India: How many rupees a day spending money?

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Last minute bump before i go

I would love to know this too! Going for a week over new year with my best mate leaving kids at home! I am taking about 150 in cash and i hear there are lots of atms so will take credit and debit card too. My friend has dollar travellers cheques left over from a previous holiday which she is taking as well as pounds. We have bed and breakfast at our hotel but hope to eat out in evenings. We are mainly going to relax but will do some site seeing. No idea of costs really.

mirai Thu 20-Dec-12 00:15:37

Final bump just in case. We have got about £40 per day, it sounds sooo little and I can't believe that it will be enough?

mirai Mon 17-Dec-12 11:36:26

Wow that's impressive! Did you go to many sights/tourist places?

BettySuarez Mon 17-Dec-12 10:41:17

Went to Goa almost 10 years ago for a fortnight - took £250 approx converted to Rupee. We did go all inclusive but to be frank the food at hotel was foul so ate out most days.

We found we had plenty of cash, and came home with spare money.

This was 10 years ago mind you

mirai Mon 17-Dec-12 10:36:19


mirai Thu 13-Dec-12 09:33:04


mirai Thu 13-Dec-12 00:02:01

Hi all, I have tried to google this but get sooo many conflicting amounts!

We have all the hotels and trains accounted for so all we need is spending money, for all food and tourist sights. We're going for two weeks; happy to try local cafes but would like some smart places/restaurants too (as we'll be there over New Year's).

Any ideas please? smile

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