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Lauree Mon 12-Apr-10 15:08:19

I'm a single mum (40 something) with a six year old boy in central London. I'm a professional woman working four days a week, living in central London. I'd like to find another single parent to share with... and help each other out with the ups and downs of parenting.

contact me if you think you might be interested.

gillybean2 Mon 12-Apr-10 15:22:04

When you say share do you mean house share? Child care share? Or simply someone with who you can share your trials and tribulations as single parents; to have a friend who understands your situation and be there to give each other moral support and friendship?

Lauree Tue 13-Apr-10 21:36:23

I was thinking of house share. I normally have a lodger, but I was thinking that it might be a good thing to share the house with another single parent and child.

Pronoia Tue 13-Apr-10 21:38:00

I've always thought (as a single parent) that if you have the room for this, it could be a wonderful solution to babysitting dilemmas and loneliness.

Meglet Thu 15-Apr-10 22:02:16

I read an article about this last year in the Guardian IIRC. 2 mums both with little girls and they seemed to have a whale of a time.

Jolly good idea IMO as long as there are house rules and everyone is organised.

nappyaddict Sat 17-Apr-10 01:13:17

Anyone looking for a lodger in the West Midlands area?

mogs0 Sat 17-Apr-10 19:58:44

I would love this type of arrangement. When I lived in London I found it incredibly difficult to find a landlord who would accept me as a single parent. I see lots of pros!

mustrunmore Sat 17-Apr-10 20:02:07

Its a great idea! In the unlikely event of both myself and my best friend becoming single parents, we would def move in together. I can see distinct advantages to doing it anyway, and letting the dh's have the other property grin

Lodgers are also great if you know them.Our friend lives with us midweek; its good to have an added dimension to conversation, and someone to bring me milk!

nappyaddict Sat 17-Apr-10 20:11:23

It would probably affect your benefits as a lone parent though because there would be 2 people to share bills and rent with so in that way no different to living with a partner or husband.

mustrunmore Sat 17-Apr-10 20:14:40

Not that this is weer going to be a reality, but nappyaddict, are you saying that if I was on benefits and so was my friend, we wouldnt get benefits if we lived under the same roof? How would that be the case?
I do remeber tho, when I was at uni I lived with my boyfriend (later became h then exh), so we couldnt get free dental treatment as we were 'a couple' not 'students' hmm

Lauree Sun 18-Apr-10 11:20:55

I'm glad you all think it might be a good idea, although I'm not sure how easy it'll be to find someone who actually wants to move in!
Not sure about effects on benefits though, I thought that was only if you were living as a couple.

mustrunmore Sun 18-Apr-10 11:55:52

I'd have thought so too. Altho then you get into the realms of defining relationships, eg would you have to prove you didnt have sex with the other adult?!

nappyaddict Sun 18-Apr-10 15:31:00

I remember seeing it on some benefits program. They said she wasn't entitled to housing benefit cos she had her friend living with her and so should be getting help towards the cost of rent.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 18-Apr-10 15:34:31

Meglet -I remembered that article as soon as I read the thread title too!

Here it is -it might be of interest to you Lauree

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Sun 18-Apr-10 15:53:33

nappyaddict - ask me again in a year when I know what's definitely happening in my marriage!

I think its a great idea and have thought about it myself, although its too early for me to do things like that yet. Also I wonder about bedroom space (I only have 3, and have a DS and another due in June). How many people would want to share with their DCs - I would quite happily share with mine - DS sleeps with me anyway most of the time.

AFAIK its only housing related benefits that would be expected - tax credits for example never asked me about who else lived in the house.

nappyaddict Mon 19-Apr-10 01:20:06

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties Chairmum. If you need anything, let me know I think we might be FB friends?

I was going to do it with my friend but she patched things up with her DH. We were going to each have our own room and the kids were gonna share (who are both 3 and the baby when he was older)

ChairmumMiaowGoingItAlone Mon 19-Apr-10 08:36:01

nappyaddict - I don't think I have you on FB (but you can find me through mummyfantastico)

I'm actually happier at the moment, but being quite heavily pregnant I'm not making any long term plans as I have no idea how things will turn out!

Hope you're doing ok

nappyaddict Mon 19-Apr-10 13:44:22

Hmmm I must have been thinking of someone else then. I don't have mummyfantastico as a friend either but you can CAT me the email address you use for FB and I can add you that way if you want?

chloemummy Fri 23-Apr-10 12:42:03

Lauree, where abouts in London are you? May be interested. My email addy is if you want to talk off the board. Best Wishes Sue

Lauree Sat 24-Apr-10 21:16:06

Hi Sue,
I'm in E8, Dalston. great area for young ones. Good local schools, park, etc

Elenora Mon 26-Apr-10 00:14:46

Would anyone like to share a detached farmhouse surrounded by beautiful woodland only 6 miles from Exeter in Devon. The house is massive with five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large garden with veg patch and orchard. Sharing with me (50 yr old dramatherapist), my 10 yr old daughter, another younger female and her dog. It's a real home with room for another mum (or dad) plus child(ren), and would suit someone with a creative streak, an interest in gardening and living communally, with room for private space as well. Please get in touch if interested!

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Mon 26-Apr-10 00:19:25

I really like this idea. My son's 11, it would have been really good for him to have another child around for him to play with.

ButterPie Mon 26-Apr-10 00:24:11

Benefits wise, there is provision for housesharing, you are not counted as a couple, but they do count the extra rent when working things out. is a good place to check benefits, tax credits and so on.

Lauree Sun 02-May-10 10:24:00

Wow, Elanora.. that sounds great! If I were not stuck in London to be near my job and DS's dad then we would be round with our suitcases right away!... on second thoughts the idea of leaving both job and xP has a LOT of attractionswink. Have you done this before?? or is it a new idea?

I've had lodgers, and aupairs before, and right now I have a couple with a seven year old staying for six weeks on holiday from India, so I guess that's a bit of a trial run.

and thanks Norbert for the link smile

Aubergines Sun 02-May-10 10:32:42

My mum did this when she was bringing me up alone. We had a self contained flat at the top of our house and she always rented it out to other single mums. It was great. The mums shared babysitting and support and I always had a playmate. As an only child it was so great to have another child around. One girl and her mum lived in the flat for 6 years and we were like sisters.

M00MINMAMMA Tue 11-May-10 13:45:36

Hi Lauree,

Are you still looking? I am 35, have a 3.5 year old son and was thinking of something similar. We're in West London but probably moving to elsewhere in London. I used to be a newspaper journalist but now writing a book so work from home. Would love to chat and hopefully take it from there, if you're interested then email me on


benkalev Fri 21-May-10 23:19:37

hello lauree, I saw your post on ums net regarding single parent houseshares in E8. being a dad, im not sure if i was meant to be on the site but seeing your post, its exactly what im looking for. I need to find a child friendly place to have my 2 1/2 yr old daughter a few nights per week (sharing duties with her mum). are you still looking for someone?

Lauree Sat 22-May-10 08:04:26

Hi Ben,
Dads are allowed on here, don't worry!! the ladies are way in the majority though grin

I'm talking to moominmama at the moment,and we haven't met yet,so I want to do that before I start talking to anyone else. But if that doesn't work out, can you post your email address so can I contact you off mumsnet?

My place won't be available for about a month though so no good if you need to find a place quick.

Message withdrawn

lowrib Sat 22-May-10 08:21:24

I think that's a brilliant idea. I'm really pleased you've found a possible sharer so quickly.

Myself and DP are looking for someone to share with in Eastbourne (with our 1 year old DS) at the moment, while we go back to college for the next few years. It would be lovely if they had kids too. (Anyone?!)

For us it means we'd ba able to afford to live in a nice house with a garden, which would be lovely for DS. We've always shared - we've had lodgers in London, and it just seems to make sense.

I think more people should consider this kind of thing. I know it's not for everyone, and some people would hate to share their home, but if you can make it work for you it doesn't half save on bills, and I think it's nice for the kids to to have a tame adult to play with sometimes other than a parent!

alisara Fri 25-Jun-10 00:20:27

Thats a great idea, pity there isnt anything similar where i live

Blef1974 Sat 26-Jun-10 20:41:55

Me and my best friend are both single parents and have thought about this. We would both love to do it, but have no clue how to go about it.

Monty100 Sat 26-Jun-10 20:49:19

Blef - just get a place together?

I have just read about this happening in the States, a single Mum ended up creating a website for single Mums looking to share and it's been a massive success..great idea

Blef1974 Sun 27-Jun-10 23:03:43

Problem is that I am in North Tyneside and she is in West Oxfordshire. However we have discussed moving to another part of the country together as she is starting university next September.

whooosh Sun 27-Jun-10 23:23:44

I think it's a great idea and have been giving it considerable thought.
So,if anyone would like to join a single Mum (clean freak) and a 5yr old,a sausage dog and 2 cats in a Hertfordshire village then shout.
Great facilities,train to Kings X 30 mins.

Slightly mad,loves laughing and is always ready for a glass of wine at the end of the day.

If you are daft enough to take a look at us then you may be just the person!

knitorama Tue 06-Jul-10 16:34:07


Are you still looking for sharers? Are you anywhere near Totnes? I am looking to relocate in the south. I am a single mum with two boys, 7 and 10 and I am a very poor artist thinking about teacher training....of course.....

knitorama Wed 07-Jul-10 07:56:37

I'm desperate to relocate to Brighton but can't afford the rents and would rather be in a communal home. Please get in touch if you would like to share or you know of a shared home with space. I am a lone parent with two boys, very lively but lovely!

see i would love to do something like this, preferably in devon, cornwall or gloucester. i am a single 29 year old mum with 4 kids, the ds's are 11 and 9, and the dd's are 5 and 4. would really need to be a big house though as between the kids and i we would need 3/4 bedrooms.

aniluap Sun 19-Sep-10 21:56:43

are you still looking for someone to share a house and garden with..???
if so im very interested. I have a 5 yr old daughter and i would love to live in the countryside .. the Eco life with lots of outdoor communal space for the children to play in... if the other person was into permaculture, natural building etc.. that would be even better.
I am mostly interested in the Sussex area, but i would consider other locations.

Lauree Tue 28-Sep-10 22:25:08

Hi Anilaup;-
well at the moment I'm living in Hackney with two spare rooms and looking for someone to share my house: we have a small garden and Hackney is a fantastic inner city location...
but I'm open minded to moving elsewhere although it wouldn't be a quick process for us: it would take me about a year to move I reckon, by the time I had thought about it a lot!

if there are others who would like to join in a bigger venture that would be ok too.

girliefriend Sat 02-Oct-10 21:22:37

Elanora that sounds lovely!! Id like to come for my holidays!!!

MammaGiGi Mon 18-Oct-10 14:59:17

Feeling so inspired by this fantastic concept of single-parent house sharing!
I'm currently looking to relocate to either Edinburgh or Glasgow and it would be great to have another single parent to share living costs/childcare/support with.
I have a nearly-2 year old daughter and am in my mid-20's, looking to get back to work when I've relocated.
Excited to hear from anyone interested!

Mummytoanangel Tue 02-Nov-10 18:34:11


Really like the idea of this. Is anyone looking to do this in the Reading, Berks area? Would also consider moving to Hammersmith/Fulham or Putney area to have a bit of a fresh start

I've recently become single...mum to a beautiful little girl and we would love to meet similar for the prospect of housesharing. I am in my mid 20's, professional (also training in Reflexology) and am tidy, fun and friendly.

Me and little one look forward to hearing from you.

kikizinzin Sun 14-Nov-10 19:29:03

Lauree are you still interested in house sharing in Hackney? I am 34 and my son is 3, he only lives with me part time, we are currently in Clapton. I am very interested in finding a good alternative arrangement and would love to discuss. Hopefully I will hear from you, Jadelin. Email

kikizinzin Sun 14-Nov-10 19:39:29

And if anyone other than Lauree - Ben are you still out there? - wants to discuss I would also be open to other areas in London! Fingers crossed, Jadelin

Exogenesis Sun 14-Nov-10 19:46:12

Mummytoanangel. Would you consider Surrey Egham way about 30 min from Reading?

