where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone PT20

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Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 18:08:36

Has no one beat me to it with a new thread yet? grin

SingleMum01 Sun 18-Apr-10 18:17:38

Hi all, marking my place

Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 18:22:17

sm-have fun tonight

not much going on for me, been chatting most of today to big goggles on msn, still planning to meet friday night. Survived the babysitting last night and still havent put my washing away today blush

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 19:11:42

marking my place - and about to go and make a mushroom omelette for supper ...

Saw the infidel last night - quite amusing and Omid Djalili very funny.

Been chatting a bit to bluebeard - who told me i have spirit and don't hide behind a world-weary mask - shows how little he knows me, eh?

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 19:19:40

maybe he's met rather dull wet women up til now kdk?
betty i've put mine all away
<adjusts halo>
unfortunately the empty laundry basket of yesterday is now heaving againsad
where you off to for your date with goggles?
and what top do you think sm01 has chosen?

Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 19:22:27

not sure where we're meeting yet, prob just for a drink.

I think sm went for the low cut top wink

I really must get off my behind and put it all away!

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 19:24:04

how you feeling about this one?excited or not?
sm01 mentioned that it was a school night iircgrin

Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 19:31:02

Erm I dont know after the last few am a bit meh about it all but have been chatting all day, which has been very easy but I've had that before and then didnt fancy them so not sure.

Not on a school night lol! grin

sincitylover Sun 18-Apr-10 19:42:06

hi just marking my place (no 20!!)

Had busy weekend with work yesterday morning and dcs.

Def think I have SAD because with this weather I feel 100% better and more positive. Have also enjoyed the break from dcs over the easter hols (prob had about nine nights off out of sixteen).

I have gone out most nights, caught up with friends, drunk too much and had fun with a capital F.

Still glance at the dating sites but am not talking to anyone.

sm - enjoy your date

belle - ok.. i'm against the grain here... but i wonder if he's too laid back for you in the contact. as you do seem a bit up and down with where you stand due to his contact. which we have discussed before on here isn't healthy feeling.

asbm - <waves> i seen motorola last night. he popped over for a dvd and headed off. just a wee visit.. as i get used to this not smoking i def notice i am liking him more again blush.. i think on sat he was just in the firing line for my terrible temper i was having with quitting blushoh.. and on sat i met 1 of his friends. nice friends. agree with what you say about meeting friends and family are a good indicator.

sm - have you met any of his friends.??

betty - what you doing with goggles?

kdk - bluebeard... so he's expecting a fiesty opinionated date then?

oh... and forces....still trying to get back on my good side hmm

ninah Sun 18-Apr-10 19:46:50

not read end of old thread so hope have not missed owt
do you really put your washing away the same day you do it, always? blush
to be fair I have decorated dd's room today (only took 3 years to get to) and i have strimmers wrist from all the gardening I've done
but the washing is still piled on a chair and the ironing is bursting out of a cupboard
we get a few hand me downs which is nice but I think i need to be more selective as I can't keep up with all the clothes they have
am v bad at decluttering
wonder how sm1 is getting on
bluebeard sounds a bit of a smoothie kdk
Must go and do college work now

scl - you have SAD which makes you happy this time of year grin

ninah Sun 18-Apr-10 19:48:55

oh hi sin, has been a while glad you are feeling better
juicy hmm at forces, glad motorola is still working out, why did you call him that btw?

ninah - sm asked same thing on last thread. to do with me thinking he worked for motorola. turned out he worked for somewhere else and i wasn't paying attention when he told me wink

lou33 Sun 18-Apr-10 20:16:42

cor part 20 already!

i have had a busy weekend, berkshire to get boris clipped then kent to get a bike bf had bought on ebay yesterday

today we took boris back to london, then came back and took the kids to a family dog show, then swimming, now i am getting them ready for bed for the back to school run tomorrow

i wont be doing it though as i will be in hospital having an operation

bf has taken time off work to do it for me

wish me luck

good luck lou smile

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 20:27:12

good luck Lou, let us know (or get bf!) how it went!

@ ninah, am not sure - spoke to him on phone yesterday - think some of it is act - says he's had 11 relationships - including 3 marriages and 'liaisons' - if being honest, not exactly player material ... am trying to keep open mind ie not jump to conclusions or big it up into something it isn't - though did say that chance of anything (untoward) happening given our relative geographical locations and fact we have five children under age of 10 between us and no live-in help, seems pretty remote!

kdk - 5 kids under 10yo shock ... omg. imagine if you did get togethershock <faints at thought>

my sister has a friend who's got 9 dc between her and her dh(some hers,some his, some theirs iykwim).. ALL living with them

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 20:53:41

well only 2 of them are mine - and I'm not having any more!

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 21:11:32

<waves to ninah>
yes i did all the -crap-- huge laundry in one daysad
promise i will email this week,it's shamefully long overdue..blush
lou all the best from me,so glad bf is on hand to help out and i know that you've got good kids who will do their bitsmile
scl thank god you've had some me time and used it for your own good instead of skivvving cleaning etc like me,hope exh didn't return the dcs with a list of comments like mine usually does{big 2 fingers emoticon}
kdk if you've got onto phoning now then you must be interested a bit?but hey like juicy said omg all those kids!!shock

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 21:28:32

Asbm - am a bit interested - just - maybe a bit dubious - but hey, would be more than happy to be proved wrong .. but like I said - too many kids - and he's got three more that live with his (first) ex! They're pretty much grown up though - eldest is 18 and others are I think 12 and 15 though could be wrong ...

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 21:45:27

Hello everybody smile

Lou good luck for tomorrow. Hope all goes well with op and dp and dcs will no doubt not let you down.

Kdk - you're def sounding interested

Juice - all ok now then?

SM - I hope you took a cardie (lol) was out earlier and it turned ffffffreezing!

Betty - have you put your laundry away yet. grin

Hi Belle Ninah SCL and everybody.

Houseviewing was meh. Doll's house person was driving off as I got there I was 10 mins late, had gone and picked up dp, he drove, stopped for petrol etc grrrr. Other house horrid lol. (But I knew that).

Kids back tomorrow, ds still not in the shower. Jeeze. <goes off to shout upstairs again>

Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 21:46:38

Good luck with the op Lou!

scl-glad to hear your feeling a bit brighter, I know a couple of people who suffer from that SAD.

ninah-dont worry i still havent put my washing away and mine was from yest lol im v bad at decluttering too although Im aiming to have a big declutter soon!grin

juice-i think motorola still sounds like a goodun, and as for forces hmm

asbm-i always seem to spend child free time cleaning! think its cos its the only time they arent right behind you messing it up again!

I've just been asked for a drink by someone else now lol, been chatting to this bloke on fb for a few months now. will call him boilerman, he seems nice didnt think he was interested but his messages have got more frequent this week, think it might have been cos he was working away and now he's not. we shall see, is worth a meet anyway!

Betty79 Sun 18-Apr-10 21:48:12

monty-you posted as i was tpying, sorry to hear house viewing wasnt great! as for washing...erm no blush

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 21:53:39

kdk at least you're clued up(thank god!)so go along with an open mind and all the usual getoutclauses friend a calling stuff
actually,our lovely janos was texting me prior to my first date with dp and during, tho had rotten signal so those texts weren't received on time not that it was an issue mindwink
but have had other dates where i couldn't pick up iyswim...and omg would i have so loved to have done...shock
and i also admit to receiving texts(tho on silent)from a significant ex whilst on a date
and slyly returning themblush

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 21:55:45

luckily doing lunchtime date so have get-out clause of having to go and do something before school pick up eg shopping etc ...

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 21:58:42

hey mont your absence has been noted lolsmile
at least you've been and seen rather than wondering
and ohhh kids aft easter break eh?think i barked my lot to bed tbh grr..

kdk Sun 18-Apr-10 22:03:46

least some of you had break from kids! Mine seem to have spent most of the holiday arguing/fighting and coming to me whining about what their sibling has been doing ... I am so glad it's school again tomorrow - and can't wait until they do their overnight school trip in yr 2!

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 22:09:21

ASBM - grin at texting while on date. lolol. But fancy vendor driving off after 10 mins?? Don't you think that's a bit shock. He saw us pulling in as well shock.

Kdk - I hope you don't regret having to dash off to get dc's grin. Do you have a standby should you want to stay longer??? grin

Betty - in for the crown again. (Not Widow Twanky crown I hasten to add lol).

Am now going upstairs to make sure ds has brushed his teeth etc. He's 14!!!! ffs

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 22:20:56

hey mont but you know all about him and was a long running thing and sadly unfinished
but i mean that in a pos way iyswim..things left unsaid and all thatsmile
vendor driving off aft 10 mins???hmmshock
elaborate please
{disclaimer here as we know it's not the property forum}

my 2 are all higgly piggled with being out of routine for few weeks.. finally got dd off to bed at 9.30pm. be a fight to get them up for 6am.

i do my cleaning the night before i have childfree time. staying up till silly oclock if required. then i can go and play knowing there's nothing to be done <pinches asbm halo>wink

kdk - well.. no harm in going to investigate?.. you'll find out if he's a smoker or not for sure at least smile

monty - yeah, things all sorted. he hasn't done the baby talk thing at all since sat.he's getting gentle instruction in how to go about handling an independant lady.

yes i do want chivalry
but not to the point where i'm treated like a child.


it's a thin linegrin

pay for the meal (but dont dare order it!)
let me break first at pool(but i can rack the balls myself you know!)

he also assumes a bit too much which gets him in hot water. for example

other day

"i can show you how to fix microsft problems".. talking about my pc was playing silly buggers one night and crashing.

i smiled sweetly and said i am quite capable with a computer and will fix it when i get the chance.

when really.. my nicotine starved brain was thinking

"ffs - do you think i'm thick.. i can design and create an html website page from scratch(not using any of the software available these days t make it easier), and once wrote a game programme FROM FUCKING SCRATCH..... i think.. just think... that i can run a virus diagnosis"

maybe giving up smoking when just start seeing someone isn't the best idea. it really isn't his fault. he has no idea that i have any experience with computers. we had never discussed them before. but tbh.. first time he was in my house he said "wow.. i'm impressed by this set up, never had any idea you were good with tech spec"

so.. really.. he should have known.. maybe i should have just swore at him

<juicy wander off in search of chocolate as nicotine substance.

sorry ladies.. gotta rant somewhere.. it's hard maintaining my sweetly smile and sunny appearance when really i would happily bite head of a bat at present.

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 22:38:02

ASBM - all worked out for the best for you anyway. Those days are gone smile. That was just it, as we pulled in a guy was getting into his car and drove off! Oh well. The other house, it was cheap as chips and fugly from the outside, but it looked quirky inside on the website, well it was quirky but tiny!! We then went round to dp's [hmph], to pick up his laptop and his neighbours were doing their front garden, they're my age and I get along with them really well. We were chatting and before you know it another neighbour joins us and brings us in to her house to show off her new extension. Awwwwwwwww migod it was beauuuutifulllll it was so gorgeous. I was coveting the big paintings on the wall, she said she bought them on ebay (I thought she'd done them herself grin. I will be looking on ebay! The sun was shining and the next thing the beers came out grin grin. We all had a lovely time. Didn't get home til 6pm and was in bed really early, and on a Saturday shock. So we've been driving around today sniffing out for sale signs. Was very interesting.

grin at my longest post ever I think.

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 22:41:44

Juice - x post. Oh dear, poor Motorola, you're doing really well with the smoking. Good on you smile.

