven't had over 40 carbs any day).^

WHY ARE YOU COUNTING CALORIES?! We don't count calories here, and having only 700 is silly. That is way too low. You won't lose weight if you do that

I think I need to not make almond crumble again - thats been my only non-bootcamp cheat (almonds, butter, tbsp honey over blueberries/ raspberries). But, oh god, it was nirvana!
and I might have made chocolate mousse with thick part of coconut milk and 2 squares of 85% chocolate.

It may have been your only cheat, but that will have been a lot of carbs.

Please, please, please follow Bootcamp rules properly - you don't need to count your carbs if you do that. But you should be eating a decent amount of food and staying away from the carbs!

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Jun-13 12:02:12

Well a tiny gain of 0.4lbs for me, but I'm putting that down to the litre on cranberry juice I downed over the weekend to try and kill the dreaded uti. A strict three days coming up for me, as I'm off to Mallorca for three nights on a work jolly from Thursday, which shall be VERY boozy I feel... Hoping to try and pace myself, do lots of swimming and stick to eating plenty of fish and salad... My wedding dress arrives in two weeks and I still seem unable to get under 12 stone which has become a huge hurdle in my head.

Mallorca for a work jolly? That is a good job!!

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 03-Jun-13 12:31:45

Well... I came home last night after a hedonistic 3 days away with friends. It was fantastic. I felt great for having lost a bit of weight since I'd last seen them all! but boy was it decadent. Wine / fancy dinners / cocktails / desserts...

To be honest I didn't even try to low carb... it was my first time away for DD (18 months old!) So I wanted to enjoy it and I did grin

But it does show on the scales... I'm 2lbs heavier - but it seems like so much more as I feel so bloated. But I'm straight back into it today and will get back on track.

in terms of numbers on the scales it's worth remembering that with this WOE you will likely look much slimmer at the weight you are now (on the way down) than you did on the way up. even though you might not yet be at a number that you're happy with, with the benefits of lack of bloating, clear skin etc that low carbing brings, you WILL look better at this weight than you did before, and likely fit into smaller sizes too

Hi all. Did my confessing on last week's thread so will move swiftly on!

Back on track this morning and as we go on holiday a month from tomorrow I am sticking to bootcamp with some berries at the weekend. I might even ubercamp for a few days. And I will steer clear of the wine.

Felt rubbish this morning. Woke up at 3am which always happens if I drink too much. So I then lay there hating myself for having messed myself up so badly. And then I fell back asleep around 6 so was shattered when I got up. And forgot to weigh as was rushing.

Crabby - I have decided not to have ANY wine for the next month. Once I have some I have more and as you say then the cravings kick in. I'm am better not having it at all.

So. Today's food
B - ham and egg mayo
L - salad, cherry toms, avocado, red onion, chicken, mayo.
D - am defrosting pork steaks. No idea what to do with them or have with them yet. I have broccoli, leeks, courgettes and cabbage.

Willie - completely agree. I know I look a lot slimmer than is showing on the scales. My clothes fit better. My stomach is flatter. I feel lighter.

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Jun-13 13:10:59

Lily it does have its perks sometimes!

Cider the creamy braised cabbage is AMAZING with pork...

Minifingers Mon 03-Jun-13 13:28:50

Hi all
I want to join this thread as a previous low-carber from last year (had a different user name). I did really well, lost about 2 stone with a combination of WW, then low carb. Fell off the wagon last year in a pretty spectacular fashion when my weight loss stalled (more on this in a minute), life circumstances pitched me into a very stressful period (still stressed but getting a bit more control now), and anaemia left me horribly, horribly tired and turning constantly to carb fixes to get through the day. Still anaemic despite months of supplements, but realising that my diet has been compounding my problem with fatigue, so want to go back to a better way of eating. Put almost all the weight back on, but not quite.sad

I feel quite strongly that what stalled my weight loss last time was my not drinking anywhere near enough water, so this time I'm determined to make this a central focus. One problem with drinking the water has been that my terrible pelvic floor and perimenopausal bladder weakness makes it a bit of a challenge if I'm going out. I need to drink my water before I go or when I come back, as I can't risk having a really full bladder and not being near a toilet. blush I'm exercising more and hope that as I lose weight my continence will improve. (I know being overweight compounds it). I also got very lazy about food and that made me feel unwell, as I wasn't eating enough vegetables. Got very badly constipated and that's never a good thing.

So - I'm back on board. Not sure if I'm ready to put my weight on the spreadsheet. I'll see how I go over the next fortnight.

Today I had

- greek yogurt for breakfast, coffee with cream (can't, can't give up caffeine yet, too tired),

- half an avocado with home made vinaigrette and half a packet of pork scratchings for lunch.

- Will have a big spinach salad with goats cheese, small amount of red onions, a handful of cherry tomatoes, some crisp bacon and some dressing for dinner.

Have downloaded pig to twig recipe book on my kindle and am browsing through that for inspiration. Have also downloaded a tick list onto my phone - will tick off each glass of water as I drink it through the day.

Minifingers Mon 03-Jun-13 13:31:05

Sorry - meant to ask, what's the deal with tomatoes? They're a central part of my diet. I'm not sure I want to tip myself into ketosis at this point (made me feel unwell last time I did it) so I'm not fussed eating a few every day stops this from happening.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 13:31:10

Welcome (back) Minifingers!

timidviper Mon 03-Jun-13 13:33:34

I have just recovered from a disaster! Went on holiday for a week and put on a ridiculous, unfeasibly huge amount of weight but after a week of bootcamping with no cheats it has almost all gone! smile Sadly I am like Black and am spending time going up and down over the same few pounds and really need to break out of that but life keeps getting in the way.

willie I agree about the shape change thing. I am definitely different now to when I last weighed this.

I am going to go for a walk this afternoon then cook some mince and split it into 2 to make a spag bol type thing with one half and a chilli-ish thing with the other.

Doshusallie Mon 03-Jun-13 13:34:45

Hi all.

B - lidl yoghurt
L - the chicken out of a bowl of fajita innards - left the onion and peppers, 2 sticks of celery with mayo
S - 2 digs in the PB jar
Tea will be sausages with mushroom and leek

daisychicken Mon 03-Jun-13 13:43:15

Totally agree with the scale numbers..... when I started low-carb'ing (before I fell off the wagon) I used to weigh myself every Monday and record the details (trying to find if i still have the info so I can post & show you) and for me, I would regulary not loose weight according to the scales - it could be 2-3 even 4 weeks of no loss according the scales but my dress size was decreasing.

I found I had to be strict with myself: weigh just once a week to record the info and keep a log of what I ate/drank and not get despondent. I stayed on the 20g or less level of carbs for a long time as increasing the carbs (as per Atkins on-going weightless plan) meant that it took even longer for any weight loss to show on the scales yet others on the forum I was on could eat say 30g carbs per day and still loose weight each week.

It's hard when the scales don't show the loss you want for the work you've put in but your body is changing! Keep at it!

(If I can find my weightless info, I will post - I found it interesting to see how my weight maintained then dropped as according to the scales).

kiwigirl42 Mon 03-Jun-13 14:03:02

BIWI don't worry, I'm not counting calories at all, its just that I enter everything into MFP and noticed that I hadn't eaten much for 2 days in a row (migraine days, I think). The almond crumble only came to 16 carbs in total which is why I was wondering how that made such a difference.
I have taken a lot of painkillers, including oromorph over the weekend due to migraine and I think some of the weight gain is due to that causing water retention.

anyhow, I'll keep on bootcamping (this was the first week I'd allowed a treat too!). have just bought a swiss exercise ball from TKMaxx to use with my £3 ebay weights. I am completely new to weights and really pleased with this book, 101 ways to work out with weights, as it has good photos of each move.
You don't need any additional stuff apart from weights but she does some of the core ones on the swiss ball which is why I got one.

I'm convinced that getting stronger muscles will help my fibro. I'm also trying BCAA (branch chain amino acids) which research has shown to be low in people with fibro = body builders take them to reduce burn day following big session and I really think that they do help. I did 3 min bike and 10 min yoga on Friday, which is a hell of a lot for my muscles, and wasn't sore at all next day.
So I'm going to give them 20 days and see. right, off to blow up swiss ball!

snowballinashoebox Mon 03-Jun-13 14:38:02

I really love my swiss ball kiwigirl it is brilliant for core muscles.

I had a bit of a collision with a Cornish pasty and a lemon drizzle cake at the weekend. I knew it was going to be a pasty, cider and cakefest and even took my carefully prepared salad with me, ate that and then promptly kept on chomping.

Somehow managed to weigh in 2lb lighter today but reckon it will catch up with me.

Minifingers I don't think there's any need to cut out the caffeine! (or I'd be in real trouble)

sybilfaulty Mon 03-Jun-13 15:08:17

Adding myself to the thread. Will post properly later on. Well done to all the losers.

WestleyAndButtockUp Mon 03-Jun-13 16:19:53

How much wine is too much wine? When someone opens bottles at your house and leaves them there, you feel obligated to finish them while they're fresh.

Esker Mon 03-Jun-13 16:31:55

Am off to do a BootCamp stock up shop at Aldi. I know everyone is in love with Lidl on account of the yogurt- any Aldi fans out there who can recommend anything? <thrifty>

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 16:35:30

kiwigirl - sorry to hear about the migraine/fribro sad

I suspect you're right about the painkillers not helping - but also not eating has probably contributed to matters. And good luck with the swiss ball!

BlackAffronted Mon 03-Jun-13 16:47:00

Ok, managed to be 100% today. Onwards & downwards!

B - 3 Black Farmer sausages & mayo
L - prawn mayo salad, 1 square dark choc
D - pork belly, crackling, cabbage cabonara
S - chicken drumstick

Off to Zumba now, but its quite warm and I think I may melt sad

Ruprekt Mon 03-Jun-13 17:16:56

Water, water



S....pack of sliced beef
Pack of wafer ham

D...sausages with mushrooms

kiwigirl42 Mon 03-Jun-13 17:38:18

I've just had yummy roast pork belly with roast cauliflower and asparagus. Would never have eaten pork belly prior to starting this WOE. Glad I tried it as its delicious!

maidofmuss Mon 03-Jun-13 17:49:23

Well I frankly don't deserve it after last week's white wine/dark chocolate consumption but my scales reported a 2lb loss this morning. Weighed myself three times as I couldn't quite believe it – and have decided to re-weigh myself tomorrow morning to make sure (my scales can be a bit dodgy). Presumably finally registering a loss after the 3 weeks when I stayed the same weight, despite being on bootcamp or bootcamp light(ish). Anyway, it's encouraging and has helped me re-focus, so today:

B mushrooms, splash of cream, handful spinach
L two scrambled eggs in butter
S morsel of cooked chicken dipped in mayo
D will be grilled salmon with home-made hollandaise plus steamed broccoli/green beans and poss some watercress
BUT know I've still not drunk enough water. Need to down 10-12 (my size) glasses a day and am probably doing 4-5 max (though do have a lot of herbal tea). Someone wrote they might pin up sheet on fridge and tick for every glass drunk. Did it work? May try the same.

Well done to all losers/those who have STS and welcome to new joiners!

Bought a big jar of coconut oil at lunchtime - anyone tried in a vegetable stir fry?

Yama Mon 03-Jun-13 17:53:54

Is it Monday already?

Summer weather makes me want to sit in the back garden and drink white wine. I am totally free from the shackles of craving crisps and snackettes but man do I enjoy a white wine on a sunny weekend afternoon.


B - Scrambled eggs with parma ham and duck fat.
S - Greek yoghurt
L - Salad with chicken, brie and coleslaw
D - Sausages with cauli rice and brocolli smothered in butter.

The requisite water and some coffee.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 17:57:06

Ruprekt - where is your veg/salad?!

Yama Mon 03-Jun-13 18:00:54

Aldi fan here Esker.

We like:

Bratworst sausages
Check the carb count on their other sausages too.
Ardennes pate
One of their goats cheeses is lower carb than the other.
Chicken thighs/drumsticks (to roast for lunch)
Big packs of mince.
Tinned tomatoes carb count is fine
Full fat mayo is good too
Dark chocolate
Milled flaxseed (I put this in Greek yoghurt, dh adds warmed berries for a crumble effect)

Yama Mon 03-Jun-13 18:02:45

Oh, oh and they now do bags of pre-washed baby spinach. So handy.

The extra virgin olive oil is nice.

letsseeificandothis Mon 03-Jun-13 18:06:09

I just wanted to say thank you to Biwi and Willie and the others who have taken so much time and effort to set this up and keep it going and answer questions, etc. It has given me a much-needed incentive (plus the info) to get on and shift some of the extra weight.

Very much appreciated!

<mutters> Must keep going. Must keep going.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 18:11:43

It is my pleasure, letsseeificandothis!

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 18:12:36

... and I see from the spreadsheet that you can do this! flowers

Hi all. I have paid for my fall off wagon last night by feeling utterly exhausted all day.

B - ham and egg mayo
L - salad with chicken and mayo
S - pate and a slice of cheese
Dinner - pork steaks with oven roast meditarranean veg tossed in oil, and swede and carrot mash - DH will also have cauliflower cheese but I'll skip that as all accompaniments are courtesy of Tesco as too shattered to contemplate anything else.

Maidofmuss - I started ticking off but keep forgetting! Then I downloaded an app onto my phone which I am supposed to use. But I keep forgetting! Must do better.

I think I have had four glasses so far today. Need to improve on that.

Early night planned. And I didn't do my run. Will do tomorrow.

newlark Mon 03-Jun-13 18:29:32

Have updated the spreadsheet with my 2lb loss after last weeks 2lb gain...

maidofmuss Mon 03-Jun-13 18:42:56

Hi Cider - think I would be the same (re forgetting to tick off water drunk). Think I may try to get into a routine of downing 2-3 glasses as soon as I get downstairs in the morning (3/4 litre), then another before I leave the house (praying that I won't be desperate for the loo on the train!), do the same in the evening, then try to keep a small bottle with me, topped up, during the day...
Good intentions etc...

captainmummy Mon 03-Jun-13 18:47:27

Once you start with the water, you find it gets easier to drink , esp on a hot day. Your body will start to tell you its thirsty.

