Week 4 Low Carb Bootcamp - Keep on keeping on

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BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 08:28:53


I see that some of us are struggling.

I see that there is a lot of cheating.

Hmm. I wonder if there is a connection grin

Seriously folks, this is not a terribly forgiving WOE. The idea of Bootcamp Light was to give you a bit more flexibility, but not to send you spiralling into a chocolate and alcohol-fuelled frenzy!

Come and confess all on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness or on your own personal Weight Tracker

Remember that weight loss may stop in weeks 3 and 4 - sometimes 5. It takes this long for your body to become keto adapted, i.e. to switch fully from carb-burning to fat-burning.

And if you're continually pushing up your daily carb intake, all you are doing is delaying this process

Hope you all have a good week.

mirpuppet Mon 03-Feb-14 08:30:49

STS but I will continue.

Have a good week all.

GermanGirlinLDN Mon 03-Feb-14 08:32:30

Can't believe it's already Week 4. I lost 4.9lbs. I sticked to BC but had miso sauce last night with my black cod and ate a bite of pumpkin tempura. Good luck to everybody in week 4.

thanks biwi

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 08:40:09

I haven't lost as much as I thought I had, it came in today at 5.6 pounds loss over the two weeks I've been doing this. And I'm big - about 17 1/2 stone, so I think there must be areas where I'm slipping up. I'm definitely in ketosis and I'm drinking lots of water now.

I do tend to finish all my food even when I'm not hungry anymore, just because I hate waste. I may also be overdoing the leafy veg. I thought that was a good thing, but I suppose every card counts. So I'll try and make slightly smaller portions.

Plus I'm continuing my supplement regime for hypothyroidism/adrenal fatigue - B12, fish oil, turmeric, collagen, Vit D, magnesium, Vit C and iron. They make me feel better, but I'm wondering if all the accumulated extra 'stuff' in the pills is holding me back. I don't want to give any of them up though!

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 08:40:51

*every carb

PseudoBadger Mon 03-Feb-14 08:41:03

Thanks BIWI

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 03-Feb-14 08:41:06

Thanks lovely BIWI

Three pounds gone from me, will be sticking with bootcamp, with mostly bootcamp at weekends.


Have a good day all thanks

sueh95 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:48:24

Gosh 2lbs up! Not giving up although I definitely need to look at what I'm doing.

Good luck one and all smile

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 08:54:04

No I definitely wouldn't give up the supplements, if you're dealing with a specific condition, Gatorade.

colette Mon 03-Feb-14 08:57:57

sts - but clothes feel slightly looser. Will watch amount of cream I am eating. Good luck all

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 08:59:03
ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 09:02:50

I’m really sorry but think I am going to have to bow out of bootcamp. I am just not losing weight on it and, as that’s my ultimate goal, I need to find something that works for me.

I know why I’m not losing, I’m not sticking to it, but I don’t see a time when I will ever be able to commit to such a strict regime 24/7 so I think I need to find something that’s a little more flexible.

I have really enjoyed the food and genuinely believe that this WOE is the best way to go, it’s just too hard for me to stick to.

Whatever I try I will never go back to artificial products and will also do my best to stick to proper carbs when I eat them.

Thank you to everyone on this thread for your support, especially BIWI for setting it all up. A month is the longest I have stuck to any diet for a very long time and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all flowers

MrsPnut Mon 03-Feb-14 09:18:30

2lb lost this week despite my run in with chocolate muffins and crisps last week. I've also had a little bit more wine than I should have but it's a marathon not a sprint.

Chester - sorry you feel you need to give up, it is the easiest way to lose weight that I've found. Be kind to yourself.

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 03-Feb-14 09:22:56

1lb off! Very pleased with progress as I don't have much left to lose smile

I am loving this WOE, especially since a little redwine and a G&T (slimline) at the weekend did not seem to stall me, yay!

Btw, something was odd with spreadsheet as my numbers were all incorrect. I have entered my correct numbers in again.

Bugsylugs Mon 03-Feb-14 09:24:15

posted on the last thread. Thanks BIWI am really enjoyig it still finding the exercise hard really burns the muscles, but am not running out after morning work for a quick fix in the office long may that continue.
2lb down total of 6lb am happy. no real cheating apart from Chinese takeaway on Sat but you cant let a LO down no rice etc downt count it as chesting as was planned.
hope everyone has a good week

ElBombero Mon 03-Feb-14 09:24:29

2lbs up. God damn 3rd week regression!!! When do we start losing again??

Sorry your going Chester sad and nope doesn't work if your not sticking to it due to ketosis and keep undoing your good work. I too find it extremely difficult, I miss carbs and sugar so much but I'm not tolerating this extra weight so I'm gonna grit my teeth, only another stone to go.

CalamityKate Mon 03-Feb-14 09:27:36


Well, ish.

We were invited for dinner at DSSs mums last night. Full roast. Chicken, gammon, roasties, yorkshires and every veg known to humanity.

I had the meat and veg but said NO to the potatoes and yorkshires. Had a couple of parsnips, a little dribble of gravy and a small spoonful of onion sauce, all of which are probably too carby but probably better than pots and yorkshires.

Then I had a little bit of sticky toffee pudding and a slice of choc mousse cake. Was going to decline but then thought actually, I do fancy them. It's not a regular thing so what the hell.

Unsurprisingly I was about 3lb up this morning! But I was prepared for that so I'm not panicking. I'm kind of treating it as an experiment really as it's the first time I've majorly and knowingly transgressed.

I am very very windy and rather <ahem> explosive this morning. Now normally I'd have blamed the veg load but since LCing I've been eating far more veg, and haven't been windy or bloated at all. Ergo, veg itself doesn't make my tum misbehave.

I'm starving this morning even though last night was the biggest dinner I've had since 6th jan when I started LCing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the puddings. But as a very rare treat. And I probably enjoyed them more because they're now rare. I'm quite happy and relaxed about the idea that I don't know when I'll have one again.

So! Happily back on the LC bus!

Oh and I need to stop buying nuts. I can't stop at a few. For me they're as much use as a snack as chocolate biscuits.

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 09:27:46

Thanks BIWI smile

Morgan Mon 03-Feb-14 09:30:16

2lbs on ! Bugger . On Thursday weighted 3.5 lbs less than today so really annoying . I was out at a friends on Friday night and had chilli and nachos as that is what was on offer but as little as I could and back on it sat . Never mind onwards and downwards let's hope - overall loss of 2.5 lbs over 3 weeks is frustrating .

teaandthorazine Mon 03-Feb-14 09:32:27

Well, I lost a bit during the week but this morning it's gone back on, grrrr. Not been doing the water thing nearly enough, though, and had a wee bit of carb creep over the weekend.

But! I am definitely slimmer - my waist has reappeared, my belt is a notch tighter and the muffin top is fading away. So, sod the scales, I'm feeling bony bits again grin

Someone (sorry, can't remember who blush) asked on the last thread about Lidl linseeds. They have a range called Crownfield which does cereals etc, that's where I found them. I bought milled linseed with blueberry and cranberry, and crunchy linseed with apple and hazelnut. They look quite carby if you go by the per 100g figures but I find a teaspoon of each stirred into yoghurt more than enough, so I would think absolute max 5g carbs each time, probably less in fact. They are yummy and give a bit of much needed crunch!

Am going to have a fat +++ and water +++ day. At home with a poorly ds so no excuse. On my first bulletproof coffee - have to say that even for me (who has never had a problem with eating fat), putting butter into my coffee seems very strange! But it is weirdly delicious.

Good luck all this week! Will try to do a bit more conversing and a little less shit shouting grin

teaandthorazine Mon 03-Feb-14 09:37:25

Chester, have you considered primal/paleo? Same fundamentals as LC but more relaxed on the 'good carbs', ie sweet potato, the odd bit of rice, honey etc.

It's what I tend to gravitate towards when I've been LC for a while and want to ease off a bit on the strictness. It's still about eating clean but you might find it a bit more forgiving. Sorry to see you go, though sad

ethlinn Mon 03-Feb-14 09:39:40

Lost 9lbs in total, quite happy with the result but have a confession to make too grin
It was DS's 1st birthday. I just had to have some cake. And some other finger foods and then a glass of wine at night to celebrate the fact that we'd made it through the whole year and also the party

CalamityKate Mon 03-Feb-14 09:45:59

I figure that even with my transgression last night it's impossible to have gained 3lb of actual fat overnight. That would involve over 10,000 calories!

So it must be water or glycogen or something. Hopefully......BIWI??

I conveniently forgot to weigh this morning. Just as well as have been off the wagon since Tuesday. blush

Like Chester I find it very restrictive unfortunately. I'm not giving up entirely but am trying a less restrictive low carb WOE. No crap carbs. Nothing made from wheat or sugar. I have done this before and it worked. Cutting out wheat and sugar gets rid of so much crap. I also won't have potatoes or rice. No white carbs basically.

I also went for an initial assessment at an alternative health therapy centre and am going back on Thursday. It involves hypnotherapy, dealing with emotional eating, nutritional analysis and food sensitivity testing and acupuncture. I need to do something to change my mind set. And I figure if you always do what you always did you always get what you always got! My most successful 'diet' was weight watchers two years ago. I lost 3 stone. But then struggled. And I have a very strong 'oh sod it' trigger. I have put back on two stone of the three I lost. And I can't seem to stick to anything for longer than a week. My wine habit doesn't help. So although it might all seem a bit 'woo' I am open to anything that might help me with the mental approach as I think it's by far my biggest issue.

So although I am not boot camping strictly I would like to stick around if that's ok.

MyPreciousRing Mon 03-Feb-14 09:47:38

Don't go Chester!
At least continue up until 6 weeks and evaluate it overall then?

Oh for fucks sake! UP TWO POUNDS sad

I said I had suspicions about dairy. I think I may have to avoid it all together and see what the scales say next week.

On the plus side - dp is fully on board, and he is also a couple of pounds up, BUT we can both see a physical difference in our visceral fat and around our little chubby faces! Couldn't find the tape measure, but we'll start to tummy measure as a 'belt and braces'

Also, I haven't had a poo yesterday or this am. That could account for a few pounds.

Ooh, and also, I could very possibly be on the last week of the 3/4/5 week blip thingy. I started bc on 3rd Jan.....

I do believe in whoosh fairies, I do, I do. I do believe in whoosh fairies, I do I DO!!

What do you think BIWI? I've posted most of my grub, I think it's been on point, and I have not cheated - infact quite the little fanatic when I get going.

Entering week 4 feeling full of the joys of life, and utterly committed!

I might even post a picture of my tummy later! grin

Chester I think it would be very sad if you left us! Dp nearly went mad in the beginning, but we both agree that if you do NO CHEATING at all for three days solid, your cravings disappear, and then you don't want to cheat. Sounds like your bits of cheating have just extended your misery for days/weeks on end - no wonder you're feeling low thanks I hope you feel better soon!

Gatorade I'm so pleased to see another bcer who's in my weight range. You are my special friend, whether you like it or not!!

CrabbyWinterBottom Mon 03-Feb-14 09:59:51

Thank you BIWI for the thread.

You are all so lovely! flowers Thank you for all your kind words (again!). Yes I suppose last week was a bit of a full on week. I then expected to get straight on with all the stuff I've got to do, but found myself feeling rather empty and lacking in motivation, getting worse over the weekend, and was starting to feel cross with myself and panicky. Missing DD and fed up with feeling physically bleurgh too.

Anyway... Onwards and upwards. This week I'm going to...

Be kind to myself and not let that critical needling voice get a hold.
Measure and drink 3L of water a day.
Do some stretches and exercises for my back every day.
Try some new recipes.
Write up and post some more recipes up on the blog.

Trashcan am shock envy at your cleaning efforts. What to come round to my house and continue the trend? grin

Oh Athel that is a truly shit week! sad Have some flowers and the hope that this week will be a lot better. I commend you for resisting gin under those circumstances - I wish I'd been half so disciplined with the wine. hmm

Am very pleased to have spawned the super reply grin and also that you all like the crumble (Sayra yes that's exactly what my recipe is). I've got lots of photos ready to go up on the blog as soon as I get it together to write up the recipes.

Chester noooooo you can't go - you gave us Chester's Chicken! grin
Obviously do what's best for you; this WOE isn't for everyone and it does take forward planning, but then doesn't any weightloss plan?

I promise everyone that it does get easier. The longer you do this WOE, the more recipes and low carb treats you accumulate in your cooking vocabulary/library/whatever, and the easier it gets to eat this way automatically. These early weeks are about your body adjusting and you finding your feet with what you can and can't eat, and about finding dishes that work for you and your lifestyle. As wiser people than me have pointed out, it didn't take a few weeks for your excess weight to go on, and it's going to take more than a few weeks for it to come off. I also do believe that for folks who have tried many diets, their bodies must need some time to readjust and start to 'believe' that this isn't a feast/famine situation again and to let go of the fat. That sounds a bit wooly and unscientific but I hope you know what I mean.

1lb on for me this week. Unsurprising but still a bit disappointing. I've not got that much to lose this time though, and last week was a bit of a disaster wine-wise and with all the cake etc. I'm going to be stricter with it this week.

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 10:00:22

Very sorry to see you go Chester! The door is open if you want to come back (or even just lurk)

Calamity I would have thought your 3lbs on from sticky toffee pudding was the glycogen stores replenishing themselves. Some people have big losses in week 1 when glycogen stores are used up so it stands to reason. So HOPEFULLY if you are back on strict bootcamp it should only take a few days for those 3lbs to get used up again, give or take mysterious processes around water retention.

Anyway for sure, whether its true or not, my mantra is:

weight off = real fat burned away
weight on = merely temporary glycogen or water

Woolfey Mon 03-Feb-14 10:00:23


I stayed the same which I'm happy about as it was TOTM for me.

I really shouldn't weigh myself in the middle of the week as if I hadn't and just weighed in today I would have been exactly the same which would have been ok, not ideal obviously, but ok considering what week we are in and as my body is just doing some adjusting to my new weight (7lbs down from BC warm up week). Instead when I saw I'd put on I had to work really hard to avoid the 'oh sod it I've put weight on so I might as well stuff my face with carby crap anyway' moment. So this week I am going to try my hardest not to weigh in the week.

thanks for all those who are having a tough time at the mo. Especially you Crabby, sorry to see you go.

thanks for the support, thread and spreadsheet BIWI & Willie.

My meal plan for the day:
B Cheese wrapped in ham (not ideal but was late and needed to eat something before going out)
L Prawn & avocado salad
T Mushroom & cheese omelette
D Out for the evening (not for dinner though) so will prob have some cheese & ham when I get back

Lots of water & tea and I'm going to try and avoid snacks today

Woolfey Mon 03-Feb-14 10:00:57

* Sorry I meant Chester not Crabby!!

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 10:02:56

Do stick around Cider. I know all about emotional eating... I am scared of whether I am able to manage "maintaining" weight after this bootcamp.

Lovecat Mon 03-Feb-14 10:03:19

Chester flowers I too would be sad if you left us, especially after creating that amazing chicken recipe.

And I'm glad you're going to be lurking, Buda, what you're doing sounds interesting, especially if it helps tackle emotional eating - which is my downfall, and I'd love to know how you get on. Even on this WoE, when I'm not hungry, I find myself going to the fridge when I'm bored/low and thinking 'what can I eat?' - in the past I would shovel down easy carbs, but thankfully low-carbing means I have to prepare stuff, so my inner lazy cow thinks 'meh' and I go and find something else to do - but I am worried that as time goes on I will slide, as I have done in the past. I've found I can stick to any diet as long as it's in the strict phase - it's when I try and return to 'normal' eating that carb/calorie/whatever creep sets in and I think 'oh what the hell' and buy chips... Whilst I fully understand that lc-ing is a WoE and not a temporary diet, once I've reached my goal I don't want to collapse into a frenzy of 'better' carbs and from there go rampaging through the crisp and cake aisles...

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 10:05:52

Ah! I was including my week one weight gain fail in my overall results, so it's actually a 6.6 loss in two weeks. That's a bit more respectable smile

Sorry you're stopping for now Chester, I understand how it feels when it's hard to commit to a diet 100%. Maybe try bootcamp light this week or next and give it another go? Honestly once it 'clicks' it's such a good WOE, cravings go, appetite gets smaller and then it's cruise mode really!

I'm happy to be your special friend trashcanjunkie! I was told that it takes 6 weeks to see a physical change when dieting and three months!! before anyone else notices, but my tummy has definitely shrunk. The jeans that were trying to cut me in half at the waist three weeks ago are actually quite comfortable now!

I've stayed the same this week. I know it's my own fault, had wine this weekend and a cinnaman bun at ikea (drools).

I'm going to keep trying. Sigh. I like that this WOE has made my sugar cravings much better.

wakemeupnow Mon 03-Feb-14 10:13:17

Same weight this week but my trousers are less tight so I'm sticking with the plan. Thanks BIWI

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 10:16:00

Lovecat you put it better than I could, that's exactly what I feel. I also love the idea of an inner lazy cow!

I did a one-person experiment in the last 3 days and cut out cheese, cream and nuts. And also I ate 3 good meals a day but no snacking. (before I was eating a meal's-worth of cheese as a "while-cooking" snack!)

OK that's not a novel idea, its basically the ubercamp that is on one of the tabs of the spreadsheet.

But its worked, 1.8lbs off this week, I've bumped myself down to a new lower level of fluctuations.

I won't be keeping it up... I have meals I'm planning to make that involve cheese for instance! But its something I can turn to if I do want to bump the scales down a bit.

SteeleyeStan Mon 03-Feb-14 10:25:06

Morning all.

-1lb for me, which is fine. 5lb off now in total, which I'm ok with. I'm back in my "lowest weight ever while low carbing" now, so it'll all be new territory down from here.

I'm sorry some of you are struggling and thinking of stopping this WOE. I know it can feel restrictive when you're getting used to it, and I know you need a fair bit of commitment, but like Crabby says if you do stick to it, it'll just become a new norm. It won't always feel like such a struggle. thanks

Trashcan is welcome to come and clean round here too! wink

I'm feeling pretty rubbish still, but nothing to do with LC. I'm just worried about tomorrow's hospital appointment, and having a panic morning about our house buying, which is stalling without any indication of an actual exchange date, while our mortgage offer is time limited... Sigh.

Anyway, food plan:
B: Fried eggs and coffee with coconut oil
L: Avocado, fresh spinach, olives, more coffee with coconut oil.
D: Cauliflower mash, and some kind of mince sauce.

rubybricks Mon 03-Feb-14 10:26:36

morning losers! haven't been able to read or post all week thanks to RL getting firmly in the way, and had a dreadful week bc wise which is reflected in a 3lb gain blush

just skimmed the thread and see that i'm not alone in slipping - and feeling there are emotional issues to address besides just sticking to eating the right food.

but i'm still here, going back to basics and sticking to bootcamp - and hoping for a better week this week - and wishing all you other losers the same.

B: fried eggs and chives, BPC
L: smoked salmon salad
D:roasted cauliflower and pan fried broccoli, grilled lamb
and as much water as i can manage

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Mon 03-Feb-14 10:30:48

Thanks BIWI for starting week 4.
I'm loving this WOE, although slightly fell off the wagon on my girls weekend away. But, rather than dwell on the downside (eg the wine bucket I accidentally fell face first into...), I am going to congratulate myself that my sweet tooth must be diminishing. When the Gu puddings appeared on the table, I would usually inhale it straight away, but I only managed a third of it and pushed it away. That is unheard of behaviour for a gannet like me. So I genuinely feel like my attitude is changing for the better.
I am 1 lb up on last week, which is not too bad considering I did not exercise due to illness. So, to everyone who is wavering, please don't give up now.... focus less on the scales and more on how you make your meal choices, and feel proud that you are looking after yourselves better. One day at a time, don't look at the end goal as (for some of us, like me) its a long way off.
I sat there this weekend with my three old friends, all of whom ate more than me and all of whom are at least 2 stone lighter than me (and taller, the biatches), and did feel quite wobbly that it was unfair etc. Then I reminded myself that only I can change that and become the best version of me that I can.
Onwards and upwards.....

Crabby - I have been meaning to comment about your DD's trip. Amazing for her but very hard for you. DS is 12 and I wander around like a lost soul sometimes if he is away for a few days! Lack of motivation to settle to anything.

Lovecat - I am actually really excited about starting this process. I have started so many diets over the years. And just gotten bigger. And feel like a constant failure. So I hope this can help with the mental side as I said before. I know WHAT to do. I just can't stick at anything.

And on the subject of that standing in front of the fridge wanting something but not know what you want - the guy I saw initially mentioned that and he said it is a sign of a nutritional deficiency in something. I'm wondering if a good multi vitamin might help with that. However I'm not going to take anything till I have been on Thursday. But I will let you know what they reckon I am deficient in! It might help others too.

EwanHoozami Mon 03-Feb-14 10:47:58

Cheers BIWI!

Chester I'll be sorry to see you go. tea's idea about primal / paleo is a good one. Also, if you feel like you could stick at bootcamp for 10 weeks you'll find your body becomes more ketogenically adapted and more forgiving of occasional indulgences.

I'm 1lb down after my second strict week. Very happy with that. I'm not expecting any dramatic losses as I'm just trying to shake 10lb in total to get back to my maintenance weight.

PS have we 'done' cream cheese pancakes yet? You probably have and I've missed it but in case not... hubbahubba

SteeleyeStan Mon 03-Feb-14 10:55:49

That's impressive re. the Gu, Ambassador smile

I can't trust myself around cake or puddings, sadly. We talked about doing a little daytrip to our (hopefully!) future hometown during the weekend, but I just knew we'd have ended up in our favourite cafe, and they are always wafting of fresh cake and I wouldn't be able to resist, so we just didn't go... I'll obviously need better strategies if we're to live a short walk from said cafe!

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 11:14:22

Oh you guys are just fab <sniff>, thank you for all your kind words.

I have decided that I am going to give Weightwatchers a go during February to see if I can lose a bit and I will reassess at the end of the month. We have got a fair few social occasions coming up and I think it will be more sustainable during this time.

I do see LC as lifestyle choice and will definitely back, but maybe it’s better as a maintenance plan for me rather than weight loss so I can cheat and not cock it up too much focus on the health benefits rather than weight loss.

Best of luck to you all, I will check in from time to time to see how you are doing.

teaandthorazine Mon 03-Feb-14 11:18:27

chester, you've got to do what feels right for you.

Just don't get sucked into buying all that weightwatchers branded low-fat crap, hey? wink

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 11:19:57

No chance, I've learned a lot from this WOE and wouldn't touch that crap with a barge pole!

SteeleyeStan Mon 03-Feb-14 11:25:33

Chester I'm sure can try to be "carb conscious" on WW, too. Good luck! thanks

Chester - I agree that WW can work well. And they have been focussing on Filling and Healthy foods. So protein and veg and avoid the crap carbs. As I mentioned up thread I lost three stone on it. Then the mental gremlins arrived!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 11:36:06

Thanks BIWI.

Chester you'll be missed. Hopefully all goes well for you at WW. If there was one single answer to weight loss there would be no diet industry and we would all be thin!

I've been doing this since the 3rd Jan also so exactly a month now. I've lost 10lb in total, 3cm from my waist, 5cm from my hips and 7 cm from my boobs. In that time I've had things that would've normally derailed me such as friends to stay and a short holiday. I'm like this > gringringrin gringringringringringringrin

thanks to everyone not loosing - keep on keeping on, as the thread title says!

Morgan Mon 03-Feb-14 11:46:27

Posting again - well done to everyone who has lost .

Well I had a shower , a wee and weighed again and was 1.5 lb down grin so will put that on the spreadsheet . I do normally weigh first thing in the morning but today had a big cup of tea first so maybe that made a difference smile

CrabbyWinterBottom Mon 03-Feb-14 11:54:52

FFS! I got The Low Carb Gourmet from the library and within the first few recipes she's recommending fruit juice, maple syrup, oatmeal and a wide array of fruit! hmm hmm

Reading her intro, she's not describing low carb at all, but low GI. I think low GI is a fine and healthy way to eat, but it is not low carb and she shouldn't be describing it as such! angry

flowers Sarah that's a brilliant loss!

Thanks Cider and don't you dare go anywhere! wink Stay on the thread whatever your version of this WOE.

Chester good luck with WW.

CrabbyWinterBottom Mon 03-Feb-14 12:03:20

Another couple of mins flicking through has turned up figs, honey, parsnips, carrots, lots more high carb fruit and plenty of sugar (icing, caster and cane), no frankly not even low GI. hmm

Please be very careful with the recipes in this book.

googoogoggles Mon 03-Feb-14 12:11:03

Hi all
Sorry to those struggling at the moment (don't leave!) but as BIWI and others have said, it's not a forgiving WOE if you start loading up on carbs (and it easy to do so, even when eating the allowed stuff, like nuts)

I've whooshed back up 3lbs from my lowest weigh mid last week, so have STS since last Monday. I'm not too daunted or surprised – I had three glasses of white wine yesterday, then came home and had a mega G&T and polished off a huge bar of dark chocolate which was supposed to last me all week (yeah, right).
I'm hoping that with a strict few days and lots of water (if I'm really honest with myself, my water intake has slipped dramatically), I'll dip again and then be a "real" llb or two lower this time next week.

For those who are new to BC this time and in the hope of offering some encouragement, I'm 1.5 stone lighter since starting this WOE last year. I've lost it slowly, with lots of mini fluctuations and stalls along the way. I started eating carbs again in the summer and put some back on but then did BC again in September and didn't go totally off piste over Christmas (some lovely puds, plenty of white wine, but consistently stayed away from bread, pasta and potatoes)
It is slower than other diets (and trust me, I've done the lot) and sometimes it's a pain if you've nothing planned/to hand and you seem to be surrounded by nothing but muffins in a Costa or somewhere BUT
it's good, real, healthy food
it doesn't feel like a diet most of the time
it's mostly restaurant friendly
it has other benefits (eg better skin)

In the end, each person has to find what works best for them long-term. For a friend, it's the 5:2 diet (I was just too greedy on the non-fast days!). Another friend has lots loads through strict Dukan and now does 5:2 and is keeping it off. Others have been really successful on WW (though one is having to re-join as she was going back to her original WOE and her weight was going up again).

I don't know whether I can keep it up long, long term. I hope so. I hope I'll drop a further 7 llbs or so then finally manage to keep my weight stable –for once in my life.

It's not easy. That's why we're all here...

Sorry for the mega post (that's my shouting shit over with for the week, honest!)

and again, THANK YOU BIWI and Willie for the thread and spreadsheet and for everyone posting – so grateful to all the support and humour for keeping me keeping on.

and now after that little lot

that's interesting crabby i have that karen barnaby book and i don't remember it being too bad (except for artificial sweeteners but that's par for the course if they're going to include puddings). though i may just have glossed over the ingredients that i simply wouldn't include anyway (i vaguely remember balsamic vinegar). i'll have to have another look

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 12:19:59

Yes I was disappointed by that book for the very same reasons, Crabby

Chester I'm really sorry that it's not working for you - although I would point out that we are only just starting week 4, and you are just reaching the point where you should have shifted your body into fat-burning mode rather than carb-burning mode.

I'd suggest two things - because we don't want to lose you@ grin - could you bear to continue for one more week, so you do get the advantages of being keto-adapted?

And second, could you list out what you've been eating for me, so that I can see if there's anything I can spot that might help you

flowers for you and anyone else who is struggling.

Mind you, it's not called Bootcamp for nothing!

Oh, and I'll leave you all with one thought before I disappear Oop North (am on a train to Leeds right now), I was reading an article about Alzheimer's Disease this weekend. Apparently it is now being called Type 3 Diabetes. And one of the key culprits, not surprisingly, is a high carbohydrate diet.

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 12:23:42

It was an article in a (very alternative) magazine called What Doctors Don't Tell You (and they have a web site www.wddty.com):

^"The third diabetes
Governments of the West have finally woken up to the fact that we have an epidemic of dementia on our hands. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is growing so quickly (the worldwide incidence is set to treble to 135 million in 35 years), and the death rates are so high (it’s the sixth leading cause of death) that last December, ministers from the G8 leading nations met in London to pledge to coordinate efforts to research a cure.

Although the pharmaceutical industry is never slow to investigate new revenue streams, it’s hit such a stalemate with dementia—none of the five drugs on the market have any evidence of doing any real good at all—that it has stopped looking for a magic bullet.

As our cover story this month makes clear, research to date has ignored the elephant in the room. New and largely ignored evidence shows that insulin resistance from a high-sugar diet may be responsible for the toxic plaques that develop in the brain, eventually robbing it of neurons. What happens in the brain with Alzheimer’s is essentially what happens to the rest of the body with diabetes. In fact, some researchers are going as far as to call Alzheimer’s ‘type 3 diabetes’. "^

StuntNun Mon 03-Feb-14 12:26:56

STS for the third week in a row. I'm a long term LCer and near goal so not surprising but I was hoping to lose six pounds this Bootcamp so not ideal. I think my problem lies with DH who has a regrettable tendency to put potatoes or parsnips on my plate, or pour me a glass of wine in the evening. BUT he is only the source of temptation, it's up to me whether I eat it or not. So henceforth the booze must go (can't afford it after Christmas anyway). I'm going to try and skip lunch today so I had an extra big breakfast and I'm sustaining myself with a bulletproof coffee and a bulletproof rooibos tea. If I can't make it until dinner time then I have a box bag of the posh pork scratchings to keep me going. I've already had a litre of water and it's the last day of my TOTM so fingers crossed the whoosh fairy will visit me tonight! Actually I have noticed over the last two bootcamp a that the whoosh fairy always visits me on Monday night. I think it must be something to do with my eating patterns through the week. Slightly frustrating though when weigh in is on a Monday and I always see my weight drop on a Tuesday!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 12:32:57

Arse, I have low carb gourmet on order from Amazon. I'll be sending it back if it's that rubbish!