<taps chin thinking Juice is prob a very useful person to know when computer takes on life of its own>

monty - vendor was odd and rude. i went to see one for sale few doors up from me other day. is a reall shithole. not been lived in for years. single glazing still. no central heating shock.. only £60k thought. basically. your paying for the land and shell. whole thing needs ripped out and renewed. its massive though for 3 bed. 3 dbl(all good size doubles) bedrooms. huge bathroom(but downstairs)kitchen big enough for table, utlility and decent size living room.

was v tempted. but tbh... i think it's only worth £40k. some of walls are crumbling. electrics needs done too. estate agent showing us around agreed it should be about £40k-50k mark shock

asbm - nothing wrong with a bit of unfinshed business wink

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 22:45:30

hey mont you can charm the birds from the trees you..
maybe dp's neighbours want you to move in with him?
perhaps it's all a conspiracy lolgrin
juicy why now for giving up the cigs?

motorola was giving up for a heart condition . i thought it was good time to do it. trying to save to put more of deposit for my new car too. must admit. its def easier this way. i know if i start again, so will he. he finds the same reason is why he hasn't started again either.

i'm not craving it at all.

just crabbit as sin. lungs started clearing today. which is ... um... pleasant

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 22:56:51

ASBM - lol the last time I saw them the girl was begging me to move in grin. She's well fun and we share the same birthday shock spooky, she's two years younger than me though, but she doesn't know that gringrin. Her dp is really nice too.

Juice - <faints at price of property> are you going to put in a cheeky offer? Would you rent somewhere while doing the work?

aparently they declined an offer of £51k last week. no point me offereing. i def wouldn't match that for it.

i told him if they couldn't shift it i would make an offer somewhere in the 40's and to keep me in mind wink

and i already rent a house few doors up from it

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 23:03:34

Juice - is the one you rent the one where you live or do you mean you rent it out??

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 23:22:36

juice you never know in this crap climate
and would be fab to get you back on the housing ladder

i live a few doors up from it. this one i rent just now i'm hoping will come up for sale soon smile

aseriouslyblondemoment Sun 18-Apr-10 23:25:24

let's face it mont we'd all love to have you as our neighbour..!!grin

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 23:27:29

Juice - yy I fell in when I re-read. Would be a good game if you did get it.

ASBM - lolol blush.

abouteve Sun 18-Apr-10 23:35:07

Good luck Lou, hope everything goes OK for you.

Bit of an update and sorry if I'm being self centered on this one. The laptop is in for repair so cannot keep up as I don't like using the PC much.

The reason I ranted this morning is because my phone went missing last night. Obviously I knew who had it and kept ringing but got no answer. I didn't know whether it had been stolen or a mistake. Tried ringing him and it all morning with no joy. Went for a long walk and stopped off for a couple of drinks. My mind needed clearing as I was thinking all sorts.

DD came home before me and we were both relived to find out that he had been ringing the home phone to apologise for taking it by mistake. So I got it back. I seemed to have developed a soft spot as he is currently snoozing on my sofa!!! His parents want him to go stay with them abroad so am encouraging him to go and sort himself out.

Agree he has been watching too much coogar TV.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend and will catch up at work on Tuesday grin.

Monty100 Sun 18-Apr-10 23:43:50

Eve - shock. Athletic had your phone? By mistake? I think I've missed a couple of posts.

Listen up all, we need vibes for Lou, can't think of the full name now, you know, she was going off to Australia???? She's stuck in Singapore, she's on that really long thread that's going.

ASBM - you do realise that even exh wanted me as a neighbour. ROFL grin. (Or was that the joke??? hmm).

there's a long thread.?? where about what flights being stranded <scratches head and goes for look>

do you know... i have been revising for my exam on friday so much that it took me 2 days to hear about the trouble going on with volcanic ash blush

<gets back to mning revising>

eve - dont you think perhaps he might have accidentally took it for a reason to let him come back? but if he's kipping on your sofa your obviously not complaining wink grin

hows dd taking to your lodger?

abouteve Sun 18-Apr-10 23:58:20

Not sure which Lou you mean. But sending positive vibes, has she been on here? It's been bad for everyone affected. Glad I wasn't caught up in it all.

You haven't missed anything Monty, didn't mention it before, do think it was just a mistake in the state he was in last night. I wouldn't have got it back otherwise.

abouteve Mon 19-Apr-10 00:01:18

Juice x post. I haven't seen the thread about the flights or much of the news.

DD told him off but she seems OK, it's only for tonight.

Monty100 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:17:24

Hi - Its Louisonthehighwaytohell (I think she might do a name change when she's home, sorry Lou, couldn't resist it), can't quite remember the details, she met someone really nice who let her down, but she started then packing for her trip to Oz???? About a month ago maybe? Used to be Loulovesjelly or something?

Lou - if you're reading - vibes from here to get you home.

My dsis and family are in Egypt, after reading that thread I'm getting concerned for her although she texted me on Friday night saying they'd been moved to an even nicer hotel so she sounded cool at the time.

Eve - you seem like a very caring person smile. Glad dd understands.

Juice - you sound really swamped with college work. shock

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Mon 19-Apr-10 01:25:41

Thanks Monty

I think I will change my name when I get back. It is proving ominous!

You would think that there were some nice single men here. I have anice hotel room...am nicely tanned and nothing!

thesouthsbelle Mon 19-Apr-10 07:56:20

just marking my spot.

nothin from farmer since y'day am. he's not been on smooch thou since b4 we met?!?

how do you girls do the soh/patient thing when you really like someone.

anyhow will be back later after work. for a proper look. roll on ogling marines ass tonight i say.

ninah Mon 19-Apr-10 08:16:15

ooh belle, 'really like' lol
soh is sheer discipline grin
wags finger
kdk 11 relationships seems quite a lot to me? or maybe that's the faster pace of life in the City
good luck with your op lou
and your flights lou2
eve lol at cougar tv
hi asbm smile
monty if you start bidding for paintings on bay you will be addicted, I let myself in for some serious spending and was PRAYING to be outbid
there's a fair selection let's say
lol at motorola (thanks for name story!) lecturing juicy on ms
have you tried zyban juice? friend of mine found it excllnt thought it doesn't suit everyone
and how exciting re house ... you know what they may regret refusing that 51k offer as things are still going to go down I think
wish monty could find something tho
Mine is looking almost middle class in places after a coat of paint, still a fair way to go though, and the 'nice' bits make the rest look even more scummy

monty - this is the last time they are doing my course over 9 months. there is so much work it is being split over 2 yearsshock from next one!

belle - go visit friends.. give them phone till you leave again grin

lou - it's sods law.. and when your at shop in yesterdays clothes getting milk for a morning cuppa before your shower you will see the fittest bloke you've laid eyes on for months <shrugs>

eve - did athletic makes breakfast? surely you got a cuppa tea at least?

ninah Mon 19-Apr-10 08:17:16

that's zyban, juice
not zyban juice

ninah - scotland never really fell. it just stopped rising. people only lost out here if they had bought a new house during the boom.. and paid over its value (dc dad did this <evil grin emoticon> and they are waiting on values rising again before they can sell.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 19-Apr-10 09:30:50

rofl @ ninah and her decorating,wonder if the school mum brigade will be round for a nose?!
eve omg what a worry about your phone

Monty100 Mon 19-Apr-10 12:52:27

LouIOTHWTH - grin Fair play to you keeping your eye open for talent grin. The perfect opportunity as well to pass the time grin. Hope you're ok tho. We'll have to put out heads together for your new name when you get back smile.

Lou - hope op went ok.

Juice - as Ninah says, Zyban is supposed to be good.

Ninah - loving your house almost looking middle class rofl. One of the paintings from ebay came from china shock, so not even really a painting more a screen arty thing, but looks lovely!

Eve - am trying to think of that song from late 70s/80s that goes something like 'can I please stay for just one more night'. Did he bring you a cup of tea in bed? wink

<waves to everyone else and gets back to work>

ninah Mon 19-Apr-10 13:03:42

I see juice
Let them come asbm, I am ready! (well some washing is STILL in the chair but I hope to pass that off as Bohemian)
monty there is loads of stuff from china, I tend to avoid it
i did get a nice original 30s sketch of a North African street for £20! £20! it's almost less than a print
there is a fair bit of crap, dodgy fakes etc on too, I was quite amused to watch someone from ohio bidding up to £3,600 for what they obv hoped was a Millais the other day shock
god I'm going to be late back now - laters

Monty100 Mon 19-Apr-10 13:47:38

Ninah - but it looked lovely grin. Lol at Millais painting. I'm gonna see how much the Chinese crap stuff is, I can do crap if it looks good. <zeros in Ninah's estimation>

If your poncey middle class friends come round and comment on your chair with washing 0n, just ask them if they want to take a photo Tracey Emmin stylee.

aseriouslyblondemoment Mon 19-Apr-10 14:34:27

fighting talk there ladies
LOVE IT!!grin

ninah Mon 19-Apr-10 16:03:47

yeah I was doing unmade beds long before she came along
poncy tart

ninah Mon 19-Apr-10 16:10:30

oh they are not friends btw
I think they were just curious to see how the other half lives
and they like the art school stuff
'you'll never guess where I had drinks last night? at the home of a Single Mother!
Absolutely. I kid you not'
Like going to Borneo without the flight. I should sell tickets

ninah - make sure you were suitable "single mother" attire so they get the full show.

perhaps one of those full length charachter nighties?

SingleMum01 Mon 19-Apr-10 18:15:08

3 pages already!!

Juice and Ninan - I had a good night thanks. Met one of his mates, he's not from here so we don't usually see them round here when we're out and I avoided the initial suggestion to meet them when first started seeing him wink. Said he told his mum though! Next date is Thurs (another school night!) And i've run out of clothes now!

Eve - Athletic wink

ASBM and Betty - you were right, went with the low cut one! If you've got it flaunt it, and if you haven't flaunt it anyway!

Monty - yes it was cold and no I didn't take a cardi!!

Belle - any farmer news?
Juice - like the 'against the grain' pun!

Juice - what course are you doing?

Betty - boilerman, have you arranged to see him?

<waves to everyone else>

lou33 Mon 19-Apr-10 19:49:18

hi i am home and alive and havent had any pain, just a bit tired

bf rattled about the house without me after the school run, so did a load of housework


i managed to cook dinner with no problems, all fingers intact after wielding a sharp knife

not awake enough to read everything since i lasted posted, apologies for that, but thanks for all your good wishes

SingleMum01 Mon 19-Apr-10 19:53:25

Glad you're ok Lou x

BertieBotts Mon 19-Apr-10 20:29:54

Hello everyone, oh dear, I am no good at this, you all chat too much for me to keep up grin

Glad to see you are home, Lou.

What is soh?

I should update a bit on my NM situation. Can't remember whether he had been round or not last time I posted. Anyway he came round 4 times in total, very nice, I feel relaxed in his company, easy to talk to and listen to and we make each other laugh a lot. We/I decided not to introduce DS yet because we don't know what is happening now - he has gone back to uni for the last bit of term, on a work placement, but it's going to be pretty non stop so definitely no time for visits and not much time to chat. We talked before he went and decided not to give it a name etc - so not officially "going out" - but hopefully will see him again when he finishes in July. Just don't know after that, because he doesn't know where he will be working etc. I hope that we can see each other, but we will see. I don't feel bothered about it though - I thought I would, but I feel fine. Still on a high I think from when he was here

Monty100 Mon 19-Apr-10 21:58:32

ASBM - grin at fighting talk.

Ninah - a single Mother??? No shock. Was it horrid??? grin grin. Haven't had a chance to look on ebay yet but I will. No idea how much the paintings cost. I suppose it must be an insult to call it art to those with the gift. I'm an art whore me. grin

Lou - glad you're home and in one piece.

Louisothwth - you going back to Australia??

SM - glad you had a good night. Albeit without your cardie lol.

Juice - a crash course shock.

Bertiebotts - hello again smile. Glad things are going well.

Hi everyone else <waves>. smile

lou33 Mon 19-Apr-10 21:58:39

I just read my going home papers and discovered they did the next step up procedure instead, which is the one before a hysterectomy. Still feel ok tho but also found out they say no sex for two weeks Ffs!

lou - glad your home safe and well

bertie - you did tell us. glad to hear its all gone well. keep us posted smile

sm10 - its a an ou certificate in accountacy. it's ACCA accredited. got 3 of the main ACCA exams by october. first one is friday. right now i feel like i'm going to fail. past papers are going horrendously.

monty - see above.. crash is write word for how i feel.

<waves to everyone else>... i'm back to the papers.

