New single parent

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chocsandtwirls Mon 21-Nov-16 20:05:29

Just come out of an EA relationship and now doing things on my own. Feeling so lonely and lost!! So used to someone being there even though he was an a**e. I miss the company. How do you get over the lonelyness?

chocsandtwirls Mon 21-Nov-16 20:53:57


Tanito279 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:57:06

Keep busy. Find new tv shows to watch while doing chores. Read. Stay positive when you can. It's not easy but you'll get used to it. I actually prefer being alone after 8 years together.

chocsandtwirls Mon 21-Nov-16 21:38:57

Thanks it prob will get easier. Just the initial shock of it has got me tonight. Feeling a bit sorry for myself!

TanteJeanne Mon 21-Nov-16 21:46:13

Whatever you do, don't eat to fill the loneliness... talking from experience here...
It probably makes me sound like a right saddo but, as I can't go out to socialise or do any activities , I read- lots of books, newspapers and magazines online , brain train , use a meditation app. Make an effort to phone people. It's hard going tbh.

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