Anyone else? I love the idea. I'm in my mid20's with a 4 year old girl, I work 5 days a week but, hope to return to 2 1/2 days soon maybe. grin

StellaBrillante Tue 16-Nov-10 22:02:31

Elanora, are you renting out rooms for the holiday periods? wink

I am 36, ds is 11 and I am looking to go back to uni in Gloucestershire from Sep 2011. We would be very interested in house sharing with another LP - looking to move to the Gloucester side of Cheltenham (if that makes sense?) in Jul / Aug next year. A long way away but just in case...!

Carolineludlow Sun 21-Nov-10 21:46:57

I have been looking for some time for a house or flat share with another single mum I think this is a great idea. I really would like to be in and around west London as I work in Ealing 2.5 days a week. My son is 14 months old and growing up fast!!!
If anyone can help please email me on

kikizinzin Tue 30-Nov-10 18:51:45

Hi, I'm an Italian 34 year old father of a 3 year old boy looking for a place to share with another single parent/s (male or female). My son would stay only part time as he stays mostly at his mothers house. I'm a student of Chinese medicine at the University of Westminster. I work part-time in a deli-cafe and I write stories. I never refuse a good conversation if it comes with a glass of wine! I am currently in East London but would be willing to relocate for the right situation. Jadelin

PrettyLittleHateMachine Thu 02-Dec-10 19:08:29

I guess this is worth a try... I'm looking for somewhere to rent from Feb/March time. I've got a three year old DD who is with me most weekends (lives with her dad) and I work full time. Looking in Windsor/Slough area. I was looking to rent on my own but I like the idea of sharing with another single parent, plus it helps with money!

BestDaddy Thu 30-Dec-10 03:09:22

Single Parents Single Father Looking for House Share in SW London...

Preferably Balham, Tooting or Wimbledon. 37 years old, beautiful 6 year old boy (Josh), I look after him 7 days a week every other week, so 2 weeks per month and am looking to share somewhere a lot nearer his school in Wimbledon than I am at the moment (Sydenham). Would love to share with someone who is like minded, quite positive (but not annoyingly so), enterprising maybe and doesn't moan too much, especially about mundane things. I don't watch Eastenders, or much TV for that matter, but it doesn't matter too much if you do, and I don't smoke and neither should you; it's bad for your health.

Looking to move in the new year, Feb, March, even April at the very latest, but am flexible. Let me know if you are keen to chat and see what happens.

07717 512 519 and/or

Best wishes

BeeandSon Thu 30-Dec-10 18:30:15

Hi Lauree
I was looking for much of the same. My post is "I have a dream..." (sorry cannot do links)
I have sent you a private msg via the forum
I saw the article on the Guardian when I was looking for a website target to single parent house sharing
Must say that did not find anything relevant so I am even thinking to start a blog/website myself in the new year
Estate agents should catch up with it, there is a gap in market I feel smile
Anyway....speak soon

Mummytoanangel Mon 03-Jan-11 21:53:12

Hi exogenesis,

I have just seen your post...sorry so late, but are you still looking for a houseshare?...I know Egham well and would definately be interested in looking into this more. Mail me if you are still interested

BEAUTlFUL Tue 04-Jan-11 10:24:17

I have a 3-bed house in Surrey, 2 boys (7 and 3) and 1 cat. Would love to share with aother single parent, would love it, it sounds like it'd be fun. smile

headinthecountry Tue 04-Jan-11 21:06:38

Elenora ...are you still out there? Would love to have a chat

Mummytoanangel Tue 04-Jan-11 22:12:08

Hi Beautiful,

Where abouts in Surrey do you live...I know Cambereley, Chobham, Guildford quite well but Kingston etc is quite a bit further from me? Would you consider housesharing with someone with a very little one (4 mths). Look forward to hearing from you

BEAUTlFUL Tue 04-Jan-11 22:35:35

Hi Mummytoanangel -- I live really near Kingston! smile A baby would be adorable! Absolutely no problem with that at all! But I do have two quite boistrous boys and a cat.

annaw99 Wed 05-Jan-11 03:33:49

I'm a recently single mum of a 2 year old boy and i have been looking into this house sharing business for a while but have never posted anything(yikes!). However the time has come where I must stop dilly dallying.
We currently live in Tooting and I am happy to stay in this area or would consider surrounding areas(ie. Balham, Streatham, South Wimbledon, Colliers Wood etc).
It would be good to have a flatmate who understands what it's like being a working parent and to help with the bills.

BEAUTlFUL Wed 05-Jan-11 11:07:46

Oooh, annaw99 and BestDaddy should try to fix something up! You're both looking at the same areas!

BEAUTlFUL Wed 05-Jan-11 11:08:16

<feeling like a SingleParentFlatshare matchmaker>

BEAUTlFUL Wed 05-Jan-11 11:11:07

I love the Single Parent flatshare idea. I'm really committed to finding someone to share with this year. I have one big bedroom that we could make into the Kids Room, and then I could have one of the other bedrooms and the other S.Parent could have the other.

We could babysit for each other, have beauty nights (I guess I must be anticipating a single Mum more than a single Dad...), both chip in with cooking and cheer each other on. And we'd both have more cash! Hooray!

annaw99 Thu 06-Jan-11 09:23:10

haha thanks Beautiful! it's good to hear from someone who is ready to embrace the shared family lifestyle! good on you!
thanks for helping out too...

Mummytoanangel Thu 06-Jan-11 13:14:14

Hi Beautiful,

Love the idea of beauty nights...actually trying to start a small business doing Pamper Parties!! We are used to cats and boistrous boys aren't a problem...we want a lively, family home! Could you email me, so we can chat about it more ( at rent costs etc and perhaps organise to meet for a coffee?

2blugrus Sun 09-Jan-11 12:02:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2blugrus Sun 09-Jan-11 12:21:19

I see my type-o of "get it touch". "get IN touch" rather

Also wanted to change move date to March more likely, and reiterate that it's probably extendable til June.

BestDaddy and Annaw99, would you consider a 6 br property all sharing together (Streatham - I'm less flexible on borough than I previously had hoped to be) or would that just be madness and chaos? shock

annaw99 Mon 10-Jan-11 04:18:53

hi 2blugrus
streatham would be fine but unfort i cant afford that much. i prob wouldnt be able to do more than 700 pcm.

BestDaddy Thu 13-Jan-11 13:27:54

I agree that annaw99 and BestDaddy should talk

BestDaddy Thu 13-Jan-11 13:34:47

Would love to accomodate 2blugrus however am trying to heavily reduce my travel with my Son to either walking distance or no longer than 25 minutes journey. The poor little thing is suffering a little with having to do homework on the train. Sorry, but thanks for thinking

fridascruffs Thu 13-Jan-11 13:45:46

I am interested, would love to move back to Exeter, money not so much the issue but lack of contacts is, somethibng like this could be a solution. How do I find out more?

DiSuzi Thu 13-Jan-11 23:37:39

I'm also looking for another mum to share with... Highgate / Muswell Hill area preferred to fit in with school! I have a 5 year old daughter and I work 5 days a week...Would like to find another mum who has a child of similar age (or younger)...We're happy, normal, independent & friendly...If anyone is looking to do a share in North London (anywhere between Tufnell Park & Muswell Hill would be good. Maybe Crouch End), maybe drop me an email:
Would like to move in March 2011, but can be a bit flexible!

RoseGibbs Fri 14-Jan-11 13:21:43

Hi Lauree,

I realise that your message is quite old now, but I am wondering if you are still looking for someone. I am look for a house share in Hackney for me and my 5 year old daughter. Dalston would be fantastic. I am 31, and would love it if I could live with another parent and child, be great for my daughter to have someone to play with etc. and we would both enjoy the communal aspect. If you know anyone please let me know.

Best wishes


RoseGibbs Fri 14-Jan-11 13:36:16

Dear All,

I am looking for a house share in Hackney, Dalston possibly. I would love to live in a household with other children, I think that my daughter (5 years old) would really enjoy it. We would be clean and friendly housemates. Please let me know if you are interested, or if anyone knows of other sites where I might be able to find what I am looking for.

Best wishes


mumofyeva Fri 14-Jan-11 23:20:25

for those of you thinking of house sharing, how about to give it a try for a month?

See what I mean: my husband has just taken up a job in London, this was a very short notice, so we leave edinburgh and looking for a temporary accommodation in london (one month or so, we would then have a possibility to look around and find a flat to rent). I thought it would be lovely to use this opportunity to stay in a house where another small child is around (you define 'small' however you want, my 15-months daughter enjoys being around anyone below 15!), so that she could enjoy some socializing.
I was searching mumsnet to figure our where to look for it, and that's what I found!

Yes, I am not really a single parent, but you can at least try whether having another family (single or not) and another kid around would do you and your kid any good
So I am looking for a room for rent within a house with kids - whether you also rent a room there or you own it, all would be nice.
I am 30, working from home (doing linguistics), our daughter Yeva is a marvel to have around, sometimes quiet and self-sufficient, sometimes active, laughing and running! My husband is an animator.
North, North-West, West London, not too far from Soho would be ideal (that's where the job is, and I do not want him to spend too much time on the tube..).
Olesya 07717160165

BestDaddy Sat 15-Jan-11 18:54:55

Right, so I am thinking that perhaps single mothers may have some reservations about house sharing with a single father, which is understandable, however I am in touch with my feminine side and make a mean tuna pasta . There don't seem to be many single Fathers in my situation to try and convince, but feel free to contact me if there are.

I am a qualified NLP Practitioner, working in PR, looking to expand on my NLP type practice and work in that field full time, whilst also work in Internet Marketing. Have a beautiful 6 year old boy and am looking to move anywhere within 30 minutes of Colliers Wood, so Wimbledon, Balham, Tooting, Clapham, Morden? Looking to move by April at the latest, but will move sooner if I find the right person or people beforehand.

Please feel free to call me on 07717 512 519 or email me at

Thank you!

lorrikeet Mon 17-Jan-11 13:27:18

Hi Rose:
I'm still looking for a sharer, although actively talking to a couple of mums at the moment: it's not something to rush into I don't think,

if you're not in a a rush I will keep you updated.

Mum of Yeva:
I found a family who came to stay with us for 6 weeks by searching on gumtree under 'short term houseshare wanted' with the keyword kid or child: they were advertising for a host family to stay with whilst on a business trip from Delhi. we all had a great time, I think it's a great idea: It made me think I could do this full time. I'd offer you room in my place if I wasn't actively looking for a permanent arrangement.

RoseGibbs Mon 17-Jan-11 21:43:54

Hi Lorrikeet,

Yes, please keep me updated. I don't have to be in a huge rush, just so long as I know that there is something to look forward to! What are your thoughts on timing - just to give me an idea. I would agree that rushing in to things isn't best. I would be happy to share with a few parents, with the thinking that large houses are not as desirable (expensive) as 2/3 bed places. Thanks for your reply, and I look forward to hearing from you.


2dogs1baby Mon 17-Jan-11 23:27:36

This is such a good idea, honestly, it's brill.

If I set up a website for this kind of thing do u think people would use it? Pairing people up & suggesting houses if they didn't have one etc?

Sounds like it could be so good. X

RoseGibbs Wed 19-Jan-11 09:28:19

HI Lauree,

Sorry a bit of a confused answer from me. I would be interested in sharing with you, and don't have to rush into anything, but an idea of timing would be good - it would be good to meet perhaps.

Best wishes


RoseGibbs Wed 19-Jan-11 09:37:08

Hi Lauree,

Just to say - you are in exactly the right area of London for me - especially regarding schools, and it would be great to continue to live in a place with a garden.I live in Shoreditch at the moment so perhaps we could meet with the kids, or something!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


marghe Tue 25-Jan-11 09:40:25

hi, I am a 44 year old mum with a 3 years old son. I am looking for a room in a flat with other parents and children.
We would like to stay in south london, oval, kennington, brixton, stockwell. vauxall, as my son is going to school in oval.
if anybody has a spare room, please contact me

marghe Tue 25-Jan-11 09:46:10

Hi, I am a 40 something years old mum with a lovely three years old boy. We are looking for a room in a flat to share with one or more parents.
we are very relaxed and easy going and love people company.
we prefer to stay in south london,oval, kennington, brixton, stockwell, but open to other options if we like the house and the location.

