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just me and dd5 for xmas, poss sister coming over. DD doesnt eat much, i am vegie, so thinking of ordering indian the night b4 and having on xmas day instead pmsl!!! 11 eandh 19/11/07 15:12
Whats best for benefits? and how do you privately rent with housing benefits?! 9 persephonesnape 19/11/07 13:43 dating/online sites... any one had a meaningful relationship on there? 60 lou33 18/11/07 17:38
Housing benifits 3 bed house - any thoughts? 23 DavidTennant… 17/11/07 14:59
Rather gutted that ex H seems to have fallen on his feet whereas I am still struggling (LONG RANT) 9 citylover 17/11/07 09:05
jobseekers allowance and part time work...... 16 persephonesnape 16/11/07 18:20
Am I the only one who is stupid enough to still have love/feelings for my ex, even tho he's been a prick for ages. I understand how, I should be angry, and I am, and rise above it, which I do, but f*ck it STIll hurts, and I still have feelings for him. 36 pirategirl 16/11/07 16:12
How much maintence do you receive from your ex?& How often does he see the dcs? 44 TequilaMockinBird 15/11/07 23:21
Working and receiving income support? 9 zmandaz 15/11/07 19:03
Can i find out my x's intention regarding seeing our child? 8 Freckle 15/11/07 17:31
CSA question (yes another one!) 3 foley 15/11/07 16:39
i really want to go back to work. wont be able to do MY job so money wont be as good. can someone explain what i will be entitled to? 10 Bectheneck 15/11/07 02:44
Why am I so jealous when my ex husband has a good social life 9 Shout 14/11/07 23:29
Its been 17 motnhs since i had sex, and a year since a kiss omg. the last time this happend i was prob 15. Its bloody sad thats what it is, fgs I am in my prime pmsl!!! 14 turquoise 14/11/07 18:07
Dating with kids - is it possible? 2 zippitippitoes 14/11/07 11:44
family contact 5 skeletonbones 14/11/07 09:17
Any single mums in Ilford area? 2 jennypenguin 13/11/07 21:11
Have I lost my marbles,or what? 53 lou33 12/11/07 14:45
He just wants to be friends! 11 allgonebellyup 12/11/07 11:26
why are you a lone parent? 64 nametaken 12/11/07 09:24
If your ex owes the csa money, and you let him move back in--- 4 Tinkerbel5 11/11/07 09:25
So, I' m sat here on my own, it's a Saturday night...I have no life! 8 Janos 10/11/07 19:19
so ex came to the door to pick up dd5, and she broke down, and creid that she didn't want to go. He stood there, did and said nowt 22 pirategirl 10/11/07 19:01
How much maintence do you receive from your ex?& How often does he see the dcs? 4 lou33 10/11/07 15:35
Let's all celebrate the GREAT things about being single parents (and have a change from the usual grumblings and difficulties) 49 Skribble 09/11/07 23:37
started to constantly worry about dying and what will happen if i do. Feels horrible and cant snap out of it 9 skeletonbones 09/11/07 10:11
3 kids pregnant and desprate 9 nametaken 08/11/07 22:13
Benefits and college... 7 heatherm 08/11/07 22:07
co-sleeping, is it a problem? 16 Tanee58 08/11/07 18:51
Home Alone? 6 TwoIfBySea 08/11/07 14:41
Can I ask, what length of time it was between splitting with X and meeting someone else ? 57 lou33 08/11/07 11:41
Have met gorgeous man after my horrible heart-break, but he just want to be friends.. 54 allgonebellyup 07/11/07 19:53
ex says I am selfish 30 mmelody 07/11/07 19:39
Advice on how to change Ex's contact with DS - sorry long 8 controlfreaky2 06/11/07 21:59
Really confused about what will happen. 4 miniandme 06/11/07 17:08
Do girls and boys have to have separate bedrooms? 13 Skribble 05/11/07 22:36
Just split from dp. Lots of questions. 10 deepinlaundry 05/11/07 10:54
How do you single mum's cope when really poorly? 20 Nightynight 05/11/07 10:49
cant imagine ever settling down again 15 AMAZINWOMAN 04/11/07 14:11
If fathers are for football and farting how do I make it attractive for DS to spend time with me? 18 MeMySonAndI 04/11/07 12:30
just got back form Disney Paris, so nice to get away and see dd happy!! 12 Piratechnic 04/11/07 01:30
hello! (waves) 6 skeletonbones 03/11/07 23:28
Schooltime hell !!!! 23 tetti 03/11/07 21:43
Have you ever just given up on relationships? 10 prettyfly1 03/11/07 17:33
my friend is moving away, she has been fantastic, and i am going to miss her so much. 3 Piratechnic 03/11/07 12:40
Did anyone get free tickets for Disney on Ice? 4 chocabloc 03/11/07 09:24
Dating websites, anyone on 15 babywhiting 02/11/07 20:59
In love but very wary of going into a relationship - has anyone done this successfully? 4 Lazarou 01/11/07 10:34
Why can't I decide wether I want to meet someone new or not ?? 97 lou33 01/11/07 10:21
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