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 09:50:16

Can one of you ladies advise what constitutes fit and interesting? I can then advise, from a male standpoint, where they/we are all hiding...!

hi dad2chchalk, fit, means without beer belly, interesting means can talk about varied subjectsnot just football!

Although I may need to take that back as many of the ladies on here have varied interests. grin

PMG waves to all and sundry, sorry to hear you've not been well lou, get better soon. x

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 10:46:57

lol i knew it would be part 20 by the time i could post again!!!

goor mornign everyone, hope you are all ok?
mini - hi hows you?

juice - what is forces playing at hmm
glad things going well with motorola grin

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 11:09:39

hi dad2,

fit means looks after himself, attractive (though that can be hard to define as means different things to different people but not fat, beardy/unshaven, no combovers, washes regularly etc); interesting means, well, like pmgp said - having interests, communicative, interested in what other people have to say, have a sense of humour, don't take yourself too seriously, be reasonably intelligent ... any one else want to contribute ...

good post kdk, so much more eloquent than me grin

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 11:42:12

would tdh count or is that me just being picky?grin

lou33 Tue 20-Apr-10 11:50:22

oh i dunno i quite like the unshaven look myself <sneaks pervy look at bf in the gardem filling up the car for a trip to the dump>

i feel totally fine today, cant believe it really, not needed any painkillers, hardly bleeding, i am just not allowed to drive (tho bf is fussing over me not letting me do hardly anything)

i did demand i cooked dinner last night , which was surprisingly bloody tasty considering i cant recall doing it grin

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 11:53:33

glad you feeling better lou smile

unshaven can be very sexy grin

trouble is... fit and interesting to one person... is not fit and interesting to another.

fit.... to me.. that means in good health and looks after themselves. dont mean they need to be running marathons... i dont mind a little squishy round edges rather than 6 pack. but not fat. i dont mind if they eat fastfood... but in moderation with a healthy diet.

fit.. also describes attractiveness. in this sense its the hair and teeth are a HUUUGE thing for me. they have to be well looked after. and i find confidence(not arrogance) a very attractive them. can turn an average looking bloke into one you want to jump the bones of.

interesting ... hold a conversation, has their own interests/hobbies.

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 12:04:32

and the eyes hmmmmmmmm

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 12:06:48

Trouble is (from my POV), is that the reverse problem exists for us single Dads (even us 'fit' and 'interesting' ones)? All the other single Mums I know all have FB's or EA's, or other complicated lifestyles!

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 12:29:49

sorry for not saying hi earlier dad2chchalk smile, what's fb's or ea's????

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 12:47:02

Hi Mrs M - FB: Fcuk Buddy (where do I get one of those from?), EA: Extramarital Affairs, i.e. they're a bit on the side....

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 12:52:12

probably because they can't find fit and/or interesting men to have relationship with ... and not quite sure what your point is ... maybe you need to be looking at single mums you don't know if that makes sense.

mrsmharket Tue 20-Apr-10 12:55:07

well i did ask.

Monty100 Tue 20-Apr-10 14:08:35

MrsM - and you got the answer grin.

Dad2 - I'd hate to think you were generalising about women there, you might need to get out more broaden your horizons.

dad2 - i think you are perhaps hanging around with the wrong type of single women. regardless if they are a single mother or just a single person... anyone who is messing around with fb or ea aren't the type of person who is looking for a relationship.

i think these days.. women and men who dont want a casual relationship have to both be upfront and say

"i want relationship!"

it is true there is as many women these days searching for casual fun as there is men... so now men have discovered themself in situation women having dealing for decades...

it's no longer just women scared of men using them for sex...there's women using and treating men badly too.

dad2 - guess what... welcome to one of the major minefield issuing women have been dealing with for ALOT longer than men.

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 14:39:17

Monty you may very well be right, but I certainly wouldn't generalise!!!

lou33 Tue 20-Apr-10 16:00:06

it's interesting to hear a man's pov on this

how many times have we said (or maybe it was just me) that most single guys only seemed to view me as a single mum of 4 in her 40's as nothing more than short term or a fb or wanting me to be a bit on the side

sometimes a fb is all that people want , but eventually i think everyone starts to feel they want a bit more than that, it starts to feel a bit tawdry after a while

it took me long enough to find someone i wanted to see more than once or twice , who could hold my interest (and by that i mean more than sex), or someone i could see myself with on a long term basis, and i wasnt even expecting it, in fact i was quite comfortable with being single and not having a partner in the future (as i didnt want any more flings or friends with benefits situations)

but it doesnt mean i regret the encounters i had at all, it's all a learning curve isnt it?

Janos Tue 20-Apr-10 16:07:20

Part 20..I remember when this was part 1...I think

Juicy how is the revision going? Hope you've managed to get some stuff done.

Hi dad2 amd mrsm hadon't remember seeing you here before so hi from me.

<waves to eMonty, Juicy, asbm, lou, kdk, ninah >

Well, I had had my cheerful plodding well and truly booted off track at the mo. I was seeing someone and just found out y'day that I was being cheated on the whole time.

He's been well and truly kicked to the kerb with a few choice words. I'm ok but feeling somewhat sorry for myself, so if anyone has any sympathy spare I'll take what's on offer (cheeky I know).

Off to scan thread for a quick catch up.

lou - you have a point there aswell.

i would say there is certain guys i meet who simply aren't long-term matierial. they may be fit and interesting... but truth is they aren't reliable or trustworthy enough to be more than fb.

i heard a great phrase from someone other day, he was talking about the difference between a fb and a long - term partner .. he said

"i know which one gives me the better thrill.. but its not the one i would trust with my bank account and my dc"

dad2 - perhaps it is YOU giving out the wrong impression that makes women say they only want fb or ea relationship.

janos - suply an address. we'll post him some stinkiy kippers grin

but seriously... wanker shock angry

would you like a large dirty boot to kick him in shine next time you pass smile wink

Janos Tue 20-Apr-10 16:32:26

Lol thanks Juicy. I'll take the big boot grin.

I think your mate is spot on about the difference between a long termer and an fb, btw!

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 16:36:47

janos - sending sympathy and digging out winter boots as we speak ... think I have old pair of size 7 dms in attic <goes off to check>

remember his loss not yours, the lying little toerag.

Janos Tue 20-Apr-10 16:39:27

Aw thanks you lot.

Apols for terrible typing, not much sleep last night..was too angry tho I've calmed down now...found all this out about 10pm.

Monty100 Tue 20-Apr-10 16:44:07

Janos - shock angry Give him a boot from me. What a twunt.

Got to go catch up later. grr

Hope your ok.

Dad2 - what are you looking for???

Janos Tue 20-Apr-10 16:51:26

Ha. The boots are well and truly primed now...

Lou - I didn't realise you had gone in for op already but glad it went well and you're ok.

Juicy didn't realise you were thinking of buying - are looking at somewhere round where you are now?

ninah Tue 20-Apr-10 17:23:43

God sorry Janos, how horrible
how did you find out or would you rather not discuss
I'm feeling after the monster ex's all of us on here need a bit of good luck not another lying cheating sob
loving juicy's mate's definition
glad you are OK lou smile
and sm1 if you have run out of clothes you know what you have to do ...
I had the most weird dream last night, was about ex and going back to visit hoping not to catch him with ow etc
and I had two kind of lumps on my face i'd got used to but decided to sort of pull one and it felt a bit weird but it came right off and I looked loads better, bit like Nanny McPhee
what do you reckon? I've had a great day at work and feel a lot better generally, too
was like dream surgery
(dances off waving bong and wind chimes)

ninah Tue 20-Apr-10 17:25:06

monty stop flirting grin

Janos Tue 20-Apr-10 17:34:31

Well nina..

He went round to hers. I had sent an affectionate text message. She grabbed his phone and sent a message saying 'Hi, am at Y's now and have been when not with u'.

Pretty horrible way to find out really

at dream surgery by the way.

Funnily enough, think I knew something was going on but wasn't able to admit it as I had two dreams where he told me he was cheating.

SingleMum01 Tue 20-Apr-10 17:42:50

Hi all,

Ninah, no what do I need to do if i've run out of clothes? Go shopping (I've got no money!) or go naked?!! Mm that could be interesting

Juice - wow, sounds hard, but will be worthwhile in the end. Good luck for Friday. So any computer/money issues we need to speak to you

ninah Tue 20-Apr-10 17:44:17

Naked Chef lol

SingleMum01 Tue 20-Apr-10 18:02:02

lol - you know I'm not a chef!!

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 19:57:32

@Monty 27 - well I don't want a new 'mum' for my son, and I'm not looking to rush into anything deadly serious. I've been on Dating Sites and you can pretty much split the people there into two categories (men AND women) - Looking for a FB or looking for a spouse! I would love something in between: someone to share things with (good and bad), to be a best friend to, a lover, a soul mate, and a drinking buddy. I'm asking a lot aren't I?

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 20:23:57

Not necessarily - probably just depends what criteria you're using to filter potential partners - and what sites you're on possibly ... be honest with yourself and decide what features are important for you ie intelligence, desire to have children or not, location, looks etc and take it from there.

If you want, we can have a look at your profile/pic and let you have an opinion - hasten to add, several of us have done the same - sometimes it's useful to have an objective-ish opinion ...

dad2chchalk Tue 20-Apr-10 20:43:15

Erm OK! Well I think there's a photo on my profile thingie now - have a look and at least let me know it's there. And objective comments only please!!

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 21:12:38

Well, you're certainly not a minging git - that was a joke btw - but that's not the be all and end all - unless you want to be just someone's fb!

Monty100 Tue 20-Apr-10 22:02:20

dad2 - what was your phone number? Erm no, certainly not a minging git grin. Well, as Kdk says perhaps change your filters. Have you expressed on your profile what it is you are looking for?

(Ninah - grin).

kdk Tue 20-Apr-10 22:25:22

monty - I saw him first!

dad2 - seriously, have a read through your profile and think about what message you're giving off - try and look at it as if you were a woman reading it - or get a friend to have a look for you ...

lou33 Tue 20-Apr-10 23:18:18

i do agree that a lot of men and women are looking for those extremes, even if their profiles say otherwise, but there are also people on sites who are wanting a middle ground and actually quite nice

i am still friends with some i dated, we werent right for each other but they are nice guys

i found the best way to avoid the wrong type was to put what i didnt want, rather than to go with the what a nice and great person i was and sell myself as it were

you look like a nice guy from your pic but a picture doesnt say anything more than the moment it was taken

ninah Tue 20-Apr-10 23:32:09

a very VERY nice guy grin
dad2c take heart I am sure you will not be on this thread long
Just curious, when you say men as well as women, what made you decide to check out men's requirements?

ninah Tue 20-Apr-10 23:44:25

janos just seen your message
what an unpleasant woman
really sorry to hear that, having that vague feeling that something is wrong doesn't prepare you for the shock of actually finding out
but as we all know, single is better than with a cheat
I had lots of dreams about this kind of stuff after ex's ow's dh rang me with similar
it's not something you can face thinking about in the cold light of day is it
but more fia's seem to be emerging by the minute grin
just think how many have been unearthed since thread started - ok it took 20 threads but still

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 09:27:23

@monty27 - Well that's hardly fair, how come I can't see you!?!