AruMom1 Tue 08-Feb-11 11:24:33

I'd be happy to house share with another single mom, stuck in London coz of work! I work full-time and have a 9 month old DS. Anyone interested? I've got cats though so...if that's a problem...

itshappenedagain Tue 08-Feb-11 17:42:30

hi! am just enquiring to see if anyone outside of london...preferably merseyside,is looking for a houseshare. i have a DS 4 and DD nearly 9 months. i love to cook.

Lissie20251 Sat 12-Feb-11 19:23:38

Hi all!

I think this idea is fantastic! So much so, that ive decided that id really like to do this too.

I'm relocating from Yorkshire to London due to work. Ive done a little research and i am looking at moving to the SW preferably Wimbledon area (nice house with a garden). I'm looking to move around June /July. My son is 4 and would be great to share with other single parent/s (dads or mums) with children of a similar age.

We're fun and tidy(well as tidy as a 4yr old can be!), optimistic and calm, and im always up for a good chat over a glass of wine or two. Would be willing to help out with babysitting, cooking and school runs etc and of course vice versus.

Änyway, may have rabbited on far too much. :D


Hi all, what an amazing thread, I am pleasantly surprised by how many of you there are that think this is a good idea. I had my reservations but I think managed well (i.e. getting to know each other first before committing to moving in together) it could be a fantastic thing to do.

I have only just split up from my husband ( I mean, literally days ago), although it has been over for a while in reality and have been weighing up my future as a single parent from a practical perspective for some time. So I'm probably going to be lurking on this thread initially, at least until the lease on this place runs out at the end of April, but I am most definitely interested.

I'm 33, and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is at nursery very close by. I work full time as Operations Manager for an e-learning company in central London. We live in Harringay and hope to stay reasonably local if we move (Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Finsbury Park etc.).

It would be great to hear from any of you from around the area.

Rachie86 Mon 14-Feb-11 23:23:26

Hi All,

This forum is a breath of fresh air..........

Im looking for a house share for my 3 yr old daughter and myself, which areas would you be interested in living in? Im looking at areas such as Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, Tooting Bec, Balham, South West London basically.

Ive been a single parent for a couple of years now and would like to live with another adult and child! We're a fun loving respectable family and love doing activites both in and out of the house.

The tenancy is up here at the end of April so it would be ideal to meet a outgoing family to find a bright spacious accommidation for the children to enjoy.

It would be great to hear from someone looking in similar areas.

apricotdanish Tue 22-Feb-11 17:28:44

Hi, I have a 7 year old son at school in the Wandsworth borough and I was wondering if there were any mums in South West or West London who may have a room to let to my son and I on a short term basis (3 or 4 months). I'm a design graduate currently working in admin as my field has been hit hard by the recession. I moved here after graduation and have only recently found work, so want to have a manageable rent in order to have a bit of breathing space to get a deposit together for a flat, hence the reason I’m looking for a room to rent. We’re clean, tidy and easy going and I’d be happy to help out with baby- sitting. If this sounds like something that may work for you it would be great to hear from you.

mogs0 Wed 23-Feb-11 12:15:01

I read this thread when it start and thought (and posted) what a great idea it would be.

Recently, I have been considering a move back to London if I can find a job and somewhere to live.

I think the job situation should be ok but my biggest concern is finding somewhere affordable to live.

I'd be looking for somewhere in Chiswick for my son (aged 8) and I.

ncole Sat 26-Feb-11 14:50:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

There was a program called single mums mansion that trialed this idea, obviously in bigger numbers and they put some interesting characters in to make good tv but I thought the principle was fantastic, was also going to do this but friend went back with her dh.

bestmummy Mon 28-Feb-11 20:16:17


I am looking to share a house with a garden with 1 or 2 other mums. I am a young professional and currently work in the City of London, for me it would be quite important to be well connected in terms of transport but not necessarily living in a busy area. My son is 7 years old and we have a lovely cat named Biscuit.

For more details or an informal chat please email me or call me on 0757 6175 589.


contactzoe Sat 12-Mar-11 08:08:17

Hello, anyone still looking to house share with another single parent? I own a flat in central London but its small, no sense of community and I feel like my 5 year old daughter and I are living in a box! We have been living in Goa for most of her life so its not so much fun coming back 'home' to London. We live in a great area, down by the river, Chelsea bridge but would love to be sharing a bigger place with another mum and child of a similar age. SHe is in reception at the moment in a school thats good but not very inspiring so to move her wouldnt be a problem if someone had a great idea somewhere else in the UK. Let me know

precius Wed 06-Apr-11 14:58:29

Hi - i have a double room in a garden flat in Twickenham - I am currently available for baby minding as I looked after a relative a few days per week until September. I have one son aged 14, we are of mixed heritage, i am 39. You would be very welcome to live here, there is a garden, Twickenham is a great area to live in, we are close to the tube and commuting from Richmond, 2 minutes on tube is great, alternatively from Twickenham to central is about 15 mins, my son travels to Acton each morning on South West Trains from Richmond which takes 10 minutes, we have a small friendly dog. For the home share, with bills included would be £100 per week, if you wanted child minding - I would leave it to you to decided on what you could afford - I start a childminding course in May, which is for a few hours per week, not sure exactly as yet. If your interested please call me: 07900114785, sharon.

Alexutza Sun 10-Apr-11 05:31:26

Hi everybody

I am pregnant at the moment, moved into a flat a few weeks ago and turns out I have to move out... very long story... but mainly crazy neighbour that has made my last 3 weeks a hell!!!

Due on 6 May... I know... very soon... and desperate to find something either before or about 1 month after...

I am going to need 2-3 rooms and I can pay about 250 a week...

Anyone interested?

I am looking to be in Forest Hill/Dulwich area.
Also maybe Balham/Clapham/Brixton...

Looking forward to hearing from you!


boxingHelena Mon 11-Apr-11 09:28:01

Alex I sent you a private msg
How many kids have you got? btw good luck with the delivery smile

Alexutza Mon 11-Apr-11 12:16:12

This is my first baby... I need extra space as I would like to work from home.
Quite happy to pay 2/3 of the property price if I get 2/3 of the space available

WantToStayHere Thu 14-Apr-11 01:02:21

Does anyone know if a website that facilitates lone parent house shares has actually been developed now/yet?

I'm a single mum trying to make it work financially for DS and I to stay in our four-bedroom family home in a gorgeous Hampshire village. I can see the need for a house share "match-making" site like this - we could do with a child-friendly lodger (possibly with their own kids) to help make ends meet.

If there isn't such a site as yet, I'd be interested in developing one.

boxingHelena Thu 14-Apr-11 11:45:07

WantToStayHere I have been thinking the same, there is not one and there really ought to be!
Shall we join force? Are you a programmer?

WantToStayHere Thu 14-Apr-11 14:05:34

Hi boxingHelena. I'm not a programmer, unfortunately, but I have a bit of cash I could invest. Possibly. If it looked as though it had legs. Wouldn't expect to make millions out of it or anything like that, but it would have to justify the investment and time involved in running it.

uklouisab Thu 14-Apr-11 15:11:20

I can't offer any help or advice but I do agree that its a great idea and one where there appears to me unmet need - the first requirement for a good business

boxingHelena Fri 15-Apr-11 20:20:56

Honestly I have been thinking about it for a while now as there are not any specific site and there is obviously a gap in the market.
In particular with regard to the standoffish attitude to landlords in general when it comes down to single mother, it would be great if there was some kind of pre requisites and back up from an association kind of thing?.
I put in an offer that was accepted till they found out it was for myself and my son plus another single mum and daughter.... than it was not feasible anymore and they told me to much where and tear as a poor excuse! So I asked how different was it from being a family with 2 kids, It was a 2 bed house with lounge, separate kitchen and dining room, garden and shed....front garden off road car parking. Plenty for 2 adults and 2 kids disregarding who slept with who and where!
First time I have felt discriminated
Speak soon, let me know how serious you are about this ;-)

boxingHelena Fri 15-Apr-11 20:25:32

dear me what a poorly written post blush hope it makes some sense

onlyme1980 Fri 06-May-11 22:30:27

Hi folks. I'm living in Brighton and looking for a new home. Interested in sharing with another single parent in the hope that we will be able to enjoy the bennefits of a bigger house and garden. I work for an advocacy charity and have a 12 year old son. Would like to find someone similar, male or female, open to ideas. Hope to hear from someone. Alice

onlyme1980 Sat 07-May-11 09:49:09

Hi folks. I'm living in Brighton and looking for a new home. Interested in sharing with another single parent in the hope that we will be able to enjoy the bennefits of a bigger house and garden. I work for an advocacy charity and have a 12 year old son. Would like to find someone similar, male or female, open to ideas. Hope to hear from someone. Alice

uisa Tue 10-May-11 13:00:20

Hello there.... I'm a 40 year old university lecturer single mum with a 3 year old daughter. Interested to find another single mum and child with similar values. We're both vegetarian and also into 'holistic' (for want of a better word) lifestyle as much as possible. I have environmental sensitivities and therefore have to follow an organic lifestyle and avoid pesticides and herbicides. I therefore have an active interest in all things green, especially as far as they relate to children. I think with the right people it could be a lot of fun, and would help to make a more interesting an 'whole' home for the little ones. It's potentially complicated for me though because of my health problems and ideally I'd like to find someone who would like a 'no shoe' house (mainly for health, but also aesthetic reasons!) , and who is also committed to a toxin-free lifestyle. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss further.

Aniluap, have you found a sharer yet? Perhaps we might share similar interests? And Eleanora, have you found a family to share your Devon house? I might be interested in discussing further at least on the short term. FOr the longer term, possible areas would be north London, or anywhere within commutable distance of central London. Brighton, Forest Row, Lewes, or other places in Sussex. Open to suggestion. Please, anyone interested, get in touch!!

uisa Tue 10-May-11 13:01:05

onlyme1980..... might you be interested in discussing further? Please see my previous posting.....

uisa Thu 12-May-11 11:01:57

Just found this website.... doesn't seem to be used by many people though.... hardly any entries of 2011.

Liznlily Thu 02-Jun-11 22:17:33


We are all too aware of what a strain (and joy) lone parenting can be. Financial and living circumstances aside, it can be very hard emotionally. For me this manifests as loneliness in the evenings and little time to myself, out of the house.

According to gingerbread 1/4 of all children are being raised by a lone parent. I know there are plenty of you out there who will identify with where I am at the moment.

 Is anyone out there willing to share a house with my 3 year old daughter and me in the KNOWLE/DORRIDGE/BALSALL COMMON/SOLIHULL area?

We would need a house with garden, seperate bedrooms and seperate rooms for our children. 

I welcome any thoughts and look forward to hearing from you!

ScaryCari Tue 07-Jun-11 04:12:34

Hello we are looking to move into UK before the new school year
begins, I am an artist manager promoter and will not be able to commit
immediately until settled and sorted there although I do take my
work with me and plan to expand it by joining forces with another London agency
by introducing my artists roster for international, I have 2 pre teen
daughters whom are
Italian – American, very smart tidy and responsible, and I am Cuban -
American, please let me know your
thoughts for this, this would be our first time in the UK, so you can
imagine what a life changing move this will be for all of us now
therefore we would appreciate some orientation there, can anyone help us?

Cari Rojas

angrywoman Thu 09-Jun-11 17:08:50

I am a soon to be part time student/ part time worker with 3 children, looking to move to Brighton or London, like a few others, I like to be environmentally friendly, gardening and so on. Quite what some of my friends call 'arty'.... As I have 3 offspring: 11, 8 and 6, we are already after a biggish place. But I think a larger place with others living in it would be even better. I love my present neighbours, who have 2 children but they are about to move. Living near/ with other parents who can help and be companions etc is surely the ideal solution for us lone parents... But you need people you get on with, obviously...

