Paleo followers….What do you drink?

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Greeneyesxx Mon 24-Mar-14 11:47:32

I am an avid diet coke/Pepsi drinking so starting to cut down. What drinks do you drink?

witchy5 Mon 24-Mar-14 16:02:58

Almond milk, lots of different fruit and herbal teas although peppermint is a steady favourite, lots of water, never liked fizzy juice so not really a problem, coffee on the other hand.....dandelion coffee is a good substitute. Hth. smile

TheAwfulDaughter Mon 24-Mar-14 16:16:51

I drink artificial sweeteners. It's not really in-tune with clean living, but despite the scaremongering on here, I don't experience any horrible blood sugar spikes nor have they made it harder for me to lose weight. I do appreciate that they are not good for me, but it's my only vice given that I'm trying to live a sugar free lifestyle. I've just cut down my consumption of diet drinks massively, as I used to live off of Diet Coke. I now have about 1-3 cans a week.

Day to day, it's sparkling water and teas (both breakfast and green). I buy cratefuls 2 litre bottles of sparkling water with the online shop and make sure I drink one of them a day, not including all the other fluids I get from tea. Occasionally I will cut up limes, lemon and mint to chuck in, but I can drink it without.

A bit faddy, but I've started to make vegetable juice to up my green intake as I can get into ruts where I'm eating Atkins induction style! I currently have a delicious kale, lime and green tea one in the fridge that will be pudding tonight...

JimmyCorkhill Thu 27-Mar-14 10:02:20

Coffee with double cream, water or red wine lots of red wine!

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