post 16 travel costs.....

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t1zzy Tue 07-Aug-12 20:07:03

I am having to pay £946 a year to send my son to the school he has been going to since 12 years old.
This is to pay for the transport which until 16 is free as the local school was closed and children are bused to Chalfont Community college from Iver which is over 20 mins away. Parents have only just fought for the under 16 travel to be free as they were going to charge for this too!
There is a facebook group which anyone interested can join "16 plus school transport" This is Alot of money for cash strapped parents such as me to find... but as this is the school my son wants to go to we will have to sacrifice other things and manage. Others may not be able to do this and it will adversely affect the education of many children. So sad...

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