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 09:32:07

@ninah - I have a female friend who is going through the exact same thing, in reverse, if that makes sense...

dad2 - see... here's the problem.. if you say to someone you ont want a fb or looking for a spouse... it implies to the lady in question that you like them to be mrs right now... and not mrs right.... basically you are telling them outright that you DEF ARE NOT going to be around long term.. your only going to waste a few of their years where this lady could be out looking for someone who thinks she's mrs right and willing to commit.
understandably not everyone wants to be married again... but the good , faithful women aren't going to settle for someone who is just using us to waste some time always looking over his shoulder. we want the fella who is willing to considerbeing with us, live with us one day, some (but not all) like the idea of being married too.

this is exactly why women are only interested in fb when you approach them with that idea.

no one wants to be involved with a commitment phobic.

ninah - rofl at taking 20 threads. but yes as janos shows there has been a fair few messing us around too haven't there

sm - most of the women on this thread are in the financial sector.... the saying about people in that department being boring have certainly been wrong.

and if you run out of clothes just greet him at your door in ur best saucy underwear wink <disclaimer: i have of course never done this[adjust halo]blush>

betty - how you doing with the weight of that crown?whats happening with you datewise.

ninah - i took his 2 categories thing to be a joke, not that dad2 was looking at men...

makes me think? do any of you lot look at other women?.. got to admit this is something i have NEVER done? it's a bit like going to a pub and checking out all other people of same sex to see how you compare isn't it? or is it just a nosiness thing?

well... as for me. my lovely neighbour next door has offered to take my kids pretty much all of next 2 days so i can revise like crazy.

motorola - he's really nice. very easy to eye..... but.... there's still the odd time i really just want to poke him in the eye he anoys me with odd thing. but i am smiling sweetly and keeping my trap shut.

still not smoking (see above eye poking comment)

contemplating a major bender with irish after my exam blush... he's off all week before starts his new job! tell me not to girls.!! and i've been a complete angel staying in studying for this exam.

forces is still trying to get in my good books hmm.. trying to get me to agree to go to zoo with him next time he's here hmm ... i know i should say no... but i really do like the zoo blush.. and not been in ages.

dad2 - oh btw, def not a minger... i see there's a fit thread queue forming for a gander at you dating site profile wink

oh and who was it wanted to go snowboarding in bulgaria with me where it's supposed to be cheap but good facilities?.. i think it was passmyglass.. who has her email. i am thinking about booking up. even if cant get any of the girls i was going to just go myself... if she still fancies it(or anyone else).. how about we organise it and do it sometime before next spring if we can match up dates to meet over there and have some company to do it?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 10:17:15

Dad2 - I'm very shy. They'll all tell you on here. blush

monty - i nearly choked on an orange reading that grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 10:32:22

Choked on an Orange like Michael Hutchence did?

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 10:47:52

can i join you ladies? am back in the world of dating again. made a few mistakes along the way and could really use your advice.

i have a terrible habit of going for the bad boy bastard type. and am trying to rectify this.

Am on a dating site. guy one seems nice, though he sends lots and lots of messages. he has my mobile number from last year when i was on there and texts me lots a day. sometimes i reply. sometimes not.i find it a bit much. but i dont know if its because i have poor judgement and should give him a chance and be pleased he is interested in me. Also he seems very pesamistic.. hes always moaning or something is wrong and he calls me hun. and i hate that.

guy two seems really nice. we have sent a few messages. hes given me his number and i text and he replied a few hours later. i have not replied as yet. i do like him and we seem to have a lot in common though he has not asked me out yet.

what do i do?

hey juice great idea about snowboarding next year, I might just be ready for it then, have now not been for 2 years sad

send me a message on face book and we can arrange things from there.

I loved Michael Hutchence, was so sad when he popped his cloggs

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 10:55:14

oh and guy one keeps hastling me to come to this event thing with me which is next weekend. even though he has not met me. no way would i take him as my date. and if i dont reply to him he texts ' what have i done wrong' or ' sorry to upset you' which annoys me.

in fact he just annoys me. but my nice man radar is so out i dont know.

oneorboth - few of us suffer the bad boy attraction.... its not the easiest thing to fix. takes a bit of effort i have to admit.

as for your fellas - i'd say perhaps go on date with first just so you know. but i have a feeling you wont be bowled over. but you never know. it's all about getting out there and meeting someone for a coffee and finding out about them... just meeting someone new for a chat.. your not looking to meet love of your life on first date...got to admit though.. the pessimism would put me right off and not bother going. moaning folk are pita.

guy 2 - if you want to reply , just do it. i cant stand games and arsing about to reply.. but some of others on here play by different rules. tbh... as yet.. i still cant see a pattern of either working better. seems to get same result in end. up to you which you choose to do.

pass - oooh fab. i'll email you and see what we can sort. anyone else fancying it send me or pmg an email/fb

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 12:05:26

i find the pesamisticness a right turn off. espcially moaning the whole time to someone who you havent even met! the whole woe is me, im so hard done by thing is not nice and im not liking the constant texting/messages and it just feels really needy. god knows what he would be like when we have met.
and he just constantly says ' your amazing' 'your beautiful' etc... etc... and i find it a bit full on and dont like it really.
my alarm bells are ringing, but then i do have terrible taste in men so i dont know if its beacause of that, or beacuse this guy is an nutter

have texted guy 2. seeing as we have now swapped numbers, is it likely he will ask me out do you think? what sort of timescale?
i like him.

oneor - pessimistic guy doesn't even sound like he would be a fun date.if your alarm bells are ringing then trust them. dont meet him.

guy 2 - em.. can be anything from a few texts to a few weeks. good chance he will ask you out if swapped numbers and he likes your chat smile

good luck.

but remmebr as one of our lovely ladies said many threads ago... act like the buyer.. not the seller.

is also about whether or not you WANT to go on a date with guy 2. you may find after a few texts he doesn't float your boat and you dont ant to meet him smile

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 12:17:34

i find the pesamisticness a right turn off. espcially moaning the whole time to someone who you havent even met! the whole woe is me, im so hard done by thing is not nice and im not liking the constant texting/messages and it just feels really needy. god knows what he would be like when we have met.
and he just constantly says ' your amazing' 'your beautiful' etc... etc... and i find it a bit full on and dont like it really.
my alarm bells are ringing, but then i do have terrible taste in men so i dont know if its beacause of that, or beacuse this guy is an nutter

have texted guy 2. seeing as we have now swapped numbers, is it likely he will ask me out do you think? what sort of timescale?
i like him.

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 13:26:41

ooohh. hes texted back. something witty and then asked how my day was.

thats good isnt it?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 13:40:21

Juice - lol at choking on orange. Is your studying finished after Friday for a while??

Dad2 - Wasn't it that silly MP (whose name I've forgotten) that choked on an orange?

<waves at PMG>

Hi to Oneorboth.

<goes back to work>

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 13:51:45

You're right Monty - Steven Milligan. It's an inventive new way to get one of your 5 a day though don't you think?

its break for the acca exams. got 2 more of them but they are both in october.confused... just got another 4(i think) papers due in between now and september though from ou.

no rest for the wicked

oneo- we like witty on this thread wink

my orange munching is a replacement to cigarette smoking today.

<gets books out again>

i instantly picture that mp who was dating a cheeky girl everytime someone tries to describe an mp as "silly"blush

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 15:02:45

Juice - some respite then. Yes, there's many 'silly' MP's to choose from. The one you're talking about even has a silly name grin. Can't think of that either <useless with names>.

Dad2 - I prefer a chocolate orange myself.

<goes back to work again>

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 15:14:53

OK so my role here is to remember silly MP's names? Lembit Opik this time. Someone needs to ram an orange, chocolate or otherwise, into his smug, self satisfied mouth.

thats the one... i always thimk his name is limpit biscuit hmm... no idea where that comes from?

hey dad2 - which site are you on? on how to you find it for your area? we notice there's no one site is good to all parts of uk... interesting to see if this is same when your searching for a female?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 15:41:26

Hi all, I'll never understand men. Older bloke texted me earlier, doesn't want to meet tomorrow, wants to call it a day. I kinda know where he's coming from to be honest, although he was a nice guy and it was nice to be wined and dined I never thought phoar. Still a bit p'd off though

<puts back on her dating shoes>

Hey dad2 wanna hook up!! - I'm in the midlands and definitely not after a fb!!!!

At least I won't be hassling you all for recipes!

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 17:18:41

juicy I totally agree with you re fb/spouse, no one wants to be a stop gap
Marriage talk would make me run a mile but on the other hand why build up a relationship that no one has even an intention of lasting - not fair on dc for a start
tricky balance really
i guess when you meet someone you really like none of this matters
and yes i checked out the other women in my age bracket locally blush
one was from school gate! but I never liked to bring it up somehow lol
sm1 what a pity, hope you are oK? you sound OK actually, I would expect you to be more upset .. which is good, cos it means it wasn't right
at least you know it wasn't your cooking ...

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 17:20:18

there you are dad2c
been on this site 5 mins and propositioned already

sm - make it clear on you profile... cant cook, but has nice shoeswink.. ac tually.. no. dont. you will get all the foot fetish weirdos'

ninah - hope it wasn't one of the married ones who come round to view the house of the local single mum when they come for coffee?wink

phew dad2 - you sure are going to have a lot of dates just from this thread. lol. nice orderly queue ladies

betty - best send the crown to dad2 next. he seems to need it.

and i agree sm01 you are sounding upbeat... forgive me if i'm all muddled... was your the bloke who took weeks to make a move on you other than a kiss?

but you are right. you had some dates. built up some confidence as you dip you toe back in dating pool. enjoyed yourself. thats what is important.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 17:53:26

No, it wasn't she was actually single lol
Since I moved in 3 years ago the numbers have swelled there are 3 or 4 of us now
Next thing will be a petition to get me out for subverting the local womanhood

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 17:54:24

i dont really think i should meet guy 1. i just thought that maybe i should give him a chance.
i spoke to him online about 8 or so months ago when i was last single. we chatted and he kept texting so i just blocked him and stopped replying. He kept asking where i worked and then told me he had been dreaming about me and i just found it creepy.

but then second i joined up again he found me and i felt a bit bad about last time. he did ask me why i had disappeared when he had put in so much groudwork.... hmm

think i might ask for opion on the relastionship board too..... see what af etal think?

if guy 2 asks me, i would.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 17:54:45

Like a virus us lone ps, move in, breed, take their jobs lol
next thing you know there won't be a Married face on the street

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 17:58:07

one/both you are a buyer not a seller remember
don't invest so much time energy in feeling sorry for random losers just cos they're polite to you
think what YOU want
if you like guy 2 date him and keep an open mind
you're not going to marry them
and you need to use your own judgement in the end whatever random internet strangers tell you - it's your life! (and you only get one cliche etc )

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 19:24:54

SM01 - Hmph. Oh well, like you say, dating boots back on.

Oneorboth - he sounds creepy.

Juice - can you trust yourself with Irish??

<Waves at everyone else>

I'm mning working from home tomorrow as ds' school is shutting due to the eidjeoejlkdsfj volcano thingy grin.

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 19:35:09

Hi all

hope everyone has had a good day.

How's the studying juice? I'm giving in module 3 of 4 tomorrow - one more to go thank god and that's me finished - well one more essay and two more teaching observations - and possibly an Ofsted observation (and in which case I will shoot myself).

Oh, and nearly forgot, date with bluebeard on Friday ... if neither of us cancel first.

Yeah, go on d2c, show us your profile, I dare you ...

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 19:37:14

kdk is course as hard as they say?
are you on one year or two years? cos I am thinking of starting once dd settled at school

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 19:59:35

Kdk - he's scared backed off lol grin. You must not cancel your date! We're all waiting with baited breath for the aftermath lol.

Ninah - you going to work and study?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 20:08:58

Ninah - I'm okay, like I said a bit upset, but think I was liking being in a relationship iyswim. Its crap being dumped though.

Juice - yes it was the one who was slow off the mark. To be honest I was a bit confused about a few things, never paid me a compliment all the time we were seeing each other or said how he was feeling, but kinda thought he was more inexperienced than me and wasn't sure how to act. Anyway, it was a mostly positive experience that hasn't put me off.

Anyway back to pof to see what's happening. Can anyone recommend any other good sites for the midlands?

Dad2 - I was only joking, hope I haven't scared you off the thread!