6331sarahc Sun 12-Jun-11 16:27:36

Hi, i am currently preparing to move down to London from the West midlands as i am starting to study part time for my degree at London College of Fashion in september. I have an eight year old son and am looking for a house share, we are tidy, fun, good cooks and i am willing to share child care, experience and company. Am willing to consider all areas of london but must be settled at the beginning of the new school year!! It would be brilliant to find not only a like-minded parent but children too to help my son settle quickly after the big move!!!

boxingHelena Fri 15-Jul-11 11:57:00

Hi Sarah
I suggest that you get an addres and apply for school asap, you will not be settle in any way shape or form not your child will be in school in september otherwise
Not sure if some areas are easier to give space for school / tranfer but in my experience its a nightmare and as a result my son has been out of school since 1 of june, just for you to know

Hi, I am moving to London at the end of September. I have a 10 year old daughter. I will be looking for a house share with like-minded single parents. I teach English as a foreign language and am widely travelled as a result. I am a British Italian and my daughter is a British Italian Maldivian but we are quite normal really! Ideally I would like us to live in central, north or west london. I have noted what has been said about getting a school and this is quite scary so I am trying to get organised. Would anyone like to join forces?

boxingHelena Sat 30-Jul-11 10:50:31

Hi Rosella we are just as mixed as you are ;-) Get in touch
I send you a private msg with my phone number

Hi Helena?
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, work has been hectic. I'd love to get in touch. where are you?

Mumfortoddler Fri 12-Aug-11 20:32:47

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in this too- although I live in Oxford- sometime in the next six months I am looking to buy a house and would have room, my little boy is two. Moving to a village within a 3 mile radius of Oxford. Anyway if you're in my area and interested get in touch x

SkySeeker Tue 16-Aug-11 13:25:05

Hi I'm interested in a HOUSESHARE in or around FARNHAM, SURREY

I have a 10yr old son and wonder if there's anyone in the area who already has a house with extra space for us. Any ideas, please get in touch.

Alternatively if there are any single parents who would like to coordinate efforts and find a new home together - it would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes to everyone looking for houseshares!

raggerty7 Fri 19-Aug-11 18:10:58


Anyone interested in a house share in Bromley/Shortlands? I am 34 and have a 3 year old daughter. Looking to find a house with a garden and hopefully move within the next year. If you are interested send me a messagesmile


Balletlover Sat 20-Aug-11 13:58:07

Hello, is anyone interested in a houseshare in West London? Next to a lovely park, zone 3, good primary schools. This is for soon to be single mum friend & her 9 year old quiet son who live in nice house with garden.

SarahLeeT Mon 22-Aug-11 15:16:55

Hi, im looking to rent a place in Poole in Dorset with another Single mum. I have a 7 year old amazing daughter who i have 50% of the time. Life would be so much easier if living costs were less! let me know if you are interested sx

Hi Balletlover,
Sorry have just seen this message as I haven't been on here for a while. Is your friend still looking? I have a 10 year old daughter and am hoping to move at the end of September/beginning October. Please let me know, thanks.

DrChiroKez Sun 18-Sep-11 01:04:52

SKYSEEKER.... Im might be interested in sharing a place in Farnham. I might be moving there for work and need a place for my 4 year old son and I.

vole3 Tue 20-Sep-11 18:20:47

DS aged 4 and I are just south of Norwich. We are only 20 minutes from the station which has direct trains to London / Cambridge.
We have a double room and a small single.
The house is opposite the junior school and a 5 minute walk from the infants and high school.
I work in healthcare in Great Yarmouth.
I am a domestic goddess more in the line of Nigella than Kim and Aggie. My house is a home, not a show home and I do have 2 slightly batty siamese smile

dellydel Wed 21-Sep-11 23:45:21

i am wanting to move down from up north ideally to Brighton but i am open minded. I have a daughter who is 6 and love the idea of house sharing and having some company of a like minded female!
I have just come across this site so any ideas would be gratefully recieved!
Thanks adele

dellydel Wed 21-Sep-11 23:47:57

hi did you find somewhere in Brighton?

pickleandmash Thu 29-Sep-11 12:05:17

Hello I've been away from mumsnet for a bit but used to be here alot, just going through a separation now. Would love to consider a house share with another single mother and kids, currently in Oxfordshire with 7 year old boy and 3 year old girl, but consider moving further out [not back to London though!]

Arts background/degree.

There is a US website just for this purpose...

feelingsik Thu 29-Sep-11 23:14:33

yes, there is an US but not an UK
unless you are thinking to move as far as that wink

Lettucelover Tue 04-Oct-11 06:56:13

Anyone looking to share in the Ealing area, W13 or near? Unsure whether to rent alone or with somebody?

mamaflow Mon 10-Oct-11 10:31:58

Hello, completely new here.. smile and found this thread while googling single parent house share! I have 1 or maybe 2 rooms to rent in my very lovely house in Bruton, Somerset. Sharing with me and 2 DD - 7 & 4 and 2 cats, lovely light airy space with big garden, big open plan kitchen space, open fire, veggie patch and great local community. Great local schools just a few minutes walk away include great Steiner School, good local primary, excellent secondary and 2 other independent schools! Looking for like-minded, creative, interested in living sustainably, mindfully, type people. Thanks!

Joanna12 Wed 12-Oct-11 12:45:02

Very new to this to! I've just left my husband and am not sure what to do next, I've been loooking at flats but it's very scary thinking about paying for everything by myself. I work in London and live in Medway I have family in Medway area, Bromley/Croydon and Tubridge Wells would consider a move anywhere close to London. I'm 32 and have a little boy who is 3. I really like the idea of sharing with similar/likeminded female in the same prediciment, I can really see the benefits of this if you get a good match...if anyone is interested it would be good to chat!

lookingforaflatshare Thu 13-Oct-11 21:18:43

I'm a single mum to a beautiful one year old baby girl and would be interested in a flatshare in/near Hammersmith or Islington. If you have a spare room(s) or are in a similar situation perhaps we could chat?

Fiona247 Fri 14-Oct-11 04:14:21

Hi - I am a single mum with two boys 10 and 15 but like the idea of sharing with a likeminded single parent in similar predicament. I live near West Malling and if there is any other single mum who would be interested in a house share drop me a line.

JustForThisOne Fri 14-Oct-11 23:30:47

Hi to all mums hoping to share. We (me and my dc) would like to share our (small) nice flat. It would be too small long term but could be a base to try out if we are on the same wavelength and possibly commit to that big family house with a garden our kids deserve and we all wish for. I can answer all your question also with regard to schools (the Big Issue I feel) Get in touch

georgielove Sun 23-Oct-11 13:12:21

Hello Eleanor, I would be very interested to know more about the sharing accomodation in the farmhouse in Devon I have a daughter of twelve years old. I currently live in devon at present and I am creative, artistic and love the countryside and love the idea. Please let me know if you are still looking for someone, many thanks.

georgielove Sun 23-Oct-11 13:14:11

Also if there are any single mum's who are also open to sharing in Devon please get in touch!!!!

lovelybella Sun 20-Nov-11 01:36:19

I´m a singel mum planing to move to london. I´m intressting in sharing home and life and a friendship with another singel mum.
I have a dc 3. If you have an extra room for us around March 2012 for an initially 3 months we will be happy.
At the moment we live in sweden and i work as o social worker. If there is a mum who is nice to open her house and let me and my son share our lives with hers and her kid/s pls let me know.
I prefer n, w and nw near a good school and good transport links t central london. thanks.

Mummytoanangel Tue 22-Nov-11 09:04:05

Hi 'looking for a flatshare' and any others that are still looking for a house share. I've tried the flatshare thing with a single dad, it was great for company and to half the costs of rent and bills, it was also nice to cook with someone and have the occassional glass of wine over a film!! Unfortunately for me (but not for him), he eventually got back together with his ex and me and my daughter have since moved into our own rented property. The only thing is, it is soooo expensive and can get quite lonely in the evenings and as I am quite a sociable person, I would love to look at housesharing again.

I'm currently in Berkshire so would be happy to stay here, if that would suit others but would also definately look into London as I have family and friends near there too. Would even consider a big house share with more then two mums!!

lovelybella Tue 22-Nov-11 11:41:13

Are you stll interested in a house share.
Please send me a mail at

zara14 Tue 06-Dec-11 20:53:16

Hello there,

Hope this thread is still alive, I'm a non smoking single mum with 9 yo son and 5 yo ds looking for a house share in Broxbourne/Waltham Cross area, we're lively but calm family, neat and clean.

rayavie Wed 28-Dec-11 21:13:22

Hi! I am 30 and I have a little Gabriella who is 13 month. I have been working like a French teacher in a bilingual nursery in Paddington for four years and I am looking for a flat to share next to this area or close to a tube easy to catch to go to my work.
Contact me if you are interested in!

brokensleeper Wed 04-Jan-12 00:49:32

any lone parents looking to share in manchester?south or old trafford,sale,altricga, area?im looking to move with my 10 mth old girl very soon.

Tamoo Sat 14-Jan-12 13:02:27


I'm a single mother to an 8yr old DS and currently planning a move to Brighton/Hove within the next couple of months.

I'd love to houseshare, as it will be a new area for us, new school, no friends etc!

I'm easy to get along with, non-smoking, no pets, clutter-free and tidy. It'd be great to meet a feminist-minded woman to set this up with.

DS is always keen to make friends, girls or boys, and loves babies smile Both of us like films and books and getting out and about, parks, museums, coffee and lunch etc. I generally like a quiet life however, not into drinking/partying.

Please PM me if anyone is interested and wants to discuss further, especially if you are already local and already have room to spare.

MaisieMama Thu 19-Jan-12 11:52:27

I'm a 36 year old mum to a 2.5 year old girl. I am currently renting a lovely house with a garden between Crystal Palace & Sydenham with great links to Victoria, London Bridge & the East London/Overground line.

I'd love to find someone similar to share with. I love a nice glass of wine, exploring the fab local parks with my little one & work in media.

PM me if you're interested!


acrunchieandacupoftea Sun 22-Jan-12 00:49:11

I'm a 27 year old mum to a 4 year old boy. I'm currently renting a 2 bedroom flat in East Central London. I work in education.

I would love to find a like minded mum to flatshare with.

Is there anyone living locally who is interested?

jmnjmn Thu 26-Jan-12 19:06:27

Hi all, I just created facebook group for single parents looking for house share in London, please, feel free to join ;)!/groups/240713749340629/

superpee Fri 27-Jan-12 11:28:24

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to move to Christchurch Dorset in July from Rome Italy with my son aged 8 and would like to try house sharing with another single parent - I work in EFL teaching . My son speaks English and Italian and we have a cat. We'd love to have a garden and our own bathroom, but more important would be to get along and share lives with like minded people. If you have a house with extra room or would like to move into one, please contact me so we can check to see how compatible we are. It would be great to have company and the kids could grow up together!

Hiya, just found this thread. Currently separating from DH and have DS 2.5. Have a house with garden in quiet neighbourhood in NW London, close to Met and Jubilee lines, and wanting to find lodger but haven't really looked so when I saw this I thought it would be a great idea to share with a mum and kid, I know my son would love it.

I work mon-fri and we spend a lot of our weekends out - the usual, playcentre, swimming, park etc, although I'm lucky I have my parents around the corner and they help a lot.

Anyway, if someone is interested, not sure what the etiquette is, but I guess leave a message here with some contact details?

Naids Tue 31-Jan-12 17:11:43

Hi everyone, I am a single mom of 2 girls from Wales and planning of moving to London around September this year. I am looking for a flat share around west or close to central London. Only my 9 years old will be coming with me when I move to London. I am easy to get along with, very clean person, non-smoker, open-minded etc....please do keep in touch @

recel Thu 02-Feb-12 20:57:27

Hi, I am renting a very reasonably priced house in the Brixton area. Garden, real fire, 2 cats etc. Otherwise it's just me and my 7 months old boy. Get in touch if you are interested in renting the extra room.
I'm looking for a sociable single parent to share with.
Could it be you? I hope so.

