Anyone done a California road trip?

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swimster01 Tue 05-Apr-16 14:55:31

We are planning a 2 week California road trip this Summer with DC and I would really welcome some feedback on the draft itinerary below. We want to focus on wildlife, nature, beaches and then a couple of days at the theme parks. I'm rot sure about the 2 nights in Santa Barbara as I can't seem to find anything I want to do there.

LA airport hotel 1 night
1 night Sequoia National Park
1 night Kings Canyon
3 nights Monterey
1 night San Simeon
2 nights Santa Barbara
3 nights Anaheim
2 nights San Diego
Fly back via LA

Any thoughts? Thanks

absolutelynotfabulous Tue 05-Apr-16 15:04:16

I did almost that trip, but without DC! It was great. I didn't do Anaheim, or San Simeon.

I'm not sure you'd need Santa Barbara AND Monterey, tbh.

This was ours:

LA-San Diego-Death Valley- Fresno-Phoenix-Flagstaff-Yosemite-San Fran-Cardiff-Carmel/Monterey-Santa Barbara-LA.

Not sure if that was quite the order, and didn't stay overnight everywhere.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But loads of driving.

natashka Sun 01-May-16 21:22:54

I used to live in LA and dos a road trip.
LA airport hotel 1 night
1 night Sequoia National Park &
1 night Kings Canyon- didn't visit so no idea what it's like
3 nights Monterey-not a lot to see or do
1 night San Simeon- didn't visit it but big sur is amazing, stay at Deetjens- fantastic accommodation in a rural setting with a few lovely walks nearby
2 nights Santa Barbara- not loads to do but nearby is El Capitan, a great camping site with wooden huts to stay in- opposite a great beach.
3 nights Anaheim
2 nights San Diego
Fly back via LA
How about Palm Springs?- desert about 5 hrs drive from LA. Gorgeous mid-century modern town. Take cable car up mountain to see huge pine trees and have a lovely walk.
Try Airbnb for accommodation
Other suggestions- Big Bear - 2 HR drive from LA- usually a skiing town but great in summer too!
Have fun

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-16 18:50:39

We did a road trip up the California coast.

We drove from LA to Santa Barbara early on a Sunday morning as the Santa Barbara craft market is on the ocean front on Sundays. In the afternoon we walked around the Santa Barbara downtown area, there are nice shops and restaurants there. Santa Barbara Mission and Santa Barbara zoo are worth a visit. We stayed overnight in Solvang.

We stayed a night in Cambria and went to Hearst Castle, then we stayed a night in Carmel and visited the Monterey Aquarium. We stayed for two nights in San Francisco, then drove up the 49 to Lake Tahoe and stayed there for a couple of nights (which I wish we hadn't tbh). We drove back to LA through the mountains and Owens Valley so we went close to Mono Lake.

Just be aware that Anaheim is about the ugliest part of LA. Seriously, the area around Disney is just foul. You might be better off staying there for a night if you are going into a theme park but staying elsewhere if you want to do other stuff in LA.

Old Town Pasadena is nice for walking around in the evenings and is close to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens which are great. Or if you stay near Santa Monica you could visit Venice/Santa Monica and you are close to the Getty Center. Venice is lively on the weekends. During the week it is deserted and pretty bleak tbh.

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-16 18:51:35

Santa Barbara craft market is open on Sunday mornings. It is clearing up around 1.00 p.m.

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