Indian Rupees: where can I change them back to GBP?

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JandLandG Thu 06-Dec-12 14:01:32

Blimey, that was quick!

Thanks so much for these...not to worry, I might just see if anyone will take them for charity. Suggestions?

Anyway, this is all because of my own stupidity...I hid them so as not to leave them out in the hotel room one night, then couldn't find them when I wanted them the next day.

Once again, alcohol may have been a factor.


notcitrus Thu 06-Dec-12 13:53:00

As Richard Osman informed Alexander on Pointless the other day, it's technically illegal to take them out of the country so you can't exchange them. Are any of your colleagues going to India earlier?

poshfrock Thu 06-Dec-12 13:46:10

Indian Rupees are a restricted currency so strictly you're not supposed to take them out of India which is why you can't find anyone to change them. The Bank of India has branches in the UK - London, Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester amongst others so they may be able to help but I would have thought the transaction fee on £50 would not make it worthwhile.

Caerlaverock Thu 06-Dec-12 13:40:59

You can't. Post it off to a charity in India or keep for next time

BiscuitNibbler Thu 06-Dec-12 13:40:21

I think Rupees are actually not a hard currency, and meant to only be available in India, so I don't think any banks will exchange them. I think you are not meant to take them out of the country at all.

PoppyAmex Thu 06-Dec-12 13:39:46

Sorry, I couldn't find anyone to take mine. Tried in Australia, Korea and London!

Maybe someone will come along with a helpful suggestion.

JandLandG Thu 06-Dec-12 13:37:02

Hi there

I came back from a work trip to India recently with about 50 quid's worth of Rupees. The Post Office wouldn't change it back, saying it couldn't be done.

Anyone know if this is right?

Any tips/thoughts/solutions appreciated...I'm not back in India for a year, so would like to get it changed if poss!

Many thanks

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