Googoo - I'm another one that 5:2 doesn't work for. I'm pretty sure that it was actually detrimental and sent my blood sugars all over the place. I've never had cravings like it!

I've just realised that I haven't thanks Willie for the spreadsheet thanks

the worst one was the bbc good food one i seem to remember, whcih included pasta

i have clearly blanked out the dodgy bits of TLCG!

GrumpyCrossPatch Mon 03-Feb-14 12:43:25

Hey hey, get me! Can't bear anymore Chuggington with still poorly DS (10 days now, aargh) so am attempting a patented Crabby super reply complete with second window and everything!

Chester - I'm so sorry you feel that this isn't working for you. You will always be the inventor of fabulous chicken. thanks

Morgan and El Bombero and Trashcan I feel your pain. I will believe in whoosh fairies too.

Athelstan, Crabby and SteelEye - I hope this week is much kinder to you all. Look after yourselves.

Ambassador you are owed some serious awe! Love Gu puddings.

SarahBeeney - wow!

3 days ago I was nearly 2 pounds lighter than today and am now heavier than last week. No cheating other than the sin I confessed midweek, no alcohol since Christmas and running/swimming 5 times per week. I am practically drowning in water. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. 9 weeks until bikini horror grin and I would like to not be harpooned [i'm so vain emoticon]! I'm going to weigh again tomorrow. If it's still rubbish I'll admit defeat and put it on the spreadsheet wink

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 13:06:51

lunch has just been mushrooms fried up with philadelphia and pesto (with a green salad and avocado). Mmmm pesto! (inspired by someone's elses lunch of courgetti, pesto and cheese).

Now I've opened the jar, what else can I do with pesto?

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 13:10:38

Oh FFS, posted this on the wrong thread. Sorry it's so long, I have eaten a lot recently.

BIWI I can list out what I’ve eaten but I don’t think it’s going to help. I know full well where I am going wrong – I seem to have one day a week where I cheat and that sets me back to where I was a month ago.

Friday (this was my bad day, but rare to eat like this)
B: Total, cream
L: Chicken soup and a slice of wholemeal bread (at a friend’s house so tricky)
D: Meal out – eek…
Starter: Prosciutto, mozzarella and fig salad,
Main: Slow roast pork, creamed cabbage, mouthful of dauphinoise potato, about half a dozen onion rings
Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream (us low carbers need our salt)
To drink: several G&Ts, half a bottle of wine, a brandy coffee, a mojito and half a margarita

Brunch: Eggs, bacon, mushrooms
Late lunch: chunk of cheese, four parmesan shortbreads (50g almonds)
D: Steak, swede chips, creamy mushrooms, two big wines

B: Eggs, bacon, mushrooms
Late lunch: four parmesan shortbreads (50g almonds), coffee with cream
D: slow cooked beef shin, swede mash, cauli cheese, rest of bottle of wine from Saturday, coffee with cream

So it doesn’t take Poirot to suss out where I am going wrong. Too many carbs, too much booze, and probably too much dairy <wails>

And to top it all, today I’ve had:
B: black coffee and a lick of my wounds
L: M&S rice and prawn salad, full fat greek yog and blueberries

So completely un-bootcamp today now. Sigh, if you can help me then I’ll be glad to listen, but I fear I am a lost cause. I want to lose weight so badly but stick me in an environment where I have choice, like a meal out or eating at a friend’s, and I lose the plot every time.

NellVarnish Mon 03-Feb-14 13:13:04

Shitbuggeryfuck. Two pounds on. sad

It's my own fault. I was a Sugary Twat. But now I'm wavering and thinking I'm not cut out for it and will put weight on next week too which would be calamitous.

Going to read the thread and strengthen my resolve and try harder this week.

Well done losers, commiserations to the rest!

CointreauVersial Mon 03-Feb-14 13:15:24

Hold the front page - I have lost a pound!

I remember it being slow at the start last time (well, after the initial carb-bloat has gone), so that's fine. In fact, last time I had no scales for about a month (bathroom renovations - the scales ended up boxed away), and it was quite liberating not weighing myself at all, and seeing a really significant change after that time.

I'm sticking to the bootcamp rules during the week, quite successfully, but allowing a little more leeway at the weekends.

Pudding-hunters - can I recommend this sprinkled on greek yogurt? It adds a lovely chocolate tang, and a heaped spoonful (which is all you need) is only about 0.5g carbs. Pricy, but it'll "keep you regular".

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 13:18:14

You don't need me to tell you where you're going wrong then, Chester grin

But seriously. If you went back to Weight Watchers or Slimming World you wouldn't be able to eat sticky toffee pudding and ice-cream or drink all that alcohol. But neither would you be able to eat all that lovely full fat yoghurt or cream.

You aren't a lost cause. You just need to be really clear and committed to your goals - which you aren't really yet.

Worse, you're sabotaging your own best interests. No-one else is making you cheat!

Have you had a good read about low carbing and its longer term health benefits? I have to say that I wasn't totally committed until I did this. My dad is a diabetic (as was his mother before him) and my mother died from breast cancer. My aunt has just recently died, and she had Alzheimer's disease.

I have too many risk factors for me to consider reverting to a high carbohydrate way of eating.

I keep seeing it mentioned how easy it is to eat out low carb. HOW??

Admittedly I'm veggie and don't eat fish, but I'm finding it really difficult. Usually DH and I meet up for lunch one day each week while the DC are in school. It's our only child free time. Previously we would have lunch somewhere like Costa, Starbucks, M&S cafe, Subway. Our town has mostly chain places. There is nowhere that does low carb veggie food.

We had lunch in Pizza Express last week where I had a goats cheese salad (DH ate my dough sticks), but even that wasn't perfect as it had red peppers etc. The only other veggie salad on the menu had a balsamic dressing. The other restuarant options in the town are cafe rouge and prezzo.

Where on earth are these places where you can all eat out low carb really easily? Especially lunch type places, as the rest of my family would choose a filled baguette. Am I missing something really obvious???

Ruprekt Mon 03-Feb-14 13:32:05

That is what I was talking about BIWI.....the low carb books and websites all eat sugar and fruit and yet claim to be low carb eating.

NellVarnish Mon 03-Feb-14 13:36:22

Just caught up and am heartened to see it's not just me who is wavering about this WOE. I'm going to take BIWI's advice and give it another go this week and STICK to it.

Chester, stay with me this week and we'll give it a go together if you like? I've not made your Famous Chicken yet.

I just can't bear to go back to any of the countless diets I've done in the past - they clearly didn't work or I wouldn't be here.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing support. thanks

CalamityKate Mon 03-Feb-14 13:36:28

I'm going to cut right back on cream and cheese and up the butter. No more nuts. Less milk in hot drinks - although I was having my usual amount during the first mega-loss weeks. Don't eat a huge amount of yogurt anyway.

Onwards and hopefully downwards!

Lighthousekeeping Mon 03-Feb-14 13:37:49

I'm staying on bootcamp. Just about to make courgette spaghetti for the first time. Lamb shanks tonight. I feel better and it's coming off. My stomach is feeling really hard though I blame it on the fibroids I wonder if they weigh anything?

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 13:43:43

Chester your weekend's food was FINE apart from the amount of wine maybe . You just need to give it more than 2 days to lose the glycogen/water/etc/ put on on the Friday. But anyway, good luck with whatever method you take!

Nell you shouldn't put weight on this week if you go back to the bootcamp rules. Its in your power!

Thereinmadness tricky to eat out if you are a lc vegetarian. I also eat fish so there's lots of cafes that do salade nicoise or similar.

One good option is anywhere that does a fried breakfast - you can ask for eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Quite a lot of cafes do omelettes?

The other day I was in cafe where the veg option was quiche and I wondered about just eating the filling. Then I spotted that a side veg option with the meaty main course was cauli-and-broccoli-cheese - so I asked for that with salad. Probably gave the girl on the till a headache.

The other idea is any cafe that does a soup (obv without potatoes in)?

CalamityKate Mon 03-Feb-14 13:44:04

Courgetti is lovely! Even the kids love it!

You need more than you think though as it reduces with cooking unlike pasta which bulks up.

the problem is that the usual diet is so high in carbs that these recipes will be low-er in carbs than that even though they include higher carb veg and fruit than on bootcamp (and sometimes honey/agave syrup etc). so people reasonably legitimately call it 'low carb'. many people would describe bootcamp as 'no carb' but they are of course wrong because you should get adequate carbs through veg, dairy etc

people may lose weight using these recipes because they will be consuming fewer carbs, but they are probably restricting fat and/or calories at the same time. they are unlikely though to get the benefits of ketosis (suppressed appetite/cravings make it easier longterm) and will likely experience blood sugar highs and lows which also make things more difficult. weight loss will likely be slower and may be more difficult to stick to longterm

with all these things Your Mileage May Vary. some people usually men lose weight perfectly easily while maintaining carb intake below 100g per day. others, like me, need to restrict further than that to lose weight and/or eliminate carb cravings and blood sugar highs/lows. dr charles clarke's high protein diet, which is basically low carb, suggests one slice of bread per day. some people want to stay out of ketosis for various reasons, which i don't. briffa's diet is too high carb for me to lose weight, but i am looking at it and paleo for maintenance

QueenQueenie Mon 03-Feb-14 13:47:49

I haven't lost much yet this bootcamp but am not too dismayed or surprised. I have lost 31/2 stone sine the beginning of July and have about another 1 or so to go. Have been doing bootcamp light for ages now and that is ok for me - it means I never feel hungry / deprived and so don't fall off the wagon!
Yesterday I had a big clear out and so many of my clothes are now way too big that my wardrobe is rather bare which is both satisfying and alarming! Am determined to take them sharpish to the charity shop as a statement to myself that I will never be that size again.
Keep on keeping on losers. Stick with it.

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 13:55:30

Oh god, am really sorry. Am not usually one of these flouncy drama llamas, but it appears I may have been one today. Can I blame hormones maybe even though I’m not due on for another week?

OK I will give it another go. TBH, I have so little faith in WW working already and I’m only one meal in. Nell I’ll be your buddy if you fancy. I am going to try and commit to two weeks of no cheating, apart from a few gins at the weekend. Sorry, but a teetotal life is NOT for me, fat or thin.

So can I rescue today? As I said, I’ve had rice and quite a carby, but full fat, Greek yogurt. Oh and blueberries. Was planning spag bol, without the spag, for tea. But now I’m concerned about the tomatoes etc.

And can I just say, I haven’t actually put any weight on, even with what I ate at the weekend, I am actually abut 0.2lb down on last week.

Sorry again for being such a nobber.

PseudoBadger Mon 03-Feb-14 13:58:38

I will also be reducing milk (only have it in tea 3x day but that's clearly too much) and stop putting cream in my yoghurt. I added berries, a small glass of wine on one or two days, and the odd square of 85% choc (only once a day) last week but they can bugger off too for now.

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 03-Feb-14 14:08:53

Lost a pound but can see a difference. I am going to have to take a week off. Working this week and only carbs available. This will be followed by a special event!! Will be starting again next Monday expecting to be heavier

sybilfaulty Mon 03-Feb-14 14:12:53

Signing in. Will read properly very shortly. Hope you are all doing well.

Ruprekt Mon 03-Feb-14 14:13:38

We could go dairy free for 3 days Chester. smile

No cream, cheese or milk. Lots n lots of water. And butter.

Let's do it.

Thumbwitch Mon 03-Feb-14 14:14:41

Still keeping on, despite the dispirited feeling - I think I really need to try and force breakfast down me, see if that helps.

B = slice of cheese
L = salad with tinned mackerel - lettuce, cucumber, swede salad, mayonnaise, dash lemonjuice, sprouting alfalfa/garlic/onion (nice mix!)
D = barbecued steak with more salad - lettuce, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, feta, olives, parmesan, sprouts, watermelon.
S = ultra low carb protein bar.
Still not enough water. <sigh>

weight = 12 st 4 still, although it has been lower this last week. A bad few days has pushed it up again.

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 14:18:25

Ruprekt Dairy free shock Is that even a thing????? grin

Oh why the hell not. I do rely on it way too much.

I'm in.

BTW, I am the Queen of the dieting u-turn. This may or may not have become apparent today blush

MrsHughJarse Mon 03-Feb-14 14:29:22

Hello all - a quick lunch time catch up with you all.

I can report - I am CLEAN , I have had a shower in my own house and I feel like I am a different colour. The children are all scrubbed and all the bedlinen has been hot washed....... The phenomenon of the builders dust that keeps on giving is still everywhere - but soooo relieved to have bathrooms/ heating and hotwater !

Right 1lb off so delighted --but that could have been dirt --grin you can tell am almost in hysteria with seeing the back of the builders !

Have been on the straight and narrow this week - ( apart from mad nut binge - but its a learning process and I learnt my lesson).

Thanks lovely Biwi thanks for week 4 and continued support. even though we are very naughty at times the Alzheimer's info is very interesting.

crabby hope the bleeuuggghhh feeling is passing. I share DD1&2 with ExDH and in the early days when they were away i often just lay on the floor in their bedroom unable to move or do any of the fabulous child free things I had tried to plan... It passes.... thanks and hugs for you

chester - woo hoo - you are stayinggringrin. the chester chicken lives on. Just tell yourself you are doing it for the health benefits and see if the weight will come off by stealth. !

calamity I am normally quite a windy person - but since LCing - nothing, not one parp ( apart from the nut binge blush). Clearly its only being a carb monster that made me like that ! another great positive for this WOE

trashcan - any good with builders dust ?

cointreau have ordered the chocolate flaxseed already !

lighthouse I have seen fibroids be removed in theatre once. They are all so variable but yes - they can weight loads. !

Enough shit spouted ! If I find the whoosh fairy - I will hold onto her until she has visited us all ! xx

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 14:35:45

I'm sending you good fat-burning vibes Chester - you can do it! thanks

Seri77 Mon 03-Feb-14 14:42:47

Thought I'd. Already posted but it seems to have got lost.

I've STS this week. This is fine, I think the muffin top has shrunk some more. I'm being vigilant for carb creep & too much dairy so I'll just keep going, though like lots of you I have wobbles.

Thank you everyone, esp Biwi, for all the interesting links and general encouragement. I'm going to do my best to give the entire bootcamp my best shot.

Though I must confess I've had the same celeriac in the fridge for 2 weeks now. It's intimidating me.

googoogoggles Mon 03-Feb-14 14:51:04

Glad you are staying Chester!

That info on Alzheimer's very interesting, BIWI...

I, too, have celeriac in my fridge drawer Seri Am debating what to do with it but think it needs eating this eve. Maybe roasted chunks...

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 03-Feb-14 14:57:56

Me three! I want to start using it up tomorrow, so I'm going to go through the recipe thread and find something simple, I hear celeriac chips are nice?

Thumbwitch Mon 03-Feb-14 14:58:26

I still can't find any celeriac locally! <wails> but am using swede to good effect instead.

prettybird Mon 03-Feb-14 14:59:58

Woohoo - 10st 8lb - back into the 3 digits territory! grin and within spitting distance of my current month's (ambitious) target of being 10stone 7lb or better (month ends next Monday) smile

Had lots of water yesterday to mitigate the pasta, wine and apple pie last night at my dad's.

Felt really good today so far food wise despite having a nasty argument with dh first thing in the morning and we're currently not talking - didn't reach for the chocolate! grin.

Breakfast: yoghurt and cream plus cinnamon
Lunch: coleslaw, salami and 3 slices of strong cheddar cheese
Dinner: pork belly (pre-prepared from Lidl - had a quite high carb count but I reckon that was mostly from the honey glaze that yuo put on separately so I'll just throw out the wee bag) with, probably, buttery savoy cabbage and brussel sprouts (I might be nice to ds and swap one of them for creamy leeks)

Piscivorus Mon 03-Feb-14 15:02:51

Chester I have been doing this for quite some time now and am Queen of Taking the Scenic Route to weight loss! I have discovered my tolerance to cheating with a lot of trial and error extends to one major cheat per week in one go. So, for example, if I am good all week but go out one night and eat for England but go straight back to sensible afterwards I may get away with it but if I do lots of little cheats here and there, even if they comprise far less in terms of calories or carbs, I don't seem to.
I think whoever suggested doing a short sharp shock cold turkey may be right as it does help get rid of your cravings.

Cider I love the sound of that holistic approach, please let us know how that goes.
I too do that wanting to eat but not knowing what and knowing that logically I am not really hungry. Like Gatorade I take a cocktail of supplements and am scared of stopping any so doubt I could be deficient in anything vital. I put it down to some kind of illogical, emotional eating thing but haven't sussed out what yet.

BIWI There was an article in The Times a couple of Saturdays ago linking carbs and gluten with dementia

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Feb-14 15:56:00

therein for a quick lunch the Subway salad bowls are ok, you can have lots of olives and a few peppers and tonatoes with lots of lettuce and cucumber?

I have lost an enormous 0.2lbs... But the trend is my friend and everything! Part of my problem is I think that I lost 5lbs in the warm up week but that's not registered anywhere so I keep forgetting about it - Willie would it ruin the spreadsheet if I changed my start weight, I just think I'd be more inspired if I could see that total rather than the low one I have now...

I am home in bed as feeling dreadful, nauseous and achy and so so tired, have only managed a few spoons of yogurt so far today.

knock yerself out heir my dear

scratchviolet Mon 03-Feb-14 16:06:57

STS this week but am feeling lighter, with a more defined waist and my trousers are definitely looser. I think I need to pay attention to portion size this week and continue to try and drink more water. Oh and make sure the tiny splash of milk in mu coffee isn't turning into a big glug.

Woke up with a stinking cold and the carbs are calling me but I am NOT giving in. This is the first time I've really raved something sweet but I'm abit scared to give in to berries or similar in case it's the start of a slippery slope. I think I'll try having a nap instead and see if the craving passes.

Good luck everyone this week

MyPreciousRing Mon 03-Feb-14 16:09:42

BIWI or whoever is around with a big stick. Please batter me with it.
I couldn't see anything at all that was suitable for lunch so I had pasta <wail> I am such a fool hmm

Will drink own body weight in water and just meat for dinner and hope for the best

MrsPnut Mon 03-Feb-14 16:16:12

I've requested a whole load of low carb cookery books from the library because I need some inspiration. I have the IPD cookbook but it doesn't really get my juices flowing iyswim.

I need a soup recipe this week, I've made curried cauliflower soup for the last 2 weeks and fancy a change. I have looked at the bootcamp recipe thread and nothing takes my fancy on there either but I know if I don't organise something for the weeks lunches now then I will really struggle.
Anyone got any ideas?

Chester glad you've decided to stay.
Crabby Hope you feel better soon
Hugh Yay for the back of the builders.

supersalstrawberry Mon 03-Feb-14 16:17:00

3lb off according to the scales, going well so far, costing a fortune in nice stuff that I want to eat though hmm
I'm really looking forward to reaching that 1st stone, it's only 3lb away!! grin

Not much weight loss here still, but people keep saying
how slim I look! I think I need to eat less dairy. Also I do have a bit of a peanut butter addiction. It's the no-sugar Whole Earth one, but still...

supersalstrawberry Mon 03-Feb-14 16:19:58

MrsPnut when I low carbed before there was a lovely recipe for courgette soup, sounds not very inspiring but was surprisingly nice, will try and find the recipe smile

thenightsky Mon 03-Feb-14 16:47:37

2lb down. Excellent.

StuntNun Mon 03-Feb-14 17:02:47

Holmes have you tried almond butter? So yummy and legume-free so much better for Bootcamp than peanut butter.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 17:04:44

Prettybird can I ask where your coleslaw is from? All the ones I've seen have been quite carby. It has to be said that coleslaw, salami and cheese sounds like a wonderful lunch!

Good luck Ruprekt and Chester

prettybird Mon 03-Feb-14 17:11:16

The coleslaw is homemade (recipe from the ubercamp tab on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness): I have to make a massive portion as dh loves it so that it lasts a few days. wink

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 17:22:15

I think I'm going to have to give that a go, thanks smile

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Mon 03-Feb-14 17:23:38

I'm 1lb down, 6lbs since I started, but I'm a week behind you guys so this is now week three for me. I'll be happy to stay the same but plan on upping the exercise this week so might just manage another 1lb loss.

Good luck all. grin

EwanHoozami Mon 03-Feb-14 17:30:34

BIWI's über camp coleslaw is tremendous.

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Feb-14 17:35:00

Popping back to agree with Ewan that the coleslaw is immense - we have it with roast chicken or something at least once a week, and DH loves it too.

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Feb-14 17:37:07

Ha, as I typed that he text me to say he's making it tonight to have with hot dogs grin

supersalstrawberry Mon 03-Feb-14 17:38:59

B- nothing as I had to rush into work early, did manage to drink some water though
L - chicken and avocado salad cup of green tea, more water
D- left over slow roast lamb, cauli cheese, mashed swede, buttered spinach, broccoli, and it was bloody lovely!!

probs have greek yogurt and blueberries later

NellVarnish Mon 03-Feb-14 17:48:46

Eva you're absolutely right! You've empowered me and I am determined. thanks

Chester - lets do it - two weeks, no cheating, it will go so fast and by 17th February we will be like this ---> grin

Ruprekt - are you starting the no dairy from tomorrow? Can I join you and Chester pretty please? Only fly in the ointment is we are going out with work for something to eat on Thursday - will go and look at the menu online and report back. I cba going really but feel I ought to iyswim.

Thanks for the kick up the arse!

QueenQueenie Mon 03-Feb-14 17:52:37

I love coleslaw! Can someone link please or c and p to the coleslaw recipe?? I've looked on the ubercamp tab but the only recipe thee I can see is for celeriac chips... TIA

PrimalLass Mon 03-Feb-14 17:59:45

1lb up from Sat am, but I did have a rather fabulous Saturday night out. grin It shall be gone by next week.

Notsoskinnyminny Mon 03-Feb-14 18:03:53

Evening losers! Just a quicky as I need to pick DS up from the station but needed a pee and knew I couldn't hold it for another 20 mins grin even though I went before I left work grin

1/4lb on for me this morning, 1/4lb heavier than Friday morning but when I reweighed after breakfast 150g total, 2 glasses of water and a rooibos, followed by a mammoth No2 I was 2lb heavier - how the fuckityfuck does that happen but I've lost another 1.5"? Anyway I've logged the first weight the 2nd one doesn't count.

Will read back through today's posts later if I get a chance.

Gerrythetootallgiraffeswife Mon 03-Feb-14 18:17:46

Someone grab my hand and yank me back onto the wagon please. I've got some horrible lurgy, and I'm blaming that instead of myself which is where blame actually lies for the cheats, planned and otherwise. Yesterday: one roast potato, and some applesauce with my roast lamb. Then a small slice of tarte aux citron. Today, a slice of Xmas cake. I can see how, for me, one carby/sugary cheat easily spirals, I'm already fighting the cravings. Have just had some leftover pork and butter, am determined to get straight back on track. I think possibly on Friday and Saturday nights, when I ate out and thought I'd been careful, I hadn't been as good as I thought.

I'm REALLY missing lemsip. I know that I could just take some paracetamol and some decongestants, but it just doesn't quite hit the spot without the hot lemony sweetness. Any ideas?

SteeleyeStan Mon 03-Feb-14 18:45:31

Sorry you're feeling so rubbish Gerry <extends a hand>

I admit to having some flu drinks with aspartame when I was feeling poorly, but it's not ideal, is it... I'm sure it's much better to stick to the tablets, and then drink lots of hot lemony tea (maybe something herbal like chamomile?). Stay warm and take care of yourself.

Piscivorus Mon 03-Feb-14 18:55:02

Gerry Try getting some sugar free cough syrup and take that in a little bit of warm water with your paracetamol. I have sugar-free Robitussin Chesty Cough Mixture. Doesn't work of course but I feel a bit more cossetted grin Have also discovered you can get Mentholyptus lozenges and Covonia Cough Sweets in sugar-free form. Also lemon and ginger tea is soothing.

Whoever asked about soups. I make the IPD curried cauliflower one, courgette soup (sweat one chopped onion or some shallots in butter, add loads of chopped courgettes and chicken stock, cook till mushy then liquidise) or, if you have any creamed leeks or dauphinoise of any ilk, chuck it in with some hot stock and blend for instant soup.

whodunnit Mon 03-Feb-14 18:57:34

I'm back after doing fab on the Autumn bootcamp.xmas was a month of
minor indulgence and now it is a slow trawl and i dont seem to be losing much. Its not harder to stick to the woe but it seems to be less effective. Anyone got any hints or tips for second time round?

teaandthorazine Mon 03-Feb-14 19:03:42

Fuck, I've just eaten a pepperoni pizza. Am now officially a CarbyTwat.

So annoyed with myself. Have drunk loads of water today, eaten loads of fat and now have scuppered myself completely with bloody Dominoes.

And now I've got heartburn. And feel sick.

It wasn't even very nice angry

SnowieBear Mon 03-Feb-14 19:07:57

Wow, these threads move SO quickly... hello everyone!

Haven't been posting as last week was truly hideous in RL what with work being mental, DH still a lame duck and DS playing up... no time to post and make sense, tried to keep on top of the reading, seems we have all been through the mill one way or another.

So... just shouting my shit for the moment (love that grin), lest you start believing I've done a runner to CarbLand.

Despite all the drama and general chaos I've kept to the straight and narrow. BIWI, may I be teacher's pet this week? TOTM all last week finished yesterday and today I'm 2lbs down, so net 1lb if you take into account I went up 1lb last week with week 4 stall cum TOTM. Grand total since 6 Jan..... 7lbs! Well chuffed with that smile.

Two gifts: if you fancy chocolate, try good double expresso with a dash of cream and sweeteners (sorry BIWI!). Right combo of creaminess, sweetness and a hint of bitterness. Delish.

If you are into your garlic, minimise the carbs and get the flavour by infusing peeled garlic cloves in olive oil and then using this as you normally would.

I hope those two would compensate for the lack of comms - back as soon as RL allows!

Suzymoo9 Mon 03-Feb-14 19:20:35

Googoo... Thanks for the encouragement for us who are not losing at the mo.
Although I am suspicious about the cream - do you experienced people think it helps to limit it/cut it out? or am I missing the point (low fat attitude?)

LittleMissDisorganized Mon 03-Feb-14 19:25:17

I'm coming down with something viral and throaty. FGS haven't I been ill enough.

Only 1/2 lb last week with deliberate carb creep though - and another cm off everywhere. Within measurement error but all in the right direction, all positive. Am being decidedly positive.

I've cooked a fair few things from the Low Carb Gourmet and none of them have had sugar or higher carb veg in confused wondering if we're talking about the same book? There's sweetener for sweet things - I think that's unsurprising and a cookbook probably wouldn't sell well without a few sweet things.

Today my friend and I went out for lunch before she went back. I had steak and garlicky spinach (all good) and had (sorry BIWI) diet coke with it. Or so I thought. I'd had maybe 100ml before thinking, hang on, this doesn't taste right. It wasn't right - it was full sugar coke. And 100mL of it was enough to tip me out of ketosis. I haven't cheated, and my BC light indulgences didn't tip me out of ketosis either. Aaaaargggghhhh! I feel like I might as well have cheated, and it wasn't even my fault. I am SO annoyed.... so the rest of the day has been strict as strict.

Leftover taco bake about ready, just off to update the recipe thread with it. Hooray for all the good losses, well done guys.

theQuibbler Mon 03-Feb-14 19:36:20

Evening all. Down 4lbs which is good after last week's measly pound but am assuming that will be last big whoosh and it will settle down now. I was rubbish at exercise last week, although not all my fault - will do better this week.

On soups - I made cauliflower cheese soup which was delicious. I haven't worked out where the recipe thread is - - I'm not usually this dim, but if anyone would be kind enough to link me, I've got a couple of nice recipes to post smile

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 19:39:42

Definitely join us for a few dairy free days Nell, the more the merrier. I've just sorted a meal plan for the next week, perfect BC apart from a few gins at the weekend.

Just having a bowl of yogurt with cream too - well it needs finishing, I suppose.

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 03-Feb-14 19:42:12

Awww, Chester, good you're staying grin

My 6 lbs gain this week... I've persuading myself is because although I lost 11 or 12 lbs in the first two weeks, the first week I mostly spent vomiting. So now it's frantically adjusting back to where it thinks it was before I so rudely interrupted it, and it's probably only because of BC that where it thinks it was is actually 6lbs lighter than just before I became ill. God that's involved, sorry. I know what I mean.

That and cheese, of course.

Nonetheless, crashing setbacks continue to roll in today, so I'm having the mother of all fuck-it moments, and dinner tonight will be most of a roast chicken (yes, I can eat an entire chicken if I try) and a bottle of wine.

See you tomorrow...

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 19:54:48

Shouting shit. Have work to do!