Breakfast - greek yog
Lunch - lettuce, stilton, mayo, H/M coleslaw
Dinner - thin omellettes rolled up round leftover chicken and mushrooms in creamcheese sauce.
Snack - none yet, poss some more greek yog!

captainmummy Mon 03-Jun-13 18:50:01

Maid - I drink a pint of water and a huge cuppa black tea (3/4 pint) in the morning at about 730, have a coffee at 9 when i get to work but don't (now) need the loo until about 10am.

you do adapt

QueenofDreams Mon 03-Jun-13 18:55:55

Ok, today's food

Breakfast: black farmer sausages with creamy courgette and mushrooms
Lunch: none
Snack: dry fried courgette slices spread with cream cheese and topped with crispy bits of chorizo (delicious)
Dinner will be pork steak, creamy mushroom sauce, some veg.

I think I've had about 6 glasses of water today so far (I've lost count though tbh)

maidofmuss Mon 03-Jun-13 18:56:43

Thanks captainmummy - will def give it a go.

captainmummy Mon 03-Jun-13 18:59:45

Queen - hows it going with your DH? Is he coming round to the idea of you LCng?

Esker Mon 03-Jun-13 19:01:15

Thanks for the tips Yama. I was pretty overexcited about going to Aldi as it has just opened near us.
Got some 'ultimate pork sausages' which are 2g carb / 100g (90% pork) and a lovely big free range chicken which is now roasting in a thoroughly buttered state!

QueenofDreams Mon 03-Jun-13 19:11:18

captain we haven't really talked about it since then - I'm just getting on with it quietly. I dodged fish and chips last night as there were only two pieces of fish left, so I just cooked that for DP and kids, and did myself something lc smile

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Mon 03-Jun-13 19:25:22

In addition to my normal, bootcamp friendly food, I had 3 strawberries and 2 glasses of wine (one red, one cava) yesterday and I'm a kg (2lb) heavier today?? Hopefully it will have buggered off by tomorrow!

TreeLuLa Mon 03-Jun-13 19:29:11

Checking in

halfthesize Mon 03-Jun-13 19:42:34

Thanks for new thread.

So back from my holiday and to say I ate and drank my body weight in crap is an understatementblush
So the scales were very unkind this morning!!
Been super good today

B- coffee
L- Prawns
D- Burger and salad with mayo and cheese
shed loads of water....

ZimboMum Mon 03-Jun-13 19:48:12

Haven't read the thread yet, will catch up later. But 3lbs down this week. Wooohooo. C25k week 1, day 1: done. Woohooo.

B: bacon and eggs
L: salad with cheese ham and olives and mayo
S: chicken wings
D: chorizo, few cherry toms, brocolli, olives and parmesan - meant to have pasta with it but bleeugh, don't fancy it. Woohooo!

Water water water.

Yama Mon 03-Jun-13 19:48:55

No problem Esker. The chorizo is nice too but much smaller than the Lidl one. Let me know how the free range chicken tastes - it's something I have tried yet.

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 19:50:40

Brilliant, Zimbo! I started C25K Week1/Run1 today as well. (Or more accurately, re-started - having been injured I've been told to go right back to the beginning)

TheChocolateTeapot Mon 03-Jun-13 19:52:24

Forgive me BIWI for I have sinned. Was chugging along quite happily til I was totally derailed by sodding half term. I seem to have disappeared off the list - please can I go back on as I promise to be a saint for the remaining weeks of the Bootcamp. Weight today - 170lbs.

QueenofDreams Mon 03-Jun-13 20:14:41

Ooh we've ordered a big old box of organic grass fed meat. I'm seriously looking forward to that. I shall be properly Primal from Wednesday until the box runs out grin

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 20:18:05

A good day here. I even managed to resist almond and orange cake being thrust under my nose by xDP. [proud]

Last night we really wanted something 'pudding-y', so I simmered some frozen berries (redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, 5.1% carbs) then added them to total greek yoghurt. A big slosh of double cream as well, and some milled flax seed. Then ground vanilla beans. It was absolutely lush!

B - a few mouthfuls of last nights 'pudding', and discovered something - the flax seed must have swelled and absorbed some of the moisture, leaving the whole thing with an ice-cream consistency. It was even nicer. smile
L - omelette with pesto, cheddar and little tomatoes
D - salmon fillet baked inside a covering of buttered leeks - we'd run out of foil to make parcels, and they had no skin so I didn't want them to dry out. I sweated the chopped leeks in butter first, then piled them on top and around the (still half frozen) salmon fillets. Covered the baking dish and baked for about half an hour. The fillets were lovely and moist. Served with roasted broccoli and a shallot butter cream sauce.

I made a load more of the yoghurt and stuck it in the freezer - DD has just pronounced it better than ice-cream!

I've been feeding DD a much lower carb diet - a sort of low GI/low-carb hybrid. I did it because she's an absolute sugar junkie, and always has been (despite her not even tasting anything with sugar in until a bit of chocolate on her first birthday hmm). I've always limited how much sweet stuff she eats because she has weak tooth enamel, but it's a constant battle with her. She's very very fussy about her food and quite restrictive in what she'll eat (she's 10 and has just been diagnosed with Aspergers). Anyway, I tried her on a modified version of this WOE, and I couldn't believe the difference - far fewer mood swings, not constantly asking about food and when the next snack/meal/treat would be, eating a wider range of veg because they're drenched in fat and drinking much more water. Before, she would have pasta and rice quite often and I've cut that out, so now she still eats loads of beans (she likes all sorts - butter, cannelini, kidney, black) but I've been giving her more meat and even bigger portions of veg. She loves meat, cheeses like feta and halloumi, fish and fat, so I reckon she's a natural low-carber. grin

Has anyone else modified their children's diets?

Today she had:
B/L - a plateful of chicken livers, cooked for her by her dad
S - feta cheese
D - salmon fillet with a few leeks, and loads of peas
S - some of the frozen yoghurt

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 20:18:48

Wow, epic post, sorry! blush

Doshusallie Mon 03-Jun-13 20:24:13

I have really tried crabby but my two eat lunch at school and tea at childminders during the week.

Having said that..... I spoke to the cm today. I have asked her to not take them to the sweet shop after school (fgs) and if they have to have a pudding after tea, to not let them have thirds (fgs) and for it to not be 3 different types of cheese cake with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and whipped cream (fgs). She is wonderful but overweight as are all her kids and to be quite honest I think her meals are diabolical.

Ruprekt Mon 03-Jun-13 20:53:33

Lol Dosh!! gringringrin

I changed my no veg meal BIWI.

Sausages, broccoli and buttered swede.

I am considering lower carb for boys but it is more difficult. wink

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 20:55:45

Dosh that's not good, is it - aren't childminders supposed to provide healthy food?

School dinners are pretty shit, too, I think. When DD was at school I used to give her a thermos flask with hot food in - something like beans with chorizo - but the other kids used to take the mickey out of her for eating strange food. So even though she loved that and hated sandwiches, she wanted sandwiches instead. sad We never did school meals because she's so limited in what she'll eat. The result was that she didn't eat her lunch most days and would come out of school starving hungry and in a complete melt-down.

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 20:59:55

Ruprekt when I told DD she wouldn't be allowed any biscuits or sweets for a few weeks trial period, she cried sad She perked right up though when she found she could have smoked salmon with creme fraiche for breakfast! grin

OK I have cooked celeriac for the first time! And I've cooked with cream for only the second time (celeriac dauphinoise). It was freaking delicious BUT I'm finding it seriously hard to believe this will result in weight loss. (I've been using mayo/frying/roasting/not-holding-back on cheese/eggs/greek yoghurt but cream seems a whole step further.) I feel I may still just about have some blood left in my fat stream...!

BobblyGussets Mon 03-Jun-13 21:11:37

Hello, I haven't totally fallen off the wagon.

I have stayed the same for a couple of weeks, despite the initial great loss, but I think this is due to a couple of days off and the fact that I like big portions. This is a problem, isn't it? Even though we are calorie counting, I still can't have a big pile of food, can I please? I know the answer already.

I have a handy friend who is training for a triathlon, so she makes me go on tortuous cycle rides up big hills and swimming on a saturday morning when I could still be in bed.

I'd like to repeat the thanks to BIWI and Willie too. Thank you.

Ruprekt Mon 03-Jun-13 21:21:33

Bobbly......I know what you mean about portion sizes.

Today I have started 5:2.....today was a fast day. Not that I have really fasted but not eaten as much as on other days.


Packet of ham and beef
Sausages, broccoli and buttered swede

Next fasting day will be Thursday.

couch25cakes Mon 03-Jun-13 21:25:04

Lly- I really wasn't keen on the celeriac dauphinoise. Bt the moussaka that I made tonight is amazing- cant wait for lunch tomorrow!

BIWI Mon 03-Jun-13 21:27:24

Bobbly - sounds like you're suffering from the fabled week 3, 4 or 5 syndrome!

I would worry more about 'a couple of days off' than big portions.

Calories/portion sizes may come into play as you get near your target, but at this stage, you don't need to worry too much about it. (Obviously this isn't an excuse for you to pig out though grin)

Lily - have faith! Just be aware that for some people dairy can be a problem, so I'd keep the cream/cheese under surveillance - i.e. don't cook with it/eat cheese at every meal/every day. (By the way, that's nothing to do with its fat content)

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Jun-13 21:32:16

Snap Ruprekt - sausages, broccoli and mashed swede with butter in the Throne household tonight too. Have Greek yog and a salad with olives and chopped bacon prepped to take to work tomorrow, and about to start my third pint of water since I got home (after about 7 at work).

Thanks BIWI I'll have faith and steel myself for a non-dairy day here and there.

NewStartNewStory Mon 03-Jun-13 21:37:25

kiwigirl42 Will be interested on the BCAA and how it helps your fibro. Am facing possible fibro diagnosis and laughed at my gp when was told to stop training to help it. I was told last year to use or lose my mobility after fracturing a couple of vertebrate. So tbh would rather keep going then stop. Just days like today when the pain is enough to make me want to cry with tiredness by the end of the day and i have been rubbish and run out of the amytrip I am supposed to take for it

I have been bad the last few days food wise. A party, a wedding, training. Too much in too sort a time. Not enough planning/feeling like it was not really suitable to be fussy about food.

Currently curled up with co-codamol, ice pack, hot water bottle and a few metres of physio tape to hold me together. Best bit. training tomo and I can't skip it. thank goodness this is a rest week and that is the only training session that is essential other then the 1hr daily physio stuff. Actually I love my life. I just forget i am not super human and that determination and pig headedness is no replacement for rest. Besides if i am going to be in pain doing nothing i might as well be in pain doing stuff I love. yes my physio is constantly telling me off, as is my gp grin

The plan of action:
GP for pain
lots and lots of water
yoghurt and a couple of low carb sausages for snacks to come with me to training
scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Salad for lunch
Cauliflower in cheese sauce for tea.

Good in theory, hopefully works in practice.


kiwi glad your migraines are getting better. I would warn against MFP as there is 17g of carb in one tbsp of honey alone and you said that was just one ingredient in the crumble so not sure how it thinks it was only 16g in total!!

crabby yes my DD is deffo low carb naturally I think - she loves veg, especially as it is served drenched in butter, she loves meats, fish and cheese but doesn't really like potatoes. She does like rice and pasta etc... She sometimes has a small bit of chocolate with fruit and more often will leave the chocolate when full which I think is a good sign!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 21:46:02

Blimey New I am full of admiration for you! When my back is bad I don't want to exercise. I'm a lazy bugger. blush

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 21:49:50

MrsH I alway wanted one of those fabled vegetable-loving children. grin I wasn't big on veg as a kid either, so I'm hoping it'll come with time. She loves peas and sweetcorn, likes mushrooms and broccoli if it's just the very ends of the florets (no stalk!) and cooked in oil. That's about it - I give her small amounts of other veg and god it's a bloody palava to get her to eat it. hmm

And this was the child who would suck lemons and eat rosemary straight from the bush, but wouldn't tolerate a vegetable! hmm hmm

NewStartNewStory Mon 03-Jun-13 21:57:40

I tried doing nothing and resting when I did my back in, whilst waiting for the all clear from the fracture. It gave me bad depression. Besides still and calm aren't in my nature. blushgrin

letsseeificandothis Mon 03-Jun-13 21:59:13

Oh no, BIWI.

Now you've looked me up I've got to stick with it, haven't I? But there is cake in the fridge and it is calling to me. confused

Tigglette Mon 03-Jun-13 22:11:58

Half way through, well done folks. I've finally started downwards 1lb off for me which makes 8 in total!

crabby it is mostly fluke I think, but we eat with her as much as possible and if we have something new DH and I have loads and make a fuss about how much we like it and that she might not like it until she is a big girl which always results in her saying 'I do like it I do, I do, pleeeeease let me have some'...

letssee will anyone else eat it? If not bin it!

Ruprekt Mon 03-Jun-13 22:20:18

Big article in the Daily Fail about a new weightloss system involvin high fat, low carb..........smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

JaxTellerIsAllMine Mon 03-Jun-13 22:25:54

I have 1 veg loving child who asks for sprouts etc but hates spice of any sort. A v mild korma is her limit.

And 1 who will eat raw veg (brocolli/cauli, coleslaw) and likes green beans, peas, carrots but not brocolli or cauliflower, although I made spiced cauli soup and he didnt realise it was in there! wink He loves spicy food.

DH took us out for dinner tonight as 'last night of his holiday' and it was bloody Thai food.

Tomorrow is a new day, new start.

letsseeificandothis Mon 03-Jun-13 22:26:29

Everyone else is in bed, MrsH, and they won't talk to me again if I bin it. Also it's far too beautiful a cake for binning.

However I am going to be strong, and have a few raspberries instead. The power of internet strangers, eh?

Good plan letssee and you can go to bed feeling all virtuous and wake up feeling all thinner inside!!!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 22:46:00

Love your reverse psychology there MrsHP! grin

Jax I love Thai food. When we lived in SW London there was the most fantastic Thai place called Montien. Their cashew chicken was one of the best things I've ever tasted. <<drools>> Not very low carb though, I guess. I am envy at your veg-eating children!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Mon 03-Jun-13 23:01:08

I am also slowly slowly slowly trying to get my Ds (7) to try some more LC stuff. He is pretty fussy/careful/not adventurous. He is also a bit of a carb and sugar monster, loves anything sweet/chocolate (I blame his father, Glaswegian, Irn-Bru runs in his veins grin)

Small successes over the past few months are that he will now have a bit of cooked turkey or chicken, he now likes baby sweet corn and mangetout (as well as peas/carrots he had before) and he has now tried fish - but his favourite is battered from the chip shop of course. He does love cheese/yoghurt/peanut butter. But absolutely refuses to try eggs in any shape or form. I would love him to have an eggy breakfast instead of cereal but not yet. (I am not giving up, slowly slowly wins the race).

letsseeificandothis Mon 03-Jun-13 23:38:39

I am so dumb I didn't even notice the reverse psychology. confused It just felt a bit like living with Alexander the Great: Oh, there's this knot. I'll go ahead and cut it through, then.

