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TheAwfulDaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 19:54:12

I've drank lots, had a big salmon fillet and a big salad with it, another big salad and 2 poached eggs. I meant more having food on my mind in planning things and buying things. I honestly know I haven't eaten a lot- but at the same time don't want to eat for the sake of eating even if it's allowed on Boot Camp. I know eating a few chicken thighs won't set me back in any way, but if I'm not hungry- I still don't need to eat it. Eating for the sake of eating is how I got this big blush I've actually listened to my body today, and I haven't felt hungry once.

I don't really want to feel like I'm eating high carb as I don't really like them! I am a sucker for chocolate and other junky sugars, but I don't really like pasta or bread or potatoes and don't feel short-changed if I don't have any smile

Thanks for your tips though, I will have to try my markets for my peppers and chillies and onions- I have heard they are a lot cheaper than a supermarket.

toomuchicecream Wed 30-Oct-13 18:55:16

Fair enough. But I filled a huge rucksack (the one I went round Europe with as a student) with enough veg to keep the family going for a week at the market today, for £20. So as long as you buy seasonally you can get loads of veg to fill you up comparatively cheaply. Have you tried mashing up boiled cauliflower with a bit of cream and butter? Delicious, filling and healthy. Or how about roasted celeriac? Someone on here suggested roasting it with garlic and then mashing it up with cream and butter - nice and sticky and filling, and even more delicious than the cauli mash. Grating cauliflower to make cauliflower rice is another good way of using it to help fill you up and make you think you're eating high carb when you're not!

TheAwfulDaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 18:48:09

Truth be told, I can't really afford it! Bought some turkey steaks and salmon in my online shop but that's for my 'big meal' everyday. My diet is mostly going to consist of cheese, eggs, salads and cold cuts- I can't afford to have big portions of protein every meal

toomuchicecream Wed 30-Oct-13 17:25:09

What you're eating wouldn't fill me up - I'd be starving and about to fall into anything I could get my hands on. Today I had 2 egg mayonnaise with bacon, wrapped in lettuce leaves for breakfast. Lunch was 2 butcher's beef burgers with salad and more mayo. Tonight will be sea bass fillets with oven roasted veg. Don't be too hard on yourself - if you're thinking about food then eat something! For me, the big break through was when I realised I could eat anything I wanted and as much of it as I wanted, as long as it is on the permitted list (which is huge).

TheAwfulDaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 16:19:29

Is it normal to constantly be thinking about good? Last time I did a restriction diet was a few years ago.

Not hunger- but it's just on my mind..

So far I have had a green tea for breakfast (had to get up early and don't like eating so soon after I week), cayenne salmon with spinach and some roasted cherry tomatoes and a couple of teaspoons of peppers.

I think I'll have a mozzarella and tomato salad for dinner....still need to drink a fair bit of water so want something light. What is this 16:8 plan I have read about on here btw?

toomuchicecream Tue 29-Oct-13 21:44:47

Well done for making a start! The way I got into Bootcamp was by thinking about it one day at a time. So not thinking about the weeks ahead of me not able to eat anything nice, just concentrating on today. And how fantastic that you've got one of your house mates with you - you can support each other. Good luck with day 2 tomorrow.

TheAwfulDaughter Tue 29-Oct-13 20:57:46

2 years ago, I came back from my first year of uni about 2 stone heavier due to guzzling full-sugar energy drinks, Dominos student vouchers and eating £1 huge bars of Galaxy to make up for missed meals from sleeping in/working late (catered halls). Through Atkins, I went from 12 stone 2 to 10 stone 5 in about 7 weeks, combined with a pretty low intensity gym program (3 x 1 hour sessions a week)

I really enjoyed the food, being a complete meat fiend, as well as my new shape and energy- but living with super unhealthy housemates was a bad ideal for my already low willpower. The weight piled back on again through second year, and this summer through constant bullying and jibes from DM about how heavy I had got, I didn't want to lose it sad I knew she was right, but the meanness got me on the defensive and I didn't want to lose it. I returned to my third year cellulite ridden and chunky.

Today I thought enough is enough, and me +1 of my unhealthy housemates toddled off to Boots to get on the scales. We have had freshers week and all of the fun and takeaways and cider and blacks, but now we're stuck into essays and just feeling depressed and down about everything.

I was pretty horrified to find myself 12 stone 2, but it was expected. My joints are creaking going upstairs and my skin is horrible from eating crap. Something needs to change.

At 5"2 I've come to terms with the realisation that I can't just have a bar of chocolate at every library visit like my friends, and on nights out I need to stick to diet coke and vodka- not lager and a kebab at the end of the night. It's dreadfully unfair, but I just need to cut the sugar out and eat clean. sad

I started today for dinner. Cayenne pan-fried salmon and spinach, and now I'm currently working my way through my last litre of water for the day. Going to try and do as much work as I can at home whilst I starve off that sweet tooth because it's honestly torture to be constantly offered sweets and biscuits or be 'kindly' brought that can of cherry coke by your skinny bint of a friend.

Just some handholding please, or threads to go take a look at. I am so scared of going home for Christmas at this size and my mum making cruel jibes to me when I reach for a Quality Street.

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