Madge40 Mon 06-Feb-12 04:28:47

Hi Rachael, I'm a single mum with a 10 year old girl just round the corner near streatham hill. Interested in renting with/from another single mum, how do I get in touch with you?

SingleDadBerkshire Tue 14-Feb-12 10:33:57


I'm a single Dad with a 4 y old Daughter, new to this site, in fact I joined to post on this thread.

I am in a predicament as I cannot quite afford a house for my daughter and i on our own (she stays with me 2/3 days per week). I have seen this thread and thought it could be the answer. (I am currently living at home some distance from my Daughter), although i still see her each weekend and during the week. I wondered if anyone would consider a house share in the Reading/Wokingham area.

I am in full time employment, friendly and am looking for a safe and secure home for us to share.

Thanks James

Amylou24 Tue 21-Feb-12 19:22:04

Hi I have recently split with my partner and still living with him till I find somewhere. Ideally want a place in Bristol that will accommodate me and my 3 year old son. Looking for someone that is friendly and take turns in babysitting or a good gossip. I work full time and my son goes to nursery.

I can't afford a place on my own. I don't know what else to say .

If I fit the "bill" please feel free to ask me questions. Just hope someone out there to help smile x

muddymooncups Tue 21-Feb-12 19:41:45

I think it would be a great idea. Just think of the support you could give each other.

My friend, many years ago, became a single parent and wanted to share with her friend who also had a DC.
As she was on benefits at the time, the council said no and rehoused her in her own flat.
She was so lonely and found life on her own with 2 young DC very hard.

The council said if her friend had been her sister there would be no problem.

Her DC are now grown up.

I don't know if this is still the case. This was 15 years ago.

Claireandgeorge39 Sat 03-Mar-12 12:12:06


I am a single mum living in Canary Wharf and would be interested in meeting up with other mums in the area!

littlemole1 Sun 11-Mar-12 11:05:19

I've been following the discussion about single mums who rent spare rooms to other single mums. What rules or boundaries make the relationship work brilliantly? Secondly, how do people feel about looking after the other's child while mum goes on a date/have night out etc/does her yoga class? I'm a new single mum that is thinking of renting my spare room to another, and sharing with someone who would look after my 2 year old for 2 X 2 hours a week just so I get a break is something I'd appreciate since I have no extended family nearby.

happybeeisgoingcrazy Mon 12-Mar-12 18:16:11

After collapsing on my own at home on Saturday with just my 2&4 year olds around and ending up in hospital I have realised how dangerous it can be to be a single mom. That said if there is anyone in the Birmingham area who is considering a home-share please contact me.

AT3 Tue 13-Mar-12 17:03:15


I'm a single mum of a 3 year old boy living in Windsor and would like to consider a house share with another single parent due to housing/childcare costs. I work full time and am looking for someone easy going, clean, non-smoker and respectful who might be in the same predicament.

Message me if you're interested

Bongobaby Wed 14-Mar-12 15:05:55

What a brilliant idea to single parent house share. Its often a very lonely and daunting place to be in on your own with everything all the time. I would love to do a house share but only have a two bedroom house with my dc. I often sit and wonder what it would be like to share some company at nights and thoughts with someone in the same situation. It would be good for dc socially aswell.
Most of my friends are married or with long term rightly spend time with their familys. But you can,t help feeling lonely and billy no mates at times on your own and feeling bogged down with handling everything that gets thrown at you as a single parent. We should have a national single parent house advert on the go me thinks.

Mummytoanangel Tue 27-Mar-12 20:35:41


After umming and ahhing for the last year and a bit about whether to make the move to London or not with my little girl, I have now found by dream job in the city, so looks like it's happening! Will be working 4 days a week as a Patient Coordinator near Harley Street, and ideally would like to houseshare with another single mum in South West as commutable to work, and near family etc.

My little girl is 19 months, we are a happy little family, relaxed, tidy and friendly! Please do get in touch if you are interested in the house share idea. I do need to move asap.


jojott Tue 03-Apr-12 12:55:07

has anyone got a spare room anywhere in london, east or south would be great but atm not too fussed, me and my 4year old son, and do you know if housing benefit will pay for a share as im not working at the moment, we are very clean and my son is well behavd . any help is appreciated thankyou

Lissie20251 Thu 10-May-12 10:23:42

Hi all! I'm moving to Birmingham as i have to start a job in September smile Having originally considered this ides for London i wondered if there was anyone in Birmingham who would be interedted in sharing a house with me and my 5 year old, who although sometimes has his moments lol, he is on the whole a good, sociable and loving little boy! smile As for me im friendly, tidy and love a natter over a class of one every now and again. Would be happy to help with a spot of sitting too and vice versus smile

Fingers crossed someone from Birmingham is interested
x x smile

aisha123 Sun 13-May-12 03:26:15

hi i live in the toronto Canada area, single mom of a six month old, i looking for someone who has a house to share. Anyone out there from Toronto Canada

southeastmum Sun 13-May-12 13:08:37

I have posted before. We are still very much into the idea of sharing. I have done lot of homework on properties in the area and there are some lovely 3 beds family homes with large gardens going for 1250/1500 or less if you dont mind sharing the room with your child. Get in touch!

Rowenaj79 Sat 19-May-12 08:22:14

Hi! I have just found this forum, so am exciting email people to meet to look into sharing together!
I am 33 and my LM is 13mths and we are looking for a 2 bed flat but of we share a bigger house and find someone to hare with all the better. I work 2 days a week as a acupuncturist and part rent housing at the moment.
Please contact me if still interested

mopsera Sat 19-May-12 16:31:17

wow this is so timely for me and interesting !; when i was alone i had many lodgers in my 2 bed flat in brighton ; one asian guy stayed 4 years and that worked really well ( the others werent generally so good!)
now im a single mommy with a 2 year old ,an hour from brighton & quite isolated in a rural village, and have a spare room, and have been considering all sorts of options. that sound wonderful elanora !! Like you, Lauree though, i have the dad / other relatives within an hour s drive so cant move too far away. I have wondered how the benefits would be affected by a lodger, if they werent working and have considered advertising for a student who could babysit.i put an ad up for a summer lodger ( no money involved) but only got eastern europeans mainly without good english, and one english girl but she didnt reply when i said i could only offer a room / no money !

mopsera Sat 19-May-12 16:33:26

ps rowenaj79 ; you dont say where you are ?!!!! london?

mopsera Sat 19-May-12 16:36:58

also southeastmum ; or anyone on here in this area ( near heathfeild; east sussex/kent border ) I have a doubleroom here if anyone is intersted in a short term trial stay in a large flat with open plan kitchen/ diner; but you would need to be student or on benefits like moi cheers.
Also family home HOMESWOPPING is anyone intersted in this for holidays? as im in a very pretty area great for breaks and love visiting cities ( excepting london sorry !)

southeastmum Sat 19-May-12 22:12:05

mopsera thank you for your offer, I am afraid I am in London, good idea about holiday house swap.!

ShaSam Mon 21-May-12 00:00:51

Hi there
I am new to MumsNet and joined specifically because I was searching for a single mum's flatshare - which I think is a great idea and glad to have found this site.
I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter. We have just moved from France, so her first language is French, but speaks English too. I am British. I am seeking a houseshare in the Clapham area from mid-July 2012 - close to Clapham Common, still in the Wandsworth Borough. I work in central London. My budget is 1200£ max (but of course would want to get something cheaper if possible) and would be willing to do a flatshare for a 3 bed house with a garden and for the children to share rooms if a 4 bed is outside the budget.
Of course, interested in sharing with someone in the same situation as me, so that we can share bills and babysitting! Do contact me if you are interested, as it could be a great thing for us both - I really need to get a social life goingsmile! Hope to hear from you -, Sharron.

dlc11 Mon 28-May-12 20:48:15

Is there anyone out there looking for another single mum to house share in Datchet/Windsor area (Berkshire)? I have a 7 year old boy. I work 5 days a week 9 till 6pm.

sunshine39 Mon 28-May-12 23:19:14


Moving to Brighton in a couple of weeks with my lovely girls aged 6yrs & 2yrs, looking to share with another single mum of similar aged children.

Effi Thu 31-May-12 23:14:01


I would be interested in sharing my house with another single parent. I would love the company and my son would too. The financial part would be good too. I am in my 40s live in Woodford Green, London (central line) and my son is 18 months old. I am easy going and we have a little garden. Please get in touch if you are interested.

fabzy Fri 01-Jun-12 17:02:24

What a great idea! Suddenly, i feel less lonely!
I am in my 40s with 2 boys 8 and 11, looking to move to North West London, Ealing, Acton, Harrow, Ruislip...

MaryTK Mon 04-Jun-12 18:07:03

I am so greatful I have found this thread, as was looking for something like this for some time!
I would love to flatshare with other single mum(s) from aug/sep 2012, share the bills, the fun, the blues, be there as backup for each other, etc.
I am in Edmonton (Enfield, North London) , with a 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter. I would like to flatshare with other single mum(s), preferably in this area, as both kids will be attending school from September. There is a great new academy in the area (my son is going to reception class there and it's great!) and another being built for next year, plus great gym/ swim facilities, train in 23 minutes in Liverpool street (city).
If, however, schools can be transferred, i would be also flexible to move into another area , preferably north or central london area.
at the moment, i rent a 3 bed house with sunny garden, and a double room could be made free, but would also be ok to moving into a 4 bed or more spacious 3 bed.
i am working part time and studying (distance)
if anyone is interested pls email me on or send me a text on 07528 364 663
thanks for reading x
Mary T

shen08 Thu 07-Jun-12 18:55:31

Hi, this possibly doesn't belong here. I am currently living in N.Ireland (originally from here) and really want to move back to England (anywhere really but particularly Leeds or Southampton general areas). I have a degree and am studying for a masters through distant learning. I don't think I can afford to rent on my own especially not to begin with and I cant imagine a single person wanting to share with a single mother. I haven't been able to get work since I moved home in June and was only ever suppose to be at home temporarily.

I was wondering if anyone here would have any advice on how I could go about getting moved. My son is turning 4 in Sept and is due to start school so I would like to have moved before then.

Mummytoanangel Fri 08-Jun-12 00:20:09


I'm looking for another mum (or two other single parents) to look at housesharing with in West London. I have a bit of flexibility on area, just as long as easy access to M3/M4 and a safe, child-friendly area.

I'm 26 and my little girl is nearly 2. I currently work four full days a week in Marleybone and am keen to find other single parents in my situation who like the idea of taking the pressure off financially, and getting a bit of company for themselves and the kids through housesharing a property.

Please do get in touch on here or on 07581 339550 if interested.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Yvonnen83 Sun 17-Jun-12 19:31:26

Hi, i'm a 32yr old single mum with a (just turned) 4yr old girl.
Currently live in North Acton but would like to live in W10 and surrounding areas to be closer to her school. I don't mind sharing the room with her (if we get a 2 or 3 bed) i know it's a quite pricey area but if we're only footing half the bill then it's not too bad smile can pay up to 1,000 per month. Ideally move mid/end of August before school starts in September.


Please call me 07944276934

alexandrasponge Mon 18-Jun-12 15:10:17

Room available in single parent household in Goodmayes, Ilford. (Zone 4)

We are currently 2 mums (a Danish and a English) with two boys (17 month and 4 year and a baby girl due this week) sharing a big period property with huge living room, office space, kitchen and big garden. The house is located 5 min walk from Goodmayes station then 14min to stratford and 23min to Liverpool street, with good local bus routes, big Tesco 10 min. walk, small shops 2 min walk, library 5 mins walk and park at end of the road (1 min walk).

