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what to do about exp bringing baby to see new gf? 79 pinguthepenguin 29/11/07 21:38
I hate men. sorry. 502 maltesers 29/11/07 14:24
Xmas,don't you just love it?!(not!) 6 tetti 29/11/07 11:10
What age can you leave kids together unsuperised? 9 AMAZINWOMAN 28/11/07 19:06
I've been to see the Lone Parent Advisor and am now more confused than I was before!!! 5 Tinkerbel5 28/11/07 12:03
omg nearly passed out, saw this middle pic outside Tie Rack, looks just like ex. When he was 'normal tho'! 5 pirratePiggy 26/11/07 16:52
What are your Christmas holiday plans? 3 brightwell 26/11/07 16:17
Ex split from his partner - now showing interest again - sorry long!! 8 sarah1969 25/11/07 20:34
Parental Rights and Responsibilities 9 mrspnut 25/11/07 18:32
tHINK I have just been stood up! 10 charliecat 25/11/07 16:40
Can father take baby on holiday when there's a court order stating how much access he's allowed? 6 pippypoppypanda 25/11/07 16:38
OK, not sure whether this should be here or in legal. Please help advise my mate who is terrified her XP will attempt to snatch her kids. Long story. 14 filthymindedvixen 25/11/07 10:28
Anyone use My Single Friend dating website? 91 harman 24/11/07 23:25
What were the best & worst things your parents did when they separated/moved out. 11 sallystrawberry 24/11/07 13:49
ex partner problem with access 10 buzzybee 23/11/07 20:00
Pirate's twice a year, omg I fancy someone thread!! 10 pirratePiggy 23/11/07 17:40
so my ex did come to see dd last night 20 MascaraOHara 23/11/07 16:28
Ex H knows I have been out with another man 224 fransmom 23/11/07 14:31
Moving to the other side of the country...? 13 pirratePiggy 23/11/07 08:09
Do you think I have any hope of my family one day accepting I have moved on with my life? 109 Tanee58 22/11/07 14:54
very confused with csa payments from ex, can anyone advise!! 6 mummynumber2 22/11/07 14:22
hooray, I get to spend xmas eve/morning with dd, was dreading it otherwise. 7 Tanee58 21/11/07 17:29
£40 a month on a 30 k salary? You're having a laugh,ain't ya?(rant warning!) 31 weebleswobbl… 21/11/07 15:47
Ex partner hasn't paid me maintenance for 2 months. Any advice please? 8 IdreamofClooney 21/11/07 13:35
Solicitors scotland 4 Skramble 20/11/07 22:08
housing.. funding a new start 8 Pk616 20/11/07 19:50
just me and dd5 for xmas, poss sister coming over. DD doesnt eat much, i am vegie, so thinking of ordering indian the night b4 and having on xmas day instead pmsl!!! 11 eandh 19/11/07 15:12
Whats best for benefits? and how do you privately rent with housing benefits?! 9 persephonesnape 19/11/07 13:43 er dating/online sites... any one had a meaningful relationship on there? 60 lou33 18/11/07 17:38
Housing benifits 3 bed house - any thoughts? 23 DavidTennant… 17/11/07 14:59
Rather gutted that ex H seems to have fallen on his feet whereas I am still struggling (LONG RANT) 9 citylover 17/11/07 09:05
jobseekers allowance and part time work...... 16 persephonesnape 16/11/07 18:20
Am I the only one who is stupid enough to still have love/feelings for my ex, even tho he's been a prick for ages. I understand how, I should be angry, and I am, and rise above it, which I do, but f*ck it STIll hurts, and I still have feelings for him. 36 pirategirl 16/11/07 16:12
How much maintence do you receive from your ex?& How often does he see the dcs? 44 TequilaMockinBird 15/11/07 23:21
Working and receiving income support? 9 zmandaz 15/11/07 19:03
Can i find out my x's intention regarding seeing our child? 8 Freckle 15/11/07 17:31
CSA question (yes another one!) 3 foley 15/11/07 16:39
i really want to go back to work. wont be able to do MY job so money wont be as good. can someone explain what i will be entitled to? 10 Bectheneck 15/11/07 02:44
Why am I so jealous when my ex husband has a good social life 9 Shout 14/11/07 23:29
Its been 17 motnhs since i had sex, and a year since a kiss omg. the last time this happend i was prob 15. Its bloody sad thats what it is, fgs I am in my prime pmsl!!! 14 turquoise 14/11/07 18:07
Dating with kids - is it possible? 2 zippitippitoes 14/11/07 11:44
family contact 5 skeletonbones 14/11/07 09:17
Any single mums in Ilford area? 2 jennypenguin 13/11/07 21:11
Have I lost my marbles,or what? 53 lou33 12/11/07 14:45
He just wants to be friends! 11 allgonebellyup 12/11/07 11:26
why are you a lone parent? 64 nametaken 12/11/07 09:24
If your ex owes the csa money, and you let him move back in--- 4 Tinkerbel5 11/11/07 09:25
So, I' m sat here on my own, it's a Saturday night...I have no life! 8 Janos 10/11/07 19:19
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