Week 3 - Summer Low Carb Bootcamp - When the Going Gets Unexpectedly Tough

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BIWI Sun 12-May-13 22:49:27

I'm starting this thread a little earlier than usual, as I have to be at work at dawn's crack tomorrow grin

Come and confess all on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

So from tomorrow, you can move on to Bootcamp Light, if you want. (Rules on the tabs on the spreadsheet). That means that you can introduce fruits (berries only) and nuts (in small quantities), as well as alcohol (albeit in moderation!)

You don't have to, if you don't want to. You could continue to do Bootcamp if it's suiting you - or do Bootcamp during the week and Bootcamp Light at the weekend. Whatever suits you.

Whatever you decide *here is something really important that you need to know about weeks 3 and 4 (and possibly 5)*:

It is very common for weight loss to stop at this point in the diet. You may even find that you gain a pound or two. DON'T PANIC! It is entirely normal. Your body is switching from carb-burning to fat-burning, and is re-adjusting to your new WOE. You have jettisoned a lot of water weight, and have emptied your glycogen stores. You will also have lost some fat. Now, your body is working on just burning fat.


Good luck for next week. As ever, post any questions on the questions thread, and keep us all updated as to what you're doing/eating.

Fairyloo Sun 12-May-13 23:09:31

When does next boot camp start??

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 05:10:22

No idea! Join us on this one - we are only on week 3.

Lavenderhoney Mon 13-May-13 06:15:52

Another week already! Ill be adding my weight later. It's been a very tough week for my family so I have lapsed a bit. But I have been lc since jan so I am hoping its not made much difference.

I now have a Zumba DVD and put it on yesterday to see. The dc were in fits of laughter. I'm torn between the shred and Zumba, I only have time for one... But the shred I have in the iPad so can do it in the bedroom away from the dc. Any suggestions?

CalicoRose Mon 13-May-13 06:20:45

I messed up last night and went from loosing 1.5 pounds to loosing nothing this week sad

Thing is I really needed a night out with my DH, and so don't exactly regret it. But gee it's a tough and unforgiving diet.

MaryBeardfanclub Mon 13-May-13 06:52:15

boo 1.75 lb up since last week but overall 1 lb down on start weight. On the plus side, I have completely cut out sweeteners in my tea and I used to drink a lot of tea so that is absolutely fabulous. For the rest of bootcamp I am going to work on responding to appetite - I have this annoying habit of feeling I must finish things off rather than waste food even although I am stuffed, hang over from childhood when we were always praised for eating all our food and it was a major deal in our house that food not be wasted. I remember having tea at a friends house and they left some of their food and it was put in the bin, I was completely shock at that.

sybilfaulty Mon 13-May-13 07:14:22

Hi everyone and thanks BIWI for the thread.

2lb off for me. I feel much thinner, even though its only 4lb overall.

Well done to all the losers and stick with it to those who have STS.

Ilovemyteddy Mon 13-May-13 07:17:41

2.6lbs off for me so finally back to losing 5st since Jan 2012. Half a stone to go to reach my final target.

dawnpreview Mon 13-May-13 07:19:15

I have only lost 1lb this week. But with the slip ups I have made I am just pleased not to have gained anything!

AngieAir Mon 13-May-13 07:22:01

Only 0.5lb for me this week. TOTM and I feel very bloated, mainly in the legs not the stomach oddly. But it's still a loss so I am pleased.

I got into a situation where a latte and croissant were bought for me yesterday and to refuse would have caused deep offence. I found it very difficult and didnt actually enjoy the latte at all. Any tips? Saying I don't like them wouldn't have worked as it was a very old friend.

Also think I might be overdoing the cream: 2 coffees plus cream per day then most days have been cooking with it too. Will stick to buttered veg from now.

Bootcamp continues for me I think.

teaandthorazine Mon 13-May-13 07:24:11

Morning losers! BIWI is right (of course!) - do not lose the faith this week even if it seems as if things are slowing down. LCing is a funny old game and weightloss is not linear. Keep on truckin' - it will come off grin

Starting this week at 10st 7lb. Am LCing for health rather than pure weightloss these days but have a vague aim of hitting 10st by my birthday in July (big 4-0). Will see. It might happen, it might not. The main thing is that I feel good and my tummy is flat!

Bootcamp Lite for me (not that I've ever been hardcore!) Though am off the booze for a bit anyway...

Dinner last night was roast duck with butternut squash, spinach and leeks. Amazing.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Mon 13-May-13 07:29:41

morning everyone. Stayed same this week, although I have saw fluctuations of where I am this morning throughout the week. Feel thinner, look slimmer and overall feel so much better. grin

Inches this week - not pounds.

bravo to everyone who's made it through the first two weeks - please do record your weight when you have the chance in column K on the spreadsheet

angie - if it's an old friend are you able to tell them what you're doing? I totally understand if not, i'm very private about my eating habits in RL. if that's the case, then perhaps just say that you're 'being good' (no one would really agree that a croissant and latte is good if you're on a health kick), or alternatively plead a dodgy tummy? it can be difficult i know, and sometimes personal relationships do win out and real life happens. you just can't let it happen too often, and at the risk of you falling off the wagon for longer

middleagedspread Mon 13-May-13 07:49:48

Only 2lb off for me this week. Feeling a bit disappointed, but onwards & downwards.

Good morning,

I lost 2.4lbs last week and I am quite happy with that. Could have been more but I celebrated our LO's 2nd birthday yesterday and ate cake. I am thinking about starting the 30 day shred again, it's so great and only takes 25 minutes.

I am looking forward to week 3.

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 07:54:20

Only 2lbs?! Sustainable weight loss is 1-2lbs a week. It means you're more likely to keep the weight off when you lose it slowly, and it also means that all you slims down in the right proportions. Lose too quickly and you end up with baggy skin!

And just visualise it - 2lbs is 4 packs of lard!

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 07:57:10

CalicoRose - don't be downhearted! You had a (hopefully good?) night out with your DH, which is a good thing.

However, it's an important lesson. Where did you go wrong?

This WOE is much less flexible than calorie counting, but it's also much, much, MUCH more enjoyable. Going out for a meal should be a whole lot easier than if you're trying to count calories or keep the fat levels down.

But you do have to make wise choices.

One thing is evidently true, though, and that you do have to have self-discipline. You can't jump on and off the wagon willy-nilly. You do have to commit to it.

snowballinashoebox Mon 13-May-13 08:00:37

Morning and 4lb down, so a total of 10lb so far, baggy skin here I come!

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 13-May-13 08:02:06

10 stone 4 this morning, so a weight loss of 2lbs over 2 weeks. Which is a bit disappjtning, but I must admit I have had drinks at the weekend.

And where is my period? Am very bloated feeling.

I am going to stick to it to the letter this week. Bikini holiday in 6weeks so I need to behave otherwise I will get to a week before my holiday and shriek JESUS H CHRIST at myself in the mirror.

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 13-May-13 08:04:06

Well done everyone on their weight loss.

I have decided to avoid cheese this week - it has never stalled me before but perhaps that is a reason why. I do eat a shitload of cheese.

I am also going to stop the diet cokes (don't shout biwi!) and start drinking fizzy (urgh) water.

CalicoRose Mon 13-May-13 08:08:32

It's the drinks that get me. Food is fine. Drinking only water at home is fine.

But I don't want to drink water at a pub! So I had a lemonade. But my DH bought it and bought a pint instead of a small one.

So any ideas for drinks at a pub? Also at Starbucks? I don't drink tea or coffee and always get a hot chocolate when meeting friends.

I don't go out that much. Pub hardly ever and Starbucks about once a week.

(there were more slip ups last night than just one large lemonade - but that's the problem I'm most likely to have again. )

AngieAir Mon 13-May-13 08:09:47

Willie I did consider it but didn't want to spoil our day out with a lecture on faddy eating (out of fond concern). Already considered odd for not eating bread. Fortunately salad for lunch is a normal, acceptable choice.

I went straight back to bootcamp rules afterwards. I love this way of eating, feels so nutritious. Lets see what this week brings. I have no social events so should be easier.

middleagedspread Mon 13-May-13 08:09:58

thanks BIWI, you know how to say the right thing.
Perhaps you could give up your life & spend your days touring the country & living with all us boot campers?
Me first!

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 13-May-13 08:11:07

Lime and soda, not lime juice but a load of lime wedges?

Mind you the last time I was in a pub I had two margaritas.

SummerBook Mon 13-May-13 08:17:55

I'm new to the spreadsheet, and I'm only one week in. Apols if this a daft question, but where do I enter this week's figure? Column G is headed May 6th. Do I just use that one for tomorrow's figure? Or am I not seeing a new column at my end for 14th May?

(Have lost weight but realised I miscalculated my start figure as 160 when it was actually 170 - duh! But 6.5 lbs down in week one, so still chuffed to bits).

SummerBook Mon 13-May-13 08:20:52

Ah, just saw your post WillieWaggledagger. Column K it is, and need to do my basic maths right this week...

timidviper Mon 13-May-13 08:46:38

Well I am on holiday soon so have to be good from now on. I weigh on a Saturday am and was 1lb down then I let myself down on Saturday night, good job I'm not weighing today as I now look 2lb up from Fri!

Well done everyone! Just place marking for later.
I'll weigh myself when I get to the gym - don't have scales at home.
I'm having a creamy coffee and a protein shake with peanut butter and soy milk for brekky (I know, I know biwi but my PT told me to use them!)

Delighted to be down 1lb this week (this is week 41 for me), especially after going out for a glorious Sunday lunch yesterday at my favourite restaurant, where I had a planned deviation from the WOE! Only had the one meal all day though, so I guess it didn't do too much damage smile

maidofmuss Mon 13-May-13 09:11:28

Down to 172lbs when I weighed myself this morning, so 8lbs off over 2 weeks, so very, very pleased – only 1/1/2 stone to go... ALSO, praise the lord, just had a massive crap (forgive my candor but my god, what a relief). Makes me think of that Peter Kay joke about dieters being pleased about 1/2-1llb weight loss and saying "a pound? a pound? I can shit a pound"

Did have a couple of exceedingly large G&Ts on Saturday night and a glass of wine with Sunday dinner, too (and industrial sized portions of creamy celeriac mash/spinach with my roast chicken), so haven't felt deprived. Going to carry on with Bootcamp as far as poss this week. Inspired by BIWI's post about fluid retention masking fat loss...

B black coffee then celeriac fritters with crispy bacon lardons
L leftover chicken with salad bits, full-fat mayo
D one-dish sausage bake (someone's suggestion last thread) with lots of veg

rubybricks Mon 13-May-13 09:29:20

morning all!

another 3 lb off this week, so 10 in total <shakes head in amazement>.
am going to stick with bootcamp as far as possible this week and try and extend my cooking repertoire a bit - also to cut down on dairy as i also feel i eat a disproportionate amount (find it preferable to chicken skin!)

that said, am having total yoghurt this morning and not enjoying it much - would prefer the usual fried eggs!

getorf fizzy water is lovely! i buy a couple of big bottles for the house and small ones to take out with me and find it SO much easier than drinking plain old water. (though i seem to remember reading somewhere that it gives you cellulite? aaagh! can't win!! i too have a bikini holiday in the next couple of months - and you're already at my goal weight envy)

good luck to everyone for the week ahead, and big thanks to BIWI and Willie for keeping us all on track thanks

anchovies Mon 13-May-13 10:00:39

2lb off this week so pretty pleased with that, especially because it hasn't felt like I am on a diet in the slightest!

Plan for this week is stay on bootcamp (I know I can't be trusted with nuts and have given up alcohol for 6 weeks and feel happy without it) Also plan to reduce dairy (have been having 0% carb yoghurt for breakfast most mornings) and also snacks which I am pretty sure are just out of habit/boredom rather than hunger. I am still having 2/3 coffees a day with semi skimmed milk, going to buy full fat this week.

Well done everyone on another week!

MsRinky Mon 13-May-13 10:01:48

2lbs off for me, would have been more but had a surprise dinner at the Hand and Flowers yesterday. On the basis that it certainly isn't the kind of food where I know what it tastes like and can have any time I made the most of it. It was heavenly.

But as my first two weeks have not been wildly successful, I am committed to two weeks of hardcore Bootcamp from today.

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 10:16:34

CalicoRose - drinking lemonade and hot chocolate are probably the worst things you could choose on this WOE as they are both full of sugar.

Although artificial sweeteners aren't great, a diet lemonade would have been a much better choice.

There is no alternative to hot chocolate at Starbucks I'm afraid, so you will just have to stick to water or avoid Starbucks.

MsRinky - envy grin

EwanHoozami Mon 13-May-13 10:18:32

Well done chaps.

B - Lidl yog
L - Egg salad
D - Chipolte beef slow cooker stew <shivers>

I'm a long-termer pretty much maintaining goal weight so I've taken myself off the spreadsheet.

Is it just me that gets tremendously gassy from drinking fizzy water?

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 10:19:27

Oh, and nonsense about fizzy water/cellulite ...

caramelwaffle Mon 13-May-13 10:23:34

I was doing rather well then....(insert boring excuses including two meals out inc. alcohol)...not so well: 1lb down.

Good morning everyone. Have a nice day.

starfished Mon 13-May-13 10:24:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrabbyBigbottom Mon 13-May-13 10:25:06

6lb loss in my first 6 days (started Tuesday) so I'm very happy with that, especially as I ate loads of carbs and drank bacchanalian amounts of booze on Saturday night at friends' for dinner. Had two glasses of red last night as well. I'm going to carry on with bootcamp but have wine in moderation at weekends. I might stop weighing myself every day, as I do feel discouraged if I haven't lost any - was a bit pouty when I hadn't lost any since yesterday, despite knowing how naughty I've been over the weekend, which is absurd. hmm

So, I'd like to be 10st 5lb (I'm 5' 8"), which is 26lbs to go.

I love this WOE, my only concern is the cost, really. I'm eating smaller quantities though, as I'm not so hungry, so I hope that balances it out a bit. Also as I get used to this WOE I guess I'll be able to refine the shopping list a bit.

twinklestar2 Mon 13-May-13 10:25:24

Calico - how about a black coffee with cream?

I've lost half a pound, can someone update the spreadsheet fr me pretty please? My phone won't let me angry

PennyHofstadter Mon 13-May-13 10:59:14

Hello, haven't posted much at all the last week or so, unfortunately real life has taken over. I've STS this week although I'm not overly concerned as I lost 10lb in the first week. I'm feeling rotten at the moment and am off sick from work due to a terrible head cold. I must be feeling rough because I never take time off work when I'm ill... I had an operation a few years ago and was back at work after two days! Being ill does mean I'm having stuff like cough mixture, throat lozenges and honey and lemon none of which are suitable for LCing but I don't know what else to do?!

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 11:03:22

Straightforward paracetamol or ibuprofen, Penny. And I believe that Strepsils make a sugar-free version.

sammisatt Mon 13-May-13 11:24:25

I've actually put on a pound!!! Not happy but I think it's down to the fact I've just come on. I always put on a good 3/4 pounds at the TOTM but it's still quite disheartening.

There's no way I'm going to be sylphlike by my fortieth birthday in 12 days time. Sigh.

Still. I'm still four pounds down from when I started 2 weeks ago so that's brilliant. I reckon I might get a loss once my periods finished.

caramelwaffle Mon 13-May-13 11:26:57

Well what happened there?

Used the bathroom - ahem - and jumped back on the scales: down another 1lb and a half (same figure 6 times)

I'm grabbing that lower figure with both hands.

caramelwaffle Mon 13-May-13 11:32:43

4lb is good sammi. Well done, and hope you have something nice planned for your birthday.

sammisatt Mon 13-May-13 11:44:02

Thank you Caramel. I'm actually planning lots of eating hence the pre empting!

sammisatt Mon 13-May-13 11:44:42

What scales have you got Caramel? Sometimes they have a life of their own. Definitely go with the lower weight!

caramelwaffle Mon 13-May-13 11:51:30

Weightwatchers digital.

I'm determined not to yo-yo again. Have a great party/meal.

prettybird Mon 13-May-13 11:54:15

11 stone dead this morning. Had to adjust my start weight last week to take into account the fact that we had bought new more reliable scales grin

Even though I have been more Boot Camp Lite than Boot Camp (a few nuts and glasses of wine did pass my lips along with some chocolate chip cookies ) I've still managed to lose 3 lb smile

I really really want to break into the "10 stone somethings" - but in a funny sort of way I'm glad that my weight stabilised after losing over 2 stone on the January Boot Camp. Now I just need to continue the downward trajectory and lose that final stone smile

.....then I can go and spend my £250 in John Lewis vouchers: £150 won from Mumsnet at Christmas nd another £100 from my dad as a Christmas present. smile

caramelwaffle Mon 13-May-13 11:58:35

Well done prettybird

Yoghurty Mon 13-May-13 12:11:55

Le sigh. I've updated the spreadsheet with my 2lb increase.

It was my birthday this weekend.
That 2lbs is champagne, cake and other carby treats that I won't go in to blush

On the plus side, how we feel today is a reminder to my DP and I as to why we started this WOE.

I'm bloated and heavy feeling- and DP is beside himself that he put on 3.5lbs.

Back to normal today- and I hope to have something to shout about next Monday!

WillieWaggledagger - would it completely mess your stats etc up if I adjust my start date and weight and also weight for last week? If too messy don't worry but the reason I ask is that I started on 24/4 at 210.3 so have lost almost 5 pounds but as I put start weight on 29th that total loss doesn't show. And I think I would like the encouragement of the total loss iykwim! ESP as I gained last week de to a boozy weekend.

teaandthorazine Mon 13-May-13 12:47:40

So far today:

Grande Americano with cream
About 6 cashews
Feta, courgette and asparagus salad (my new fave thing, M&S, yum)
Chunk of Red Leicester cheese

Should keep me going until dinner. Am stuck in an interminable study day on developing observational research schedules (don't ask) so the temptation to snack is high, but at least on low-carb I've got no excuse for dozing off at 3pm like I used to do!

Thinking about dinner, realised I'd forgotten to take anything out of the freezer this morning so will probably just be a veg curry with whatever the nice man from the veg box company brings...

Tigglette Mon 13-May-13 13:19:39

Well done folks, good to see the losses. I've dropped 4lb this week - that's 7lb over the first two weeks which is fab. I'm bracing myself for it slowing down from here in though. Food

B. yoghurt with a teaspoonful of ground almonds
L. Ham and cheese followed by a few strawberries and lots of double cream
D. Will be last nights left overs so lamb and creamed leeks with celeriac

Yummy food all round

Ilisten2theradio Mon 13-May-13 13:47:34

Well to coin a phrase from the last bootcamp " I am a sugary twat" - no excuses just a pig out eating in front of the TV last night. Thankfully as I have been lo carbing since January it doesn't seem to have had too much of an impact this morning on the scales - I do hope that doesn't mean I'll have a delayed reaction later in the week.
I did feel a bit sick last night when I went to bed blush so perhaps I'll learn my lesson without being beaten up by BIWI's big stick.
Still on the bright side the scales finally say 11 something instead of 12 something and its very nice to see that lower number psycologically (SP?)even if it is just a small loss that got me there!

ZimboMum Mon 13-May-13 13:58:05

Hi everyone,

1lb down this week so 8lbs overall. Hooray. Back on the straight and narrow and think i'll try to stick to bootcamp rather than bootcamp light.

B: Bacon and eggs
L: salad with leftover roast pork shoulder and mayo.
D: lamb shami kebabs a la Gordon Ramsey and either more salad or buttered cabbage and leeks.
Water. water and more water grin

cathyandclaire Mon 13-May-13 14:03:26

Well done losers! 0.8lb down here... a very slooooowwwww slide back down to target-but glad it's still heading down smile
B: scrambled eggs and bacon
L: Halloumi cheese salad
D: Chicken stuffed with boursin with a boursin and white wine sauce (not too much wine though unless I share the rest of the bottle with DH ) and braised cabbage.

newlark Mon 13-May-13 14:23:44

Woo-hoo my weight now starts with an 11 grin. 8lbs down in total in two weeks 4 days. Out this evening though at Wagamamas where I think the best veggie option is likely to be one of the soups with 55g carbs - will try not to eat all the noodles... Still, am doing ok at the moment so I'm not too worried as I know I will be straight back on track with a really strict day tomorrow.

lapetitedame Mon 13-May-13 14:45:38

Well done all.... envy about losses. I STS with only slip up being handful of almonds when really stuck for alternatives one day. Still hoping for a bit of a whoosh now that TOM nearly finished.Please tell me this sometimes happens....!!! Have a weekend away with celebration dinner this week but must make mindful choices. Have a good week everyone!

teaandthorazine Mon 13-May-13 15:24:20

newlark' I think you can ask for the soup to be served without the noodles...Wagamama is very tough for low-carbing though!

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 13-May-13 15:35:39

Hello - I stayed the same as well... I am actually relieved as I thought I may have gained due to my mid-week slip up.

I do feel slimmer though.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Mon 13-May-13 16:21:20

lapetite yes, this is normal, you will have lost inches if you measured. This WOE isnt like others where you get a steady loss each week. Sometimes it will be 1lb/2lb sometimes nothing, sometimes 3 or 4 depending... That is why it is important to measure yourself. The weeks when you STS in weight, I bet your clothes are looser.

It is round two of my friends' birthday dinners this week - I chose a local Indian restaurant, so I know I can eat plenty and not feel deprived of anything - except rice/naan but thats ok.

Makingmama Mon 13-May-13 16:32:09

Well done everyone! I've just done day 1 and it's been surprisingly easy for me...we'll see how the next few days go as I have a major sugar addiction! I even watched everyone eating chocolates and work and I didn't feel anything grin

Break - 3 boiled eggs and mayo (a couple a carrot sticks whilst making packed lunches)
Lunch - Big bowl of chicken casserole - onions, garlic, celery, chicken and olive oil drizzled.
Dinner - chicken breast and peas covered in butter (dh had forgotten I was starting this bootcamp and had done chicken peas and fries...so I swopped the fries for butter).

Have had at least 2 litres of water and mint tea.