I've just changed the spreadsheet to show my starting weight (3rd Jan) as I'm fed up of it looking like I've only lost 2lb, it's too demotivating and I have to count it up again every time I think about it in order to nudge myself on.

Not stupendous!
B: shallot and tomato and 2 egg scramble, in butter.
S: mascarpone with vanilla and splenda. Yum yum, tasted like ice cream but splenda is awful. Won't be adding that again!
L: feta salad with oil out of the artichoke jar. 2 almonds.
D: 2 sausages, celeriac boulangere, salad and vinaigrette.

Fluids - 3 decafs with cream and water, 4,250ml in total. That's not really enough for me so I'll have another 1l this evening.

QueenQueenie Mon 03-Feb-14 20:06:46

PLEASE could someone point me towards the delicious coleslaw recipe everyone was enthusing about downthread??

BIWI? Heir? Ewan?


StuntNun Mon 03-Feb-14 20:19:23

Suzy some people can tolerate dairy, others not so much. I eat loads of cheese, yoghurt and double cream and do okay but I can't eat eggs which I find limits my food options somewhat so I think I get more dairy to make up for it. Starting from Bootcamp everyone needs to find their own balance. Some can add a bit of alcohol now and then. Others can tolerate dairy. Some people can cheat whereas others have to be strict to loose weight.

NotTwit Mon 03-Feb-14 20:27:03

Ok, so a quick shout of my shit and then back to reading the thread.

chester and ruprekt I'll do dairy free for three days too! I am becoming dependant on it and that isn't helping me. When are you starting?
thumbwitch I can't find celeriac at my local supermarkets either (because they are shit) and I have it in my head now that the celeriac crisps are clearly something I'm missing out on grin. I can't find flaxseed either which is a pain as it helps me keep regular wink

Ok. First of all could someone kindly add me on the spreadsheet at 152 again please?
Secondly, could someone please reassure me that I'm only not losing the extra I gained last week (1/2 a stone thanks to pmt) because it has coincided with a stall? (On the plus side I haven't gained....)
I most definitely have not cheated. At. All. I am still on bootcamp, relaxing a smidge on Saturday might with 6 Brazil nuts, 6 almonds and a square of 85% chocolate. I haven't done that before, might not do it again until I have passed this phase. I measure and drink at least 3 litres a day and have decaf bulletproof coffee with cream.
I am being really careful to follow the rules, and have printed the rules, carb count for veg etc out and it is on my fridge.

Finally can I just have a big wwwwaaaaiiilll at how fucking unfair it is that I lost all that weight, regained most of it and now am stuck with it for a bit (hopefully) ?

Suzymoo9 Mon 03-Feb-14 20:30:10

Thanks StuntNun
I think I would be miserable without cheese and cream so I will eat them in moderation. Don't drink so don't miss alcohol at all, and now don't miss toast any more (just miss chocolate - I love it but one piece is never enough ). Will persevere, I feel so good and feel thinner even though scales don't show it (delusional?) wink
I think it's a shame some are giving up so soon but I know it's hard to persist sometimes. I guess the timing has to be right.

Lovecat Mon 03-Feb-14 20:32:23

Evening all! Shouting some shit before I chase DD to bed smile

After last night's takeout I have literally not been hungry all day. This is probably not good or right <hides from BIWI> but I've drunk a fair amount of water and had I been hungry I would have eaten.

Tonight's dinner was mince, mushrooms and swede with half an oxo and some mushroom ketchup (I can't find the carb count for this anywhere but it seems ok for just a dash?). I made some low-carb dumplings to go with - DH loved them but I wasn't keen. They had the look and the texture but were too eggy for me. Recipe here if anyone wants to try it.

sueh95 Mon 03-Feb-14 20:34:38

I have put on 2lbs each week for the last two weeks but I'm determined to stay LCing as there are so many of you lovely ladies who have persevered for months and lost stones, so I am putting all my faith in it.

I'm not sure if my problem is that I like the food so much that I eat too much of it or if its because Ive just come off a very low calorie liquid diet??? Maybe a combination of both??? Does anybody have any experience of this?

I feel I should maybe ditch the dairy altogether altho I struggle to get fat from elsewhere as I cant bear the fat on meat or skin on chicken etc. (I did plan to cut down on dairy last week but used up what was in the fridge)

Anyway today has been

B 2 boiled eggs mashed with butter
L tuna mayo deli sandwich filler (on the hoof) 1 FF babybel
D bolognese, spinach, leeks, Kale fried in butter
S - will be avocado if I have a snack

Thanks for keeping up the hard work with the spreadsheet etc Willi & BIWI thanks

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 03-Feb-14 20:38:25

Just popping in again to say Project Wine Bottle is a severe disappointment. Two glasses and all I have is a thumping headache. Off for an early night instead. Keep on keeping on, everyone, if nothing else it appears to make you healthy without you noticing...

Lavenderhoney Mon 03-Feb-14 20:40:26

I've been lurking but not posting for ages- and not done the spreadsheet either, just forgot really. Plus things have been difficult.

I've sts at 132 pounds for the last few weeks. I'm not worried about this as I don't want to lose more than a few pounds now. Slow and steady is fine.

I have found drinking water harder as its so cold! I do notice if I have lots of butter and fat ( from lamb chops or whatever) I'm not hungry at all til next meal. Also portion sizes are naturally smaller. I'm just eating when hungry now, which works well for me, and I'm keen on stuffed omelette ( 2 eggs) with cream and Brie or left over veg for lunchsmile

I'm very happy with this woe, I don't like fruit or nuts much, never liked pasta, and I can look dispassionately at roast potatoes and Yorkshiressmile
I don't even want processed stuff. But I'm never hungry and enjoy lovely foodsmile

Thanks BIWI and willie thanks

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 03-Feb-14 20:42:29

(I swear sometimes I feel like the 'Little Johnny' awful warning stories of this thread - 'Little Johnny ate too much cheese and look what happened... Little Johnny had a drink and look what happened...)


Mmmm just had a bowl of sprouts fried in butter with smoked bacon sprinkled on.

Please tell me sprouts are ok

Lovecat Mon 03-Feb-14 20:47:00

sueh95 if you've been doing a VLCD then no matter what you eat you'd be putting weight on, because you've effectively been starving yourself your body is going to hold onto everything it can. According to everything I've read about this WOE, until your body 'trusts' that it's not going to get starved again, it will hang onto its reserves just in case. I did Lighterlife a few years ago to lose weight quickly for an operation, and it buggered up my metabolism for a good six months afterwards.

Your actual menu looks fine to me, although a bit more fat couldn't hurt (and I don't know what the sandwich filler contains, but they can be surprisingly carby if you're not careful).

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Mon 03-Feb-14 20:56:49

Queenqueenie coleslaw is in the spreadsheet, one of the tabs

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Mon 03-Feb-14 20:57:44

Oops willie here in archers-related name change

sueh95 Mon 03-Feb-14 21:11:10

Thanks lovecat it does sound like what could be happening to me but I'm hoping I've not messed up my metabolism for 6 months!!! shock I lost 2 stone on the VLCD but it was grim - I really don't think I could bear to do it again. I'm definitely going to persevere with LC - I'm about a third of the way through Dr Briffa's book and its helping me to get my head round eating more fat but Ive never been able to eat fatty meat - I just don't like the mouth feel. It will have to be butter and oily dressings (no hardship there!!) & more mayo.

The deli filler was 5g per 100, so probably 11.5g carbs for the amount I had.

HeirToTheIronThrone Mon 03-Feb-14 21:14:27


Coleslaw recipe

125g white cabbage (less than 1/4 of a cabbage)
75g carrot (1 medium-sized carrot)
25g shallot (1/2 a banana/echalion shallot)

Slice white cabbage thinly
Grate carrot finely (don't use the largest holes on the grater)
Chop shallot finely

Add oil and wine vinegar - roughly 3 tablespoons oil and 1 tablespoon vinegar, and salt and black pepper. Stir everything well together. Leave for half an hour or so. Just before serving, stir in a tablespoon of mayo.

This will make 2 portions

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 21:20:51

Love the U-turn Chester!

Taking lessons here from Crabby:

Seri and Gatorade - celeriac chips (basically, roasted chunks as you say) are the way to go. If you're not going to try celeriac dolphin pose of course.

Mrs Pnut Broccoli and stilton soup?

Nell! blush thanks

Gerry I've no idea how carby it is but I'd have the Lemsip it is medicine after all. BUT in return you have to cut out all the cake! and promise to make your snacks low-carb? Cheese, yogurt, nuts, ham, boiled egg, avocado, cucumber etc etc. Hope you get well soon.

Well done Snowiebear goodbye to half a stone!

SarahBeeny your menu looks lovely, don't know why you think it isn't.

Poor NotTwit have a good waiiilllll. I've put you on the spreadsheet. You've still lost 4lb this bootcamp which is the same as me and I think I'm doing really well! If you do manage even one dairy-free day I think it might help jump-start you downwards.

Queen: Coleslaw recipe from ubercamp:

125g white cabbage (less than 1/4 of a cabbage)
75g carrot (1 medium-sized carrot)
25g shallot (1/2 a banana/echalion shallot)

Slice white cabbage thinly
Grate carrot finely (don't use the largest holes on the grater)
Chop shallot finely

Add oil and wine vinegar - roughly 3 tablespoons oil and 1 tablespoon vinegar, and salt and black pepper. Stir everything well together. Leave for half an hour or so. Just before serving, stir in a tablespoon of mayo. (ubercamp talks about Delouis Mayonnaise)

This will make 2 portions

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 21:21:16

Coleslaw Recipe

125g white cabbage (less than 1/4 of a cabbage)
75g carrot (1 medium-sized carrot)
25g shallot (1/2 a banana/echalion shallot)

Slice white cabbage thinly
Grate carrot finely (don't use the largest holes on the grater)
Chop shallot finely

Add oil and wine vinegar - roughly 3 tablespoons oil and 1 tablespoon vinegar, and salt and black pepper. Stir everything well together. Leave for half an hour or so. Just before serving, stir in a tablespoon of mayo.

This will make 2 portions

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 21:27:55

Sueh I don't eat meat at all, fatty or otherwise, so don't worry about that. Butter is your friend. Hopefully your body is reacting as lovecat suggested and it won't take too long to "stabilise", in the mean-time drink plenty of water.

QueenQueenie Mon 03-Feb-14 21:30:28

Thank you everyone. Shall buy cabbage tomorrow!

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 21:31:12

NotTwit I'm going dairy free from tomorrow. Not sure how long I will last but want to get a few days under my belt. I need to make this bloody WOE work for me.

Eva I have been known to start the day on Weightwatchers, have a foray into slimming world at lunch then be on Paul McKenna by tea time. So a month on LC before my first paddy is something of a record.

SayraT Mon 03-Feb-14 21:32:38

Queenie I hope you've got that coleslaw recipe? grin

Shouting shit

Pissed off today at work as one of colleagues said they needed to use a particular lab (very small lab only room for one person and certain types of work can only be done in there). I have been using this lab to get a huge about of work finished for my PhD and he asked if he could use it Monday and Tuesday this week. I said yes and went into work on Saturday and Sunday to try and get stuff finished, cleaned lab spotlessly and mopped floor.

Today he didn't use the lab, didn't tell me this until the afternoon and then said he doesn't need it until next week angry I have now started on other stuff which I'll need to finish and the bloody lab is sitting empty.

Rant Over.

In other news, I've signed up to start pole dancing again and persuaded some friends to try it with me grin can't wait to get back to it.

Yummy dinner tonight of slow roasted pork belly and veggies followed by yoghurt with linseeds.

Ruprekt Mon 03-Feb-14 21:39:34

No dairy from tomorrow! Til Friday.

Will have egg and bacon tomorrow.

Sausages with sprouts and leeks.

Water, water, water. smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 21:40:21

Eva it tasted great but what I meant was that I hadn't been very stupendously good! The missing link is that I had 50g of 85% Lindt that I forgot to fess up to... blush

Thanks for all the coleslaw recipes grin

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Feb-14 21:42:37

ruprekt there may be no dairy but it sounds lovely! I luffs sprouts.

EvaTheOptimist Mon 03-Feb-14 21:48:22

I just KNEW someone else would have posted that coleslaw recipe while I was compiling my super-crabby-post!

ChippingInWadesIn Mon 03-Feb-14 21:52:40

Chester sorry you're leaving welcome back sorry you're leaving welcome back FFS woman grin Glad you decided eventually to stick with us smile

I haven't read the end of WK3, will try to do so later.

MrsHJ - I see your dust and raise you an inch <sigh> I have months of it to go yet <sob>

Prettybird - I hope HandsomeBird has pulled his head in and apologised!!

Crabby Thinking of you, shall have to kick arse if you mope too long though!! Do all the things that are tricky to do when you have DD smile

<hugs> flowersgrinbrew<kicks> as appropriate smile

NotTwit Mon 03-Feb-14 21:54:02

Cool, I'm in!
Will have
Egg and mushroom omelette (no cheese)
Chicken and spinach
Bacon and broccoli with butter I think although have only been hungry enough really to eat twice a day. I think the water is filling me up.

I will be buying some pork belly slices, some fish, a leek or two and watercress and spinach salad which will help see me through the week til Friday.
Lots of butter? Lots of water.
Does that seem ok?

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Feb-14 22:06:28

Chipping grin

Tomorrow's dairy free plan:
B: scrambled eggs, butter
L: left over Bol, salad with oil
Mid aft: BPC
D: salmon pan fried in butter, swede chips, asparagus

Have drunk three litres of water today so hoping my rice salad faux pas at lunch won't result in too much damage.

Oh well, if it does, lesson learned.

ElBombero Mon 03-Feb-14 22:32:27

After doing a "refeed" (massive cheat) today I'm dairy free for 3 days, super strict on carbs and bucket loads of fat. Bring it on, little weigh in Friday?? Xx

prettybird Mon 03-Feb-14 22:35:16

When making the coleslaw, I should admit that when I don't have shallots, I do occasionally use a finely sliced spring onion blush. I reckon the smaller quantity that I use compensates for the higher carb count wink.

ItsNotUnusualToBe Mon 03-Feb-14 22:39:53

1lb off for me this week. Am content with that. This way of eating gives me such pleasure and 8lbs off in 4 weeks. As they say around these parts: tidy mun.

Celeriac. Seriously, where has this been my whole life!! Dinner tonight for the whole family : celeriac and garlic mushroom gratin (inspired by a nigella express recipe but substituting the potato element), meatloaf (inspired by nigella kitchen recipe but subbing pork for beef, Tabasco for worcestershire sauce, leek for onion, pancetta for bacon, added some cheese but the boiled egg but was just as per the recipe grin) and cabbage.

'Twas delicious.

:sighs contentedly:

ChippingInWadesIn Mon 03-Feb-14 22:41:18

Dunno about the refeed guys - I'd proceed with caution, it certainly didn't work for me!

Prettybird - I don't think there'd be any difference at all and spring onions are much nicer IMO

NellVarnish Mon 03-Feb-14 22:43:29

Aaaarrrggh I'm shit at this woe. Did great till I spied a bar of chocolate in the cupboard and without a second thought, wolfed it down. blush I'm v ashamed and disappointed in myself.


Tomorrow is a new Dairy Free Day with my comrades, so bring it on!

Mini weigh in Friday ElBombero!

Night all, dream dead good dreams smile

ChippingInWadesIn Mon 03-Feb-14 22:45:06

Oh I have STS - have not shifted so much as a lb since starting on the 7th of Jan. No idea what is going on but I'm a non egg eating vegetarian - so it's a whole different ballgame. I may write a book when I get 'Low Carbing for Non Egg Eating Vegetarians' sorted out grin There is nothing out there for 'us' - but <sigh> I suppose it's hardly surprising (and I have never been able to lose much weight on any diet, despite having plenty to lose, so it might just be a 'chippingin' 'thing' too sad ).

BIWI Mon 03-Feb-14 22:48:54

Re eating out - it's very hard in chain restaurants. Most menus are built around carbs of some kind, especially when they are basically sandwich-type places e.g. Subway and all the burger places.

But if you go to more restaurant-y places, there is usually some kind of salad option - and don't be afraid to ask for what you want, i.e. no potatoes, or wine vinegar instead of balsamic, or a salad instead of potatoes, etc

Avoid coffee shops like the plague, as there is literally nothing you can eat there that isn't full of sugar/carbs.

ElBombero Mon 03-Feb-14 23:13:30

I know don't know of I agree really just an excuse, if not stepped outta line and was craving sugar so bad. Had a day of it, feel like shit now and can't wait to get back on the bandwagon again just hope carb flu isn't as bad this time hmm

Had a bit of a weird old day today. This morning we ate (dp and I) scrambled eggs with just butter/no cream and a sprinkling of parsley, then went and bought some amazing new boots for work - scarpa walking boots, not glamorous in the slightest, but so fucking comfy

Then dp and I took his mum food shopping, and gave her a crash course in lc bootcamping - that is a whole other post as I'm never quite sure what motivates her hmm

After work I met up with a couple of very dear friends. One of whom is significantly overweight, and she basically had another attempt to derail me from this WOE. She has a diabetic son and manages his illness wonderfully, and feels she knows all about carbs/sugars etc, which I'm not disputing, but she was literally freaking out at me - I didn't want to argue, or defend my position, and I ended up shedding a few tears in utter frustration. The other friend just sat there, not saying anything, and actually went as far as telling us she's not saying anything because she massively disagrees with what I'm doing. I felt so fucking ambushed. Normally these two people are the most important people in my life when it comes to opinions, but on this subject we clearly differ. I don't even want/need their support. I wish they would shut the fuck up and let me be. I kept very quite about the fact my weight hasn't actually changed, as they'd possible swallow their own heads in disbelief.

Lunch was a bag of porky scratchings and a tin of mackerel in sunflower oil.

Dinner was a handful of kale fried in butter, with a couple of lamb thingys that aren't chops??? roasted with mushrooms. Greasy gorgeousness

Have drank 4.5l water and two massive cups of hot water/peppermint tea.

Ruprekt I'm with you on the no dairy. C'mon Chester whaddya say eh? eh? grin oh good, you are in, along with some others nell?

I will clean everybody's house I am completely frigging manic at the moment - just need to wait for fingers to return to their actual normal size, and for some new skin to grow over the ends

MrsHughJarse I will lick up the builders dust as long as it's carbs are lower than 3g per hundred grin

Pissing laughing at little johnny

sayra what a little nobber the guy sounds like. I'd want to do a violence on him grin

ElBombero Tue 04-Feb-14 03:52:29

Trash can thanks

That the thing about this WOE, it's just so against the grain isn't it. TBH I'm sock of talking about it to people as no one gets it. I keep referring them here but no one comes so they might half assed do it for a few days but not properly so no results. Attitudes about it :-
"You on that Atkins? He died of a heart attack you know"
"It'll all just pile back on when you introduce carbs"
"You on that diet that makes your breath stink"
"It's not good for you El"
FUCK OFF!!! Gonna stop telling people. Least they know about this WOE, more people to make my loss look all the better (so there!) gringrin

sybilfaulty Tue 04-Feb-14 06:45:45

Sorry things are tough with your friends, TrashCan. So long as YOU believe in it, I would ignore what others say. This is all healthy, wholesome food that our grandparents would recognise. Not full of additives, fiddled around with, pretending to be something else food. We know it works and it is healthy. Ignore what the naysayers think. TBH, I thought Atkins was bad for you til I read a bit more about the science behind it. We are so programmed to think about low fat being good for you - even the lunchbox police suggest diet drinks ! Madness. stick with the thread girls and you will be fine. Never complain, never explain. Just smile serenely and have some more water flowers

I am 1lb up. Bugger. My own fault and I know why, This week - no wine. I am not going out til Wed 12 so have a good few days to have a clear run at it.

MyPreciousRing Tue 04-Feb-14 06:46:47

People at my work very supportive. Have passed the boot camp rules to a few. One colleague has lost 9llbs in less than a week.
Only a few nay Sayers and have been avoiding them.
Slightly up this morning but still almost 12llbs down overall so it's fine.
Good luck to all of you doing three days no dairy

PseudoBadger Tue 04-Feb-14 07:00:05

Went back to strict bc yesterday and have had a 3lb woosh overnight! Very pleased! I ate:

B - 2 x boiled eggs with butter
L - tuna and mayo with salad
D - chicken 'cordon bleu' (mozzarella and ham in a chicken breast, fried then finished in oven), buttery leeks and broccoli.
S - 5 Brazil nuts
D - water, and only 2 cups of tea.

Not sure what I'll have today but there's plenty in the fridge.

Seri77 Tue 04-Feb-14 07:07:40

After STS yesterday I re weighed today. 0.5kg/1lb down. That must be fat. Yay! I've not amended the spreadsheet.

I may celebrate by freeing the celeriac from the fridge. But first, fried mushrooms & bacon with soft cheese stirred through.

I'm so sorry some of you are getting a hard time about this WOE. I tend to say I'm just cutting out processed crap and upping my veg but still get offered some foul low fat yogurt or a lecture. I'm perfectly capable of being assertive but I shrink from causing offence. Like Sybil says how can unprocessed home cooked food be a worse than something full of chemicals from a lab?

StuntNun Tue 04-Feb-14 07:08:21

TrashCan I tend to tell people that what I'm doing isn't as low carb as Atkins. I think a lot of people assume the <20g induction phase of Atkins is the whole diet and don't realise it relaxes later on. Atkins got a bad reputation, in the UK anyway, because it was associated with huge fry ups and massive quantities of meat. I describe my woe as primal but a lot of people say 'eating clean' which seems to mean avoiding processed foods.

Eating out LC is tricky but not inpossible. Since I can't eat eggs I have become a pro at asking restaurants and cafes to make changes. Most places are happy to make substitutions in an all day breakfast so you can also ask them to leave out the baked beans and have something else instead and just leave the carby stuff on your plate I sometimes nibble around the edges of the potato bread. Subway salads are good because you can choose exactly what goes into them. I don't think their salad dressings are that great but once in a while it's probably okay. A lot of restaurants serve steak and chips and will swap the chips for a side salad. Pizza Express seem to sneak carby stuff into all their salads but they're pretty good about making changes such as having the dressing on the side. Pizza Express do a lovely starter of cured meats, mozzarella, olives, rocket etc. which you could have as a main course. My kids sometimes have Dominos pizza and I order a big batch of chicken wings for DH to have with salad. And my favourite trick is the little bottle of homemade vinaigrette in my bag for a grilled chicken and bacon salad in McDonalds - their salad dressings are rubbish and their salads are about 50 calories so you need the oil in the dressing or you'll be starving five minutes later.

NotTwit Tue 04-Feb-14 07:43:36

Hi all. I suppose people find it easier to accept my 'odd' woe because I can't eat wheat and most stodgy foods. It's only getting rid of rice and potatoes for me ( along with some veg and fruit). If people ask, I'm just 'cutting out the crap' and they all seem to be approving.
DH worries about the butter, but I remind him I'm not eating sugar and have to get my energy from somewhere (still bfing). Also remind him that I'm drinking loads of water to help wash it away hehehe. Anyway I tend to use olive oil around him sometimes and add butter to mine ( without him realising) so he relaxes a bit.
For example yesterday it was spaghetti Bol night; I cooked the mince with mushrooms and leek, put mine in a separate pan with spinach and courgette spaghetti and added a small amount of the sauce to mine (sainsburys basic, pretty low 9g per 100 g I think), then added the rest with other more carby sauce to theirs.
I know, I know, but I'm no cook, and they eat healthily enough for me to be ok with them not following me exactly although they often do without realising fshpie, cauli cheese etc

Being skint has it's advantages, I ne'er eat out, so no worries on that count for me.

EwanHoozami Tue 04-Feb-14 07:48:03

Trashcan That was a rotten thing to happen, no wonder you feel unsettled. I suppose it came from a caring place from your friends, but it sounds awfully controlling. As the others say, smile, don't engage and be confident in your choices. thanks

Eating out - coffee shops are a bit of a nightmare. Their margins are based on stuffing cheapo carbs with sugar and making a giant profit. It's not my most on-plan solution but if strong-armed into a Starbucks for lunch I'll sometimes just accept that they don't fit with this WOE and have a black coffee and maybe some of their almonds and pick up something appropriate later.

My success with this WOE has been based on keeping control of what I'm eating no matter what inappropriate choices I'm faced with or whatever anti-LC comments I get. I realise that makes me sounds like a right smug twat but I know that this works and is a sustainable, healthy choice, and only I can make it work for me.

Woolfey Tue 04-Feb-14 07:51:34

Morning campers,

Am feeling spurred on this morning by a random comment from DH "You've lost some off your bum" grin

Meal plan for today:
B Mushroom & pepper boursin omelette
L Prawn, avocado & lambs lettuce salad with rose marie dressing (v.retro & v.yum)
T Chorizo & cheese
D I was thinking something bbq'y with pork shoulder steaks, anyone any bright ideas? Prob served with some homemade coleslaw as I made too much and it needs using. 2 squares of 85% choc if I feel like it. That's my only BCL thing I have during the week.

Have a good day smile

Woolfey Tue 04-Feb-14 07:51:59

Off to catch up with the rest of the thread.

jill36 Tue 04-Feb-14 08:18:18

Morning everyone. I'm on day 6 of LC and have been following you all since Sunday. Noticed yesterday some of you were talking about eating more fat. After being a Slimming World member on and off for 10 years it frightens the life out of me. At this moment I have 3 rashers of bacon sizzling in butter and the fat from the rind. I know to make this WOE work I have to add it to my eggs to make an omelet.

I started LC last Thursday weighing 158lb - Monday morning 154, today 155.

Today's meals look like this:

Bacon and egg omelet, Coffee with cream
and a pint of hot s/f black currant and apple squash. (it's lovely)

Tinned mackerel in brine - veg bake. 2 pints hot black currant

Minced beef sprouts/broccoli and cauliflower (I use frozen veg)
S/f jelly and cream - 2 pints hot black currant

I'm going swimming tonight

bettybigballs Tue 04-Feb-14 08:22:46

Popping in to say hello, will do a proper post later this morning, just to say sorry to hear you're getting shit trash can. It's hard when you're do ganged up on.

I've caught yet another bloody cold, second in five weeks. Feeling absolutely dreadful. Luckily I can go back to bed for an hour before I need to start work. Going to try and create a spicy tom yum soup later to make me feel better.

Happy Tuesday, onwards and downwards.

PseudoBadger Tue 04-Feb-14 08:26:51

Welcome Jill36 smile Nice to have you here. Have you read bootcamp rules? Unfortunately squashes are out...

HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 04-Feb-14 08:40:44

Hello Jill and other newbies!

I am still feeling hideous - think it's your actual flu rather than the carb kind... Last night having eaten nothing all day I had tomato soup and a little pot of rice pudding blush Together that's about 50g carbs, but as I had nothing else all day except water I hope it's not done too much damage. Anyone got any tips of LC comfort illness foods?? I thought maybe cauli cheese.

Woolfey Tue 04-Feb-14 08:42:35

Trashcan I'm sure they are probably just concerned about you but it doesn't make it any easier does it? thanks

I'm not telling anyone I'm doing LC, it's just too much hard work to justify it to people all the time. DH knows but otherwise if someone questions why I'm not eating a particular thing I just say I don't fancy it today.

Psuedo that's brilliant. Can you send the whoosh fairy over here when she's finished with you? I could do with some of her magic myself!

The courgette spaghetti & cauliflower rice sound a bit weird to me but everyone is seeming to love them so I might have to try them. Although I suspect I may have different tastes to the norm as I don't get the celeriac thing at all, bleurgh!

Jill36 I don't think you're supposed to be having s/f jelly either <waits for someone else who knows more about it to come along to clarify>

Gerrythetootallgiraffeswife Tue 04-Feb-14 08:45:35

Thanks for the yoink back onto the wagon everyone. Still feeling grim, have some robutissin, hadn't occurred to me to put it in hot water, good idea I'll do that (can't remember who suggested it, I am yet to master super posts!)

To try to get my 1lb gain due to cake out of my head, I've just measured myself. I started a lowish carb diet on 5th nov, had a v carby Christmas, and have been on bootcamp since 6th jan. I have lost 19in in total since then! 6 from waist, 5from each thigh!! Stubborn hips/bum are as stubborn as ever with only 1in gone, and 1 off each arm. I'm starting to see the difference in my face as well looking at photos, and my mum pointed out yesterday I've stopped wearing 'smock type' tops. I am officially re-energised and inspired. Which is good, because I'm off to mother and baby group now. And I will definitely refuse the biscuits!!!

jill36 Tue 04-Feb-14 08:51:57

Pseudo Badger - Is it because of the sweetners in it.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 08:56:33

'fraid so jill

sweeteners are not allowed on bootcamp - we're trying to get away from artificial ingredients, the urge for sweet flavours, and also there is some evidence (disputed) to suggest that they might interfere with weight loss if that's your aim see here

you can have limited amounts on bootcamp light (really no more than a couple of times a week), but 6 pints of squash plus sugar-free jelly would sadly be too much really

otherwise your food looks great - hopefully you added fat to lunch and supper?

teaandthorazine Tue 04-Feb-14 08:57:20

Morning losers!