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 20:09:59

Gone to sharpen his axe more like
will regret jokes like this if you end up smitten kdk
ah, vicarious dating, better than the real thing
monty I have done some childcare quals while working but think better off pgce in long term, which would mean a year at college full time
I am just debating when to start, as right now i just have my head above water financially and is such a relief
but this is relatively poorly paid and to do it long term without professional quals the prospects are more limited
I actually love what I do but thinking long term, would be nice to be able to --spend more on ebay-- do more for dc

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 20:12:14

good for you sm
I have only used match but there were some nice men in our neck of the woods on single with kids last time I window shopped

oneorboth Wed 21-Apr-10 20:16:01

singlemum. yeah ok cupid is ok but ignore anyone called gothic form. he is a lot of a liar.

anyway. posted on relationships board. am not going to see that guy one. everyone is saying i need to tell him why. but i dont tihnk they have done online dating. i have literally swapped a few emails with this guy and he has texted me a lot. do i really need to tell him do you think?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 20:16:46

Ninah - you should do it. Once you have a job you can pull yourself back up.

SM - he prob knew he didn't 'float your boat'.

lou33 Wed 21-Apr-10 20:18:21

thats disappointing news sm01, sorry to hear it, but dont give up

i am absolutely shatterd tonight, i think i have overdone the activity wrt my op on monday

early night i reckon

mechanic has totally revamped the paved bit of my garden, looks twice as big now, and all fixed up

plus i got to watch him single handedly shift the shed to another part of the garden to open up space, then start sawing and drilling things

<swoons at the muscley arms>


ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 20:23:32

one what you should NOT do is dither
you blocked him 8 months ago
leave him blocked this time, and don't feel obliged to spend time on anyone you don't actually like again
fwiw I had a really polite refusal when I started dating again, along the lines of thanks very much but you are not really what I'm looking for. Great, I knew where I was -a lot better than being messed around by someone half hearted
think most of the advice you got v sensible
monty I definitely will it's just when (terror emoticon) but I will do it

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 20:39:41

ninah - a pgce is hard work - you can do the course (well, mine anyway) either as two-year pre-service or one-year in-service. I'm now in second year having done it pre-service but teach three hours a week.

Trying to study, work and cope as a single parent with young kids, is, not to sugar coat it, bloody difficult, especially if, like me, you've not studied/written essays for several million years BUT I have enjoyed most of it/met some great people and really enjoy the teaching.

My PGCE is to teach in the post-compulsory sector and I'm specialising as an adult literacy tutor - sadly there are very few jobs around at the moment so I'm hoping I haven't wasted my time - and money as I'm self-funded. If you want any more information/advice etc, just ask and I'll try to help if I can. What type of teaching are you hoping/interested in doing?

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 20:43:17

Oh Christ, am I going to regret this? I am on Match/DD as markw_68

Be gentle with me. Actually, on second thoughts....

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 20:56:48

hi all,

what's been going on here then?!?

I am SOH (unsuccessfully at the mo - well mob is at mums thou haven't looked today as of y'day about 3pm nada from farmer - so that's great!) not been in touch thou. have 2 others who want a date, but am reverting back to plan A - ie no dating/men/anything until after the summer - ooh apart form marine who I am trying to warm up - v v slowly tortoise slowly but ho hum - hate to see him leave the gym - but LOVE to see him walk away! hahaha.

so come on then fill me in what's been happening here then - before I go n have a look see.

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 20:57:15

Think its definitely wine o'clock! OMG think I may have sent a few too many messages! I don't know if I can start all over again

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:02:18

ahem dad2ch

<hello big wave> your match is looking good. not sure if it's needed to put solvent ont here thou - (I guess some women are bothered by that thou?!? hmm) is good thou. shame i'm not closer! <damn it must remember am off men!>

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:04:30

well thank you for that, seriously. Although obviously I am now going to demand to see yours.....

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:05:58

Belle - you've got to look at Dad2's profile on here. (And then go to the back of the queue) grin.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:06:32

thanks for that kdk
confirmed my thoughts really. My main fear is to give up my job go through all that college stuff - if I get in! - and then struggle to find a permanent post
we had a trainee who took at least a year to find a job and was doing supply (mind you she was fussy about where etc whereas I'd be up for most things)
At the moment I'm in preschool, my goal is to work with KS2, and I want to get it done in a year
but my job atm is at dc's school. Which is SOOO perfect. We can walk there. Etc etc. The course is def a long term rather than short term goal
dad2c you will get honest opinions, which is the great thing about mn

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:07:03

Lol x post Belle. (I said back of queue).

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:07:59

dad2 - think your profile is fine - only thing I might add is to say you're not after one-night stands/being a fb (that is, if that's what you don't want ...), think, juicy's right in some ways, it's better to be upfront about what you want/don't want. Only danger is it can start to be a very LONG list ... or maybe that's just me!

Also maybe describing yourself as "adventurous" might be giving the wrong impression?

Or I could be completely wrong (has been known on very rare occasion ...)

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:09:48

how do you add a picture to your profile??

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:09:56

kdk did you just wink at me on DD??? Wahey first one this week! Get your coat etc.....

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:12:57

god damn it you're moving too quickly here lol.

i'm munnzieb on there but the pics are soo soo old- infact i'll upload one in a bit (possibly of the wedding) ina frock.

so what's happening anyhow?

and yes dad - you are asking too much! it's what us women want but we're allowed to ask so much cos we is women.

<sorry monty as ya were lol>

Betty79 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:17:00

well I havent posted for a few days and I'm already lost lol!

dad2-seems like you have caused a stir on here, the ladies queing already lol maybe I shud pass you my crown!wink

sm01-sorry to hear about things with older bloke good for you for getting your dating shoes straight back on tho!

lou-glad your feeling ok after your op!

Hi to everyone else, cant really catch up with all of the posts am very tired and need to get an early night I think!

As for me I've still got a date with big goggles on friday night, looking foward to it, have been chatting all week and he's made me laugh so much this week so I'm sure it will be fun if nothing else!

Not arranged a date with boilerman, partly cos he's got his daughter at weekend, and is working away next week. and partly because I'm tired this week and feel a bit too tired to bother with dates with 2 men lol! Gonna see how it goes with goggles and go from there as to wether i do meet him.

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:17:41

Well you've seen mine now dad2! Sadly, think you're a bit too far away <sobs gently into only-slightly used hanky> but if you're ever down London way, I'm sure me and the rest of the London gang could show you a good time!

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:18:04

Belle - grin

Doh, its so long since I've been on there can't remember login etc so they'll be emailing it back to me.

<feels left out sad>

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:19:04

Hey! Kdk email that profile to me grin

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:19:17

And I have just been winked at by a 23-year-old - I despair. Ok dad2, I'm moving up to wherever, anything to avoid little boys who've been watching Cougar City or whatever it's called!

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:21:33

betty you get and keep that crown mrs! lots of dates hotting up for you.

lou - glad you're feeling well. & well done BF as well. i'm glad he's settled in well.

juicy - walk away from forces lol. you'll be fine on fri as well chick don't worry.

< waves KDK betty single mum >

off to look some more.

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:24:33

Why do I feel a bit like I'm in a freak show!?! And why do I like it so much!?!

<I'm sure me and the rest of the London gang could show you a good time!> Ahem. How big is the gang? It's been a while since I entertained a crowd blush

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:24:51

dad2C I would assume from the profile that you were interested in casual flings tbh
firstly there is the jokey bit about getting married next week but lower down you say when asked your views on 'marriage' not necessary
so the joke makes you seem a bit insincere
and looking for someone 'open-minded' this always has a murky tinge to me lol
I also think the photo that comes up on your main profile is not the best, you are v good looking and have better shots, you need the face to be central
I hate the way the first thing you say about yourself is 'solvent' screams dinner and a shag
Since you are looking for a friendship (as well as a shag) I hope these comments help
As i said before i very much doubt you'll be single long

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:26:01

oh god, they're off ...

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:29:54

Oh great Ninah, so I sound like someone willing to pay for a quick (but amazingly satisfying) shag? Thanks for being so up front!

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:33:28

hahaha cos you're the only bloke on a thread with a bunch of single mums! personally i'd say nutter but hey ho. and I agree with ninah tbh esp re the solvent thing - tbh that always puts me off with a bloke who writes that - mostly as I get the feeling that I then have something to prove.

planner is still trying... hmm... do I bother?
soldier is after a coffee when he comes home from an ex but well do I bother!?!?

hmm.... off to read some more.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:36:37

no no
but you did say a lot of the women you had contacted were the fb kind and you wanted something a bit more
solvent on a dating site would say to me 'I can buy you' which is offputting
these were the things that made me wonder if they weren't helping you find what you wanted

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:39:13

Yeah fair enough - I've just edited it (I just deleted solvent, I'm lazy). Am looking for a better photo. One thing my fem friend who's on match said about the blokes is that there is always photos of them with a car/expensive guitar/50 inch Plasma telly or other penis extension, is this true?

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:39:36

Who's off Ninah - am completely confused now - though admittedly these days it doesn't take that much to confuse me ...

And 23-year-old says he's looking for a woman aged 18 to 26 - well, wtf are you doing winking at an old bat like me then? He's obviously more confused than me ... that or he has trouble reading numbers.

Betty79 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:40:13

dad2-now u did ask the ladies to be honest lol! <betty wanders off for a mooch at dad2's profile> grin

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:40:47

kdk - when you say adult literacy do you mean college ages? i'm thinking of an english degree to teach 11-16 year olds - is that a similar thing to what you've been doing at all?

sm1 - sorry to hear that about older bloke. men are idiots. <no offense there dad2ch>

going on from what juicy said as well re mr/mrs right..

is there never an option of I don't want to be miss right, or miss right now, and would be lying to claim to want either. but can you not jsut plod along and bimble without actively thinking I MUST marry this person tomorrow cos they are the one? surely we al thought the partner we had kids with was the 'one' at one point?! hmm..

(added a pic of the wedding btw) off to read more again...

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:42:51

tis nice betty! lol.

kdk - well maybe he likes the older lady?

re the pic of blokes - I get off put but ones that have the following:

animals, cars, topless, semi clad. motorbikes. I like the ones who have a nice smile well dressed and nicely presented. (can't ya tell i'm a mother! lol)

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:43:08

I had an image of the thread sprinting after dad2c, kdk
Yes she is right dad2c
or it could be a really big fish

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:44:17

dad2, you do see photos of guys with penile-extension type cars - or at least near penile-extension cars - you also see guys with their tops off (bleugh usually), lying on their backs with their hands down their crotch (double bleugh and vomit) and holding fish (wtf!!!) ... just because other people do it, doesn't mean you have to!

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:44:47

dad2c - any more winks??!! ;)

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:45:13

Yes, a big fish, why didn't I think of that? It's an essential part of foreplay, a 3 foot long halibut

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:47:07

it's probably because you are a townee grin
the worst thing I ever ever saw on there was a guy who looked about a hundred boasting of 'no verandah over the toyshop'
it gave me nightmares

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:47:16

SingleMum01 - you wouldn't be Staffs by any chance??

Betty79 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:48:50

ha ha any chance you've been sending some winks sm01!

I agree the pics of cars, tops of, lying on a bed with top off (yak) cant say ive seen any of big fish tho.....yet!

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:49:28

x-post with ninah re fish/cars/beds etc - tacksville.

and belle, think 11-16 would come under secondary ed. A friend of mine did the pgce in secondary ed specialising in English lang/lit. She's now working full-time in a sixth-form college - enjoys the teaching but finds the marking/bureaucracy a nightmare. Think these days you need to be qualified to teach eg need a teaching qualification as well as an initial degree if that makes sense? Have you looked at the tda webside - there are quite a few golden hellos/bursaries available. Where are you thinking of studying?

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:49:43

The worst thing women do in dating profiles is make references to either Bridget Jones, anything on daytime TV, or have photos of themselves in their wedding dresses. You'd be amazed how many of those there are

Betty79 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:50:37

wedding dresses??? really!confused

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:51:20

OMG - Dad2 am I one of those???!!! And yes I'm in Staffs wink lol!

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:51:28

noooo - in their wedding dresses?!

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:52:12

Well, I'd have grown a beard by the time Kdk sent me that profile grin grin.

Anyway, I've been in DD now.

Dad2 - it's really strange, I don't know whether the others would agree, but your main picture is NOT the one I would have used, I would have used any of the others first. Strange isn't it how we see ourselves.