We are looking for a single mum and child to occupy a room in the house from September. We are both in the creative industry and work from home - so there is office/studio space available in the house as well. Its a relaxed house share and we are open to hear from everyone (age, sex or ethnicity) who is interested in living in a shared house. Get in touch! al_post[at]

alexandrasponge Mon 18-Jun-12 15:12:32

Room available in single parent household in Goodmayes, Ilford. (Zone 4)

We are currently 2 mums (a Danish and a English) with two boys (17 month and 4 year and a baby girl due in two weeks) sharing a big period property with huge living room, office space, kitchen and big garden. The house is located 5 min walk from Goodmayes station then 14min to stratford and 23min to Liverpool street, with good local bus routes, big Tesco 10 min. walk, small shops 2 min walk, library 5 mins walk and park at end of the road (1 min walk).

We are looking for a single mum and child to occupy a room in the house from September. We are both in the creative industry and work from home - so there is office/studio space available in the house as well. Its a relaxed house share and we are open to hear from everyone (age, sex or ethnicity) who is interested in living in a shared house. Get in touch! al_post[at]

mumssy Sun 15-Jul-12 23:26:34

Looking for a mum/dad with a 5-6 year old boy who wants to share a room in 1 child family home near East Dulwich. The area has plenty of good schools. Preferable professional mid 30's or older. Open to rent negotiation in exchange of helping each other with school collections. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks

Angelin Mon 16-Jul-12 22:25:57

I am new to this site and am really glad to have found it. I am a single mom of two little boys 5 & 2. I am looking to move to the Camden area in London and are in need to share a house with another single mom. Non-smoking, quiet, christian mom. I can only afford £400 per month rent. Not looking for anything big or posh. I want to move as soon as the end of July. Please email me. Email addr is or text 07741511809. Thank you very much.

loukiami Sat 21-Jul-12 17:16:27

i am a single mum , theatre designer , my son is 2 years old. your company sounds great.. do you still have a room ? any idea about clildminders in your area? i need a room from 23rd of augoust

loukiami Sat 21-Jul-12 17:18:02

allesadra sponge , i am interested to rent your room

loukiami Sun 22-Jul-12 09:32:35

i am a single mother of a 2 years old boy and i am looking for a house share in hackney. could be an other single mother or other two. i am 40 years old and i am working full time. i can offer happily evening baby seating as most of the times i stay in with my son as i work a lot the day time my mail is

MummytoLO Tue 31-Jul-12 21:56:10

I'm looking for a 30+ single parent to share a central London flat and a nanny.

I am social, organised professional woman from Germany with a lovely little girl.

It would be fun to share a 3-4 bed flat or small house with another single parent. Battersea, Kentish Town, Shepherds Bush.. I am open as long as it's fairly central. Preferably from September or October. I work full-time, so would like to share a nanny too.

If interested, please email me at

Samandjas Wed 15-Aug-12 08:41:59

Hi Everyone,

Well, I hope this advert is not viewed negatively. I am a single father from Newcastle although I have spent the past 12 years living abroad in China, the Netherlands and Belgium. Anyway, I have been offered a place on a postgraduate course at Kings College which I would really like to attend.

I am not looking for extra help taking care of my daughter but I'll be able to help with anything that is needed and am happy to baby sit if you need a night off. I am looking to share with another single parent because I want my daughter to be around another child (preferably a little girl) so that she watches less TV. I really want stability and therefore I am looking for longer term accommodation. I have start up money but I will need to get a job although I am entitled to housing benefit etc.

My daughter is nearly six. She is quiet and very calm. I am also calm, caring and easy to get along with.

If you have a spare room (or two) and have a daughter and are looking for someone to share rent (and have some fun of course) then I would love to hear from you. My daughter and I need to move to Londonearly/mid September.

Text me with your details please and I will call you back as soon as I have a free moment.

0790 709 2288

Sam and Jasmin

recel Sat 25-Aug-12 08:05:21

Hi all. I have a double room to rent in my 3 bed house. We are in SE24, between Brixton and Camberwell. Really want a calm and friendly single parent family to move in to share the obvious benefits of having two adults around. There is a comfortable living / dining area with a real fire, a spacious bathroom in which to swing both our cats, and a little garden. Suitable for someone with one child who could share with my little boy who is 14 months. The space is available from the 1st September. Is there anyone out there who would like to share?


Auror Tue 11-Sep-12 00:06:53

Have you found somebody yet?
I am actually considering to move out in December though, when my contract ends. Please do email me on or txt me on 07804958367.
Many thanks,

Auror Tue 11-Sep-12 00:08:30

Sorry it regards mumssy:-)

Auror Tue 11-Sep-12 00:09:15

Also Rachel,

Is the room still available?

Thank you

mopsera Tue 11-Sep-12 06:14:53

hi. im rachel, 43, single mommy with 2 yr old .I live approx an hour from london by train
( charing cross-hastings line) in a very big lovely, first floor brand new flat ; very pretty 16th century village of Burwash, on kent border.we are just along the high street, etchingham station 10 mins by car.
i have a double room with a seperate toilet/ sink, and a small study which could potentially be an extra bedroom. we are on benefits so need another single mum also on benefits or a student, happy to share with us over the winter. theres a small chance We may be moving to a 2 bed house with a garden, in Bexhill anytime after christmas, but would still have a spare room there ( as my daughter co sleeps with me) .we are looking for a lodger til next spring /summer.If you are between places and preferably driver/ non smoker, and mum/ or not, pls get in touch.:-) ! :-)

Pollyrox Sun 23-Sep-12 10:35:35

Hi My names Emma I'm 38 and I'm looking for another single parent to share a flat/house with or for somebody who wants to share their space in Brighton. Im currently living in Hackney London and and am just about to put our house on the market so it would be around January (if the sale goes well!) I live with my 12 year old daughter and our three cats. I think it would be so much nicer to share a place and be able to support one another also such a bonus for the kids to have a permanent play mate!
Please let me know if you are interested smile

nardine Wed 26-Sep-12 11:00:59

Hi my name is Nardine. I am looking for a single parent to share a house in croydon. I am a proffessional single woman in my 30's. I am currently using a child minder in croydon, very proffessional and cheap, so anyone sharing will have the benefit of me introducing my child minder to. My son is 1 year old and would love to have a play mate. Get in contact if you are interested.

Madge40 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:47:50

Hi all. I have a 1 huge double and 1 large single room to rent in our rented house house. We are in SW12, between Brixton, clapham, streatham hill and Balham, very central really. My landlord has agreed that renting to 2 single parents could work extremely well. I would really like a calm and friendly single parent family to move in to share the obvious benefits of having two adults around. There is a large comfortable living / dining area with a real fire, a spacious bathroom and a little garden. Suitable for someone with one child and wants their own space too. The rooms are available now, is there anyone out there who would like to share?

dimiller Thu 11-Oct-12 07:25:15

Hello everybody! I'm currently looking for another single parent (single mum/dad) to share a house or flat with preferably in Croydon, Bromley, Orpington but I'm also open to move somewhere else in London. I'm a single mum in my 20s and I have a 2 yr old boy.

Please let me know if you're interested!

dimiller Thu 11-Oct-12 07:28:24

Hi, Nardine!

I would be interested. Email me if you're still looking

Looking forward to hearing from you smile

puddingfest Sun 14-Oct-12 17:14:35

Hi everyone! Madge40, I'd be quite interested in having a chat with you. I've been thinking about this single-parent houseshare thing for a while now, but the time has come to pull my finger out. I'm currently living between Tooting Bec and Balham, and my 12-year-old daughter attends Graveney secondary school.

We're both pretty easy-going (well, apart from her teen moments!), I work full time as a journalist in central London, and my daughter spends equal time with me and her dad (week on/week off). Could you give me a bit more info?

Alternatively, I'd love to have a chat with anyone who might consider renting a house with me, ideally in the Wandsworth area?


busybeafr Fri 19-Oct-12 22:23:57

I am a French single mum living in the center of Bristol. I am looking to meet other single parents willing to create a community life style by sharing a house with 2 or 3 other single parents. I know this might sound idealistic but I like to imagine unity around sharing, learning, splitting bills, supporting one another under a same roof. If you would like to discuss feel free to get in touch via email. warmth - B

arrozconleche Mon 29-Oct-12 04:00:11

I will be moving to Oxford in January and would love to find another single parent to share with. I have 2 children, DD = 7 & DS = 2. If you might be interested, please do send me a PM...

Jennyzmg Tue 06-Nov-12 01:03:56

Hi busybeafr, I love the idea, please email me
Or text : 07748632025

MamaMassageMe Thu 08-Nov-12 23:39:52

Hi smile

Looking for a single parent houseshare in Oxford area. Preferably east or north Oxford but fairly flexible if area has a great school! I have a calm, happy and lovely boy who's 2 and a fiesty, fun and jolly 1 year old.

Initially thinking Jericho... Would love to share chores, babysitting and red wine!

I am easy going, self employed (still get lots of help from housing benefit at the moment as I am part time till kids go to school!) motivated and hard working!

PM me if interested smile x

21South Sat 17-Nov-12 02:39:20

Hi there,

I am looking for single parent to share with. I have recently separated from DB and we, my 5 year old and I would love to find a single family to share with. I currently live in slough but am aware that most shares are in London. So I am open to move to south west London, Hayes, hillingdon, iver, burnham, tap low, Windsor, Eton, maidenhead. Please let me know if this suits. Thank you x

21South Sat 17-Nov-12 02:45:01

Mail me

21South Sat 17-Nov-12 02:48:15

Hi there I would be interested. My email is I have a 5 year old son. I look forward to speaking to you

Thank you x

Bostic Sun 18-Nov-12 00:23:51

I am looking for a single parent to share with me in Clapham, Balham or Streatham area.
I'm a single mum in my 40s and have 12 year old


Jennyzmg Sun 18-Nov-12 00:48:38

Hi Bostic, I'm thinking of the same area, my boy 5 month old. Please email me:

jumpingstar Sat 24-Nov-12 19:39:25

Hello All, moving to London soon and looking for a flatshare with another single parent, my son is 9 years old soon and we are looking around areas in zone 2 or 3 and schools, so far i heard North London are best for secondary ones and i also heard is a quite pricey area. Ideally we would like to find a place in zone 2 or 3 not so far from Camden as his dad lives there, i was looking around Canada water as i had been offered a place there before, so if anyone is interested to flat/house hunting together or have any spare room for us, please do keep in touch. We are reliable, friendly, clean and easy going people :-)

jumpingstar Sat 24-Nov-12 19:40:08

o i forgot , here is my email address just in case :-)

madam1mim Sat 24-Nov-12 20:41:55

Anyone in Birmingham , who might be interested in sharing with me send my 20mo , send me a message

recel Sun 25-Nov-12 22:00:55

Bostic, I just sent a message to you, or so I thought. But as it was sent I realised it went to Lauree. Get in touch if you are in a position to share recreational childcare. I'd very much like to hear from you as I am in the Brixton Loughborough Junction area. We could really help one another out.

I'll send you more details if you are interested. My last email went astray and was full of detail!


writingaboutthis Thu 29-Nov-12 15:06:43

I'm writing about single parent housesharing and have got a media request here if anyone would be willing to be a case study.

I'm a longstanding MNer and it's going to be a positive feature about the practical side of doing this.

Please see the link above or PM me. Thanks in anticipation.

teachertrainee Mon 03-Dec-12 23:18:14

hi all,
its my first time on here. im a newbie to motherhood with a 5mth old baby smile. i'm hoping we can find someone nice and easy to get along with (and their LO) to share in SE London- greenwich/lewisham/southwark or even kent.

if you are interested you can mail me:

washingonawednesday Wed 05-Dec-12 08:56:33

Anyone in west Cornwall? It's a long shot!

umgroup Thu 06-Dec-12 20:09:26

Hi I have 2 daughters 17 + 11, downsizing and looking to find another single parent who wants to pool capital to buy a reasonable sized house and divide it. on my own can't get anything i really want in a good area, but with another buyer could both maybe end up living somewhere we like, any thoughts suggestions, please let me know. west london, shepherds bush, acton, ealing, are the areas i am interested in because of where my girls are at school, one in chiswich and one in ealing.