Have got a new set of scales arriving today, as I'm sure my old, knackered ones are consistently weighing me 4lbs heavier than I actually am [deluded]

trash, sorry to hear about your lack of support. I do find it a bit bizarre that people think it's ok to comment on what a sentient, educated adult chooses to eat. I know it's coming from a place of love (probably) but it's hugely irritating. For example, I have several vegan friends. Veganism is something that utterly baffles me, in all honesty, but it would be incredibly rude of me to say so. And even ruder to point out how ill they all look all the time wink. But they have no issue with telling me that my WOE is not only unhealthy but morally reprehensible...ho hum.

Anywayyyy, welcome to jill! Hope you're enjoying BC. Squash isn't ideal, tbh - do you think you could start to replace a few of those pints with plain water? The idea is to try and avoid artificial sweeteners/foods as much as possible - so sugar-free jelly and squash on a daily basis are really a no-no. Other than that, looks good - enjoy your bacon and butter grin

PseudoBadger Tue 04-Feb-14 08:59:56

That's right, (I had missed the jelly as well!) a big part of bootcamp is breaking our sweet tooth, also I think there is some evidence about sweeteners creating a similar insulin response to sugar <waits for someone more knowledgeable to pop along>
Do you not like plain water?

ChesterDrawers Tue 04-Feb-14 09:25:37

2lbs down on yesterdays WI, so 8lbs down since Jan 1. Maybe I did overreact a little yesterday hmm

First dairy free day today.Bring on the whoosh!

jill36 Tue 04-Feb-14 09:28:20

I can only tolerate water. I have drunk s/f squash for years so hard to break. My only addiction lol

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 09:48:42

I'm going to go dairy free from Weds-Fri. I need to make up for an indiscretion blush I ate a white Magnum icecream at my friends house last night. I'm so annoyed because she barely had to nag me at all. I didn't like the dinner I made myself so I left a lot of it and was a bit hungry when I went out. But I'm paying for it this morning! I won't go into the gory details but I think I have to stay near to the toilet for a while yet. I'm surprised a bit of sugar has done this to me. On the plus side the scales are telling me I've lost 2lbs...

StuntNun Tue 04-Feb-14 09:58:35

Gatorade sugar messes me up big style now as well. I think it's something to do with low carbing inducing a state of insulin resistance. Not in the traditional 'bad for you' sense but your muscles decrease their glucose uptake so that any glucose in your blood is preferentially used by the brain which needs it whereas your muscles run fine on free fatty acids (you know that are being released by your fat cells grin). But it does mean when you get a sudden influx of sugar you're less able to process it than when you were accustomed to eating lots of carbs.

thanks el bombero, sybil, evanhoozami, betty big balls

woolfey - So right! No it doesn't. The particular sentence coming back to me this morning was 'apples are so important. Gah! I felt really pissed off at their tactics - Basically anything I read is 'pseudo science' anything they know is FACT and in any case, they don't fucking want to know anything I have to say on the subject, which I'm aware of, which is why I never bring my food into conversation.

I'm seething but I do know that it comes from a worried/loving place from both of them, but yes it is very controlling. After my vocal friend had left (she was gutted I'd cried, and very sorry, but stood by what she'd said, and is insisting I read her low gi cookbook, regardless of the fact I told her repeatedly I'm happy with what I'm eating) my other friend was feeling very awkward, but re-iterated that she 'doesn't do diets', or want to hear about diet culture, and feels that I'm obsessed with food and very controlling of it, and that 'poor' dp has no choice but to follow what I'm doing. He was like hmm when he heard, and very supportive of our WOE. I said in the end, and they grudgingly agreed, that we'll have to agree to differ. >>disclaimer - yes I am obsessed with food - bc or otherwise. This WOE however, gives me a measure of control, feelings of satiety, and yes, ability to lose weight.<<

>moves around breathing heavily and gritting teeth like Leo in 'wolf of wall street<

I also said to my friend, that I had turned to this because I have had success with it in the past , and at the moment I am unable to move around in the same way as I normally can. I have severe hypermobilty and and ongoing problem with the ligament in my right ankle - I've had to wear a moon boot/cast for most of the last year as it's completely unstable, and I'll be having surgery soon to hopefully sort it out, BUT my weight has shot up since my mobility went down, and I have been told by my foot specialist that I must lose weight for the good of my poor feet and legs - as well as generally anyway. I walk for the major part of my job (which has been interesting to say the least grin for the past ten months) so WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Okay... no helpful suggestions? Then FUCK OFF

Phew. EPIC SUPER POST grin Okay, breathing normally again and moving forwards. Thank you everybody - it's bloody marvellous to come on here and feel so excellently loved and supported. It means the world to me.

Welcome Jill pardon me for being so 'out there' this morning - usually I'm very demure hmm and yes you'd better ditch your sweeties before BIWI comes along later with her big stick and thwacks you grin

I feel strongly that dairy has not been my friend. I'm also reducing my veg and portion sizes slightly. Still eating a good amount though!

Breakfast this morning was 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter and with bacon fat, plus two rashers of bacon.

Large peppermint tea and am halfway through my first bottle of water.

>does low carb hakka<

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 10:08:52

That's really interesting to know StuntNun. It's probably a good thing actually, the next time I eye up something sugary while still on bootcamp I'll be aware that a very upset stomach will be part of the deal!

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 10:09:11

i love the idea of a low carb hakka

jill as teaandthorazine says, can you start by replacing some of the squash with water and slowly increase the water and decrease the squash?

ElBombero Tue 04-Feb-14 10:17:23

Ok first dairy free day

Brekky: 1 black coffee n 2 green teas
Lunch: gammon with cabbage fried in butter
Tea: tuna n prawn salad.
S: pepperoni

Can I have mayo if I'm dairy free?

EwanHoozami Tue 04-Feb-14 10:23:45

Aye ElBombero mayo is dairy free. Just eggs and oil so a great thing on this WOE. I know what you mean though, it does seem like it should be dairy.

Lavenderhoney Tue 04-Feb-14 10:27:04

I am living proof this woe workssmile been doing it for a year now and before my dm passed away, she said " but me and your dad and all you dc ate like this! With carbs every now and then if you wanted, ie potatoes and bread." Apparently it was only when we all left home we got into eating badlysmile

I had a friend who lectured me for ages about how unhealthy it was. She didn't listen at all, so I just interrupted and said " look, we'll have to agree to disagree on this"

I don't want a giant bowl of pasta. It makes me sleepy, upsets my innardssmile and is not of much nutritional value. Its a filler. Better to have meat and veg, etc, but ,of course its more expensive, so a lifestyle choice in some ways as well.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 10:46:00

i find that it's not really any more expensive, because i will eat the same portion of meat and veg/salad as before and be just as full as if i'd had the carbs too. and the fullness lasts longer because i'm in ketosis and don't ahve the blood sugar high/low

it probably was more expensive to start with becasue i would eat more to combat the carb cravings grin, but now my appetite has settled down (except just before my period when it ramps up)

i don't buy all the snacky carbs too, which keeps costs down. on the other hand i don't have children so i don't have the food costs associated with them, though i do have a DP who still eats carbs

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 10:47:51

i don't have meat every day, either - i still have pasta sauces but with courgettes etc

i suppose if you previously ate lots of pulses and root veg you would notice the difference, but i never did because they give me terrible wind! so maybe my food was more expensive that other people's to start with, i don't know

Morning all.

Sorry about your friends Trash. I had similar from a friend. Who has done some kind of nutrition course. I pointed out I eat far more veg now than I did and said I was basically cutting down on carbs in general but cutting out 'crap' carbs. People seem to accept that more.

Welcome Jill. BIWI will be hyperventilating at your 6 pints of SF squash! grin

Chester - loving your WW to SW to Paul McKenna day! I thought I was the only one to do that. And I can go through them all in a morning!

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 11:32:04

Oh the shame... I couldn't understand why my epic post earlier wouldn't actually post, and I've just realised it's because I'd exceeded the MN maximum word count. I've shouted so much shit that it censored me! grin I'll have to split the post. I didn't get anywhere near the end of the thread, either. blush

Great post from Googoo and I can echo that too.

I lost 24lbs, so nearly 2st, last summer on bootcamp. This isn't a crash diet that will drop vast amounts of weight quickly (apart from the glycogen/water at the start), but a sustainable, enjoyable way to lose weight which gives multiple health benefits. I also don't think it's the only way to lose weight and keep it off, but for me personally it' the one which suits me best. For me the 5:2 is hopeless because as soon as I'm really hungry my will power flies out of the window and hunter-gathers lots of unsuitable foods for me to fall into. Low GI is also a healthy way of eating, ime, but you have to watch the fat content and I seem much more likely to stray into refined carbs and fall off the wagon, whereas low carb seems to really reset my palate.

It is hard to begin with, there's no denying that. Carbs, sugar and comfort/emotional eating are very hard habits to break. I have always been a person of excess, and was lucky that I got away with eating absolute shit and not really gaining weight until my thirties. I always knew it would catch up with me eventually, especially once I gave up smoking and various other vices. I don't want to live from one sugar (or any other kind of) high to the next, and I don't want to feel the need to dive into a tempting carb or glass of wine every time I'm upset about something. As I've said before, my issue is as much/more with emotional drinking than eating, I think, although I definitely do both. I find it much easier to resist the siren song of the wine when I'm low carbing because I can more easily close down the dialogue in my wheedling brain when I'm not hungry/craving sugar.

But, and it's a BIG BUT... The sugar cravings only subside if you really do give it a couple of weeks of hardcore discipline. If you're still having slips and mistakes, it just feeds the addictive cycle - your body doesn't get a chance to reset itself and start to taste the natural sweetness in non-carby foods. For the people who have wobbled/are wobbling/will wobble (because we all wobble at various points, I know I do), please try to keep in mind that if you can just resist for one or two solid weeks (and I mean no slips at all), then the sugar cravings do subside. When you've had a shit day, or a wonderful social invitation, or there's a pizza/cake/biscuit/whatever sitting in front of you, just chant "it's just for today/a week/two weeks/ten weeks/whatever time scale you can deal with, i've got the rest of my life to comfort eat/go out for a meal/eat takeaway". If after a few properly low carb weeks you're still hating the food then maybe this WOE isn't for you, but give it a chance. I also think that during that time, although it's really hard to do so, don't focus too much on the weight loss. The point is to break the sugar addiction and change habits, and I really do feel that a body which has been subjected to lots of diets and weight fluctuations has become conditioned to hold onto the fat for grim death. Trust, I think, is what is needed, both in the rational brain in trusting that this WOE will work and is worth sticking with, and trust within the body that it's not suddenly going to be deprived and hungry again.

I read a very good book recently called The Happiness Hypothesis, and he talks about our rational mind (the cerebral cortex, basically) being the rider sitting atop the elephant of our subconscious and instinctive brain (that's a massive simplification of what he says, actually, but I'm happy to go into more detail if anyone's interested). So we, the rider, can make all of these idealistic plans about giving up carbs and sugar, but if our elephant spies a doughnut and, in true Homer style goes "Mmmmm.... doughnuts....", there's sometimes sweet FA we can do to stop it charging over there and gobbling it up.

Wow I'm really shouting the shit this morning, aren't I! blush I got a bit carried away. grin

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 11:33:14

Willie and LittleMiss aha, it's actually called 'Gourmet Low Carb' and is by Sara Lewis, so that'll be me getting the title wrong. blush Clearly not the same book then.

Grumpy have you measured? If you're doing lots of exercise then you could well be putting on muscle in place of fat, which weighs more.

Chester good to see you back! grin

Hugh thank you. I think it's all caught up with me a bit. i was hoping to have skyped her by now but they're on an island with not much internet connection. xDP is emailing me regularly though. Yay for your newfound cleanliness! grin

Seri and Goo I peel, dice and roast celeriac in plenty of olive oil and smoked paprika (pimenton) with a few cloves of garlic (not peeled) and a couple of halved shallots. Then DP likes his just roasted chunks but I then puree mine with a stick blender with the soft roasted garlic added in. Makes a fantastic mash.

Well done pretty and hope you made up with your DH!

Scratch hope you're feeling better.

<<smacks Precious with the bootcamp stick, just for the hell of it>> grin

Thanks Pnut. There were some nice soup recipes in the book I was slagging off, if you still want some.

Oh my word, I've written an epic here and still lots more of the thread to read. Am going to have to pause awhile and do other stuff!

MyPreciousRing Tue 04-Feb-14 11:40:51

I am in awe of your shouting shit post wink x

MyPreciousRing Tue 04-Feb-14 11:41:21

And thanks for the smack - I deserved it grin

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 11:46:45

crabby that is hysterical that you exceeded the word limit! who knew there was one?!

projectbabyweight Tue 04-Feb-14 11:48:18

Fellow non-losers - make sure you're taking measurements too! I haven't lost weight overall sad [my own fault] but an inch has gone from my waist, yippee, and my thighs are looking slimmer (though haven't been measuring them). Hips still as monstrous as ever, but hey ho.

NotTwit Tue 04-Feb-14 12:16:13

Good post crabby, that's how I deal with the 'ooh, I really feel like eating (enter food of choice) right now' times. I remember someone saying something really similar on the first bootcamp I did a couple of years ago (I lost about a stone by the end).
I say it to myself whenever I get those times, it's fine, I can eat it if I want, no one can stop me, I'm an adult etc. BUT if I eat it I will undo all I have gone through (I had serious carb flu, even biwi suggested I eat a smidge of porridge shock) and I might not stop at one.
It's not the last time we'll ever be able to eat (insert food), we will, at some point in the future be able to have some/it. But it will be when WE say so, not these carby cravings.

ChesterDrawers Tue 04-Feb-14 12:28:56

Not had chance to read back as just checking in on my lunch - so a bit of shit shouting going on.

Day going well so far. Two litres of water down. Dairy free breakfast - tick. Dairy free lunch - tick.

Got a little pot of butter and coconut oil with me to make a bullet proof coffee for this afternoon, but will have to be cunning and do it when the kitchen at work is empty as I just imagine the comments if anyone spots me!

How's the other dairy free-ers getting on?

PrimalLass Tue 04-Feb-14 12:30:21

Trashcan, that must have been horrible. However, you could always send them lots and lots of links to primal/paleo etc sites. The success stories on Marks Daily Apple always do it for me.

The best thing you can do is lose loads of weight this way and stick up two fingers to them.

PrimalLass Tue 04-Feb-14 12:32:25

I was up 1lb this morning, which gave me the rage. However, after a long powerwalk I had a rather worrying last half mile home and lets just say that 1lb is gone blush So if anyone is gaining and losing the same lb, try instigating some 'runner's bum' grin


Ilisten2thesoundofdrums Tue 04-Feb-14 12:43:52

Feeling a bit fed up this week.
We are hosting students and I have to feed them all meals. Ds already has lots of allergies and one of the students is lactose intolerant - so another problem into the mix. I am finding it difficult to make meals that are Low Carb and that comply with all these requirements without looking like I'm feeding them odd food, and without eating different food myself.

I have sinned and had a small slice of the apple pie I made for everyone else on Sunday, and yesterday I succumbed to cravings and had a packed of salt and vinegar crisps ( despite a sweet tooth its really the crisps I miss!)
I fell bad about the cheating, but I suppose it could have been worse and I could have fallen completely off the wagon.
So off to get soya yoghurt to cook with now, to replace dairy!

Sorry to moan - just wanted to get it off my chest!

CointreauVersial Tue 04-Feb-14 12:44:38

I love almond butter, and have a jar lurking in my cupboard.

But can anyone suggest something low-carb to eat it on?

No, don't say "a spoon". grin

PrimalLass Tue 04-Feb-14 12:50:16

Celery, or cucumber slices.

Ilisten2thesoundofdrums Tue 04-Feb-14 13:04:08

The Parmasan biscuits in the recipie thread? I haven't tried them myself as we can't have nuts in the house.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 13:13:45

almond butter is like crack for me, i can't have it in the house

MrsHughJarse Tue 04-Feb-14 13:30:30

Its a lunchtime ' shit shout' grin

I would like to report that whilst my weight loss has been slow , not very exciting measured and controlled and sustainable long term smile. I can get a pair of trousers on that have been at the middling to thin end of my wardrobe --haven't been down that end of the wardrobe for years--grin

trashcan you can lick my dust anytime, am sure its low carb - there has been nothing carby in the house grin sorry to hear you are having probs with those around you . " apples are so important " sounds like it is coming form the land of carbytwatdom to me ..... and would LOVE to see your Leo impression !( and your lowcarb hakka - ? you tube ?)

Good luck to the guys on the dairy free blitz chester u-turn hero - 2lbs already !!shock watching with interest although fear i may die without cheese, * rupreck* elbombero et al

crabby grin at 'siren song of wine', how beautifully that explains the feeling when I dash in from work with 3x DDs, all hungry all with things to tell me 'urgently' - all at once ! I squash the feeling though until bathtime is done and the older girls have done their homework before my inner Gin wierdo is released grin !

crabby again - I love the Elephant metaphore - My name is Hugh Jarse and today - I have control of my Elephant !

primal lass I feel your anguish - that has happened to me once before.... I no longer run....

willie/yoghurt crack for me too - I have only just recovered from the nut binge

Ruprekt Tue 04-Feb-14 13:42:39

Had a small splosh milk in my tea.....hmm

Had 2 fried eggs, ham and cucumber with mayo for lunch.

3 glasses water.

Weighed myself and am 176lb which is good.

However, I have not been below this since I started low carbing in Jan 2013. And I low carbed for most of last year!

SteeleyeStan Tue 04-Feb-14 13:44:36

Yet another doctor recommends this WOE! grin

I'll catch up properly later; just wanted to share that my "urgent" appointment to see the consultant was nothing serious - just adjusting dosages and talk of future treatment and some minor stuff. Not sure what was urgent about it, but always glad to have a quick appointment for no bad news, than the other way around!

Anyway, I hadn't seen this consultant before and didn't mention anything about LC, but when talking about still wanting to lose some more weight she said "Just avoid those carbohydrates, and you'll do fine." smile

Managed a perfectly low carb lunch out in a pub, too.
Anyway, must dash, back later.

tenementfunster Tue 04-Feb-14 14:01:33

Not much movement here.. Too many sausages.
I will be sulking this week but keeping on keeping on. Without the sausages

EvaTheOptimist Tue 04-Feb-14 14:19:11

Chipping I can't believe you've just completely STS sad. I wish it would work for you.

Wow Trashcan that was a bit heavy from your friends. I'm sorry, I know how upsetting it is when my mum/MIL/SIL wade in. It is none of their business. Can you imagine saying similar criticisms of their diets back to them in such a rude way? Thought not. "Its not cutting out a food group I'm eating loads of veg which have carbs" is the only non-contentious thing you can say. and by the way, from all I've read and I feel I've read a lot now, this WOE is NOT DANGEROUS.

I'm already steeling myself for a big family get-together in 2 weeks - many of them won't have seen me since I was carrying 3 extra stones. I look quite different. BUT I bet some of them tell me its unhealthy ANYWAY.

Chester 2lb down!

Nell put the chocolate down!

Great post Crabby

Good news about the urgent appointment Steeleye AND the doctors advice.

Today I've reached a new not-seen-before low of 11 stone exactly. WOW. I didn't know it was possible for me.

StuntNun Tue 04-Feb-14 14:23:08

Can I add to Crabby's post about giving the carb cravings a chance to subside that it really can reprogram the way you view food. After a few months low carbing I remember walking into a Costa and thinking, "No nothing to eat here." Of course I was looking at a counter full of sandwiches and cakes but where before I would have liked nothing better than a latte and a piece of cake, without the carb addiction they were suddenly a lot less appealing I still miss lattes though.

ChippingInWadesIn Tue 04-Feb-14 14:36:23

SteeleyeStan - that's FAB on both counts!! (I hope you told them they had needlessly worried you though - they should have just said what the apt was for!) flowers

Chester - you crack me up!

2lbs down on yesterdays WI, so 8lbs down since Jan 1. Maybe I did overreact a little yesterday << with all the crap you ate, I'd be doing the dance of joy if I'd lost 8lbs. I have been uber good and not lost a sodding lb. Just remember, no other diet plan would let you eat that stuff either - so you might as well enjoy the low carb food grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 04-Feb-14 14:46:37

I can't keep up with you all sad

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 15:39:04

Tell me about it Piste! I tried to make notes from the chat thread but it would have taken many hours, and we're only on week 4.

I had cod for lunch (and will also have it for dinner, I underestimated how much cod was in the packet) and the sauce turned out lovely this time - just a mix of Total yogurt, DeLouis mayo, plenty of parmesan and salt to season.

Thumbwitch Tue 04-Feb-14 16:26:46

Things that annoy me on behalf of all of you with unsupportive friends/family:

• This is NOT a no carb diet, you get plenty of vegetables in it, so aren't missing out on anything.
• Sugar is NOT a requirement in our diets. Some complex carbs are, yes, but starch isn't either. We can make our own sugar. There is a process called gluconeogenesis (literally glucose-new-creation) whereby we breakdown other things such as amino acids or fatty acids into their carbon skeleton and then reassemble them into glucose. OUR BODIES CAN DO THIS! Therefore we do NOT need to take it in! (Unlike vitamins and essential minerals).
• It reminds me of the way people behave when you try to give up smoking or drinking, if they still smoke or drink. They try and entice you, they say shit like "one won't hurt!", or "when did you get so boring" to try and bring you down again. Because they don't like the fact that you are striving upwards to attain a goal, while they're not - it makes them uncomfortable.
• It shows how deeply brainwashed people have become into believing the diet industry shit that "fat bad, low fat good". This entrenched belief is going to be VERY hard to shift. Heart Foundations do nothing to help this belief - with only low fat products getting the "heart foundation seal of approval" - bah! Mostly based on false assumptions and incorrect analysis of data.
• It also shows how well the sugar industry did their job of ensuring that it was fat that was demonised, and not sugar.

I remember reading a "diet myths" book some years ago, in which it was stated to be a myth that too much sugar makes you fat. HOnestly! A fucking MYTH. No, it isn't. It's a biochemical truth.

I taught a student once who was so brainwashed into the "fat BAD, low fat GOOD" message, that she couldn't break the habit, even after doing a dietary analysis and discovering that her fat intake was way too low, by the Govt food health intake guidelines (50% calories from carbs, 35% calories from fats, 15% calories from proteins) - she was supposed to be suggesting an alternative diet that would match those figures, and she couldn't do it because she kept on suggesting low fat products. Rather than mark her down on it, I took her aside and had a discussion with her - she was horrified at the idea that you should eat more fat!!

It just all makes me very cross. In the end though, you have to do what is right for YOU and ignore the nay-sayers. That's what I've done for years! People may scoff at my reasons for not eating certain foods, but it's made my life a hell of a lot better, removing my IBS and acid reflux and various other gut issues that I used to have - what's not to like? Just nod and smile and when you weigh stones less than before they'll have to admit that they were wrong.

teaandthorazine Tue 04-Feb-14 16:29:22

I have bought sprout tops. I don't know why. They looked healthy and they were reduced in Twatrose. Wtf can do I do with them?

I have some pork which I was going to stir fry - do you think I can stir fry the sprout tops too? Or will they be too...sprouty?

I also bought almond butter. Blimey. Whoever said down thread that it was like crack is right. I have spent the last ten mins trying to remove it from the roof of my mouth, though...

Thumbwitch Tue 04-Feb-14 16:35:47

Today I have had:
B - 2 slices of cheese
L - leftover salad with baby bocconcini (mozarella balls) and avocado
D - turkey steak schnitzel, using lupin flour and parmesan cheese rather then breadcrumbs - yum! - and stuffed with Boursin; swede chips cooked in olive oil and salt, and carrots and asparagus.
S - ultra low carb protein bar.
Not enough water again <sigh> but down 2lb from yesterday.

I had my first cup of coffee for aaaages this morning - very weak, small amount of milk (PTA meeting so no access to cream!) and OMG, my breath afterwards!! tasted worse than hangover-mouth! shock

teaandthorazine Tue 04-Feb-14 16:38:21

Quite right thumbwitch [nods]

It is amazing what people will come out with. And how twisted our ideas of 'good food' and 'healthy' have become. I have a dear friend who was horrified at the idea of eating an avocado, because it was 'too fatty'. An avocado ffs. But she will quite happily wave fucking weightwatchers biscuits in my face and then tell me I'm weird because how could I possibly not want one when they're only 20 calories or some such bollocks.

They may 'only be 20 calories' but they are packed with artificial shite and - actually a worse crime imo - taste like crap.

I now take some delight in watching my friends' and colleagues' faces when I pour cream into my morning coffee but refuse cake. You can see their brains almost exploding with the effort of processing such deviant behaviour...

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 16:38:25

I'm back with a cup of tea - am aiming only to have maximum of two cups a day this week unlike my usual gallon.

Not and Chipping that lack of weightloss is very bloody annoying. It'll surely start to come off soon. Can you do some sort of sacrifice to the whoosh fairy? wink

Sue well done for keeping the faith, and yes I bet it's your body adjusting to actually having a normal amount of food.

grin Athel I only wish I could learn from your mistakes instead of my own and I don't seem to learn from mine, either.

Thanks for the threat of a bootcamp boot up the arse Chipping grin I'm feeling a bit more sensible today.

Trash shock at your friends! Managing T1DM (especially in a child) is a very particular skill to have, and does not mean that she knows anything about low carb diets, or about how people with or at risk of T2DM should eat. Mind you, it's not too many generations ago that the ketogenic diet was prescribed for children with T1DM. It upset me when my friend was a bit patronising and totally wrong on Friday, so I can imagine you're feeling gutted at such an onslaught. sad Sounds like you made your position very clear though, and it's brilliant that your DH is so on board with this.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Tue 04-Feb-14 16:42:49

tea sprout tops are delicious, dp's parents did them at christmas - steamed and then tossed in butter

Woolfey Tue 04-Feb-14 16:43:56

Struggled this afternoon as just feeling very tired. Before BC I would have hit the sugar in an attempt to stay awake and acquire some energy. Strangely wasn't tempted at all by the kids choc buttons that have been sat all day on the top of the worktop. Had a bowl of whizzed up cream with a tsp of peanut butter and some cocoa and cinnamon in and it really hit the spot.

Back later when I've caught up with the thread again!

Thumbwitch Tue 04-Feb-14 16:44:05

Agree crabby - the diets for Type I DM and Type II DM should be completely different - but are they fuck if you go to the dietitians! I know 2 people with incipient type II DM who were given the "diabetes diet sheet" and the amount of carbs they were supposed to eat was ridiculous! Perfect for someone on insulin; but absolute shit for anyone trying to avoid medication for type II DM. Unfortunately one of these people was my mother, who signally failed at any point to believe I might have more information at my fingertips than her doctor.

I asked a doctor once how much nutrition training they got - I think it was maybe 2 days out of the whole 5 years? and it might have been optional, can't remember. hmm

Woolfey Tue 04-Feb-14 16:44:47

Struggled this afternoon as just feeling very tired. Before BC I would have hit the sugar in an attempt to stay awake and acquire some energy. Strangely wasn't tempted at all by the kids choc buttons that have been sat all day on the top of the worktop. Had a bowl of whizzed up cream with a tsp of peanut butter and some cocoa and cinnamon in and it really hit the spot.

Back later when I've caught up with the thread again!

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 16:48:07

You're welcome Precious, stern slapping dished out here any time anyone needs it [sadistic emoticon]. grin

Yoghurt I certainly didn't! Messages cannot, apparently, be longer than 5000 characters. Who knew! grin

IListen would it be worth making a lovely low carb casserole/bake/whatever that's just for you and will last several nights? Then that's your meal taken care of and you don't have to worry about making everyone else's low carb?

Hugh it's a great image isn't it... I often find myself shouting fruitlessly at my big determined elephant as it careers towards the fridge in search of wine/'something to nibble'. hmm I'd thoroughly recommend the whole book actually; he writes really well.
Well done on your trousers!

Steel great news that it's nothing serious. More and more doctors, I think, are coming round to the fact that the problem is sugar, not fat. My GP was very supportive back in the autumn.

Lord above, I'm finally up to date with the thread. <<faints>>

Thumbwitch Tue 04-Feb-14 17:09:05

Crabby, are you on the mobile site? I've seen massive massive posts, way longer than yours, before now - whole articles have been posted on here in one post before! Just wondered; or maybe they've changed it so you can't go beyond 5000 characters.

SteeleyeStan Tue 04-Feb-14 17:28:22

Muahahaa, beware, I’m caught up the tread…

Chipping – I did tell them I’d been worried and they did apologise for any unnecessary upset. But tbh I couldn’t be too unhappy, because I was so relieved, and there were a few minor issues I’ll need to sort out before continuing treatments, so it wasn’t for nothing. smile I’m sorry the scales are being so stubborn for you!

Nell – You should chuck the chocolates out of the cupboards! It’s so much harder to resist stuff if you know it’s sitting right there in your kitchen…

BIWI – Coffee shops are places of evil. sad I meet a group of friends regularly in a cafe, where we sit for several hours over huge lattes and cake. So far I’ve usually taken these as knowing cheat days and just gone with it. The few times when I’ve resisted and stuck to black coffee, the sight of their goodies has left me crazed and I’ve shopped for crap on my way home… It’s “that day” again this Friday… If only they did some pure ice cream, or something.