Ninah - you're talking lots of sense there.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:52:33

catch corrie the other night sm1? grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:52:38

Yeah there's loads with wedding pics. I mean, even if you ignore the wrongness of it, there's the fact that it's hardly going to be a recent photo is it? Unless they're looking for someone to help spice up the honeymoon?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:53:26

shock Wedding Dresses?? confused

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:53:43

honest you're getting us going on that front?

I had a chap email me on smooch who was 43 gummy and had a HUGE fish saying hi you look nice can we chat - I v v nearly wrote back erm.... HELLO! btu thought that was mean so didn't.

kdk - will be here in portsmouth, it's either english or maths. the 3 years for the degree then the PGCE btu I deffo want to do 11-16 y/o's.

Janos Wed 21-Apr-10 21:55:03

God how fast does this thread move?

lou - make sure to rest up.

Dad2, sure you'll be sorted in no time, hope you enjoy getting there meanwhile.

Can I ask, re wedding dresses....why on earth...?

And may I just mentioned how fecking much I hate the word cougar. It just icks me out.

As for holding fish. Again, why..?

People are strange....

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:55:32

maybe they are NEW wedding dresses? how v v bizarre

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:55:45

Damn, and the ex stole all of our wedding photos - maybe I could get him to scan one and email it to me and then put it on my profile? Could hardly make me do any worse than I do already - and might scare some of the weirder elements off!

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:56:24

actually I quite like cougar

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 21:56:27

have you been watching the show janos - couger town? it's quite funny - plus the neighbour is hot lol.

thread is v fast at the mo.

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 21:56:37

Nooo,, sm01, you're not one of those. You're just seriously cute. Alas, I don't own a suit x

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 21:57:55

kdk you shoudl photoshop ex out REALLY badly so it's obvious someone used to be there
many photos like this two, on hol with the wife and you just get him in his Hawaiians

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:00:21

Hey, I've just had a wink

Aw thanks, dad2, smart jacket will do x

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:01:06

Now I want to see sm01 - or ms seriously cute! I see romance ... let's all go and buy hats! Or are we still doing fascinators?

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 22:02:31

smile it must be spring
dad2c 'I don't own a suit' would be quite good on profile?
night all
sweet dreams ...

Betty79 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:02:34

oooh I agree with kdk I think I see romance too wink

Janos Wed 21-Apr-10 22:03:02

LOL @ belle & nina

No I haven't seen it...is that the new one with Courtney Loves-Cox? (Sorry, old Kath and Kim joke there, couldn't resist )

I think its also partially to do with my ex who was into older women.

The twat.

As you were

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 22:03:27

yup am with kdk as well.

i'll go with a hat I think - nout worse than peacocks in hairs.

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 22:03:43

sometimes I feel like Cilla, kdk
come back and tell us all about it? grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:04:53

Oh I've got plenty of jackets. The trousers normally get worn once, to a wedding or whatever, soaked in Guiness/Champagne/Miscellaneous other stains that show up bright blue under that light they use on CSI.....

ninah Wed 21-Apr-10 22:05:01

yuck janos, I can see why now

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 22:06:40

yeah it is quite funny - but as I say the neighbour is hot so worth an oggle of his butt as well.

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:07:01

Ninah - corrie???

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:07:59

Dad2 - jackets and jeans are fine

Seriously concerned about the 'other' stains!!

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:10:12

Not as concerned as I was...the best man couldn't look me in the eye the following day either. Hmmmm

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:12:15

Ah, but which eye - ooh I should stop it now!

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:13:24

OMG - someones just sent me a message complimenting me on my fresh complexion confused

Is anyone else here or have you all gone to bed?

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 22:14:37

i'm here but ahem, leaving you 2 to it. lol.

also giving planner tips as well on how to make a lady feel special - wonder if he'll actually be paying attention.... hmm

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:15:28

It's just you and me I think. Although there's always the risk we may be watched. Kind of like a really lazy version of dogging?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:15:32

Night belle

kdk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:16:15

think we're all doing the mn equivalent of sneaking out quietly and trying not to bang the door on our way out!

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 22:17:57

lol. well I say i've never been told about MN 'dogging' made me chuckle thou.

oh bit like the iceland jokes as well. but well gonna join KDK I think n let the door go b4 I fall asleep in the corner.

ho hum. mustn't contact farmer - must stay strong.

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:20:12

Hi there I'm back, although feeling like a bit of gooseberry lol.

Dad2 - how come you found mn?? <nosey emoticon>

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:22:13

I had/have a very specific problem, and someone suggested posting on here, and I have to say it has been so helpful, just to get some independent mom's POV on things. The post is in lone parents 'Should my son see his Mom?'

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:22:41

Monty, by the way, would you mind holding the camcorder?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:26:29

Belle - stay away from the phone.

Dad2 - dogging and camcorder - behave yourself!

thesouthsbelle Wed 21-Apr-10 22:29:36

it's at my mums house. really CBA with it all.

ho hum... think marine - the safe option no chance lol.

< cam corder - you're deffo on your own there sm!>

....... turns down the lights slightly, leaves the bottle of wine on the side & puts some soft music on - as you were you 2. !...

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:29:43

I'm only kidding. I can borrow a tripod ;)

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:30:13

Ooer - blush

SM - if you'll pardon the pun, I think you might have your hands full there grin.

I'm off to see the other thread, but I've got eyes in the back of my head you two ok!! grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:32:04

sm can you receive emails on DD?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:33:07

Dad2 - pass the glass then and behave!

Monty - yes mum!

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:33:34

DD - is that Dating Direct?

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:37:13

Yeah, its the same as Match - they've merged!

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:39:36

I don't know, I'm on it, but not subscribed, so can I?

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:40:56

Hmmmm doubt it? What's the crack on here as regards giving out personal email addys for M S N?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:41:39

Are you on messenger?

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:43:41

its up to you if you want to give it out? I don't post mine.

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:44:16

Dad2 - we spell it out but leaving blanks so can't be googled if you know what I mean, or disguise it in some way.

Looked at your other thread. Wow. Terrible situation. sad

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 22:44:28


SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 22:49:55

Dad2 - sent you an invite

oh damn.. can i see dad2 profile without signing up.

i'm all deleted from sites for motorola angry grin

monty - can i behave with irish.. em.. depends.. if i dont remember it then it doesn't count. .. and this is irish.. who i've lost whole wkds with blush.

belle - forces... hmm... let me say i've spent full day pissing myself laughing at texts from him.. whereas everyone motorola send me makes me want to poke him in eye stilll... (wonder if it is the fact she's stopped smoking is causing me to be annoyed)

revision is getting there i think ladies. one more day before i have to go sit it.

belle - no contacting farmer [wags stern finger]

kdk - you have to go see bluebeard so you can report back on the story behind his hareem of exwives

dad2 - i vote you have to be the first man whose joined this thread who actually manages to stay on it... you seem brave enough, i bet you could. we need a male opinion who has the knackers to stomach our tales.

oneor - oh btw... any potential dates need a nickname or it gets too confusing. pick something easily identifiable. i think your guy one should me mr pessimism(block him btw. no excuse needed, you hadn't arranged anything and owe him nothing) and number 2 needs something?... what can you think of?

hatesponge Wed 21-Apr-10 22:59:31

.....a new thread! found you all, just marking place as not much to say on the dating front, alas.

Issues again with the Ex unfortunately. Today he has taken a load of furniture out of the house, the boys now have no wardrobes or drawers & all their clothes are in piles on the floor oh, and said he will report me to social services for letting DS1 take DS2 to the childminders before school hmm Am so on the verge of crying big fat tears about it all but as Ex is still here I can't give him the satisfaction. No wonder I can't meet anyone with all this going on.............

dad2 - click on the little report button where you have posted your msn and ask mn HQ to delete just the post with your addy smile.

sponge - janos has a pile of large boots we gave her at start of thread for her bf(now ex) she found out was a cheating lying arse unfaithful

use them wisely to reshape ex arsehole

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 23:04:14

Thanks for the advice re deleting the post: Having trouble getting on MSN sm - am on a Mac at the moment it doesn't like MSN...will get you on MSN tomorrow if you're around?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:05:29

Sponge - WTF??? angry

Has he gone to live somewhere else? OMFG!! What a complete and utter nob.

Juice - Hi

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:05:42

hatesponge - hang in there x

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:12:05

Dad2 - okay no probs should be around

oooh dad2 and sm have an msn date tomorrow

<hands monty the popcorn and a magazine full of fascinator pictures>

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 23:17:58

Sweet Baby Jesus and the orphans....it's all very innocent you know. Mind you she is super fit

hatesponge Wed 21-Apr-10 23:21:48

thank you all

juice - am liking the idea of pile of boots!

Monty - no, he's still here atm worse luck. He is moving out - I'll believe it when it happens - but he hasnt put stuff into new place, no that would be far too normal, he's put it into storage shock I now have nowhere to put the boys clothes just so he can prove a point. Nasty, nasty man angry

Going to bed now. will be dreaming of applying aformentioned boots forcefully in direction of Ex's backside.....

dad2 - yes.. we know.. we're all fb linked. that way we can perve at dates pics when they become fb friends with a new fella send email easily.

see... now we can picture you and smo1 on a date.. as have seen both your pics. rofl.grin

actually.. wait a min.. do i have you sm01? or am i confusing you with mrsm i added recently??? are you blonde?

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:24:22

Juice - lol. Watching this space. Can't wait til ASBM and other poll up. Will be a hoot grin.

SM - lol

Dad2 - lol

Wish I had something more sensible to say. grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 23:24:25

That's a bit wrong. That's only one step away from Photoshopping our heads onto porno pics. Which I've already done, if anyone wants a copy

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:25:10

Juice - put the popcorn away (for now)!

Dad2 - why thank you

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:28:18

Juice - yes you've fb me and yes I'm blonde.

Dad2 - I've already told you, now behave and put those photos away

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:29:18

Juice - I'm confused too. have just messaged you.
SM - is your photo the eye? <goes to fb sm lol>

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:31:54

Monty - yes the eyes have it!

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:38:05

SM - ooooooooooo they do they do. grin

Where's Sponge gone?? <worries>

she's away getting the boots ongrin

Monty100 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:40:39

Juice - ROFL grin

dad2chchalk Wed 21-Apr-10 23:41:04

So invite me to your FB SM??

SingleMum01 Wed 21-Apr-10 23:42:02

Night night all, must get some zzzz's. Speak in the morrow x

dad2 - i think sm ran away.. perhaps came on a bit strong wink

lol... i'm sure she'll be back tomorrowgrin

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 00:12:48

We all will. lol

And it's nearly Friday. grin

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 07:45:28

<yawns.... morning all>

boy's been on a brownie fix this am - fudge and him don't mix well lol.

sm - don't spoil our fun lol. you know how we like to watch a good show!

hate - what exactly is going on in that ex's head of yours? when exactly will these stupid ex's realise the only ones they're hurting is the kids - it's not about points scoring from us (althou apparently it is) it's about what's best for the kids!!! idiot men.

juicy - ooh I feel a thawing out towards forces? maybe motorola was just a rebound thing then?

oh agree that's way we're all linked on FB as well - a subtle hint about the chap's name and then we get the verdict - also linked on MSN as well for some of us lol.

monty, betty, lou, et all - big waves to everyone, off for yet another JOYOUS day in the office - dear god I hope to pass this assessment next week.

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 07:48:03

er - also quick question, am trying (v subalty, and v v slowly working fingers crossed) to befriend marine more n more, at what point does one ask out on a date, or give number, or something like that?!?

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 09:07:44

morning Belle (and anyone else who is around), how long have you been chatting to marine?

Dad2 - told you I'm not after a FB!!

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 09:47:22

Morning - FB as in FaceBook! Sorry, too many acronyms for me to cope with x Can you send the msn invite again?