SharpnackBuick Mon 10-Dec-12 16:35:24

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FlakeyTwinkle Sun 16-Dec-12 22:38:26

Hi everyone,

I am a professional with a 15month old, very happy, confident and bubbly daughter. I am looking to find another single mother who would be interested in renting a property with me in Putney, Southfields or Wimbledon area. I would like to rent somewhere quite nice (say, £2800 pcm) - after all, I need to treat myself in difficult times! My ideal house-share would be with someone who has a child (girl or boy, doesn't matter) of similar age (less than 4 years old) as I am interested in having a make-shift sibling for my sociable little one. If anyone is interested, please email me at

Tella79 Wed 26-Dec-12 20:50:18


Amanda2969 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:08:50

I am looking for a house/flat share with another single parent in the London area. I am 43 and have a 4 year old son. If you are have accomodation and are a single parent and are willing to open your heart and your home for sharing I would love to hear from you.

GlasgowGirl3 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:01:51

Hi all

I am looking for another mum to share with for six months, I'm 31, Italian and have a two year old daughter, willing to share household duties, school runs and babysitting.

drop me a line if interested

blinder Tue 15-Jan-13 11:27:12

This feels like a long shot but is there anyone wanting to share in Cardiff / South Wales? What a wonderful idea it is. I have a 3yo dd who would be spending lots of time with daddy. I cook a mean risotto and roast dinner smile

supercooperduper Sat 19-Jan-13 08:42:55


I am also a single mum with an 8 year old son. We live in Southfields (nr Wimbledon). I work too and I would really like to meet more mums in the same position, it's tough on your own and I find it hard to deal with the other mums at my son's school who are mostly married and tend to stick with their own. Please get in touch if you want to chat/meet for coffee and any other mums out there too, get in touch.

feelingsik Sat 19-Jan-13 10:42:58

Hello single mums everywhere :-)
I live with my son in south london, I put lot of time and efford in finding another small family to house share but it was not meant to be. However we are always open to meet up with other mum and kids in this position. My son is just turned 8. Do get in touch if you find it hard or just boring to work so hard at entertainment. We like parks, south bank, movies and theatre where we try to go at least once every two month. We also swim. So... if you want some new friends for 2013 get in touch. We can also accomodate short term a single parent+1child...unfortunately the house is not big enough for long term...x

Northlondonmummy67 Wed 23-Jan-13 22:46:40

Yes hello mums

I am too looking for a single parent house or flat share for all of the above discussed reasons! Added to which I think its the best thing for kids to have another to come home to play with. I have a gorgeous 3 year old girl and am an older mummy but young in spirit and like to do stuff in or out of London. Currently in High Barnet where the schools are good, but happy to shift elsewhere where the schools are good too. Anyone interested? Let me know be great to have a mutual support system at home - what a solution! Email me if your interested -

writingaboutthis Thu 24-Jan-13 13:41:42

I'm still looking for someone who is in a successful single parent houseshare for a feature in a national newspaper if anyone can help with this?

I'm a longstanding Mumsnetter who has namechanged!

calypsorose Sat 26-Jan-13 17:31:24


I have just joined this site and am very much interested in a houseshare. I am a professional black single parent with an 11 month old who sleeps through the night. I am due to shortly go back to work. I like the idea of mutual support, share of childcare etc and also a playmate for my daughter. .

I am flexible as to area, but somewhere nice with a garden would be ideal.

If you are looking for a housemate, please feel free to contact me on


FlakeyTwinkle Thu 31-Jan-13 15:59:07

Hi Supercooperduper,

Happy to meet up - email me at x

Cupquake Fri 22-Feb-13 11:35:55

Saw this thread. Selling the marital home and so seeing how to afford a place with my young son who's 7.
Wonder anyone from North London (haringey) looking/thinking of house share?

Yanasmith Thu 07-Mar-13 03:20:46

I am currently renting a flat in central london. As it is expensive to live here i am looking for someone who either wants to rent a flat together or has a room they wish to rent out. I am a single parent with a 2 year old daughter.
I need to find something within the next month.
contact me at

Iheartpasties Thu 07-Mar-13 03:48:59

I'm so curious if anyone has managed to find flat/houseshares via this thread!??

Aruamom Thu 07-Mar-13 07:37:14

I am a single mom with DS (3) and 2 cats and looking for a houseshare with another single parent in an area with good schools. Ideally someplace with a garden and easy commute into london. Please PM me/reply on here if you are interested.

Episode Fri 08-Mar-13 16:51:02

I have a spare room to let to a single parent in South West London. I have DS's 2 (nearly 3) and 4! They are both good sleepers and although quite very active very sociable and well behaved boys. I am a young professional in my mid 20's and work full time. We are clean and a bit too tidy and I'm looking for someone to share the tenancy with to reduce costs and share the burden (both ways) on single parenthood. I'm pretty relaxed and enjoy socialising and parties. Please send me a PM if your interested.... (I'm really sorry but no pets! My youngest has allergy issues

itjamhs Sun 10-Mar-13 10:50:02

Hi, "Episode"
I PM you, let me know if you are interested

M00MINMAMMA Tue 19-Mar-13 08:10:42

Hi there,

I am a professional single mum with a really lovely six-year-old boy. I've found an amazing house in Wandsworth which is in a really nice area, close to good schools, shops and transport. It's a six-bed and has a 130' garden and even off-street parking!

I'm looking for another parent and child who would be interested in sharing and then having one room for an au pair or another sharer? It would be a great way to save money and live in a nice area too. Don't let the amount of rent put you off, we can negotiate and work out which rooms we're having etc and see if we can work something out. If you're interested pm me!

cooper44 Tue 19-Mar-13 22:09:54

Hi M00MINMAMMA I don't know why I am even looking on this thread - am just being nosey - but that is a stunning house. The garden is heaven.

MoelFammau Wed 20-Mar-13 01:41:45


I'm a 35 year old single mother to my 22mo daughter. I live and work on Glasgow and am sick of living in a small, cramped flat!

Is there anyone out there (ideally into Scrabble, 'green living' and is dog friendly) who'd be up for sharing a bigger place, hopefully with outdoor space or next to a park? I make my own bread if that sways you!


Nickynoname Wed 27-Mar-13 13:41:44

I'm a single mother with a daughter in secondary school (KS3/4). I'd like to team up with a mother with a daughter of a similar age to find a house to share in Twickenham/Hampton.

MiniPenguinMaker Sat 06-Apr-13 12:15:15

This is such a brilliant idea.

I've actually moved back in with my parents and will be renting out our former house, but this thread has given me hope that I could move back in a year or two and share with another single mum. I have a [mortgage on a] beautiful house with four bedrooms and a big garden in a village with a great primary school, and with another single mum it would actually be quite affordable. And I like the idea of being able to share meals and conversation, and perhaps do some reciprocal childcare.

Would anyone be happy to share their experiences of how a single-parent house share has worked? (good or bad or simply advice for how to set this up in the best possible way!)

miidi1 Sat 06-Apr-13 22:33:45

hi if you want a lodger or company pls get in touch. am a single mum with a 4 month old daughter who will like a house share.

lolathemagnificent Mon 08-Apr-13 12:09:37

What a great thread! I think this is a really fantastic idea.

Where abouts in Glasgow are you moel?
I'm 27 and my DS turned 2 last weekgrin I moved 40miles away from Glasgow when DS was born to be close to family and avoid the city prices but I still work in the Southside 3 days a week and would love to move back as I love Glasgow. A houseshare would be an excellent way to cut costs and my very sociable DS would adore another little one around (as would I!) I also bake bread smile and love baking/cooking

chikichiki Sat 13-Apr-13 19:08:56


I am a 34 year single mum with an 11 year old girl moving to UK on the 1st of September from Helsinki Finland. We are Finns but I am of African descent and my daughter is mixed. I am interested in a flat or house share with a single mum or family with a similar aged daughter. This will be the 1st time in UK for my daughter, but I have been there frequently over the years, even did some postgrad studies at Oxford. I work as a social worker in Helsinki. We are starting over and I expect the move to be hard on my daughter, different school systems, language etc. She is very well behaved, a bit reserved and loves nature.

We are 2 clean, social girls, but also appreciate some quiet time.
Preferably ensuite and walking distance to school, shops, rail etc. I am not looking to buying a car unless I really have to. I am interested in good areas in Hertfordshire and Kent. Something spacious, modern, with double glazing and wooden floors. Heating would be nice. I am from Finland but hate the cold!smile

Thank you and if anyone is interested, please email me at

MoelFammau Sun 14-Apr-13 17:06:54

Southside, Lola.

Though am now thinking we're about to move to London in August. So anyone wanting a flatmate who is tidy, friendly and into fresh bread and proper tea, with a 2yo daughter, please PM me!

A garden would be AMAZING but being near a park would be fine. I have a lovely, calm muppet of a dog, she's 9 (and being assessed to be a Therapet, she's really a good girl). But she COULD stay with friends if that proved a real problem.


puddingfest Thu 18-Apr-13 23:26:34

Hi everyone, I posted a few months ago about a house share, but haven't really been focusing on it, so here I am again, with renewed vigour to get this sorted in the next couple of months. I'm in a difficult situation at home and really need to move asap.

My just-13-year-old daughter goes to Graveney School in Furzedown, Wandsworth, and ideally I'd be looking for somewhere within spitting distance, so Balham, Tooting, Streatham etc.

I'm a 42-year-old mum and work full time, and my daughter spends equal time at her dad's (week on/week off). The home situation is not with her father, by the way...

I'd thought my budget wasn't exactly miniscule - though it appears to be in rental terms (!) - but it would be nice to share somewhere nice with another mum in the same boat.

If anyone is interested, please email me on

Thanks in advance, and fingers crossed.

Vic30 Sun 05-May-13 13:59:12

Hello to Moominmama!
Are you still looking for someone to share your house with? I'm a 30 year old single mother of my son, who is 7. I work as a sports coach in a school.
I can't manage to see the pictures of the house via the link so not sure what the rent is but do message me if you are still looking as I would be really interested.
Thanks !

JM2012a Mon 06-May-13 22:16:40

Hello there
I have a 3 bedroom house in Hackney that I'm looking to house share. I have a 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy and looking for a Single parent to share the whole house. At the moment, my boy co sleeps with me (I know, I know) but happy for my girl to share her room with another girl and the Mum would then have her own room. There's 2 reception rooms, dining room, nice kitchen, 100 foot garden and a den with Cinema. Rent would be £1500 each including bills.
PM me if you are interested.

Tre33 Fri 10-May-13 11:41:55

Hi, I'm a 33 year old single Mum with sociable, funny and beautiful 4 year old boy looking to house share with another single parent family. Mums or Dads welcome! Want to stay in or around the Ascot/Sunninghill/Sunningdale/Bagshot area where son currently goes to school. Happy to buddy up and find a new place or move into an existing family home. I work part time at local schools. Very tidy and organised, lots of creative hobbies and interests such as guitar playing, cooking (was professional head chef), writing, and we both love to draw! Looking for someone friendly and sociable willing to share a bit of babysitting so we can both go out in the evening occasionally and pursue interests. Looking to share the cost of living so we can afford a place with a garden, maybe some pets one day, companionship and playmate/s for my son! Only just come across this single parent house share idea and I think it's brilliant! Opens things up a great deal for us single parents. Any takers? smile

GiniG Mon 13-May-13 11:49:57

Hi Lauree,

I saw your advertisement on a couple of single parent sights. I was wondering if the room was still available and what your expectations were for someone to come and live with you (i.e) the set up initially and then moving forward to live as a network for each other in regards day to day aspects etc. I am a 42 year old woman I am originally from Scotland lived in London since 89. I have a lovely lovely 4 year old boy who is very friendly and outgoing, we would be interested to live with one other parent. At the moment we are living with 3 other parents in a detached house in southeast London. We are finding it a bit of a squeeze. I am a student at present but I am able to pay all my bills etc. If this is still available could you please let me know and we could maybe meet to see how we both feel. However if you have found a house mate then I wish you all the best. You may have done but there were so many posts I did not read them all. I look forward to your response. Kindest Regards. GiniG

GiniG Mon 13-May-13 11:56:01

I have to step in here and say that your benefits are worked out on the basis of contract if you have a single contract you are given the money to pay for your rent as long as it falls on what is awarded for the given area you want to move and if you are sharing a tenancy as a group then the contract would have all your names and you would get your 25% share of the rent covered again falling in line with what is awarded for that area you choose to live. As far as your personal benefits are concerned they should not be affected unless you are living with a partner who is funding you. If you live with someone who is living financially independent of you then your money is theirs and yours is yours. If you are unsure call your local benefits office and or go on line and get all the information that you are looking for.