Trash Sorry your friends are being so unhelpful, even when you’re not even going on about your WOE at them. Very rude. Best to keep to other subjects and stubbornly change the subject if they keep bringing it up. thanks Re. food obsession – I agree it’s not something you can just magic away from your head and have everything be right. Having a reasonable (ie. not life-limiting) control and feeling happy and healthy on your WOE is what should matter.

Pseudo Yay for the whoosh!

Jill36 Welcome to the Dark Side! It’s fatty and tasty and good for you and deliciously rebellious. grin

Crabby Love your epic post! grin And agree with so much that you say about the different WOEs/diets. I wouldn’t even dare try 5:2 with my ED past. I hope you and doggie are taking care of you and you’ll get to skype DD soon. thanks

Eva Yay for 11 stones! I bet you’ll have a lot of comments coming your way with the family – hopefully nice! At least you’ll be a walking talking testament that it works!

I hope all of you suffering from colds or any other lurgy feel better soon! thanks

RE. doctors. I actually wonder if I get so many supportive messages about LC from my doctors because people involved in treating PCOS have at least some training and/or interest in endocrinology and so a better understanding in hormones and the metabolic syndrome?

My mom was talking to me about some new dietary guidelines they have over in their country (very non-LC!). I told her that as an emigrant I don’t need to take note of Old Country guidelines, and I can ignore the British ones too, because I’m an uninformed immigrant. She actually thought this was fair enough. grin

My foods today are a bit carby, but nothing too bad I hope:
B: Just coffee with coconut oil, but a Nakd bar later in hospital. Not ideal, but meh.
L: Salmon salad in Wetherspoons.
S: Cream cheese pancakes with dark chocolate flakes on top.
D: Fried pork loin steak and green veggies.

Seri77 Tue 04-Feb-14 17:29:34

I have conquered the celeriac. I made celeriac chips with smoked paprika. They were tasty but didn't go very crispy and shrank dramatically. So I have managed to eat half a celeriac!

Any tips on achieving crispness?

SayraT Tue 04-Feb-14 17:36:13

Why am I watching a program about baking!?

PseudoBadger Tue 04-Feb-14 17:43:03

Bless you Steeleye I was feeling a bit ignored!

Seri it really does shrink doesn't it - I served 2/3rds of one with Sunday lunch the other day and it wasn't enough....

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 18:10:17

Great posts from Thumb. And no I'm on the bog standard old styley site, even on the ipad. [old gimmer]

Thank you Steel, crazy cocker is my needy little shadow as always. I was trying to video some filming where I walk the pooch this afternoon, and the soundtrack to the video is the dog whining constantly in the background because I dared to stop walking for a minute. Won't be putting that on the blog then. hmm They're filming Macbeth with Michael Fassbender (I'd be more excited if I knew who on earth he was) but I don't think any of the stars were there today; they seemed to be doing crowd fighting shots. Lots of re-enactors in period costume hitting each other with big swords and shouting 'RRRAAAAAHHHHH!!' very loudly. grin

Well done on your whoosh Pseudo flowers

I'm making something very experimental. It remains to be seen whether it will be edible or not... [mysterious]

Notsoskinnyminny Tue 04-Feb-14 18:21:11

FFS will you lot stop chattering, I come in from work and there's pages to read and I've get back to school for 7pm.

Crabby great post. I've lost on this WOE before and knew my losses would be slower this time round as I've buggered everything up faffing around, half doing it for 2 years. I was gutted to get on the scales this morning and find I'd gained another chuffing lb overnight but I've noticed my horrible cleavage wrinkle thank you Trinny and wotsit for telling me to wear v-necks because I've got big tits but not telling me to wear sunblock all year round which refuses to go no matter how much cream I rub into it has almost gone and the horrible wrinkles at the top of my arms imagine leaving a couple of lassy bands on for a few hours have also gone - it must be due to all the water I'm drinking.

Steeleye just spotted your chocolate addition to cream cheese pancakes - now I know what I'll have when I get home later.

Trash I'm out with a friend on thursday who I've avoided for a couple of weeks because I know I'll get the same reaction off her but I'm in a better place to handle her negative comments even though she lives on crappy WW crisps because they're only 1/2 point per pack so she'll have 6 in a day and SW synfree soup for tea.

Lovecat Tue 04-Feb-14 19:09:03

Today's food - still not drinking enough water - how are you lot doing it??

B - total with flaxseed and cream
L - mushroom crustless quiche
D - chicken thighs roasted with courgettes, shallots and peppers

Off to rehearsal and a night of refusing biscuits...

StuntNun Tue 04-Feb-14 19:16:24

B: Greek yoghurt with berries and double cream
Drinks: Three cups of tea, two herbal teal, one bullet proof coffee, lots of water
L: mushrooms and ham in Philadelphia sauce
Snacks: 10 almonds, 10g dark chocolate, bag of posh pork scratchings
D: chicken thigh stir fry with lots of veggies

keeponkeepinon Tue 04-Feb-14 19:22:29

Oh for crying out loud. ..
I'm making a mess now.
I do great during the day then screw up with carby muck in the evening. I seem to have lost my mojo. Anybody know where it might be?

I've gone back up this week and no wonder. I really need to write out a four weekly plan that fits the whole family, with shopping lists so that when I get round to this point I have it all laid out. I know exactly what to have and do. Its as if I just lose my way a bit and cant think of anything I fancy. Anyone else get this?

Suzymoo9 Tue 04-Feb-14 19:41:17

B - total yogurt, berries, sprinkle toasted seeds (are those allowed?)
L - Salad, dressing, egg, mayo, tuna
D - Leftover Celeriac cottage pie, salad, dressing, parmesan

Snacks - yogurt, coffees with cream & coconut oil

2.5 l water so far

trying to be so good! not lost in 3 weeks, really want to lose this week - if anyone spots anything wrong let me know!

ChesterDrawers Tue 04-Feb-14 19:44:27

Sorry Chipping you must think I'm a right twat whingeing on. In my defence, i got weighed on New Year's Day after a full on carb fest the night before. I lost 6lb in the first week which I think was a lot down to that and since then I have bobbed up and down two lbs. so I don't think I've lost much in the grand scheme of things.

But point taken - hope I didn't offend grin

<does skinny dance of joy at the fact she's lost 8lbs and eaten loads of junk>

HumphreyCobbler Tue 04-Feb-14 19:52:14

hello everyone, haven't posted for a while but have been lurking.

I am still happily on track. Not weighing has it's advantages, makes one very zen about the process. I can see changes in my body which are making me quite happy.

I am managing to drink so much water that I am impressed with myself and I feel so much better for it.

SayraT Tue 04-Feb-14 19:55:51

I made some fat bombs tonight. Hazchem mentioned them on the "low carb treats" thread.

They were disgusting!! They looked so lovely, here is the link I got the recipe from www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/atkins-induction/801661-induction-friendly-fat-bombs.html I didn't use any sweetener but I don't think they would have been improved with it anyway.

B: Coffee with cream
L: Two sausages, cucumber, little gem lettuce and FF yoghurt with linseeds and three strawberries
S: Cold pork belly slice (last nights left overs - was hungry when I got in from work)
D: Meatballs with courgetti and cheese

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Tue 04-Feb-14 20:20:29

Okay, just jumping in with a food diary

B- Breakfast Tortilla (sausage/mushroom in a spinach omelette)

L- Chicken/Bacon Salad with that mayo and pecorino.

D- Crispy Duck with lettuce pancakes.

Although, I must say, my lunch fills me up -I could very easily have done without except it was my only time with DP.

supersalstrawberry Tue 04-Feb-14 20:26:33

Hello I've finally got to the end of my netflix Breaking Bad marathon, so might get a chance to read the rest of the posts. Life has been hindering my Breaking Bad viewing I've had to go to work, eat, sleep and organise the family in between episodes, very inconsiderate of them! wink but thankfully it's over at last and normal busy life can resume smile

Went to M&S earlier and bought a load of reduced stuff, I plan my shopping trips there around this time of day as there is always lots reduced and I buy stuff I can freeze, I've bought some broccoli and stilton soup, not the lowest carb but not bad, also have a freezer full of cakes hmm, it's dd's birthday this weekend and she's got friends coming over for tea thurs, fri and sleep over saturday (what the feck was I thinking!!).

Enjoyed my dinner today, although I did have 2 teeny tiny cakes (both about 1 inch square so not even a moouthful honest blush and ate half a small samosa in tesco that was a free sample from the deli counter - just stuck it in my mouth without thinking blush I will be good tomorrow

Apart from my cake slip up I have been good - we've been here before haven't we BIWI, I was always falling and accidentally inhaling cake the last time I low carbed blush

Breakfast - nothing, can't face food of any kind at 6am, managed to drink a bottle of water at 7am.
Lunch - smoked pork sausage and cheese salad, green tea, bottle of water x 2 through the morning
Dinner - spicy chicken breast, cauliflower, 2 large flat mushrooms cooked with garlic butter, pint of water.
Snack - blueberries with cream and greek yogurt, few almonds, 2 little dark choc discs 1.7g carbs each.

GrumpyCrossPatch Tue 04-Feb-14 20:28:16

So glad the summons to the hospital was very innocent SteelEye - it must have been worrying for you to be waiting all week.

Big yay for Pseudo and Eva and other whoosh-ees!

As always Crabby you are wise and Yoda-like. I cheated and did my second weigh in, which of course was the same as the first and proof that cheats never prosper. However, I measured and have lost 3 inches from my waist, 3 from my belly and 2 from my hips. That'll ding dang do.

In shouting my shit news, DH and I have both had long, shitty days and poor DS is still in a rare old state. Bless gorgeous DD who just knuckles down and carries on and puts a smile on our faces. We have gone for take away but chose sushi. I have mainly had sashimi with a handful of edamame. However, I was powerless to resist a couple of gyoza and the tobiko gunkan and may be washing it down with a Hendricks or two.... blush. And I've skived off swimming. Will have to run extra fast tomorrow!

DurhamDurham Tue 04-Feb-14 20:32:17

I'm still LC'ing and read everyone's posts, the ups and downs. The leaving ( and rapid returning, thankfully ) .
My appetite has hugely decreased, I literally forget to eat until someone else in the house starts to talk about dinner.

This next bit isn't strictly ( or at all ) about LC'ing but as I am following the rules and bring very good I thought I would go off topic just to ask if anyone has any experience of using a Vibrostep?
My 16 year old dd has a part time job and clearly too much money and she has 'won' an ebay bid for a Vibrostep. She is very fit and active so won't be relying on it to keep fit but she says she will use it to 'tone up'....she has no toning up to do! Will probably end up going on it myself as it appears it will be living in the conservatory. Has anyone used one and do they actually make any difference at all?

supersalstrawberry Tue 04-Feb-14 20:33:15

forgot to mention I made a lovely lovely snack dh and dd had some as well

sweet gem lettuce leaves
sliced roast beef
tiny bit of mustard

all rolled up and eaten

dd said it was like a mini wrap but without the wrap

was lovely

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 20:51:58

I don't like celeriac chips sad Disappointing. I hoped they would be a good replacement for potato.

Oh well, onwards and upwards. I'm trying baked camembert for the first time tomorrow. This diet is really expanding my culinary horizons!

teaandthorazine Tue 04-Feb-14 20:52:22

Evening all

Just popping back with my list for today (yeah, I know you've all been waiting for it!)

B: had a late brunchy type thing of two eggs-in-a-cup mashed with butter, and two rashers of bacon
L: nothing really, did have a couple of teaspoons of almond butter
D: pork stir fry with the aforementioned sprout tops, courgette and peppers

Now am having a small bowl of Greek yog with cream and linseeds and a cup of liquorice tea. Have managed a couple of litres of water today and one bulletproof coffee.

I have to admit to a slice of sourdough as well blush. Ds didn't finish his so I had it. God I love sourdough bread!

Would be nice to lose some weight this week but I am indulging quite a bit so am not going to hold my breath...

supersalstrawberry Tue 04-Feb-14 21:01:23

Gatorade I'm finding celeriac makes me feel a bit sick, mashed swede has been a godsend though

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Tue 04-Feb-14 21:10:55

Evening all!

I'm dog tired and had just started to write an epic post but you've all been so busy chatting that anything I might have said has been said already by about 10am. Great posts by everyone! I will just say that I think that there are huge issues between friends when the status quo is threatened, such as by weight loss. If you're doing something a little bit different like low carb, people can then grab on to that stick to beat you with. The IPD book puts it all nicely and better than I can!

I really don't talk to anyone about dieting or LC, not even my mother (who has her own issues). It's one of the reasons I like coming on here and seeing how everyone else is going on and shouting shit.

Today: really feel that I've eaten too much both yesterday and today and I really daren't go near the scales (guilt). I have't really worked out how I am with dairy yet either but I'll keep things as they are for now.

B: 2 sausages and celeriac boulangere (leftovers)
L: Sardine salad with vinaigrette, mascapone and total with vanilla.
D: 5 slices salami (fridge picking, was hungry) and salmon with pesto, salad, creamy leeks and mayo. Raspberries with cream and vanilla,

1 coffee with cream. 4750ml water/fruit tea.

Oh god, that really is a lot of food!

Ruprekt Tue 04-Feb-14 21:12:37

Top tip for celeriac!

Parboil first or it really dehydrates to nothing. Then roast or fry it.


B....fried eggs n ham
D...chicken wrapped in cheese & ham, fried asparagus
S...yog with blueberries

MrsHughJarse Tue 04-Feb-14 21:30:36

Just realised we haven't seen helium lately..... Has anyone seen her on any other threads ? If you are lurking - are you Ok Helium ?

ToffeePenny Tue 04-Feb-14 21:30:42

Thanks to a reduced offer at the supermarket I've discovered that asparagus sends my weight down the next day when eaten as the main greens for lunch and dinner (it was very reduced so I bought lots). Seems to be some sort of secret low carb weapon (or a seriously effective diuretic) - anyone else noticed this?

EvaTheOptimist Tue 04-Feb-14 21:31:35

I've been nosing around on the website Yogurt/Willie linked to earlier. There was a page about how to be in optimum ketosis:

Its nothing we didn't know - ie you need a ratio of most Fat: Protein: Carbs least. But the trick of eating more fat than protein is maybe hard to do. More butter anyone?

Link: www.dietdoctor.com/lose-weight-by-achieving-optimal-ketosis

and quote:

"The trick here is not only to avoid all obvious sources of carbohydrate (sweets, bread, spaghetti, rice, potatoes), but also to be careful with your protein intake. If you eat large amounts of meat, eggs and the like, the excess protein will converted into glucose in the body. Large amounts of protein can also raise your insulin levels somewhat. This compromises optimal ketosis.

The secret to getting around this is usually to eat your fill with more fat. For example, if you have a bigger helping of herb butter to your steak, you might not feel like having a second steak, and instead feel satisfied after the first one."

supersalstrawberry Tue 04-Feb-14 21:46:25

having a look on pinterest, there's some really good low carb recipes on there

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Tue 04-Feb-14 21:47:14

Eva - this correlates with what I've read as well (The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Volek and Phinney). Basically if you consume more than your protein requirements your body handles that excess as a carb. I'm pretty sure I'm eating more protein than I need and I was planning to track it on MFP if I stall.

As to how to eat more fat, I have no real clue and hopefully someone more experienced will come along in a bit. I've been adding vinaigrette/mayo/butter to anything I can. You can cook with dripping as well! I've also started having mascarpone instead of yoghurt as it's really just fat with very little protein or carbs. I don't have it in yoghurt sized portions though...even though I'd like to!

Seri77 Tue 04-Feb-14 21:47:55

My dalliance with celeriac is over. It gave me wind. Painful wind. Back to cauliflower for me.

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 22:09:57

I'll give suede a go, I think that will suit me better!

For fat SarahBeeny you could try what I do and eat coconut oil straight off the spoon? I have one tbsp with each meal. It's a bit of an acquired taste, it feels like putting coconut scented candlewax in your mouth, but I let it melt, swish it round a bit because it's good for gum health, and swallow. I actually enjoy it now.

Piscivorus Tue 04-Feb-14 22:20:25

Just shit shouting here as this all moves too fast for me! confused

Re fat bombs. I have made these before which are nice: equal parts of salted butter, peanut butter and coconut oil melted and poured into a small container. Pop in the freezer. Cut before too solid.
I keep them in the freezer and they have an almost crunchy texture.

Trash I am shocked at your friends. It doesn't matter if you have different opinions but to make you cry and carry on pushing I think is quite bullying. You look after yourself and "Nil Illegitimi Carborundum" as they say! (That's don't let the bastards grind you down for those that didn't learn Latin! grin)

My cousin is a diabetic and tells me regularly that she knows about nutrition because of that and because she went to catering college so I just bite my tongue when she insists on low fat crap and desist from pointing out that her weight is around her middle which is not healthy and while following her healthy diet she has gone from 1 tablet to 2 to 3 to lizard spit injections and finally onto insulin.
I don't tell people that I am low carbing I just say that I have changed what I eat for health reasons and they rarely pursue it.

supersalstrawberry Tue 04-Feb-14 22:26:11

only started drinking herbal teas since starting bootcamp, always hated them before

have now found that camomile is like a sedative, just had a cup must.go.to.bed.now............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

GatoradeMeBitch Tue 04-Feb-14 22:32:55
GrumpyCrossPatch Tue 04-Feb-14 22:41:22

Seri77 me too blush

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 22:45:47

Big fat fucking arse. I wrote a post and the ipad lost it. At least it wasn't a Crabby-super-waffle.

The gist of it was...

Notso am thrilled to think that upping water intake might rehydrate my withing cleavage (previously my pride and joy).

Keepon yes planning is the key, otherwise I find myself pacing the kitchen disconsolately, looking for trouble. Don't be afraid to make yourself a batch of something low carb if you can't find suitable meals for the whole family.

Grumpy oh how I'd love to be wise and yoda-like (though I do bear a passing resemblance first thing in the morning)... grin

Durham I'd probably try sitting on the vibrostep, personally. wink

Sarah very perceptive point about friends/family being thereatened by a change in the status quo. I think people can get quite discomfited when we start to effect real change in our lives.

NellVarnish Tue 04-Feb-14 22:58:35

<sneaks in>

I have had a Very Bad Day. I've been a Big Fat Sugary Carby Twat. Have felt ill all day and very tearful so fell into a bucket of carbs. I know it doesn't help, just makes me feel worse. I've always been an emotional eater, I need to get a grip.

Haven't caught up on the thread as I feel very ashamed of myself and totes emosh as DD1 would put it.

Will be back tomorrow to see you all and catch up. So much for my resolve! sad

Waaaahhhh I've not just let myself down, I've let you ALL down.

<hides under duvet>

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 22:59:29

Well I did an experimental chicken 'pie' earlier, and although it needs a bit of finessing, it was bloody lovely. I had leftover roast chicken and fancied a chicken and mushroom pie in a white sauce, but not cheesy. I decided to gently sauté leeks until tender, then steam cauliflower in with it, adding enough chicken stock to simmer it. When all tender I blitzed it with the stick blender, adding more stock until it was a thick soup/sauce texture. Salt, pepper and nutmeg in it, and that was the sauce for the chicken and mushroom mix (shrooms diced and cooked gently for ages in butter, garlic and thyme). Meanwhile I made a celeriac dolphin pose by thinly slicing and layering celeriac, nutmeg and garlic and pouring cream over each layer and baking for about 45 mins. I then put the mixture into a baking dish, transferred the dolphin pose onto the top of the filling and baked a little longer. Need to work out a better way of doing that but bloody hell it was lush!

Food today
B/L - courgette and tomatoes with pesto
S - olives
D - chicken pie
2 cups tea, >3L water

CrabbyWinterBottom Tue 04-Feb-14 23:02:23

Oh Nell. sad Tomorrow's a new day. Stop sabotaging yourself! flowers

HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 04-Feb-14 23:27:51

Ooh Crabby that sounds amazing - will you put it on the blog?

I am feeling better, even managed a little walk to the shops this afternoon, but had the biggest craving for a treat and ended up with an Atkins 'chocolate' bar from Boots - utterly not worth it, made me feel sick and I now have a very upset stomach! Other than that:

B - fried lardons and scrambled egg
S - stupid Atkins bar and snack pack of mini sausages from M&S
D - pork chop, cauliflower cheese and Savoy cabbage cooked in garlic butter plus 2 squares of dark choc after

Not enough water today...

BIWI Tue 04-Feb-14 23:30:14

Goodness me, you lot like to talk grin

Have caught up at last.

The only advice I can give you if you have friends/family who are trying to undermine and sabotage your efforts is to make sure that you have done enough reading to convince yourself - and also so that you can trot out a few pertinent facts about low carbing and/or the perils of a high carb diet.

Given that there's a lot in the media at the moment about the dangers of sugar, perhaps you could drop into the conversation that as far as the body is concerned, carbohydrate is sugar, in terms of the insulin release that it provokes.

Have had a couple of really busy days, and was up in Leeds all yesterday, so not much opportunity to really post.

But despite that, food choices have been pretty good. Thank goodness for Pret a Manger being available at railway stations now! Two different salads yesterday - one for lunch on the train up to Leeds and one for dinner on the train back.

just a quick shit shout for now

durham at my old very posh gym girls/women used to use them to ahem... 'pleasure themselves' under the very thin guise of 'toning up the inner thigh area' blush at first we thought we were being silly, but time after time I saw peoples jizz faces blush - I left the gym...

food today dairy free peeps (think I did breakfast upthread)

L - tuna in sunflower oil heated in the wok with butter splash of soy, salt pepper and a good handful of curly kale

D - Lamb and mutton mince fried with garlic/shallots/fresh herbs/s+p/garam masala and a handful of kale plus broccoli steamed with butter on

S - celery stick swiped through dps leftover blob of chilli tuna mayo/ kalamata and green olives

5l water

some rank teas today - fennel x2 (bleaurgh) and a couple of peppermint teas

* thanks pisco and the other people upthread for all the amazing kind things you've said about how wanky my friends behaviour has been*

I think one of them has got the message and the other one hated it when I gave up smoking, so it's all about her really - even though in many other areas she is excellent, she can't bear it when I change. Spotlights her failings I guess - which is stupid, as I love her as a carb eating smoker anyway!! I'm just not going to discuss it with anyone (still!!) I'm rubbish at arguing and can't remember the facts under pressure. I'm just stubborn and resolute. Oh and I'm quietly going to the doctors and having a massive health check with bloods and everything so that will shut them up if they bring it up again.

crabby! you must have been to my gym!!shock

Thumbwitch Wed 05-Feb-14 00:58:21

Talking of diuretic veg, celery is definitely a diuretic. So if anyone needs a visit from the whoosh fairy, perhaps have a couple of sticks of celery? They're very nice when filled with Boursin, or probably any other cream cheese of your choice. My Mum used to use Dairylea (blech now!) and dust with paprika - this was a very swish appetiser in the 70s, you know! grin

ChippingInWadesIn Wed 05-Feb-14 02:18:37

Chester - don't be a muffin! Of course I don't think you are a twat and nor was I offended, I was simply trying to point out that you are actually doing well and it's only your mind trying to find excuses for not low carbing that is making you think otherwise grin I was a total carb monster over Christmas so I was hoping I would have a glycogen dump when I started back - not an ounce. I am in ketosis, I am drinking lots of water, I'm not cheating in any way, I even gave up my latte's this time... nada??? so....

Whoever has kidnapped the Woosh Fairy - could you please let her go and make sure she comes to me or I may not be responsible for my actions

I have people coming to stay (for several months) soon, I am going to find it very very hard to 'justify' this 'WOE' if I am not losing any weight sad <sob>

I add butter to anything that stands still long enough and olive oil to everything I can. I tried eating more cream, but that just made me feel really sluggish (or perhaphs it was just co-incidental? I'll try again in a few days). I am not eating too much protein (basically impossible as a low carb, non egg eating, vegetarian!!). I am eating as little carb as I can whilst having to rely on vegetables to 'feed myself' and I alternate between eating cheese and not - but I find it hard to do this woe as a 'non egg eating vegetarian who doesn't eat cheese - and is trying not to mainline almonds' ... you start to feel 'food free'.


Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and good wishes though smile x

ChippingInWadesIn Wed 05-Feb-14 02:25:19

I have some celery - might go and raid the fridge grin

Blah, I can barely eat it in the daytime smothered in peanut butter the thought of it at 2.30am is not at all appealing grin

MyPreciousRing Wed 05-Feb-14 06:30:53

Poor chipping and Nell
Hope things look up for you both soon

BIWI Wed 05-Feb-14 06:38:24

Chipping - you will have to tell them that you are pre-diabetic, and this is a Keto diet, specifically designed to deal with diabetes. Don't mention one word about your weight.

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 07:19:20

Come on Nell, back on the wagon with you.

Day two of no dairy, stayed the same this morning but that's fine. Plan is lots of fat:

B: boiled eggs mashed with chunk of butter
L: hot chicken, bacon and avacado salad, all bits fried in lots of butter
Mid aft: BPC
D: celeriac hash from the recipe thread, orobably with a bit more butter thrown in for good measure

Going for three litres of water again.

DH has this morning lost a stone since Jan 1. He's pretty much at his goal now. Am proper proud of him as he struggles to stick with things, especially as he's not overweight as such and he's eaten hairibo, porridge, chocolate and lots of other banned bits.

TrickyWoo Wed 05-Feb-14 07:20:45

Woohoo I'm back to losing! 2lb today, which makes me 12lb in a month as I started 3rd Jan. very pleased, and i started couch to 5k last night too.

C'mon losers!!

monkeymax58 Wed 05-Feb-14 07:33:58

((Drags Nell back up onto low carb wagon.....smile))

Chipping...what do you eat as a low carbing non egg eating vegetarian? grin

Water and fat are the key!
How about celery and almond butter? Am getting some today so will let you know what it is like.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Wed 05-Feb-14 07:39:56

Seri and pseudo, celeriac does reduce a lot when you make chips, and I find it doesn't really ever get crispy like potato, more chewy, but I still like it. But it gives me horrendous wind so I rarely have it sad

Keeponkeepingon re evenings I think you should try changing your routine in some way at your 'risky' time. I know that's easier said than done if you're tied to the house with sleeping children, but instead of doing whatever it is you normally do while eating the carbs, sit somewhere else, do another activity (preferably one that uses your hands like knitting or writing). Do an exercise DVD or go for a walk if you can get out of the house. Have a bath and then paint your nails - it doesn't matter what, but just do something differently so that you don't find yourself in the same place at the same time eating carbs again

(Also don't have them in the house if possible wink)

AthelstaneTheUnready Wed 05-Feb-14 07:40:13

I can't catch up <wails>

Quick blah, then: down 3lbs today after going up 6lbs last week. Could be:

a) stopped eating cheese two days ago because I was eating a LOT;

b) the shock of the carby bottle of cava I had in a temper tantrum; or

c) having a two day temper tantrum uses up a hell of a lot more calories than I'd ever suspected.

I WILL catch up later, oh, but also quickly, to those faced with aggression over their choices - I just say a part of the truth (which is nonetheless very true for me): sugar painfully inflames my joints, particularly my fingers; the more refined the sugar, the more instant the inflammation. So I'm trying to keep clear of as much as possible, and that includes food that turns straight to sugar, such as bread, pasta etc...

Woolfey Wed 05-Feb-14 07:43:04

Meal plan for today:

B 2 slices ham with a smidge of pepper boursin spread on them and wrapped up
L Mushroom omelette
T Repeat of breakfast
D Chilli & some veg

Nell don't beat yourself up, it doesn't make you feel any better about anything. Just start again today being really strict and drink lots of water. We've all done it, getting back on the wagon is the important thing thanks

DurhamDurham Wed 05-Feb-14 07:43:50

Oh no Crabby and Trash, I must be very innocent as it hadn't even crossed my mind that you could ahem 'misuse' those machines. Really hoping it hasn't crossed my dd's mind either!!

Anyway must dash, just got to go and tone up my thighs!! blush

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Wed 05-Feb-14 07:48:54


Meal plan for today:
B- breakfast tortilla
L- tomato and chilli duck breast with dark greens salad
D- sirloin steak and stuffed mushrooms

Lots of water, lots of rooibo.

Have a great day!

MyPreciousRing Wed 05-Feb-14 07:53:11

Wish I had done the measuring lark as trousers are falling doon and shoes falling off shock
Would be helpful to do that weekly as well as weekly weighing (or twice daily now...)

Whoop whoop!

Scales say 160lb today, so thats a 3lb loss this week grin

No alcohol since Sat, strict BC Sun-today has worked, oh, and Ive come on smile

Happy today!

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 05-Feb-14 07:55:05

Morning all

As always, catching up smile

<hugs Nell then boots her arse back onto wagon>

SayraT Wed 05-Feb-14 08:06:19

Piscivorus I might try that instead, I'm not sure if I like peanut butter though, I've never had it. I like peanuts but for some reason the thought of peanut butter gives me the boak envy

I've not been hungry for breakfast for a while now but had some today as I play badminton at lunch so wouldn't eat until 3pm if I didn't.

B: Egg in a cup, coffee with cream
L: Left over meatballs and courgetti, yoghurt with linseends
D: Spare ribs, celeriac something, other veggies followed by berry crumble - have someone coming for dinner who has a diabetic partner so said I'd make this then she could see if it might be something that her husband could eat.

