Anyone got a Disney/Florida Holiday Planned Part 2

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Groovee Thu 03-Oct-13 16:36:43

Yes, they do love to do the hard sell don't they!!

BloodyDogHairs Mon 02-Mar-15 14:44:56

I've never once been asked about car seats/booster seats.....the people at the desk are too busy trying to get you to fork out more money on upgrades/sat nav/insurance etc

I thought they were quite big on car seat safety? Don't know where I read that though! So Halfords have got me one reserved it's £5 and lightweight so can't really argue with that! Our ones in the car here are bulky because they are from the bigger car seat.

LucasNorthsTwiglets Mon 02-Mar-15 14:39:55

I think I'm right in saying that he doesn't legally need a booster over there but if you have room in your luggage I can loan you TwigBoy's..It's very light so won't affect your luggage weight much but it will take up a bit of space. Bearing in mind that you all get a hand luggage allowance though I usually take it in hand luggage.

BloodyDogHairs Mon 02-Mar-15 14:37:38

I hired a car seat a few years ago and I think it cost alot more than I paid for the seat back home! thats why I take my own. No-one checks car safety so you could buy one at Walmart on the way to your accommodation.

Is it silly money though? I'd rather buy a cheap booster here and bring it and leave it there than pay through the nose at the other end.

BloodyDogHairs Mon 02-Mar-15 14:20:05

I take my own but you can hire a seat when you collect the car.

Can I ask what people do re car seats? DS is a tall 7yo but I assume he needs one there and I foolishly haven't booked one with the car.

I've PMd you Twigs

LucasNorthsTwiglets Mon 02-Mar-15 07:12:31

Oh pleeeease let me see! I bet they're not bad compared to some of the ones you see people wearing.

Oh I wasn't saying the other sandals were ugly, I have bought some different cheaper ones which are not attractive and ladylike but a bit clunky - I'm praying they are comfy though.

BaconAndAvocado Sun 01-Mar-15 21:55:02

Said sandals are truly ugly (sorry to whoever recommended them) but I bet they are sooooo comfortable.

Will need to consider summat similar........bunions not relishing the Florida theme park experience hmm

Book? That should have said noooooo!

Book they'd hurt your eyes Twigs! grin

Encyclo Sun 01-Mar-15 21:00:19

Hi everyone, can I join in? We're 88 days out. ADRs all booked, staying at Hard Rock Universal and the Beach Club. So excited!

LucasNorthsTwiglets Sun 01-Mar-15 20:59:54

Link us to your shoes, Jack!

LucasNorthsTwiglets Sun 01-Mar-15 20:59:34

Meant to say I'm glad the map is good, Bacon, because I've ordered it but haven't seen it yet smile

Bacon Twigs know we are not staying on site (only doing one day at Disney!) so her comment was directly for my situation.

I have now ordered ugly walking sandals on this threads advice. Hope they're worth it!

LucasNorthsTwiglets Sun 01-Mar-15 20:43:27

Bacon that's only if you want to eat at a specific restaurant. If you just want food there is no need to book at all as counter-service is always available.

BaconAndAvocado Sun 01-Mar-15 16:01:26

twigs If you want to eat at a Disney restaurant you DEFINITELY need to book!
I managed to get a table for Onderllas's Royal Table on DD's birthday, when I had a look the next day, nada!

The map Lucas recommended is very good! we're also borrowing a satnav from a friend. Traffic is relatively sedate there but everything is on a much vaster scale. I don't think you can "pop" anywhere!

Thanks for advice on ESTAs lucas

99 days? Yay! I think we're about 150 days, haven't Dibbed in a while smile

BloodyDogHairs Sun 01-Mar-15 11:05:01

yay I'm down to double figures now! 99days grin grin

LucasNorthsTwiglets Sun 01-Mar-15 10:25:32

No I didn't get an email, Jack. Don't worry about resending though, only if there was something specific you wanted to know.

Nah, you don't need to plan/book eating at all - only if there is somewhere specific that you particularly want to eat. There are always lots of counter-service places where you can just turn up. There is nothing else you need to plan except I'd advise having a rough idea of what parks you want to visit, so that you don't waste half your morning going "what shall we do today?"

HermioneWeasley Sun 01-Mar-15 08:48:46

Thanks for the tip Lucas, have bought a copy

I replied to your email Twigs, did you not get it? I will resend. I don't know what I don't know if you know what I mean grin, I just feel like I should have planned everything. Should I be planning eating or is that only if you stay on site?

LucasNorthsTwiglets Sat 28-Feb-15 22:26:16

Jack, BREATHE smile There is nothing for you to do now except pack and enjoy it! I think you've got everything done, haven't you? What do you want to know/be debriefed about? Did you get the email about your Fastpasses, btw? (it didn't need a reply but our email has been playing up so am just checking).

Hi Hermione! I don't drive very much over there at all but I couldn't do it without a satnav. Luckily my Dad drives everywhere but once or twice I've driven from our villa to Disney as it was pretty much a straight road. If you want a good map then The Dibb (who know EVERYTHING smile ) recommend this one which I've just bought. A bit pricey but far better than the freebie ones apparently. We have a Satnav which we take with us but it's apparently cheaper to buy one at Walmart etc. than to rent one.

The only thing about driving that's weird (apart from being on the side of the road!) is that you can right left at a red light unless a sign tells you otherwise.

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