Raspberries and cream eaten. Hope that's okay. Virtuousness abounds. Goodnight!

CrabbyBigBottom Mon 03-Jun-13 23:44:13

Letssee I was meaning MrsHP's reverse psychology on her daughter to get her to eat the veg. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

letsseeificandothis Mon 03-Jun-13 23:54:19

Crabby - sorry, my brain has obviously stopped working. That proves it's bedtime, then. smile

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 07:39:39

Queen, where did you order your grass-fed meat from?

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 07:52:36

My kids are eating more LC food these days, but sadly are able to buy their own sweets & stuff, and they do sad I managed to put them off eating bread though, by telling them it contains chicken feathers! Eldest DD was almost sick grin They all eat yog or eggs for breakfast, havent bought cereal for awhile now. I rarely cook rice or pasta for them, but they do have potatoes or sweet potatoes with their dinner. They all love fruit though, but Id rather that than biscuits/cake.

Zumba was cancelled last night, only found out after walking down there! So I got an hours walk (takes half hour to walk there) instead, and then I did my 4th 7-minute-workout followed by a lovely Epsom salt bath.

Its so warm here, I cant be bothered with proper cooking, so its salad for lunch and dinner today - good job I love salad grin

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 07:58:11

Also, has anyone been following the Smash the Fat guy I linked to the other day? here. He is eating well over 5,000 cals a day as an experiment to show that calories are not equal. He should have put on almost 10lb by now, but he has only put on 2lb in over 2 weeks of doing it, and his waist is actually 2cm smaller then when he started! So those worried about portion sizes shouldnt worry!

QueenofDreams Tue 04-Jun-13 08:13:01

black we've ordered the meat from Eversfield farm. The meat all gets butchered and packaged up on the farm, and they send it out by courier. Obviously it's more expensive than ordinary meat, but it really looks like quite good value for what it is. Ocado will be stocking their stuff from next week and doing boxes of meat from £40-£50 in price.

maidofmuss Tue 04-Jun-13 08:34:30

Hi black – I've had a quick look at the Smash the Fat guy. His food diary is amazing – all smoked fish, walnuts, mega amounts of coconut oil etc to up the calories with a few green beans so his carbs are really, really low...

maidofmuss Tue 04-Jun-13 08:36:24

(which is, of course, the point)
No way I could ever manage on so few veg but it does reassure me about eating so much fat!

Still ploughing along here - yesterday was a 'fast' day so just had 3 hardboiled eggs, a tomato, a tuna steak and some cucumber, but today we EAT! BAB of eggs, mushrooms and bacon, to be followed this evening with a ribeye steak with a mushroom, cream, garlic and Parmesan sauce, with shredded lettuce.

The weather is beautiful so am going to spend the day outside, filing up pots with compost, and then burying seeds (I feel that the term 'planting' is a little too optimistic, given previous results) in them.

blackaffronted that's very interesting. and it must be quite hard work to eat that much food too, which shows how much easier it is to self-limit with low carbing

mind you, with low carbing i find that some days i'm ravenous and eat enormous meals, other days i'm full quite quickly and eat smaller meals. this must be what "normal" people eat like!

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 08:41:57

He is making most of his cals up with nuts, he eats loads of them! and loads of coconut oil too. I agree he is eating too little veg, but I think he is just making a good point.

maidofmuss when you look at his food diary you could eat a much wider variety of veg for fewer carbs overall. although his % carbs are low, his actual grams of carbs is much higher than e.g. atkins induction. obviously he can tolerate that, but i couldn't. maybe he only likes green beans! (I haven't looked at his other days, only the one BA linked to)

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 09:13:42

Black grin at telling them bread has chicken feathers in it!

Also, I read 'the Smash The Fat guy' as smashing a fat guy, rather than the guy who's smashing the fat. blush grin

Another lb off this morning. I wasn't going to weigh this morning but the flaxseed yesterday must have worked its magic as a gentle bulk laxative, and I thought "well that's got to be worth a lb..." (Tmi, sorry) grin

Well I'm in a good mood this morning, can you tell? wink it's a lovely day, and boo hiss to carbs. <<sticks two fingers up>>

Happy Tuesday everyone.

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 09:18:28

Crabby, its true though! Its how they make white bread do soft shock

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 09:22:08

Well, its some thing called L-Cysteine which is extracted from chicken feathers, but wanted to put my kids off white bread grin

halfthesize Tue 04-Jun-13 09:38:13

morning all brew
lol at feathers in white bread, will try that outwink
I'm 2lbs down today smile thank god as very upset with holiday weight gainblush
MrsHP loving the reverse psychologygrin

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 09:42:15

Black I've never wanted to eat white processed bread again since watching a couple of documentaries about it a few years ago. I didn't know the chicken feathers thing though. Methods of mass production of bread and other processed food is a bloody scandal, imo. I do love good bread though, dipped in good oil. sad I shall be able to eat that again at some point, occasionally, just NOT NOW!

I've just measured myself again and have lost the following since I started this on 7th May:
4.5cm from waist (narrowest point)
2cm from round navel
5cm from round hips
2cm from round fattest bit of bum
3cm from tops of thighs
1.5cm from just above my very fat knees!
1cm from my calves
5cm off my upper arms, which are the bit of me I hate the very most!

Hooray for BIWI and all the others of you who give their time here, and hooray for low carbing! smile

kiwigirl42 Tue 04-Jun-13 09:46:59

morning! I've managed to lose 3lb overnight so weight gain must have been water retention from oromorph. pleased as that means I've more or less stayed the same (are a week behind so knew to expect this).

just had yummy greek yogurt for breakfast.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 09:50:11

Round should have been around, sorry.
<<pedant - my little mistakes annoy me!>>

Well done Kiwi. I take co-dydramol most days, and I'm wondering whether that's affecting my weight now. Going to have to do a bit of research on that I think, it had never occurred to me before.

crabby you will have to change your name!

Wow - well done crabbySmallerBottom

I am supposed to be getting measured again thus week sometime at Tonacise. Must book that.

NewStart - what kind of training do you do? Respect for carrying on in face of everyone telling you not to. I am the type who grabs any excuse not to exercise with both hands and holds on tight!

I had a bit of a craving for something sweet last night so had some strawberries with clotted cream. And lots of water. DS thinks there is something wring with me as I was going to the loo so often!

Weighed in this morning and a pound down on last Monday's weigh but a pound up on Fridays. But am at the 14 7 I have been desperate to get to. So have to be happy with that. Really want to get below 14 atone before we go on holiday a month from today. So I need to be really focussed.

Have just done my first C25k run. I didn't manage to run all of the runs. Did 6 and a half. So I think I'll do 6 of the runs on thurs and sat and then try the 8 runs next week.

I am also envious of any children who eat veg and try new things. DS is 11 and eats sweetcorn and cucumber. I have to count ketchup as one of his five a day! He is not really keen on potatoes unless chips. Occasionally eats a roast potato or some mash. Won't even contemplate any of the new things I am having. Loves pasta. He does love meat though. Can't get him to eat fish. Drives me mad as he was much better as a toddler.

kiwigirl42 Tue 04-Jun-13 10:56:08

I've been watching the Smashthefat guy, very closely grin see if you can spot my comment on day 6 of his eating trial blush

QueenofDreams Tue 04-Jun-13 11:01:59

I'm 2lb down on yesterday's weight this morning. Why couldn't I show this weight yesterday?

MrsCoyote Tue 04-Jun-13 11:11:58

I am 174 lbs now, so only 1 lb off in week 2.

I am qiute unhappy. Are you sure/very sure that amount of food/cals altogether doesn't matter?

BIWI Tue 04-Jun-13 12:00:53

MrsCoyote - but <checks spreadsheet> you have lost 6lbs! That's brilliant! 12 packs of lard, if that helps you to visualise things.

Weight loss isn't linear, and there will always be weeks where you don't lose, or you gain - for no apparent reason.

That said, are you following the rules? Are you eating plenty of fat and drinking lots of water?

And I'm very sure about the food/cals - at this stage.

Tell me what you've been eating and drinking over the last week, and let's see if there's any tweaking we can make.

captainmummy Tue 04-Jun-13 12:00:55

Lol at 'smash the fat guy'!

MrsC - have you been strict? Drinking the water? Eating the fat? (Remember fat doesn't make you fat - sugar does. Fat gives you energy, your brain is made up of it, your nerves are sheathed in it - you need it. Unlike sugar.)
Try listing out all you've eaten in the past few days and I'm sure BIWI will spot something.

captainmummy Tue 04-Jun-13 12:01:21

Oooh x-post with BIWI!

BIWI Tue 04-Jun-13 12:02:10


HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 04-Jun-13 12:09:54

Hmm, I have PUT ON 1.4lbs OVERNIGHT. Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy??

kohl Tue 04-Jun-13 12:37:49

So, I come on the thread....and then have massive slip up. I bloody knew I should have stayed lurking. sigh.

Last night D = hm veg soup with grated cheese - great...................and a bowl of hm lemon ice cream - which wasn't too bad as it's just double cream and ff greek yoghurt and lemon juice and rind....but then. I ate a m&s meringue. Oh fuck it. I'm having an awful time atm, and if this was happening last month I'd have eaten literally a shed's worth of cake and pasta.

Back on the wagon
B-ff yog w a few almonds
L - olives, grated courgette fried in butter, wilted spinach in butter, radishes, grated cheese.

kohl was your dinner satisfying enough? it's particularly important in the early stages (and just after a slip-up) that you choose the most delicious meals you can, ones you can really look forward to and which fill you up properly, as that makes it easier to avoid the temptation from carbs. especially sweet things after dinner which is often so ingrained in us

TheChocolateTeapot Tue 04-Jun-13 12:46:03

Oh please, please, please BIWI - put me back of the spreadsheet or I will eat the whole box of After Eights I found in the back of the fridge!

sorry i missed your earlier post thechocolateteapot - you are back on the spreadsheet. now throw the after eights in the bin.

TheChocolateTeapot Tue 04-Jun-13 12:49:37

They're gone - luckily they were no real competition for the asparagus and salmon I'm about to tuck into! thanks

prettybird Tue 04-Jun-13 12:53:07

Forgot to say - STS at 10st10lb, which wasn't too bad given the temptation which I gave in to of the cake stall on Sunday, with no other food available.

Would really like to make the drop into "3 figure" weights. Hopefully next week! smile

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 14:08:00

Kiwi, are you KJ? I left a comment one day too :D

Have just been to the Asian supermarkeyt, stocked up on coconut oil (only £1.98 for a big jar!) and lots of spices.

Protein pancakes and bulletproof coffee again for brekkie, protein shake after training and now I'm having a big bowl of broccoli, green beans, basil and a ton of butter -yum!
Dinner will be pork belly and.... Some kind veg!

kohl Tue 04-Jun-13 15:00:42

Thank you Willie - and no, you're right, it wasn't particularly delicious or satisfying. I think I might need to throw a bit of money at this just in the next few weeks as am so ridiculously pushed for time, to buy some delicious things that are quick to make rather than a few bits of spinach and sad radishes in the bottom of the fridge. (which led me to have a chocolate frappuccino just now. I KNOW).
On your advice I'll sack off more bloody grated courgette tonight and buy some salmon that I can have with some creamy celeriac mash and green things.

kohl Tue 04-Jun-13 15:02:11

I do feel like a twat about the frappuccino, it's not something I'd normally have even if I wasn't LCing.

And it's made me feel like I'm tripping my face off. Sugar is a bastard.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Tue 04-Jun-13 17:18:26

kohl love the swearing, you'll fit right in here! grin

LC doesn't have to be too expensive. Do you have a good local butcher, market, Lidl or aldi in reach? Buy veg in season, buy the cheaper fatty cuts of meat, look for bargains you can freeze. I actually spend slightly LESS per month since LC-ing on our grocery bill, cos of less wine junk etc.

Don't do what I did and pop into M&S for a few nice bits for LCing. £99. Nearly had a heart attack till I remembered there was some boxers for DH, a top for me and some undies (smaller size!) for me along with the food.

And I bought some 3 fo £10 meat stuff. Lots of salad. Bought lots as did the fatal shopping when hungry trick. It's all good though. Even my big treat is some raspberries and blueberries!

Hoping to get to Lidl this week.

Fabulous day here. A glass of wine would be lovely. But is NOT happening. Might have a few raspberries mixed into some cream later.

Food today
B - slice of cheese and some egg mayo
L - fridge bare of salad so an odd combo of ham, chicken kebab, olives, cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta
D will be gammon with left over veg from last night - swede and carrot mash and roast veg

Ruprekt Tue 04-Jun-13 18:07:00


L....bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms and an avocado

D....roast beef, cauli cheese, broccoli and swiss chardsmilesmilesmile

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 18:16:35

Someone on another thread has just called me CrappyBigMouth, Willie - maybe I should change to that! grin

Thanks Buda! smile

couch25cakes Tue 04-Jun-13 18:25:09

B-pork chop and cheese grin
L-moussaka with buttered swede and courgette
D- roast chicken and salad with a huge dollop of mayo

My scales have been stuck for days so I really hope to see a shift tomorrow

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 18:33:27

B - greek yog
L - pranw mayo salad
D - salad leaves, cucumber, chicken drumsticks, coleslaw, eggs, pickled gherkin
S - chicken satay (3g carbs)

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 18:35:33

Managed to get hold of some celeriac & reblochon, so am making the tartiflette tomorrow, really looking forward to it!