GiniG Mon 13-May-13 11:58:24

sorry I say 25% on the basis that you are sharing with 4 people. If you are sharing with 3 or less or more then its worked on on that percentage. If you percentage of the rent is more than they will award for that area then you would have to pay extra. The will not award you 100% that is awarded in that area if your rent is less they will award you what your rent is.
Hope that makes sense.

FannyFifer Mon 13-May-13 12:12:03

Not a single parent, but this is a bloody brilliant idea for a thread.

Good luck to everyone looking for house shares. grin

mowmi Mon 03-Jun-13 15:36:43

I have a really lovely house in south east surrey area, 35 mins on train in to London. Me, my 2 year old son and a very friendly small dog.
Plenty of room, nice big double room with ensuite (big enough to share with a kids bed). I'm a professional single mum who would love to share her house with another single parent. Get in touch if you are interested.

FlorinaA Mon 03-Jun-13 23:29:41

Hi everyone!

I am a working proffesional and I have a 3 years old daughter.
As everyone else we too are looking to share a home with another single parent.
I am particularly interested in the SW area of London.

Would love to share the home with someone having a child similar age.

If there is anyone that wishes the same please get in touch.

mowmi Mon 10-Jun-13 10:22:00


Georgebooboo Tue 11-Jun-13 20:32:19

Just seen the thread, what a fab idea. I live in Shropshire with my little boy. Have a three bed house with a garden near to nice schools , looking for a single parent to share. If interested please email me

talmage Sun 23-Jun-13 22:39:23

Looking to share with another single parent and child? Well I am already in a 3 bed house in Brockley SE London and looking for new parent and child to share with.

The available bedroom is a bright medium sized room with desk, double bed and plenty of storage.

At the moment two children (aged 3 and 4), share the large master bedroom, which doubles as a playroom.

Small private garden at the back of the house.

Great transport links. Brockley tube station 5 minutes walk from the house.

Independent shop called the 'Broca Market' at the end of our road, where you can buy organic vegetables, bread e.t.c. Sainsbury's local due to open mid July this year for everything else.

Couple of restaurants and cafes close by, Telegraph Hill park is about 10 minutes and Hilly Fields park about 20 minutes walk.

I am a 32 year old full time, working mother. I have one daughter who has just turned 4 years old. We both lead a busy lifestyle, but make the time to enjoy good food, trips out to parks and museums... favourite activity is dancing around at home.

Email if you are interested and want to meet us and have a look around the house.

talmage Sun 23-Jun-13 22:42:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ells76 Thu 27-Jun-13 17:13:23

Hi Ladies,
I've just joined the site and saw this thread as it's exactly what I've been thinking of. I'm a full time commercial writer, working predominantly from home and single Mum to a lovely little girl who is coming up for 2. I'm just finalising my divorce and it looks like we will need to move out of our lovely home in SW London unless I can keep it. If I can keep it then I'd be open to another single parent sharing else would be interested in sharing with another single parent ideally in SW London. So, I guess my thoughts are - are any of you single Mums still looking to do a house share and would you like to discuss options?
Thanks and bye for now,

burberryqueen Thu 27-Jun-13 17:16:18

hi is there anyone in London or South Herts who would like to share with a single mother and two 14 year olds? either to find a place together or to 'rent a room' from you?

mowmi Fri 28-Jun-13 21:34:33

I'm still looking but to share my house in east Surrey

burberryqueen Fri 28-Jun-13 23:28:30

ooh what a shame, we really need to be in north london/south herts for school places...but thank you for your message and I hope you find someone soon.

JaimeT Sat 06-Jul-13 19:10:44

I am a single mum to a 3 year old and am working full time. Is there anyone out there interested in house sharing with us in SW16 or anywhere with good transport links to SW London?

Theresa444 Fri 26-Jul-13 14:18:54

Hi there
Would anyone like to go house hunting I have a three and four year old.

To JaimeT SW16 sounds fine to me, would you consider W10?

Regards Theresa

Littlebirdsmummy Wed 14-Aug-13 21:18:47

Hi Everyone,

I am really interested in this single parent house share idea and hope I can find another parent and child to get this going!

I am a 29 year old mum with a lovely 9 year old girl who goes to school in Wimbledon. We currently live in Raynes Park so ideally we would prefer to find a home within the Wimbledon/Raynes Park area.

Would love to find another parent who has a child similar age and looking to find a house to share in this area.

Please get in touch and leave me a message on here or otherwise email me on Thanks!

Sam smile

dreamyyogamama Sat 17-Aug-13 10:42:44

I'm interested in this! I have two boys: a nearly 4 yo & a 17 mo. we are currently in Brighton, but happy to come back to London. Need to be out by 22 Sep. I'm a 44 yo yoga teacher and hoping to retrain as a Steiner School kindergarten teacher after my baby turns two. I'm on benefits, but can't wait to start working again once my little guys get a bit bigger. Contact dreamytracy (at) if interested.

Smartymouse Tue 27-Aug-13 18:51:33

This sharing with other mothers is a great Idea. I am new here to London and currently trying to figure out a living situation so I can get my daughter who is 7 1/2 to join me. I am 43 years old (American/Hungarian but born in California). I would be very interested in this with another mother. The area we are looking is Surrey. I would love to discuss this with another interested party. Please email me at k.searles (at)

Firecracker13 Thu 10-Oct-13 13:13:59

Hi Everyone

I was just reading this and think it is a great idea.

I currently live in north London with my twins (3 year olds) and staying at my mothers. I have to be honest I would love to get our own place (preferably in north london) and a house share would be a great option for us. I plan to buy in a few years but currently childcare costs are pricing me out of the market, which I am sure a lot of parents out there understand.

If there are any other single mums in a similar boat and would like to house share it would be great to hear from you.

SheSellsSadShells Thu 10-Oct-13 16:26:12

A house share with another single parent could be ideal for me. I'm recently separated and don't really fancy getting into another long-term, live-in relationship while DD is young.

I am in Devon, near the Cornwall border (and not sad despite my user name). Have a 2 year old DD and would also like to meet any other parents out this way as we're newly moved and short of friends. My current home is too small for a house share and I'd like to move somewhere close to a good primary with a garden.

rhythmdivine100 Thu 10-Oct-13 18:12:38

Hi I'm looking for a houseshare.. pregnant & due in december, been on my own since the start. In London now, but seriously thinking I need to get out of here because it's so expensive.. so would be looking for options just about anywhere in the country really.

mellagracea Sat 19-Oct-13 18:06:35

Hi I'd be interested. I'm a single mum with a four year old son. I'm twenty-five and work full time. I am a working professional but the property i would like to rent is expensive on my own. It would be nice if i could me another single mum interested in sharing. somewhere in the Beckenham area has they have good schools. open to suggestions. please do message me melaniegracea at hotmail co uk

Dee2013 Tue 22-Oct-13 23:51:45

Hi,looking for flat/houseshare.I'm 40-odd,with a 3 and a half year old son.Looking for anywhere in London,as am looking to move back to London.Would be great to share with another mum and child.I teach yoga.

Christianartistmum Mon 28-Oct-13 22:06:01

I am interested in moving to London from Edinburgh with my daughter who is 3 1/2 and I am currently doing a single parent house share in Edinburgh which works great. I just now want the same set up in London. I am not that clued up on areas yet, but want somewhere fairly central/or West end? and safe.

I am happy to babysit and would want the person I am moving in to help out in this way too. I did an Art degree and want to pursue my Art career in London as an Artist.

Get in touch if you would be interested in sharing. I think it would have to be after Christmas for me now!

Lena01 Sat 02-Nov-13 18:31:52

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

JM2012a Mon 30-Dec-13 11:39:27

Hello all
I am looking to houseshare with a single parent and child - it's my own property in Hackney and I have an 8 year old and 4 year old. DSS welcome but would have to have month deposit and month rent! I've house shared before and it worked wonderfully - more for those moments when I wanted to run out and get milk/bread/top ups because I don't really need babysitting. Mind you I was - and am - very happy to babysit myself if need be.
If interested please get in touch. The house is lovely: living space includes living room, dining room, den with home cinema and large garden....

Oldladyfish Fri 03-Jan-14 13:37:20

Hello! I realise this thread is now rather old, but thought it was worth reanimating it just in case there's someone else like me out there. I'm a 37yr old, working single mum of a toddler (sounds like a barrel of laughs, right?!) and I'm thinking it might be good to share a house with another single parent in Archway/Finsbury Park area (or up to Crouch End/Muswell Hill). I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do yet, but would love to meet anyone who's thinking the same to talk it over...?

Oldladyfish Fri 03-Jan-14 13:41:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ohabi Sat 04-Jan-14 14:43:43


I am also a single parent (26) mummy to a soon to be 5 year old looking for a flat share in Finsbury park if anyone is interested?

I would be looking to move by the end of February.

mowmi Mon 06-Jan-14 12:41:02


Looking for another parent to come share my house in East Surrey. There are 2 spare bedrooms available. My little one starts school in September so will also be looking to also get an aupair in to do school pick ups come spring / summer?
If sounds potentially of interest please get in touch.

Jules76H Mon 24-Feb-14 08:55:35

Hi all,

I too have been looking at sharing. I have a two year old daughter and I really wish she had some company... (we are in Gloucestershire).

As I have followed many threads and found it very difficult to find anybody in my area I have decided to set up a site for us all - to hopefully help (all areas).

I am not only looking for houses to share but also sites with self contained units and a communal area.

The site is

The idea is that landlords and prospective sharers will all put their details on this site. It may be slow to start with but worth a try.


LillieRose1234 Sun 09-Mar-14 21:49:44

Anyone know a lodger who wants a room monday to friday for wimbledon area of London or another mum with one child for a lovely flat with a garden as I have my child part-time.

LillieRose1234 Sun 09-Mar-14 22:02:14

Anyone know a lodger who wants a room monday to friday for wimbledon area of London or another mum with one child for a lovely flat with a garden as I have my child part-time.

AllDirections Sun 09-Mar-14 22:11:30

Jules What a fab idea, I'll be watching and waiting smile

lbab1702 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:32:46

I'm in Oxford and looking for another single parent to share a house. I'm 49 and have a nearly 14 year old daughter and am looking in the Cowley area. There are some nice big 4 bedroom houses which would be quite reasonable if I could split the rent with another parent.

5inglemum Thu 20-Mar-14 08:22:57

Hi, I love this idea too. I am a professional PT-working single Mum (36) with a nearly 5 year old son. Looking for another friendly single parent to potentially share with in Exeter - friendship for the kids, companionship in childcare responsibilities and looking after a home... Would be great to hear from anyone out there in the same boat who'd like to chat about the possibility!

angeliquecampbell67 Wed 02-Apr-14 16:34:42

Hi I am a single parent with a daughter who is 15 years old. I am looking for a place to rent in London either close to Harrow or Central London. I would be willing to house share with another single parent possibly short term as I have two cats and this might be a problem as some people do not like cats. There is a bonus as I am good with children and I worked as a Nanny for many years and have references, so I would be willing to do any babysitting as I do not really go out.

TomTumTum Sun 06-Apr-14 16:39:19

hi there
couple in brighton with a 4 year old looking to rent 1 or 2 rooms in our spacious house to a single parent and child. Please email me if interested...

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