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Traceyr72 Thu 20-Jan-11 15:27:20

Hi I also live in Langley and work at Parlaunt School, I run a baby and toddler group there on a Wednesday afternoon (1 - 3pm) and a Thursday morning (9.45 - 11.30a.m.) we aim to be friendly and not clicky (can't stand that!!) and we are fairly new. Looking at starting up a bumps and babies group as well on a Thursday morning as I really struggled to make friends when I had my little boy as they didn't seem much in the area compare to when I had my three girls ( who are much much older). Also open to ideas on other sorts of activities to run for tots!.

There is a garden centre about 5 minutes drive from Junction 8/9 (Maidenhead) called Wyevales *Hare Hatch) that has a small soft play area by it's cafe ~ my little boy who is nearly 2 loves it there ~ and it is completely free and the cafe serves lovely homemade cakes etc...

Hope that helps

MummyCherry Mon 10-Jan-11 21:21:47

Oh M&T groups, Christ the Worker has one, thats very popular, Horsemoor green is bigger , more toys if you can handle the bolshier childminders.
We have a little one that runs in the Byron House block, but limited to 12 tots.

MummyCherry Mon 10-Jan-11 21:20:12

The bext park i have found is round the corner from parlaunt park school, in maplin park, bit of a walk but lovely, dog owners seem to be better than others.
There is the swimming pool on parlaunt road, where children swim free when you complete a form.
Also in hounslow, there is funky monkeys indoor play centre, its really good.
Avoid snakes and ladders tho, the equipment is dirty and damaged, not replaced aince it opened in the 90's

WhiteRain Mon 11-Oct-10 22:52:55

Hello All. I am living in Langley as well, so if you would like meet up just send me massege here. I have already 3 years old son and expecting secondone. There are Mother and Toddler groups araund. One is in church opossite Library in Langley another is in Free church on Trelawney Avenue.

Gulez Fri 19-Feb-10 17:50:06

Hie Mums I am looking for mums who would like to have free pumpering with Mary Kay products.I am in Langley and would travel 30miles+.I am excited about this new found engagement.Please let me know if you are interested.Thanks

merrilyverily Wed 16-Dec-09 21:09:25

this isn't open weekends, but if you have any free mornings check out the Phoenix gym - it's on the road between windsor and maidenhead, just past the oakley court hotel. my toddler loves it. they do hour sessions and have slides, swings, trampolines, small beams, bikes..... good fun. Or if you drive through Datchet and into windsor, there's a nice playground at the corner of home park - good for a picnic in summer and/or in winter you can go to the chocolate theatre cafe, almost on the bridge between windsor and eton where they serve most probably the best cakes and hot chocolate in the county, or even the whole world! and the staff are really lovely too (as are the regulars)

LisetteA Mon 30-Jul-07 12:18:18

Thanks for the advice! I've checked out Black Park on the internet and we'll definitely have a day out there when we get some sunshine over a weekend!

strawberry Thu 26-Jul-07 11:54:23

Black Park is nice and not far. There is a lake (takes about 30mins to walk round), a cafe and lots of adventure playground equipment dotted about.

And Legoland of course! Very expensive (IMO) but worth getting an annual pass. I think you only need to go 2/3 times to make it worthwhile.

LisetteA Thu 26-Jul-07 11:50:21

Hi There,

We've just moved to Langley. Any suggestions as to where I can take my toddler on weekends. (Soft play areas? Parks, ect.)

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