Im taking DD to the hospital tomorrow, which will mean lunch on the hoof - whats the best thing to buy on the High St?

captainmummy Tue 04-Jun-13 18:41:21

Take some eggs, ham, salad in a tupperware, babybels, olives, chicken pieces, cooked bacon... Not all of these obv. (Unless you want to)

B - greek yog
L lettuce, chicken-and-chorizo pate, mayo
S Few brazils/pinenuts
Dinner - not hungry, so picked at the roast pork and crackling. Propb some more yog later.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Tue 04-Jun-13 19:30:16

Low carb on the go is the most difficult thing I find, black everywhere is sandwich sushi or pasta salad orientated. M&S do have some things (prawns n dip are nice) or of course you can buy a bag of salad and some cooked chicken/cold meat from a supermarket. But I tend to take my own if I know in advance. Like today, was on a trip with scheduled stop at a cafe in a park, but I knew unless the soup was an option, there would be very little I could eat. And I didn't really want soup on a warm day like today. So I took my own wee box of stuff.

B 2 eggs scrambled with butter and cream
L salad with feta, ham with Philly cheese roll ups, a babybel
D meatballs with a big blob of mayo, assorted green veg, couple of baby sweet corn (that Ds didn't eat)

MrsCoyote Tue 04-Jun-13 19:38:52

BIWI, captainmummy, thank you, please, have a look at it:

B full fat yoghurt
L salmon steak with salad
D cauli cheese (two helpings, it was yummy) and two HB eggs

B coffee with cream
L 10 little mozzarella balls with a tomato and handful of black olives
D 3 scrambled eggs with cheese and butter

B coffee with cream
L 4 scrambled eggs with cheese and butter
S caffee with cream
D green beans salad with feta cheese, then 3 slices of cheese rolled with ham

2,5 - 3 litres of water every day
Maybe its not enough - in the morning I wake up thirsty, with a dry mouth.

I did not cheat - no sugar, bread, pasta, etc. (only tomatoes, some onion in salad)

timidviper Tue 04-Jun-13 20:03:14

Black I made the tartiflette last week and it was gorgeous despite the fact that I don't like cheese! We live in a very non-cosmopolitan area so finding reblochon would be a challenge and I used Brie instead which just melted into the cream beautifully.

I take a packed lunch to work (although today's is in the fridge for tomorrow as I didn't get around to eating it!) and it contains leftover chicken, chorizo and bacon in mayo, homemade guacamole, homemade coleslaw and salad leaves. I treat myself to a bottle of fizzy water too - luxury!

BlackAffronted Tue 04-Jun-13 20:32:26

Ohhh I dont like Brie sad does the reblochon taste similar?

I've had a lighter-eating day after yesterday's celeriac dauphinoise blow-out.

B- greek yoghurt and avocado
L - carrot and coriander soup, asparagus with butter. (I know carrots are frowned on but this soup was 3.6g carbs per 100g, seemed ok to me)
D - fried egg with salad

Look no cheese! maybe its possible.

Tomorrow afternoon I head off for 2-and-a-half days away for work. Could be interesting finding food and rejecting temptation. It will be the first time that a tub of greek yoghurt is something I consider an essential on the packing list!

Esker Tue 04-Jun-13 20:52:59

Today's food;
B - Greek yogurt
L - chicken curry and cucumber slices (no idea what curry was made with though as it was a school dinner (occupational hazard for me) so may well have had a fair bit of sugar snuck in)
S- prosciutto, small handful of nuts
D- roast chicken, creamed spinach, mushrooms in butter
Now - decaf coffee with cream

Have a murderous headache though as I did yesterday which I think is sugar withdrawal.

mrsCoyote it looks like you might not be eating enough, I would add in my salad/green veg, have some of the eggs for breakfast and add in some fish/meat in the evening maybe?

willie completely agree about the some days I am hungry and others not - like normal people listening to our bodies! Yesterday a not so hungry day, today a hungry day!

B - three slices of bacon
L - none, not hungry
D - pork steaks, salad
S - mini-pepperami and cheese

B - three slices of bacon
L - prawn and avocado salad
D - rib steak and salad
S - cheese with salted butter...

captainmummy Tue 04-Jun-13 21:14:59

MrsC - looks ok, except there is an awful lots of dairy! Cheeese, cream, yoghurt in almost every meal. Dairy can stall weightloss in some people, so it might be worth you havin a look at the ubercamp menus. There is a meat based and a fish based (from memory) and they are dairy free. Even if you change just one meal from cheese to fish might help.

timidviper Tue 04-Jun-13 21:56:51

Black I have no idea about reblochon as I hate cheese! I will eat brie as it is very mild and has a smooth texture whereas most cheese feels bleeurgh in my mouth. I guess you could use any cheese in it but maybe one of the more cheese-y people could tell you.

Doshusallie Tue 04-Jun-13 22:06:44

B - 2 sausages and a hb egg
L - ham, cheese, celery, mayo
Tea - 2 chicken breast wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese with buttery leeks.
Snacks - PB, nuts

couch25cakes Tue 04-Jun-13 22:15:51

I've just done a water calculation and if I'm many to be drinking 4l a day then I'm not getting that. My big glass only holds 400ml and I'm maybe only drinking 5-6 a day. Maybe that's why I've stalled?! I know now I need 10 of these a day (slosh)

NewStartNewStory Tue 04-Jun-13 22:21:32

Cider It is a bit hard to explain without completely outing myself so forgive if this is kinda vague (and a little confusing)
Physio exercises: some to stretch and loosen muscles, some designed to strengthen and some rebound work
Flexibility work: to keep muscles working and not seizing
A little basic ballet type work for posture
A little stamina work
Fair weather Hill walking
-ill advised-- tumbling
A little "impact training" best way i could think of describing specific sport without describing specific sport
Very low level weight work (think lightest arm weights on ankles kinda level)
Normal walking
Some very gentle core stength work when can be arsed

I should really start doing some less impact work like pilates and swimming and i would like to do something like zumba. But based on this weekend i would not manage zumba and manage to walk atm so i think it might require stepping up the low level weight work to strengthen some joints first. Oddly i was in a huge amount of pain and got off training early but took ds out onto the moors for a slow and gentle walk well on my part. Ds was like some wild creature off, gone, wet and muddy which really helped. And kept me away from temptations. Didn't drink enough though.

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 22:32:13

Blimey New, how on earth do you manage that lot when you're in pain! shock shock

milliemoomay Tue 04-Jun-13 22:49:29

Wow New.... I feel inspired by your activity.

I had a setback yesterday.. was rear-ended (ooer!) by a ditzy driver - left me reeling. Worse still was the abuse that she heaped on me in an attempt to deflect from her driving mistake. Not nice at all sad

When I got home, I self-soothed with copious amounts of alcohol, but couldn't face food at all.. and today I (almost on auto-pilot shock) found myself stuffing my face with little dim sum prawn dumplings I had steamed for the family. They were yummy but I feel horribly guilty.

I shall weigh myself again tomorrow and go to yoga. Off to a gig on Thursday and I know that we're doing steak sandwiches before hand. I'll be good and have steak san-sandwich.

Also, I have a recipe question. Someone posted a Lesley W recipe for celeriac which I tried out - I've never had celeriac before and loved the flavour but I'm not sure if I got the texture right. Is it supposed to be soft like dauphinoise potatoes or still retain a bite?

prettybird Tue 04-Jun-13 23:03:21

Millie - the nice thing about celeriac is that it can be eaten in do many different ways: crispy like chips, soft like dauphinoise, creamy mash, melting fondant smile

prettybird Tue 04-Jun-13 23:21:24

And commiserations about the car accident - it must have left you really shaken.

maidofmuss Tue 04-Jun-13 23:32:56

Evening all!
Today was:
B celery with cream cheese
L frittata (2 eggs plus leftover eggs whites from last night's hollandaise) with asparagus, bit of grated parmesan on top
D cabbage rolls (BIWI's recipe I think – big green cabbage leaves, wilted then stuffed with sauteed veg/leftover chicken from Sunday lunch, baked with cream and bit of grated parmesan - delicious!
S five almonds
Tomorrow will be:
B cold frittata
L smoked salmon/cream cheese OR spinach/lardons/avocado salad
D salmon with hollandaise and buttery steamed veg (yes, AGAIN as was bloody marvellous)
Almost drooling thinking about tomorrow's lovely food so am off to bed in case I eat that frittata now...

CrabbyBigBottom Tue 04-Jun-13 23:44:24

Sorry to hear about your accident Millie.

Maid I love how enthusiastic you're sounding about your food!

For me today, didn't have breakfast, just cup of tea and lots of water
L - mozzarella, little tomatoes, smoky chicken and h/m pesto
S - spoonfuls of pesto, few olives, cheese
D - smoked cod chowder with bacon, shallot, mushrooms, celeriac and a bit of broccoli
S - total yoghurt with cream, flaxseed, berries and vanilla
Plenty of water

maidofmuss Tue 04-Jun-13 23:53:43

Posted without reading - hope all okay Millie

Crabby - yes, think about what I'm going to eat poss a bit too much!!!

Didn't drink enough water again today...

kiwigirl42 Wed 05-Jun-13 06:04:58

god I haven't slept a wink all night (my migraine abortive tablet worked really well last night but they make me hyper sometimes so I've been reading all night. Luckily I can sleep all day til DS/DH come home again grin).

Luckily DS is always up early so I've lured him downstairs to keep me company with the promise of waffles. I shall resist. I adore our waffle maker but I blame the bloody thing, in conjunction with the ice cream maker, for most of the extra weight I am carrying!

have a good day everyone and be strong!

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 05-Jun-13 08:37:36

Oh Kiwi you poor thing! I don't read much fiction any more because when I do I get so involved in it that I can't put the bloody thing down until I've finished it, even if that means reading until 3am. Never an all-nighter though. I guess a sleepless night is better than a migraine though.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 05-Jun-13 08:39:51

<<drools at the thought of waffles>>

DD wanted to make cakes yesterday to take to minecraft club today. I said no because the smell of baking cakes would be too tortuous for me. [bad mum emoticon] blush She made lemonade instead.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 05-Jun-13 08:41:34

Crabby - yes, think about what I'm going to eat poss a bit too much!!!

Maid me too - that topic occupies a large proportion of my waking thoughts! grin

Millie - sorry about accident. Other driver sounds horrible but was probably in shock too and reacted badly. No excuse for abusing you though.

new - wow. Just wow.

I had cheesecake for dessert last night. Twas yum. And no carbs were harmed in the making of said 'cheesecake' BIWI so you can put the stick away! grin. It was a table spoon of clotted cream mixed well with four rasperries and then some extra thick double cream. Made up about enough for one of those Gu glass ramekins. Tasted like cheesecake without the base.

Waiting for my new bed to be delivered. They said between 7am and 1pm so I have been up since just after six. Looking forward to sleeping in new comfy bed tonight though!

Just had B of egg mayo and salami
L - salad and ?
D - poss lamb steaks and roast veg

kiwigirl42 Wed 05-Jun-13 13:16:24

morning all, again grin had a lovely mornings sleep surrounded by cats.
Someone here kindly suggested that they liked rib eye steak so I'm going to have one (so rare that a good vet could get it back on its feet) with some roast mushrooms and courgette ribbons.

I was in TKMaxx yesterday and got a square 8 inch-ish ceramic roasting dish for £10, a lovely pale pink one. Down from £28! I actually got 2, one for a friends wedding. Thought that was a real bargain.

speaking of courgette, one of my fav meals is fried bacon bits with courgette ribbons fried in butter all mixed together. its yum.
My julienne peeler is very well used

Courgettes with bacon sounds nice. Must try that. Glad you had a sleep although if I slept with cats I would probably end up in hospital!

I must get myself a good julienne peeler. Would make life easier.

No idea what I will have for dinner yet. Will see what DS fancies. DH is away. Well back late tonight actually.

Off to have a snack as my early lunch didn't fill me up enough. Then need to sort some stuff out upstairs. New bed arrived! Old bed being collected this afternoon.

Esker Wed 05-Jun-13 16:39:39

Afternoon all! Glad to hear you're feeling better Kiwi.

B- Greek yogurt, coffee w cream
S- cheese, a few nuts
L- chicken leg, cabbage and courgettes
D- got my first bootcamp guest tonight, my sister. We will be having low carb sausages and frittata with spinach and courgette (and possibly a glass of wine)

I had a body composition analysis thing done today, I have lost just under 4lb of fat and gained 2lb of muscle over 8 weeks. This kind of explains why the scales haven't moved as much as I wanted - but half a pound of fat a week off really isn't good enough! I need to lose more than that. My personal trainer thinks I need to eat more so I am starting to write everything down for him to look at, he also doesn't seem convinced that this diet is going work - so I have sent him the boot camp rules and a couple of book recommendations grin
Feeling a bit disillusioned still though sad I really hoped I would have put a bit more muscle on that that too!

Millie - that sounds scary! Hope you're feeling better.

alecsa Wed 05-Jun-13 16:47:00

Hi all, can I join? I'm looking to lose about 10 lbs or so (currently at 143). I've already started to cut down on carbs but I need to follow some rules otherwise I'll never get anywhere.

BlackAffronted Wed 05-Jun-13 17:48:46

Welcome alecsa, have you readthe bootcamp rules? Its very easy smile

Leverette Wed 05-Jun-13 19:04:09

Very down in the dumps sad
Am 162lb today...3lb over start weight. And looking huuuge.
I don't know what's happened...stuck to the rules and massively upped my water intake but my body is not playing ball.
Keep going everyone who is enjoying good results from this thanks

Yama Wed 05-Jun-13 19:16:17

Leverette - I'm sure your body will play ball. Keep going.

So, I went on team away day with work today and had decided to bring my own lunch just in case the lunch provided was carbtastic. Nobody batted an eyelid as I tucked into my salad with coleslaw, beef and brie. smile

I did have about a million coffees to get me through the ordeal of a team day though.

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 19:22:39

Leverette - I'm sorry to hear that sad

You know the drill grin list out for me what you've been eating over the last few days, see if we can help ...

JaxTellerIsAllMine Wed 05-Jun-13 20:01:48

evening all. grin

back on the wagon and have had a lovely day out today.

Had coffee for breakfast, then a duck salad with raspberry vinaigrette at a posh place for lunch and I have just had brocolli salad with manchego cheese for dinner. I know that I havent drank enough water today and I also know that I havent eaten enough today.

Going to have cooked breakfast tomorrow as that sets me up for the day.