Smalline Mon 13-May-13 16:43:40

Hi, well done to everyone, keep up the good worksmile.

I've got my exercise mojo back, Saturday was the first time (since starting this woe, 5 weeks ago), I actually felt good in my usual body combat class, prior to that I felt like I didn't have enough energy for it.

3lbs off this week, thanks Black for your advice, that, and these threads keep me goingsmile.

justpoppy Mon 13-May-13 17:20:30

Gutted this morning when I stepped on the scales. They've been showing a 1lb loss all week but today STS. angry

Does anyone know if PLj is allowed on bootcamp? Have seen it mentioned on the low carb threads and bought some at the weekend. It's rather nice with fizzy water so I do hope so.

robino Mon 13-May-13 17:38:24

I have finally managed to add my stuff to the spreadsheet! Thanks willie for letting me know about the ipad, unfortunately my googledocs opens up in Arabic which makes it all tricky!

Thank you whoever put me on the spreadsheet smile

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 13-May-13 18:03:14

Forgot to weigh myself this morning so will do tomorrow! But, Lidl update - they are selling the mega yogurt in individual tubs, 99p for 4 - much better for taking to work than the giant bucket smile

Badvoc Mon 13-May-13 18:04:18

Would a small cappuccino be terrible?
I probably only have 1 a week but I do like them sad
I also dont have much milk - I use skimmed UHT. Maybe 2 small cups of coffee a day?
Is there a cream you can put in your coffee that doesn't have to be used within 3 days? <clueless>
I will add my weight when I screw up the courage to weigh myself!
I would love to get under 10 stone....that would be fab.

if it's a big pain robino, just shout and someone will add it on your behalf

cider that's no problem - that's what the three grey columns are for, to record weight loss prior to the start of bootcamp. i've added yours in

likewise berylstreep if you let me know what your starting weight was on 27th March i will fill yours in

Bessie123 Mon 13-May-13 18:06:23

Love weighing day when the scales go down grin

Thanks Willie!

No interest in cooking tonight. So no idea what I will have for dinner.

B was a cold sausage and then a Greek yoghurt
L was an eggo mayo thing with two spring onions and some cherry toms chopped through it.
Just made DS dinner and had a slice of cold roast lamb.

Think I might just have a picnic tea of cherry peppers with ricotta, smoked salmon roulades and cheese. DH is away so don't have to worry about him.

teaandthorazine Mon 13-May-13 18:53:44

Aargh, have just got home to find dp making meringues! For the first time ever! Apparently Eton Mess is on the menu tonight.

He's so proud of himself, there's no way I'll get out of eating them grin.

Badvoc Mon 13-May-13 18:57:07

Eton mess is one of my fave deserts!

captainmummy Mon 13-May-13 19:35:02

Oh Tea - what a pain! grin Can you just have the strawberries and cream? Crush the meringues about and hide them under the spoon (what i do at mums when she forces victoria sponge on me!)

Breakfast - 2 mini-muffin frittata things
Lunch 1 slice corned beef (not sure if allowed) and lettuce, mayo. Lidl Greek yog, about 100ml
Dinner - chicken leg with green beans in butter, homemade coleslaw with mayo, lettuce with lemon oil

Am worrying now I might have eaten too much veg!

decaffwithcream Mon 13-May-13 19:36:34

Stayed exactly the same but am actually on week 3 as started a week before bootcamp so I'm glad to read about week 3 weighing issues above! grin

Would like a whoosh shortly but am happy with the way my body is visibly changing for the better too.

decaffwithcream Mon 13-May-13 19:44:18

Saw something today which seems like a great idea - omelette wrap.

I tried it at home and made a plain flat omlette, then put on wilted spinach, mayo and goats cheese and rolled it up. Essentially like eating a "wrap"

Smalline Mon 13-May-13 19:54:36

Hi Willie many many thanks for doing the spreadsheets for us. Could I please ask you to add my initial weight loss on the spreadsheet for me, I tried doing it myself but it doesn't seem to accept it, I'm 3 weeks ahead, I started lc on 8th April 2013 at 188lbs, by the time bootcamp officially started 3 weeks later I had lost 10lbs, it would be lovely to see my efforts on your all singing all dancing spreadsheetwink. Thanks very much.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Mon 13-May-13 20:03:43

oh decaff that sounds like a good idea, might give that a try! The DC are after tortilla wraps, so I might have same but with omelette wraps.

and thanks willie for spreadsheet of fabulousness. smile

no problem smalline

just for clarity - on mondays when people weigh in for a new week, i change the grey columns to reflect the total weight loss to date, so the grey columns can look as though some people have lost their entire body weight, but it's just waiting for them to enter their new weight

Whoever was talking about wagamamas they now do salads which is brilliant!

B - three slices of bacon
L - prawn and avocado salad
D - steak, halloumi, broccoli
Snacks - two cooked chicken thighs!

middleagedspread Mon 13-May-13 20:26:57

After a wobble yesterday (resisted bread but eat too many macadamias)
B Total yog with berries & handful of roasted ground nuts
L leek, bacon, mushroom. ham & 1 egg
D Massive salad with prawn mayo, egg, avo & watercress. Tablespoon unsweeted stewed rhubarb with a bit of yog.
20 gallons of water, green tea & a cappuccino (don't tell BIWI).
Think I may have overdone it, but don't want a carb urge.

I've just had a look at the spreadsheet (great job WW) & well done to everyone, we're all pointing in the right direction.

TreeLuLa Mon 13-May-13 20:32:31

Checking into new thread.

Well done all you losers.

Am knackered so off to a long bath and bed.

Well done everyone on the losses and sts

Those who have put on. Don't be disheartened just think of all the lovey food yu have eaten.

B aldi Greek yoghurt
L tuna salad with mayo
D salmon, feta and broccoli bake from IPD cookbook. Tis yum and can highly recommend. DC love it too

My weigh day is a wed but period started this morning so up a 1lb from weekend

LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-May-13 21:10:30

oops, just posted on the questions thread instead of here blush

12 stone 10 bang on this morning, so a little bit back on,but hey ho.

Off work today as still feeling crappy; lupus has flared and with it either costocondritis or plueritis; they both feel much the same sad . Haven't eaten much at all today, and DH did tea which invariably involved carbs hmm. I did only eat a little though.

I may be awol for a few days, but am doing my best under pretty miserable circumstances. Hopefully I'll be back on form, refreshed and raring to go by the end of the week.

As an aside though, DS's school are providing a breakfast club for them as it's SATS week. The "healthy" choices were either coco pops or toast with jam or nutella hmm. DS said it was wholemeal bread though and several children refused to eat it!

Ruprekt Mon 13-May-13 21:23:04

L chicken and avocado salad

D plaice with buttered cheesy leeks and broccoli

Blueberries with Jersey cream and yoghurt smilesmilesmile

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 22:17:58


B - none (very early start at work)
L - chicken thighs, pan-fried in olive oil with paprika and oregano, with a green salad
D - steak (chargrilled), with celeriac boulangere and griddled asparagus with harissa, cumin, lime and olive oil dressing, garnished with lumps of cream cheese and flaked almonds

MaryBeardfanclub Mon 13-May-13 22:48:17

mmm food glorious food smile

B 2 hb eggs mashed with butter
L chicken curry and boiled broccoli/green beans
D prawn cocktail, a lamb chop with roast cauliflower & broccoli sprinkled with chili flakes and buttered cabbage

have made a note of the omelette wrap decaff , something new!

is the IDP book worth getting?
why have I not cooked anything out of my atkins cookbook?

anchovies Mon 13-May-13 22:48:30

B- Smoked salmon and avocado
L- 3 egg omlette with feta
D- Chicken breast with tarrogan, cream and lemon, mashed cauliflower, asparagus and brocolli

Pleased with myself because I drank a tonne of water and didn't graze at all. Oh and I went for a run this evening smile

BIWI Mon 13-May-13 22:51:33

Mary - the IPD recipe book is very good, and definitely worth getting.

anchovies - yay! Go you!

NewStartNewStory Mon 13-May-13 23:53:50

Willie the conversion from kilos to pounds is broken on the spread sheet of wonder. Missing formula issue.

Have added my weight as my start weight and today's weight.

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 00:27:52

Someone mentioned PLJ upthread and I'm also interested to know whether that's verboten or not. I was given some by a friend of BIWI's (she knows who I mean!) today and she swears it's ok for low-carbing. It was delicious but I did get a bit palpitationy (i know that's not a word) afterwards and I wondered if it was too carby (it's 5g per 100g). Mind you I did attempt to resuscitate someone who wasn't actually dead earlier today, so that may account for the feeling shaky. hmm hmm

B/L - heavenly salad, now with pork belly instead of chicken
S - smoked salmon bits in creme fraiche. It almost feels like a dessert.
D - cauliflower cheese with leeks, shallot, garlic and mushrooms, all fried in butter. Added mozzarella, gorgonzola and double cream to make the sauce, although it didn't have that thick coating quality of a white sauce. Topped it with bacon, gran padana and cheddar and browned under the grill (normally would top with breadcrumbs and cheddar, best not to dwell on that). Cheese overload!

changeforthebetter Tue 14-May-13 06:07:32

B yoghurt
C salmon and broccoli omelette with salad and mayo
D meatballs with French beans and broccoli and lots of butter..........

Um, and a sherry and 3 glasses of wine with two large handfuls of salted almonds blush Don't ask! <fail>

AngieAir Tue 14-May-13 07:42:17

I really struggled with intense cake carb cravings yesterday no doubt due to the evil latte & croissant on Sunday. Succumbed to a few squares of G&B choc & some pecans mid afternoon which fortunately stopped them.

Otherwise good day, glasses & glasses of water, cream use decreasing.
B: coffee & cream, mushrooms fried in lard & butter
L: salmon fillet fried in butter, green leaf salad
D: mince with shallots, cauliflower cheese
S: Greek yogurt, 1 cup tea, choc, pecans

And this morning - 0.7lbs off! Woohoo. So glad I didn't succumb to carbicide.

newlark Tue 14-May-13 08:18:55

feel much hungrier than usual this morning and a bit bloated after my wagamamas meal out last night - unfortunately the salads aren't veggie so I had a soup with noodles and shared some frozen yoghurt with DH afterwards (I had around 1 scoop) - really enjoyed it though so will just put it behind me and get back on track...

sybilfaulty Tue 14-May-13 08:20:37

I have just looked at something on t'internet about what 500 cals looks like and was disappointed to see that it is covering 3 meals! I think 5:2 is really hardcore. Thank god for this lovely way of eating. Pass the butter!

Good morning.

I am too lazy to go down and make my bulletproof brew. Instead I am trying to finish my last Maths assessment. I really need to stop weighing myself every day. I was one lbs up this morning, which I know is normal especially as I have my time of the month etc. but I really really wish it wouldn't be happening. smile

I am running out of things to eat. Ocado isn't due until tomorrow morning. Still got a few eggs though and I am out for lunch anyway. Just need to get a salad for tonight.

How is everybody doing?

JaxTellerIsAllMine Tue 14-May-13 09:03:24

l had a delicous Indian meal last night, was so impressed with myself, no rice/naan so I had lamb shashlik, cauliflower bajee and spinach bajee - had left overs for breakfast this morning, much to the rest of the households disgust! But I loved it, cold, tasty and I am stuffed.

I can feel my appetite decreasing which is good - obviously means that I am satisfied. I was in a health food shop yesterday and overheard one of the shop assistants trying to give advice on healthy eating, carbs etc and it was all I could do not to butt in and tell the lady customer that the bloke was talking absolute shit and not to fill herself and her DC full of dried fruit and other crap... but I didnt. grin

milliemoomay Tue 14-May-13 09:06:20

I have found it a challenge tbh as I'm not used to cooking and tend to graze <shame> in my other life. So I'm trying to break that conditioning. Also my daughter is doing GCSEs and I think I'm containing her anxiety so off loading by having the occasional glass of wine.

I loved the Nigel Slater pork recipe though and I'm trying to find recipes that are simple to cook.

I've only lost 2 lbs on BC but overall I've lost 9 lbs in 2 months as I started cutting out carbs before I found this wonderful site.

My birthday is in 6 weeks and I'd be really happy if I could lose 6 lbs (1 lb is a week is hopefully achievable?) :-)

Morning all.

I know you are all probably fed up of me talking about my bowels but think I may have overdone the vit c and magnesium yesterday! Either that or I have a tummy bug of some description! Very over active this morning. Wondering if I can go to Tonacise and am supposed to be going for a coffee afterwards. Will see how I go over next half hour or so. Or not go as the case may be! smile

BIWI your dinner last night sounds fab and may well be my birthday dinner for tomorrow. If I can get DH to cook it! He does cook but may well say he doesn't know how to do the veg accompaniments.

Blogging - I know what you mean. I keep saying I won't weigh every day but still do. And get fed up. I desperately wanted to get down to 14 7 by my birthday which is tomorrow but don't think I will manage it. So trying to decide whether to actually weigh tomorrow or try to hold off till Monday.

Millie - what is the Nigel Slater pork recipe please? We like his food here!

Have just had a Greek yoghurt for breakfast.
L - no idea yet
D - no idea yet.

I have some cold roast lamb, half a celeriac and half a cabbage. Any ideas?

cider - try reducing the magnesium dose, i had that problem too

could you do a bubble and squeak with the celeriac and cabbage - i would pre-cook them then fry in butter with the cold lamb. not pretty but delicious

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 09:59:51

Cider I'd dice and roast the celeriac in lots of olive oil (and maybe butter) and rosemary, with some halved shallots and whole cloves of garlic. Then squeeze the roasted garlic in with the celeriac and blend with lots of creme fraiche and butter for creamy mash. Fry the cabbage in butter/olive oil with herbs, and serve with the flash-fried lamb. wink

I know I said I was stopping weighing every day but I can't resist it either. No change again today, despite me resisting the lure of wine that I felt I rather deserved yesterday. [sulks childishly]

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 10:00:59

Ooh bubble and squeak - I luuuuurve bubble and squeak. I like branston pickle with it though. blush

prettybird Tue 14-May-13 10:09:38

It might be coincidence but two things that I am sure helped sustain my weight loss (even during Weeks 3 and 4) during the last Boot Camp was a) making myself go out for at least a half hour walk (even if it was just to go to the local shop to get more eggs wink), which had the dual benefit of exercise and UV exposure (which helps your mood) and b) making myself go to bed much earlier than I had been used to (in my case, trying to make it before midnight or even earlier blush).

Crabby - that sounds delicious. May try that this evening.

Willie - bubble and squeak sounds good too but I like HP sauce with mine! Good idea though - could be yummy with bacon and eggs.

HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 14-May-13 11:01:07

Officially 4lbs lost this week, hooray. Mind you, I put on 3lbs the week before, so technically only 1lb lost this bootcamp so far... Still, am very pleased, sat here with a Marmite mini cheddar and looking forward to meatballs for dinner.

EwanHoozami Tue 14-May-13 11:32:42

Millie 1lb a week sounds like an ideal target, just bear in mind that weight loss with this WOE is rarely quite that linear. 6lb total in 6 weeks is absolutely do-able if you stick to the rules. What sort of meats / styles do you like to eat? We can recommend some simpler recipes that work for you.

Me today...

B - 2 hard boiled eggs with lots of salt and pepper
L - leftover asparagus fritatta
D - lamb burgers and Big Fat Greek Salad

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 11:34:29

morning allbrew well done on some great losses, I sts, not surprised by that....
no breakfast for me as out early, lunch will be home made soupsmile
dinner tonight is chicken salad. though am craving bubble and squeak after comments up threadhmm
I am going to do uber camp from tomorrow as I go on hols a week on Saturday and want to be my pre Christmas weightconfused

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 12:04:59

PLJ is something that I think we could drink occasionally - but only use a dash rather than the whole amount suggested on the bottle. Also bear in mind that citric acid can stall people, apparently.

Cider - here is how I cooked the asparagus (it was from a recipe in last week's Sunday Times supplement, which I tore out and then DH kindly threw away, so this is my attempt to recreate it!):

- parboil asparagus for a couple of minutes, and then drain well
- heat a ridged grill or frying pan till smoking hot, add some frying oil, then griddle/fry the asparagus till charred/tender

For the dressing:

- a couple of teaspoons of harissa pasta
- 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
- juice of half a lime
- generous sloosh of extra virgin olive oil to thin it down
- black pepper

Put your asparagus on a flat serving platter and sprinkle with sea salt crystals - to taste.

Garnish with dollops of soft cheese (the original recipe called for soft goat's cheese - I only had cream cheese, but this worked just as well)

Drizzle the dressing over the top and sprinkle flaked almonds over the top.

The recipe for the celeriac boulangere is on the recipe thread.

prettybird Tue 14-May-13 14:01:40

I've just had a lovely lunch that was "good" Boot Camp: a sort of de-constructed Salade Nicoise smile

Seared tuna steaks cut into slices, eggs mollet (hard on the outside, still soft in the middle), roasted asparagus with shavings of parmesan, some fine beans in melted butter and a green salad on the side. It was lovely as was the glass of wine we had with it wink

Burgers tonight, probably with celeriac chips. smile

Thanks so much for that BIWI. Sounds lovely. And I will use Harissa paste rather than your harissa pasta! I'm sure it was a typo rather than a Freudian slip........

I had a very retro salad for lunch. Well it did have rocket but otherwise was a very old fashioned salad of ham, egg, cheese and mayo! Some cherry toms and chopped spring onion.

Tum still gurgling away.

toomuchtoask Tue 14-May-13 14:26:25

I'm starving today - any advice? I have eaten the same amount as normal so don't want to eat more really.

B - omelate and salad.
L - tuna and veg.

D will be gammon and veg.

teaandthorazine Tue 14-May-13 14:31:49

Lunch today was feta, courgette and asparagus salad, along with smoked salmon pâté scooped up with little gem leaves. Lots of oily, garlicky dressing on the salad.

Dinner will be pork chops, probably with some sort of cabbage!

teaandthorazine Tue 14-May-13 14:37:17

Lunch today was feta, courgette and asparagus salad, along with smoked salmon pâté scooped up with little gem leaves. Lots of oily, garlicky dressing on the salad.

Dinner will be pork chops, probably with some sort of cabbage!

Ate lunch with my lovely colleague, who is doing 5:2 and in a fast day today. She is losing a bit of weight but says she's finding the fasts hellish. She had her WW pasta meal and a diet coke... I have tried to talk to her about low carb but she's reckons as a veggie she won't be able to do it ... sigh.

teaandthorazine Tue 14-May-13 14:37:48

Oooh exciting double post, sorry!!

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 14:41:58

Why don't you want to eat more, toomuch? Reading about this WOE and particularly about stalling, the advice was to eat when you're hungry! Otherwise your body will conserve all the energy it can on the basis that there's a food shortage. What's wrong with a high fat snack?

teaandthorazine Tue 14-May-13 14:46:42

toomuch, is there fat with that veg? Dressing, mayo, cheese? Fat will help keep you feeling full. Don't be afraid to eat!

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 15:12:22

Toomuch have a snack, boiled egg, cheese, greek yog, anything just don't go hungry, there really is no need. Also are you drinking lots of waterhmm
I've only just finished over seeing A levels, no break, no food(not allowed) and now on school run!!!
will be having a cheese salad bowl when I get in with chilli mayo. then chicken tonight when dh gets in.
also have to do ridiculous amount of squatswink

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 15:13:34

oh and just stocked up on LIDL Greek yog, 2 massive tubsgrin

Badvoc Tue 14-May-13 16:00:01

I allergic to cheese and yoghurt :
Maybe thats why i find this woe difficult?

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 16:18:01

I don't think I could do this WOE without meat or cheese, so you have my sympathies there Badvoc.

Badvoc Tue 14-May-13 16:21:22

So many of the recipes I find have cheese on them, or tell you to munch on cheese as a snack, which of course I can't.
I do feel so much better not eating wheat so in that sense low carb makes sense for me, just not sure I can be as hard core as some of you!

Badvoc - that does sound very limiting. I did a 'no crap carbs' regime a few years ago which worked well. Basically nothing made from wheat or sugar. I also didn't have rice or potatoes. So for bfast would have porridge with blueberries. Salads for lunch with protein. I was eating pulses etc. I also quite like that heavy German rye bread which is wheat free. Very heavy so one slice is enough. I sometimes had that with soup or egg mayo or something for lunch. Snacked on things like oatcakes. I was losing about a kilo a week. I am aiming to get back to that after bootcamp.

It might be worth thinking about it for you if you are struggling with this.

Badvoc Tue 14-May-13 16:32:26

Yes, that sounds more like it.
I am eating far to much sugary crap ATM.
I did John briffas diet last year which is low carb lite I guess and it worked well for me.
Just can't seem to get back on the wagon....

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 16:52:26

Badvoc I think the most sensible long-term way of eating is low-GI (glycaemic index), to be honest, you won't lose weight as fast as with low-carb and you still need to be very careful about which grains, fruit and veg that you have. No refined carbs still stands of course. I think it's got a big cross over with long-term low-carbing (as opposed to this wonderfully effective weight-loss Bootcamp!) and you might find it a lot easier to stick to as a cheese averse person. I can do the low-GI and I think it's the healthiest WOE, but I do miss my 'treats', which for me are either sugary or fatty. This low-carb WOE is working for me because I love love love cheese, mayonnaise, veg cooked in oil etc. The only downside I can see is the cost, tbh.

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 16:54:18

I'm not meaning to discourage anyone from low-carbing, btw! <<cowers from the threat of BIWI's big stick<<

Badvoc Tue 14-May-13 17:59:58

No, I known what you mean big bottom.
Low carbing is a lot Easier with no dietary constraints I am sure.
And tbh all diets are the same...they all use cheese and yoghurts albeit send use the fat free ones.

I agree Crabby. This bootcamp is brilliant at getting people through the worst stage - the cravings. And the boost of quick weight loss is great. But for most people this way of eating and even bootcamp light is probably too restrictive. The original Atkins diet if done properly means you start to reintroduce carbs. I think it was 5g extra per week till you find your set point at which you maintain. Those carbs are not meant to be the normal white carb crap that made us all fat in the first place though! Low gi is a great way of eating. That is what I was doing on my 'no crap carbs' diet.