Trashcan I have just told work colleagues that I have given up sugar but one woman keeps asking "still no sugar?" and looking in my mug at coffee ARGH, I've NEVER had sugar in my tea or coffee anyway!!!!

Its more the way she says it than what she says, everyone else says "Still no sugar? Well done" in a good for you sort of way. I think this woman is waiting for me to shout "I'm fucking fat, why the fuck do you think I've given up sugar?!!!"

Sorry, deep breath in....and out.

Well done ring nice feeling having clothes looser...as long as they don't actually fall off grin

and 3 lbs down is fantastic monkeyface

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Wed 05-Feb-14 08:58:34

Morning everyone.

Gatorade - thanks for those links. I've been meaning to look up what the Swedes are up to re: guidelines and you've saved me a job!

It looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some coconut oil - I keep looking at it, looking at the price and walking off! I might have to give those fat bombs a go.

Well done ring

And how did I miss that gym conversation? confused

Have a good day everyone

Thumbwitch Wed 05-Feb-14 09:03:28

Weighed myself this morning - for the first time I hit 12st exactly - yay!
But may have screwed things a bit by simply not eating enough!

B - slice of cheese (in case anyone is wondering, I make Ds a sandwich every day, and the bread is bigger than one slice of cheese, so I have to use a little bit of another slice and then eat the rest. Tragic, I know)
L - parmesan crackers, can't remember if I had anything else, probably not blush
D - fried salmon fillet with broccoli and carrots and butter; followed by Greek yoghurt with double cream, blueberries and chopped cherries.
Bit slow on the water today but still got time...

Lovecat Wed 05-Feb-14 09:18:54

shock at the gym! In full view of everyone?? I too must be an innocent, it wouldn't even occur to me... mind you, according to SIL I am The Only Woman In Essex Without A Vibrator™ so that's probably why.

Managed to avoid cakes/biscuits/sweets at rehearsal last night and also got round the 'cup of tea' dilemma - I was in Twatrose yesterday looking for the Delouis mayo and I saw that Lactofree now do 5x20ml pyramid cartons of UHT milk in a net bag - they're only 0.54g of carbs per carton! So I took one with me and was able to have a nice cuppa with everyone else (they don't have decaff and I hate drinking fully leaded coffee in the evening). Think I may keep one in my handbag from now on, just in case smile

Yay Thumbwitch ! But why are you still having carrots and cherries? They are well carby! <nagnagnagnag>

Still not doing well with water. I wake up every morning determined and have 500ml, then it all goes to pot and I end up trying to glug a litre last thing at night and waking up to go to the loo every 5 minutes - and it's still not enough water! Today I am clearing out the dining room so that we can get it replastered where the boiler leaked, so I'm going to take my bottle of water and put the kitchen timer on at half hourly intervals to remind me to drink some!

SarahBeenys, they had one brand of coconut oil in H&B in the penny sale, but it had all sold out of my local branch sad and the alternative one was £15 for a small jar - however, I tried the independent health shop nearby and got a big jar of pure organic stuff for £10.99 - might be worth shopping around?

Have got my act together this morning and had bacon and eggs (I seem to have had nowt but dairy recently and am feeling blobby - although that could be due to the lack of water, dairy has never given me problems in the past) with salad planned for lunch and roast lamb for tonight.

Have a great day everyone grin

StuntNun Wed 05-Feb-14 09:19:00

Sarah the coconut oil lasts ages so the price isn't as bad as it seems.

I thought peanut butter was out because peanuts are carby and legumes besides. Almond butter is lower carb and tastes similar, I buy the Meridian brand because it only has two ingredients: almonds and salt.

I have found a great article from the diet doctor on low carb diets and other factors that affect weight loss. Point 4 says that if you have been on a low fat diet prior to starting a low carb WOE then not losing weight can mean that you are regaining muscle mass that you lost on the low fat diet. So if the scales aren't budging for you bear in mind that you may be burning fat but gaining muscle mass at the same time.

LittleMissDisorganized Wed 05-Feb-14 09:19:41

Hi everyone, just a quick post,
Sayra I feel the same about peanuts - they are not supposed to be sweet
Crabby the "pie" sounds fab if rather complicated and hard work! I've got swede and celeriac to use up, and the mixed dolphin pose, whoever suggested it, is inspired!!
trashcan I was lurking not posting but really felt for you with people that you should be able to rely on to support you regardless... I hope you are feeling ok now, and really glad DH is with you in it.

Sorry to everyone I've forgotten, congratulations to all those who have lost. I'm with whoever asked how much all this snot weighs <self pitying emoticon>. I've done lots of socialising and sleeping, how will I find time to go back to work! And stayed on the wagon despite Monday's infuriating coke moment.

Thumbwitch Wed 05-Feb-14 09:29:03

Lovecat - I can't keep doing this if I can't eat the cherries. I may go bootcamp again when cherry season is over but not just now. Carrots are a staple veg in our house and I give most of mine to the 16mo anyway. grin

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 09:37:54

For all of you who are having trouble with people sticking their uninformed beaks into your eating habits, I just had an idea. Trash you were saying that you can't remember the facts under pressure and I thought 'ooh she needs a leaflet or something' and then I thought of this: home educators can carry a little card around stating that you are a home educator, with the relevant legislation on it to wave at people who accuse your child of truanting. I've designed one for us lot. We can keep it in our wallets and just smilingly hand it over as soon as the person starts spouting the usual shit. And just think... if we're in an accident and go to hospital, they can read the card and know not to feed us IV cake or anything. wink

My name is _____ and I am a low carber.

As there are a number of misconceptions about low carbing, some of which you've just shown that you currently subscribe to, let me clear a couple of things up...
1. We do eat carbs, plently of them in fact. We get them from vegetables, nuts and a variety of fruit.
2. Pasta, bread and rice are jolly nice, but they are not in any way essential. They are foodstuffs developed to feed vast numbers of people, cheaply. We don't need them to be healthy.
3. Sugar is not a food group. I know that's hard to believe, but any dietician, doctor or scientist, when pressed firmly, will have to admit it.

If you still want to know more about it (as I'm sure you wouldn't want to argue against this way of eating from a position of utter ignorance!) you could start with these scientists and doctors....

<insert links here>


Lovecat Wed 05-Feb-14 09:42:19

Crabby, that's brilliant grin

Thumb, sorry, I wasn't meaning to sound arsey - I'm very impressed you can eat cherries and still lose (would be the kiss of death for me...)

arselikekylie Wed 05-Feb-14 10:01:46

Happy when I weighed myself today. Have now gone all the way through the 12s and am 0.75lb in to the 11s.

And I've not been too strict.

And I don't care if I sound smug grin I am smug smile

Thumbwitch Wed 05-Feb-14 10:05:56

Don't worry LOvecat, I didn't think you were being arsey smile

Crabby that's brilliant!

EvaTheOptimist Wed 05-Feb-14 10:06:26

Nell can you tell us about your motivation for losing weight? I think you need a light-bulb moment. Before I found this WOE I would beat myself up every night about the amount of food I'd eaten each day, and make good resolutions for the next day, which would last until approx 11am on a good day.

Then I read a thread on Mumsnet called What was your lightbulb moment when you decided to lose weight? or something. Reading that thread WAS my light-bulb moment.

Especially as it was invaded by bootcampers on week 2 of Spring 2013 bootcamp! I went to have a look, thought NO FRUIT, ARE THEY MAD? then thought, No, I'm going to follow every rule and do as I'm told for once.

I've done this with cast-iron willpower, thanks to the light-bulb moment - cos I certainly didn't have any willpower before.

But as Crabby's mega post sort of said, the willpower gets so much easier after a short time. Right now you have to have charge of the Wild Elephant because you WILL be pacing the kitchen looking for trouble (what a way with words Crabby!!) After 2-4 weeks of absolutely no cheating, the carb cravings won't be there any more or will be tiny. After that, you only have to have much easier willpower over the "Sensible Rider" bit of the brain - the one that can think "I'm not having a sandwich because I don't eat bread". the one that plans the meals or the tricky-going-out situations. Cheating kind of resets this schedule (carb cravings start again).

But its really hard to get in charge of the Wild Elephant without a really good light-bulb moment, some over-riding motivation to lose weight.

Also I've missed in all of this that you're a bit under the weather so that's really not fair - I'm sorry. So its a combination of Take Care of yourself and Look for the light-bulb

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 10:07:56

Heir yes I will put it up on the blog at some point, I just have to tweak the recipe a bit and streamline the timings.

Chipping mmmmmm...muffins. grin Ok I admit it, I have the whoosh fairy imprisoned over here - I've been trying to 'persuade' her to relieve me of a few pounds. I'll disguise her injuries and release her this morning. wink

Durham and Trash I've never even heard of a vibrostep, so not guilty <<holds hands up, well above waistline>> on the masturbatory gym antics. As soon as I saw the name though, I couldn't resist the innuendo potential. If there's an obvious joke to be made, I just have to make it however inappropriate that may be. grin

Sayra last summer when my MIL was making hmm faces behind my back at me not having pudding and having stuck to low carb throughout the meal, I lost patience and grabbed a photograph from the drawer which showed me in skintight jeans and a balconette bra, at my maddest and thinnest (still busty though). I stuck it under the noses of her, my SIL and (mortified) BIL, saying very firmly I may have been drunk "This is what I looked like 11 years ago. I'm not meant to be fat and I'm not going to be!". Strangely enough there have been no more comments, though they did laugh at me when I turned up to dinner last time with my own swede. grin Maybe you could pin up a photo of yourself all young and lithe and when she says "still no sugar?" just smile, point to the photo and say "nope!".

Thumb Yay for 12 stone! flowers As Lovecat said, ditch the carrots at least! Can't you pit and freeze the cherries whilst they're in season? Then you'll have plenty after bootcamp.

LittleMiss it was a long preparation time, which is what I need to tweak. I think prepping beforehand is the key. A large cauli and three leeks made enough for the sauce and soup left over, so maybe making a batch of the soup ahead and then reserving some for the pie sauce. The main prep was slicing the celeriac for the dolphin pose, the rest of it was all done whilst that was in the oven. Would still be delicious to just serve the filling and stick the cooked dolphin pose on top. Maybe that's the answer.

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 10:11:51

<<takes a bow>> I thank you. grin

And YY to Eva - totally agree.

Miss and all the other snotty/poorly ones, hope you feel better soon. flowers

GatoradeMeBitch Wed 05-Feb-14 10:27:38

I think I might print that card out actually Crabby! I thought family would be supportive, but my Dad is fussing at me to put grains back in my diet, I can tell he thinks I'm a heart attack waiting to happen.

I had a packet of roast chicken slices for breakfast - why does chicken taste so disgusting out of a packet? I had to struggle to finish!

I'm starting to notice a difference in the size of my abdomen. It's where I carry a lot of my weight, actually I resemble a heavily pregnant woman! It has shrunk to the point where trousers that cut into me pre-diet are now very comfortable. I am worried about loose skin though. This is TMI but the fat was solid before, now it's really squishy, so the fat is going, but my skin doesn't seem to be reacting to that. I'm moisturizing, plus eating fat and drinking lots of water, but I hate that I'm probably going to be left with a wrinkly stomach. I wish I hadn't let things get this bad.

Plus I realized today that I'm not supposed to eat calcium within four hours of taking my thyroid medication - which I take three times a day, so that's going to be a bit fiddly. The dairy is my favourite part of this diet! Hence just chicken slices for breakfast today...

LittleMissDisorganized Wed 05-Feb-14 10:29:28

Eva your posts are always very powerful - I realise it wasn't addressed to me, but thank you for writing that.

Who posted the cream cheese pancake link? I am so grateful you did!! I did them without the sweetener - so just an ounce of cream cheese per egg, beat the life out of it in the mixer as it was a bit stubborn about going smooth - and they would double as wraps, or probably even bread-type stuff. I made them for a friend and I at lunch time, served with some ham hock and a big pile of rocket with homemade dressing. Wonderful - and as I wasn't feeling well I went to bed about 6 without dinner and slept through til 7:30 this morning, with a trip to the loo (of course!!)

So I now have a couple of solid lunch time recipes for friends, DH, etc.

Back to clinic today for my legs/ feet - I am feeling optimistic (but might end up with more minor surgery scheduled, but after the last mammoth one, a quick and very beneficial operation on my toes will be a walk in the park. Maybe not a walk, a wheel in the park wink)

Crabby I like it, maybe have it printed on t-shirts [joking]

Lovecat wrt water - I have a water filter jug, I have 1/2 litre before breakfast, then fill it to 1.25 and aim to drink that by lunchtime, and fill it to 1.25 again and drink it by teatime. It means I go to the loo a lot in the day but a maximum of once at night. Could you do that? Having the jug in front of me is a visual reminder that I am supposed to be emptying it! I think I'd probably take it to work with me if when I go back, but realise that's not practical for everyone.

LittleMissDisorganized Wed 05-Feb-14 10:30:36

Crabby do you have a mandolin for your celeriac slicing?? Saves time +++ and perfect thickness. Sorry if that's teaching my grandmother to suck eggs!

GrumpyCrossPatch Wed 05-Feb-14 10:44:54

Crabby loving the medic-alert card! Fab idea.

Yay for kylie! Can't bring myself to call you arse...

I have been casting a critical eye over my choices and failure to lose. I think partly Crabby is right and I am building muscle. However, I think I am guilty of getting protein and fat ratios in the wrong order. To that end I have just made a BPC (I only had butter, no coconut oil) - it's weird! Not gross, just weird. Any other recommendations for boosting fat intake without dairy (have relied on cheese and cream too much!)?

Woolfey Wed 05-Feb-14 10:56:45

Gatorade thanks for posting those links. Have had a little look and love one of the quotes from Prof. Nyström translated into English from Dr. Eenfeldt: “You don’t get fat from fatty foods, just as you don’t get atherosclerosis from calcium or turn green from green vegetables.” You don't turn green from green vegetables grin.

Crabby love your card, genius idea grin

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 11:10:21

Is anyone else still waiting for the glowing skin and swishy hair?

I have got such bad dry patches on my face and dull dry hair. I am sat here with a big shiny eight hour cream chin and nose and have put coconut oil on my hair but that's not done much.

Was expecting to look like Cat Deeley by now sad

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 05-Feb-14 11:45:34


Looking shite and so tired.


SteeleyeStan Wed 05-Feb-14 11:49:03

Hey all.

I’m home today, Unfucking My Habitat and listening to the storm outside. Not very exciting, but beats being outside.

I always wondered what on earth those vibrating thingies were for in the dodgy crappy gym I used to pretend I went to. There were always queues of old Asian ladies waiting to sit on them! hmm

Sounds nice and positive goings on, MyPrecious, monkeyface, arselike and Thumb smile

I love the card Crabby! grin

Eva I never really thought about motivation in that much detail, oddly enough. Strangely infertility, PCOS, back problems and hating the way I looked apparently weren’t enough for me… hmm My light bulb moment came when a good friend got T2 diabetes, didn’t care, and was very quickly in hospital nearly dying. I’d somehow fooled myself that PCOS and risk of diabetes weren’t really that big of a deal, but that changed there and then.

Chester No glowing over here, never has been. My hair is and has always been thin and wispy and decidedly non-glowy, and probably always will be. Skin isn’t great either, but it doesn’t get as rashy and itchy and blotchy anymore, luckily.

The foods today:
B: Two fried eggs and coffee with coconut oil.
L: Avocado, ham, olives and feta; more oily coffee.
D: Swede and brussel’s sprouts bubble&squek and a homemade burger.

Lavenderhoney Wed 05-Feb-14 12:09:34

Looking like cat deely now made me laughsmile a friend once convinced me to buy Bronzer as it would change my face... It didn't, I just looked strangesmile

I have been visited by the whoosh fairy, so I'm very happy- but I've upped my running and cut out dairy except for cream in my coffee for the last day.

I am sleeping a lot better now as well, which is good. But I must drink more water, I'm on the go a lot and although I have it with me I don't drink it.

Brunch- left over cauliflower with fried egg
Dinner - don't know yet.

PrimalLass Wed 05-Feb-14 12:11:50

My skin was awful last week ChesterD. Lots of serum mixed with rosehip oil is helping.

bettybigballs Wed 05-Feb-14 12:12:10

Finally have got time for a proper read of the thread and a catch up with you all.

Chester - I'm also waiting for my skin to improve, the last time i did hardcore LC i had amazing skin. I'm sitting her with two huge spots on forehead and cheek and some really nice dry scabby bits across my chin and other cheek. Sigh.

LittleMiss Cream cheese pancakes are gorgeous aren't they, so much nicer than straight egg. They are also really delicious with some parmesan grated into them. They taste like they are such a 'treat'. I hope you're clinic appt went well

trashcan your last post about your friends giving you shit reminded me of something i read in the IPD book. Sometimes, and no matter how much they love you, friends just aren't thinking of your best interests. They are seeing your actions as a spotlight / judgment on themselves or their knowledge. Your friend seems to be really into her nutrition but what you're doing is so against her learnings it feels like a threat to her - and to bring up your DP as a concern seems like classic technique of finding something to make you listen.

crabby i snorted tea when i read about what you did with your MIL and photo. How the fuck did she think not having pudding was unhealthy??

I discovered adding cocoa butter to my bulletproof this morning, absolutely delicious, almost like a non sweet mocha.

Must go, going to find me a vibrostep grin

PrimalLass Wed 05-Feb-14 12:12:40

My lightbulb moment is that I am 40 in 4 weeks grin shock

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 12:33:08

Glad it's not just me. Maybe that happens next week? grin

sybilfaulty Wed 05-Feb-14 12:37:06

Some great inspiration here. Thank you. Loving all the chat as well.

Loose skin- I am very floppy too. Should those of us who wish start doing some sit ups or planks or something ?

For all the celeriac lovers, have you tried remoulade? It's a bit like coleslaw but no carrot and very lovely. I can eat loads though so perhaps ought to keep an eye on it. I am on phone so can't link to recipe but will do so at home this pm.

I did 5l of water over a very long day and was rewarded with a much flatter tum. My size 12 tight trousers still cut in but they will get looser. Am almost excited for spring!

Right am work so better look willing. Thank god I've hot my own office.

ChippingInWadesIn Wed 05-Feb-14 12:57:26

BIWI - one of them visiting will be my Mum, I am most definitely & absolutely not mentioning diabetes/pre diabetes in any shape or form. I might, if pushed, mention vaguely 'my bloods' but that's it. She worries about my weight and I so wanted to be doing well when she got here, I just don't know what else to include/exclude/do... I am at my wits end (as you know x). I don't want to eat meat or eggs (and just couldn't now) but I envy those of you who do and have weight loss success with this WOE. I have to go to the Drs next week for my annual review, I am 3 or 4 kg heavier now than Nov, this is not going to go down well <sob> I wouldn't mind if I was just eating any manner or crap and not trying sad

I really, really do believe it's a healthy WOE for all of us and good for weight loss if you eat meat/eggs

SnowieBear Wed 05-Feb-14 13:13:19

My first mega-reply update:

ToffeePenny asparagus is a well-known diuretic. Side effect of that is it makes your wee smell quite strongly blush.

Durham I know I have seen threads on vibrosteps in the past, it's worth a search on the site, if memory doesn't fail me, it worked for some, not for others (isn't that always the case?). And not in "that" way Crabby and Trash grin

Crabby I do wish I could spend the day in the kitchen trying out your recipies sad. "My name is Snowiebear and I'm a low carber" yeah!

trashcanjunkie thanks agree to disagree and focus on the elements of your friendships that support you and work for you.

Thumbwitch do you think I feel much trimmer today (have corroborated it with weighing) because of the two sticks of celery I added to my savoury mince last night? Could it be the wonder ingredient? If celery salt works in the same manner, I'm on a winner, I LOVE the stuff. Congrats on hittting the 12st mark!

TrickyWoo whoa, great loss, you go lady!

Eva, you should change your MN name to EvatheElephantTamer smile.

sybilfaulty oh, remoulade, thank you for reminding me of this, it is most delicious! From the BBC Food website, here are ingredients and method:

This remoulade recipe is the perfect way to use celeriac. It's great as a starter with charcuterie or smoked fish.

� small celeriac, cut into thin strips
� lemon, juice only
2 tbsp double cream
3 tbsp good-quality mayonnaise
2 tsp Dijon mustard
salt and white pepper

Preparation method
1.Place the celeriac strips into a bowl along with the lemon and juice and toss to combine.
2.Mix the double cream, mayonnaise and mustard together then stir into the celeriac.
3.Season with salt and white pepper.
4.Place in the fridge for a couple of hours for the flavours to develop before serving.

Finally, for all of you full of winter, much love and warmth, I hope it soon passes.

PrimalLass Wed 05-Feb-14 13:17:23

B: yog and berries. Coffee.
D: 2 x slices of pork stuffing unearthed from the freezer. H/m chicken, cauli and leek soup.
D: steak with peppercorn sauce, mashed swede, green beans.

Lots of water, mint tea etc.

EvaTheOptimist Wed 05-Feb-14 13:21:48

Chipping you poor thing. When mum/relatives arrive can you say you know this way of eating stops your weight from increasing? As, being such a brilliant stay-the-samer, you know that to be true.

And good luck with Docs, I hope they are both sympathetic and well-informed.

Chester I have an immune-system condition which gives me crap skin and hair so I have had no expectations there! From what I can tell low-carbing hasn't affected this one way or another for me.

(and its one of my motivations backing up my light-bulb moment - "well at least I'm now thin with crap hair instead of fat with crap hair")

I'm off to a check-up with consultant for this, this afternoon. I've learned to keep my expectations low from these visits. Though DH wants me to be really pushy and say "is this medication really working?". DH seems to think I'm not suffering too badly "because I'm getting better on my own" and therefore thinks I should stop the medication. I fail to see the logic - I AM taking the medication and therefore am not getting better "on my own". Though the issue is I'm neither getting better or worse, as such.

hopebeyondreason Wed 05-Feb-14 14:00:19

I haven't been posting, as it's all gone to pot. It started going to pot last week, when I was still sticking to Bootcamp pretty much, but started to put weight back on. At the weekend, I had a fair bit of wine and a bit of cake, but didn't go too much overboard and otherwise stuck to stuff I could have on bootcamp light. And on Monday morning I was 4lbs heavier than I had been the previous week. That meant that I hadn't lost anything at all on bootcamp and was only a couple of pounds down since the beginning of the year.

It seems too hard and fairly pointless, to be honest. I'm doing it to lose weight. Clearly it's working for some people, but it isn't working for me. The last couple of days, I have felt very tired and have been eating bread again.

I'm not sure why I'm posting now, as this seems to be spoiling a rather happy thread.

MyPreciousRing Wed 05-Feb-14 14:29:05

Hope - have you measured at all?

SteeleyeStan Wed 05-Feb-14 14:48:19

hope I'm sorry you feel crappy. The thing is BIWI is right about this not being a forgiving WOE. BC Lite would already most likely slow down anyone's weight loss as compared to proper BC, and if you have transgressions on top of that (even small amounts), it will mess with your ketosis and any possible weight loss.

betty that's genious adding cocoa butter! Where do you buy it from? I got some ages ago online for making raw chocolate, but haven't had any in ages. The smell was gorgeous.

GatoradeMeBitch Wed 05-Feb-14 15:17:39

I tried to pan fry cod fillets and they fell apart, so I've mixed in some shallots, parmesan and bacon and will have with lettuce on the side.

And then another helping later - four cod meals in two days. I did not plan well.

humanordancer Wed 05-Feb-14 15:20:59

Hello all, I'm totally behind with the thread, so planning to to start keeping up from now.

I stayed the same again this week, which I expected as I was faced with a very difficult social situation where I was obliged to eat potatoes, twice. For dinner and breakfast.

If things had been even slightly different, I would have found a way round it. But in the circumstances, it would have caused great offense. (I won't be letting it happen again.) Dinner was tartiflette, with balsamic-y leaves. Nothing else. It was very disheartening.

So, pressing on! I'm still a good deal slimmer than I was on NYD. The trend, etc...

StuntNun Wed 05-Feb-14 15:38:01

Thumbwitch head over to Briffa, he allows berries and cherries (just not too many).

Don't worry too much about the squashy belly Gatorade. I lost weight quite rapidly when I started low carbing (2 lb a week at first which I put down to intensive breastfeeding at the time) and it took a whole longer for my skin to catch up with the weight loss. Afaik you lose the internal 'visceral' fat preferentially first but you need to lose the subcutaneous fat under the skin as well; as you lose that fat the skin will shrink back more slowly.

Pork scratchings Grumpy? I got a box of the posh ones from Amazon and they're luvverly.

My skin was better in the summer than now. Maybe it will improve in the Spring?

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Wed 05-Feb-14 15:40:22

i saw an excellent phrase on another thread the other day where they are trying to avoid sugar - 'social obligation sugar' or SOS. it made me laugh because it's so true

humanordancer you encountered social obligation carbs (SOC). it's such a bugger but it happens

HeirToTheIronThrone Wed 05-Feb-14 15:41:50

Supermarket find of the day from me - I really wanted soup for lunch rather than the somewhat past its best salad I took to the office with me. Waitrose own brand Chicken & Mushroom is only 5g carbs per portion and is very tasty and comforting.

I need it as still feeling like a proper wet weekend... But - am in the 12s rather than the 13s for the first time, so hooray!

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Wed 05-Feb-14 15:42:46

my skin is better generally (brighter, no spots, dark circles under eye much reduced etc), but i had a nasty eczema-like rash on my chin/mouth from January to August last year, a year and more into low carbing, and the bastard thing didn't go away until i got antibiotics. so it's not a cure-all unfortunately. i know that some people with rosacea have reported improvements, and that it gets worse again when they eat carbs

Lovecat Wed 05-Feb-14 16:04:50

Hope, sorry you're not feeling well. However, bear in mind that ANY diet (if the point of you doing this is to lose weight) will not let you eat cake or drink wine, so it's not like WW or SW (which only allows 2 small slices of bread a day as a carb thing) is going to be much easier in that respect.

I appreciate that it's depressing not losing when you've been sticking to the rules, but this WoE isn't always a straight descent - it's very common to stall or plateau, until your body readjusts and starts losing again - dispiriting thought that is!

Anyway, hope you feel better soon and good luck no matter what you decide to do.

LittleMissDisorganised thank you for the water advice - I'm a SAHM at the moment while we're remodelling the house so am not generally sat in one place for too long <ignores time spent on Jellysplash> so it's difficult, but I have made an effort today and definitely drunk a lot more (but still not enough!)

Thanks to the tube strike I have to go into town tonight for rehearsal as half the cast can't make it out East, so it will be in a pub or coffee shop. I shall stick to water there (that's the plan at any rate) and will see how that fares.

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 16:36:11

Miss I don't have a mandolin, I almost bought one in the summer and couldn't decide which one so I didn't. May have to reconsider that.

Chester my hair is dull and frizzy and my skin is horrendous. Partly due to the time of year I think but yes, I was hoping to be glowing and swishing by now too.

Steel I love that website! Have bookmarked.

grin Betty she hasn't tried to say it's unhealthy (wouldn't dare wink) but she's a huge feeder - totally expresses love by feeding everyone, and she had brought the pudding over (we'd done a BBQ so plenty of low carb fare with extra carbs for the others). I think me declining pudding was a direct assault on her wellbeing, confused evidence of a 'fad' diet and further proof that I'm more than a bit bonkers. I think my reaction only confirmed the last point. grin

I need to try these cream cheese pancakes!

Oh Chipping I wish I could suggest something. sad As a complete carnivore I'm not very good with vegetarian dishes, and it's even harder for you, I think, not eating eggs. I don't know what I'd eat (although I'd like to expand my veggie repertoire and eat less meat). Are there veggie/vegan/eggless low carb blogs out there? Can you list out your meals and see what we can suggest? Have you tried low GI?
Good suggestion from Eva about what to tell your mum. Just emphasise the health benefits rather than the weight loss?

hope sorry it's hard at the moment. You said that you stuck to bootcamp 'pretty much' in the first fortnight... How much? Completely? The 4lb gain will be the replenishment of your glycogen stores (and therefore water) from the cake. As Steel said, it's not a forgiving way of eating to start with. If you list your bootcamp meals out then we can give you pointers, but you need to ditch the bread, stop the cheating and start again. If you stick to the rules and give it some time, you will lose weight.

Yoghurt I like that SOS/SOC. grin

Lovecat the last few days I've been measuring out the amount of water I need to drink, so two full 1.5L water bottles filled with filtered water, so I know how much I've had and still need to drink. Really helped actually, and .i drank them easily so it reassured me that I was drinking enough.

colette Wed 05-Feb-14 16:43:05

Haven't had time to read all the posts (yet) Crabby was the Kashmiri chicken and spicy cauliflour your recipe ? It is delicious and keeps really well, this will be a staple , DH loved it too. Thanks

BIWI Wed 05-Feb-14 16:50:40


Dinner was tartiflette, with balsamic-y leaves.

I hope that wasn't potato tartiflette?! And balsamic is definitely not allowed on Bootcamp or Bootcamp Light - it is way too carboy.

BIWI Wed 05-Feb-14 16:50:41


Dinner was tartiflette, with balsamic-y leaves.

I hope that wasn't potato tartiflette?! And balsamic is definitely not allowed on Bootcamp or Bootcamp Light - it is way too carboy.

