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Lauree Mon 12-Apr-10 15:08:19

I'm a single mum (40 something) with a six year old boy in central London. I'm a professional woman working four days a week, living in central London. I'd like to find another single parent to share with... and help each other out with the ups and downs of parenting.

contact me if you think you might be interested.

Fifidepaname Tue 21-Oct-14 11:41:48

Hi There,

My name is Sophie i am 33 and I am a chef, i hâve a son, we are French and live in London since a couple of years,I have the project to open my own restaurant on the seaside. So to relies my project I need to save money and like to rent two room in a family house for £700-800 per month or my son can share the room of another boy of the s quite urgent as we need to move in the 31st of October. So please if you are,interested don't hesitate to leave a msg or give me call ASAP.

Many thanks to you,

Hope to hear from you.



Tryingnottoswear Wed 17-Sep-14 17:34:09

I'm not looking for this personally but I think it's a great idea and would even go so far as to say it might work as a "rent together with a view to buying together" in the future. Only sticking points I can envisage are a big enough house so that everyone is not on top of each other and also a contingency plan should a serious relationship for either party(ies) develop which would impact the houseshare.

hally4love Wed 17-Sep-14 06:30:36

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hally4love Wed 17-Sep-14 06:22:54

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AndySW Mon 15-Sep-14 19:20:51

I am a single 39 year old full time working mother with a beautiful clever 7 year old daughter, a very lazy 3 year old pug and a cheeky silver tabby kitten.

Due to an unfortunate situation we are all now looking for a long term home.

My daughter is at school in southfields so I would like to be anywhere near the district Wimbledon line, or buses 493 and 39.

She loves to dance and play vet, always smiling and we'll behaved.

Pets are perfectly trained, do not smell, do not bite and are very loving. Loads of fun to take on long walks or to just snuggle up to on a rainy day.

I don't smoke nor drink ... Only on a night out ;) work full time but have family close by who help with my daughter.

Love to cook, listen to music, play with the kids and enjoy life!!

So, if you are a single mother looking to save some money and share a home and bring your child up in a happy new place let me know ;)

Fingerscrossed21 Sun 14-Sep-14 16:41:36

Hallo everyone :-)

I've been reading Mumsnet for a while but this is my first post!

Basically, "fingers crossed", I'll be giving birth and becoming a single mum in April 2015. Coincidentally, in April/May/June 2015 I won't be able to live in my flat, so I'm looking out for a 3 month houseshare or sublet for that time. In areas: Central/North/East London or Brixton (where I already live / have friends). I'm a mature PhD student and will have maternity leave. All suggestions welcome!

If things go well in houseshare/sublet, could consider extending as although I can return to my current flat it's not 100% suitable for bringing up a family.



mattINcornwall Wed 27-Aug-14 22:03:23

Hello all,

Im a (very recently) seperated father of one fantastic 6 year old boy and now find myself having to explore housing options. Very difficult! I thought this thread was a great idea - so I joined mumsnet.

I'm a creative professional and rent a lovely house with three bedrooms. This could be a sharing option but I'd also like to hear of anyone who lives near Truro or Grampound with a similar situation.

It wouldn't be immediate, dust needs to settle, but in a few months maybe.


MaireTreasa1 Wed 20-Aug-14 22:02:30

Room to rent in family home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire with single mother and 2 children, seeking single person who doesn't mind sharing with children or alternatively possibly a single parent with a young child, maybe we could help each other with childcare to enable us to work and also be company for each other.

Dadof2girlssingledad Tue 05-Aug-14 00:04:56

As with a lot of new additions to this thread I am very interested in this subject. I am from Harrow, Pinner, Ruislip area and due to my joint care of children (2 girls) the idea of house sharing with another single parent seems a real win win solution. Especially for the children. Very keen to learn more but essentially find out how people of similar mindset get together?

Mummytoanangel Thu 24-Jul-14 21:35:34

Hi HannahRose, I'm a single mum, 28, full time professional with a little girl who is 4 next month. I've explored single parent houseshares in the past and met some lovely mums along the way, but decided outside London is where I wanted to be. I'm currently in Berkshire, not far from Guildford, so would be great to hear from you if you are still looking into houseshares x

Hi. Really interesting thread. I'm a single mum with a 7-yr-old son.

I had a family living with us recently, but it didn't work out. I thought it would be the answer to our prayers - give us a bit of company, and help with the budget. I think we just weren't the right match, sadly.

My son has Aspergers and found having another (quite boisterous) child around really difficult. He's not severely affected, but he doesn't like usual rough and tumble play. He likes peace and quiet. He's bright and friendly, but just not your usual busy, noisy kid.