At the end of the day not every diet works for every one. We are all different. And if we have any dietary restrictions its harder. So we need to find what works for us.

And now I am off to make pasta carbonara! For DS I hasten to add. And I think I am just going to have an omelette. Have just had to clean the utility room after an unwell dog so am shattered.

DS also managed to spill some juice on the table his iPod touch was on so had to clean that up too.

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 18:28:47

To be honest, Badvoc, I could easily do Bootcamp without cheese. I don't use much cream and although I have yoghurt, it's an alternative to eggs for breakfast, so I could easily drop that too.

It sounds like an excuse, I'm afraid grin There are plenty of dishes that you can enjoy without cheese. And also lots of things to snack on - especially once you're in Bootcamp Light and can include nuts.

And Crabby - not really sure I agree with you about the assertion that low-GI is better. Nor would I agree that this is a more costly way to eat.

What you're complaining about at the moment is the strict nature of Bootcamp. Bootcamp is meant to be strict! There's a bit of a clue in the name!

Once you have completed Bootcamp and/or lost the amount of weight you want/need to, then you focus on working out the level of carbs that you can consume on a daily basis that will allow you to maintain your weight.

For some people this will mean that they can start to include things like beans/legumes (or even bread/potato/rice/pasta) in their meals, as they are less sensitive to carbs. For other people, these foods will remain verboten.

Re cost - lots of meats/fish that are perfect for low carbing are also very good value. Chicken thighs, breast of lamb, pork belly, fatty mince and even salmon fillets (which always seem to be on offer in Sainsbury's) are very good value. But you don't have to have meat/fish at every meal. Check out the recipe thread for lots of lovely vegetarian low carb recipes.

Cider - yes, definitely a Freudian slip there blush grin

Badvoc Tue 14-May-13 18:31:26

Oh BIWI I have missed you! smile
Yes I think you may be right.
I am making excuses...so much going on, I have been putting my own health/weight loss on the back burner for so long...
Just had meatballs in tomato sauce smile
No focaccia with it!

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 18:33:15


Now remember. <stern face> you and your health are very important!

sammisatt Tue 14-May-13 18:43:06


I've decided to stick to boot camp during the week and lite at the weekends so:

B: sausage, boiled egg
L: leeks, courgette, bacon in cream with 2 eggs on top
D: celeriac boulangere which I ate two mouthfuls of then couldn't finish it. I am really trying with celeriac but its not doing it for me. Some roast lamb which was fatty and should have been slow cooked and was tough and horrible.hmm

Depressing food day but have just cheered myself up by having a slice of my favourite cheese ever. It's called blue sticks. It's both red and blue and is divine if you are a cheese head like me.

For those struggling with dairy try uber camp for 3 days - plan already designed for you.
I've been eating like this for over a year and no desire to go back to eating anything other than veg for my carbohydrate intake.
The odd slip is due to being out and having limited food choice. That's not my fault, that's society which has conditioned us to eat carbs mainly because it benefits the food industry .

Meal planning is your friend. It's the best way to do it. It may be that if you are buying reduced products you work it out round that. Or go with a strict list.

But honestly it DOES work.

My benefits:-
Weight loss
More energy
No thrush
Rosacea disappeared
Mental health improved beyond recognition

The choice is yours really but if you read about the health benefits and why it really works and the evolution of our bodies there really is no question in my mind

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 18:49:42

<<hangs head in shame and presents self for application of BIWI's big stick>>

I knew I should have kept my big gob shut! I'm not saying low GI is better than low carb at all, but it does feel a little more balanced to me as it includes more food groups. That said, I've more experience of low GI than low carb and I haven't done long term low-carbing, just a couple of (very effective) spells for weight loss. Both times it shifted the weight but it piled straight back on once I re-introduced carbs. I think that's because I reintroduced the complex carbs but was still eating quite a lot of fat. I guess you can't have it all ways.

It is more costly for me - may not be for anyone else. We eat free-range/organic meat mostly which is bloody expensive, and I really love cheese, which is also expensive. Also lovely things like avocado that I don't normally buy, and nuts etc once I introduce those. I can totally see that you could do it without so much of those things and it not be prohibitive cost-wise, but for me personally I need to be excited about what I'm eating or I won't stick to it, so our shopping bill has definitely increased. Also I need to really get used to this WOE and I'm sure I'll find cheaper ways of doing things.

I'm also still trying to get my head around the huge amounts of saturated fats (note, I have no trouble at all getting my mouth and stomach around them), although all the evidence I've read so far indicates that the health risks of these have been vastly overplayed.

I'll shut up now. blush

B - few mouthfuls of leftover salad, mainly feta, avocado and pork belly
L - leftover cauliflower cheese from last night
S - few olives
D - haven't decided yet

CrabbyBigbottom Tue 14-May-13 18:52:57

Also, as I said, I think there's a big crossover between long-term low carbing and a low GI WOE!

maidofmuss Tue 14-May-13 18:56:07

Just as that's really interesting about your Rosacea disappearing on this WOE (as well as other benefits). Do you think that's as much down to dairy restriction you mentioned as low-carbing?

B (missed – late for work), black coffee
L sliced chicken and two salads from deli (mange tout and beets – least carby looking ones I could identify)
D roast chicken, home-made cabbage slaw (with white vinegar, oil and full-fat mayo dressing plus bit of parsley and a shallot) plus handful of green salad leaves and a small avocado
S handful of black olives, cream cheese and cucumber (maybe because I missed breakfast – usually not needed to snack)

captainmummy Tue 14-May-13 19:08:30

I think you could think about why high-carb is cheaper, crabby. Is it because it relies on cheap fillers like pasta, rice, bread? Why do you want to eat such processed filler?
Why is it that when you go for a meal out, the menu is inevitably chips, rice, bread, pasta, crisps etc. They are cheap and this means the plate doesn't have to have so much of the more expensive meat on it.
I've been low-carbing since June; in spite of being a health freak, and a complete carb-queen, I much prefer this WOE. It's good food, prepared at home so i know what is in it, it doesn't have to be exp (altho I see that organic etc is going to cost), I eat far more and far more variety of veg and meat than ever before.

My dinner tonight - think omelettes made into 'wraps', stuffed with leftover chicken thighs from yesterday and about 3 mushrooms. Drizzled with a tbsp cream and cheese and served hot with frozen green beans in butter.
Another advanteage is that I never need pudding! (more cheap starch!)

captainmummy Tue 14-May-13 19:10:27

Not picking on you Crabby, just saying in case anyone else is interested.

Maid - my rosacea has gone too. I've gone from needing tablets, to none at all. I put it down to the lack of sugar in the diet - the bacteria that cause it (probably ) have nothing to feed on, on my skin

TreeLuLa Tue 14-May-13 19:16:46


Just having such A BAD DAY


Have stuck to bootcamp though.

I haven't cut out dairy maidofmuss- mainly because I love cheese!
Like half I put it down to no sugar.

I agree Crabby re low Gi being the way forward - interesting regarding glycemic index for different fruits

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 19:25:51

Crabby - Both times it shifted the weight but it piled straight back on once I re-introduced carbs. I think that's because I reintroduced the complex carbs but was still eating quite a lot of fat

This is exactly the point I was trying to make.

You didn't work out, when you last low carbed, what daily level of carbs you can tolerate. It's actually not to with the complex carbs (although I would definitely agree that they are likely to be better for you than refined bread/pasta, etc!), the weight gain was due to the amount of carbs that you would have introduced.

And the point is, we all have different levels that we can tolerate. So low GI isn't necessarily going to suit everyone.

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 20:08:45

So finally home from DS1 footie training in the rain, just imagin the state of my car!!!
Could not be bothered to cook so have had 4 slices of corned beef, a bowl of cheese salad and finished off with greek yog. Now drinking lots of water.

I have to say for those finding things hard, like Gless I have been been following this woe for a year now and bar the odd slip have found it very easy to sustain..
I have lost weight
Have a completely different body shape
No more PMT, wohoo
and according to DH am a much nicer person to be around grin

HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 14-May-13 20:11:16

Meatballs for me too Badvoc, with DP's signature sauce and cheese on top. Spaghetti for DP, broccoli cooked in garlic butter for me which was LUSH. Feeling good, though I have somehow contracted ringworm which is GROSS - blaming skanky gym, feel horrible!

JaxTellerIsAllMine Tue 14-May-13 20:23:27

I have been so good lately that I thought I would make myself a mini hot choc with 85% dark choc and some cream. Cant drink it. My stomach was killing me earlier - think griping pain. Poss trapped wind TMI and I feel yuk. I hope I dont have this sick bug doing the rounds...

toomuchtoask Tue 14-May-13 20:29:03

Thanks for the advice. I will try upping the fat content rather than having snacks. I am trying to get out of the snacking habit as it's what has got me into this weight situation as it is!

I fell apart a bit today and had a curry with chips. Totally smacking my own wrist. I shouldn't have let myself get hungry. I did leave the naan bread which I never normally have done and didn't eat all the chips. Felt so guilty afterwards that I did 45 minutes at the gym. I am really struggling as I dislike so many things that we can eat on this WOE.

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 20:35:05

toomuchtoask - why don't you tell us the things that you like and let us see if we can help you with some menus/recipes?

Crabby I get what you're saying about cost, but that's obviously a personal choice. Having said that, fattier cuts of meat, even if organic, are considerably cheaper than if you're buying fillet steak and pork tenderloin!

Re the fat, I know it takes some time to get your head around it - and it's not surprising as we have been told for the last 30 years or so that fat is bad. It's so counter-intuitive to be told you can eat and enjoy it! All I can say to you is that you need to read up more about it.

And have a watch of this - it's long, but just watch the first ten minutes

toomuchtoask - tell us your favourite meals that you make. What would a normal weekly meal plan be?
We can help you

WhyIRayLiotta Tue 14-May-13 21:01:52

I've just done my shop and stocked up on low carb goodies. Including the total yoghurt and some blueberries (for a treat!)

I want to cook the Southwestern chicken recipe from the recipe page - I bought black eyed beans - are they the same as black beans?! confused The black eyed beans seem pretty high in carbs? I couldn't see any black beans in tesco.. So went with what seemed closest!

BerylStreep Tue 14-May-13 21:13:01

OMG, on this thread's recommendation I bought pork scratchings.

Perhaps I am a philistine, but they are vile.

Yama Tue 14-May-13 21:44:24

Evening folks, I have found a new benefit of this woe.

So, as well as clear skin, loads more energy, no bloating, no sore tummies and being able to keep my weight at target - my periods are SIGNIFICANTLY less painful.

It has been just over 4 months since I started this woe and it feel like my body is saying 'yes, you are doing the right thing'.

hmm rayliotta that shouldn't really be in the low carb section, it looks like an error when it was submitted. the beans and sweetcorn (and potentially the salsa, i'm sure bought ones will have added sugar) will all be quite carby

Yama Tue 14-May-13 21:46:01

Beryl - I can't stand pork scratchings either. I could just about manage the crispy bit but that soft mush bit - bleargh!

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 21:47:25

shock Beryl try making your own, cheaper and nicer. You can get rolls of pig skin from Morrison s loads for under a .£1wink

BIWI Tue 14-May-13 21:47:36

WhyIRayLiotta - any beans will be too carby for Bootcamp. Sorry!

I made Rose Elliot's 'mockeroni' today - a low carb version of macaroni cheese, using tofu instead of macaroni. confused I won't be making this again grin

halfthesize Tue 14-May-13 21:48:56

recipe for them is in the low carb recipe sectiongrin

WhyIRayLiotta Tue 14-May-13 21:55:21

Grrrrrrr - I knew it sounded too good to be true. Awww well. Back to the drawing board (well the recipe section grin )

Tigglette Tue 14-May-13 22:02:24

Evening everyone, I'm just catching up with the thread, busy busy day today and just home from training. Today's food has been:-

B. couple of babybels
L. Mushroom omelette
D. Beef casserole with kale cooked in lots of butter

I'm at a conference for the next few days, will try to stick to plan but lunches invariably end up being crappy sandwiches and party food. Will keep some nuts handy I think.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 14-May-13 22:11:32

I really really want something 'nice'

NaturalBlonde but do you want it more than you want to lose weight?!? Remember treat not cheat! I fancied something after dinner so had some greek yoghurt with vanilla powder...

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Tue 14-May-13 22:28:00

No. You are right, I'm not even hungry, it's amazing. Just that nighttime feeling that something's missing. I'm not even a choc/biscuit type.
I've had a glass of cold water and its ok now. I'm sure my body confuses hunger with thirst.
The moment has passed grin

MaryBeardfanclub Tue 14-May-13 22:30:28

evening all, I have enjoyed reading the vigorous discussion today! smile.
I am totally committed to this woe, it's right for me - but I am sure there are perfect variations for others - but who can argue with "Eat real food"?

B: 2 hard boiled eggs mashed with butter
L: cold chicken with mozzarella, coleslaw and roast courgettes
S: dolcelatta wrapped in romaine lettuce leaf (yum!)
D: a grilled lamb chop with celeriac dauphinoise & buttered cabbage

That's the 1st time I've had celeriac dauphinoise, wow it's amazing

Well done natural now you can go to bed feeling all virtuous! I love that little victory feeling over the cravings!

Bessie123 Tue 14-May-13 23:01:40

I would like to thank you very helpful people who posted about bulletproof coffee. It sounded absolutely revolting but to my amazement I love it. I had it as my breakfast yesterday and today.

Really Bessie? I'm tempted. But a bit scared! Did you use normal coffee or the one the bulletproof guy recommends?

My tummy is still a bit dodgy. Very gurgly. And still 'active'. Looking forward to weighing tomorrow! Haven't taken any vit c or magnesium today.

I had an omelette for tea - small amount of red onion, a few cherry toms and some feta. Wasn't bad. Really fancied a treat after. I think it's the bloody miserable weather. So treated myself to a cup of tea. Have been trying to keep to 2/3 a day so this was no. 4. It was only afterwards I thought I would normally have been wanting wine as my treat. Progress! And the tea felt like a real treat!

I haven't drunk as much water today as I should. Not sure why! Will do better tomorrow.

thekitchenfairy Wed 15-May-13 06:05:31

Morning all
Just weighing in...bit late as not been well, will catch up n thread today. I have gained a pound or 2 but clothes still looser and tummy flatter.
I am I think relying on cheese too much for snacking, will cut it down and see if it makes a difference, also think DH bought rocket fuel instead of decaf.
Still, onwards and downwards... Holiday by a pool with some favourite friends and no children... In 5 weeks... I haven't wrn swimwear in 10 years so need to replace terror with motivation!

teaandthorazine Wed 15-May-13 07:22:53

Had pork chops last night with green beans, roasted tomatoes and roasted broccoli. However, dp had decided to do a herby, cheesy crust for the pork chops - with breadcrumbs. Though he is pretty on board with LC, his reasoning was that approx 1/4 of a slice of bread's worth of breadcrumbs on each chop was hardly a problem. Within half an hour of eating it, I was bloated and uncomfortable; had to take my belt off! Within a couple of hours I had stomach pains, indigestion and ummm, excessive flatulence...

It was horrible. Thing is, I used to be like that all the time. Wheat is just crap, folks.

BlackAffronted Wed 15-May-13 08:03:38

Im still here, popping in to confess my sins sad Fell face first into a carb mountain yesterday, so I am suffering today <well deserved> Stucking with bootcamp for another 2 weeks.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 08:13:26


Hope you have a lovely day.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 08:16:13

Here's a really good infographic way to demonstrate ]]http://www.dietdoctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/cool-infographic-fat-food-carbs.jpg the benefits of low carb vs low fat eating ]]

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 08:21:09
BIWI Wed 15-May-13 08:22:18

Cider - btw, I often used to get that gurgly feeling/noise when I came back to low carbing after some time being off the wagon. I have no idea why, but in the end always decided it was a good sign!

teaandthorazine Wed 15-May-13 08:43:22

Love those posters BIWI - such good sense!

Well, despite last night's little indiscretion, this morning I got into my favourite black wool skater skirt, with room to spare! This is my Skirt of Truth - it has a very unforgiving waistband and if I've overdone things it lets me know... Is that what's known as a Non Scale Victory?!

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 08:45:34

Very definitely!

[thumbs up]

ZimboMum Wed 15-May-13 09:08:27

Morning all!

No change on the scales but onwards and downwards.

B: cheese and herb omelette in butter
L: lamb chops with coleslaw
D: Chicken and asparagus with creamy sauce with brocolli.
S: Second attempt at homemade pork scratchings. much nicer than my first burnt tasting attempt! Far to easy just to keep scoffing them even when not hungry though.

Today will be:
B: bacon and eggs
L: steak and asparagus
D: Blackaffronted's smoky pork burgers with celeriac chips and aioli mayo from this recipe.

Does anyone get strange looks at the supermarket checkout when their trolley is loaded with meat, fish, cream, full fat yog, butter etc etc? I am much more judgy now when I see a trolley load of low-fat junk etc blush

HeirToTheIronThrone Wed 15-May-13 09:10:33

I have woken up covered in a spotty rash! Guessing I must be allergic to something, but no idea what... So sat at home waiting for a doctors appointment. Good job there's nothing carby in the house else I think I'd be worry eating - as it is, having some Greek yogurt and a big glass of water...

decaffwithcream Wed 15-May-13 09:15:24

The individual 125g pots of the Lidl yoghurt have 6.5 carbs per pot (of which 6.5 is sugar) as its 5g of carbs per 100g.

When you buy the same yoghurt in the large "bucket" container, its 3.2g carbs per 100g. confused

Just as a warning to anyone who was picking them up thinking they had the same contents. I like the taste and fat content of the yoghurt (10g) but will be going back to the bigger tub. Waste of carbs otherwise!grin

Bessie123 Wed 15-May-13 09:15:27

Buda I just use whatever coffee I have at home. I have freshorexic tendencies and try to have a word with myself if I think I'm focussing too much on whether the coffee beans have been washed in a virgin's tears etc etc.

Many happy returns smile

maidofmuss Wed 15-May-13 09:28:13

heirto oh no about rash! Hope you can find cause/get it sorted soon. I'm quite red across nose, cheeks (not spots tho) and wondered if it was due to increase in fats. Or cd poss be caffeine- still drinking coffee. Do I need a thwack with BIWI's big stick? doesn't seem to hv stopped weight loss in first two weeks but do realise I sh prob change to lower caffeine or even decaff... Cd someone pls fill me in on recent coffee discussion - I couldn't find info when trawled back. Thanks!
teaand well done about skirt of truth! I too hv skirt of truth (and jeans) but still a fair way to go before I get in them again!

HeirToTheIronThrone Wed 15-May-13 09:28:19

Really decaff - that's so annoying, I didn't even think to check!! Will finish them up and go back to the bucket smile

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 09:30:51

maidofmuss - there's no definitive view on caffeine, so it's really up to you to work out if it's a problem for you. The real issue, as far as I'm concerned, is that for every cup of coffee I drink, I'm adding carbs to my diet in the milk that I'm using.

When you say redness, but that it's not a rash, what do you mean exactly?

toomuchtoask Wed 15-May-13 09:32:03

BIWI - thank you. That would be really helpful.

It is breakfast I most struggle with. I am tired of eggs. I made boiled eggs again this morning and wanted to throw them up - I used to like eggs but now they are making me physically sick (I have retchy food issues). I do like bacon but don't want it for breakfast every day.

I like tinned tuna, chicken, turkey, beef, all veg. I don't like sauces or natural yoghurt. The only sauce I like is pasata or tinned tomatoes. I like spicy food.
At the moment I seem to be living on tuna and veg, or meat and veg. Mixed in with stir fry and chicken.

Thanks for any help. Despite yesterday's naughtiness I managed to lose 1.5 yesterday (nearly 6 lbs total in just over a week).

ChocolatePiglet Wed 15-May-13 09:37:41

I'm another pound down this week....8 in all.
Does anyone else feel like they've lost more in themselves though IYSWIM?
I've lost 3 inches off my (admittedly, rather large) stomach, which has never happened before when I've lost 8lbs.
Had the swede chips with chilli flakes last night....delicious! Also made the Broccolli and stilton soup- again, absolutely divine.
What is a bulletproof coffee? Think I missed that one!!

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 09:38:44

How do you make swede chips?

toomuchtoask Wed 15-May-13 09:41:15

Yes ChocolatePiglet I also feel like I've lost more than the scales are showing. I forgot to measure myself at the start but my clothes are fitting much better and I look thinner in my face.

Hi, What's our view on ghee? I want something flavourless for frying at high temps.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 09:49:39

Ghee is fine - it's just clarified butter, after all! And I think I'm right in saying that because the milk solids are removed, it won't burn as easily as butter does.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 09:51:46

toomuchtoask - the trick is to stop thinking about breakfast as a meal that requires a particular/special food. It's just another meal. How about having leftovers from the night before?

Do you like cheese? (Sorry if you've already said - I can't remember)

You could always try a continental breakfast of cheese and ham.

There are lots of things you can have with the foods you like, so I'll see what kind of recipes I can find for you.

I joined this way of eating 1 week late, but its going really well. I'm not on the spreadsheet because I don't ever want to know how heavy I was, size 22 aagh, but I know it is working. My waist and tum are smaller already.

I do love the moral support and encouragement of checking onto this thread, thank you all!

The most amazing thing for me is that I am no longer hungry, don't have cravings. I used to feel addicted to food. That is an amazing change!

Breakfasts are hardest for me to think of, esp as I don't eat meat. I like eggs but not every day! I had tuna mayonnaise for breakfast yesterday and I don't think I could ever have imagined myself having that for breakfast before.

I haven't found it more expensive either, perhaps because we already bought a decent amount of salad and vegetables, and I don't eat meat. In fact possibly it seems slightly cheaper, the bread/cake/biscuit bill is down, and buying less fruit.

Thanks biwi, I wondered if the clarifying process might make it less healthy than butter. I am trying to use healthy oils now, I'm pretty horrified by 'hydrogenated' fats after a bit of reading!

