Travelling with 18 month old baby

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tinawykes Wed 07-Jun-06 23:32:28


We are planning a 3 week holiday to Australia in November with our daughter who will then be 18 months old. Since Riya was born we have only been on short breaks (where I have carried her food) or been to my parents house. I am worried about staying in hotels. I am worried about what and how I will feed her. Any thoughts??? Thanks

dejags Thu 08-Jun-06 01:24:49

By 18 months I would imagine she eats very much what you eat. If not and she prefers jars, Australia has as much choice as the UK so not to worry there. Just take a little "stock" for the plane and the first few days.

I really wouldn't worry about it.


PS currently on a round the world journey with a 20 month old and not had a single problem thus far.

Chandra Thu 08-Jun-06 01:53:23

HOw is it going Degags???

BTW, agree with DEgags, just relax and take something for the few days while you find where to get the things over there. The best advice I have received is "Go with the flow" to which I would add "...and keep some snacks in your bag"

dejags Thu 08-Jun-06 02:19:37

Great thanks Chandra. Both kids have had chicken pox which has been a bit crappy but other than that we've been have great.

We are nearly finished driving across the USA - visited the Grand Canyon yesterday which was a life's dream and tomorrow will be staying in Las Vegas for a few days.

Off to Fiji a week tomorrow for a two week break which will be great break after so much moving around in the USA.

Thanks for asking.

LoubieLou04 Thu 08-Jun-06 06:23:38

Australia are quite strict about what food you can bring into the country. I have always found it safer to take enough food for the flight and leave whatever you have left on the plane at the end. I did go on holiday when my DD was about the same age we just asked for an extra plate and gave her bits of our meals when out and kept lots of healthy foods like fruit in our hotel room.

Also the supermarkets over here have all the usual kids food you can get in the UK.

tinawykes Thu 08-Jun-06 09:54:07

thank you everyone. i feel more positive about the trip this morning and we should be fine. i was a little worried because Riya has only ever had home cooked meals and did not take to jar food as a baby. but she has been fine at restaurants and the holiday should not be very different. many many thanks. tina

MitchMatch Thu 08-Jun-06 12:31:19

We flew home to oz with DS when he was 6mths. Both ground and air crew were really helpful. Agree with Loubie about taking food into aust, the only thing you can really take in is boxes of chocs and sweets.

Are you stopping for a night on the way? We did this and would never do it any other way again. Just being able to have a shower and take ds for a walk made all the difference to the journey.

harrisey Fri 09-Jun-06 14:54:03

We took ds to Canada for 3 weeks (west coast) when he was 18 months (and dd1 was 3 - I was 5 months pg with dd2) and then took dd2 (18 months), ds (3) and dd1 (5) to Canada and Central America last year.
I was amazed at how flexible they were, even with jetlag, heaat, strange food etc. I took sandwiches for the plane (left any as rubbish as Canada are also strict about taking things in) but kids food was ok on plane (pasta, salad, rolls etc).
The heat and the jet lag were my worries but as long as you take things slow the first couple of days they are fine. I found with the heat our kids were really good at keeping in the shade and just slept when they got too hot. You do need to be sure you give them plenty to drink.
I think if you are laid back about it then the kids pick up on this and take it in their stride.
Have a great time!

mosschops30 Fri 09-Jun-06 15:01:53

Message withdrawn

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