Havent weighed since Monday, but I feel better, although I am tired, not sure if it is the 'detox since holiday' or the sun.

alecsa Wed 05-Jun-13 20:20:45

Thanks, had a salad with bits of salmon tonight. How do I add myself to the spreadsheet?

couch25cakes Wed 05-Jun-13 20:21:07

Hello all,
Millie hope you're ok today.
Well the scales shifted this morning, only by 1/2 lb but I was so please so see a movement. I've not felt the need to chuck it all in though which is a first, probably because I'm eating so well.
Speaking of which
B- prawn cocktail in little gem leaves, coffee with cream
L- IPD moussaka
D- salmon with leeks fried in butter and broccoli, coffee with cream

Tomorrow I have my last portion of moussaka and I'm making a butter chicken for dinner. I might have salmon for breakfast grin

B - coffee
L - salad with chicken, chorizo, mozzarella and roasted vegetables
D - salmon and green beans
S - cheese and lashings of salted butter!

And a win at netball!

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 20:25:33

millie sorry to hear about your accident - that sounds awful.

Re celeriac, when it's properly cooked it is very tender, just like potato - which is why it makes such a good substitute.

Eek. I've only eaten 1700 cals today - I'm not getting obsessed with calories again I promise! But I need to make sure I am eating enough food and it seems I'm not!
I ate a very normal diet for me today:
B- bulletproof coffee
L- 3egg mushroom omelette fried in about 2 tbsp butter
D- Roast chicken thigh with skin, roast aubergine, courgette and shallot with garlic and 2/3tbsp evoo.
S- 2x protein shakes bag of fridge raiders 1 decaff with cream.
I have just put it all into mfp and it comes to 1700. According to my body comp. analysis I should be eating 1800 on a day when I do nothing and then more if I excersize.
My appetite is so small now its hard to eat more than I already do! Maybe this is the problem some other people are having? Not enough food?

MsRinky Wed 05-Jun-13 20:40:43

I am still losing at a crawlingly slow pace, even though I have upped my exercise (thank you Fitbit!)

I just have so much social stuff on at the moment <stealth boast> and I am really rubbish at not drinking in some situations. I can't remember the last time I had a drink at home but put me in a field when the sun is sort of shining (or it's raining) and I need cider.

I either have guests or am at a party/gig/festival every weekend from now until August, so am kind of resigned to very very slow loss...

Loving the food though, tonight I had a huge bowl of asparagus and mushrooms in a blue cheese, herb and creme fraiche sauce, with a bit of leftover roast chicken. To be honest, I'd want to be eating this even if I don't lose much weight...

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 20:44:08

bullet - why aren't you eating breakfast?

MsRinky - ditch the cider - way too carby! Please, please, please - you aren't doing yourself any favours. Wine or spirits would be a much better bet.

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 20:47:12


500ml/half a litre of cider:

dry - 13g carbs
sweet - 21.5g carbs
viintage - 36.5g carbs

If you're drinking cider, you are not low carbing!

alecsa you are on there now, just add your weight in column W

MsRinky Wed 05-Jun-13 20:48:46

I know, I know. It's why I've not been posting <slinks off>

Because I can't eat early in the morning! <boak> grin I do eat it about every other day. Quite often I get up, drop the boy at nursery and go straight to the gym, I then have a shake at the gym after training and eat lunch as soon as I get in.
I am really finding I have very little appetite atm, I had to almost force down my omelette at lunch time. sad

alecsa Wed 05-Jun-13 21:04:27

Thanks hope it got recorded. A long way to go to 130ish.

daisychicken Wed 05-Jun-13 21:15:35

Logging in to note my eating!

B: asparagus crustless quiche slice with small pot of Greek yoghurt and a few blueberries
L: large salad (leaves, mushrooms, radish and a smidge of mayo (ran out!)) with piece of asparagus crustless quiche, piece of beetroot (not 100% sure if that's low carb but it needed eating) and a cold burger. Small pot of yoghurt and blueberries.
D: meatballs in a tomato, pepper and olive sauce with green beans
S: small pot of roast peanuts

Drinks: water and tea

I'm in ketosis and I know I'm not drinking enough so working on that, my tum is also noticeably slimmer so despite the fact I still haven't weighed myself.. I know I'm going in the right direction smile

Anyone know whether medication can affect weightloss? Just curious to know tbh...

Also... I often make my own yoghurt - will yoghurt made with whole milk and a smidge of starter be as low in carbs as the Greek yoghurt? I don't add anything else...

middleagedspread Wed 05-Jun-13 21:25:54

Back on track this week.
B Total Yog with rasps, bluebs, sprinkling of flax
L Waitrose prawn cocktail, avocado, boiled egg & watercress
D Spag bol without the pasta, mozzarella & salad
Stewed rhubarb (no sugar) & Total.
Gallons of water.
3 hours of exercise.

not sure re your own yoghurt daisy, i'm not sure how you'd check

medication can definitely affect weight loss, but obviously you wouldn't want to stop taking it on that basis

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 05-Jun-13 22:26:01

Snorting at kiwis steak description, excellent. An old customer of mine, when asked how he would like his steak, always said "wipe it's nose, wipe its arse, walk it through a warm room" he was ancient and as mad as a box of frogs but we loved him. No offence to any veggies reading, sorry!

B tuna mayo in little gem lettuce wraps
L 2 egg omelette with bacon lardons
S a few walnuts
D salmon roasted in oven with mozzarella melted on top, wilted spinach and the world famous creamy braised cabbage.

Hadn't made the cabbage for a while, it was utterly lush. I used an organic white cabbage, and heaps of butter and cream, luvverly.

kikilondon Wed 05-Jun-13 22:26:22

hi, am I too late to join this thread?

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Wed 05-Jun-13 22:36:16

Def not kikilondon, welcome anytime. Each bootcamp runs for ten weeks but you can join anytime, and there is usually a between bootcamps chat thread to keep us all going!
If you look at biwis first post at the start of the thread, you will see the link to our glorious spreadsheet. Have a good read of the info in the tabs at the top, the rules, allowed foods etc and come on in!

VikingLady Wed 05-Jun-13 22:47:44

I've been really bad and not weighed or anything in weeks, and appear to have dropped off the spreadsheet - do we get culled for being slackers? grin blush

But I've lost weight anyway! So happy! I'm down to 10.9stone!

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 22:50:10

Welcome, kiki!

VikingLady - you should watch out for that Willie - she culls people all too easily ... grin flowers at your loss

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Wed 05-Jun-13 23:07:54

TooMuch - I'm veggie - but managed to retain a sense of humour and some never had one to start with grin

Well, the extra lbs have buggered off and taken a friend with them - so that's good. I really don't know why 3 strawberries and 2 glasses of wine (one red, one cava) make me gain weight (I would understand not losing, but gaining seems a bit harsh!). It does make me worried that maintaining is going to be a nightmare - but given that's about 10 years away I shan't start stressing grin

Kiki Of course not - read the 'Rules' and wade in smile

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Wed 05-Jun-13 23:09:24

Viking - yes, you get culled and you have to have me over for a veggie low carb dinner before you are allowed back on - doesn't she BIWI.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Wed 05-Jun-13 23:10:05


QueenofDreams Wed 05-Jun-13 23:16:57

Hey ladies. And welcome to the newbies grin

Breakfast: Scrambled egg and smoked salmon
L: courgette slices spread with cream cheese, topped with chorizo plus lettuce and two baby tomatoes
S: egg/mayo/chorizo wrapped in lettuce leaves
D: Steak, salad, green beans.

I did make a mistake. DP had a jar of herring, and I ate a couple of pieces. Only checked after I'd eaten to realise it's actually quite carby sad 27g carb per 100g. I can only have eaten about 20g of it (if that), but still.

CrabbyBigBottom Wed 05-Jun-13 23:23:28

Feeling really good at the moment (apart from just realising that I forgot an important appt tonight - I've got early onset dementia or something, I think!) angry Been feeling ever so much lighter and brighter the last few days, helped by the gorgeous weather (and not drinking!) I reckon.

B - total yoghurt with berries, flaxseed and cream
L - leftover chowder
S - mozzarella, little tomatoes and pesto
D - more chowder
2 teas, lots of water

BIWI Wed 05-Jun-13 23:47:17

Veggie low carb dinner with no eggs, ChippingIn - the true test! grin

kikilondon Thu 06-Jun-13 00:07:56

thanks all! think I will aim tomorrow to have some tuna mayo in lettuce for lunch and am out evening, so prob some fish and green veg

my difficulty is my wine habit!!

Sorry vikinglady, I remove people who haven't weighed in for two weeks so that my averages are more accurate, no one's culled at all, promise!!

I'll reinstate you when I'm on a computer tomorrow

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Thu 06-Jun-13 01:18:40

BIWI - that would be fab. I would really really love someone to cook for me (*viking*/restaurant/friends/anyone) and just be able to do it without me having to 'ok or not' every ingredient - it's getting a tad frustrating tbh. This weekend I had to eat out a lot - but I really couldn't find anything to eat in most of the places we went <not my choice of eatery and literally nothing on the menu I could eat/adapt>, so ended up mostly drinking coffee instead <sigh>. I don't want (and never would) eat meat/fish, but by god it would be so much bloody easier!! <sigh> Eating out is no pleasure at all anymore sad

However, at home it's fine and when I can take food it's 'ok' (though getting harder as the weather is improving) but all the while the scales are going down down down I'll live with it.

MrsCoyote Thu 06-Jun-13 07:01:37

Morning all!

Can I please have a recipy for the creamy braised cabbage?

MrsCoyote Thu 06-Jun-13 07:07:30

MrsHP, captainmummy - thank you for your advice, I'll try to change dairy esp. cheese for meat/green things.

I can see the pattern - cheese is ready and available, meat needs preparation. I was a bit lazy.

MrsCoyote Thu 06-Jun-13 07:10:01

And what about constipation - not big problems but I don't go very often now. Shall I worry about it?

BlackAffronted Thu 06-Jun-13 07:46:49

Oh my goodness, celeriac tartiflette is amazing! Thanks for the recipe Biwi! Had it last night with a green salad, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I cant get hold of the reblochon (or celeriac!) very easily so it will be a very occasional treat. I usually get my celeriac from Lidl, but they only stock veg thats in season and so only have it in the autumn/winter months sad

Meeting some friends this morning for breakfast, have looked at the menu and I think eggs benedict is the safest option - will leave the muffin obviously.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Thu 06-Jun-13 07:53:03

black waitrose do celeriac all year round. its about £1 each. I love it. Going to make a celeriac remoulade for lunch with some nice bits of meat.

I need to check the recipe thread for some inspiration. I am a good cook but have found that I am eating the same sort of food - minus all the lovely creamy sauces that I can have.

So, meat/fish, salad and veg. Got lamb leg steaks for tonight, so going to marinade in tikka and make kebabs or curry.

mrscoyote it's in the MN recipe section under low carb recipes

maidofmuss Thu 06-Jun-13 08:32:53

Hi all and welcome to new joiners
Well scales have stayed same for three mornings running so am going to trust that 2lb drop over the weekend and keep it the same on the spreadsheet Woohoo. Would love to drop below the 12st mark next week (I know, weight shouldn't matter so much when body shape is changing - slowly in my case - but I can't help it!)
Must try the celeriac and braised cabbage recipes everyone is raving about later this week. Today will be:
B Sauteed mushrooms and eggs
L cold salmon plus dollop of tzatziki (home-made total yog mixed with chopped up cucumber, mint and garlic)
D tbc
PS Despite my vow to be wine-free during the week I drank DH's (largish) glass of red wine last night that he foolishly left on the table when he took a call and it was luverly – haven't drunk red wine for ages so it went straight to my head (possibly made watching The Apprentice even funnier than usual)

maidofmuss Thu 06-Jun-13 08:33:47

read "that" should be a "which" in last post in my PS (I'm a pedant)

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 08:34:05

MrsCoyote - there's a difference between constipation and a reduced frequency of 'going' - if you're not having any problems when you go, then you're not constipated, even if you're not going as often. If you are having problems, then up your water and fat.

Black - I reckon you could probably use Camembert instead of Reblochon. Personally I wouldn't use Brie as others have suggested, as I think the flavour is less pronounced.

Morning all.

Was a complete pig last night. Made a concoction of cabbage, a slice of red onion chopped, a bit of a red pepper chopped, some asparagus and a packet of chopped chorizo and added a dollop of creme Fraiche. It didn't look that appetizing but was yummy. Meant to leave some for lunch today but ended up eating it all. Felt a bit sick afterwards! Too much chorizo. And a couple of hours later had more clotted cream raspberry fake cheesecake.

Lamb steaks here tonight too Jax. DS only likes them plain. Might BBQ them and have with roast veg and tzatiki.

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 08:56:49

Glad I'm not the only pedant Maid! grin

Weight sts yesterday and has increased slightly (about half a pound I think) this morning. sad [pouts childishly] I know I shouldn't weigh every day but I've been so good this week that I'm feeling a bit sulky. I know I'm being absurd.

BIWI what's the deal with flaxseed please? It's very low carb but I remember reading here that it stalls some people? Any idea why that would be?

I've been having my yoghurt mix with a few berries (mainly redcurrants, blackcurrants and a few raspberries), vanilla and milled flaxseed in, with double cream. Could that be stalling me I wonder? Presumably nothing could taste that goooood and be allowed. sad

The flaxseed has certainly eliminated any constipation MrsC - it's brilliant as a very gently bulk laxative.

Jax my local sainsburys and waitrose both do celeriac. A greengrocer probably would too.

Kiki I feel your pain; that's my problem too. I do feel ever so much clearer and brighter after a few days without wine. I find it almost impossible not to drink at the weekends though - I'm so conditioned that weekend=lots of wine.

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 08:58:50

Has everyone clocked that lamb rump steaks are half price in Sainsburys? grin I got a pack of 7 or so for about £7. I'm not that keen on lamb steaks but DD AND DP love them.

crabby flaxseed stalls me, I don't know why, possibly I'm very sensitive to water retention (hot weather, long car journeys or plane flights, it doesn't take much!)

for special occasions i make these flax crackers which are perfect with very ripe soft cheese, but they're not something i would have every day if i were actively trying to lose weight

if you are genuinely constipated, rather than just going less frequently, and drinking enough water and eating enough veg, a magnesium supplement can help (i started taking one and had to reduce the dose as i was going too frequently)

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 09:02:19

Crabby I don't know, tbh. But - could it also be possible that you have an issue with dairy?

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 09:02:43

And not AND! grin

MyGrain Thu 06-Jun-13 09:31:13

Can I join you guys? :-)

So I started the week at 10st 12lbs and this morning I weigh 10st 9.5lbs :-D That's with cheating last night with sweet popcorn and full sugar coke shock (cinema trip, didn't want to be unsociable ;-) )

I'm quite motivated and loving the recipes on here. I don't have much of an appetite this morning so I'm just boiling myself a couple of eggs which I'll mash up with a bit of mayo.