BIWI Wed 05-Feb-14 16:51:22

So carboy I had to post it twice grin

CalamityKate Wed 05-Feb-14 16:52:07

Just had belly pork. Regretting only doing two strips. Also regretting not buying the cheaper ie fattier pack. How I love fat <dribbles>

What do we feel about corned beef? It looks to be very low carb but is there anything I should know?

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 16:52:11

Snowie are my recipes all too involved? I often have the luxury of time to cook so I don't give it much thought, but I can try to do some simpler ones. I very often make the more time consuming ones in bulk, so enough for DP and I to have two night's worth (DD eats different food, usually). The slow cooked dishes can be prepped the night before or in the morning and then left on overnight/during the day.

I'll say again as well - those of you struggling to devise bootcamp meals for you that the whole family can eat, do consider feeding them their usual stuff (especially if they're reluctant) while you get used to this WOE and build up your library of recipes. Batch cooking when you have time is good; something for them and something for you so it's in the fridge/freezer when you need it. If you're struggling to get used to bootcamp, low carbing, what you can and can't eat, and dealing with a reluctant family/having to justify the food as well, it's fine to take the path of least resistance - you can convert them later. ;-)

MrsHughJarse Wed 05-Feb-14 17:11:22

Sorry - not being lazy ..... Just in a mad post school supper frenzy . Can anyone quickly tell me what I do with courgettes to replace spaghetti .... thanks ...
Will catch up and post later - mad day getting through flooded rds in Somerset ...

humanordancer Wed 05-Feb-14 17:17:59

Yes, exactly that BIWI - with no alternative. My advance questions had gone unheeded, but I never imagined it would be just potatoes shock You can imagine how my heart sank when I spotted the balsamic...

Social Obligation Carbs alright, ThatYoghurt, you have it there.

I was so frustrated I drank more wine blush

humanordancer Wed 05-Feb-14 17:20:00

I'm no longer accepting dinner invites from anyone who doesn't get it.

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 17:21:56

Yes Colette that was me. Glad you like it! (I got it from a book though so can't take all the credit)

Woolfey Wed 05-Feb-14 17:23:52

Crabby I would love it if you did some simpler/quicker recipes please grin. I love your food blog and it all looks delicious!

I cook tea for my DD's (3 & 2) at 5pm (they are so fussy about what they will eat, it is a nightmare sad) then I cook dinner again for DH & me at 7.30pm when DD's have gone to sleep. We take it in turns to cook as DH is a much better cook than me (and no I'm not just being modest). My repertoire of simple meals I can do in about 30 mins is very limited so any help would be much appreciated.

Lovecat Wed 05-Feb-14 17:24:19

MrsHugh - aaaargh re the floods - hope you're all ok!

I shave the courgettes with one of these to make the spaghetti (more like fettucine), then fry lightly. They shrink a lot. If you boil them, they will disintegrate - I've never tried steaming, but I believe you can...

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 17:53:05

Hope, sorry you're struggling. I don't know if you've read the rest of the thread but I was in a similar situation to you on Monday. I even signed up for weightwatchers in a fit if panic.

But the advice i got was great and made me realise I wasn't following the rules 100% so to expect results was a bit daft.

I've since given myself a talking to, dusted myself down and thrown myself back into it. A day later I lost 2lbs, which was most likely glycogen from my 'pretty much' sticking to it.

So anyway, point being - can you give it a few more weeks and really commit? Eat fat, drink water and try not to cheat? That's what I decided to do and so far I'm glad. If be bloody miserable by now and probably off the wagon already after three days of WW.

MrsHughJarse Wed 05-Feb-14 17:59:15

Thanks lovecat the starving hoards have been fed and my ' spaghetti' and meatballs were delish !

EwanHoozami Wed 05-Feb-14 18:00:31

Calamity Corned beef is a really good value and convenient protein. I cook with it a couple of times a month at least. Of course being processed and containing nitrates and/or nitrites it's not as 'clean' as would be desirable but at a quid a tin it's hard to knock it. Some recipe ideas using corned beef are..

- good old corned beef hash with diced fried (or mashed) swede with a couple of fried eggs on top

- corned beef and cabbage meatballs

- slow cooker corned beef and chipolte stew

I have also used cold corned beef slices as the substitute for the bread in a cheese sandwich grin

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 18:02:48

Calamity there's a corned beef hash recipe on the recipe thread using celeriac that I'm making for tea tonight.

I am beyond excited about it. Will report back later.

CalamityKate Wed 05-Feb-14 18:09:03

Ooh thanks!

I'll look out for your review Chester! smile

Notsoskinnyminny Wed 05-Feb-14 18:10:27

Sarah I've just had a heart attack in H&B when I saw the price of coconut oil, I don't mind paying if I like it but begrudge £16 if its yakky and it didn't look appetising says she who'd never eaten greek yoghurt, celeriac, belly pork, ... til a few wks ago

crabby I lurve your recipes especially the cauli cheese but it might be the reason why I'm not losing much. Kashmiri chicken is planned for Saturday - didn't have all the spices to do it last week.

BTW I make my cream cheese pancakes slightly differently - 1 egg, tbs cream cheese and a glug* of cream and a splash* of vanilla if I want something sweet - delicious with a blob* extra thick double cream and berries

* technical cooking terms

calamity I made the 'banned' 1990s SW corned beef and cottage cheese quiche the other day and its delicious, a small wedge hits the spot when I get the evening munchies.

tin of corned beef diced
2 leeks sliced and fried
200g cottage cheese - check carb count I found one that was only 2g/100
3 eggs

line a flan dish with corned beef and leeks
whisk cottage cheese, eggs, S&P and pour over

I added a handful of grated cheese then bake til set at 200 - I'm rubbish at timings much to DHs annoyance who loves the oven timer and believes the timings on the back of packets

Woolfey my trick in the week is to use the slow cooker (the pork carnitas on the recipe thread are delicious and the cold leftovers were even better) or fry whatever meat we're having in loads of butter and when its done put it on a warm plate and then add cream and/or cream cheese and either cheese, mustard or black pepper to make a sauce. My other staple is fried mushrooms with a tub of cream cheese stirred in followed by a handful of grated cheese, sometimes I'll add some crispy bacon especially if I'm having it as a meal at lunchtime. I end up using every pan but that's what dishwashers/husbands are for grin

brag alert - I went out without make-up for the first time ever on Saturday and Sunday and I'm a full-slap girl. Its either the water or the HRT I started at xmas

Notsoskinnyminny Wed 05-Feb-14 18:12:42

Oops, sightly overdid it with the use of delicious [grin}

EwanHoozami Wed 05-Feb-14 18:15:42

I've been a bit crap at listing my food this week.

Breakfast is usually Lidl greek yog and lunch is often a tuna or avocado mayo salad with lashings of olive oil.

some recent dinners have been...

- savoy marinated chicken thighs (marinaded in mustard, mayo and paprika)

- crustless spontaneity

- curried lamb mince (mushrooms to bulk it up and a sprinkle of edamame instead of peas so it was more like a keema)

- jerk pork chops and celeriac rosti

- halloumi curry (amazers)

EwanHoozami Wed 05-Feb-14 18:16:17


not spontaneity. FFS!

bettybigballs Wed 05-Feb-14 18:20:44

steeleye my cocoa butter was also a leftover from raw chocolate making. I got mine from choc chick.

I've had another one this afternoon, much prefer the taste to coconut.

teaandthorazine Wed 05-Feb-14 18:25:00

grin @ crustless spontaneity...mmmmm, sounds delicious!

Home with a headache. Hideous commute into work this am, which ended in me picking my way through dogshit and puddles in the least salubrious parts of sarf Lunnon - in heels! - trying to get to a Very Important Meeting, because my bloody train went somewhere random. I swear the driver was smirking when he told us that it wasn't stopping anywhere we thought it was...

Then the lunch served at the Very Important Meeting was, of course, carbtastic. I stuck to one bit of chicken satay, a teeny weeny chicken sandwich and a teeny weeny slice of melon. Avoided the cupcakes, even though I was jonesing for some sugar by then.

Am cooking me up a big bowl of creamy, garlicky mushrooms with spinach tonight. Cannot wait.

And in other news, my scales arrived. They measure body fat, bone and hydration levels, apparently hmm. Anyway, they have me at 10st 13 and a whopping 30% body fat. One third of me is officially blubber.

AthelstaneTheUnready Wed 05-Feb-14 18:51:54

Me! Me! I'm the mixed dolphin pose lady, LittleMiss <preens>

That wine caught up with me <sad> I'm still a few lbs down but with a belly like a small football <sad>.

Woolfey Wed 05-Feb-14 18:57:45

Notsoskinnyminny I SO want a slow cooker but DH is completely against it. And he does have a point I suppose, we have the tiniest kitchen and two very curious toddlers so safety is the problem. Thanks for those ideas smile

Chester congrats on sticking with it and losing 2lbs!

I haven't had corned beef hash in years, but I used to love it so might give it a try with swede.

Ewan 'crustless spontaneity' grin

DH is cooking chilli and it smells yum!

Notsoskinnyminny Wed 05-Feb-14 19:04:51

Woolfey the outside doesn't get hot and they don't take up much room on the worktop - the diameter of my 6l one isn't much bigger than the 3l one. But I know where you're coming from, I remember the nightmare of having a small kitchen and being terrified one of the kids would fall against the oven door - in the end I got ex-h to take the kitchen door off and fit a safety gate.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Wed 05-Feb-14 19:33:50

are you able to store the slow cooker elsewhere when you're not using it? i find it takes up no more room than the toaster when it's out, and though i put it away between uses it could easily stay out most of the time because i use it 1-2 times a week

mine does actually get hot on the outside - not so hot as to burn but hot enough that you don't want to touch it. you can push it right to the back of the worktop though?

it is bloody fantastic. i have ox cheeks from waitrose which cost less than £5 for a kilo that i'm going to do at the weekend

humanordancer Wed 05-Feb-14 19:39:17

Inspired by the cheesecake accident thread - and with a sudden and desperate urge - I just mixed up some cream cheese, coconut oil and vanilla powder and it was, well, quite cheesecakey.

I think I might try a lemon version. Or some shaved dark chocolate.

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 19:56:23

Oh dear god, you all need to stop what you are doing right now and go and make the corned beef hash recipe. It is amazing, so lovely and comforting. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

It's made loads too, plenty for three people. I will take a portion for lunch tomorrow and might scoff the rest out of the pan right now.

So, what are you all waiting for? Off you go!

Lovecat Wed 05-Feb-14 20:22:34

Ooh, Chester, that can be my lunch tomorrow, tasmile I would make it now but I am replete with roast lamb and cauli cheese. God it was gorgeous...

What is this accidental cheesecake of which you speak? grin

CalamityKate Wed 05-Feb-14 21:13:50

Ohhhhhhh I'm hungry!

Maybe I should have had more strips of belly pork. It wasn't very fatty. Next time I'll buy the fatty stuff.

Shall I have a bit of corned beef?

NellVarnish Wed 05-Feb-14 21:18:29

I'm going to attempt to do a Crabby style five million word count post ...

Have just read through the thread since I sneaked in guiltily last night and I'm so touched by all your replies and encouragement - j'adore you lot.thanks

Crabby thank you so much for the immediate reply - I went to bed smiling instead of greeting, and you are absolutely right, today was a new day.

Thank you MyPrecious, I was much better today - felt a bit more positive and was feeling a bit better too so that helped - must've picked up a bug from the kids at school. <gets antibac out>

Chester! I nearly didn't post last night at all! Felt like skulking away as there was me encouraging you to stay and then I bloody well fell off the wagon, some LC buddy I am! blush

I'm back on the wagon monkeymax! Thanks for the lift smile

Woolfey thank you for your wise words! I know you're right. thanks

God it's getting like the Oscars now <sobs>

Can always rely on you Pistey for a hug and a boot up the arse - it's like when I fell off the c25k wagon all over again. grin

Eva I loved your post - I need to print it off and keep it in my pocket, it's brilliant. thanks My lightbulb moment was looking at my ancient visage in the mirror and seeing how puffy it was, and don't talk about the rest! I've always loathed having my pic taken even when I was thin, but now I run a mile not literally as that would probably help. I'm going to a wedding in April and I want to feel nice, so that's my short term use goal. I don't want to be dodging the camera and hiding behind pillars anymore. grin

New motto for everyone courtesy of Eva:

Take care of yourself and look for the lightbulb.

Hope - I was you yesterday - it will be fine, we all have momentary blips and we are all here for the same reason. This is one of the strengths of MN, the support when you need it, the wise words, and the kick up the arse. grin

Omg am I at the eleventy million word count yet? No? I'll just spout some more shit then ...

I want a mandolin - what is it and which is the best one please?

Why can't I be as good at cooking as the rest of you? Unless it's easy and quick I really cba and that's my downfall. Boredom.

I'm going now as I'm boring myself, god knows how you feel!

But seriously, thank you all thanks.

NellVarnish Wed 05-Feb-14 21:26:38

Well done to everyone who's sticking at it and losing!

I might give the corned beef thing a bash Chester.

I the celeriac remoulade thing sounds tasty - but it looks a bit faffy. Maybe I need more gadgets? grin I've just bought a julienne peeler.

I've just been eating mainly tuna salad, salmon, roasted broccoli, celeriac chips, creamy cabbage, cauliflower curry, the odd egg (not over keen). So I need to up my game.

Also cooking for DH and four teens. That's why there's chocolate and treats and the like in the house. They're all supportive though - DH is a bit bemused tbh, but that's his default mode generally so nothing new there. grin

EvaTheOptimist Wed 05-Feb-14 21:32:28

Nell grin

Tea how on earth do those scales know? surely they lie.

supersalstrawberry Wed 05-Feb-14 21:36:50

adding corned beef to my shopping list, like the sandwich idea Chester

Woolfey I put my slow cooker at the back of the worktop, tend to go through little spurts of using it, then it lives under the kitchen unit for months, there are some good sc groups on facebook smile

teaandthorazine hope your headache is better

EwanHoozami I LOVE halloumi curry, haven't made it for a while, got some paneer in the freezer, not sure what to do with it, not sure if it freezes tbh but thought I'd give it a try

I've had a real shitty arse of a day sad, ended up v upset, immediately went into comfort eating mode, so hard to fight it

not enough water

had a camomile tea to help me relax a bit when I got home, as I was so wound up

B - nothing
L- chicken and avocado salad
D - 3 peices of Miss Millies chicken (yeah I know sad)
S - small cup of M&S stilton and broccoli soup about 8g carbs

better day tomorrow........I hope

supersalstrawberry Wed 05-Feb-14 21:38:26

Glad you're feeling better today Nell smile

ChesterDrawers Wed 05-Feb-14 21:46:36

Aw, welcome back Nell, we all have bad days. Glad to see my LC buddy is more positive flowers

Definitely try the corned beef thing, was lovely and dead easy. Lots of the recipes on the recipe thread are pretty simple if you give them a go. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen but CBA faffing in the week so have found some of them really useful. Have a look.

I also love my julienne-er, but beware, tis very sharp!

Suzymoo9 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:11:28

notsoskinny - I agree coconut oil is too pricey in H&B but I found some much cheaper in the health food shop (still about £8 but I am finding it delicious now I'm used to it and it's a good fat source)

MyPreciousRing Wed 05-Feb-14 22:14:10

Well done Nell! You sound much happier, as does Chester - all excited about corn beef!! We've changed. grin
Would you ever have thought that you could be so happy to be eating cornbeef?
My meals have been a disaster today. The highlight of course being eating the inside of a carrs cheese pasty as that was the only remotely acceptable option for lunch; I really must stop relying on school canteen - even if it is free.
On the plus side I am motoring through my water since Sunday. Bought a funky squeeze litre bottle and it seems to go down so much more easily and quicker.
Will weigh in again in the morning.
Hope to see the return of Hope feeling a little more hopeful after reading all you kind ladies' words of wisdom.
Nighty night all x

rusmum Wed 05-Feb-14 22:16:39

Hi can I join in? Where are unles please!?

rusmum Wed 05-Feb-14 22:16:51

Rules wink

BIWI Wed 05-Feb-14 22:20:27

There's a link to the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness in my OP, and if you look at the tabs at the bottom you'll find the rules smile

bogie Wed 05-Feb-14 22:28:05

Just weighed in and I have lost another 4lbs this week, so that makes is 11lbs in 3 weeks :-) perked up what was otherwise a horrible day.

ElBombero Wed 05-Feb-14 22:38:08

KTC coconut oil is in my local Tesco for £2.70!!! 500ml tub grin

teaandthorazine Wed 05-Feb-14 22:39:40

Not a very successful day all in all. Half the problem is that I've barely eaten anything, and having knocked myself out of ketosis with pepperoni flipping pizza a couple of days ago, I'm finding it a bit hard to get back into it again.

B: protein shake, tea, spoonful of coconut oil
L: aforementioned stick of satay, quarter of a chicken salad sarnie, ridiculously tiny slice of melon
S: bulletproof coffee
D: mushrooms and spinach in butter with Boursin stirred in. Two squares 70% choc.

And then two slices of toasted fruit loaf [bangs head against wall]

And not enough water.

Still, at least the headache's gone!

I can't wait to see what the Scary Science Scales say tomorrow hmm

Sorry for shit shouting. Am knackered and off to bed.

Keep on truckin', as pretty much no one ever says...

ChippingInWadesIn Wed 05-Feb-14 22:39:44

Hi all smile

EvaTheOptimist - if I said that, she would look at the cheese/cream/yogurt/butter and say <very nicely> 'I really don't think that's helping do you?? Let me make you a nice salad' or 'let's have some wine & crisps' grin She really really wont 'get' LCing, but If I was losing weight, she'd accept it (iyswim). It's hard because she means well - if she was just being nasty I'd tell her to do one, but she's not.

Not to mention I would like to lose some weight please!! I wanted a realistic stone and a half this bootcamp (given my weight that's more than reasonable). It is week 4 and I am still the same. Sigh. I wouldn't mind if it was 'cheating' or 'being pretty good' - but I'm not, I'm being Very Good, full on hardcore Bootcamping Good.

Crabby - I haven't found any good low carb veg websites.

B - usually - a whole avocado, olive oil, Food Dr Savory Seeds and sometimes a chunk of cheddar < depending on whether I'm avoiding dairy or not>

2 cups of coffee with double cream

L - usually - Rocket, raddishes, mushrooms, (egg free mayo & oil) and basil infused tofu & FD Seeds. Sometimes some cherry tomatoes (3.5g per 100) or some green pepper.

D - Courgettes, brocolli, spinach in a cheese sauce (cheese & double cream, with black pepper and mustard powder), 'chicken style quorn' (1g per 100g) plenty of oil and butter to cook it, brocolli stems & mushrooms fried in butter with a bit of oil.


Celeriac mash (butter, butter & more butter dash of cream ton of black pepper), marinated tofu pieces (1g/100g) brocolli/spinch wilted in butter.

If I snack it's olives, almonds or occasionally a slice of cheese.

Minimum of 2.5l of water - aim for 3.5-4

I've tried upping the fat but can only do it with more cream really - it made me feel very sluggish (or it was co-incidental) will try again next week maybe.

I've tried cutting back on veg portions but that involves being hungry (which isn't much fun) & didn't seem to make any difference.

I've tried eating as much as I wanted as long as it was low carb.

I've tried making myself eat breakfast (Bootcamp) v allowing myself not to eat breakfast (Briffa)

I have had one glass of wine since Jan 7. I've had had a bar (50g) of 85% Lindt chocolate since Jan 7.

I've tried moving the scales grin My jeans are tighter now than on the 7th of Jan, my tummy is 'fatter' and I have no energy (same as ever).

I honestly honestly believe that if you are a meat & egg eater you will lose weight doing this & you will be heathier, I just can't get it working for a non egg eating vegetarian sad especially when people keep kidnapping the woosh fairy.

I ate a lot of carbs over Christmas and I was 'due on' when I started, so expected a woosh - not a thing. I have my period again... maybe when it goes it will take half a stone with it - that would be nice grin <fat chance>

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 22:44:04

Ok Woolfey I will try to devise some simpler ones. smile Can you not prep yours and DH's when you're cooking for your DDs, and then leave it cooking in the oven until 7.30? Then all the food prep is out of the way and you can put your feet up with a wine instead. wink

I echo what everyone else is saying about the slow cooker, too. They get warm/hot on the outside but wouldn't burn you, and don't take up much counter space. I wouldn't be without mine, we use it loads. There's chicken stock bubbling away in there at the moment.

Notso my cauliflower cheese is mahoosively cheesy, I have to admit. grin

Ewan I want some crustless spontaneity! grin

tea what a shitty day. I well remember the hell of tube strike days. hmm

Nell love your oscar acceptance post. grin Glad I helped last night. The reason I cook so much is very simple... I'm greedy and I love to eat good food. wink That's it really; the payoff exceeds the effort required. Having said that, I would very happily eat spaghetti and cheese every single day, and that's as quick and bland a comfort food as you can get. confused

Sal sorry you've had a shitty day. flowers

Food today
L - courgette, tomatoes and a rasher of crispy bacon, swimming in homemade pesto. For whoever was saying they were having trouble getting enough fat in without meat - make some pesto. I do make mine with cream cheese and mozzarella in too though, so extra creamy and cheesy.
S - butter and marmite, spoonfuls of the stuff, straight from the pack/jar. blush
D - leftover chicken dolphin pose pie with roasted broccoli
P - yoghurt with cream, flaxseeds, berries and vanilla
3L water, 3 cups of tea, only one of which was strong breakfasty type tea. Am trying to cut down to two a day but compromised by having darjeeling and earl grey.

For the last two nights have developed a pounding frontal headache in late afternoon that's lasted all evening. It's not dehydration as I've been drinking loads. Most unpleasant. Thought it might be low salts, hence the marmite, but didn't make much difference.

CrabbyWinterBottom Wed 05-Feb-14 22:51:22

Oh Chipping it's not bloody fair, is it! Your menu looks fine to me. Can BIWI or other wise campers suggest anything? Have you tried the low GI diet in the past? You've lost weight on previous bootcamps, haven't you?

Piscivorus Wed 05-Feb-14 23:05:21

I am still at the same weight. It is exactly 3 1/2 stone under my start weight (although more than that above my recommended!) and the exact weight I got stuck at until I gave up when I did SW so now I have to keep going.

I should have lost because I think I have burned off millions of calories in coughing and swear my abs hurt so much I should have a six pack by the time I recover. This is counterbalanced by me having about half a stone of phlegm stuck to my innards, if I could cough it up it would be vile but impressive.

Durham My personal trainer has a VibroPlate at the gym and makes us hold a squat position on it for 2-3 minutes. This is how I discovered I have bingo wings on the back of my thighs blush

Where is the Kashmiri chicken recipe please? Sounds lovely (are we allowed to say delish on this bootcamp? grin)

GatoradeMeBitch Wed 05-Feb-14 23:34:14

If you need more fat Chipping, maybe try eating coconut oil? I finish each meal with 1tbsp coconut oil. If you don't like letting it melt in your mouth you could zap it in the microwave and then just swallow.

sayra grin monkeyface that's freakin' awesome! Lovecat I seriously started to suspect that 'in full view' was part of the attraction confused - the gym was used by the rugby club and Johnny Wilkinson and co would often be about the place - not that they had anything to do with it

littlemiss thanks! I'm feeling so much less arsed about it now! mainly due to the support I've received on these threads. I hope your snot buggers off soon grin

CRABBY! Sheer and unadulterated genius. gringringrin I would like to go a step further and have a charming little silver pendant/bracelet in the manner of a medi-alert. I'm deadly serious.

Chester, I am lucky enough to have the skin and hair already. I feel it's only fair if one has had to be fat, to at least look well nourished in the other departments. Although I did have shocking dandruff in my fringe this morning blush

primal serum you say? and rosehips... mmmmm

betty I agree with you. It has moved on for now. I'm no going to brook any more nonsense from either of them. What you said really resonated. People are so afraid of changes around them that they perceive highlights their own 'failings'

snowie thanks grin

eva would you like me to come and gently thwap your dp with a wet fish?

oh god I'm so tired. This super post has taken all night. AM practically typing in my sleep

today food

b - lamb mince and kale leftovers with mayo
L - tuna/cucumber/avocado/baby spinach/mayo
d - take away grilled chicken with skin/baby spinach and mushroom fried in butter
S - piece of tuna/salmon sashimi.

peppermint teas and 5l+ water. Going bed now love eberyone xx

Lighthousekeeping Thu 06-Feb-14 01:23:29

I'm on break at work. I made up some sugar free jelly before I came. It's quite refreshing. All around me I'm surrounded by treats. Home made coffee cake, hob nobs and French sticks from today's meeting. It's torture. I cooked a chicken today and will be eating it in various forms the next four nights.

Lighthousekeeping Thu 06-Feb-14 01:27:40

I have gone back down to a medium size uniform and my 31 inch waist Levi's fit me again. I still have so much to go though. I'm reluctant to come off boot camp.

PseudoBadger Thu 06-Feb-14 06:38:56

Morning all, sorry to all who are struggling or wavering flowers

I went to mother and baby cinema yesterday from 11-2 (the Mandela film). Since it was across lunchtime I was a bit worried. I had yoghurt and cream for breakfast and a coffee with cream, then planned ahead and took 2 boiled eggs with me. I ate one before I went in and the other afterwards. Worked well!

I slipped into BC light yesterday blush with some nuts, some 85% choc and half a glass of red wine. Back to strict bc today again...

B - yoghurt and cream
L - left over stew and a celeriac gratin
D - ?

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 06-Feb-14 06:45:21

Morning, as always struggling to keep up smile

Sorry here too to those struggling, big hugs from me thanks

Off to donate my platelets today, so will be organised and take stuff for after or they will get twitchy.

Have a good day everyone.


ChesterDrawers Thu 06-Feb-14 06:49:14

Morning all,

Scales still not budged from Tuesday which is a bit frustrating considering lack of dairy. But while there are people like Chippning and their non moving scales in the world I will not moan.

Today's plan:
B: more sodding scrambled eggs and butter (seriously need to branch out on breakfasts - any dairy free suggestion? Usually have left overs for lunch)
L: corned beef hash grin
D: chicken curry marinade made with 2 tbsp of yogurt but can't be helped, cauli rice

Other than the yog, still dairy free. Going to try and keep it up for the rest of the week and see if I can get the scales shifting again. Will drink at least three litres of water and a mid aft BPC, which I find helps keep the hunger at bay.

In other news, I am reading Briffa properly as I think I just skimmed it last time. It's making me really cross - how can there be all this evidence in favour of LCHF diets and everyone in official capacities just completely ignore it? Study after study after study. I just don't understand.

MyPreciousRing Thu 06-Feb-14 06:50:16

Well done Bogie! grin
Chipping - it seems so unfair and I'm too much of a newbie to offer you any advice; but I'm willing the whoosh fairy to visit you forthwith.
I've discovered a new way to motivate myself but it's not for everybody...
I'm using 'my weight' free iPhone app.
I've now started filling it in at night as well as mornings so I start every day feeling positive because I've 'lost some weight' overnight.
I know it's codology and I'm only foonh myself but it does help me to start the LC day feeling up for it.
I go up and down, up and down but am creeping downwards each week. Will definitely be sticking to this hybrid - 13llbs in total now
Happy LCing everybody

StuntNun Thu 06-Feb-14 06:51:43

Have you ever tried egg-free mayonnaise Chipping? Would that work to up your fat intake. I saw some in an organic farm shop and I wish I had bought some now but I was worried it would be yucky. blush

B: berries, double cream and Greek yoghurt
L: Babybel and posh pork scratchings
D: low carb sausages and leeks in butter, small piece of blue cheese
Drinks: three cups of tea, one coffee, lots of water, one glass of red wine for medicinal purposes for my sore throat

I still haven't got back to my pre-Christmas weight. DH reckons I need to exercise more to shift it.

I finally have all the equipment and ingredients to make my own sausages. I didn't want to do 100% meat as I think they would be too dry and bland so I have bought some gluten-free sausage seasoning which uses potato flakes instead of rusk. The M&S sausages I buy are 95% meat and 0.6g carbs per sausage. So I'm wondering whether to go for 95% or be more hardcore and up it to 97.5%? I'm also wondering what else I can put in the sausages to liven them up. Maybe some Stilton or finely chopped leek. Not coconut oil though!

StuntNun Thu 06-Feb-14 07:12:38

I know what you mean Chester. When Atkins was in a few years back I pooh-poohed it because it seemed like a ridiculous idea. I'm a biochemist but I had never come across the role of insulin in diet. And yet when my weight was slowly increasing and my hunger was so completely out of control that I thought I was pre-diabetic I came to the conclusion on my own that processed foods were the problem. But I never realised that all the 'healthy' food I was eating was actually doing the damage. It wasn't until I stumbled across Briffa's webchat on here and found out about the issue with insulin that I understood where I was going wrong. Now I'm reading Taubes and the information in there on the role of sugar in cancer and Alzheimer's is downright terrifying. Don't get me wrong losing weight is brilliant on it's own but there's a very good chance this woe will drastically improve your health purely by cutting out sugar.

DurhamDurham Thu 06-Feb-14 07:47:20

Just to report back that I was wholly unimpressed with the Vibrostep , didn't do anything for me.