It's really difficult to find lodger/s who are happy to live with a child, so I struggle to know what to do.

Anyone interested in a flatshare in East London?! With a friendly single-mum, two cats and a kid with Aspergers? We have a huge garden and near big parks. I'm guessing I won't be inundated with responses - but worth a try!!


SingleDad99 Tue 08-Jul-14 16:06:18

Great Idea. Would definitely consider this as an option. Working Single dad of two in Luton would consider house sharing with other single parent family, doesn't have to be dads - really not interested in anything other than sharing cost of living helping each other out and social events with the children etc. etc!!!

mztee1980 Sat 05-Jul-14 14:27:42
mztee1980 Sat 05-Jul-14 14:23:01

I am looking for single parent(s) to house share with in the surrounding areas of or with - Bromley/Kent/South East London. I am 33 years old mother, I have a 10 year old son, currently living in Bromley. I work full time. Looking for someone who is interested in working as a team to make the living situation a grounded home for the children, split the costs and help each other out when required. Need to be in good catchment area for schools.

If any one is interested in discussing further please email me directly at

Thanks, Natasha x

grobagsforever Tue 01-Jul-14 17:18:38

rebeccatamara have emailed you re Guildford house - please do check your junk file if you're still looking.

Billie123 Thu 26-Jun-14 19:28:47

Hi everyone, I'm new to mumsnet and I am a lone parent, I'm from Birmingham,UK but looking to house/flatshare with another lone parent in Bournemouth/Poole reasons being since having my only daugher aged 3 we have been basically homeless and living with my mum who can't put us up for much longer and been on council list for years and classed as cramped housing but still low on the list. I really would like a fresh start away from the city somewhere quiet and Bournemouth is where I'm planning to make a fresh start. If someone would like to homeshare with me send me a message and get to know me I'm easy to get on with.

lorrikeet Mon 02-Jun-14 00:13:13

Anch, I emailed you: are you still interested in Hackney?

Temple247 Sun 01-Jun-14 22:58:02

I am a full time working 34 year old single mother with a 6 year old son. We are looking to set up a house share in the Colliers Wood/Tooting area at around GBP 700 per month each plus bills. If anyone would be interested please pm me.

hannahrose5 Sun 01-Jun-14 21:27:35

I am a single mum looking for a house share. We desperately would love to have a garden, make my daughters and my life less lonely and more fun. I'm currently living in surrey, and have a 3 year old daughter. I'm 24 and work part time. I'd be looking to stay in the area that I'm in (in and around Guildford). I would potentially be able to move October onward.

MaireTreasa1 Wed 14-May-14 21:55:26

Is there any single parent in the Dunstable or Luton area who would be interested in house or flat sharing with another single parent? I would prefer to stay in this area but will consider other areas too if anybody is interested in having someone to share with them.

rebeccatamara Tue 13-May-14 05:55:27

Ok folks having another go at this. Looking for houseshare with another single parent preferably out of London. Currently options are remaining somewhere in High Barnet, or getting out - Buckinghamshire - great fast train services to London with towns nearby, good schools and lovely countryside. Alternatively St Albans. Alternatively North Bedfordshire (near Bedford). Would look to going south (surrey/kent)although possibly more tricky due to dad being north, but open to suggestions. Daughter is 4, Im in my 40s so pref someone mid/late 30s upwards!. Would like her to grow up in decent house with garden in nice area. We're fun and relibale.

Anch67 Sun 27-Apr-14 19:08:24

Hi,When i read your posting i gasped! I thought it was my post! I am also in my 40's and have an 8 yr old boy..I currently live near Victoria Park, E2.
I work in the City during the week. I am looking for a nice home to share with another mother in the same situation as me so that we can help one another to move on. I really hope to hear back from you shortly as I need to begin a new direction soon. Ant email me

Rosiej75 Sat 26-Apr-14 21:22:16

Single Mother currently in Wales with 1 year old looking for house share south/west of England Will consider many area's from Weston down the coast, or slightly inland. Currently full time mum but trying to embark on self employment.

Hmm, this is interesting. I know this thread is old but updated - if anybody would be interested in doing this in a small Devon coastal town near Exeter I would be interested. Would have to be a leftie though!

Bellassai3030 Mon 21-Apr-14 18:50:50

Hi Lauree,
I am interested in house sharing with another mum. I will go back to work at the end of June and I have a beautiful daughter dob 29/5/13.
I am 38 and will work 3 days a week. please get in touch if you are still looking.
Thank you

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