For lunch I'm thinking of making salmon with melted cheese and salad and for dinner DP is making chicken and veg. I suppose gravy is out?

So what else can I add to my meal so I'm not just sat there with a chicken leg and veg?

maidofmuss Thu 06-Jun-13 09:38:57

Hi mygrain - hopefully chicken leg/veg will be good with some butter/juices from roasting pan? Gravy out if thickened with flour or cornflour I would have thought – have avoided it, or made it using bit of mashed up swede or turnip to thicken it instead of flour.

I love the flaxseed/yoghurt/berries, too crabby but am trying to avoid this week as BIWI suggested may be stalling my weight loss weeks 3 and 4. Haven't experimented though to see if it's dairy instead. May be worth cutting out one, then the other, to see what works/doesn't work?

Like the sound of lamb steaks, too, this eve – may see if I can pick some up at Sainsbury's later

MyGrain Thu 06-Jun-13 10:07:40

I have some cauliflower in the fridge, I might make myself some "low carb mash" with it x

QueenofDreams Thu 06-Jun-13 10:24:38

OK, just had breakfast: 2 slices organic grass fed bacon, 1 egg fried in butter and asparagus. I just wish DD didn't always come and scavenge my breakfast.

mygrain you could try making a creamy mushroom sauce for your chicken - just fry some sliced mushroom, add cream, let it bubble till the cream thickens a bit and you have a lovely sauce smile

nappyaddict Thu 06-Jun-13 10:37:45

BIWI - what's the beetroot carb count? I have searched on here but you have given two different amounts 7.3 and 9.5 so not sure which is correct?

Also for spring onions please smile

kikilondon Thu 06-Jun-13 11:25:15

had some tuna mayo and capers for mid-am breakfast

think omelette for lunch then cod in prosciutto and veg for dinner

can I ask about cheese? is it ok in limited amounts?

also is there any limit to how often can have eggs?

finally, what snacks can I grab later in supermarket to have in fridge? thanks !

nappyaddict this is the counter i use, it's uk-based so easier than the american sites www.low-carbdiet.co.uk/Carb-Counter.htm

of course, it will vary slightly for different veg varieties. IMO beetroot is too carby for weight loss, spring onions absolutely fine

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 11:50:49


Beetroot, Boiled
9.5g per 100g
Beetroot, Pickled
11.2g per 100g

Spring Onions
1.6g per 100g

So 'yes' to spring onions and a big fat 'no' to beetroot!

NewStartNewStory Thu 06-Jun-13 12:26:50

Ok, I have a question. When you sleep through breakfast does BIWI still shout at you and twitch her big stick because you didn't eat it?

QueenofDreams Thu 06-Jun-13 13:45:28

I hope not, because I always eat breakfast late. I'm generally too busy sorting kids out to eat first thing, so breakfast tends to be about 10-11 am for me. And then I often end up skipping lunch because I'm not hungry yet.

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 13:58:07


BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 14:03:04

Mygrain - gravy is perfectly fine, as long as it's just the juices from the meat. When I roast a chicken, I slice up a couple of lemons, put a few slices inside the chicken and the rest on top of the chicken. I season with salt and black pepper, and then give it a good drizzle of olive oil.

I roast it at the highest temperature for 15-20 minutes, which renders some of the fat off the bird, and gets the skin nice and crisp. After this period of time, I also pour about a litre of water into the roasting tray, and then turn the temperature down to 150-170 for the rest of the cooking time.

Keep an eye on it, and keep topping up the water if you need to (you could also sloosh in a bit of white wine if you want, although this does add carbs). You're aiming to have a reasonable amount of liquid that you can use as a 'jus' - i.e. a thin gravy

If you want to make it more concentrated, when the chicken is cooked, take it out of the roasting tray and cover with foil - this is good as you need to rest it anyway - and then put the tray on the hob and boil the juices until they taste right to you.

Use of flour/cornflour/thickeners isn't great from a carb point of view.

alecsa Thu 06-Jun-13 14:18:32

I had coq au vin with broccoli for lunch, does that constitute cheating? sad

LavenderBriggs Thu 06-Jun-13 14:41:30

Hello all. I've fallen off the spreadsheet as real life got a bit stressy. If I was on the spreadsheet I would be putting in 9 stone 2. Really 9 stone 2. I checked it twice.

It's made me reflect on the last six months. I don't even think about eating sugar and grains any more. I eat tons of veg, more green leafy stuff than ever before. My treat now is roast chicken skin (by the handful, before the chicken gets to the plate <ladylike>). DH is very happy now his BMI is 22 and his abs are re-appearing. We're both 45 and we look, well, there's no other word for it, fit.

MyGrain - veg! loads of it!

Kiwi I have a chronic pain condition and it's got so much better since I cut sugar out - sugar seems to cause stomach pain, so it adds to any other pain you might have. Good luck.

nappyaddict Thu 06-Jun-13 15:46:36

I add a swirl of gravy to my reduced meat juices to make gravy.

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 16:04:34

alecsa - why do you think it constitutes cheating? What did you put in it?

NewStartNewStory Thu 06-Jun-13 17:13:19

I tried on a dress I made 2 years ago. I am currently 4inches smaller then it. Including on my chest <does a happy dance> Even the dress that was made for me a year ago is about an inch -2 inches too big. <keeps dancing> grin grin

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 17:32:45

Crabby I don't know, tbh. But - could it also be possible that you have an issue with dairy?

shock shock shock

Say not such things BIWI, it cannot be so!!

couch25cakes Thu 06-Jun-13 17:38:13

My food for today:
B- 2 scrambled eggs, coffe with cream
L- IPD moussaka (it's all gone now smile )
D- IPD butter chicken and cauliflower rice
I've also had an inch square piece of fresh pineapple blush

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 17:42:49


Well try dropping the flax first and see what happens. Then you could always try ubercamp, which is three days of low carb/dairy-free eating.

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 17:43:23

Not much veg there, couch25cakes ignores mention of fruit FOR NOW

daisychicken Thu 06-Jun-13 17:50:01

Weighed myself: 9st6 Am aiming to get back to 8st4-7ish - my roughly comfortable level!

B: asparagus crustless quiche & small pot Greek yog with berries
L: last piece of quiche with salad leaves, bacon x2, fried cherry tom x2, fried mushrooms & mayo
D: leftover meatballs with tomato & olive sauce & green beans
S: handful peanuts

couch25cakes Thu 06-Jun-13 18:01:48

No you're right BIWI, I hadn't noticed. Will remedy that tomorrow blush.

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 18:02:24

Always watching, couch ... wink

Crabby - I'm thinking of ubercamping next week from Monday. We could do it together? I think I'm having too much dairy (although I have now stopped sneaking spoonfuls of cream straight from the pot!). I'll just finish the clotted cream and double cream first! I'm interested to see if I do have an issue with dairy. I know I definitely lost weight quicker on Atkins and I wouldnt have had much dairy on that - although it was a long time ago so can't quite remember.

Scales stuck at 14 7 here. Really want a boost in the loss. Going on holiday four weeks from today and would love to be under 14 stone but can't see it happening with current food so need to shake it up a bit.

Food today
B - egg mayo and a cheesy sandwich filler from M&S.
L - was in town and found a cafe that does a chicken and bacon salad with Parmesan crisps - the same as the LC ones - just Parmesan.
S ham with some of the cheesy filler
D will be BBQ and salad.

Was supposed to do second c25k run today but didn't manage it for various reasons so will do tomorrow.

couch25cakes Thu 06-Jun-13 18:05:33

I'm glad you are watching. I was annoyed at getting stuck and became obsessed with getting more fat and water. But salmon salad is on the menu for tomorrow lunchtime.

It's like having a life coach on hand grin

Eyes everywhere BIWI? grin

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 18:13:30

Oh yes! grin

berryfreeze Thu 06-Jun-13 18:17:16

Haven't been able to update spreadsheet, stayed the same last week, but scales have finally moved and down 3lb this week, could somebody please update me.

Have cut down on the cheese and diary, and less of processed meat which has seemed to help.

Does mayo come under dairy

QueenofDreams Thu 06-Jun-13 18:32:17

Lunch: courgette, asparagus, chorizo and a couple of baby tomatoes fried up and a little bit of cream added, served with half an avocado on the side

Snack : slices of boiled egg spread with butter.

decaffwithcream Thu 06-Jun-13 18:45:26

I stayed the same for 4 weeks, then cut out cheese, cream and creme fraiche and finally saw a pound loss again after a couple of days. Finally in the right direction. Cutting out dairy also seemed to solve constipation issues.

AFAIK yoghurt is less of a problem than other dairy? And butter is fine.

BlackAffronted Thu 06-Jun-13 18:48:59

B - eggs benedict (minus the muffin)
L - lamb chops & pink coleslaw
D - keema
S - chciken, 85% dark choc

Can anyone recommend a good place to eat and stay on the wagon in Brighton? I've never been there before and DP is insisting we eat out rather than picnic... We're going for the day Saturday smile

maidofmuss Thu 06-Jun-13 19:13:06

Didn't make it to Sainsbury's for lamb steaks so changed today to:
B (still) eggs and sauteed mushrooms
L roast beef slices with hot horseradish and watercress
D Cold salmon with cucumber/mint yoghurt
S handful almonds

Trying to ignore huge tray of Rocky Road DD has put in fridge to set. No physical cravings for the sweet taste/carbs but in my head another story...

VikingLady Thu 06-Jun-13 19:23:21

Willie Don't apologise - it's my own fault for skiving! Thank you for adding me back on. I'll be good now, promise grin

Chipping I wouldn't know where to begin, but if you are in the NE I'll have a bash at LC vege meal! I would appreciate a meal with someone who "gets" LC and isn't constantly pressing me to have rice, bread or low-cal options with my meal - it drives me nuts!

I've been OK so far away for work but I have brought my own eggs, cheese and total yoghurt with me! Therefore eggs for breakfast, yum. The non-carb bits of lunch option provided would have been a bit of a small meal on its own so I added some of my own cheese. Cheese (which you've slightly warned me off) yes; but falling off the wagon no.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Thu 06-Jun-13 20:19:23

Evening all,

B one slice ham with Philly, few spoonfuls yoghurt (woke up late, mad rush)
L small bowl salad with a few prawns n mayo, bit of leftover creamy braised cabbage
D roasted chicken thighs, creamy leeks and spring greens with a drop of mustard and cumin, a few small carrots (oops)

alecsa Thu 06-Jun-13 20:31:12

@BIWI: I ate out.. the coq au vin had chicken, some bacon bits, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and some sauce (and it was cooked with wine most likely).

Drank a ton of water today, not sure why I am so thirsty, is it the low/lack of carbs?

My evening was pretty good with fish and broccoli (broccoli again, as I didn't have anything else in the fridge). Planning to drink herbal tea.

BlackAffronted Thu 06-Jun-13 20:36:30

Just finished my 7-minute-workput, going for an epsom salt bath now smile Having to eat out again tomorrow for lunch, most likely from a take-away so I think Ill go for a McDonalds bacon & chicken salad (7g carbs).

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 20:42:56

BlackAffronted and maidofmuss there's not much veg going on in your meals!

alecsa the sauce would have been pretty carby I think - onions, carrots, wine and - no doubt - something to thicken it. No worries though - just make sure you're strict over the next couple of days

BlackAffronted Thu 06-Jun-13 20:44:22

I know Biwi, I am usually very good with my veg, but the bag of salad I had in the fridge to with my lamb & keema was off sad

Doshusallie Thu 06-Jun-13 20:51:39

Evening all.

Out for dinner last night, friend had made veg curry, ate loads of it with salad, although there was butternut squash in there. Couldn't have picked it out it would have been really rude. Avoided all poppadoms, naan though, but ate the dips with celery.

Also avoided all pudding, had some cheese with more celery. didn't avoid the pimms, bubbly or gin though whoops


B - 2 hb eggs
L - salad with iceberg, cucumber, olives, tuna and mayo
Tea - BBQ, sausages, a burger, grilled chicken, asparagus and broccoli
Snacks - 3, count them, 3!!!! Heaped teaspoons of PB. God I love it.

Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Thu 06-Jun-13 21:05:53

I think we missed some of kikis questions back on page 10. Kiki, to the best of my knowledge..

Cheese? Is fine on LC. But some people do find dairy, or a lot of it anyway, can slow down their weight loss. But as you are just starting out, I would say eat your 3 meals a day and always eat if hungry, and cheese can fill you up. If you find weight loss slows after the initial 2 weeks, then maybe cut down on cheese then.

Eggs? Perfect LC food, no limit.

Supermarket snacks to keep in fridge? Everyone will have their own recommends on this, please add to my list everyone! But some of my favourites are:

Lidl full fat Greek yoghurt
Pâté on cucumber
Ham with Philly cheese and cucumber folded into little rolls
Packs of cooked chicken/turkey/beef - be careful of flavours like BBQ or Chinese, as these usually have sugar in the coatings. Plain is safe!
Bags of pre washed salad (I love feta cheese on salad.)
Cold sausages
Hard boiled eggs

There will be more suggestions along soon I'm sure!

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Thu 06-Jun-13 21:07:17

Dosh, I want peanut butter now too! Think my TOTM is due!

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 21:27:06

Buda thank you for the offer, but I honestly don't think I could give up cheese. At the best of times I eat loads of it, but on this WOE it's my main pleasure. I think I could live on cheese, if I had to.

No carbs, no wine, no cheese - wtf is the point in carrying on?! grin

I'm thoroughly premenstrual, so maybe that's why the scales haven't moved in a couple of days. I should not keep weighing daily, I know that, as I get despondent if I don't see a continual loss. No patience, me. hmm

Today has been an unbridled cheese-fest...
B - mozzarella, little tomatoes, h/m pesto
S - couple almonds
L/D - cauliflower cheese (can you see a pattern emerging...)
S - mozzarella, tomatoes, parma ham
2 cups tea, loads of water.

Am feeling tired, achey and a little anxious as we have inlaws coming for a BBQ on Saturday and the house is a bloody pit as usual. My MIL is lovely but her house is immaculate and I know she must be shocked at how very far from immaculate ours is.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 06-Jun-13 21:56:40

Can I join in too? I've been eating lc on and off for almost a year but keep losing the plot. I've now discovered I can't have any chocolate as I don't know when to stop!