That is until I found the TURBO BUTTON. Oh my gringringrin

MsRinky Thu 06-Feb-14 07:47:43

Morning all. Some of you may remember me from previous bootcamps. In the run up to my 40th birthday I was the class swot and lost 50lbs. Now I'm 41 and thanks to massive stress and carby-twatness at the back end of last year have put a depressing amount back on <sigh>

But I started again on 6th Jan and as of today am 13.4lbs down, even though I went away for my birthday weekend and have had Me R's birthday as well. So yay. Trying not to focus on that it will probably take me until June to get back to where I was, but that with every passing week I feel and look better.

Ok, I've been lurking long enough and I'm ready to SMS. I'm in week four too. I've been pretty good bar a few nibbles last Friday when we went away for the weekend and this week I've put on two pounds and not lost any more sad. But I'll keep on keeping on because I've realised carbs are not my friend and if nothing else I'm just not bloaty like I was. My only real problem is a sore bottom blush from getting a bit bunged up. I've struggled a bit with water this week too.

I'm really hoping to get a loss by Monday or I will start to waiver. I've been spurred on a bit by Chester's experience though so fingers crossed.

Re the Virbro plate things, one of my fillings came loose after going on one of those grin. I'm looking for an exercise bike on EBay at the mo after reading the Fast Exercise book. Sounds too good to be true.....

Thanks for all the recipes and support btw. I'm really enjoying this so far (despite my moans).

SayraT Thu 06-Feb-14 08:18:37

Morning everyone,

Just popping on quickly will try to do a super reply tonight grin

Weighed this morning and I am now 12 lb down grin but.....I have been invited to a friends for dinner, normally (we only meet once/twice a year so its not that often) we have wine, curry, sweets etc. I don't want to be too different at dinner with regard to what I am eating. One friend is very slim and doesn't "understand how people can't lose weight, its just willpower" [hmmm] so can't be bother listening to her opinions of my WOE.

Luckily smile we can't stay at friends house so I can get out of the wine by driving, no other way for me to get there really, we live about 75 miles apart. Can avoid sweets as we are now going out for dinner rather than being at the house so its just the curry. I don't really enjoy any of the dry curries so normally have pasanda, garlic masala or similar. I never have rice anyway so how much damage will occur if I have a creamy curry on Saturday night?

I am completely committed to this WOE and have not cheated once, nor have I wanted to despite lots of temptations i.e OH left half a pack of crisps, chocolate and other sweets in the house. I can see them and I don't want to eat them shock

In this situation could I eat my pasanda then do ubercamp for the following three days, do you think that will get me back on track quite quickly?

So much for a quick post this morning?!

SayraT Thu 06-Feb-14 08:21:23

Meant to do menu for today as well:

B: Coffee with cream
L: Mushroom omelette with little gen lettuce, cucumber followed by ff yoghurt
D: Salmon fillet coated with parmesan (as *Chesters Chicken*) and linseeds with celeriac mash and asparagus

SteeleyeStan Thu 06-Feb-14 08:28:08

Morning all,

Ugh, what a groggy morning. And DH has set his mobile to wake us up with They Might Be Giants every bloody morning. So every morning I now have a loop of "particle man, particle man, doing the things a particle can..." highjacking my brain! hmm

Chipping Your menu sounds great to me, and gives me all sorts of ideas - I'm trying to lure my vegan cousin to come visit. grin Really grasping at straws here, but do you take any supplements? I've read (probably written by someone trying to sell supplements, who knows?) that being lacking in vitamins and minerals could have a big effect on your hormones and metabolism. I can't even remember what they were talking about specifically though, so not much use. Though supposedly there is a link between D3 levels and diabetes somewhere. You eat butter and cheese of course, so you'll be getting some mooey goodies from them, but maybe if you're desperate it might be something to google...?

Disclaimer: I don't sell supplements, I just eat them in bulk for various reasons... blush

I ate to my plan yesterday, except "ham" at lunch turned into a ham omelette, because I was hungry.

Food plan for today:
B: Eggs and oily coffee.
L: Avocado, and according to hunger levels cheese, olives and/or eggs.
D: Stir fry of beef strips, shallots and green veggies.

MyPreciousRing Thu 06-Feb-14 08:54:06

Sarya I've found that I can afford one or two cheats at the weekend provided that am super strict before and after - so can get away with some indiscretions on Friday and Saturday if Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I am super strict

MyPreciousRing Thu 06-Feb-14 08:55:31

Creamy curry no rice you will be just fine! grin

TeaOneSugar Thu 06-Feb-14 09:01:28

Can i please join in?

I started on Monday, i still need to increase my water intake, but I've managed to reduce the number of cups of tea with milk i have a day to 4.

I'm also working on quitting sweetener in tea and coffee (drink coffee black usually) i think that's going to take a while smile.

Food wise it's going well, I'll post my food diary later, all comments welcome.

Lovecat Thu 06-Feb-14 09:22:47

Sayra, if I don't fancy a shashlik, my standby has always been tandoori butter chicken - it comes in a very creamy sauce thickened with almonds (well, it does at our local, anyway!) - and a cauliflower bhaji side dish, mashed up with a spoon to make a 'rice' base. I usually share a spinach bhaji with DH - it has onions in it but I only have a spoonful or so. It has never affected my weight loss.

ChesterDrawers Thu 06-Feb-14 09:25:57

Sayra I'm pretty sure that passander is just almonds and cream so fine for BC light. Just steer clear of the rice and naan and you'll be fine.

MrsPnut Thu 06-Feb-14 09:42:55

Morning, I'm sort of plodding along here. I was craving something sweet last night and stood in the shop picking up packets of jelly sweets, reading the carb levels and putting them back. all of them were 75% sugar so I went home and had a small corner of 85% chocolate instead and 2 pints of water.

Breakfast this morning was a masala omelette, a la Nigella - it made a great change from my usual boiled egg, ham and cheese.

colette Thu 06-Feb-14 09:52:40

My weight has been the same for 3 weeks angry I know it may stall in 3,4 and 5, but surely not for 3 weeks ! I have cut cream out (just this week ) and still nothing . Anyone else sts for this long , any advice welcome

PrimalLass Thu 06-Feb-14 10:18:31

Am getting annoyed with the lack of weight loss. Will try having some asparagus for dinner. I definitely had that ketosis smell yesterday, but nada. I din't think I ate enough at dinner last night (small steak and a feta salad).

B: 3 x egg + butter. Coffee.
L: huge chicken salad, babybels, a boiled egg. I won't eat all that but am working out of the hosue today and thought I should be prepared grin
D: lamb chops, mashed swede, asparagus.

very quick. will pop in properly later. THE SCALES HAVE STARTED MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION grin grin grin

collete Yy I have had zero bastard movement for the entire bootcamp. even went up last week, despite religiously following rules and BIWIS advice. However, this week myself and some others have embarked on a strict no dairy except butter regime, as dairy is a staller for some, and it's totally working for me. I could see my fanjo peeping from under my tum when I went for a pee this morning too!

back later losers xx

colette Thu 06-Feb-14 10:27:57

Thanks trashcan- cutting dairy ? will think about it, could start with the cream and cheese. Yoghurt is a staple of breakfast

StuntNun Thu 06-Feb-14 10:31:55

Colette how was your eating before bootcamp? Some people don't see a loss at first because they were eating a low calorie diet before low carbing or because their gut needs to heal before weight loss begins.

googoogoggles Thu 06-Feb-14 10:50:09

Great news trashcan ... Think I may have to need to try no dairy for a while then as my scales not on a downward trend (up and down like a yo-yo between 11st 7 and 11st 9 but never below the 7....)
Twill be hard as now addicted to cream in my coffee every morning BUT before I try ditching the cream, I'm going to stop buying chocolate. I find I can't stop at 1 or 2 pieces (even the 85% bitter stuff) if it's sitting in the cupboard. Ha! No wonder those scales haven't been moving... Hv scoffed two big bars of the stuff over the last week.

I've not been able to keep up with fast-moving thread so only had a skim read through. A few were mentioning skin issues. I find now that if I go off piste with too much chocolate or wine, I get bright red rash across the bridge of my nose and onto my cheeks. Is that rosacea (no spots, just redness)?

Doing slow-cooked lamb shoulder today as working from home. Going to have with green veg and either celeriac or bashed/mashed swede.

Keep on all!

CrabbyWinterBottom Thu 06-Feb-14 11:04:05

Pisci Kashmiri

Trashcan glad you like it. grin

Piste flowers to you for donating platelets.

Ooh Stunt how exciting to be able to make your own sausages! shock If you used fattier cuts of meat would that not eliminate the dryness? There must be recipes online, no?

Durham you sound as though you're buzzing this morning. wink

MrsR and Southsea welcome (back) and flowers on your weight loss.

Sayra I'd have the curry you fancy, try to get the lower carb sides, stay away from bhajis etc and just drink lots of water and back on the wagon afterwards. For this WOE to be sustainable you have to be able to have the odd treat when eating out, I think.

Welcome TeaOne. smile

grin at Trash's peeping fanjo!

CrabbyWinterBottom Thu 06-Feb-14 11:05:34

Sorry link fail Pisci Kashmiri chicken

GermanGirlinLDN Thu 06-Feb-14 11:10:39

I've been feeling tired and with no energy at all since Monday. Tried BC light on Monday and Tuesday and I really shouldn't have. I ate handfuls of nuts and chocolate to make myself feel better and yesterday I ate cake. angry Today I am back to the strict boot camp and I hope there wasn't too much movement into the wrong direction on the scales.

Woolfey Thu 06-Feb-14 11:12:05

Phew! Can't keep up with you all!

Hello <waves> to all the new people.
thanks for those having a tough time.
Congrats to those who have lost weight smile

Thanks for all the advice re the slow cooker. I think I will try to persuade DH again grin

Meals today:
B Bacon & egg
L Chicken, avocado, lambs lettuce, st agur creme as a blue cheese dressing
T Mushroom & ham omelette
D Prawns & mayo with a bit of ketchup stirred in (reduced sugar one!)

I'm having four small meals a day rather than three larger ones and am starting to wonder if this is one of the reasons I am sts. What do people think?

I'm trying to cut down my cheese as thinking that might be another reason I'm stuck. I don't have any dairy apart from cheese and the occasional creamy sauce on my steak or sour cream in a pork stroganoff.

CrabbyWinterBottom Thu 06-Feb-14 11:13:26

Googoo yes it could be rosacea. Good video about it here

colette Thu 06-Feb-14 11:15:09

StuntNun , my eating before bootcamp was quite carby;still had all the xmas goodies kicking about . Low cal leaves me starving .
I am eating more veg than ever before and am nowhere near as hungry so want to continue thos woe but just need a small loss !

LittleMissDisorganized Thu 06-Feb-14 11:23:32

Morning all!
Such a positive vibe from the thread last night and this morning smile

StuntNun it's very interesting that you're a biochemist and have had a U-turn, whilst I don't have the pure science background (was never very good at it) in my clinical practice and in my thinner days I worked for a professor of diabetology who did obesity clinics in the days when there weren't as many of them - and he used to advise that you couldn't overeat carbs if you didn't put fat on them - so plain potatoes, butter-less bread, etc was what he advocated - it was putting fat on them that led to overeating. Now whilst for a person with a normal BMI that may be true, I believed that as gospel in obesity for years and it and the other things I learned from him were what I repeated to patients in my turn. There is so much poor information. Briffa's book had me hooked, and I'm now into Volek and Phinney and finding it utterly scientific and it now seems obvious. How this will affect my practice... I don't know. I'd feel comfortable to people who asked about it (it's not my field at all now, many of my patients are too sick to be worrying about weight loss) I'd probably feel comfortable saying "have you thought about adopting a LC WOE". Much to think about.

Chester how can you be disappointed you haven't lost in 2 days confused? Your response to me when I asked after you last week was so positive - your eating was under better control than ever with only 3 wobbly days. When you've got your long term focus hat on... aren't you happier?

ChippingIn it must be sooooo frustrating. And feel rather limiting. Are you eating enough <--- only take notice of that if BIWI and Yogurt/Willie also say it.

trashcan you make me laugh

Nell and Crabby my mandolin is the OXO one which they sell in lots of places but I bought mine from Lakeland here and it even works on swede etc that's hard to cut into - I gues with pressure, the blade is just so sharp.

I did a mid week weigh and I'm down a lb - so please will it stay off til Sunday, unlike last week where most of it crept back on. And that's a lb down despite dark chocolate torte and the coke disaster. No rhyme or reason to it sometimes!

PrimalLass Thu 06-Feb-14 11:28:25

OK, no dairy tomorrow. I will get some nice butter and do BPC.

QueenQueenie Thu 06-Feb-14 11:38:44

Morning campers!
I am still keeping on. Have resigned myself to sloooow loss now I have less to lose and have been doing this for a good while now, bit it is so satisfying when you get on the scales and there's a definite loss that now means you're in a whole new stone as it were... first time I've been in the 12 stone bracket for oooh, 12 years. Marvellous.

FFyoghurt and berries, tea with splash of milk
left over from supper bolognese sauce with green salad, avocado
grilled lamb chops rubbed with ras el hanout, with minted feta and broccoli, courgettes plus butter

StuntNun Thu 06-Feb-14 12:02:00

Crabby I'm quite unreasonably excited about homemade sausages as well. We tried it before with the Lakeland kit but, although they were nice, it was awfully hard work. My BIL bought us a mincer with a sausage making attachment for Christmas so hopefully that will be much easier. I have two pork shoulders and a pork belly and enough skins to fill the freezer with sausages. grin

Not so much a u-turn LittleMiss as that the party lines on calories in = calories out, eat less move more, saturated fat is bad, etc. are presented as absolute truths and anyone that says different is so marginalised that you never even eat about it. Atkins sounds like a fad when all you know about it is bacon and eggs for breakfast, steak for dinner. But from what I've read about it there's so much more to it that the mainstream media ignored.

HeirToTheIronThrone Thu 06-Feb-14 12:11:50

Messed up - have been sneakily having a couple of sugar-free sweets (rhubarb & custard ones from M&S) and just looked at the packet - although they are sugar free they are also somehow nearly 90g carbs per 100g!!! They rest have gone in the bin! That'll teach me I suppose.

I went to the doctors about my lurgy yesterday and she told me that I was dehydrated which was a big shock, I've been averaging 2-3 litres of water a day, so clearly need more!

trashcan hooray for the right direction!

Food for me today:
Greek yog
Few pork scratchings at my desk
Chicken & mushroom soup

Dinner will be roast chicken drumsticks, celeriac chips and coleslaw I think.

I have pork belly slices for tomorrow and fancied making them Chinese-style to have with a big pile of stir fried cabbage and courgette - normally I'd add honey but thought soy and 5 spice would work?

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Thu 06-Feb-14 12:22:22

heir the carb count will likely be the polyols (sugar alcohols), so while they count as carbs their impact on blood sugar and therefore insulin release is much less. however they can impede weight loss (they do for me - they probably do cause an insulin release in my case) and if consumed in more than very small quantities make themselves known in the digestive system! have you read this which someone posted on here a few weeks ago! hilarious and also a dire warning!

EwanHoozami Thu 06-Feb-14 12:39:05

Hello MsRinky ! Good to see you again

And hurray for trashcan's newly-visib le fanjo (I know exactly what you mean) grin

You know when you're on your own aand eat a meal that you would never eat in polite company?

Well I've just scarfed a bowl of chopped frankfurters and avocado mixed up with mayo. Mmmm, gourmet.

I've scored a reduced pork joint from Asda and plan on slow cooking it for dinner in some way when inspiration hits me. Five spicedm maybe..

CrabbyWinterBottom Thu 06-Feb-14 12:54:51

Just shouting my shit...

I've lost 2lbs since Monday (having lost 4lb on week 1, none on week 2 and put on a lb last week). This takes me to 10st 13lb, which is the same as I was at my lowest last year (25th Oct) after doing 2 bootcamps (putting a bit back on in between).

So I was 12st 9lb in May last year, lost 20lbs on the summer bootcamp shock to get to 11st 3lb, and then got down to 10st 13lb on the autumn bootcamp to have lost 24lbs (with fluctuations in between). smile

This WOE works!

That's the lowest weight I've been since summer 2011 when I got down to 10st 10lb, and the lowest recorded on the wii is in December 2009 when I was 10st 9lb. The wii weight graph since then is like the profile of a mountain range, the peaks and valleys getting ever higher from left to right hmm until I started bootcamping. I'd lost weight eating low GI several times before, but found it difficult to exercise moderation (very all or nothing addictive personality, me) and would find the sugary shit creeping back in quite quickly.

The support of these threads helps enormously too, so flowers to you all and especially to BIWI. smile

SnowieBear Thu 06-Feb-14 12:58:37

Crabby well done you thanks.

Thumbwitch Thu 06-Feb-14 13:00:14


Today has been difficult, as spent entirely too long on a fucking train (broken down freight train in front of ours, held us up for nearly 2 hours, and the normal journey is 2h long each way anyway! That's 6 hours on a sodding train).

B - cheese slice
s - parmesan crackers, babybel cheese
L - tuna salad with lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrot, coriander
s - another babybel and a teeny mini protein bar <2g carbs.
D - Chinese (owing to the sodding 2h extra on the sodding train) but didn't have any rice or prawn crackers (heroic!)
And just now, I was hanging for something else - wanted cream but wanted something with hit - so had a small bowl of strawberries completely smothered in double cream, so you couldn't see where the strawberries were in the bowl! It as YUM!!

Waist is definitely decreasing - trousers that were causing significant muffining are now not doing so, and the buttons are doing up more easily. Also, JabbatheHut neck/jaw line has gone too. :D

ChesterDrawers Thu 06-Feb-14 13:01:29

Yogurt am crying at my desk at that link. Perfect cure for LC blockages I reckon"

CrabbyWinterBottom Thu 06-Feb-14 13:01:55

Want to add that my small loss on the autumn bootcamp was due to me discovering almond pastry and eating tarts and crumbles made with it every day. I'm fairly near goal weight (8lbs to go) so was finding it difficult to summon up the motivation to stop stuffing my face from noon til night when it just tasted sooooooo lovely. grin

Also, the gain between bootcamps was due to me eating no end of carby shit, so entirely my own fault.

ChesterDrawers Thu 06-Feb-14 13:08:38

Oooh, well done Crabby, you've done amazingly well.

QueenQueenie Thu 06-Feb-14 13:08:53

Hmmm. Rubs chin thoughtfully. So instead of waiting and waiting for the woosh fairy I could just buy me some gummi bears if I don't have to leave the house / do anything for a couple of days...?!
That link is hilarious.

SnowieBear Thu 06-Feb-14 13:23:18

Re: gummi bears... similar, albeit not so explosive, results can be reported by the consumption of Dominion Sugar Free Spearmit Mints, available at every reputable Aldi in the land.

Fresh breath and a tidy colon... what's not to like? blush

mirpuppet Thu 06-Feb-14 14:06:39

Thanks to the person who linked to the Linwoods site.

Since it was free delivery I ordered Milled Flaxseed Almonds Brazil Nuts Walnuts & Co-Enzyme Q10 which I just had in my greek yogurt and it was lush.

My package also came with a sample of famous Milled Flaxseed Cocoa Strawberries & Blueberries which I will try one day and with another sample of Chia seeds.

Hopefully now I won't have to resort to sugar free gummi bears to keep me regular.

Piscivorus Thu 06-Feb-14 14:16:21

I posted the Gummi Bear thing for your amusement. It amused me as I had an incident on my first bootcamp where I discovered sugar free fruit chews at our local sweetshop and the world fell out of my bottom grin

Thanks for the Kasmiri Chicken link Crabby, looks lovely

Suzymoo9 Thu 06-Feb-14 16:54:21

Colette I am in the same boat as you - no loss for 3 weeks. Frustrating isn't it? I don't feel like giving up yet - I do feel better.

And I'm still on bootcamp apart from some fruit and seeds. I am putting it down to the stall BIWI mentioned, will wait and see.

B total yogurt, cream
L cheesy tomato omelette
D Chicken thighs roasted in olive oil & butter, tomatoes, olives & lemon juice with sprouts & roasted butternut squash

Had tea with cream & coconut oil
snack: ham & cheese& celery

Feeling unusually exhausted today & headache & dizzy - not had this since beginning of BC - perhaps I havent' had enough salt?

Love reading some of these posts.

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Thu 06-Feb-14 17:06:50

suze, what do you mean by 'some fruit'?

Suzymoo9 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:27:26

I mean berries on yogurt and a few grapes. Today I had a bit of mango. Have resisted apples - I really miss them and all fruit.

LittleMissDisorganized Thu 06-Feb-14 17:42:09

Crabby that's amazing - I dream of being anywhere near - but it's so encouraging to hear, will keep on doing it.

StuntNun apologies if I put words in your mouth. Just glad to find another scientist realising the status quo is in fact untrue and I thought that about Atkins too, and worked with a couple of men who gained weight on it.

Meant to post my clinic update which involved a knife in my toe (ouch - feels good today though) and a plan for another operation to correct some of the complications of the previous surgery... I wonder if it'll ever all be done?! The date should be soon which is good as the waiting is often the worst bit.

I've been so hungry today! I've let myself eat when I've been hungry, LC snacks morning and afternoon and longing for DH to get home so I can get on with dinner. I've been up since 5:30, that might be why, bit of a shock to this convalescent's system smile

Hi all.

Crabby - well done on your loss over the bootcamps. Really well done.

I have been fairly crap this week. I won't even list my shame!

My 'reason' was that I had my first appointment at the alternative therapy centre this morning. Interesting session with the hypnotherapist. We ended up with me fully disclosing how much wine I drink. blush. So we worked on that mainly. And my response to stressful situations. I now have two CDs to listen to.

I then saw his partner who tested me for nutritional deficiencies. It is a bit odd - done by a band on your head plugged into a computer! I am very dehydrated. My liver is struggling. Lacking in B vitamins.

We then moved on to Applied Kinesiology which I have now looked up and seems a bit mad for want of a better word! I now have some vitamins and probiotics to take.

And I was given a diet sheet! The 'New Mayo Clinic Diet' which I have to follow for ten days and then take too days off and repeat. It is apparently the diet they use to get patients to lose weight quickly for surgery at the Mayo Clinic. That rang a bell so I have looked it up and it is nothing to do with the Mayo Clinic!

However....... It is a low carb diet. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Protein and veg/salad for lunch and dinner. Any dressing EXCEPT low fat. Use oils and butter as FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. As well as the meals listed you have half a grapefruit before every meal. No dairy.

I'm a bit hmm about the nutritional/diet side but I am hoping the mental side will help me.

So I'm going to start the diet tomorrow and see how I go.

I will keep you informed!

Oh - the food therapist really emphasized keeping off heavy fats. Cheese, cream, milk. She reckons they. It too much stress on the gall bladder. Might be worth thinking about for those of you struggling with no loss. The first stage of Atkins limits dairy completely.

Right - off to man a bar at concert at DS's school!

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Thu 06-Feb-14 17:51:17

suzy i totally understand about missing fruit, but while a few berries are ok, the grapes and mango are almost certainly not. just keep an eye on this, because if the weight loss is your goal and it does restart then that's great, but if it doesn't then this is probably the culprit i'm afraid

Suzymoo9 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:57:24

Thatyogurt... - Thanks for that tip - I hadn't spotted that. I may try cutting out cream too - thanks Cider for that tip - that diet sounds very compatible with BC (thank goodness) - good luck with that.

colette Thu 06-Feb-14 18:02:43

Good luck with the rest of this week Suzymoo, maybe those few tweaks will make all the difference

Suzymoo9 Thu 06-Feb-14 18:12:35


CalamityKate Thu 06-Feb-14 18:40:19

Hmmph. Have to be honest. Getting pissed off now.

No loss for ages in fact 2lb heavier. Have been following LC rules properly. I love the food and I'm not hungry but ultimately I did start this to lose weight. Which I did at the beginning but tbh its starting to feel every bit as restrictive as any other diet albeit in a different way!!!! Earlier I decided not to take painkillers for a headache because I read that ibuprofen can stall weight loss on LC! That's a ridiculous way to carry on!

It's just becoming so much like hard work compared to the first couple of weeks. Am I eating enough fat...am I eating too many carbs...or maybe I'm not eating <enough> carbs...maybe it's water retention that is making me heavier??? But if I lose a pound that's fat of course...

I dunno. Really getting hacked off with the whole thing sad

SayraT Thu 06-Feb-14 19:03:49

Calamity I don't really know what to suggest, I'm not an expert on LC, hopefully one of those will be along soon.

Myprecious I've just not cheated yet so don't want to start grin if I put on weight water I'll be annoyed with myself and if I don't what if I start to "cheat" more often?!

Lovecat maybe I need to look at the menu a bit more, we (OH and I) always had the same at the Indian because it is so good. The cauli side dish sounds good. Then I'd be too full for naan...

Chester I know it should be but what if there are sneaky carbs in there grin. To be honest I don't really mind, I will have what I want curry wise since I know what I like.

Well done MrsPnut for putting the sweets back, hope your chocolate hit the spot.

Yes crabby thats what I am planning on trying, don't think I will have a problem getting back on the wagon as I love the food I am eating now so much

Stopped off at Sainsburys on the way home tonight and managed to get a half price duck so that's dinner for tomorrow (and a few more meals) sorted. I also bought some almond butter...why I thought I'd like it when I don't like peanut butter I do not know [hmmm]

SnowieBear Thu 06-Feb-14 19:05:12

Calamity, sorry you are feeling like this... how long is ages? Weight loss does stall, in this and any other diet, and the pounds we piled on are going to take their own sweet time to come off.

You need to give yourself a break and look past the restrictions, as the song went 'accentuate the positive'. Right, so ibuprofen is off the menu... anything stopping you from reaching for paracetamol, aspirine or cocodamol?

Same with food, keep it fun, keep it varied and most importantly,keep enjoying it. Your body does not scream out for chocolate, wine or a slice of bread. Your head does, stop it!

sybilfaulty Thu 06-Feb-14 19:12:42

Evening all. I have just made celeriac remoulade which is gorgeous. Am going to put the kids to bed then tuck in. I don't know what to have with it. Maybe some halloumi? Yum yum.

I was in marks and spender today and put wine back! Just one of those little bottles with a glass in but I thought I would hold off til tomorrow. Go me. Refusing wine is unheard of at my house but its the only way to shift the lard.

Sending strength to those who are struggling or tempted. Remember to keep a firm hand on your inner gobbler.

Keep on keeping on everyone.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Thu 06-Feb-14 19:19:49

I'm having a random thing for tea. It's seasoned beef mince, with mozzarella in the middle (like a stuffed burger) inside a huge portobello mushroom.

Like a stuffed mushroom-burger type thing. Exciting.

Had chicken Caesar salad for lunch and tortilla for breakfast. My snack was a seasoned chicken breast.

Hoping for a 1lb loss this week to defeat the dreaded week three. (I'm behind.)

lavenderrow Thu 06-Feb-14 19:27:19

Here I come low carb diet

daisychicken Thu 06-Feb-14 19:43:28

Popping on to say a quick hello <waves to SnowieBear>

I keep losing the thread plus it's moving so quickly this week that I'm struggling to keep up. I'm not having a good LC week... having a flare and am exhausted... pain & exhaustion has me reaching for nibbles to keep awake... I start with nuts and move on to the bad stuff... sad am not stressing, will write this week off and start afresh and plan to make some jelly mousse tomorrow to have with cream in the hope I reach for that and not the cake and biscuit

daisychicken Thu 06-Feb-14 19:46:13

I forgot.... had Nigel Slaters kale with chorizo for tea - soften the chorizo, then add almonds and garlic and stir for a couple of mins then add shredded kale and stirfry. I then added a splash of cream and let it all simmer for a few mins. Was yummy though I'd forgotten how salty chorizo was - it's not an ideal bootcamp food I know but made a quick, tasty filling meal while rest of family had carbs.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Thu 06-Feb-14 20:05:38

Evening everyone.

grin at inner gobbler. When I was younger, my housemates said that I had a tapeworm called Horace the Huge. Sadly he deserted me aged 30 and I now have an inner gobbler.

Calamity I don't really have any ideas but I'm sure someone will be along who does! I'd put on a lb today so I've tracked my intake on MFP to see what I was actually eating. I'm not doing that every day though, it would send me insane! Have you done measurements as well as weight?

B: 3eggs scrambled with butter
L: prawn salad with coriander mayo. (Yum yum, can recommend that one)
D: waitrose meatloaf and olives and artichokes and salad.
S: not eaten it yet but as I'm hungry now I will be - mascarpone, pistachios and raspberries. And a gin!

2 creamy coffees- one of which decaf. Water/mint tea - 5,300ml.

MFP says: Fat: 114g, carbs 23g, protein 69g, cal 1440.

After days and days of feeling as dry as a bone yet drinking 5l+ I'm starting to feel a little less thirsty and I even had to get up at night to wee! That's a major achievement for me.

SnowieBear Thu 06-Feb-14 20:07:13

Hey! <waves back at daisychicken>.

Just got home and still have to put DS to bed and sort out DH, was wondering whether I could be bothered to lokk after myself ie have a sensible, cooked dinner and your chorizo and kale recipe has saved my evening. You rule in my kitchen tonight!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Thu 06-Feb-14 20:07:19

Daisy that sounds lovely. Processed stinky sausage is my LC comfort food grin