Thanks BIWI. It's been a bit of a rubbish day so far. Will have to work very hard not to fall off wagon big style but don't want to give in. Am thinking of going shopping and buying something very frivolous and expensive.

Bessie - thanks - I'm a bit the same. Virgins tears at day break on a full moon!

Am down to 14 9 on scales this morning so fairly happy with that. Wanted 14 7 but hopefully that's not too far away.

Right. Onwards and upwards.

toomuchtoask Wed 15-May-13 10:00:29

No I don't like cheese BIWI. Thanks for thinking of things for me.

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 10:01:45

I am planning omelette and roast Mediterranean veg later smile

teaandthorazine Wed 15-May-13 10:02:05

bullet - ghee is amazing. I've said this before but until you've had chicken legs rubbed with ghee and plenty of salt, then roasted, you've not lived grin

Just having a coffe with coconut oil in it as a precursor to trying 'bulletproof coffee' next week, yum!
Is does anyone have a list of grass fed butters?

Oh tea, that sound awesome!

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 10:05:06

It my wedding anniversary today and dh bought me some lovely choc so I ate that but that's it for me.
No more crap and biscuits or carbs.
I figure if I cut out bread, cakes, biscuits, rice and potatoes I will drop the weight.
I was hoping it might be easier now summer is here.....erm....well, I thought it was here last week but it seems of have gone again sad

maidofmuss Wed 15-May-13 10:08:48

Thanks BIWI- don't drink milk in coffee so think may be okay... Redness is just general reddish area over nose and cheeks - hv had for a long time (sensitive skin) so isn't down to this WOE. Thought looked worse last might nut cd be myimagination!

Yes, breakfasts hard for me too as wd usually hv fruit, muesli, yoghurt, honey. Had ham wrapped round cheddar cheese slices this morning. Trying not to eat eggs every morning as don't want to get sick of them! (also had sneaky sniff of the nutella jar but didn't hv any - was partial to the odd spoonful - no wonder I was putting on weight again!)

teaandthorazine Wed 15-May-13 10:11:58

grass-fed butter I tend to use Anchor just because it's what I've always used but I know US low-carb/paleo sites are big on Kerrygold.

We are lucky in the UK that much more of our meat/dairy is grass-fed than in the US.

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 10:13:05

I use either kerrygold or own brand. I love lurpak too.

maidofmuss Wed 15-May-13 10:17:00

badvoc Happy Anniversary!
Swede chips on recipe thread (sorry, not worked out how do links yet) think you just dice swede then roll in oil and poss finely grated Parmesan (and spice if you want) then bake in oven as you wd mini roast pots.

rubybricks Wed 15-May-13 10:32:21

morning all and happy birthday Buda <raises glass of the finest sparkling water> hope you have a lovely day!

had spag bol on little gem leaves for dinner last night, the usual for breakfast (egg based smile) and plan a salad for lunch. will hopefully get to the shops today at some point to stock up as my low carb supplies are running low (though i have cheerily been chucking out low-fat yoghurts etc with abandon).

agree with LilyAmaryllis that it's just amazing not to feel HUNGRY any more, ever, at all! (if you eat three meals a day). the only times i have felt compromised is when we've been running late at activities and i've missed a mealtime.

tried taking pepperami and babybel out with me for such occasions but neither really appeal - must say i am really missing fruit at the minute. will catch up with the recommended reading one of these days - but for now, just delighted to be sticking with the plan, and so grateful to everyone (and the big stick) for the support...

kiwigirl42 Wed 15-May-13 10:32:35

Happy Anniversary badvoc

I've lost 6lb since starting on 9th May. I'm really chuffed as had hysterectomy in March and was worried that with HRT and all that, I would find it really hard to lose weight.
I've also finally committed to adding myself to spreadsheet grin. I was 213lbs when starting - I am 6 foot 3 though so that's not as bad as it sounds!
I want to get down to 85kg (188lbs) with a view to finally getting to 80kg (176lbs). I want to make sure my face doesn't look too scrawny at that weight!

does anyone else find themselves not motivated to eat? I feel so full most of time I'm finding it difficult to decide to cook something.

rubybricks Wed 15-May-13 10:34:29

and happy anniversary badvoc flowers

happy birthday ciderwithbuda!

i just tried a bulletproof coffee, it was quite nice and satisfying, it was a bit like a strong latte but not as sweet

i have to admit i used decaf instant which goes against the bulletproof instructions

rubybricks Wed 15-May-13 10:53:31

doesn't it have to be unsalted butter? my kerrygold unf is salty... but the coconut oil in coffee is quite delicious

maidofmuss Wed 15-May-13 10:55:12

... and happy birthday ciderwithbuda!

Must google bulletproof coffee...

yes ruby, definitely, salty coffee would be horrid

rubybricks Wed 15-May-13 11:10:08

i'm not joking when i say i haven't a clue in the kitchen...

BobblyGussets Wed 15-May-13 11:10:38

Posted this is week two, not realizing we'd moved on:

This is witchcraft! I am quite a pig, but have stuck to this except for a piece of birthday cake and some wine on DS2's birthday last week, and I am now back to my 34 in bra strap size, instead of my fat 36 inch bra strap size.

I was too ashamed to put my 14 stone 4/5 on the spread sheet, but now I am 13' 8 and am just overweight instead of "obese*! . I will put my starting weight in soon.

I am too scared to start on the nuts and berries, I keep thinking about them and thinking, "I can if I really want to.." I will save the wine for the weekends only.

I am still eating good sized portions, so I can't believe I am having less calories than normal.

The only thing I really, really miss is chick peas . I love chick peas.

I do fart so much less on this WOE and was always quite a windy person. I couldn't summon up a trump if you paid me grin.

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 11:36:17

Thank you smile
14 years!
Dh has asked if we can go out for lunch on Friday...but I have suggested a coffee instead at a lovely little cafe in the village.
I use I salted block butter but slowly salted spreadable.
The co op have an offer on kerrygold ATM - 2 for £2.50 and their very nice beef meatballs are 12 for £1.25!!
In stead of pasta I have been having courgette ribbons which are yum.
Can i ask you all - where do you get your naice ham from!? smile

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 11:36:45

Slowly salted?
Slightly salted!

changeforthebetter Wed 15-May-13 11:56:37


Feeling bloated, exhausted and tummy-achey. I could be 5 days before my period or 15!

My cycles have been unpredictable since I started keeping a note last summer. I feel really low too which is a sure sign of PMT (but life is crap at the moment too). This is a classic time for me to dive head first into a pile of carbs shock

JaxTellerIsAllMine Wed 15-May-13 11:58:25

badvoc - naice ham from butcher, M&S, Waitrose - anything that has no added water etc is decent ham I think.

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 12:05:01

Me too change.
I crave carbs when in my period and after migraines.
I am hoping that this woe means I won't get such bad pmt or migraines!
I will check out ocado for Ham, thanks.

HeirToTheIronThrone Wed 15-May-13 12:09:56

Panic over, it seems I have a virus-caused rash that is not harmful or contagious and will go away on its own... So nothing to do with LC-ing!

Happy birthday and anniversary to the various celebrating types

Oh goodness. Feeling a bit wired and mental today confused think it might be the coffee and coconut oil...
Not usually affected too much by caffeine though! Think I'm gonna go for a run.

halfthesize Wed 15-May-13 12:23:02

Happy Birthday CiderwithBuda thanks

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 12:30:04


BIWI Wed 15-May-13 12:31:01

BobblyGussets - brilliant! flowers for you too!

Don't worry about calories. You're probably eating more than you were before. But it matters much less when you're low carbing.

Hello, can I join you? smile

I've been following bootcamp since last Tues and although I have no scales so cannot post my loss, I have definitely shifted some pounds and inches!

BIWI - thank you so much for making this so easy to follow. I've wanted to low-carb for a while but am rubbish at seeking out advice/plans etc so this has been an absolute godsend.

My tummy is the flattest it's been since pre-pregnancy (still a way to go though!), my cheekbones have reappeared, and my skin looks much healthier for cutting out sugar and alcohol smile

I'm also really chuffed that as my period has arrived, I've had chocolate cravings but not given in! Had a couple of teaspoons of neat double cream instead which did the trick nicely (and even tasted a bit sweet).

Today's food has been:

B: 2 babybels
L: Omelette with cream cheese, spring onion and 3 baby tomatoes, lots of lettuce and mayo
S: will be olives
D: will be something with courgette fried in butter and herbs, probably salmon

Thanks for all the inspiration grin

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:10:04

Welcome, cupid, and thank you! grin

teaandthorazine Wed 15-May-13 13:10:08

Lunch was smoked salmon pâté on little gem leaves, some big fat olives and my new staple - feta, asparagus and courgette salad from M&S! Bloody lovely. I feel as if I could do with a bit more fat though...totm has arrived and I am a wee bit cravey. Some full fat Greek yog would be nice but I cba to leave the office and go out in the cold hmm. I do have some strawberries calling me from the other side of the room but it's not quite the same.

Dinner will be spag bol without the spag, or chili without the kidney beans.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:12:38


Low Carb Shepherd's Pie (serves 6)

5 leeks (about the number you will get in a pack from Sainsbury) sliced
1/2 head of celery, sliced
500g beef mince
1 OXO cube
1 whole celeriac, peeled and chopped into chunks
2 Echalion shallots (Sainsbury's sell these - long and thin rather than round - but I guess ordinary shallots would be find - you need around 75g)
Grated cheese (optional)

- Fry your beef first, in olive oil in a large frying pan, and season with salt, pepper and when browned, crumble in the OXO cube
- In a large saucepan, fry the leeks and celery in butter with a splash of olive oil (Adding the oil helps to prevent the butter from burning)
- When softened, add the mince and then cover with water and simmer for 30 minutes, with the pan lid on
- After 30 minutes, take the lid off and reduce the amount of liquid (it needs to be reasonably dry - but do this to your own taste)
- While the meat is cooking, boil your celeriac in a large pan of salted water, till tender - this will take 20-25 minutes
- Drain and mash - either by hand or with a stick blender.
- Thinly slice the shallots and fry gently till nicely browned, in butter with a splash of oil, then mix into the mash
- Put the meat into an oven-proof dish and spread the mash on top of it. Top with the grated cheese and bake for around 20 minutes in a hot oven until the cheese is browned.

32g carbs for the whole thing; 5.4g carbs per portion if serving 6 people.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:14:51


Marinated Chicken

Chicken breast per person


1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
2 large cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
2 tbsps sesame oil
2 tbsps light soy sauce
juice of a lemon or lime
black pepper
sprinkling of dried oregano
sprinkling of dried chilli flakes (optional)

Mix together.

Skin the chicken breast - then slice each breast into 2 or 3 long pieces (depending on the size of the breast)

Marinade for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Before cooking, thread each piece on to a skewer and then grill or cook on an oiled griddle for c. 10 minutes, or until properly cooked through (i.e. no sign of any pinkness)

The chicken skewers work really well on the barbecue.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:17:56


This recipe uses pork, but you could easily substitute chicken for this:

Oriental stuffed cabbage parcels

This quantity will make enough for 4 generous portions.

1 large savoy cabbage (or 2 smaller ones)

1 pack 4 pork steaks (currently on offer at Sainsbury - the fatty ones), cut into small dice instead, use 4 large chicken thighs, skinned and boned and cut into dice
1 tin water chestnuts, chopped
1 green chilli, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 inch piece fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 large spring onion or 2 ordinary sized ones, sliced
4 baby sweetcorn, sliced
4 mushrooms, finely chopped
packet fresh coriander, finely chopped

light soy sauce (a good quality brand like Kikkoman)
2 teaspoons Chinese 5 Spice powder
black pepper
sesame oil

Put the meat and the vegetables (not the cabbage!) into a large plastic/Tupperware box. Sprinkle with the Chinese 5 Spice powder, then add a generous sloosh of soy sauce and sesame oil. (I'm guessing at least 4 tablespoons of each) and season with black pepper. (Don't add any salt - the soy is salty enough). Leave to marinade for at least half an hour.

Heat a wok until it is very hot, then tip the meat mixture in and stir fry for about 5 minutes, until the meat is no longer pink. Leave to cool

Then prepare the cabbage - cut the stalk end off, and peel away the leaves. Cut away the bottom part of the tough stalk - this will make a sort of V-shaped cut up the centre of each leaf. You will need 2-3 leaves per person, and they need to be a reasonably decent size, hence why you may need 2 cabbages. Blanch the leaves for 2 minutes, then drain and leave to cool.

When everything is cool enough to handle, stuff the leaves with the meat mixture and put the rolled up parcels into a steamer. Steam for 10 minutes.

Serve with shiratake noodles

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:19:47


Chilli - serves one - 7g carbs per portion

100g steak mince
75g shallots, chopped (about 3 or 4 round ones)
85g mushrooms, chopped
1 chilli, de-seeded if you don't like it too hot, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
100g chopped tomatoes (I used Sainsbury's Basics, from the tetrapak carton)
salt/pepper, dried oregano, fresh coriander, olive oil

Heat olive oil, and gently fry shallot, chilli and garlic till softened; season with salt, pepper and oregano
Turn the heat up and add the mince, stir until all the pink has gone
Add the mushrooms and cook for around a minute or so
Add the tomatoes, stir, and then simmer with the lid on the pan for around 30 minutes. (Keep checking it - you may need to add water to stop it getting too dry/burning)
Just before serving, add freshly chopped coriander.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 13:20:35

All those recipes from the recipe thread

Hopefully just a taster (no pun intended!) of what you can enjoy whilst low carbing

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. And happy anniversary Badvoc!

DH and DS were a bit rubbish this morning so to make up for it DH did Sainsburys for me - to make up for it or stop me killing him/crying. Not sure which. I went into town and had a shopping morning instead. Size 18 in a few things. And had to ask for a smaller size in a Phase Eight jumper! Spent far too much money but it was that or food. So am not feeling guilty in the slightest.

I think dinner will be lamb steaks. I bought some nice salad in M&S - including teaandthorazine's feta,asparagus and courgettes salad. Also bought some strawberries and nice extra thick double cream for after. Not sure I will have it but thought I'd buy something treatish to have.

Not sure what DH actually got in Sainsburys so he may surprise me and have dinner planned.

B - none. Couldnt face anything.
L - went into a cafe in town - they do a couple of things that you can have as a wrap or sandwich but i just ask for it with salad instead. I had prawns in a lime mayo. All lovely except they helpfully scattered croutons over it all! I picked them all out. Was tempted by a glass of wine but resisted.

The sun has come out here which is helping cheer me up.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 15:33:07

I'm sorry your DH/DS were so hopeless. Hopefully DH will have bought something lovely in Sainsbury's for you!


Party treats from me!

Thanks BIWI. Does that mean I can have wine? smile

NewStartNewStory Wed 15-May-13 16:38:41

Happy birthday Cider.

I have done a pretty dam good job of sabotaging myself. food has been better then recently but not even close to bootcamp sticking. And my worst offence? A run of 20hr days with 4-6hrs sleep/24hr period. Now way in hell i can stick to anything when it is like that. So tonight the task is early to bed and then to sort out sleep pattern. And to step away from allowing problems and things that need to be done to destroy me. I am in control of my life. Not the issues, nor the food. I need to remember this as I am such an emotional eater/controller food kinda person. And tomo is a fresh day.

JaxTellerIsAllMine Wed 15-May-13 16:50:38

happy birthday cider - sorry DH/DS were rubbish. Heres hoping they got you some nice treats from shopping. And well done on the smaller size clothes! flowers

JaxTellerIsAllMine Wed 15-May-13 16:52:53

today hasnt been a good eating day for me - well I thought it was, but turns out the super vegetable soup from M&S I thought was healthy, low carb isnt so low carb. it has borlotti beans in it. sad

But on the plus side my tummy is better and I currently have a joint of sirloin in oven roasting away and I made 2 sort of meat loaf type things with steak mince, sundried tomatoes, olives, an egg, herbs and a couple of slices of jarlsberg cheese. Will let you know how it tastes. These new concoctions are either hit or miss. grin

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 17:20:39

It's your birthday, Cider. Hopefully DH will have bought you Champagne! grin

jax that sounds tasty, if it turns out well giss the recipe!

Wahey! I am now 10st something! It may be 10st13.5 but I'll take that!

rubybricks Wed 15-May-13 18:40:57

bullet me too! i know!! grin

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 18:48:53

Fantastic! flowers


NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 15-May-13 20:24:50

Didn't have a great day either. Couldn't face breakfast (bad mistake) so when someone brought cakes to school, tummy was rumbling and I succumbed. I don't even like cakes much. Lesson learnt and inspired by other stories. I seem to have stalled a bit so will drop cheese for a while, see what happens.
Tomorrow is another day.....

Badvoc Wed 15-May-13 20:35:08

Oh I know, Someone brought a huge box of chocs to the meeting I was at earlier sad
Really just try and have breakfast in the morning!

Happy birthday CiderwithBuda and happy anniversary Badvoc!!

B boiled eggs with mayo
L Tuna salad
D carbonara with courgette pasta

Toomuchtoask -
Breakfast frittatas? Make them up with leftover veg or bacon bits anything really. They don't really taste of eggs
Greek yogurt. If you can't face it neat how about a splash of vanilla or now off boot camp a few berries with it?
Can you eat cream cheese? If so I have slice of ham rolled up with Philly spread on the inside.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 20:47:21

I made this tonight and it was really rather good:

Tarragon, Almond and Pecorino Tart (from Rose Elliot's The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet Cookbook)

serves 6

225g ground almonds
55g butter, diced
1/2 teaspoon salt

for the filling:

2 eggs
2 egg yolks
300ml double cream
2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon
100g Pecorino cheese, grated
freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/GM4

To make the pastry, mix the almonds, butter and salt until it forms a dough. This is easiest done in a food processor. (I had to add a tablespoon of water to bring the dough together - but don't do this if you don't need to and don't add too much water)

Press the dough with your hand/fingers into a 20cm flan tin or dish. Push the pastry up the sides of the tin as well. Prick the base of the flan all over and bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until set and golden brown

To make the filling, whisk the eggs and yolks, and then gradually add whisk in the cream. Add pepper (no salt as the cheese is salty) and whisk again.

Scatter the tarragon and grated cheese evenly over the flan then pour over the cream mixture. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until golden brown and just set. Serve warm or cold.

5.1g carbs per serving

The pastry is a little bit crumbly, but it was very satisfying. It could certainly be a good base for other quiche/flan type products. Making it with cheddar/gruyere and chopped bacon would make a lovely quiche lorraine.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 15-May-13 20:57:16

Although I've stalled a bit and cheated a bit, I've had a horrid taste in mouth all day. Ketosis?

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 20:58:40

It could well be - although if you keep cheating, it won't be!

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 15-May-13 21:08:04

It was just the once, didn't even enjoy it. Put me back on path. It's a bit dispiriting when the scales don't move.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 15-May-13 21:23:08

Hello everyone.

My period turned up. I am hoping to see a 9lb weightless tomorrow I compensation.

I a 10 stone 4 still.

Toomuchmonthattheendofthemoney always says
Look at the thing you want to eat
Have you tasted it before?
Will you taste it again (probably)
Do you REALLY want to eat this right now and how it will make you feel after

MaryBeardfanclub Wed 15-May-13 21:36:12

woohoo we have bought a car!! thank goodness, now we can think about something else!

my mouth is watering at all those lovely sounding recipes biwi smile

B: 2 hb eggs mashed with butter
L: 2 small beef burgers with melted cheese, spoonful celeriac dauphinoise, broccoli and green beans
D: lamb chop fried in ginger butter, celeriac dauphinoise, buttered veg

my dp likes to eat lightly in the morning - he has miso soup with seaweed, chopped boiled egg, boiled veg in it. He loves it and is a twist on eggs.

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 21:37:42

NaturalBlonde - tell me what you've been eating over the last 3 or 4 days, and let me see if I can help you. I do understand how dispiriting it is when the scales aren't moving.

MaryBeardfanclub Wed 15-May-13 21:38:22

bullet proof coffee ladies, I need detailed instructions - how much coffee, how much coconut oil and how much butter? and how do you mix it?

I tried the method on the website but it was too much of everything for me

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 15-May-13 21:41:04

God those recipes look ace.

sammisatt Wed 15-May-13 21:41:11

Hello all

B: cheese, half an avocado and some mayo
S: toasted coconut
L: 2 hard boiled eggs, tuna, mayo, half an avocado
D: olives, cottage pie with swede topping, spring greens
S: swigged a few tsps of cream as was pecking.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 15-May-13 21:52:58

biwi Sunday-
B- bacon
Lunch - avocado with ham
Dinner - low carb sausages with turnip, cabbage and a dribble of gravy.
Mon- omelette 2 eggs
Lunch - tuna mayo with uncooked spinach
Dinner- chicken filets with salad
Snack - lump of cheese
Diet coke ( I know!I don't drink tea/coffee)
B - hard boiled egg
L- ham and cheese salad
Half an orange before I realised- I've always reached for fruit bowl, it's a habit.
D- pork chops with jerk powder and spinach

Breakfast - nothing
Snack - bloody Kipling cake yuk
Lunch - left over chicken wings
D- mushrooms omelette
Snack - bit of blue cheese.

Tbh I can prob tell just by looking at this where I'm going wrong.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 15-May-13 21:53:42

Oh and I don't think I have enough water, maybe 1 litre??

BIWI Wed 15-May-13 21:57:26


Well, what do you think you're doing wrong?

Things I would say:

1. You're not following Bootcamp rules - artificial sweeteners from the Diet Coke, the orange, the cake ...
2. Quite a bit of processed meat in there, especially on Sunday - ham, bacon and sausages
3. Not sure how much fat you're eating - it looks like it could be on the low side?
4. How much water are you drinking?

The good thing, though, is that you have learnt that things you might have craved, like cake, don't necessarily taste that great.

B - Fried egg on rocket/watercress salad
L - Tuna mayonnaise and avocado salad
D - Salmon with roasted swede and carrot. Not bad but could have been much better if I hadn't got timings all mixed up due to simultaneous cooking 2 other different meals (1 for the DC, 1 for DH) and having to adapt to news that DH running late... got a bit stressy in the kitchen!

