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SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 10-Jul-12 20:44:49

We are trying to raise awareness of our charity, raising money to build a dedicated hospice for children in Berkshire.

Please read:

here and like our FB page!

Thank you x

As a Berk from Berkshire....done! grin good luck.

Get the lads from WIndsor & Maidnehead Rugby club onto it they do loads of fundraising....( any excuse to get into fancy dress & rattle a bucket!! )

SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Thu 12-Jul-12 05:20:23

Thank you Bossy, and thank you for the tip about the rugby club too! grin

Feel free to share the page on your FB page smile.

Have done. grin

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