I have just under a stone to lose and am doing ok since yesterday.

I'd be really grateful for some suggestions for recipes for main meals as I run out of ideas and seem to cook the same stuff each week.

I eat totally gluten free these days as it aggravates my IBS. I have been dairy free for a while but am now slowly reintroducing it to see if I'm ok with it because I'm worried about my calcium intake. And I love cheese and natural yoghurt!

Crabby - not entirely sure I can give it up either! But I'm certainly going to try. Actually with me it is not the cheese that I think is the problem - more the yoghurt/cream/creme Fraiche/odd spoonful or three of cream from fridge that might be the issue!

We bbq'd this evening and I sat outside which was lovely. And I was obsessing about a glass of wine. Had two glasses of water and was still obsessing. So I compromised and made a very weak white wine soda. Half an inch of wine in long glass with lots of soda with ice. Just had one and in fact didn't even finish it but it did the trick. And as I had that treat I didn't have my raspberry cheesefake.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 06-Jun-13 22:08:43

Has anyone got a recipe for crust less quiche with as little dairy as possible? smile

decaffwithcream Thu 06-Jun-13 22:11:57

I was very resistent to giving up cheese but I don't see it as giving up. I just decided on no dairy for 3 days, like ubercamp. being rewarded by seeing the scales go down is enough to make me steer clear of cheese for another bit.

I found that planning my favorite no-cheese low carb meals for the 3 days made it easy to stick to.

Bessie123 Thu 06-Jun-13 22:13:12

Just marking my place.

decaffwithcream Thu 06-Jun-13 22:14:17

thebest, look at the lowcarb subsection of the recipes section in "food" (under the very annoying pop-down tabs at the top of the age...)

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 22:16:45

God I couldn't do this without the cream, creme fraiche and yoghurt, either! [panics] How long is it since the scales showed a loss? I know just what you mean about wine on a sunny evening in the garden - it just cries out for a glass of chilled white, doesn't it.

thebestpossibletaste Thu 06-Jun-13 22:17:18

Thanks Decaff, I'll have a look when on my pc tomorrow.

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 22:18:30

Sorry that was to Buda

Decaff I might see if I can devise a dairy-free three day menu. Does it mean no cream or anything?

BIWI Thu 06-Jun-13 22:18:34

When it comes to dairy, yoghurt is the best tolerated.

Butter doesn't count as dairy, as it is mainly fat.

crabby have you tried burrata? i had it at an italian restaurant and it was amazing

Minifingers Thu 06-Jun-13 23:02:00

Good grief I've eaten so much today. Just picking, picking, picking. Salami, nuts, the odd chunk of coconut block. Haddock, cheddar and butternut squash fish cake (omg - delicious!); left over Thai squid curry.

I think I need to start with eggs whenever I can because they really help with killing my appetite. I'll be amazed if I've lost anything by Saturday though I do feel my middle may have shrunk a bit. :-)

CrabbyBigBottom Thu 06-Jun-13 23:02:45

I've seen some in Waitrose Willie but never had it. I just googled it and it says this...

When the Burrata is sliced open, ritagli-thickened panna (cream) flows out. The cheese has a rich, buttery flavor and retains its fresh milkiness. It is best when eaten within 24 hours, and is considered past its prime after 48 hours. The flavour and different textures of the inside and outside make it go well with salad,[3] prosciutto crudo, crusty bread, fresh tomatoes with olive oil and cracked black pepper, or pasta.

<<drools at the thought of a huge plateful containing all of the above especially the crusty bread >>

We had some amazing buffalo mozzarella in Naples, I wish I'd had a chance to try the burrata too.

maidofmuss Fri 07-Jun-13 08:20:03

You are right BIWI - looked at my food list again for yesterday and not enough veg blush tho there was a lot of cucumber in my yoghurt grin

Managed to zip up skirt of truth this morning (hooray) though still tight around reear so not wearable out (!) Scales still the same as Monday BUT I resisted the rocky road in the fridge
I will keep going. I will keep going. I will keep going.

CrabbyBigBottom Fri 07-Jun-13 09:05:30

Well the wii says I've lost 1lb but still saying my weight is 11st 12lbs (same as Tuesday). It's a downward trajectory, anyway. I'm just at the line between 'overweight', where your mii looks sad and a little reproachful bit of music sounds, and 'ideal', where there's congratulatory music and your mii looks smile. As absurd as it is, I want that little reinforcement and I'm only a couple of lbs away from being back in the ideal BMI (albeit right at the upper end) bracket!

grin at maid's 'skirt of truth'. I put on a pair of trousers yesterday that I took on holiday in March because they had a 14 label, but couldn't even bloody zip up (they're a very small 14). Now I can do them up and wear them comfortably, although when I'm driving I have to undo them. blush

Also, someone who sees me once a week asked me yesterday if I'd lost weight and said she could really see the difference. I could have kissed her. grin

Keep on keeping on Losers! wink

<<runs away before anyone suggests giving up heaven's ambrosia cheese again>>


middleagedspread Fri 07-Jun-13 09:44:25

Just to report Hollandaise sauce (made in a blender) is the most divine thing ever. Especially with asparagus.

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 09:48:29

Recipe please, middleagedspread!

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 09:50:41

Well done to all the losers.
Sleep is amazing. Beginning to discover that sleep actually does have a correlation to pain. more sleep = less pain, little sleep = hideous pain. So will have to bear that in mind and accept i am simply too old for partying all night until the next opportunity which will likely occur after the point at which i forget this

Yesterday was a bad day exercise wise. Physio only kinda day. But feeling so much better today. Promised to take ds to do some sport specific training this morning. So that is the plan for his last day of half term hols.

B: scrambled eggs and 2 cups of coffee, milk and sweetner (i know about the sweetner and working my way down to non from 3 per cup)

Water: 500ml

bulletwithbutterflywings Theree's a Brazilian barbecue place in West St, Brighton (the main road that leads from the station down to the sea, below the clock tower) - it's on the left as you go down - can't remember the name off-hand. It's not a 'romantic dinner for 2' type place, it's a huge room, but for around £20 a head you get as much meat as you can eat - the waiters come round with it on skewers, all sorts, steak, pork, lamb, chicken hearts! You get a disc, red one side, green the other, that you put on your table - turn it red side up when you want a break from meat delivery, green side up and they just keep on coming smile There's a big 'help yourself' salad table as well - also dishes for carb eaters :D

As I said, not an intimate restaurant, but brilliant for low carbers :D I'm planning another visit at the end of the month.

middleagedspread Fri 07-Jun-13 10:10:25


Blitz 2 large egg yolks in blender
Add tbs white wine vinegar
Tbs lemon juice & blitz again
Melt 4 oz butter until just bubbling.
With blender running slowly add the butter.

Eat immediately ( def doesn't keep).

Fab with asparagus, salmon, or chicken.
With poached eggs & bacon is the best ever breakfast.

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 10:30:37

Brighton should be lovely. envy

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Fri 07-Jun-13 11:12:49

grin at skirt of truth

Hello happy lc-ers! I am a former bootcamper who has fallen off the wagon a bit. Last summer I went from 11 stone 5 to 9 stone 8 on Bootcamp, which was amazing. I then maintained for a bit, slid back up to 9 stone 12ish, kept meaning to lose another stone but had lost all motivation. After a week away I weighed on on Monday at 10 stone 2, and have been low-carbing all week. I'm now 2.75lbs down, hurray! DH is finally back on it too - I thought he was looking tubby and he weighed in at 16 stone 1! shock He's already 4.5lbs down but he really needs to lose 3 stone and I really want him to stick to it. Previous pattern is that he loses a stone and calls it quits, but he really does need to lose a lot more! Still, maybe this will be the time for him...

Thanks Furry that sounds good! DP found a place called Smokey's, is that the one? The only thing that concerns me about BBQ is the marinades usually have sugar in, is that something to be worried about or would the amount be negligable? Obviously I will still to dry stuff and avoid the delicious sticky sauces.
I'm excited!
On a less fun note I'm really struggling to eat my breakfast <boak> but I'm really busy from 12 til 6 so I won't be able to get any proper meals in that time sad so I have to get what I can in now or my trainer and BIWI will shout! Cold roast chicken and coleslaw is not going down too easily.

kiwigirl42 Fri 07-Jun-13 11:52:23

morning. just out of bed - another sore head hmm
good news is that I'm at my lowest weight yet - have lost the 2kg I inexplicably put on last week (CAN'T have been due to almond crumble, BIWI!). Can almost see my hip bones grin. I remember when my stomach used to hang between them though.

escentual.com have got 1/3 off French cosmetics etc so have just bought some more Effaclar (duo for son this time - I use K, it completely stops spots appearing like magic, can highly recommend it)
as well as some dermablend foundation and setting powder. I have a lot of freckles from growing up in NZ and also other dark patches and have heard good things about this foundation. I've got my friends wedding on 15th so want to look good (so far have bought heated rollers, waxing strips and fake tan - DS says I'll look like a Mafia wife grin)

so not hungry at moment. I've discovered the joy of mixing double cream into Total - yum. Roasted butternut squash last night with some waitrose juicy sausages which are 1.8g carb each. I really love them. Had asparagus too [yum]

hope everyone has a good day

bulletwithbutterflywings - found the website, the place is called Rodizio Preto, and here's a link to the menu - I don't think the meats are marinaded, well, not from what I could taste - and eating there didn't affect my weight loss, so it's all good!

captainmummy Fri 07-Jun-13 12:34:29

furry - that looks really good! I was planning a trip to Brighton (Straight down on the train from me!) as tghe weekend was looking good - but it's thundering and bucketing down here at the mo!

Still forecast sunny tomorrow and sunday tho.

kiwigirl42 Fri 07-Jun-13 13:32:53

holy crap. Just mashed up some butternut squash with butter and cream and was going to have a bowl for lunch. My little GI books says its 1.2 carbs 75g cooked. Luckily I put it into MFP first as it comes out at 8 carbs/ 100g there. Put half of it back in fridge for tomorrow grin
was delicious though.

primallass Fri 07-Jun-13 14:09:18

I am going to be joining it with this next week. I am a long-term on/off low carber with a very defunct thyroid. LCHF definitely works best for me. Am going to read and catch up this weekend.

Afternoon all.

Had to have words with weighing scales this morning. We are now not on speaking terms. If it behaves tomorrow I may relent. I hopped on scales first thing. Showed 14 4! Was 14 7 yesterday. Very happy face. But thought probably not real. Try again. 14 7. Try again 14 6. After a few more goes we settled on 14 6. AIBU to think said scales is a bloody tease? Or maybe it is seeing into the future and I will see that on Monday?

Took DS to school and then went straight out and did my second c25k run. Was planning on doing 6 of the 60 second runs. Did all 8. Very pleased with that.

Came back and had yummy breakfast of Greek style yoghurt with raspberries, flaxseeds and cream. Delicious.

Just had a big salad with a cold sausage and a cold lamb steak left over from BBQ last night.

Dinner tonight will be a chicken curry. DH does a really nice one. And I bought a cauliflower to do cauliflower rice.

middleagedspread - thanks for hollandaise recipe. Sounds good.

QueenofDreams Fri 07-Jun-13 14:46:01

Managed to have some food at last!
B: none
L: rolled smoked salmon/cream cheese/lettuce, boiled asparagus, hb egg, half an avocado.
D: pork chop, creamy mushroom sauce, some veg.

I have also just tried making a dessert - we shall see if it works! I heated up cream cheese, double cream and some blueberries in a pan and thickened it up some, then added an egg and tipped into two ramekins. We'll have to see if it sets though as the mixture was quite runny confused

I'm also another pound down this morning according to my scales. Getting so close to going down into the next stone!

cider scales can be evil and spiteful and hurtful. sometimes when i weigh exactly the same for days on end (as in, to the exact decimal the same) i am almost sure that they are just sort of 'remembering' the previous day's weight! so i stand on them holding the washing basket, then put it down and stand on them again. then i realise i am getting a bit obsessed so i have a word with myself and don't weigh for a few days.

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 15:14:39


I realised I was getting a tad obsessed with the scales, the very first time I dieted (evil, 1000-cals-a-day-type diet), when I wondered if I should get on them without my contact lenses in ...

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 15:15:13

Oh, well done on the run, Buda. The C25K programme is really amazing - I never, ever thought I would be able to run 5K in such a short period of time.

It's amazing the power the scales have isn't it? I knew full well I wasn't 14 4 but am still sulking that the scales made me see it, be happy and then took it away. Evil is right!

BIWI - contact lenses are very heavy surely?? grin

Am very pleased about run. Will do week one again next week. Am taking my trainers to states on holiday and am looking forward to some fab runs there. Golden gate park etc etc. Hopefully running on holiday should hopefully limit some of the inevitable damage!

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 16:27:19

but if you take the contact lenses out how do you see the scales. Cos glasses clearly weigh more, and clearly there is no way i am letting anyone else see the number on the scales. has obviously also given this too much thought

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 16:38:50

Exactly, NewStart!!! grin

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 16:46:01

We were talking a few days ago about high levels of protein and whether or not they can cause us harm. A really interesting piece here saying that high(er) protein can be good for osteoporosis.

middleagedspread Fri 07-Jun-13 16:55:46

The whole scales/contact lens thing is a conundrum.
So, 1st thing you hop on the scales (with fingers crossed) then you peer hopefully in the mirror to inspect wrinkles.
Wrinkles should never be inspected with contacts in --too scary--but scales shouldn't be stood on in heavy specs.
Oh, the stresses of daily life!

Smalline Fri 07-Jun-13 17:31:25

Hi, I'm on week 9, and was wondering if any of you lovely ladies had any advice for me? I'm going to a leaving do tomorrow, which is an Afternoon Tea, there will be sandwiches, cakes, warm scones with jam and cream, and of course tea. I think the best thing for me to do is to just enjoy the whole experience, then get back to low carbing as soon as I leavesmile, but knowing me, it will probably continue with red wine and dark chocolate when I get home sad.

captainmummy Fri 07-Jun-13 17:57:07

Afternoon tea! How lovely! The thing is, life will always get in the way. Enjoy, don't eat too many cakes, and get back on it sunday.

Strict few days and lots of water....

I went to Iceland today (I know, I've let you all down etc...I cba to walk down to Lidls grin) behind a errm, rather large young girl. Checked out her shopping, as we all do, and was not surprised to see pizza, croissants, crisps, pork pies (!) and a WW Chocolate Brownie! That right there is the reason I am on this WOE!