Tomorrow I'm travelling for work, could be interesting!

marybeard i did:

1 mug instant coffee (hot, obv)
1tbsp butter unsalted
1tbsp coconut oil

tipped them all into a measuring jug and blitzed with stick blender until foamy on top. poured back into mug. drink reasonably quickly - it cools down while blending and you don't want to be drinking this too cold as the fats start to coagulate <bleurgh>

compared to the official recipe this is a VERY bastardised version!

timidviper Wed 15-May-13 22:40:50

I keep wondering whether to try bulletproof coffee but am dubious as I hate white coffee, I only drink it black, so am wondering if I'll hate it.

BerylStreep Wed 15-May-13 22:43:12

BIWI, I did your cottage pie this evening, very nice, with enough left over for tomorrow.

I was craving something sweet, so I made a rhubarb fool with unsweetened rhubarb and whipped double cream, it was delicious!

teaandthorazine Thu 16-May-13 07:14:02

Morning all! Had a bit of a slip-up last night involving some popcorn. I suppose the only saving grace was that it was the salted stuff, not the sweet blush. Am not being too hard on myself though; my mum, who is chronically ill, had a very bad day yesterday and some things seemed more important than a flat tummy, iykwim? I know that's not really the attitude but the fuckit goblins were out in force.

Anyway... quite undeservedly I've woken up this morning two pounds down! This diet is weird sometimes.

milliemoomay Thu 16-May-13 07:20:39

Thanks EwanHoozami - I like things like pork chops but don't know how to cook them. (I have shoved them under the grill but they turned out quite dry and bland) I know this might sound unbelievable hmm to some - but seriously my ex was a chef and did ALL the cooking. That's why my weight has crept up since we split - lots of ready meals and processed food.

I've now bought the IPD book and hopefully that will help
The Nigel Slater pork recipe kept me fed for a few nights and I found some great microwave bagged veg (fall within the 3g rule) that I blitz for 3 minutes.

What's a good low carb brand for Mayo? I can't stand hellmans and was hoping someone could recommend another?

Also - cream in coffee is okay, isn't it? What cream do people use - is it just regular single cream?

CalicoRose Thu 16-May-13 07:21:50

Yesterday I decided I had enough and was off diet all day. Mostly because I was feeling quite down on the diet and especially when I weigh myself. A bad weigh would make me down all day.

Anyway - today my weights down!

Not sure what to do. Maybe do 'low carb' as opposed to 'very low carb'.

Is it possible I need more carbs (especially to lift my mood) than I was getting?

teaandthorazine Thu 16-May-13 07:29:50

millie - use double cream. Single cream is higher in sugar - more fat=less sugar. Re: mayo, lots of people recommend Delouis Fils brand.

Calico' some people do find that having an 'off' day can work...as long as you get right back on the wagon again! And yes, everyone is different and it may be that you are happier at a slightly higher carb level than full-on Bootcamp levels. However...it depends on lots of things, imo; how well-adapted your body is fat-burning, what foods you eat when you're 'off' the WOE, etc etc. Why do you think you were feeling fed up with it?

teaandthorazine Thu 16-May-13 07:33:43

Sorry, am on iPad and have just re-read your post. A 'bad weigh' isn't really a reason to go off it, imo! Weightloss on low-carb isn't linear and some weeks you can go without any loss at all. BIWI does explain all this at the start of the thread. I personally don't think the odd off day is a disaster but, long term, you have to keep the faith with this WOE because it won't give you regular, weekly weightloss.

RaspberrySchnapps Thu 16-May-13 07:58:31

need to update spreadsheet for 8lb total loss in 2 weeks smile (cant seem to do it on iphone) very pleased BIWI this is going really well so far, I was scared of rapid weight loss & feeling hungry and low but feel the opposite no hunger and loads of energy.

newlark Thu 16-May-13 08:06:28

My official week 3 weigh in as I started 4 days early - am down another 2 lbs (despite 2 meals off when out) making it 9 lbs in total.

I've noticed the effect of carbs I've eaten though - feeling shaky and volatile hunger levels (and they were complex carbs not sugar)

HeirToTheIronThrone Thu 16-May-13 08:46:19

Another 1.2 lbs down this morning... I now have a new focus - a party on 22nd June which DP's ex-wife will be attending, so I obviously have to look AMAZING. Superficial I know, but it's helping me to stay away from the chips smile

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 08:51:26

CalicoRose - what do you think is making you feel down? Was it simply seeing a 'bad' weight on the scales? If so, then stop weighing daily! Low carbing will not make you depressed. If anything, it should help with mood swings, from what I have read/understand/have heard.

You really need to see Bootcamp through for the two weeks to make sure that:

- you have broken the addiction to sugar (i.e. carbs)
- you have switched your body from carb-burning to fat-burning

I'm worried that you are talking about 'very low carb' and I'm wondering what you have been eating. Have you been trying not to eat much? Do you feel deprived with what you have been eating?

List out for me what you have been eating over the last 3 or 4 days and let me see if I can identify anything that might help you.

(But glad to hear that the scales were down this morning! grin)

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 08:57:44

Heir - not superficial at all. These are all targets which help to keep us going!

Raspberry flowers brilliant!

millie - pork chops often do go dry. How I cook them - lots of butter and oil in a frying pan. Season chops with salt/pepper, heat pan till very hot/smoking, put chop in pan and leave it for around 3 minutes, till it is well browned, then turn it over and repeat. Don't overcook. Check that they aren't pink in the middle, but around 6 minutes for a chop should be enough time to cook it through with a nice brown surface. When serving, pour the pan juices over the chop and, if you like, a squeeze of lemon juice. Then let it rest for a couple of minutes before you eat it.

Re mayo, the Delouis brand is the lowest in carbs but it's expensive, and it's not my favourite; the one I like is Sainsbury's French Mayonnaise, although this has 2.1g carbs per 100ml, so you have to be careful how much you use. It's fine for me as I only use mayo occasionally (not that keen on it!)

newlark well done! flowers The body doesn't really distinguish between simple/complex carbs in the sense that they are all sugar, so will have the same effect.

tea sorry to hear about your mum. You could have done a lot worse than some salted popcorn though, so don't worry too much!

CalicoRose Thu 16-May-13 09:18:50

BIWI - I know low carb shouldn't make me depressed - but it does seem to be at the moment.

Maybe it's because I'm not having enough carbs?

I'm mainly living off eggs, cheese, fish & meat. I try to have vegetables but often forget / don't get round to it. I haven't really been cooking for myself, just eating things like sliced beef from the supermarket.

I've eaten as much as I wanted to.

I'm not very good at cooking and don't like it and I already find it too much having to cook for the 3 kids.

I have been pretty good carb wise for 2 weeks. Almost no sugar at all, besides 2 or 3 lemonades over the whole 2 weeks. Whereas previously I'd have at least 1 coke a day and more often than not chocolate as well.

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 09:26:25

You must eat veg/salad, Calico - that's where your carbs should be coming from.

If that's all you've been eating then you will be eating way too much protein (which in itself has an insulin response, so will also not be helping with the weight loss) and not enough fat.

You haven't been 'pretty good carb wise' for the two weeks, because you've not been eating properly!

.... and those 2 or 3 lemonades (if they were full-sugar) will have massively upped your carbs.

What are you cooking for your children? Would it not be easier to cook something that you can all eat, that is appropriately low in carbs for you?

Looking at the spreadsheet, your last recorded weight was 10.6, so you haven't got a huge amount of weight to lose. (How tall are you?) This does mean that the rate of loss you are likely to see will be lower than those who have a lot to lose - and it will take you longer to lose the weight. This is entirely normal, and will happen on any (sensible) diet

What is your target weight? When do you want to reach this? In other words, is there a particular function/event that you have in your mind?

Morning all.

Well there was wine last night. Quite a lot. Won't be doing that again for a while! Felt dreadful when I woke up.

Stuck to plan for food except for about five strawberries. With lots of cream. Was yum.

Off to get hair done this morning.

Just had a slice of ham with cream cheese for breakfast.

What coconut oil do people buy and where? Looked in holland an barret yesterday and they had a huge jar which was £16!

CalicoRose Thu 16-May-13 09:33:55

Thanks for talking to me BIWI.

I want to get under 9.7 - which is the weight I was before kids, and is still not at all skinny. (I'm short)

I'll up my salad and vegetables, and try and work out what I can cook for the kids that will be appropriate for all of us.....

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 09:39:25

Have you checked out the recipe thread?


Lots of easy and tasty things there that would also work for children.

How short are you? I'm 5ft 2in and now weigh around 9.4, but it's taken me a long time to get here.

If you find cooking a chore, nothing wrong with buying prepared veg/salad - most supermarkets have plenty that don't have any added ingredients or processing. And frozen whole leaf spinach - assuming that you like it! - is an absolute godsend for me. Just whack a few balls of this in the microwave, and then top with butter and a crushed clove of garlic, black pepper and then microwave again so that the garlic is cooked through. Goes with anything!

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 09:40:27

If you tell me the kind of things that you and the DC like to eat, let me see if I can find either low carb alternatives, or other suggestions that you could consider.

MrsFlorrick Thu 16-May-13 09:40:54

<sticks head around the door and peeks in>

Morning everyone.
I have lurked since the January bootcamping thread but been too chicken to post <scared of BIWI and her stick>

Finally plucked up courage now.

I have been plodding along and doing boot camp lite. Very lite as it turns out! I have lost a measely 4lbs in 5 months <sticks dunce hat on and takes self off to corner> and I finally worked out why.

I started using my fitness pal and logging what I ate. Turns out I eat far too much carb. Circa 60g on average. The week where I lost weight I was at or under 25g of carb every day. It was very difficult to stick to.

So as I am more sensitive to carb and need to go ultra low, any good advice?? I do eat plenty of fat btw.

Oh I tried bullet proof coffee this morning. It's not bad actually. Sadly though I am already very hungry again.

I weigh in at 177.5lbs (the half is important!) blush but am 5'10" so tallish.

I piled it all on during two pregnancies and undiagnosed gestational diabetes.

Hope I can catch up with you all. So far today bullet proof coffee (two table spoons of butter and one of coconut oil).

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 09:41:31

Buda - did you have a good evening in the end? Did DH 'come good'?!

Well done for sticking to the plan. Hope the hangover recedes soon grin

CalicoRose Thu 16-May-13 09:47:55

I'll got to the supermarket, buy some veggies / salad and some frozen spinach if I can find some.

And I'll try to do meal planning so I don't get into this state again.

I guess one of the reasons I put on the weight is I haven't been cooking properly for me in the first place.....

i first bought a smallish jar of coconut oil to see if i liked it, from the vegan shop at the end of my road and that was about £4 for 200g. i then bought a massive 800g tub via internet for about £13 (i forget where from, but the prices change day to day anyway). it was Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. it's not cheap but it does need to be the raw virgin stuff. i don't know if I'll buy more once this is gone, but it is a massive tub!

hi mrsflorrick - list out a few meals you've had recently, and if you can remember, some of the ones you had where you lost weight that week

rubybricks Thu 16-May-13 09:50:44

good morning all!

i'm a lb up on the scales today sad but still under 11 stone so it's all good. timidviper bulletproof coffee is black, it's just black and oily - though i haven't been brave enough added butter yet! the coconut oil i use is from H&B, it's the perfectly pure one, i don't remember it being as steep as £16 though!

milliemoo and calico i feel your pain about cooking, it really doesn't come naturally to me. what i find helps is just to plan/make old fashioned dinners like we used to have - nothing fancy - and then serve your own portion minus the potato/rice/pasta. there are some great recipes on the recipe thread too - i plan to make the stilton and broccoli soup again today.

cider i feel your pain too - i stupidly fell off the wagon (twice!) in the first two weeks and the hangover was far worse than usual - not helped by the fact that the usual remedies (carbfest) were denied! have a nice time at the hairdressers.

teaandthorazine i'm sorry to hear about your mother, you are so right about real life stuff getting in the way sometimes, i hope you both have a better day today.

going to save my eggs til lunchtime, maybe have greek yoghurt for breakfast, just having an oily coffee (not quite bulletproof) while i ponder,
have a good day everyone!

MrsFlorrick Thu 16-May-13 10:02:14

Hi Willie.

I will get onto PC later and try to copy from mfp.

A big part of the problem that I can see is that I have eaten far too much avocado and tomato. Both have fairly high carb esp avocado. And I love the stuff. I was eating it with everything as I thought it a good source of healthy fats without realising its full of carb. Doh.

If I didn't need to lose weight I could easily maintain no problem.

Wonder what I could replace my beloved avocado and tomato with. It needs to be as quick and easy (lunch time madness here with a pre schooler and a toddler).

avocados aren't that bad - it's about 2g carbs for half an avocado, so unless you're eating 5 a day i can't see the problem with that

tomatoes can be carby and the carbs can add up with them too as they're quite 'dense'

be careful with MFP values as they can be dodgy, lots of people are only interested in the calories and fat so they fudge the other nutrients

avocados are also good because they will help up your fat levels. tomatoes won't so sadly you might have to cut down on them

maidofmuss Thu 16-May-13 10:31:30

Think I may have been having too many avocados too (despite being good for fat levels) but for those of you who haven't had your avocado/bacon quota this week, made this for a quick lunch yesterday and was ace:
Fried cut-up streaky bacon in butter. Added lots of spinach leaves to pan to wilt/soak up juices plus bit of pepper. topped with fresh avocado. (if you're on bootcamp light, could add a few toasted pine nuts, too)

MrsFlorrick Thu 16-May-13 10:35:13

Willie. Thanks. I have just downloaded a carb counter app and that says 3.7g per avocado instead.

I will be careful with mfp in future.

I love spinach and that's low in carb so perhaps I can dream up more dishes with that in.

BlackAffronted Thu 16-May-13 10:38:37

Morning all!

Just stuck a lamb stew in the slow cooker, really looking forward to dinner already grin Just been out to weed & tidy my herb garden, I am thinking about growing my own garlic. Just planted blueberry & tayberry plants in my garden, hope they grow, it would be lovely to have fresh berries for breakfast!

Also making my own crackling today, the last lot I made was amazing! I think shop bought scratchings are disgusting, but this stuff is brilliant. I buy the rolls of pig rind in Morrisons (about 80p) then microwave for 5 minutes then whack in the oven at the highest temp until it puffs up. Sprinkle with salt (or celery salt) for a fab savoury snack. Yum!

JaxTellerIsAllMine Thu 16-May-13 10:43:28

well the meatloaves are delicous - tad salty for my liking, that will be the olives, so less of them next time. Its a sort of Italianish dish in tastes. And summery but v filling. Had a slice for breakfast.

hope everyone is well and full of energy. grin

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 11:15:20

Welcome, MrsFlorrick! <hides big stick>

Can you list out some of your meals for us so we can help? List out those where you were 25g carbs and some where you were 60g carbs so we can compare.

Also, are you sure that the app you downloaded has UK carb counts? If it's American, they do it differently.

maidofmuss Thu 16-May-13 11:57:26

Well, just wasted spent an hour or so looking for cabbage recipes on-line to use up veg in fridge. Will prob do BIWI's? left-over chicken/veg in cabbage/cream tonight – sounds brilliant, and some red cabbage slaw tomorrow to go with slow-cooked beef dish. Found some good recipes on Abel and Cole website. www.abelandcole.co.uk Scroll down to bottom of first page and there's a list of recipes by vegetable. Some are too high carb or need adapting but good for inspiration. Now need BIWI's big stick to make me get back to work...

kiwigirl42 Thu 16-May-13 12:15:53

i've just read this statement on a forum from a lady who has lost a lot of weight low carbing:

'After a while I realised the weight loss formed a pattern, I'd lose about 5lbs in two weeks which would be followed by two weeks where I didnt lose weight but lost inches'

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 12:21:24

Yes, that's a pretty common pattern, kiwigirl. Also a really good reason not to just rely on the scales to tell you if you've lost weight. So either measure yourself before you start, and re-measure regularly, or find an item of clothing that is too tight at the outset, and keep trying it on.

toomuchtoask Thu 16-May-13 12:32:31

Thank you so much for the recipe ideas BIWI. I will give them a shot.

Here's some info on why you don't necessarily need virgin coconut oil:
You can buy KTC coconut oil in Asda - although it is in the health and beauty section advertised as hair oil confused
I have the Biona stuff for flavour and use the KTC stuff as well - it is flavourless.

Hangover went pretty quickly thankfully!

Had to rush into town early as remembered our town centre was being closed to traffic this morning as the local army squadron were parading through town as they are just back from Afghanistan. So DH dropped me as close as we could get. Saw the parade which I found a lot more emotional than I expected. They seem so young. And one of them didn't come back. sad

Hair now nice - grey roots gone!

DH apologized and gave me a hug and acknowledged that he had been rubbish. Did Sainsburys. Didn't get me a card or anything. confused. He did cook. DS also apologized and acknowledged that my birthday card wasn't appropriate. It was a 'funny' card which said sod off. So we are moving on. And I don't think they will make the same mistake next year.

Just had a yummy lunch of rocket, Parma ham, mozzarella with a small amount of sun dried tomatoes. Lots of olive oil and some balsamic. Sorry BIWI! I love it on that particular salad but will limit it to once a week.

Offf out now to Tonacise and then maybe Waitrose to get a few bits that DH forgot yesterday.

Hello everyone! I use that abel and cole recipe thing a lot - I get a vegetable box from them, and although lots of the recipes have some form of carbs in, they are good for ideas and easy to adapt I find.

Cider - I seem to have missed the whole birthday debacle, but glad to hear it is resolved now and you are feeling better. I hear what you are saying about the balsamic vinegar, but I find cider vinegar a good replacement for it. If you are desperate (and don't tell BIWI I said it), you can buy it in a spray bottle and if you just have one squirt it is enough to give it a bit of flavour, but is less than a teaspoon per squirt if that makes sense!

B - eggs, bacon and mushrooms fried in butter
L - little gem lettuce, avocado and grilled goats cheese
D - will be pork belly, broccoli and whatever other vegetables need using up in my fridge!

breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs mashed with butter
lunch: tuna mayonnaise with lettuce
supper: roasted veg with halloumi

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 14:37:47

My pleasure, toomuchtoask - I hope it helps.

halfthesize Thu 16-May-13 14:59:42

B- coffee
L- 2 hard boiled eggs
D- ???
Very busy day here...hmm

timidviper Thu 16-May-13 18:21:52

Hi all. Just popping in as horrendously busy at the minute.

B: Bacon, sausage, scrambled egg with cream
L: Chicken thigh, lettuce, M&S prawn snackpack, few almonds
T: Think it will be steak, mushrooms, roasted aubergines and salad

maidofmuss Thu 16-May-13 18:39:21

Hope everyone is doing okay! QUick meal update:
B scrambled eggs with mushrooms (in butter)
L roast chicken mixed with chopped up celery and cucumber with dessert spoon mayo
D stuffed cabbage parcels - leftover chicken, veg topped with cream/cheese (in oven now!)

ZimboMum Thu 16-May-13 19:05:22

Hi all:

B: scrambled eggs with crispy bacon
L: a lovingly made super salad with lettuce, cucumber, avocado, olives ad cheese which was meant to be topped with lashings of Mayo, except the Mayo was forgotten in the fridge so it was a pretty minging dry thing where the lettuce was avoided and the nice bits picked out grin
D: fake shepherds pie from Ipd with leeks instead of mushrooms and three small shallots instead of two onions.

Treat later will be a strawberry or two with some clotted cream. Yum.

Any ideas for eggs. I love the ease of eggs in the morning but only really like them with something - bacon and egg, cheese omelette or cheesy scrambled eggs. Don't want to overdo the eggs or processed meat but not sure what else to put with them? Bit of a reluctant egg eater grin

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 19:31:34

Egg mayo? I sometimes mash in some crumbled, crispy bacon.

Or, two hard-boiled eggs, halved. Place them cut side up in an oven dish and put a dollop of full fat yoghurt over each of them, and then dump a load of grated cheese over the top. Season with black pepper, and then grill for about 5 minutes until the cheese is browned and crispy.

Mini breakfast muffins/frittatas? Or various omelettes with left over veg from night before?

similar to biwi's, but devilled eggs are tasty (you might feel like you're at a seventies cocktail party)

or make mini frittatas with all sorts of fillings - spinach and feta, leftover veg and/or meat, etc

sorry, x post with mrshp there

Fluer Thu 16-May-13 19:44:54

God, Ive just posted on an old thread.
BIWI I started with you a while ago but then succumbed to eating carbs again. I started in the gym and running so ate normal but although im not gaining weight im not losing. And I know low carb is so healthy for life. And Im approaching menopause and on one thread it said by BIWI that this helps with hot flushes so count me in.
Thanks flowers

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 20:06:29

Welcome back, Fluer! flowers

Unexpected drawback of this WOE... Grease spots on all my clothes <messy bugger> too much lovely butter!

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 20:07:17

Bibs. That's what they were designed for! grin

yup bullet, i have become a woman who wears an apron, i never bothered before

Fluer Thu 16-May-13 20:14:16

thanks so much BIWI. Can I ask how much weight you yourself have lost (or dress sizes) on this WOE ( if you don't mind). Also did it keep the hot flushes away?

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 20:28:18

I started at 11 stone 5.75lbs, back in February 2012. I am 5ft 2in.

Now, I'm around 9 stone 4. I was wearing most things in a size 14 (and some tops were already getting tight!). Now, I'm wearing size 8-10 trousers and size 10-12 tops - mainly size 10.

I don't have many hot flushes, although I do have the occasional one during the night. Daytime ones have completely gone <fingers crossed!>

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 20:33:55

Oh, and I'm 53 and haven't had a period for about 18 months, so definitely through the other side of the menopause!

grin I think I need a puddle suit!

Fluer Thu 16-May-13 20:41:24

My goodness that is amazing and you have kept it off which is the most important proof that any woe works in my opinion so well done you!!!
*BIWI. Im 51 and havnt had one for about 5 or 6 months so not done yet maybe. Thanks for sharing.