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 10:10:57

Dad2 - have tried again

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 11:05:31

Still nothing! Can you email me and then I will try it the other way round? x

sm and dad2 - have you still not hooked up yet on chat/msn <shoves them>

belle - mmmm. personally from what you have told me. i would say leave marine to do the running.i'd advise dont ask him on date. let him ask you. but make sure to let him know when you have next dc free time when your having a convo at gym.

suppose i was thawing a little to forces. but then came to my senses in the early hours of them morning when i was revising and he'd been trying his damndest all day to get in good books and told him to back off as he wasn't being fair

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 11:55:59

I'm still waiting (woah oh uh ohhhhh)

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 12:02:04

<shoves the other way with juicy lol.>

sm - erm.. have known him for about 18 months ish but only really to talk to since xmas and more so since prob end of Jan ish, more so over the last 2 months or so.

Juicy - think that's the way forward as well - kid gloves are to be needed with him, but well tbh - he's the one where the biggest soft spot lays - even after meeting farmer etc. which again brings me to the point of how d'ya drop it into the convo about being boyless? - usually there's a group & lots of laughing. god i'm so crap at RL dating/talking etc. give me online any time of the day. he's getting a bit touchy feely thou - that's good right?

ref forces - he should back off and respect your choice there chick. have you heard from him today?

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 12:04:08

morning all<waves>
what a shock for you and what a nasty piece of work she sounds,ping me on msn if you fancy a moan
lou glad to hear that you're back on the mendsmile
kdk and betty all the best with tomorrow's dates!!
AND i have a few days away from this thread and look what happens....sm01 and d2cgrin
looks like it's all going on up here in the midlands...!!

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:04:49

blimey this has sped along with an injection of testosterone grin

i slept like the dead last night, just about managed to get up for the school run and fell asleep again until about half an hour ago! i think the rushing about definitely caught up with me

or maybe it was my nod to exercising by being persuaded into getting these yesterday

it's about as much as i am prepared to do fitness wise

aside from that i have no news

boring now me wink

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 12:05:54

juice i think that forces is way out of order too esp after the shoddy way he behaved

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 12:07:51

nowt wrong with being boring lou
i think you and i are both quite content to have it this way nowadayssmile

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 12:15:08

Where's sm gone? I'm kinda pining here

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:16:34

Dad2 - what's going on?? Messaged you, didn't you get it?

Belle - is marine through RL or site?

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:28:59

asbm, i even said out loud today that i was contemplating doing some ironing

i havent done it for about 7 yrs

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 12:30:09

No idea!? Received nothing - just send me a good old fashioned email to mark at mark hyphen wasley dot co dot uk x

elastamum Thu 22-Apr-10 12:30:49

Hi All,

Have been lurking on here for a while, can I join in?

Have just started dating again and am on GSM. I am a bit of a newby to this having been married for 10 years and got divorced last year. Have had a few dates but find it all a bit stressful TBH as no idea what the 'rules' of dating are anymore!

Met nice bloke last week who seemed keen and said he wanted to go out again and would be in touch but heard nothing, at what point do you all just give up and move on??!! grin

dad2chchalk Thu 22-Apr-10 12:31:38

Scrub that, just found it in my junk mail (don't take it personally x)

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:43:36

hi elasta

i dont think there are any rules really aside from only do what you feel comfortable with

wrt this guy, is it worth contacting him or are you not that fussed?

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 12:45:31

lol lou am imagining you in your cath kidston pinny nowgrin
hi elastamum!tbh if you've heard nothing by tonight i'd just move onto the next one..never accept last min dates imho..men need to know that elastamum has a life!!grin

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:47:32

Welcome elastamum - what is GSM? This dating thing is bloody hard isn't it!

When did you see your nice bloke?

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 12:57:16

this is more me

(actually i am wondering if i should get it lol)

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 13:03:50

meant to ask you,did bf manage to get hold of rod stewart tickets for you?
dp failed miserably with stereophonics ticketssad

elastamum... anymore than 3 days without contact i'd move on too. unless he reappears with a genuine excuse and promise of wineing and dining for his bfs(broken finger syndrome)

lou hmm ironing <shudders> ... i hate it. but has to be done.

belle - no haven't heard from him today, but he went "bush" early hours of this morning grin.. that'll make sense to you. so not he'll struggle for phone for a few days minimum.

asbm - yes. shoddy. but the other not so shoddy behaviour he has shown previous, kind of causes me to be confused

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 13:18:56

juicy but where does this leave motorola?

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 13:33:21

ninah do you still have the same email addie?smile

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 13:52:51

haha asbm, funnily enough he was reminded of that the other day, when he finally admitted he doesnt actually like the bloke, just thought it would make me like him more by offering grin

just as well it worked and he has other talents aside from ticket buying eh lol

elastamum Thu 22-Apr-10 13:55:08

Hi All thanks for the advice. Am on Gaurdian website. He is very nice but also out of the country a lot on business. We have been chatting on and off for about 3-4 weeks and finally managed to meet on Sunday when we found a day we were both around and I didnt have the kids in tow - I have also been away quite a bit. He did send me a nice follow up text, saying he wanted to meet again, but I do think if he really means it he would act on it. He hasnt got any kids and I wonder if he is looking for someone a bit more unattached than me. I know he isnt out of the country this week as no planes! what do you think? hmm

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 14:18:21

did you reply to him when he said he would like to see you again?
maybe he is waiting for you to say ok so he or you can say when?

elastamum Thu 22-Apr-10 14:20:16

No, he said he would be in touch to arrange to meet again but I havent heard from him so I havent replied

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 14:27:30

maybe he thinks your lack of reply meant you werent interested in seeing him again, so hasnt bothered?

why not text him to say hello if you want to remain in touch?

elastamum Thu 22-Apr-10 14:30:28

Will do, thanks for your advice

if you never replied to his text after he said he wanted to see you again i would also say he thinks your not interested. a "hi" wont go amiss to find out either way.

asbm - motorola.. dunno. he's making me cheesecake to bring over this wkd that agrees with my daft diet. but there's the odd wee thing i'm getting warning flags about. cant decide if i'm imagining them though.

the one thats really getting to me is his approval of white lies. i prefer down right honesty. on everything.

for example. he made scones other day. gave me ones his mum made. then when his mum snitched on him. he gave me one of his ones???

suppose its handy atm to scratch an itch. but keeping him at arms length till i see if he keeps doing it. i made it very clear i was not impressed by the deception.

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 16:17:17

juicy - yeah I know, expect silence or really odd random texts now till he's back i'd say one a day and you're doing well tbh. re motorola - you know what we say - red flags - pay attention they're there for a reason. I also hate even white lies you need to know the guy you're seeing is up front with ya I think - is it a fundamental issue for you? if it is tell him to jog on.

lou - nout wrong with boring btw, however rod stewart - erm.... yup ok lol.

elast - yeah agreed hi and welcome drop him a friendly text?

sm - marine is RL (my gym instructor as well) partly why i've been reluctant before now as I really love his classes & the class in general even when he's not there so didn't want to make a tit of myself & then not be able to go as he teaches at all the local gyms as well doing that class. he's on my FB thou if you want a look - think something sweet n sickly.

so anyhow have we all brought our summer wardrobes yet then or not? i'm off out on weds to buy some new gear - what's hot this year then and what's not?

<still not got phone either - not gonna till tomorrow - WILL stay strong!>

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 16:17:43

oh and sm/dad1ch you 2 got your act together yet?!?

mrsmharket Thu 22-Apr-10 16:34:20

ach i'm lost can't find anythign grin

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 16:45:30

maybe he did the thing with the scones as he's a pleaser iyswim and he's out of touch with relationships/dating etc?
but if it's an ongoing thing then it'd be a red flag for me too
lou lol @ bf offering you tickets to weedle his way into your good books.i reckon it'll be a top gig and he'll enjoy it, tho tbh i prefer his earlier stuff,but hey the man is a lege and a true entertainersmile
<waves to mrs m>
belle def wait for marine to ask..can you imagine how toe curlingly embarrassing it would be if he turned you down?

mrsmharket Thu 22-Apr-10 16:45:34

hi janos have seen you on another thread i think smile

<mrsmh goes off to find a notepad>

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 16:53:18

i like the early stuff too, but it doesnt matter either way because we dont have any tickets grin

i make him suffer the threat of playing it in the car now heh

elastamum Thu 22-Apr-10 16:55:18

Ok all, have sent him a text, now will just wait an see...........

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 16:57:20

well done, at least you will know one way or another now

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 17:00:02

oh btw, can you guys who are on my fb compliment me on the pics of my lovely tidier back garden please grin

asbm - yeah. he does do and say things alot just to please. he's a good bloke. just not sure if its right for me.

elast - any reply yet?

lou - how you feeling today?

belle - yes ist is fundamental to me. tell truth or say nothing is my motto.

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 17:13:51

juice i feel 100% shattered

i think it is because i havent been in any pain and therefore carried on dashing about doing stuff (though nothing heavy duty, just busy), and as soon as i was ok to drive yesterday, did so all day, ignoring the tellings off from bf and pleas to relax

so i have done nothing but sleep and lie about today

luckily the house is not a mess (yet) and the kids can take the dog for a walk

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 17:39:24

Hi all

hope you're all okay on this lovely Thursday evening - and Lou take it easy!

Just thought I'd share my latest message from Guardian soulmates - read it and weep ... warning it is looooooooooong

"I hope you are well on this warm spring evening. I wanted to write to you to say that I found your profile to be truly intriguing, and it certainly stuck a chord..

To tell you a little about myself, I am a single, in my mid 30's and living in London,
In terms of my interests, they range from theatre, world travel, history, spirituality, and as well as cooking, current affairs, alternative lifestyles and many more...

I found myself wondered what you find you have been ideally seeking in a future relationship?
To anwser this question myself, I have hoped to meet a woman who is unconventional, open minded and non-conformist. The type of woman who would adore a caring meaningful unconventional relationship, where she wishes to enjoy her independence and remain a true free spirit.
Where such a woman loves life, and would wish to befriend a male could become her friend, loyal companion and partner who respects her need for her freedom on all levels, whilst nurturing and developing a caring special connection.

It would be lovely to learn more about you, and to hear your thoughts, as we do seem to share interests in common "

Anyone got any short and sharp answers???

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 17:40:43

sounds like he wants an open relationship to me

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 17:41:07

To make matters even worse he is a munter! Think that if bluebeard turns out, as I fear, to be a player/psycho/eejit, it is time for me to take a break from dating as it is starting to get on my wick again!

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 17:42:26

Belle - yes we chatted on msn earlier!

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 17:42:39

I wouldn't even want a closeted relationship with him!

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 17:44:23

tell him you think he sent the email to you by mistake

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 17:47:32

have to say I'm not sure what on earth has given him the impression that I would be interested in him or his 'caring special connection'.

tbh feel like telling him to go and pay a professional and leave other women alone!

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 17:52:40

sm - go you 2. lol.

kdk - agree with lou. I'd prob just block tbh (but then i'm shallow and block at the drop of a hat lol.)

juicy - tbh chick pleaser or not if it's a fundamental for you is there much point carrying on with it - to go down the forces route i'd say extreme caution but up to you.

elast - good luck.

lou - get those feet back up mrs!!!

blondie - yeah I know that's my thoughts lol. esp as it's quite a small tight class & the same faces each time. what's happening with you anyhow?

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 17:53:35

hahaha I dare ya to do that and tell us the reply.

just picked out an outfit as well for night 1 of butlins adult only w.e woohoo! YAY for hooters.

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 18:01:55

Belle - don't go buying your hat, it was only a chat!

Texted older bloke earlier to put my point of view and say I wouldn't text him again. Didn't think I'd hear again and thought that would be the last of it, he text later to say was in a meeting but would text this evening, probably to put his point of view I may need some hugs later

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 18:38:20

sure dad2 will oblige <kdk sniggers childishly and sings sm and dad2 sitting in a tree ...>

ok belle will do

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 18:42:07

message reads as follows

"I'm not sure why you contacted me - perhaps it was by mistake - as I fail to see anything in my profile that could lead you to think I would be interested in conducting some sort of no-strings relationship with you. I suggest that if that is the sort of 'relationship' you want, you seek out a professional woman who will at least benefit from being paid for her time and services."