QueenofDreams Fri 07-Jun-13 18:12:30

Lol at WW chocolate brownie. That's like pissing on a wildfire to put it out isn't it? While simultaneously throwing petrol on it I might add.

My seriously obese sister has started looking into LC/Primal eating for weight loss! Yay! I really hope she sticks to it and gets some of the weight off because I worry about her. She's already insulin resistant, so on the path to diabetes. And our Dad is diabetic as well, so we're definitely at risk. it's been a big factor in me choosing to go LC as I want to control my blood sugar and reduce my risk of becoming diabetic.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Fri 07-Jun-13 18:13:50

Evening all, hope everyone having a good day.

Well, drama at work today meant I didn't get any lunch and basically went from 2 scrambled eggs at 8am on nothing until I got back home after collecting Ds from school at 4.30pm. Yes I was a bit hungry (but actually much more thirsty of course. And on this WOE I can actually tell the difference!)

But there is NO WAY IN HELL I would have managed 8 and a half hours "fuelled" by a bowl of Special K or a croissant, especially as I have a physical job.

I luffs eggs, I do. Shoulda married a farmer for his chooks. grin

QueenofDreams Fri 07-Jun-13 18:19:34

toomuch get some chooks yourself. My MIL keeps some and she gave me some eggs a couple of weeks ago. They were delicious. I might have to go round to hers and mug her chickens in the night grin

BerylStreep Fri 07-Jun-13 19:24:01

I'd love to get some chickens, but my MIL (who also would love some) reckons they attract rats, so it sort of put me off a bit. That and they probably wouldn't stand a chance with my 2 cats. We have relatives though who have a farm, and every so often they appear with armfuls of eggs, which taste so much better than you get in the supermarket.

Talking of which, I have just used some of the yummy farm eggs in MiddleAged's amazing hollandaise sauce, with barbecued salmon fillet, bbq'd courgettes (sliced lengthways and brushed with olive oil) and home grown rocket. It was to die for, and so easy to make!

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 20:57:38

You actually look in mirrors middleaged confused I managed to do make up and hair without actually seeing what i am looking at and that is after putting contacts in.

I am feeling very virtuous as I have been fairly good today and have just tucked into a salad for tea. Have managed to drink my min water no problem. The sun and temps over 20C really helps you drink the water without thinking about it.

Really tired and have a busy day tomo. think i am going to go find some sleep. night.

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 20:58:30

Duck eggs are also lovely. Richer taste then chook eggs. I also want chickens but can't cos of where i live atm. sad

BIWI Fri 07-Jun-13 21:02:48

NewStart - something you posted earlier also reminded me about one of the things Dr Briffa spoke about on the Mumsnet Academy course, here is a blog post about how important sleep is in controlling weight

middleagedspread Fri 07-Jun-13 21:03:20

NewStart only face height one with one of the bulbs blown. Couldn't do a full length mirror unless in bulky dressing gown.
I'm wondering if I could purchase a rose tinted mirror with the shape of the ones in Gap that make anyone look like Elle McPhearson. Until you get home.

nappyaddict Fri 07-Jun-13 21:18:13

Just wanted to let everyone know that Aldi have a new cheese coleslaw. It's 99p for 300g and it's carb count is only 3.1g so lower than the Sainsbury's basics one which has a carb count of 3.7g.

nappyaddict Fri 07-Jun-13 21:23:06

What do you lot all have on a picnic? We are having one tomorrow and trying to think of some extra things to take.

So far have got:

Salad - spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, giant spring onions, peppers, grated carrot

Cheese coleslaw


Parma ham


Spicy chicken wings

Gluten free sausages

Hard boiled eggs


Strawberries and blueberries with cream

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 21:24:12

Middle I was teasing. Sorry blush But i like the sound of the Gap mirrors.
Biwi the only other diet that I have really thought makes sense and has even remotely worked for me was one called the duvet diet and that was basically the importance on sleep on hormone balance and the body's ability to process food. Might return to that book actually cos there is loads of tips for sorting out sleep patterns. But will probably ignore the chapters on food. I can't remember what the stance on food was. Although i seem to have some recollection that cheese isn't a cause of nightmares. Bloody good job really ;)

NewStartNewStory Fri 07-Jun-13 21:26:54

Clearly i meant wink

middleagedspread Fri 07-Jun-13 21:37:11

newstart, I realised grin
You must try Gap mirrors, they're like a fun fair.
In front of you is a 6' size 8 goddess, with shiny hair & clear skin.

VikingLady Fri 07-Jun-13 22:26:20

I don't own scales. I'd get obsessed. I'm weighing myself once per week in Rowlands Pharmacy!

rather late in the day i'm afraid, but i'm only just home from work

biggest loser of the week: timidviper
biggest loser so far: Maidofmuss
biggest %age loser so far: Maidofmuss

well done chaps!

CrabbyBigBottom Fri 07-Jun-13 23:39:47

Checking in.

B - 3 little tomatoes, slice mozzarella, slice parma ham
L - leftover cauliflower cheese with bacon, mushrooms and pesto
S - olives
D - black farm sausages with roasted celeriac mash, roasted shallots and savoy cabbage - shredded and fried until crispy
P - my yoghurt "ice-cream"
1 glass of red wine. Very pleased with myself.

maidofmuss Sat 08-Jun-13 01:05:47

Just logged on and amazed I got a biggest loser mention! Now wish I hadn't consumed three exceedingly large G&Ts, olives, several handfuls of nuts and what was left in the Philly tub this evening...

kiwigirl42 Sat 08-Jun-13 05:58:24

morning. awake very early this morning so got up at 4.30am and had a nice cup of Nespresso made with milk (used to have this every morning but its a very occasional treat now - poor nespresso machine. I adore him too. DH used to laugh because every morning I would say 'I love you Nespresso machine')

Had a lovely rump steak with mushrooms last night. Felt a bit guilty eating £4 of meat in one meal for some reason but it was yum.

DH told me yesterday that he could really start to see the weight coming off and that he was proud that I'd stuck to this WOE so well. Didn't share with him how blimmin' easy it is when you are never hungry and always able to eat something if you are.

have a good day everyone. I've got some lovely sausages and pork medallions to think about later as well as lots of green veg (thats so BIWI doesn't smack me with her big stick grin)

Maidofmuss that is the curse of the biggest loser, it often seems to happen!

CrabbyBigBottom Sat 08-Jun-13 07:50:42

grin @ 'I love you Nespresso machine'.

Maid Sainsburys were doing an offer on lamb rump steak (I prefer beef tbh, but just in case you like lamb as much); half price so £7ish a kilo. I got a pack of 7 for about £7.

Feeling fairly fresh and positive this morning but have a creeping sense of inevitability about the fact that I'm going to drink way too much today. hmm We have MIL, BIL & SIL coming for a BBQ. Normally we go to MIL's so at least this way I can control what I eat. It'll be a boozy affair though.

milliemoomay Sat 08-Jun-13 07:55:48

Thanks for your wishes vis-a-vis car accident thanks..I finally feel less shaky although still bit nervous about driving which I hope melts away soon.

Yesterday I was on the go and was sooo hungry so went into Morrisons. I bought the ready roasted "ribs of fire" pork bites as the other ready-roasted meats seemed to have a sticky glaze which I figured would be loaded with sugar.
Anyone know whether these are okay for LC?

Made up last night with lots of water, buttered veg (aubergine and peppers) and roast chicken.

Enjoy the sunshine all.

middleagedspread Sat 08-Jun-13 08:57:04

maid, I've just been looking at the spreadsheet. Have you lost 12lbs? That's fantastic, well done.

maidofmuss Sat 08-Jun-13 09:49:55

middle yes! Well, I had - but 3lbs up this morning (no doubt a result of drinking more gin than water yesterday) so no idea whether that will have gone by my Monday morning weigh in so I at least STS this week!!!
It's strange – I sometimes feel frustrated on this WOE as the weight seems to come off so slowly (I confess, I have been the queen of the fad fast diet a couple of times in the past where I've seen ridiculously quick results) but I feel I'm finally waking up to the fact that I've got to make fundamental changes in my mindset and that those fast diets/deprivation diets just don't work long term as the weight simply piles back on (which it does/has).
So a big thank you to BIWI, Willie for starting and running the thread and everyone who's posting food/sharing ups and downs and keeping each other motivated
If someone had told me a month or two ago that I could survive for 5 weeks without bread (or muesli or loads of fruit, etc etc) I would have been incredulous.
Got to dash out so thanks, middle
Have a great day all.
(Glad you're feeling bit better "Millie* - it's great you're back driving again and am sure the shaky feelings will pass.

QueenofDreams Sat 08-Jun-13 11:19:53

millie good you're feeling a bit better. I'm not surprised you were shaken by it.

I'm another lb down this morning. This means I've lost 10lb since bootcamp started. I'm now dead on 11 stone! In a few days I should be in the 10s. So exciting!

We've eaten some of our grass fed meat and I can report our findings so far: Grass fed beef is amazing. you can really tell the difference. The pork is less noticeable. We'll be having lamb tonight and tomorrow so we'll see if I notice a difference there.

I've explained to DP that I plan on carrying on with low carb. I said that if I tried another way of losing weight I'd either have to get him to eat the same or cook myself separate meals, whereas with this woe I can just substitute potatoes/pasta/rice etc with some veg so it's much easier to stick to. I think he's fine with it now as he can see how much weight I'm losing. Sister says she's convinced her DH about going Primal, but he wants to see a sample menu before they start. I've been relaying my meals to her so she can see what kind of stuff I eat smile

Maid - well done - that's a great loss. And Queen.

My scales and I are on speaking terms again. I think its trying to keep me on the straight and narrow by showing me what I COULD be if I don't mess it up! So this morning fluctuated between 14 5 and 14 6. So if I am good over the weekend I should hopefully be 14 5 on Monday. And I would be very happy with that.

B today was Greek style yoghurt - which I have just realised is quite high in carbs so I won't be having that again - with raspberries, flaxseeds and cream. Yum. Very yum.
L will be cold meat and salad
D will be BBQ and salad

And will be gardening all afternoon so should work some fat off! Just been to garden centre and have loads of weeding to do and plants to plant.

ToomuchIsBackOnBootcamp Sat 08-Jun-13 13:14:52

Hi all, congrats on the losses, it's really motivating to get past that week 3/4/5 hump and start to see things moving again. My scales tried to tell me I was 150 for a second this morning and I nearly fainted, but then tries 2/3/4 all declared back to 153 so I think mine have the same evil teasing penchant as crabbys.

After wine (--and possibly gin--) last night, I really deserve a belter of a hangover this morning. BUT when I got home about 1am last night, I drank a couple of big glasses of water and made some creamy scrambled eggs to get rid of the wine munchies. I woke up at half seven this morning and feel absolutely fine! Drank more water, didn't want breakfast as wasn't hungry, took Ds to his football training, went to work for an hour and a half, then finally around eleven had some breakfast and coffee. My love affair with eggs continues ... The new hangover cure!!

Was very proud that I easily ignored all the party food last night: crisps, sausage rolls, mini pizzas, sweets, cupcakes (yes it was an adult party, not a kids one!). I am not even going to say "resisted" the food as I looked at it and thought nah, don't need it, won't feel good after it, won't bother. Not a problem.

Yesterday's food
B 2 eggs scrambled with butter and cream
L (at 430pm!) salad with feta and oil, prawn mayo, slice of ham with Philly cheese roll up.
D Spanish chicken with salad, cucumber, pepper and garlic mayo.
S (at 1am) 2 eggs scrambled with butter

BIWI Sat 08-Jun-13 14:25:11

I'm really glad to see that things are moving again for everyone! Those weeks 3-5 are bastards really, aren't they?! grin

QueenofDreams Sat 08-Jun-13 14:30:23

B: 2 bacon, 1 egg fried in butter, fried mushrooms
L: no idea yet
D: spicy braised lamb shank and some veg/salad.

The lamb is in to cook, and will slow cook in the oven until dinner time smile

QueenofDreams Sat 08-Jun-13 14:31:14

Moving is the right word biwi I've lost 4 lb this week!

BIWI Sat 08-Jun-13 14:34:22

Brilliant, Queen flowers, and I'm glad that you've convinced your DH and that you've taken control of your own diet.

Yoghurty Sat 08-Jun-13 15:20:53

My name is Yoghurty and I am a sugary twat sad

No excuses- I just hate that I keep sabotaging myself. I only want to lose another stone (lost 2 on the January boot camp) but the closer I get to my target, the more I'm setting myself up for failure.

It's never bread or pasta or rice or potatoes, it's sugar, in any form. I love this WOE and don't feel deprived so why do I make such stupid decisions? I'm not bored or sad or angry.
Maybe it's complacency....

Just wanted to rant. Moving on! Chicken thighs and broccoli tonight

Yoghurty it is the power of not just sugar, but also of sweet flavours. It is believed that we would have historically been attracted to sweet flavours as they tend to indicate that a foodstuff is not harmful. However, sweet things like honey and fruits would have been harder to come by or only at certain times of the year (e.g. what is now harvest time, so prior to winter when building up fat stores would have been a good thing). Also, in nature, sweet flavoured (and high carb) foods tend not to be high fat. However, now we have easily accessible sweet flavoured things available all year round, 24 hours a day, in convenient form (v little preparation or equipment required to eat them) and many are sugary and fatty at the same time. It's no wonder that it's SO HARD to avoid sugary things, not only are we programmed to be attracted to them but they are also very readily available. By trying to avoid these things you really are swimming against the tide.

However, sweet flavoured sugary things aren't likely to go away any time soon, unfortunately, and as the government aren't likely to do anything about the current sugar-pushing it's really up to us to take responsibility for our own intake.

What I'm trying to say is that you're not mainlining sugar because you are a failure or have no self-control, it's totally understandable in today's society and with the food industry and policy the way it is. It's not just you sabotaging yourself on your own, it's also the influence of so many things around you. But you can overcome that! You've done it before and you can do it again! Be subversive and don't succumb to the marketing tactics and that Gollum in your head whispering "my precious [sugar]..."

Also remember the trick of asking yourself if you know what something tastes like and whether it's your first and last ever opportunity to try it. If the answers are yes and no respectively then you know you don't have to eat whatever it is RIGHT NOW and you can leave it and move on