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 20:52:16

I reached my goal of losing 2 stone in around November. I put about 5lbs back on over Christmas, which has now gone, and I'm currently maintaining. I'd like to lose a bit more, but I suspect this is my body's preferred natural weight. In any case, it's not hard for me to exist at this weight. I couldn't say I'm deprived!

TreeLuLa Thu 16-May-13 20:54:09

Hi all,

Checking in and loving all these egg recipes. Yum.

Am on a bit of a roll not a bread one this week and am still managing to avoid the wine despite several very trying days at work.

B: coffee with cream
L: salad with mozzarella, 4 baby tomatoes, olives and pesto
D: 2-egg mushroom omelette

I watched the whole of that lecture you posted yesterday, BIWI - and also made DH watch it. It was SO interesting - specially the stats about obesity rates and low-fat diets shock

middleagedspread Thu 16-May-13 21:11:55

BIWI you are an inspiration to us. I love reading about success stories, it's highly motivating.

I wonder, can you eat too much?
B Total, berries, nuts
L Avo, prawn, rocket, egg mayo
more yog with raspberries
D Salmon fillet, pureed celeriac, broccoli & hollandaise
Stewed rhubarb & more yog. Small glass dry white.
In my defence, I've walked 10 miles today.

AuntieMaggie Thu 16-May-13 21:19:51

You are all doing fantastic!

I've stayed the same the past two weeks which is frustrating but a medical issue has flared up so had to increase my tablet intake and I haven't been drinking enough water. I do have some lovely rhubarb though grin

Away with work next week so if anyone knows Lincoln please recommend places to eat - I will be hitting m&s for lunch supplies!

AuntieMaggie Thu 16-May-13 21:22:09

Oh and ditto hot flushes. I get them due to pcos but they have reduced on this woe because its carbs that cause the hormone fluctuations that cause them...

berryfreeze Thu 16-May-13 21:36:05

Had a bad night on Saturday forgot to eat and drank too much red wine, so I think that really put me out, am down 1lb but nothing really inch wise, when I was low carbing before the weight just fell off, and I did have milk in coffee, eat more nuts onions tomatoes not drink enough water, this time I am following bootcamp properly and seems nothing is moving, yesterday I had bacon omelette, homemade celery soup, slice of cheese and ham, tuna mayo salad,(lettuce cucumber and one small shallot,3 black coffees( coffee drinking. Has been dramatically cut Today has been cream cheese omelette, homemade celery an stilton soup, bolainse on iceberg lettuce with parmesan cheese 3 coffees, I do drink at least 3 ltr water a day, I have no cravings for sugar, bread etc and have more energy, so don't know wether I have come to a stall, I did actually start a couple of weeks before this bc started and had lost about 6lb.

berryfreeze Thu 16-May-13 21:37:12

Sorry about lack of paragraphs on previous post, just needed to get it out!!

BIWI Thu 16-May-13 22:11:43

berry - if you started 2 weeks ago, you are in the infamous week 3 (4 or 5!) difficult weeks, where weight loss does tend to slow down.

One thing to consider is that you are eating a fair amount of dairy though. This could also be something that might impede weight loss.

But remember - you aren't in a stall unless you haven't seen any weight loss for at least 4 weeks!

berryfreeze Thu 16-May-13 22:35:47

Thank you BIWI, think I just needed words of reassurance, now would I still be ok with a cheesy omelette in the morning, then have no more cheese for rest of day, and is mayo(hellmans) ok, if I am a little peckish a will go and have a slice of cheese, think I will stay on bootcamp for a little longer, thank you again BIWI and everyone else on thread, mainly do lurk but very helpful reading other's comments x

Evening losers

B Greek yoghurt
L leftover chicken tikka salad and mayo
D out for tea and chose chicken and bacon Caesar salad 2 glasses of red wine

Fluer Thu 16-May-13 22:54:13

salad of lettace, leaves, cucumber, peppers, spring onions with a dollop of mayo (real) and a piece of cod.
fried mushrooms in butter and 2 scrambled eggs.
That's my lot today as im not very hungry.
BIWI....if this is bootcamp......when do you do bootcamp light which you have mentioned before. Thanks smile

prettybird Thu 16-May-13 23:01:20

15th Wedding Anniversary today, so dh and I went out for a meal. 'Twas lovely - and mostly LCHF compatible: had pigeon and black pudding starter with a wee bit of apple purée for decoration and pea shoots and them for main course had rump of lamb and shredded shoulder of lamp with celeriac, purple sprouting broccoli and a few broad beans. smile All very scrummy and Boot Camp compatible smile Ignoring the glass of white wine and bottle of red wine I shared blush

CrabbyBigbottom Thu 16-May-13 23:30:17

BIWI that video was brilliant, very engaging and informative and also very funny. Dd came in and wanted to know what I was laughing at, when I told her it was a presentation on low-carbing she looked at me like this hmm

Felt like shit yeasterday with a sore gum that I've had for days that really seemed to be taking hold - pain spreading to ear and down neck, fluey feeling. Really wanted glass of wine to cheer me up but resisted urge, took a big dose of echinacea tincture and went to bed not long after dinner. Slept 12 hours and pain completely gone this morning. I certainly wouldn't have slept like that if I'd had wine.

B - smoked salmon bits in creme fraiche with roe in.
L - my usual salad, getting very slightly bored with it now!
D - black farm sausages (they're fabulous!) with roasted celriac mash and roasted broccoli.

L - usual salad; shredded pork belly, rocket, feta cheese, avocado, freshly made mayonnaise, pesto
Early D - leftover salad with some olives and gorgonzola
Supper - quarter of a camembert, baked 'til molten, with celery

Felt great today. My jeans are looser, my eyes are sparkling and clear, I've got a waist again. Another 1lb off since Tuesday.

Mentally/emotionally I feel so much better. Calmer, more patient with DD, more stable, positive. I had a pang today when I passed a chocolate vending machine and then I thought 'would it be worth it, blowing feeling like this for a cheap hit of shit chocolate?' The answer was no. smile

CrabbyBigbottom Thu 16-May-13 23:33:34

Oh and Happy Anniversary Badvoc and Prettybird, and Happy Birthday CiderWithBuda! smile

HeirToTheIronThrone Thu 16-May-13 23:36:02

Happy anniversary prettybird - that meal sounds lovely. For me: B - yogurt L - lunch with clients, shared olives to start then lovely salad with goats cheese and walnuts (left ALL the croutons). Weird quick dinner of a few raspberries with cream before had to dash to the cinema few of DP's Minstrels during the film then just had some yogurt mixed with peanut butter. Looking at it that's probably too much dairy but feel pleased that I turned down bread at lunch and chocolate eclairs in the office! We have to go to a funeral tomorrow so expecting a very carby buffet at the pub afterwards which will need negotiating!

milliemoomay Thu 16-May-13 23:48:20

Thanks BIWI - I'm going to try out the pork chop recipe tomorrow. Sorry it's been tough for you Calico... I'm afraid I lapsed tonight - I've been silly!

2 Chorizo burgers with boiled brussel sprouts which was fine (I checked the carb content etc)

But then I was hungry again at 10 so had another burger blush) After which I felt guilty and oddly craved something sweet although I was sooo full. So I had a handful of sugar free Werther's toffees - that's bad as it wasn't one or two but a whole bunch.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

changeforthebetter Fri 17-May-13 06:04:07


Soo, two Nutrigrain oatcakes and a choc chip brioche probably aren't on the allowed list blush

I have been doing well generally but had a horrible afternoon. I know all about emotional eating but "knowing" is one thing and not reaching for the carbs sometimes is hard - especially when you are caught out (brioche was literally waved in front of me)

Anyhoo, new day, new start. Will take my spinach, mushroom and broccoli frittata for lunch. Tis Friday so there will be a bit of wine with dinner wink

sammisatt Fri 17-May-13 06:30:56


Cider: I haven't worked out what happened but I think it sounds like it was your birthday so happy belated b'day from me.

B: sausages egg
L: salad leaves, olives, Parma ham, avo, cheese
D: shepherds pie with spring greens
Then I accidentally fell into a bottle of wine then had to eat some cheese too.

MaryBeardfanclub Fri 17-May-13 06:54:27

morning ladies smile

rupekt i popped to waitrose yesterday to check out some of these amazing bargains but could not find any sad guess I have not got the knack!

Ladies, can anyone recommend a lunch spot in central london? I am taking dp out for his birthday in next week and we need somewhere lchf friendly.

Celebration lunch out today with work, have ordered cesar salad with chicken.

sybilfaulty Fri 17-May-13 07:16:07

Happy birthday Cider for a couple of days ago.

Am having trouble keeping up with the thread and don't post as much as I'd like, but am sticking to the programme and feeling good. lOVE reading about everyone's food on the train home from work.

Mary - what sort of thing do you fancy? Do you have a part of London in mind? There is a really nice French place called Terroirs near Charing Cross which I love, but give me a bit more detail and I'll have another think. Website is here

BlackAffronted Fri 17-May-13 08:12:47

Morning Losers. It has taken 2 weeks, but I am back to my last bootcamp weight loss, so anything after today is extra grin Id put on about 7lb after a week totally submerged in carbs, but thats it all off again.

Making a LC adapted version of thsi for dinner www.adorasbox.net/2013/03/pot-roast-beef-in-creamy-mushroom-gravy.html, made it before and it was delicious! It was so good, I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day after thinking about it bed all night ha ha!

sammisatt Fri 17-May-13 08:14:25

Lots of lovely places to go for lunch in London. Marylebone high street is a good place for lunch. The Providores is fab for gorgeous, quirky clean food as is kopaka in seven dials. If you want meat The Hawksmoor does the best steak in London. Expensive but they do a relatively reasonably priced lunch menu.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:26:05

Hi guys, I hope it's okay if I stick my nose in for one second.

I can't do low carb because it makes me ill, but am trying to do lower carb.

My big problem is breakfast. I eat and then walk 3 miles round trip to take my son to school and by the time I get home I'm starved, having walked off my breakfast. So then I eat something else to gear me up for the return journey 2 hours later!

So what do you eat in the morning? Something that will process slower so I don't have to do that mid morning feed!

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:34:46


2 Chorizo burgers with boiled brussel sprouts which was fine (I checked the carb content etc)

Well, firstly, where was your breakfast?! The first rule of Bootcamp is that you have to eat three meals a day. This is to keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will also stop you getting hungry

And how many carbs in the burgers - you say you checked them, but how many?

And how much fat? Did you put butter on your sprouts?

But then I was hungry again at 10 so had another burger

Nothing wrong with eating if you're hungry! This WOE is absolutely not about depriving yourself! But you were hungry because you didn't have breakfast and you hadn't eaten enough fat.

After which I felt guilty and oddly craved something sweet although I was sooo full. So I had a handful of sugar free Werther's toffees - that's bad as it wasn't one or two but a whole bunch.

Again, you're not following Bootcamp rules! No artificial sweeteners The reason for this is two-fold - we are trying to break that addiction to things sweet - you have just given into the craving, which will prolong it. And second, we are aiming to eat natural and unprocessed foods.

Overall, you didn't really lapse that badly - at least you didn't do a face plant into the biscuit tin! But you really do need to follow Bootcamp rules for best results.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:35:41

What else did you eat yesterday, millie?

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:36:33

When you say it makes you ill, Tee, what do you mean?

And what are you currently eating for breakfast?

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:37:36

Heir please don't tell me you really did eat those Minstrels?! hmm

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:39:08

Fluer You can move onto Bootcamp Light after completing two weeks of Bootcamp. The rules are on the Spreadsheet (look at the tabs at the bottom).

Essentially you are allowed to introduce some fruit - berries only please - and nuts, and alcohol (in moderation).

If Bootcamp suits you, you can stay on this for as long as you like. Or you can do a hybrid - Bootcamp during the week, Bootcamp Light at the weekend.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:41:11

I get a migraine, BIWI, if I don't eat enough carbs. And fat, actually. Also, I'm diabetic so I have to keep everything in balance anyway.

I currently eat cereal for breakfast, Shreddies, which is in no way low carb! As I age, my insulin resistance is changing so I am working on the way I eat so I can fight against them putting me on insulin! My last blood results were horrible, despite the fact that I haven't changed my eating, because my stupid endo told me I didn't need to test my blood any more, since I'm on tablets, so I wasn't aware my body wasn't processing carbs as efficiently as it had been. I am, as I'm sure you can imagine, going to be having words with him!

Anyway, Low Carb is not only not good for me personally, it's actually not recommended for diabetics. A complete balanced diet, including regular levels of carbs, is what nutritionists instruct you to do.

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 08:41:50

After which I felt guilty and oddly craved something sweet although I was sooo full. Milliemoomay - that is the sugar addiction calling! You haven't cracked it yet - and you won;t if you keep giving in. HOnestly, next time, either ignore if you can, or go for something like liquorice tea, which is oddly sweet but LC. Or go and clean your teeth - it makes it easier to not want anything more.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:45:07

Tee - that advice for diabetics is rather controversial - some would now advise a low carb diet rather than regular carbs!

However, I'm not a medic/diabetic specialist so I won't advise you to change what you're doing.

But I would suggest that you consider switching to something like eggs in the morning - so high protein and fat. How about scrambled eggs on a piece of (buttered) wholemeal toast? That will be much more satiating for you and should help to keep your blood sugar levels stable for longer. (And please don't tell me you're drinking fruit juice ...?)

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 08:47:07

Xposts with you BIWI
Tee - I actually think the advice given to diabetics is almost criminally wrong. Shreddies (and high carb) will raise your blood sugars hugely,and then crash it. Low -carb doesn;t do that, it levels your blood sugars out beautifully. There are lots of Diabetics on this WOE

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:47:22

Tee - are you type 1 or type 2? Sorry, I should have asked you that.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:49:33

Of course I'm not drinking fruit juice. I'm diabetic, not stupid. grin I have a serving of shreddies with semi skimmed and some water to take pills and then a cup of coffee with a splash more of milk.

I'm not going to get into the 'should diabetics go low carb' debate with you or anyone else on the internet. I've had long conversations with nutritionists about it, believe me! Also, as I said, if I don't eat enough carbs, I get a migraine.

The problem with something like scrambled eggs is lack of time in the morning, not that they take that long, but longer than cereal. I was hoping someone had a magic breakfast that was equally quick!

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 08:50:48

And to be honest - if you are eating Shreddies for breakfast and walking 3 miles , I'm not surprised at all that you are hungry later. That is the blood-sugar crash. If you had a LC breakfast of eggs or other protein/fat, you would be stable for a lot longer.
I eat at 730, walk 3 mile to work and up 100 stairs when i get there. I am not hungry again until 1230 - 1pm. Honestly.

These cereals 'designed to fill you up till lunch' Ha!

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:51:33

grin didn't think you were stupid for one moment! But I had to ask ...

What about yoghurt? With some berries/nuts?

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:51:37

Type II, BIWI and before I had my son I was totally controlled with diet and exercise, to the point that my A1C was so low I was no longer considered 'actively' diabetic. Then I had him, needed insulin and now tablets.

Docs etc thought the need for tablets was from the weight I hadn't lost, but I'm nearly back to my pre-preg weight and still need them, so it's obvious that the pregnancy did more damage to my pancreas than first suspected. And now my A1C is going up again. sigh

tee if time is a problem then could you make something the night before, such as mini frittatas made with eggs, cheese, ham and veg. you can keep them in the fridge and have a couple of breakfast

or (full fat) greek yoghurt with some nuts and berries?

CrabbyBigbottom Fri 17-May-13 08:55:25

Tee as BIWI said, there's a growing body of evidence that diabetes can be more effectively managed by limiting carbs. The brilliant video (of a Swedish doctor speaking at a conference) that BIWI linked to upthread talks quite a lot about diabetes and low-carb, and how the advice 100 years ago was to completely avoid carbs - we're likely to soon come full circle in nutritional advice given. A lot of people with diabetes are now following a low-carb or low GI way of eating.

Dr Briffa talks a lot about diabetes, metabolic syndrome and diet...

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:55:59

Have you considered protein shakes? I don't know much about them, as I've never bought any, but they would certainly be quick. And you could also carry one with you in a flask. There are lower carb ones that you could buy, and make up with full fat milk.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:56:26

See, this is my other problem, Willie...I hate and despise yoghurt of any form. Well, unless it's frozen and full of chocolate and sugar. grin

I would love to do yoghurt with berries and a handful of nuts in the morning. Except yoghurt makes me gag!

I was thinking maybe cottage cheese, not sure how that would taste with nuts, although it's nice with fruit.

maidofmuss Fri 17-May-13 08:57:09

or breakfast could be cheddar cheese rolled in slices of ham? Very speedy... has that earlier this week when was really pushed for time. Bit heavy to chew through but kept me full until lunch

CrabbyBigbottom Fri 17-May-13 08:57:42

Sorry just seen your post that you don't want to enter into debate about it - I hadn't seen that when I posted and am not trying to be pushy!

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 08:57:42

If you like it with fruit, why not try that? Full fat cottage cheese with some berries would be lower carb but have decent amounts of protein and fat.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:58:02

Sorry, I will not discuss the carbs and diabetes debate. I've done my own research and have nothing more to say on it.

I am simply looking for ideas of what to eat.

Aren't they full of sugar, BIWI? Also, money is tight, so needs to be things I can make with ingredients I can also use in other ways.

CrabbyBigbottom Fri 17-May-13 08:58:06

That was to Tee, obviously

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 08:59:05

Cross posts, Crabby! No worries. grin

That's an idea maid. Always have both of those in the house, thanks to the two cheese and ham heads I live with!

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:00:06

If only berries weren't so damn expensive. Are the frozen ones nice or are they all mushy?

tee if you google 'low carb granola' you can find various 'cereal' recipes made up of nuts and seeds etc, which can be made up in bulk and then used quickly at breakfast time. these would be lower carb and higher fat/protein

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 09:01:54

Berries aren't too bad - they are the lowest carb fruits. The frozen ones aren't too bad I don't think. You could also always try making a smoothie with the frozen ones - that would work well - sort of the same lines as a protein shake.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:05:21

That's a good idea Willie. Part of the reason I like Shreddies is that they stay crunchy in milk. But granola would do that too!

leftovers are always good too, cold leftover roast meat with a bit of mayo etc

tee, aside from the cottage cheese option, if you're not keen on yoghurt and don't want to be cooking then your best bet would be to make something up the day before or in bulk so that you're able to grab and go in the morning

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 09:06:55

Or boil some eggs the night before (or any time you have the water boiling) and then just mash with butter/boursin/mayo. As quick, if not more so than cereal with all the faff with milk.....

re the granola quite a few recipes have artificial sweetener among the ingredients which you would probably want to leave out, but that's up to you obviously

CrabbyBigbottom Fri 17-May-13 09:08:49

There are some lovely softer cheeses which go down a bit easier than cheddar first thing in the morning, too. My current favourite is chaource, which you can get in sainsburys or tesco. It's soft and mild and creamy, and goes very well with a bit of parma ham.

Mashed avocado with olive oil, salt and pepper?
Egg mayonnaise?
Poached egg with bacon bits? I find bacon cooks much quicker if you cut it into little bits and fry it (normally I prefer to grill it as I like all the fat crispy). Or ham if you can't be arsed to cook bacon. Or a few small on-the-vine tomatoes (only 3.1g carbs per 100g from sains/waitrose).

If you need the carbs then surely a slower release carby breakfast like proper porridge (not the processed quick-cook stuff) would be better than shreddies?

and milk is pretty sugary/carby, but I'm not sure whether that's within your own eating plan or not

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:09:15

Just looked at some low carb granola recipes...what the fuck is sugar free honey?!?!?!

Is that not an oxymoron?!

Honey = sugar! grin

BTW, I don't artificial sweetners, either. So bad for you!

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:10:20

Don't use artificial sweetners. My amazement at sugar free honey had me dropping words. grin

prettybird Fri 17-May-13 09:12:17

Omelette can be cooked quicker than omelette if you have 3 minutes spare (appreciate that some people don't have even that), especially if you have a small frying pan (I have two wee ones that I got free with vouchers at Safeway years ago): put pan on to quite a high heat with a generous knob of butter. While it's heating, quickly whisk together two eggs, and pour into the pan (the butter should foaming by now). Swirl around and pull in the from the sides to let the egg mixture set. Season with salt and pepper, fold over and serve. 3 minutes from start to finish. smile

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:14:10

Sorry, Willie just saw your comment re: milk. The only milk I use is a splash in coffee/tea and in cereal. Otherwise I can't stand the stuff. So not a big part of my daily carbs.

3 minutes, huh pretty...I'll have to think about that. grin

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 09:21:58

Scrambled eggs takes less than 2 mins. Crack 2 eggs into a tuperware box, scramble. Add butter and microwave on high for 50 secs. Mix again and MW for about 20 secs until to your doneness liking. Eat out of the box.
Cooking in microwave means no pans to wash - and the plastic box is easier to scrub than a pan.

I add chili flakes, or some cream cheese, or a grating of cheese for variety

QueenofDreams Fri 17-May-13 09:26:10

hey all I've kind of fallen off the wagon. DP been lecturing me about it not being healthy to cut carbs. I love the weight loss but honestly don't know if I can keep it up living with someone who's so completely hostile to the idea.

queen i'm sorry, that does sound really tough

biwi linked to a video upthread - have you watched it and would your dp be willing to watch at least the first ten mins?

BerylStreep Fri 17-May-13 09:30:35

I love spinach and eggs.

Massive handful of spinach in a bowl, crack an egg or two on top. Add a knob of butter (and sometimes a slice of cheese).

Throw in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes at 600 watts.

Delicious grin

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 09:31:59

Queen - he's lecturing you on the basis of what knowledge, exactly? Have you looked at any of the (very many) resources that Willie has spent a long time loading on to the spreadsheet?

I can't do weight loss for you. (I'd be a multi-millionaire if I could grin) but the next best thing is all the information that is provided here for you.

If you have read it and believe it, then just ignore your DP/tell him to shove it/point him in the direction of the spreadsheet!

How dare he lecture you?!

