Anyone mind if we change this to just Slough as we already have a Windsor site too?

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Is this the right Mumsnet Local for Maidenhead? If it is, maybe it could be called Slough and Maidenhead? Or Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead?

pinkpetrol Thu 20-Sep-07 19:49:58

i would rather one site

Littlemissbusy Thu 20-Sep-07 16:44:24

What about Egham & Englefield Green
We're in this group too!!!!

nannynick Sun 16-Sep-07 16:59:55

What happens to Datchet and Eton... should they have their own group, or be part of Slough and Windsor?

Perhaps have two groups:
Datchet, Eton and Slough
Egham and Windsor

Would that make more sense, or just make things even more complex smile

Quootiepie Tue 11-Sep-07 18:24:38

I think Slough and Windsor should merge really, they are usually put together and have a train line running back and forth from one to another that takes about 5/10 mins.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 04-Sep-07 12:39:40

Or would one site for Slough and Windsor be more use to folks?

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