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 18:43:46


aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 18:59:59

belle i'm good tasmile
nothing exciting to report,bit like lou really lol
sm01 do you and d2c live near each other then?
kdk tbh it sounds like one of those copy n paste jobs that many of these desperados send out hoping for a bit of a hit n run
loved your response thogrin

ninah Thu 22-Apr-10 19:11:03

kdk I was hoping you'd tell him you'd like to marry him and have a few more babies
or send him a wedding dress pic
to really put the wind up him
asbm addy is the same in fact i mailed you last night [smil]

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 19:15:55

asbm - sure it is - just wish they didn't all see the need to copy me in!

Am starting to think (again) that Lou and a couple of others have bagged the only decent guys out there and that the only blokes on dating sites are chancers, munters, married, psychos ... or if you are really lucky, a combination of all four!

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 19:20:18

see how do you know if/when they're not thou - cos i'm a sucker me n will believe any cock n bull story (within reason)

oneorboth Thu 22-Apr-10 19:22:50

this thread moves so fast. im sorry i dont know you all... hopefully i will get to know you.

guy 2, i shall nickname 'indie kid'. he plays guitar in a band and has longish hair and wears skinny jeans/cardigans and those scarf type things.

well, he has asked me out for a drink!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. he asked when i was free and i said next friday. Im really busy until then. Do you think thats too long to wait and is that ok?

and what on earth do i wear?

oneorboth Thu 22-Apr-10 19:28:45

am currently doing the ' i have a date' dance round my study

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 19:33:26

Oneor - well done you! smile

Kdk - lmao. But I think I missed the bit where he's looking for no strings, I think he meant with him. Anyway if he's a munter might as well just bin him off.

ASBM - will email this eve. smile

Lou - fgs can you just stay sitting down lol! I know you have today but you need a few days more I reckon.

Belle - giving Marine a virtual kick up the ass for not asking you out yet lol.

SM - sooooooooo, do you and dad2 have a date then?

Elasta - any news yet?

Juice - how's the studying going, nearly finished?

<waves to Ninah, Janos, and everybody>

Have been working at home today, and started cleaning my kitchen about 5.30pm. Sad git. Was so nice not having a commute.

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 19:43:08

one - well done you - go casual? jeans top boots? no not too long i don't think.

monty - but not literally!? lol. needs one thou. he's constantly moaning how it's harder to come home to an empty house or that all he wants is cinderella to fall in love with and so on & so on lol. - i'm like erm.... HELLLO!

(oh and not sad at all - but YAY! for no commute thou)

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 19:46:17

<waves back @ monty and ninah>
kdk think both lou and i kissed alot of frogs before we met our blokes...so yes it can be done,honestly lolgrin
ninah will go and have a nosey,keeps me off ebay..grin
monty what a crap way to spend a sunny evesad

kdk Thu 22-Apr-10 20:11:16

I am off to have a drink with some mums from school - mind you, am disappointed as is much colder out than I thought it would be, therefore nixing our plan of sitting outside drinking jug of Pimms!

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 20:13:11

asbm, only a hundred or so...each grin

i am trying really hard to not do anything, honestly, but it is hard to not feel guilty when my bf has turned up straight from work and started washing windows, scraping paint and is now hoovering...hmm

he only sat down to eat

i did make dinner though, and very nice (but easy) it was too

i conjured up a magical feast of leftovers and whatever was in the cupboard, so it was chicken risotto with veg in coconut and ginger, sprinkled with coriander and chilli seeds

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 20:16:12

Belle - is he flirting with you?

ASBM - but I was sitting at the open french doors all day doing my work. smile

Its funny, I'm more diligent when I work at home because I have to make sure I produce something lol. OK so I did get a couple of loads on the washing line etc too. I'm hoping this will give me a head start at the weekend see. Blimey, turning this into a good housekeeping thread now. hmm

aseriouslyblondemoment Thu 22-Apr-10 20:27:30

that's nice tho lou..about time that we had a fully involved bloke we're not divorcees for nothing are we?!grin
mont pmsl yeah we had this domestic drudgery convo last w/e,but you're right to get it all done
hope dcs get their bits ironed tho!!

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 20:27:43

Kdk - it has turned v chilly (don't forget your cardie lol). Am heading for a hot bubbly bath and pj's soon.

Lou - I have to say I'm impressed with these, are they new found, culinary skills? Your bf is a star.

I cooked meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta, it was very nice I have to say. Instead of sitting on a train this morning I knocked up a curry and had it bubbling in the slow cooker all day and I've frozen all that. <adjusts halo>

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 20:31:23

ASBM - you could do the domestic drudgery day in and day out and it still wouldn't be done I'm sure. Ho hum. Was certainly triple tasking today.

<sticks head up from studying>

asbm - whats the hmm at?.. go on.. be truthful with me.

i think i need you all to be very blunt with me.

am i thinking up daft excuses for dumping again?

i'll make you really really give me the hmm face now.... arranged a midweek piss up with irish for next week sometime.

i really need it after this exam.. and dc dad still in thai... i'm slowly cracking up at my incarceration!

Janos Thu 22-Apr-10 20:37:07

Good evening you lot bloody hell does this thread move fast or what!

H mrsm - pretty sure I recognised your name too, maybe from elsewhere in the lp topic?

lou - saw pics of your garden of fb, it looks fab. Can you hire him out for the w/e? My garden needs a good sort out and no excuse not to do things with it as the good weather seems to be finally here to stay.

asbm - thanks. I may just pop on when I have some spare time for a good catch up (and a bit of a moan). How's things with you and your gang?

Monty - most impressed with you making a curry in the slow cooker. I'm a bit dim when it comes to curries and slow cookers. My mujm gave her old one about 18 months ago and I've never used it blush

Anyway I'm feeling much better, that old sense of freedom and being able to do what I like (well kind of) has started to creep back...

kdk - ROFL at that ridiculous message, I;ve had so many of those. Maybe we could do a stop the crappy cliche montage?

<waves to everyone else>

Oh and before I forget, Juicy - good luck for tomorrow! Hope you ace it

Janos Thu 22-Apr-10 20:38:36

And by good, I mean not raining or snowing or blowing a gale..that counts for good up here over the border grin

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-10 21:09:46

no not new found skills, i just started enjoying it again (and it is cheaper than buying in ready made crap)

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 21:18:58

Evening all,

ASBM - we live in the same area - quite a distance apart though!

Monty - no! Just been chatting!

Older bloke has been texting - I really don't understand men, why bother to text me when its over

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 21:42:17

sm - what's he on about then? does he want to stay friends?

lou - very envy of your BF. lucky lucky lady you.

janos - you know it makes sense independence is what it's all about. lol.

juicy - good luck tomorrow, you'll be fine. don't think you're looking for reasons tbh from what you've said.

monty envy outside as well I bet?!? he flirts in person, but I get embarrassed and run away, (well get really shy and blush) I flirt online with him but he runs away (not literally but you get the drift).

blondie - what are you buying on ebay then?

oh the political thingy was just sooo much fun. hmm still nto sure- why can none of them ever answer a question, and why do they talk all over each other?!?!

SingleMum01 Thu 22-Apr-10 21:49:34

Belle - I've no idea, yesterday text to say it was over. Today lots of text about how things have been.

Guess who I'm msm'ing!

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 21:50:15

oooh I say! lol.

abouteve Thu 22-Apr-10 21:54:28

Hello, remember me? Can I sneak back in?

Tried to read but got lost. Work has been stressful, year end and all. Having tomorrow off as I need a lie in.

Athletic turned out to be an absolute nightmare, felt like I had two kids in the house that hated each other, DD and himself. I could write a book on this saga but won't go into detail. Kept me amused for a little while, enough said. Haven't drawn a line just yet as his stuff is still in my garage and I have found a strange affection. Stay away from toyboys.

Hope everyone is OK.

KDK that guy is wanting a shag now and again with no commitment, it's obvious. Fine if you are up for it.

Waving to everyone else and who is this guy that's got you all fluffy?

Anyway just checking in incase anyone missed me. sad

thesouthsbelle Thu 22-Apr-10 21:57:46

hi eve - thought you'd kicked his butt to the curb?!?

abouteve Thu 22-Apr-10 22:07:55

Yes I have but he stayed for 3 nights! Not with me but in the spare. Strange times atm. Hope you are OK.

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 22:32:44

Hi Eve - I was wondering where you got to. OMG sounds like you had a bit of a handling there.

abouteve Thu 22-Apr-10 22:42:30

Hi Monty, yes I have been through loads of stress for something trivial, just helping someone out. How the hell do you work anything out with teenagers. Mine is lovely but!!!!

eve - aaah we did miss you was wondering where you went to.

i've finally given up on past papers. i cant do anymore than i've done. need to get a decent nights sleep so i'm fresh for it tomorrow. thanks for all the good luck wishes.

have a feeling i will need it. not feeling confident about it at all.

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 23:02:32

Eve - I think Teens want us to be perfect, sadly. Has he found somewhere to stay. The trouble with helping someone out who has nowhere to go is, that until they find somewhere to go, you're stuck with them really. A lesson I learned to my loss. You ok tho?

ninah Thu 22-Apr-10 23:16:41

night all catch up tomorrow

ninah Thu 22-Apr-10 23:18:15

except to say monty I match your two loads washing and raise you a light hoovering

Monty100 Thu 22-Apr-10 23:22:43

Ninah - not your poncy friends that were over the other week?? shock

ninah Fri 23-Apr-10 08:21:33

nah mate who cuts my hair and student for art lesson
neither of them are judgy, so I thought I'd make the effort (contrary)
have a good day all

ninah grin @contrary cleaning

thanks monty.

v nervous.

not even this nervous on a date grin

abouteve Fri 23-Apr-10 09:38:31

Good luck Juicy.

Not sure what he has sorted. Don't want to sound like I'm interested, just pleased he is somewhere else. Probably turn up today at some point. I'm not a work which is great, think I'll go back to bed for a snooze. grin

lou33 Fri 23-Apr-10 09:52:29

good luck juice

eve i would have thought that as your guest he should have the maturity and manners to fit in and try his best to get along with dd, not act like another kid to deal with

bin him off or he will be forever taking advantage

aseriouslyblondemoment Fri 23-Apr-10 09:58:26

all the v best juicy..and i think that after all that you def deserve to hit the bars with irishgrin
eve it sounds hideous,it's your home fgs..like lou says it's your way or the highway for him imo
lol @ ninah and her domesticity..has mont been round yet to take some a la tracy emin piccies yet?!grin
well another lovely day here...so there's nothing else for it but to get that washing machine on the go lol

abouteve Fri 23-Apr-10 10:01:48

He tried but you know what she is like. grin

Text Salesman, last night and told him I need a cuddle. Got a reply this morning saying 'anytime'. That's all it will be though!

abouteve Fri 23-Apr-10 10:03:00

ASBM, I'm off work and it's cloudy here. sad

aseriouslyblondemoment Fri 23-Apr-10 10:04:48

there's your excuse to get back to bed then lol

lou33 Fri 23-Apr-10 10:07:51

tell him he didnt try hard enough

just get rid

its lovely and sunny here today, i even have shorts on!

elastamum Fri 23-Apr-10 10:10:18

Hi All!!!

just to update those who kindly gave me their advice yesterday. I didnt get a reply to my text last night or this morning so I guess thats that, I'm obviously not the girl for him! Interesting though, when I looked back over my message history we had been talking to each other in a very on and off way for over 2 months, no idea it had been that long.

So in the spirit of moving swiftly on, I had a couple of gin and tonics last night and started chatting to a couple of other new men. Refuse to get offended by no response from people you barely know grin

SingleMum01 Fri 23-Apr-10 10:17:57

Morning all,

sunshine here today - taking the dog for a long walk in a bit, need to clear my head.

Older bloke text last night - now I'm really confused. Dad2 has offered to be my rebound!

Juice - good luck if you haven't already gone.

Eve - glad to see you back.

Elastamum - onwards and upwards.

Who's has dates this weekend?