Anyway, it's up to you.

toomuchtoask Fri 17-May-13 09:41:00

As of this morning I am 8lbs down. I am absolutely thrilled. Last night my friend and I went for a meal. The only place that wasn't too busy was a pizza place that only does pizza or pasta. I was really proud of myself as I ate half the pizza and chose not to eat the rest. That is a major achievement for me as normally I'd eat the whole thing plus some garlic bread! I know I broke the rules by eating pizza but I am inspired that I managed to say no to eating the whole thing. I've literally never done that before. Didn't even crave carbs afterwards.

This morning I went for a swim to compensate for the carbs. Feeling pretty great this week I have to say.

Thanks for the advice about treating breakfast as any other meal. I've just had spicy chicken and veg for breakfast.

L will be veg soup.
D will be late as I'm meeting friends. Have decided to just snack on some bacon and celery sticks when I get in as it's not too heavy for going to bed on.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the support everyone. I really do feel like I've turned a corner this week.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 09:41:56

That's brilliant, toomuchtoask.

Tee2072 Fri 17-May-13 09:44:11

I don't find eggs all that filling, actually. It's a common lunch around here and I'm always hungry soon after.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I'm off to haunt the nuts and seeds aisle of Tesco. grin

Blueskiesandbuttercups Fri 17-May-13 09:46:24

Ooo just see this,where is the original thread so I know what to do.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 09:48:45

Week 1 thread here, Blueskies

You're welcome to join us!

B - cheese omelette. Truly the best breakfast I've had on this WOE, delicious!
L - a pile of lovely salads and egg mayo from a deli (was out for work)
D - vegetable soup with grated cheese topping.

B- tuna mayo salad
L - going to a greasy spoon with DH, hoping a "breakfast" without the toast will meet the rules
D - smoked salmon salad

The DC have left loads of yummy looking toast from their breakfast. In the "olden days" I would have eaten that up straightaway! I have to go and put it on the bird table don't I.

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 09:51:59

Tee - so your shreddies is filling ? hmm If you eat it at lunch and are hungry soon after - you are not eating enough, or enough fat.

Blueskies - welcome. Llook at the top of this thread, you will see a link to the spreadsheet. On that you will find the rules and other info you will need. Please read these and join in!

QueenofDreams Fri 17-May-13 10:00:13

Thanks willie I will have a look at the video later when I have some time.

BIWI DP dismisses any kind of eating that differs from the 'eat less, move more' standard trope of weight loss as a faddy diet. He just says 'if you want to lose weight, eat less' Of course the problem with that is you just feel constantly hungry. we had a talk about how you burn off carbohydrates through exercise and I pointed out that I'm not capable of getting any serious exercise at the moment because of lingering ligament issues so I should reduce my carbs anyway because I can't burn off all that I eat.

Anyway, just had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I've been keeping my breakfasts and lunches low carb, and dinner too when I can. I can't always swerve it though as I'll be in for the lectures. The other day he had scampi and chips and I had some cauliflower cheese soup though so I felt quite virtuous about that. But on Tuesday night I ate fajitas.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 10:07:28

But Queen, if you eat like that - dropping in and out of low carbing - you won't lose weight. In fact you would probably gain weight.

Do you believe in the thinking/science behind low carbing? If you do, then, frankly, just tell him to bugger off! There is plenty of evidence to put under his nose.

If you don't believe it, or his 'arguments' are making you waver, then you really, really need to do your own reading on the subject. Dr John Briffa's book "Escape the Diet Trap" would be a really good place to start. He debunks the whole 'eat less, move more' argument really well, and it's a very easy book to read.

And you don't have to exercise to lose weight whilst low carbing. It will help you, but exercise only ever counts for around 15% of weight loss anyway, compared with diet.

exercise isn't really an ideal strategy for weight loss, though, queen - it's healthy for your bones and muscles and does you no end of good, but it's not going to lose you weight on its own, so i wouldn't worry about not being able to do much and just do what you can

and you're right about the simplistic 'eating less' - it just leaves you hungry!

the thing about calories in / calories out is that it assumes the body is just like a simple bank account or something - spend more than you earn and you end up in deficit. the thing is, all bodies are different, this completely ignores the role of hormones (particularly if you are resistant to some hormones), and crucially, the different food groups are processed differently, so a calories is not just a calories, and simply 'eating less' without qualifying what you're supposed to be eating less of is unhelpful

ah, x-post!



thanks so much to everyone who has weighed in this week!

biggest loser: RaspberrySchnapps
biggest loser since the start of bootcamp: PennyHofstadter
biggest %age loser since the start of bootcamp: rubybricks

bravo to you all

N.B. i have archived all those who haven't weighed in since the start of bootcamp - purely so that me averages are as accurate as possible. if this applies to you please please don't think that you have been kicked out of bootcamp - just shout and you will be reinstated forthwith

MrsFlorrick Fri 17-May-13 10:29:20

Morning everyone.

So far today I have had bullet proof coffee (made with nspresso coffee not the organic hand picked by fragrant virgins in the South Pacific kind though).
I am afraid I have also just had two teaspoons on hazelnut butter. It's naughty but its too early for lunch and the jar was waving at me from the cupboard. Better than biscuits though.

I am going to list out some meals as you (Willie and BIWI) suggested yesterday. The carb calculation is from mfp so it may be wrong.

Under 25g carb a day:
B: scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil (or butter) with Thai herbs (2 eggs)
L: cold left over roast chicken with salad of iceberg lettuce (circa 1.5 cup full), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber. 2 table spoons of mayo with it
D: cod en papillotte with butter and parsley with broccoli and celeriac chips.
No snack. This came out I think at 21g of carb on mfp.

60g plus carb day
B: baked eggs with spinach and parmasan. (With cream added and two eggs and 6 blocks of frozen spinach).
L: black farmer gluten free sausages (5) with roast leeks (2 leeks) and mushrooms
D: lamb chops (3) with home made coleslaw.
Snack: 4 teaspoons of almond butter, 1 pack of M&S pork scratchings. 3x coffee with cream. 2 table spoons of Greek yog with peanut butter (1 spoon).

So if I stick roughly to the first one and also don't have any snack then yes I lose weight. But I am constantly and absolutely starving. Hence only managing this for a couple of weeks.

The second one is much higher in carb obv and a lot of cals!! I don't lose weight but maintain nicely. And I am full and satisfied and not clawing at the kitchen cupboards.

So what I want to know is how most of you seem to eat like my no 1 example (looking at your posts on daily menus) without being absolutely starving.

I used to be very slim. I did not have to diet or exercise to stay that way and mostly ate more than DH (v tall).
My body was wrecked by pregnancy (quite literally). And I piled on 5 stone (Not including the baby this was after birth). Mainly due to rampant insulin resistance which went undiagnosed due to a hospital error (grr). It took quite a while for it to settle after birth and due to insulin resistance I was starving and found it hard to lose weight.

During my second pregnancy it was all well controlled with a low GI diet and I put on 2 stone but I hadn't lost all the weight before hand so by the time no two was born I was in exactly the same place. Argh.

I have since (two years now) tried various diets. Weight watchers etc were useless. I have managed to lose all but the last 25lbs (mainly on dukan but I didn't find it sustainable eating different meals from the family).

Hence lurking around on Boot camp as low carb should be perfect for someone like me.

As far as I can tell I am not doing anything wrong food wise and I maintain even when eating tons of food.

In fairness I have not exercised at all. I started swimming again 3 weeks ago (2km 4x per week - as in 2km in an hour so fast high intensity).

If I am going wrong please let me know where. And sorry about mammoth post. Thanks if you made it this far smile

mrsflorrick i would see what BIWI says, but Ithink it's a positive thing that you've identified that:

1. you do better if you're not snacking
2. you have a relatively low tolerance for carbs (not surprising given your diagnosis of insulin resistance in the past)

i notice also with respect to your snacks that they are all either nut-based, processed (pork scratchings, which do contain sugars and wheat rusk etc although in very small quantities), or dairy - all those things will add up in terms of carbs or contain artificial stuff, and as you know you should be getting your carbs mostly from veg, which on your weight loss days, you are

so as you say, the thing you need to address is your hunger without increasing carb levels, so i would suggest increasing fat in particular (add yet more butter, yet more oil to your salad, even fattier cuts of meat), and possibly a bit more protein too

your menus (outside of the snacks) look ideal by the way, so maybe stop stocking your cupboards with the nut butters etc if they are too tempting?

also, you might be someone who finds that really big breakfasts (big-arse breakfasts some on here call them, or BAB) - e.g. eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms all cooked in butter - would set you up better and help stop you snacking. your breakfasts look fine but maybe it's just not enough for you, especially as you're finding you need to snack at 10am (unless that's just habit of course wink)

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 11:12:55


Forget about the calories! They really don't matter on a low carb WOE (They may come into play as you reach your target weight, but for now you can safely forget about counting them or worrying about them)

Under 25g carb a day:
B: scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil (or butter) with Thai herbs (2 eggs)
L: cold left over roast chicken with salad of iceberg lettuce (circa 1.5 cup full), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber. 2 table spoons of mayo with it
D: cod en papillotte with butter and parsley with broccoli and celeriac chips.
No snack. This came out I think at 21g of carb on mfp.

OK. This is a low carb day because of the veg you have chosen. This is perfect. BUT it is also a low fat day. Yes, you have added coconut oil/butter and mayo, but you have chosen very low fat protein. You need to be eating chicken thighs (preferably with the skin on!) or salmon/other oily fish. I'm not really surprised that you were hungry. It's the fat that will keep you feeling fuller for longer

60g plus carb day
B: baked eggs with spinach and parmasan. (With cream added and two eggs and 6 blocks of frozen spinach).
L: black farmer gluten free sausages (5) with roast leeks (2 leeks) and mushrooms
D: lamb chops (3) with home made coleslaw.
Snack: 4 teaspoons of almond butter, 1 pack of M&S pork scratchings. 3x coffee with cream. 2 table spoons of Greek yog with peanut butter (1 spoon).

The carbs you have added in here are not coming from your veg/salad, which is where they should be coming from. You have added carbs from meat, almond butter, yoghurt and peanut butter. You really need to keep an eye on this. Did you really need the snacks? That's quite a lot of snacking, actually! How much fat did you have with each of your meals? Were you frying your food? Did you add mayo/butter where you could?

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 11:13:19

Queen - definitely do some reading on it. I was always a 'healthy' eater, but now I question everything I'm told.
Saturated fats clog the arteries? This seems to be based on the idea that if you tip bacon fat down the drain, it clogs it up. And the fat in clogged arteries looks like bacon fat, innit, so hence it must be from the sat fat.

Cereals 'keep you full till lunch'? No they don't. They fill you up with cheap filler and sugar, and send your blood sugars rocketing. An hour later you are starving, because your blood sugars have plummeted, and you now crave sugar.

Fruit is good for you - it is full of sugar in one form or another. (this is especially painful for me - I love fruit)

Fat = bad. This has been peddled for 40 years by the governmet. Since then, we have cut out fat, and all that happens is we get fatter.

Fat is bad, therefore low-fat = good. Take out the fat and you have to replace it with cheap thickener, emulifiers, chemical sweeteners and gunk to replicate the 'mouth-feel' (otherwise it is grainy).

Butter =sat fat = bad , so they make an artificial, chemical fat that is unsaturated, dye it yellow to look like butter and even RATS don't eat it.

These are all healthier than good natural meat, eggs, veg, butter, cream.
hmm ??

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 11:13:19

Oh, and how much water are you drinking?

MrsFlorrick Fri 17-May-13 11:13:52

Willie. grin At big arse breakfast! Sounds lovely. I would do that for lunch. Not enough time in the morning with the DC unless I got my substantial behind out of bed earlier and put my breakfast in the oven before shower. Now there is an idea!!

I know about the snacking. The DC have a morning snack and an afternoon snack and its hard to avoid joining in. I do think the nut butter is better than falling into a packet of kitkat though. (I don't give the DC crap. They get fruit or fromagie frais).

I do put oil over my salads and I cook the meats in butter. Sorry I didn't mention that in the other post.

At meal times I do eat plenty and I am very full but without the snacks I am hungry in between.

Like today I had the bullet proof coffee and ended up having two teaspoons of hazelnut butter at 10 but that is now keeping me full till lunch. Which is black farmer chipolata with leeks and mushroom cooked in butter.

If my fitness pal is correct about fat content, I eat 80% of my calories as fat and less than 10% (often 7% or less) as carb and the rest protein which should work well.

I trying to keep away from dairy but its hard. I fell into a pack of appenzeller cheese last night while the DC ate dinner. They eat at 5pm and DH and I eat later. But I often find I am starving at 5 and that's when I eat a lot of naughty stuff like pork crackles and cheese. I tend to eat the nuts earlier in the day.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 11:29:29

Pork crackles and cheese are not naughty! (Well, the crackles are processed, but apart from that ...) They are fat and fat is good. The nuts are also good, but do add carbs into your diet.

Try drinking some water next time you're hungry - hunger can often be a signal of dehydration

MrsFlorrick Fri 17-May-13 11:29:35

BIWI. Thank you. I do cook and roast in butter and oil
And add oil to salad.
I drink 6 to 7 pints of water a day plus 3 or 4 cups of peppermint, green or other herbal tea.

toomuchtoask Fri 17-May-13 12:24:28

6-7 pints of water? Is that even possible without exploding!

MrsFlorrick Fri 17-May-13 12:32:24

Too much. Yes it is. I read somewhere (dr Briffa or BIWI?) that you need to drink a minimum amount according to your weight per day when low carb. For me/my weight it's circa 6 pints which is 3 litres. If you are lighter it will be much less.

WestleyAndButtockUp Fri 17-May-13 13:11:06

Off to have broccoli and stilton soup.

QueenofDreams Fri 17-May-13 13:23:01

captainmummy thanks, I've been reading a lot online, and it's been convincing me, just DP that's been making me doubt. Or at least making me wonder if it's worth the effort of trying to do it with him putting his oar in. Any meals where he's had mashed potato I've just replaced with cauli mash. I need to find a low carb alternative to tortilla wraps that I can secretly use if we have fajitas!

EwanHoozami Fri 17-May-13 13:55:01

Queen I think you need to have the courage of your convictions and say to DH that this is what you've decided to do, you've done your research (which he is welcome to read) and he must respect your decision.

You don't need to get into a discussion about every food choice you make, but it is helpful to have a few low-carb one-liners. There are some great ones in captainmummy's post.

Or appeal to his inner conspiracy theorist and explain that it's in the government's interests to support the big pharmaceutical businesses and supermarkets who put money into the economy through their shitty low-fat-low-calorie products. They're not going to piss them off by telling people the truth about carbs wink

Above all, prove him wrong by losing weight through this WOE!

prettybird Fri 17-May-13 13:56:01

Thin omelettes apparently work well as wraps.

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 14:05:06

Queen - my dp knows about the Lowcarbing in our household, (he is doing it too and has lost over 10kgs in 6 months without once complaining about being deprived) but the dc have no idea. They get the carbs (potatoes or rice or whatever) and puddings. I have either a low-carb substitute (mashed cauli for mash, cauli rice for rice, etc) or i just go without (roast pots, yorkshires, pasta)and have extra veg, which i prefer anyway. It's not easy if it's like risotto or pasta dish, but i don;t do those often & if i do i cook something else for me.

I haven't told anyone else, not work, not wider family, not friends, that i am low-carbing. If we go out to dinner, I pick something reasonably low-carb. If I'm entertaining I cook something that i can put on the table to help themselves - then just avoid the carby bits. No one has ever noticed.

What i am trying to say is - does anyone else need to know? Would your Dp know if he got a plate of mash and you didn't eat yours? (dinner equivalent to 'nod and smile, nod and smile ... and ignore.'!

And re fajitas - make thin omellettes and use those. I did this the other day and used them as wraps round chicken and mushroom, covered in cream sauce and cheese.
Or look up cream cheese pancakes on 'I breathe, I'm hungry' website. Lots of low=carb recipes.

captainmummy Fri 17-May-13 14:13:20

Toomuchtoask - I drink at least 5 pints of water a day, on top of about 4-5 black unsweetened Rooibos tea (in my mug which is 3/4 pint!) so I'mdrinking about 7 pints.
There is a chart somewhere depicting the amounts you should drink according to your (over)weight.
You do pee like a racehorse for the 1st few weeks but after that your body settles down. I have a pint and 3/4 black tea at 730 and dont need the loo until 10am now.
And it's so good for your body to flush out the ketones, toxins etc. Your skin, hair, eyes, digestion will thank you.

Fluer Fri 17-May-13 14:20:50

Thanks for your advice BIWI with regards to bootcamp and bootcamp light. BTW.....my friend has lost 7 stone and she was diabetic type 2. Her doctor had warned her that she needed to take action. She has tried diets again and again and of course they don't work. So she did low carbing and lost the weight and now does not need her medication as long as she stays low carb because of the way it controls her insulin resistance. Brilliant for her and she looks and feels amazing.

I drink 2-2.5 litres a day

A good tip to get water is to drink put of a bottle with a sports cap.

There is something scientific about it being easier to drink more from a bottle than a glass. Works for me!!

NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 14:42:22

I think it is really interesting how different people react to things differently. I know some are reporting migraines on this diet. But for me this woe has got me off the serious strong meds that were controlling my migraines. And the it has only been the last few days that I have suffered a really severe scary migraine, since first jumping onto this woe back in october. Prior to this i would have at least 2 or 3 severe migraines/mth and 2 or 3 minor migraines/wk. Admittedly i do suffer a few low level achy headaches during the transition onto the woe. But compared to the long term benefits it is so much nicer.

B: scrambled eggs
L: Alpro yoghurt and low cal sausages

interestingly i wasn't feeling very awake this morning, put normal amount of sugar into my coffee. took one mouthful and had to pour it down the sink cos it was so sweet it was vile. Urgh. Was nice to be back in that world.

Waves to new start- good to see you back!
What a positive health benefit for you

QueenofDreams Fri 17-May-13 15:20:19

Thanks again captain I've found a recipe for crepes made from egg and water, so I might try that instead of fajitas.

I mentioned it to my physio today and she said there's no problem reducing carbs unless you're already not eating much. She just said 'if you're already eating rice, pasta, bread potatoes there's no problem cutting down your carbs'. So I think I'm going to get back on the wagon again.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 15:22:47

Woo hoo! Welcome 'back', Queen! flowers

We will give you all the support that you need. If you like, we could come round and duff your DP up for you as well? wink

colette Fri 17-May-13 15:32:33

o.k - had a real carb craving and have just eaten a packet of crisps !! This was after a huge bowl of celeriac soup - think( hope) it's because it is totm.
Was crisps better than something sugar laden ? Or am I kidding myself ?
Still feel hungry blush

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 15:34:37

No. Crisps just as bad! You are kidding yourself and, worse, you will now be hungrier because you will have sent your blood sugar levels soaring - and they will crash just as quickly.

Don't do it!

colette Fri 17-May-13 15:36:42

o.k blush

NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 16:01:36

Gless well had to do something about the migraines. Tis a bit scary sitting in a meeting with the Specialist going we gotta get this under control otherwise you are highly likely to end up in a coma sooner rather then later. shock Nice to be able to do this through food and life style choices then meds with horrible side effects. that said I will be asking for the meds back for a short patch next week as a precaution after this recent migraine.

NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 16:02:24

It is nice to see everyone again though. Have missed your wise words of advice whilst surviving rl chaos.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 16:05:08

... and it's lovely to have you back, NewStart!

Tbh it's how I survive my RL chaos with support from online friends!!
Always someone here no matter time of day.

Anyway have just treated us to steak in Diane sauce with mushrooms and tender stem broccoli which will be roasted in chilli flakes
Dh will have chips

QueenofDreams - can I ask who does the majority of the cooking in your house?
Dh was a bit sceptical but has seen the benefits both weight wide and health wise. He keeps asking me to have a cholesterol check as cant believe I can eat all this fat without some repercussions. However he will now make courgette pasta and cauliflower rice for me.
I would love him to be fully on board and eat this way too but no chance!
If your DP has to cook is it just inconvenient for him? We are behind you all the way
<shakes Pom Poms>

Hi all.

Queen - I'm sure it makes it very difficult to follow bootcamp with constant negativity. Not sure what to suggest that other haven't. Except I would probably be likely to tell him that I was an adult who could make my own decisions after research and if he wasn't willing to read the research and support me, he should just butt out. But that's just me! grin

Busy day here.
B - some ham and egg mayo
L - salad with lots of various leaves, cherry toms, feta, avocado, smoked salmon and wasabi mayo and extra olive oil.
D - will be pork steaks with cabbage and leeks fried in butter with some cream.

If I was to roast broccoli - how long for and what temp please? Sounds interesting!

lots of gardening planned here over the weekend if the rain lets us. Went to garden centre this afternoon and have now got tonnes of plants to plant.

Buda I toss my broccoli stems in oil, sprinkle chilli flakes and roast for 20-25 mins depending on over. You have to watch carefully though as they go from perfect to burnt in about ten seconds
Or maybe that's just me?

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 18:05:45

I love roasted broccoli - but yes, it burns very quickly!

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 18:06:41

Roasted cauliflower is also very lovely - sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and ground cumin (and lots of olive oil). Also takes about 20 mins.

teaandthorazine Fri 17-May-13 18:26:30

Roasted broccoli is a big favourite in our house too; in fact we're having it tonight, along with chicken legs roasted in ghee with rosemary, garlic and thyme, and some sautéed courgettes.

Today's haul will therefore be:
One large Americano with cream
Salad of feta, asparagus and courgette (again!)
A Nakd gingerbread bar (it's just nuts and fruit, honest BIWI grin)
The aforementioned chicken and veg

And since it's Friday, probably a g&t with lots of ice and lemon...

Yama Fri 17-May-13 18:32:33

Evening all. I'm having a class of Prosecco tonight as the Missives were signed on our new house today. I'm one of these ultra cautious people who won't stop worrying until things are definite.

Anyway, this is how I feel - smile smile smile smile smile.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 18:43:12


NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 18:50:49

Could someone explain to me the logic behind low fat cream? confused All I wanted was some soured cream 5 shops later and running out of time I ended up going with the low fat stuff but really? Cream is supposed to contain fat otherwise it isn't cream. and before BIWI starts shouting it is 17. mai and a big celebration kinda day around here. Thankfully being abroad we don't get the national holiday and I have avoided the carby food mostly even though I made it all this year

Congratulations Yama!

