Cippenham - Does any mum want to meet up?

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frommummywithlove Tue 07-Dec-10 20:15:23

I live in the Slough area and have 10 month old girl.
I have lived here a couple years but as my husband now works more than ever I would like the company. Is anyone would like to meet up?

yummytummy Tue 20-Jul-10 13:22:08

Hiya! I would like to meet up. am in maidenhead. i have a nearly 3 yr old ds and work part time so usually free some days in week.

babigal1980 Tue 29-Jun-10 01:39:52

Hey Mums! Yes I would love to meet up! I live in Burnham area, moved in b4 Xmas. Have a 2.5yr old and 6mth old - both boys...what a handfull. My 2yr old has Chicken pox though, so can't do much until he's better ( but msg me at if you fancy a coffee morning in the future.

lorelei23 Mon 02-Nov-09 13:10:48

hi. Sorry for late response to your post. I am relatively new to the area, moved to m'head from W london 2 yrs ago. Now on mat leave for no. 3. Have a ds of 6 and a dd of 3. My new son is just 7 weeks. Would be good to meet. Is there anyone else out there in slough/windsor/maidenhead that would like to meet up?

Now living in Slough for 3years and would like to meet up with other mums. I have a 3+year old boy and 6mths baby girl. Would any mum like to meet up and maybe provide avenue for socialisation for our kids?

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