ZimboMum Fri 17-May-13 19:04:17

Congrats Yama. I've moved recently too and was convinced that it was all going to fall apart until we had exchanged!

Thanks for all the egg suggestions. Picky mare as not keen on hard boiled eggs or cold eggs a la mini fritattas but figure I'll try put such delicious things in them that I won't notice the eggs!

B: one slice bacon and two eggs
L: black farmer sausages with salad and Mayo
D will be: butter chicken from Ipd and cauli rice. With wine. And strawberries with clotted cream.

Just planning next weeks meals and doing my shopping list for tomorrow morning. Recipe thread, here I come!

Thanks all, it is so nice to have such support and amazing wealth of knowledge and experience available.

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 19:08:37

Low fat cream is an abomination, NewStart. HTH.

Yama Fri 17-May-13 19:27:10

Cheers guys!

I'm off to make a lamb bhuna for tomorrow. We have a guest staying. One of dh's South African cousins. Young lad in his early 20's. Poor boy will have to endure Eurovision with a pair of old fuddy-duddies. I did suggest dh should take him out but dh thinks we'll have a great time staying in. Poor cousin.

NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 19:27:59

problem is which numpty decided that shops should stock this abomination rather then the full fat version hmm sad

NewStartNewStory Fri 17-May-13 19:29:01

The only answer i see to that Yama is alcohol. vast quantities and a euro vision associated drinking game <hides from biwi's big stick for making this suggestion>

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party today!

Tee, I am a type II diabetic and, like you, until my daughter was born was able to control my diabetes through tablets and diet (eg everything in moderation, following standard nutritional advice given etc...). As soon as I got pregnant I had to go onto insulin to control it and it seems to have caused permanent damage to my pancreas as since having her my diabetes has been much, much harder to control. Eating what I ate before having her simply didn't work for me, and like you my hba1c kept creeping up.

I fell pregnant again about 18 months ago, and had to go straight back on the insulin. I had a mc, but my diabetic team have kept me on insulin so that I can continue to ttc and keep my levels tightly controlled. Obviously being able to test all the time (for free!) has allowed me to really get to grips with what foods have what affect on my and my blood sugars. If I follow the official advice (eg porridge for breakfast) then if I don't take insulin my blood sugars go sky high, if I take the insulin required to keep them just below the 8 level two hours later, then 3 hour later I have a hypo or have to eat something else to prevent this from happening. A similar thing was occuring every meal, the only way I could manage it without having to eat extra to prevent the hypos and keep my blood sugar levels within target was to cut out the carbs.

I talked to my diabetic team about this and they were a little unsure, although only because they were worried that I wouldn't have enough energy to get from one meal the next and then would snack and then eat more/put on more weight etc... I have agreed to have my bloods done/be reviewed as regularly as they wanted. I have kept food diaries and shown them and actually what has become apparent to me is that I eat much better following a low carb regime. I no longer require any insulin at all during the day time and only require my background insulin at night and at a much lower dose than I had before. Over the last 12 months, every single one of my blood results has improved and my hab1c is now well within target, my cholesterol has come down and I have also lost weight. I never feel tired, I never get the three hour slump after a meal and I am eating foods that I enjoy. I read Dr Bernsteins 'The Diabetes Diet' which I also found helpful from a diabetic point of view.

I am surprised to hear that you get migraines when low carbing - this goes against everything that I have read and must be very unusual. Refined carbs are a well known trigger, and many people have found cutting out carbs has helped. I know that some people if they don't eat enough vegetables or variety of vegetables can then lack some nutrients which can cause migraines so taking vitamin/supplements (B12 and another one I can't remember) is recommended.

I think there is a common misconception between 'no-carb' and 'low-carb'. I do eat carbs, they all just come from natural sources - vegetables (excl potatoes). I know from extensively testing my blood sugars that actually eating a plateful of carrots is much better tolerated by my body than eating even a small portion of rice or slice of bread, despite there being perhaps a similar amount of carbs when compared.

In terms of breakfast others have already suggested things to but: scrambled eggs, boiled eggs (these can be done the night before), bacon, low carb sausages (again these can be cooked the night before and warmed in microwave to save time), breakfast muffin/frittata things are great (again can be cooked before), cooked mushrooms, cold meats and cheeses or any combo of the above. For me a typical day's meals would go:
B - bacon/eggs/mushrooms (I try to get up early to make time for this as it makes a difference to me)
L - salad with some kind of topping (prawn, avocado, meats, cheeses, egg mayo, goats cheese, whatever they have on special offer in the shop!)
D - meat/fish with a couple of veg (green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, salad, cabbage, leeks, courgette)
I also drink about 4 litres of water a day

I know you say you have spoken to lots of nutritionists about this, but they are only going to go on what they have been taught if that makes sense. Anyway, that is my personal experience and honestly think that this WoE has been the best thing I have ever done for my health and diabetes.

Sorry this is such an essay!

BIWI Fri 17-May-13 19:42:19

Great post, MrsHP

decaffwithcream Fri 17-May-13 20:46:54

Can i just add to the "making breakfast eggs quickly" debate:

If you use a stick blender you can beat the eggs in approximately 2 seconds instead of 60 grin

Doshusallie Fri 17-May-13 20:58:16

B - 2 boiled eggs
L - lettuce sandwiches with brie, coleslaw and pâté, 2 teaspoons of PB for pudding
Tea - turkey escalope in Parmesan crumb with garlic butter, with courgettes and buttery mushrooms and leeks
Snacks - some pepperoni, 2 x pkt pork scratchings, 4 Brazil nuts, 3 glasses of red.

MaryBeardfanclub Fri 17-May-13 21:37:53

ladies, thanks for the lunch suggestions I'll have a look at those - the plan is British Museum exhibition at 11am, lunch somewhere, then mooch around Selfridges.

had roast duck tonight - not very satisfying or tasty sad but awesome cauli puree with it.

decaffwithcream Fri 17-May-13 21:39:31

B - Lidl yoghurt, spinach fried in butter with small sprinkles of pine nuts and blue cheese

L - IPD Mousakka with rocket and olive oil

D - Meat from a chicken thigh on rocket and cucumber with blue cheese and feta-stuffed olives.

S - 5 cheddar sticks. That's more dairy than I meant to eat actually. Interesting when you write it down.

MaryBeard can I just say thanks for the chicken in parmesan crumbs recipe - we cooked it ages ago and all loved it, and it was lovely to have a bit of crunch on the chicken. Will deffo be doing it again...

Sorry about your duck, I love duck, rubbish that it was disappointing for you.

Ooh yes I forgot to say, second that mrshp on the Parmesan chicken I really enjoyed that

snoworneahva Fri 17-May-13 21:43:09

Brilliant post mrshp - lurking from the Paleo thread smile

Ha snow I lurk on the paleo thread, as I start to think about what I think would work for me for long term maintenance (still a little way to go)

maidofmuss Sat 18-May-13 08:16:50

Good Morning all!
Yesterday was:
B scrambled eggs in butter
L asparagus ( in lots of butter), smoked salmon and cream cheese
D beef brisket (done in slow cooker all day - with some shallots, small finely chopped onion, diced turnip, small chopped carrot, two sliced leeks, thyme, marigold veg stock and glug or two of red wine), with broccoli and creamed cauli mash
S largish gin and slim plus 10 or so hazelnuts

Youngest made chunky chocolate muffins and didn't find hard to resist at all - amazing for me (wd usually swipe a chunk or two of chocolate and help lick the bowl too!)

Weight unchanged all week but clothes do feel a little looser so will keep on hope!

Have a good weekend!

Morning! Just had a proper bulletproof coffee - Wheeeeee! That stuff wakes you up!
Are you supposed to not want to eat afterwards? Or is it supposed to be in addition to breakfast?

JaxTellerIsAllMine Sat 18-May-13 09:11:59

morning, yesterday was a bad, BAD day. sad

Today is a new day, so lets get back on track.

bullet what coffee did you use for your bulletproof coffee? Im intrigued by this.

Fresh coffee (made in a percolator), tbsp virgin coconut oil and about 25g of unsalted butter. I poured the hot coffee over the oil and butter and stirred until they melted then blitzed with a stick blender until it sort of emulsified and looked like a latte. Be careful when you blitz though!

It's really delicious smile

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 09:17:50

I'm sorry - I admire you all for your perseverance to get more fat into your diet, but that bulletproof coffee sounds absolutely revolting!

Oh sorry I misread! I used some posh Kenyan coffee that we got for xmas but I think I'll be buying Grumpy Mule when that runs out.

Biwi I don't know if you're into coffee, but if you are you should give it a try! Its like a latte but stronger .

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 09:23:11

I love coffee. But I like it with milk. Butter and oil are for cooking.


grin go-on go-on go-on

WhyIRayLiotta Sat 18-May-13 09:37:09

Morning! Maidofmuss I really want to try your brisket recipe it sounds lovely.

Last night I had low carb pizza! It was yummy and tasted so carb-a-licious I am feeling guilty about it - Even though I shouldn't. confused

berryfreeze Sat 18-May-13 10:19:23
kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 11:30:38

I have chronic daily migraine (still having at least 3 per week despite having hysterectomy 8 wks ago to see if it would help. grr!)
I didn't find that low carbing made the slightest difference to my migraines. They were the same whatever I ate - even when I went strict vegan for 3 mths. I have just ripped my HRT patch off in a strop as had very bad one last few days so going without any hormones to see what happens. So if you see me stuffing down the greek yogurt on top of my calcium/ vit D/ magnesium supplements, I'm thinking of my bones (yes, I know there is calcium in spinach but I like greek yogurt too!)
However, going wheat free does help my fibromyalgia pain a lot so obviously it follows that the low carbing is helping too.

kiwigirl that sounds horrible, hope you feel better soon.

kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 11:38:27

I think I would rather eat a chunk of butter on the side with my coffee rather than it in.

I bought some full fat lactofree milk as I have a Nespresso machine (bloody fantastic it is - it was my post-hysterectomy treat and really worth the money. Good coffee, everytime) and used to have a latte every morning.
It tastes like UHT milk but thats fine as I like that taste, its sweet enough without sugar and very creamy. Its a bit spendy but a litre will last me 5 days.

I can now have a latte for only 5 carbs - when I have a migraine I will sometimes just have this for a meal (or both breakfast and lunch like today!) so its good to have the option back

kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 11:43:22

* MrsHerculePoirot * thank you. I'm ok in my head which is main thing. got knitting and spinning planned for today. Hope to spin enough fibre to make myself a jumper.
We need a bootcamp chat thread!

Morning all.

BIWI - I'll try the bulletproof coffee if you will! Go on - double dare you!

Kiwi girl - that sounds horrendous. My sis gets really bad hormonal migraines too and has been getting loads since she started menopause. Her doc was reluctant to put her on hrt for various reasons but she over-ruled him and is currently on her second adjusted dose. First one helped a little so they out her on something stronger. She is still getting migraines but they are a lot less severe. She found the hrt patch useless though. It sounds like you are trying everything but just thought I'd mention Co-enzyme Q10, acupuncture or chiropractor. Ignore me if these have been tried and failed!

So. Dinner last night was delicious. Pork steaks bought from farmers market. They were in a spicy coating with chilli oil. DH cooked them and managed to get the spicy coating all gooey and crispy and delicious. Had with cabbage, greens and leeks fried in butter and then we added cream. I then poured the rest of the pan juices over my cabbage. So good.

Today. B - Greek yoghurt with flaxseeds. I need the fibre again!
S after walk - 2 babbles
L - will be poss scrambled eggs and bacon
D - will be BBQ - chicken, sausages, halloumi and salad.

Scales are alternating between 14st 9 and 14 st 10. Desperate to break that 14st 9 barrier!

This afternoon is a big gardening afternoon here. We went to the garden centre yesterday and bought loads. So need to get planting.

Bessie123 Sat 18-May-13 12:02:51

kiwigirl Poor you, the migraines sound awful sad

Biwi Bulletproof coffee tastes like white coffee but not milky. So if you are not keen on the taste of milk but black coffee is too harsh, it's perfect. I expected it to be disgusting but it really isn't. Honestly. Ad you won't know till you try it, will you? Worst case is you get a mouthful of a drink you don't like that much.

Go on, try it, you big baby grin

Kiwi so sorry about the migraines - I inherited them from my mother (she has given up caffeine, chocolate, cheese and red wine which all trigger hers) but I am lucky that low carbing keeps them under control.

I am a knitter too, hope that gives you some quality me-time

The bulletproof coffee is fine as long as you don't let it go cold, then it is really grim

NewStartNewStory Sat 18-May-13 14:13:20

migraines are a bastard. I have some many things that can trigger mine. Suffer so many types. (which apparently shouldn't happen hmm) and the only thing that i seem to have escaped in the past was the hormone related one. Unfortunately it seems that with early menopause comes this little treat. Oh fucking joys. Full sympathy too you Kiwi It wouldn't surprise me if the patch is a trigger for you though as the pill is a know trigger as is the mini pill in some. Hope you feel better soon.

justpoppy Sat 18-May-13 14:30:36

Hi all! Haven't had a great few days but ready to get back on the wagon for the last week before my lardy ars hits the beach.

Bought some pig skin from morrisons yesterday to make pork scratchings. Can anyone tell me if the (uncooked) rind freezes ok or should I just cook all of it and hope I don't scoff the lot in a day?

Poppy I'm sure it would freeze like any other meat

justpoppy Sat 18-May-13 15:23:53

Thanks Willie.

Doshusallie Sat 18-May-13 15:33:26

Bab for breakfast.

Coleslaw wrapped in Corn beef slices wrapped in Edam slices wrapped in lettuce x 2 - a lunch for a king.

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 15:43:21

Look. When God invented coffee he also invented cows. That's all I'm saying.

teaandthorazine Sat 18-May-13 16:31:32

Have just roasted off some leftover chicken skin with plenty of salt -homemade chicken crackling! And bloody delicious. Love this WOE grin

kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 16:38:53

I'm going to make some home made caesar salad dressing later a la BIWI and also have some fresh asparagus to eat, perhaps with a steak

diet? what diet. definately more way of eating.

Holland and Barrett have their penny sale on at present so I've bought 2 x 500g pots of coconut oil for £15. I've had it before and like it. Shipping is free over £20 and as Nakd bars are 2 for a £1 I managed to meet this requirement ;0)

kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 16:40:31

I must also say that I tried slow roast pork belly for first time last night and it was just so yummy. just roasted it plain with seasalt and it was all sticky and tender. Definitely a keeper. Had it one night with veg and next day with salad. cat definitely liked it. they were swarming!

MrsFlorrick Sat 18-May-13 16:43:28

It sounds like you are all doing really fab!

Bit of an incident with antibiotics for me. Got them on Thursday evening for a sinus infection. Took one Friday morning with my bullet proof coffee. The two do not mix well! Oh the pain I was in! It was like burning acid in my stomach. Gaviscon etc no use at all.
Had to beg DH to come home from work and look after DC and drive me back to the doctors. I had a panic attack (my first ever) because he refused (no way could I look after DC alone or pick up oldest from pre school) and I had to be very shouty shrill and mental on the phone with his PA to get him to come out of his meeting and come home. Not good but I was beyond desperate.
I got some Omeprazole to alleviate the agony.
What a day. My face and sinus in agony and then my poor stomach.

So yesterday was:
B: bullet proof coffee (and 1 x amoxicillin!).
L: nothing. Oh the pain
D: two black farmer sausages with roast leeks and mushroom.
No snacks.

B: none. Slept till lunch time.
L: 3 egg omelette and broccoli in butter.
D: will be roast chicken with either homemade slaw or celariac chips/mash.

Face still hurts. Stomach less so. Face will now hurt for longer as I can't restart ABs until Monday without burning hole in my insides.

Doctor did ask whether I took it with food. And I obviously had to explain about bullet proof coffee and LC diet. She must be an MNer because she didn't even raise an eyebrow. Although I have been told to give coffee a miss for a few days.

bullet proof earl grey tea anyone?

Wonder what the carb content of Omeprazole is....

MrsFlorrick Sat 18-May-13 16:46:05

KIWIgirl. I have just seen your post about Nakd bars. Are we allowed those on Boot camp?? I looooove those. Please oh please can we?!!?

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 16:50:46

How many carbs are in those Nakd bars?

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 16:52:55


Please people - before you put something in your mouth, check the labels on the back

MrsFlorrick Sat 18-May-13 16:56:53

As I thought. <sigh>

Sorry BIWI. Didn't mean to fuel any incorrect info. And I was lurching to an assumption based on others eating them. And no I don't have any in the house to check the carb count on (or eat).


BIWI Sat 18-May-13 17:08:16


<twitches big stick>

Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, by the way.

Bessie123 Sat 18-May-13 17:30:23

Reports that I have eaten lots of chocolate icing shall remain unconfirmed...

BIWI Sat 18-May-13 17:41:06


maidofmuss Sat 18-May-13 17:42:42

Just logged onto the recipe thread to look for inspiration and saw GinotPrigio has just posted low carb peanut butter fudge - looks amazing Ginot! Hugely tempted but worry I'd eat the whole lot in one go... maybe one for when I've lost a decent amount of weight!
Hope you're feeling much better MrsF
B mushrooms in butter, with one fried egg, slice of ham
L chicken breast (parmesan crust), green salad, chopped up cucumber
S celery sticks with cream cheese (been gardening all afternoon and ravenous)
D steamed sea bass, stir fry vegetables, poss something with courgettes
Poss also an industrial-sized G&T...

I think 4 hours of gardening must equal a gin and slimline tonic? I think so anyhow!

MrsFlorrick - that sounds horrendous. Hope you feel better soon.

Cross posts maidofmuss!

I am having one anyway. Dinner is BBQ meat and salad. So one G&T will be consumed. And enjoyed. Go one. You deserve it!

kiwigirl42 Sat 18-May-13 17:47:29

I've just had soft yolk eggs fried in coconut oil with fresh asparagus, brocolli and a couple of bits of bacon.

DH bought me home 4 aubergines (I ate 3 last week fried in slices, yum!) so I'm going to bake one tomorrow and make baba ganoush, also yum!

maidofmuss Sat 18-May-13 17:53:25

I will Cider! Enjoy yours too <clinks glasses>

Mmm kiwigirl ... baba ganoush. Think will make that one night next week.

Have a good evening everyone!

MrsFlorrick Sat 18-May-13 18:09:02

Cider and BIWI. Thanks. I am sure I soon will.

Maidoffuss. I want peanut butter fudge. Where do I find the thread <desperate> please.

Bessie123 Sat 18-May-13 18:14:47

Oh, biwi don't be disappointed in me, I can't take it.

I have been finding it really difficult to stick to this woe the last couple of weeks and keep eating sugar. Luckily my body seems to be able to lose weight with high-ish carbs, I have still lost 5lb so far this bootcamp. But I keep thinking how much I could have lost. Goddammit...

Badvoc Sat 18-May-13 18:23:01

Mags to have milk in coffee too BIWI.
I use UHT skimmed.
Probably just as carbs as full fat but hey ho.
Well, today has been a disaster.
Furious with dh (long stry) so took boys out forth afternoon which meant cappuccinos and cake and then potato and leek soup for tea!
Am planning;
Eggs for breakfast tomorrow
Then home made butternut squash soup
Then meatballs and courgette ribbons and tomato sauce.
I think that's pretty low carb...

ZimboMum Sat 18-May-13 19:21:07

Evening all.

B: cheese omelette
L: cauliflower rice fried with chorizo, a spring onion and a few asparagus in loads of butter - mega delish
D: will be one pan duck and savoy cabbage a la recipe thread.

Been trying to work out finances to see if we could afford to start ttc dc #2. And try and convince DH that having a second will do his anxiety good hmm. I may not be winning that one. Friend just had a baby so mega broody. Sigh.

decaffwithcream Sat 18-May-13 21:12:58

B - small cup lidl yoghurt. Parma ham wraps filled with goats cheese, cucumber and mayo. Decaff coffee with cream.

L - Was out. Dollop of coronation chicken on lettuce was best option. 2 individual portions of cheese.

D - IDP Mousakka with rocket and olive oil and a small dollop egg mayo.

newlark Sat 18-May-13 21:19:07

The recipe thread is here - I have got to make that fudge too smile

badvoc just be careful of the butternut squash - that is quite carby, I water it down quite a bit for soups.

B - eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes
L - goats cheese, avocado, lettuce and cucumber
D - low carb chipolatas, BBQ lamb, asparagus and courgettes

HeirToTheIronThrone Sat 18-May-13 22:15:03

Well, have made it through a wake, 30th birthday gathering and a hen do in the past 36 hours mostly intact - kept away from the bad stuff bar a piece of birthday cake and a few glasses of prosecco. Rewarding myself now with Eurovision and a yogurt/cream/peanut butter concoction that I have just put in the freezer to see if I get sort of ice cream. Will report back on the success of that one - or not!

MaryBeardfanclub Sun 19-May-13 07:54:19

morning all

just had a lovely brekkie of left over veggies fried in chicken fat, fried sausage and sunny side up egg on top - yum

sorry to hear of ladies with serious migraines, that must be so debilitating - I have gone from weekly ones in my teens to one or two a year in my 30s and 40s and now pain responds to simple paracetamol. My triggers are low blood sugar and dehydration and bright sunlight but I still do get the occasional headache on this woe.

we are off to a fair today, picking up my parents en route so should be a lovely day, hope I find something to eat there. I keep meaning to stock up on dried meat - can anyone recommend any jerky or dried sausage?
hope all have a lovely Sunday smile

Chipsbigbowl Sun 19-May-13 09:03:22

Hello, I have a question for the carb experts. I am going on holiday soon and want to avoid plane food. I had a look at the Atkins bars and they talk about net carbs being 2/3 g per bar but looking at the carb value it's 18g! Which one is accurate and also any suggestions for a good snack food for the plane? Seems like I'm sensitive to cheese otherwise I'd have taken on a lump of Gouda....thanks smile